Truelaw Outlaw Junction Olympics Theme Musician's Murder Edition

120802 Truelaw Outlaw Junction Olympics Theme Musician's Murder Edition

As I have no proof of what I allege here, I leave myself open to being sued.

But if I'm correct, it may be time to cancel the Olympics from here forward.


Don't watch much tele. Most of it's crap. Even Astrayliar's “Aunty” Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the ABC, is orientated more toward censorship and even toward lessening our collective Intelligence than increasing it.

But naturally, all television stations here-and-there manage to either buy or secure the rights to some quality TV, be-it foreign, or locally and even inhouse-produced.

Last night, having missed the few shows already shown, I caught the latest from an inhouse ABC show, this time, for it's focusing on the Olympics farce, during the London Olympics farce, called “Gruen Sweat”.

Being a longtime critic of most all things “Olympics”, excluding the Originals of ancient Greece, it came as a refreshing wash from the box, what with the period dosed in oversupplies of Olympics televisingssss.

Hilarious Dudes! Callous win-seeking advertising industry spinners aside, the show got into the incredibility of the games, with plenty of choice, and, one would hope, but cannot expect, spontaneous, humor.

Combined with hard, clean and on-the-money criticisms, it wins GOLD-GOLD-GOLD!!! from most viewers, I'd vote.

But, after one spot, the rest of the night left me haunted, and this morning the same theme was playing in my head, which only, really, adds to my harshest criticisms of Astrayliarn people and our alleged “sports-fans” culture.

As said, I don't watch much tele. And I definitely don't follow these BULLSHIT Olympic games televisingsss.

So it was only by chance that Gruen Sweat went to an issue around the silent, almost phantom-like appearance of our Greatest female, and our Greatest female athlete, “Kathy Freeman”, in I think, an advert for the Australian Olympics teams.

The section showed scenes from the London Olympics, of when the Australian teams did their march into the stadium thing, and of the muso's playing the chosen theme of “Down Under”, a song from some years ago written and produced by the fabulous Aussie band, “Men At Work”.

Now, I'm treated as an idiot by most people, mainly because it suits my occult masters and their antithesis ghosts, who run to bribe whomever comes into contact with me, offering the insulters bags-full of the proverbial “silver” to keep the insults and lies up, to my face, and from the world of shadows.

I'm getting used to all this, having come painfully to realise this is my lot, and has been since well before my conception and birth.

I remain stunned at the conspiracy that has been made manifest behind my back, and thus refuse, out of some sense of Honor, to play the masters' game, of being hero. It seems, most people really don't get why I defy all attempts to bring me into their 4th dimensional world. And I'm sick of explaining it.

Nevertheless, idiot or not, last night's Gruen Sweat, playing the choice “Men At Work” song “I Come From The Land Down Under”, reminded me of the death of that group's saxophonist and songwriter, the humble, highly talented Greg Ham, in his house in Carlton Victoria, in April 2012.

That event was news for a few days, but I've not heard any further developments about police investigations since. I have as likely missed any conclusions or news of arrests or autopsy results.

But I can't help thinking there are sinister “games” being played, considering the fact that that song, was adopted by the Astrayliarn Olympics squad as their theme for the London Olympics.

Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia on Greg Ham...

Ham was found dead at his home in Carlton North, Melbourne, on 19 April 2012, where he lived alone.[5] Friends had been unable to contact him for a few days and went to his house to investigate. An obituary for Ham by Glenn A. Baker appeared in The Age newspaper on 24 April 2012.[6] Ham's private funeral was held at the Fitzroy Town Hall, in Melbourne, on 2 May 2012. The cause of his death has not been made known.[citation needed]”

For decades now, the ruthless music industry has taken all property and ownership rights from songwriters, so they no longer have any say on how their works are used.

Most often, with most musical creations, and perhaps this particular groups own musical and lyrical creations are to be included, to my mind, music and song are but a small and honest part of humanity's “subtle link” to the higher more Divine worlds, as Poetry is the language of the “gods” as-it-were, and as voiced or sung, or musically-played rhyme and rhythm are ways for the human to communicate with the beings and spirits and energies of the higher and lower dimensions, for-to appease their distaste with our otherwise errant behaviour, or to harmonise the differing worlds, or to offer our respect of their right to exist, both in our realm and beyond, so we, and they, can go about our lives as the Absolute reckons we have the right to.

That the music industry, but more recently, no doubt integral with those thefts of musician's rights of ownership, by the multinational music industry players, Sony, perhaps standing atop of the pyramid, the disgusting, callous, indeed, quite evil advertising and marketing industry, which makes it's pile by crude lies and anti-ethical distortions of facts, and plagiarizing of otherwise “holy” themes, songs, names, thoughts and events, ETCETERA, has ripped into all previously sacrosanct arenas of the musicians' divine expressions, and now, as we know, and probably many of us are quick disgusted with, uses previously highly regarded songs and musical rhythms to flog materialist shit. Junk. Crap of the most despicable kind. Motorcars. Petroils. You name it. Ads are soaked in once fabulous songs and such, purely to sway viewers/listeners audibly, and not without dark magical intones, into buying something they really do not need, and were the viewers/listeners of sound mind, would know they really do not want.

Since the situation arose for the multinational corporate music industry to own muso's songs, the little blokes, who sometimes come up with worldwide chart-toppers, and sometimes create truly divine songs and music, have lost everything, because the industry has afforded top lawyers to squash all muso's appeals against these cold and evil court rulings.

Court rulings, not altogether different from the British and USA administrations under the British Labour government of Tony Blair and US GW Bush/Dick Cheney Republican, Illuminati leadership, using bribe-taking spin-doctor, witchcraft lawyers to totally distort the international laws to “justify” (HA?!@#$%^!?) the heinous and ILLEGAL invasion of Iraq in 2003.

So, being around a little, when Men At Work were topping the music charts, with this “Down Under” and other great songs, though I didn't ever see them “live”, I did glean that Greg Ham, was an intelligent and, as so often with musicians, talented yet humble man, with an honorable approach to life.

So, when the news broke that something mysterious had occurred in his Carlton home on April 19th this year, and he was dead, my sixth sense, heard suspicions aplenty.

But that was gotten beyond, and forgotten, until last night.

Before the show was over last night, I'd come to the tragic conclusion that he was killed because he objected to that great Aussie song being stolen, by the clearly rotten, corrupt Australian Olympic organisation to be used as their squad theme.

Sadly, too many, or, conversely, not enough Australians knew early that this was the case.

This means, as best as I can determine, that pretty-much all the Australian athletes who are now in London, knew that this was the case, and thus, have gone through with attending and competing at London, knowing that the theme song, which they all sang – words changed - with gusto at the opening, had been secured upon the life of a Humble, Intelligent, Righteous, Honest and now Immortally Great Australian Musician.

So I cannot do other than call them traitors, seeking after their own selfish egotrips of getting their faces and names in the global spotlight, for but a few years, in what is in fact but a shallow and worthless, totally corrupt business venture of sports, contributing nothing worthwhile to making their own nation a better place or people, but only proving my assertions that, in general, Australians are despicable bastards.

Perhaps especially those who “qualify” for such grand overseas holidays and rewards, mostly purely because they were of wealthy stock, fortunate enough to be indoctrinated into the false religious “private” schools of our evil western Christian cults.

So? What sayeth YOU, Musicians of the world?

What sayeth YOU, Athletes of the world?

What sayeth YOU, federal politicians??????

From this, albeit too late, simply because it is proper for an investigation to begin, which takes time, nevertheless..., it seems proper to call for all Australians now in London to stop attending all Olympic events, and indeed, to call for all our athletes to stand-down and not perform.

To not do so, I assert, ahead of any proof or evidence or police conclusions, shows that you are but selfish egotripping scumbags, who do not deserve any medals, nor any recognition, nor any future contracts with any sponsors, most of whom, we can be sure, are only too ready to regard the murder of this Great Musician, as an incidental sacrifice to the evil gods of profit and moneymaking.

Indeed, such an abominable act, should send signals to all athletes performing in the London Olympics to refuse to perform. To go on strike, at least until the culprits are brought to face the full force of the law.

Cancel the games, I say.

And we all know that the reality of this, is that no matter what hype they respond with, the whole event is nothing but a false, callous and now murderous event, and as each nation which has held the Olympics later assesses, costs the public's purse more than is justifiable, or affordable, and brings far less return to the culture, to the society, than it steals into the pockets of the world's filthy sporting promoters and management elites.

No doubt, the Olympic's orchestrators and their henchmen responsible for this death, are calculating how they can silence myself.

Bring it on, cocksuckers!

I SAY....


And, I also say....

Police should arrest all Australian Olympic team board members and senior advisors, now, in London and here in Australia, interviewing them about the murder of one of our True Greats.

Songwriter/saxophonist with “Men At Work”, Greg Ham.

Australians who continue to follow events in London Olympics on TV etc., from here forward, prove that I am right in my assessment of the shallow, low and evil character of Australians.

Especially the wealthy, globe-trotting private school indoctrinated.

As for those who go to such extents to ensure these games and their shallow sporting ilk are “successful”, exactly like the heads of all large sporting bodies and “federations”, you fail totally as human beings, and lead us all into the sewer that flows into the end of the world Armageddon.

Failure is written all over your CVs , portfolios and careers, not to mention, to those who meet you, all over your faces.

Indeed, everything you cast your eyes upon, becomes polluted to the filthiest degree.

Good luck when you arrive at Hell's Gate, filth. The Devil will enjoy your cowardice and falsity, and will want to keep you there for a lo-ong time.


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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