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Being totally out of mainstream society and culture, seeing it all now as pretty-much “evil”, I nevertheless catch dominating themes.

As part of a pending doom of the world, of the apocalypse, sub-themes creep into my view.

And the one rising as something to regard as quite likely in the near future, assuming the “prophesy” from such as prophesy-maker Hollywood, is anywhere near to making correct predictions, is “zombies”.

Are they a real prospect in future?

I think the word is from Africa, from those who once knew the occult world existed, and, was influential on the 3D world.

The descriptions of zombies are pretty well known now, again, thanks to the TV and movie genres bringing the concept to your loungeroom big-screen, and well before the latest hi-tech spread of TVs.

But, being marginalized, I don't get insights into the commonly accepted explanations as to what makes zombies.

So, I speculate.

Having been a puppet of piety, or, of a group of the wealthiest cults, who made this idiot to be their most holy pious fool, led along the roads of abstinence by severally fanatical Jesus-builders, lots of what I had driven into my soul, what I took on board as worth taking on board and keeping, for it's merits alone, what I went searching for and what I practiced and educed from within my own little cosmos called “the mind”, have either stuck, or I've chosen, for want of anything better to believe, to hang on to.

So, rightly or not, thinking about zombies, and what makes them, has me refer to the stuff I think is perennial, lasting, not trendy or fad, so is what can be regarded as worth pouring into the mix of thoughts about such as the pretty horrible idea of zombies.

It's hard to go passed the idea that people, by their actions, go to higher, more honorable, purer, more intelligent, more “heavenly” worlds, trying to avoid using these religious terms, and/or, by their actions, which do, I guess include the things they believe, are reborn next time around, in a more brutal, less “humane” life.

To be scientific about it, questions must be asked along the route of inquiry, such as,

“What stops the making of zombies?”

“What is this thing “humane?” Et cetera?

“Humane” is perhaps another typically anthropocentric word, which presumes that humans are the most “humane”.

Typical ancient Roman self-aggrandizement.


Life on earth has been regarded by the white, western world as in it's basis, pretty brutal, animalistic, unforgiving, lacking “order” and so, ergo, it is but a world of “chaos”, etc.

The western determination, for millennia, but also history shows others also have seen a disarray and sought to bring order to the natural world around them.

I thought this morning that those mainly of the western hemisphere, who regarded nature as chaos, were limited in their views, and failed to see the larger picture, of the whole, of the “Gaia” as James Lovelock coined it, which, in fact, which proves to be true, there is a pristine - er - there was a - pristine order to the whole of the natural world.

I add that we mere humans must say that “the jury's out” as to whether Gaia has manifest or not. I do like Lovelock's hypothesis about the sum total of all the life forces on our planet evolving to become one - comparative to this laptop - massive “computer”, indeed, being organic, to the point of becoming a living intellectual organism.

For the fuck ups this species has made of life on earth, we might come to think, if we can be absolutely impartial about it, that we humans are in fact aliens to this magnificently balanced and 6 billion year living old planet?

In my deep cynicism of our white subspecies, I concur with that.

But “Gaia” or no, we, white, western arrogant jewish and christian subhumans, in our evolved smallminded, shortsighted parochialismzzzz, have failed to see the forest for the trees as-it-were.

So, full of delusional hubris - an inseparable bi-product of assuming an excess of wealth into one's own - pockets - family - account - illusion of superiority - and some right to take the common weal for one's self - added to by having inordinate power over things like armies and weapons of mass-destruction, passed leaders [there's that evil word again!] have taken the bull by the horns and trashed the pristinity of the larger macro ecological bio-spherical system.

Shit aye? Good on yer whitey! You've done it - FROM THE START!

Begging the question - “Did Adam and Eve ever make it to “Heaven”??? er? Is that “make it BACK to heaven”???

So “humane” being a word oriented around the presumption that humans are the leading good-guys, because those who adopted it to mean such, were egomaniacs with an excess of superiority complex syndrome, and failed totally to see the tender care and affection all other creatures also give to their progeny, and, to others in their own gene-pools and families.

But as well, it might be rightly argued, that most other living critters, also had an innate, inherent, deeply known appreciation of the natural world around them, and whether or not they had the fingers, hands and such to make tools, thus to make weapons and bulldozers, dynamite and nucleonics, they still had an appreciation of the larger natural order of the world around them, so, never went on rampages of mass destruction to wipe out other species, merely because “we can!”, or because it was in their short-term smallminded self-interest.


So “humane” we know describes a way of treating things, and others, as having a right to exist, and as being sovereign in their own way, and so are, or should be..., allowed to live outside of any oppression our culture or a culture might inflict.

It is no irony at all, that the same culture and language group which adopted those meanings to a word so close to the one they use to describe themselves, is also the least “humane” in what it does and has done and will forever hereafter do to the natural world around it, to every other member of the “Life on Earth” category, and is leading us all to our own destruction.

BUT? We're BRITISH! It's.., it's..., how we do things! It's..., it's..., our NATURAL way!” We hear them protest, in their own construct of the classic “Kangaroo Court”, where in stating their feeble cases, they are “Jumpin' all ober da place boss. Prosecyushn jus' couldn' get a clear shot in!”

As the greatest British lawyers have sworn over time “DAMN THE EVIDENCE! It's OUR justice system, and we'll pervert it however WE like!”

So? “Zombies”?

Chapter 16 of the Chinese text of Lao Ze, or Lao Tzu, has it that to have and hold true to an appreciation and respect of and abidance with the natural order of life on earth, is to be enlightened [paraphrased].

And I guess no one expects “enlightened people” would be reborn as zombies.

So, what makes zombies?

We might deduce therefore that zombies are born of the souls of those who do not reach the hallowed state of enlightenment.

And, if Lao Tzu's description is the sole key to attainment, which I'd say can be cross-referenced and verified from most other credible “religious” and philosophical texts and stories, Aboriginal, of all ancient tribes, perhaps the best reference, then the pool of failed human souls, suitable for rebirth or decline into being zombies, never-dead souls staggering around, yet their bodies slowly rotting, would seem to be those who fail in attaining the oneness with the natural world around them?

Or.., those who shun the importance of the natural world, of nature, of the whole cosmos, and focus, selfishly, another “way” which counts perhaps mostly against their chances of Spiritual attainment, of escaping the clutches of the “life-and-death cycle” of beings on earth, selfishly looking after their own narrow, smallminded interests, are readying themselves to be fodder for the zombie makers.

Considering the various texts from the wise, from a lot of different cultures, and of those who, before the “fallen” Jewish/Christian tribes spread out and sought to “bring order to the world”, surely another of their covert contradictions de la psychosistos, within which, underneath, they actually meant let's go and get all the booty from those who live peacefully, with our BIG GUNS AND ARMIES?!?!, we are most likely arriving at the source of the future zombies who are written into movies staggering mindless undead devouring every living thing.

I wonder how many people who watch zombie movies, ever ask if they'll become zombies themselves?

Do they, in typical arrogant “I'm PERFECT!” whiteguy egomania, that-is, in the deepest levels of ignorance, always assume they are gonna be the humans, that-is the pure of mind, who have daily to contend with “those OTHER” living walking devouring dead?


Of course they do! But there should be no doubt, they're the most deluded!

If zombies are a real concern, in the now, in the future, but mainly in the 4th dimensional realm, then they can only come from those who are so arrogant as to believe with all the over-confidence witchcraft demands of the under-qualified, that they can ignore the natural beauty and supreme, natural order of the - natural world, and who go blindly out to possess themselves with all the least natural things, like - technology-in-general.

And with that orb “technology” we can include every manmade product assumed into our lives, from toys for the big kiddies - oOoOoOwh, what a nice NEW shiny motorcar, Bimbo!, oOoOOooOwh! Take MORE pharmaceutical PILLS, ya fuckin'd DILLS! OoOoOoOowh? Have ANOTHER bit of plastic surgery, Marjory!

So..., it seems, if any of this has merit..., that those who prefer materialist ignorance, by deluding themselves that because “society” that-is advertizing and marketing BOOOOLLLLSHSHSH-IT!!! convinces their little little subhuman, developmentally-retarded uncultured mentalities that the “good” life is where they own big cars and fancy pieces of plastic, planned-obsolescence, ecocidal SHIT, and for being possessed of that crap product of the least respectful of the natural world - the corporate manufacturers, et cetera - is what makes them Human Beings, thus, that they are superior to those who live without all that CRAPitalist shit, are the very ones who will not “progress” up the ladder of reincarnated lives, once they've used up their bodies and minds in this life, and will be reborn as those zombies they laugh at and perhaps fear of having to fend-off in future.


Hollywood, being as myopic and self-creating as it is, limited in wise understanding of the Cosmos, is completely ignorant of the doom it's creating, when it makes all these really fucked-up movies.

Thought forms” are what bring the many types of creatures and deformities to life. If enough attention is given to an occult form - by witchcraft, by both powerful witches, and by the many lured into playing with their occult energies of imagination, and here I mean people, masses of people “zombying-off” to the cinemas to see these types of bullshit movies - if enough attention is given to an occult form in the 4th dimension, they can manifest in the 3rd dimension.

Any serious and smart occultist - not yer average amateur wizard whose read, become fascinated and watched Harry Potter - knows this.

Most of those who know this, and who are by their own hunger for evermore power of the occult fashion, will go insane.

Their future lives are not gonna be good.

“Zombies”, perhaps?

So, to avoid being reborn in a chaotic, constantly degrading, indeed - Hollywood does get somethings right - absolutely trashed planet earth - as a zombie - neverdead, rotting alive, the highest principles and highest seeking of how to free the soul from such an horrid future - an horrid future for a very long time, until the build-up of all the negatives, all the “bad karma” one attracts to one's soul for ignoring the highest and most natural ways, and for following the genocidal ways of the unnatural plastic trends of western jewish/christian/masonic materialist culture, are “burned away” from your soul, the highest principles and highest seeking of how to free the soul from such an horrid future...., have to be followed.

But, as most whiteguys and gerls today are so deeply absorbed by the WRONG WAY cultures and cults of western ignorance, and are clammering frantically to be seen as “up there” “we've made it” upperclassholes, which in either interpretation will never actually reach or be, there's no safe, sound, happy nor blessed future awaiting them, once their bodies drop of old age or whichever illness their aberrant lifestyle inflicts upon them.

So Get used to it, cocksuckers! You're gonna be ZOMBIES!!!!! On Earth, in Hell, for a very long time, which might as well be said to be FOREVER!!!!


But, come down to it, most of them have never been anywhere else.

Most whiteguys run to materialism because on occasion in unfamiliar situations, like perhaps the 1st time they get stoned on an intoxicant, marijuana being a good one, they get a peek into their own chaotic minds, the sum-total of all the wrongs and fuck-ups and crimes their soul has committed in previous embodiments, and it scares the living shit out of them so much, they - mostly unconsciously - in general, male and female - they're a very ignorant sub-species - out of chaotic, frantic fear, choose materialism over cleaning out their psychoses, even if they also get a glimpse of the fact that what they choose will end in the disaster of becoming - ZOMBIES!!!


So..., with Harry Potter cheap supermarket witchcraft being flogged in every 2-dollar retailer now, on tele, in videos, in school rooms and yards, and in the masses' houses, AND in all houses of parliament, and of course, the root of all evil, in the western religions' churches, none of it guiding the seduced to living cleaner healthier, purer, higher and more Noble, Natural Spiritual lives, zombie fodder are those who play with the common low-grade magic, in ignorance of what it is actually doing, watch zombie movies, eat processed shit foods, consume-consume-consume whatever their evil-eye sets it's gaze upon, because their minds are so out of order they cannot control their desire to over-consume, who over-eat because idiots have told them it protects them from evil spirits, and who believe they can do evil to others and get away with it.


“Welcome to the future of ZOMBIES - AND! YOU'RE THE ZOMBIES!!!!!

Now, off the school with you kiddies, on the bus, to learn how to be ZOMBIES!!!!

If there's one thing all western schools do not teach, it is how to become enlightened.

This, then, makes all the western schools but agents of evil.

What's the GONSKI Review to say about THAT?

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