Globalised Right Thought, Right Action

This is an e-ssay I first posted on the 27th Sept '04, or so, but realised it was a bit toooo inimitable Max No Difference "of old", that of wandering off into the deserts, and loosing the main point!

But due to running on a permanent deficit, homeless, and under the sway of religious fascists and irreligious fascists of this fine cuntry, and for lack of my own computer (LAPTOP!!), I hope, in the next nine or eight days to October 9th, to add the (so far) extra six foolscap handwritten pages....

If you have already read it, I urge you to have another look, closer to the election date (October 9th), soas to read some every interesting thoughts I've yet to transcribe onto "plasticitus boxuus with pictures" (the net), about the fraud put-upon us over the HOW LONG? by the 'establishment' powers-that-be, and their silent sidekick - the backroom shape-shifters of the Judaic and Christian religions.

In fact, if you don't click into it before 9/10/04, I'll post you all (on my email address list) an maxblogadvert reminder.

Thanks to Missuer "Sam" of the Nimbin HEMP bar, for donating "X" number of internet/computing hours for me to blog-on etc. I heartily recommend that other Concerned People follow the example of Sam's Good Community Conscience, in his donating his facilities to moi.

The next paragraph is an extract from "CIVILISING GLOBAL CAPITAL" by Mr Mark Latham, Leader of the federal Australian Labor Party, (ALP).
Ch 14, "Financing Government" pp 132 1st para, sentence 5:

"As even John Howard has admitted, all taxes, with the exception of those on economic rent and inherited wealth, have some [negative] employment and economic growth effects".

The only question I have on this, to begin with, is "Who put the [negative] in the sentence?" I assume it means Howard was implying "negative" effects on employment and economic growth, perhaps considering the context in which Howard surrounded and/or supported the statement.

But I'd feel better if I knew the rest of the statement, soas to contextualise it correctly.

Ne'ertheless, what follows is my hand-scribed e-ssay, which came through mind 'tother day.

So Howard states it and you (Mark Latham) acknowledge it. Well, that's pretty groovy, aye!

Therefore, we are to view the current political fight, as with those Fights for a more Common Justice System, since Plato's Republic, perhaps, as another step along the ageless Path to - Good Government.

At this stage, the preparatory step is Democracy.

Evidence exists to prove once and for all - there are Scientific Economic Laws which pertain directly to the Best method of Community Balance (Good Governance). Or, solid evidence exists to prove that the introduction and "Inculturation" if-I-may, of Sound Management Tenets and Principles which Benefit Most, is possible, by doubling in efficiency through debilitating least, Community Cohesiveness (perhaps called "Community Spirit") and Human Personal Growth and Liberty, and, if prefered, Spiritual Liberty.

Rid at last, of "want and poverty".

I also suggest more than enough evidence exists proving Socialism is Fundamental to Personal Liberty.

But clearly a new breed of "Socialism", which plainly recognises individual Rights as granted by simply "Doing One's Duty" to the Community which supports you in so many other aspects of Life. Naturally, this is recognisable as applicable on a Community wide scale, as well as Globally, ie., wherever Humans exist on Land.

If one is so Inclined, this is "Doing One's Duty" to the One Supreme AUM-Inner-AUM.

These Basic Tenets - applied Locally, Regionally, Globally, and in all 'levels' in-between - Righty Set, would not conflict with each other.

These Duties are, "Right Thought, Right Action".

However, in this Age, these Tenets, these Duties are able to be applied to that which so many of us see as the "demon" - "corporate globalisation.

Proper Authority, applied to all avenues of Human Endeavour, can now apply legal and scientific evidence reining-in those responsible for the dangers now manifest (eg: 'western life' effecting male Human 'sperm-counts') through "Group Claims" or "Class Actions" and the like.

I suspect the claims for compensation would scare them right-back-to-their-entrepreneurial drawing boards-of-erectors-er-directors.

Such Conscious Legal and Governmental Action, sets the scene, for the individual-we-all-are (here on Earth) to Most Advantagiously to Liberate Ourselves. Yourselves.

All the Way!

"Off you go then!?"

But as I go grey, I'm inclined to believe that Democracy, Properly Instituted a Fine Management System, is as I wrote, just a step to an even Higher, more Just and thus more Peaceful Way.

If one follows Plato's assessment, Democracy is number four (4) down the list of only FIVE!

Number 5, as it happens, is "tyranny", but number three is oligarchy - Rule by the rich??!

I suspect it's hard for layfolk like me to fully understand what was meant by "oligarch" back in the 4th Century BC., but I'm fucked if I'll ever put my Faith in today's spoiled rats to give any of us Genuine "Good Government".

So "my" idea of a Better Way stumbles today if following old Plato.

Hooooooooowever?! It's also said that Democracy is capable of AMAZING things!

One can be being beaten or slyly seduced to Nazi-style mismanagement - tyranny!

But the other BIG AMAZING thing is that Democracy can rocket the People straight-over "Oligarchal rule" (Oligarchy) to EITHER Number two or Number One of Plato's scribblings: Number Two, "Timiocracy": Rule by the Just, Warrior-King - a cunt - Wise, and Devout to AUM-Inner-AUM, who Rules the People Firmly, Justly to their Highest Ends.

And Numero Oooono (No 1) is - wait for it - careful, ARISTOCRACY - HAHAHAHAHAHHOHOHOHOHOHOOO - FAAARGLE!%$&^^%!

It's hard not to believe today's Highest dynastic-rollers are as rotten as a Kennett Liberal 'government', so an understanding of "Aristocrat" is valuable.

I think, from memory, She/He is a Fully-like-FULLY Enlightened Monarch!

Don' tell the Republicans though! Or the athiests!! Or the Christians!!!

You know they skitz-out at Philosophical Pathes to the Same - SAME - LORD!



3-29pm., Wednesday 29th September '04

Really desperate!

Sexually no doubt, but I can handle that! (?)

Right now, under two weeks from the Australian federal election and little more to the USA election, I am in need of a LAPTOP computer, preferably an "Apple", but a PC would certainly do.

Any potential benefactors, please read my other blogs on this site, and ask yourself if I'm worth it.

Ever hopeful, is anyone in a position to pass (a working) a Laptop my way?

Even for a loan......



Florida's Destruction and Haliburton

U.S. Presidential candidate John Kerry, would do well were he to call, in-line with his correct charges against Bush's mishandling of the Iraqi Nation, all US corporations, construction and such back to the USA, to help Florida, post four tasty-er-nasty hurricanes.

Haliburton etc, should under US, UN and Independant Decree and Supervision, leave all their capital equipment in Iraq, along with their best Operating Instructors to train the Iraqis how to use the equipment, as a gift to the Iragi People, and as a way of making reparations for the damage the US-corporate-militia has done to their Original Arabic, Persian and Islamic Cultures, over the last fifty years at least.

Haliburton and co-conspirators need to be scrutinised by US Federal Authorities and the United Nations, particularly in light of Vice President Dick Chaney's direct connections with Haliburton, for illegal use of any tendering processes, etc., and to have any appropriate charges laid against them.

A thorough and "secure" (in it being NOT undermined by corrupting 'establishment' forces) inquiry I feel, would expose a chain of "contacts" and (typically) dark influences at play, connecting the whole "game" (as I bet they call it) of Republican and Democrat, Fundamentalist Christian and Jew, with major corporate malpractice, and the US military-industrial complex!

Feeling certain isn't enough to act, but the urgency of Florida's situation may be enough to manouvre the "chess-men" around the global playing-board with Sound Reasons to "save face" all-round, and open doors to a little-more-Peacefully arrived-at Justice.

The Haliburton-type international and anti-foriegn-cultures consortia, who are as much the "front-line" troops of US/western, Christian Cultural imperialism - everywhere they subvert their way in - will have to face the Full Force of the Law, in accounting for their actions over decades to now.

Again, US and UK corporate "forward officers", the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and British Overseas Intelligence, Foriegn Office, MI-6, ruthlessly used subversion to effect breakdown of previously fairly Harmonious Middle-Eastern, Central Asian and Caucasian Cultural Regions, causing civil wars and "opportunities" to install puppet-dictators, typically on the payroll of the big oil, mining, "anything American" multinationals.

Again, an utterly evil consortia are abusing their worldly might in a collusion of Christian Fundamentalists (to bash Islam), construction multinationals (to rebuild "westernised" and western-dependant infrastructure), mining (oil, minerals)
food suppliers (market imperialists, as are all), and any other fucker who lives and works in totally "Ethics-free" and "Wisdom-free" zones (ie., "the all American way!"), and has corporate links with the Bush/Chaney-type dynasties.

Lord it's hard to look at "dynasties" and NOT see "die nasty"?

Florida deserves everything it got in the last six weeks, and it may very-well be "Allah's Revenge!" But I see it as "Karma" for Florida's (Jeb Bush) corrupting of the 2000 US Presidential election results in Tampa Florida, which is just a small part of America's perversion and straying from the Just Way of a non-materialist Society, Way-of-Life and Culture, like their country's Indigenous Inhabitants et al, before the European invasions, which began some 500 years ago.

If this is anywhere near so, it augers badly for the Bush/Chaney/Rumsfeld coven in the future.

The US of A, contrary to it's Satanic christian delusions and spells, is NOT superior in God's Eyes, to the rest of the world,

I Promise you.

And NEITHER, is Israel.

Finally, any compensation rightly found to go Haliburton and the like, should be financed by the guilty government(s) and their main corporate benefactors.


Legal Cases against Capitalism to come soon.

I suspect the world should get ready for a HUGE increase in lawsuits filed against environmentally damaging, as well as culturally destructive corporations.

Motor vehicle makers, major engineering and construction, food catering and private security corporations as well as numerous other industry-giants are in-the-firing-line for litigation on the aforementioned "crimes" charges.

Sound research and evidence now exists to file against those "bullying" errant corporations in several areas of law, from environmental and cultural destruction to individual health and welfare cases.

This applies to corporations such as in the tobacco industry, where decades of evidence exists, more than enough for an open-and-shut case against them, where they have been actively hiding evidence of the damage their products do to their consumers.

I'd gazard-a-hess and say this dirty behaviour will be found in most all large multinational corporations today, which says nothing nice about the modern perversion of capitalism, as practiced by the west, typically upon and against the rest of the world.

Pollution on regional and larger scales that has conclusively been caused by such as oil products, from the processing of it to make plastics, etc., to the final stage of motor-vehicle exhausts, plus used (sump) oils carelessy disposed-of, all adds-up to make for "Group Claims" larger than ever, and more effective than ever, if properly focused on the present and future environmental-thus-Human damage done.

One may be right in "extreming" to suggest that a Global Court is due for setting-up to address these global issues, where long-term damage to our One and Only Mother Earth, Her Oceans, Mountains and Rivers et al, have suffered irreparable destruction.

A Court which hears charges against the biggest "players, accused of doing....., well......, ANY damage to the overall "Well-Being" of the Community.

Evidence of "low-sperm-counts" etc., etc., etc., in western males may well be used against pharmaceutical corporations, the medical "industry" in-general AND it's "professionals", for their unprofessional behaviour, to cite just one case against that sinister "scientific" industry.

Last week I was chatting (a very unusual experience for me, but a Good one, at last) to a local cafe waitress, who told of her youth running behind Dad's tractor as it sprayed everything behind it and the fruit trees on each side with what we admittedly could only assume was DDT.

"Safe enough to drink" was the common sales-cry from DDT-type toxin-floggers in the fifties, sixties and often into the later decades, before the People of the Land were educated (by Heroins like MY MUM!) on the realities of these deadly-damned-doses.

(Well, Mum taught the suburbanites of Melbourne, things which eventually reached the parts of the Australian bush. I could go on............)

I've heard "safe enough to drink" was said about Monsanto's "Round-up" until and in recent years, which does not surprise lil' me.

The Waitress said she's suffered from that inhaling of the 'DDT' for most of her adult life, and felt really terrible when her daughter suffered womb problems during and after the birth of her first child.

She explained that the particular symptom was a known after-effect of chemical damage of that kind.

We all know now, IT GOES ON AND FUCKING ON!

RRRRRRRAAAAARRRRR!!!!! (me being angry)

Extreming again, (which I'm not REALLY doing!), one is Right to suggest veracity in legal cases against the fewer-in-number "cultural institutions" which we can with certainty (and Balance-big-B) point-the-finger-at, and in calling them to a Court of Law to answer charges of subverting or corrupting with false doctrine, the society, Nation, "Race" or Culture, away from a "Course of Sustainability" which most "pre-western-invasion" Cultures, most Harmoniously maintained with their Habitat, to be brutalised by western corporate interests into following the current corrupt, materialistic social and cultural models, ending in breakdown and permanent damage to the very fabric of the Community, the Common Unity, and to the environment generally.

Environmental destruction may be the biggest type of case for its after-effects such as the extinction of innummerable plant and animal species, and therefore to the ability of Human Beings to live in-tune with the Land enough to be Sustainable indefinitely, perpetually into the future.

Hmmmm?! "BIG CALL" max!

Industrially-caused environmental destruction by mining, grazing, monocropping, broadacre farming, oil using plant equipment and industries, are as good as "open-and-shut" cases for their air, water and Land pollutings. The evidence is inescapable. The "Murray-Darling Basin" - until not long ago the "bread-basket" of Australia, through terribly incompatible farming techniques over just two hundred years, has been almost permanently ruined by these same (Anglo-European) bad farming practices, causing salination of huge tracts of now raped, yet once a Beautiful and Bountiful expanse of Country.

(Arseholes! AND THEY HATE ME for saying it?)

But what about the "cultural" pollution?

Who can deny that today, the western mind is awash with clearly deadly beliefs about behaviour, as much "pumped" into our heads from the first day we "taste" television, through our selfish "money-or-riches focused" education system, basing it's "economics" courses on disgustingly false data, information and dogma, not unlike the tertiary courses in medicine, science, psychology, psychiatry, pharmacy, architecture as well(!) as fabricated in most universities on Earth?

As much, "techniques" to maximise their own profit through a gradual process of separating the Common Man as far as possible, from his Reasonable and Rightful Piece of Land to grow his own tucker (food), and Earth and flora enough to build a Life for himself and his Famiy, in perpetuity.

"Middlemen!?" Bah!

Then there's the cultural distortions which have "crept" in over centuries of BAD LAND LAWS, etc.

This I expect would be the hardest to prosecute, "viable" nevertheless.

Religion! www.sinsofreligion.blogspot.com gives more than enough "attitude" on religions part in the "longtime" wandering lost tribe's perversion of YHVH and Gods Wants for all his kids, abberant though we are.

Looking beyond my own quite disgusting words against the Judeo-Christian sorcery of the last ten to 2000 years or more, there remains a serious and quite viable, not-to-mention-vitally-important series of cases-for-the-prosecution against the lies they have used to support an otherwise longtime appalling and desperate body of Spiritual entrails - western religions!

Before I leave religion, I'll scribe this: Western, Judeo-Christian religion's untruths, added to their now exposed mass occult manipulation, is a little recognised-yet-extremely dangerous "pollution" of the Human mind, and I assert, contributes most significantly to social break-down and to personal and cultural insanity. That it is central to the most rapacious culture and economic system on Earth, and perhaps in Earth's history, cannot be ignored.

Cultural insanity can be gauged by the extent of environmental destruction the dominant western lifestyle has caused, I reckon!

These, I reiterate, are ALL Just and viable cases, awaiting the Collective Action called "Class Actions" I think, of any number of Sensible, Justive-Minded (ie., "for the Good of All") People, whose only "quaification" need be that they are "Citizens of Earth", to engage SAME-Minded Queen's Counsellors in the Cause.

Where are they?

Will someone tell those QC's who (necessarily until now..., hidden deep in their hearts....) still possess a Social Conscience, who still want to fulfil the "Call to Justice" which first inspired them to do Law, that they "can come-out now"?

Wasteful, inefficient, polluting motor vehicle makers, contributing some 40-to-60 percent of noxious gases to Earth's atmosphere, deserve being brought to account.

In just the fact that they've had solid knowledge on how to build NON-polluting vehicles for what? twenty-years!, that they've had the knowledge on NON-polluting forms of energy-conversion for decades, if not since the first days of petroleum-powered products, they are left vulnerable to solid and heavy lawsuits against them.

They also stand to have to compensate Humanity, or perhaps Mother Earth and Her kids for the damage they've done over the past one hundred years - everywhere!

THEN.........! there's the flagrant abuse of resources and environment in the resourcing and processing in such as the building and construction industries (Haliburton comes to mind?), in the promoting, marketing and selling of motor vehicles, and NOT FORGETTING... the MASSIVE costs to the environment-thus-Humanity and to our Souls, of the motor-vehicular support infrastructure: bitumen and concrete roads, traffic management technology, dangerously inefficient all of it, as well.

Yes...., it goes on and on.........

The People of Democracies, "Potential" Democracies, as most actually are, at whatever stage in it's development, and almost wherever they are on Earth, now have the legal infrastructure and evidence, and Newly Empowered and Motivated Global Legal fraternity (even I acknowedge they're not ALL bad, but'll always laugh at the QUESTION: "What's 10000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? ANSWER: A GOOD START! joke!) with the innummerable True Champions of Social Justice, of Human Justice who give endless hours of voluntary heartfelt assistance to those effected and Motivated in Community-Legal-Aid Centres et al, to pull together the most powerful means to rein-in those brute-powered anachronisms: the ruthless globalisers of the corporate sphere.

My Mandate of the last fifteen-to-twenty years has included the Clause of Fighting for Justice, through Peaceful means, through Education of the People, so they may also access the Excellent processes of the uncorrupted Engish Legal structure.

France and other Nations, the United States of America included, also have quite Elegant and Sound legal structures, and I will not argue for any one over the other, more than to say - "END ALL CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!", but that's an aside......

No time to waste Folks!

Wot yoo gonna do???


For JUSTICE, Lover.........




This was written in August 2000 when applying for a Centrelink pension, which I was granted in September of that year, but not until after a three-or-so year battle with the dogs, who went to extraordinary lengths to confuse and deceive me, and deprive me of work and any chances to find a job.
I submitted it as an 'attachment' to the Lismore Centrelink office with my application for a pension, and is pretty-much as submitted in 2000.

(And it worked!).

This is an example of how we the people can "win" (albeit a small victory) against the supposed odds of our monstrous bureaucracy.

Certainly, mine is a most extraordinary case.

But I urge any in a similar situation of being utterly frustrated by the fascist bureaucracy at the likes of Centrelink (Australia's national Social Security Department), to be inspired, take heart, and have the faith that you, and you, and you are the one's who will change the rotten fucking world, into the Beautiful one we all, deep in our hearts hunger for.

See what you think............


For about four years I have toyed with the idea of applying for an Intellectual disability Pension.

The reason I've not pursued this idea is because of the implications such an "admission'' on my behalf would have, primarily for those who oppose me on political ideology.

I put it that you know very well that the reason for my abject financial condition and concomitant homelessness is singularly because I have been on the receiving end of a prolonged political campaign, because of my stance for the most fundamental economic and political reforms.

We both know why this is constantly denied by everyone involved, myself being the only one who will not be coerced or forced into speaking dishonestly about my past.

I have done nothing wrong, and my actions over the last eight or nine years have been exemplary, albeit that I say so myself, considering the extraordinary pressures I have been under.

I have never denied my tormented and dysfunctional upbringing, and the effects that has had on my psyche and on my ability to function in society.

However, at 22 years of age, I determined to make a better person of myself.

At 28 years of age, I went further and sought to discard my own opinions and beliefs as questionable in their veracity, choosing to listen to others and explore avenues of self improvement.

Because of the social pressures inherent in the roles of employment I found myself in, particularly in the nineteen eighties, while out-of-hours, in my own time, attending night school courses in languages, social studies, law and history, as well as others, I struggled against the constant distractions of western Christian materialism as it has been thrust upon Australians for decades if not centuries.

For at an early stage in my self-development I realised that this same western Christian materialism was in itself a, if-not-the most dangerous "distraction" and preventative to a person Realising their True Inner Self, or, their Holy Spirit.

Consequently, knowing by the late nineteen eighties that Self Realisation was a person's most important task in Life, I gave myself no choice but to reject most-if-not-all of the usual Australian lifestyle expectations, of materiaIism, of the common and destructively narrow religious beliefs, of corruption and deceit, and of the popular persuasions toward being egocentric and politically ignorant.

Again, I readily admit that by nineteen ninety one (1991), the torment of my youth was resurfacing, and made my ability to socialise within the parameters of what is to the Wise a clearly dysfunctional society, nigh on impossible.

However, with dedication and persistence, by nineteen ninety three I maintain that I had successfully worked my way through the worst of my problems of the psyche, and was well on the way to being a Human Being of cheerful disposition, intelligence, Spiritual Devotion and balance.

The only remaining area in which I lacked was social skills.

As for any intellectual disability as a psychologist or psychiatrist might diagnose, I maintain, there was perhaps only the smallest sign, far less than would disqualify myself or anyone from being able to find rewarding and responsible employment in any one of the many fields of employ I have an excess of natural talent to work in.

However here, I am bound to state that after having worked and studied lone and arduously to establish a better, if-not the best way for a male Human Being to think and act, and having arrived near to that way, it was even then clear that I was risking becoming a man totally unsuited to the society in which I lived.

For it was clear, as it had been painfully clear to me for perhaps two decades, that the society most Australians are expected to integrate with, was and increasingly is, a most dysfunctional society.

A society built upon corruption, deceit and theft is fit only for those of us who are ourselves corrupt and deceitful thieves.

I was, and am, none of these.

So how on earth can I maintain my Values of Piety, Chastity, Service, Honesty, Humility and Compassion in a society which ''prides" itself on being everything which is in opposition to such Values?

In summary, I put it to you that, although the extra seventy or eighty dollars per week would alleviate my need to "live" in a garage, and enable me to live a more Humane life, with heating and a bathroom, a kitchen and a bedroom, I utterly reject this morally abject government's requirement that I state I suffer an Intellectual disability when it is entirely that same government's actions and diseased attitude which has put this Good man where I am in the first place.

Indeed, my contributions to Victorian State politics, to the debate on Aboriginal Reconciliation, to advice on federal policy on immigration, on Australian/Chinese international relations, on reform of the Catholic and Protestant religions in Australia and across the world, and the huge and wholly positive effects rising from these selfless contributions, are I put it, known to you and your superiors and to God Above, as proof beyond all doubt that

1) I do not suffer from an intellectual disability,

2) rather it is the society itself, from the highest echelons down which in fact is not only suffering from an intellectual disability but is hemorrhaging from that combined with the awry and demonic attempts to cure it,

3) I deserve nothing less than a modest stipend of at least the same amount as the pittance of a pension your crumbling bureaucracy pays disabled people,

4) any inability of mine to partake of the society and workforce in my own country of birth, to the point of being able to sustain myself and a family in modest comfort in a location of my own choice, is instead the fault of the corrupt deceitful and tyrannical people of this very same country of Australia, who are or have been under the criminal influence of the evil agents of Mrs Elizabeth Mountbatten (Windsor) of England and that foreign power's Anglican Church.

Therefore, because of the disgusting behaviour of this erroneously Anglophile nation of people, I hunger for an early grave, for my general opinion of you all is that you disgust me to the hilt, if only for your cowardice in the most simple matter of honesty with regard to my undeserved treatment from the Australian and British governments over the last six or seven years.

As is typically the case with such feeble-minded people as the "normal" Aussie, my untimely death will bring it home to you and your kind how pathetic you have been, and your remaining days will be lived in some semblance of regret that you didn't afford me the meager remuneration I humbly, in service, deserved.

I conclude with the supposition; it is wholly fortunate for you that your Church education excelled in one thing, which was that of screwing your conscience right out of your life, so you may still sleep at night.

But get ready, for one day you will catch up with it, and what a collision of opposites it will be.

Yours, Max Nichols Cook


"White Goods" major contributor to unwell population

"Bend your back. Touch your toes. Ssstrretch those muscles gently.

Bending elbows, moving shoulders up and down, bounce your hands on/off the ground, moving "yogicly" from the hips; sstretch-release - sstretch-release.

Stand and wobble.

Repeat the above sequence until your hands have washed the big square bucket of clothes at your feet.

Hmmm? Good for body! Good for mind!

(My Mum has taught yoga for forty years, so forgive me for echoing her talents in teaching.)

The Best Moderated Lifestyles, between Ludite-ism and modern technology, tailor-back from the mal-promoted "Good Life" of being too comfortable (read-lazy) and relaxed (read-dumbed-down) to being Conscious of the enjoyment one gains from Knowing, of the physical, mental and Spiritual "Nourishment" we most economically gain from manual Work in each task.

That Knowledge is often, enough to have us really Enjoy the Work, which is how Work should be.

Don' NEED a job to afford a "lazybox" washing machine, or dryer, OR! a dishwasher.

NO! Not dishwashing at your feet.

I save money, "macro-time" (time units taken in the manufacturing chain of production of consumer-goods), keep exercised-thus-healthier, making me more active along the lines of "the more you do, the more you can do", saving time, energy and money NOT paying for transport to work and the supermarket and the pub to get over it alllllll!

Then there's the FRIDGE???

Yesss! The fridge............? is an mal-adaptation to not being able to grow your own food, and pick and eat it fresh.

To access food, urbanised people, and the vast majority in western capitalist culture, must pay an almost endless line of "middlemen" to acquire what they may be able to make or grow themselves, and in doing so, staying significantly healthier in the process.

The middlemen are: grocers/greengrocers, transporters, enhancers and packagers of produce, storage houses, bulk transporters from growers, 'capital equipment' manufacturers, suppliers of raw materials like mining companies, freight agents, land speculators, architects, surveyors, valuers, AND everyone and everything they employ and abuse in their lifestyles.

By the time the food is messed-around with, it has a time-gap from being fresh to being eaten which is far too long to honestly call any (of the supermarket food at least) "fresh". But food is not just vegies and fruit, say what.

The question of economies of scale in broadacre, monocropping and husbandry etc., for grains and (high protein) meats are practical, but also need moderation. And rotation, and a bit of time to renourish itself etc.

The grains and lentils thing on larger scales, is another aspect of food, which has a place for decades if-not centuries, if not perennially. But its another area to explore. If you want to ride my synapses there, you can search through this, my blogsite, (but you'll have to ARCHIVE and scroll) for "NATIONAL DROUGHT RELIEF PLAN, NOV 2003. Or was it 2002?

The dependance the 80% have on the system, against their Higher Will, supports such illogical and uneconomical systems.

Illogical because of the "tax" upon the environmental system it costs to extract, refine and produce all the capital equipment and the ancillary produce.

This tax eventually falls on our ability to sustain our untenable centralised western lifestyles, and indeed, any lifestyles at all!

Centralised away from grow-your-own.

Centralised away from "Life-big-L".

So if urbanised people, especially the poor, hypothetically, pulled-down your backyard's "divisive" fences, and each four, six or eight houses joined backyards to make a Group Garden (along the most efficient lines of the "Economies of Scale" model) as the Basis of your "Moderated" Lifestyle, you'd soon enough be working a few hours a day, in your own food-producing garden, alone or with the neighbours, instead of alotting the same time working in the 9 - to - 5, or partime "at the mill", to pay a bucket-load of detached people to supply what you could've grown yourself in the first place. If you could afford artificially inflated prices for the Land.

Out of eight male adult Australians, living next door or nearby, to each other, you'd reckon a couple of them could do the mechanical maintenance on the homes, shed, and jinkers, aye? And anyway, what sort of soft can't swing a hammer or a saw, dig a ditch (a moat?!) and push a plough, or fix the hoozumawotzit?

Jobs "in-the-mill", that some 80% of surveyed employees say they do not like.

A "Jobs-mill", that some 80% of employees work first and foremost to maintain.

It's slavery.

A system designed to keep you chained to it, by such enormous and limiting debts as the good ol' 'death pledge' (mort-gage), and "time-saving" items like dishwashers and washing machines.

Machines that you pay too much of your income for, but more importantly to afford and run.

The jobs of managers, middle-managers, bosses, company owners and share-holders/speculators on YOUR effort, are what the end-user, "we who eat the food" (and first in importance are water and food) uneconomically support.

Everyone eats. Different foods yes, but it mainly comes from agricultural (including fishery) regions.

It seems reasonable for everyone to make some contribution to the cost of not only that which we consume, but to the process of manufacture of those items. If this is fair, it may be a vital point economically, as well as Spiritually.

Vital in the sense that once a person is separated from the chain of production of what we use, we immediately depend upon other economic units;- other consumers and suppliers, something akin to the list I made above. The actual negative aspect of this is the material equipment, it's mineral resource depletion etc., and the environmentally unsound mechanical, material infrastructure needed to have this illogical and threatening system keep churning.

And that which it churns out most of, and who are 'curned' through the mill, to produce more fodder to churn, are the lowest 80% of Humanity. This 80% probably includes YOU the reader, unless your "ol' Rupie", "Kezzz" ("Jamie? Are you in the top 20% yet???") Kidman or sluch.

This illogical churning of Human lives is the result of the dispossession of Homelands, whether Black Australians or convicts transported, left to fight in overcrowded agri-barren groups.

We call them "cities". I call them shhhhh.....

"Time" has a lot to do with this "Postulation", in that the inefficiency of the western materislist centralised system, has us by the "short-and-curlies" by robbing us of the time to "do-it-ourself", chasing the hollow dollar to purchase things we need because we're off-at-bloody-mill-again.

Allah save me? Scribing this stuff in the Cafe-deluxe-de-Universe, the Nimbin HEMP Bar, is cool, but fucking noisy, making it hard to smoke and concentrate, on something of an elusive subject.

Time and labour. Is labour time? No, labour is energy. Effort.

I reckon it's better to take a little longer doing (productive) work, especially by doing more manual work, than with the last 30 or so years of modern technological tools, which speed-things-up, but cost the Earth to provide, turning-upsidedown the "Mission" the Judeo-Christian west was allegedly "Divinely Ispired" to take-on.

(OK, I admit to Luditism here, the more rudimentary the better I ASSERT!)

Time is a bit of a demon, I reckon.

I've heard it's healthy to "take time out of the equation of your life" occasionally.

As often as possible actually.

So if urbanised people, especially the poor, hypothetically, pulled-down your backyard's "divisive" fences, and each four, six or eight houses joined backyards to make a Group Garden (along the most efficient lines of the "Economies of Scale" model) as the Basis of your "Moderated" Lifestyle, you'd soon enough be done with the need for anymore than one commercial fridge, and a freezer perhaps, (but that irritates my argument) between eight families.

Very economical, and healthy, and relaaaaaaaxed, jammin' it all the way up the taxman.

But tax is a subject again, of its own, and very relevant to the above drivvle.

For the end-game of the time-out equation is based upon political decentralisation and LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE.

Surprise, surprise..........

I apologise for any lack of syntax in the above, and for any unfinished or undeveloped arguments and points.

I'm nicely medicated...........



What of your political beliefs are True?

This I wrote in ’97, pissed-off with an advertisement or something.

What, of your beliefs about this western social and economic system are founded upon Absolute Truth?

You can answer this question only if you are 100% honest with your Self.

Yet how many of us are that? Cast the first stone if you dare!

The first stone must be cast not at any but your self.

Look at our beliefs, and ask, "Are they 100% true and correct?"

The whole western system is based on Christ's or God's Wisdom, not however, to bring you Peace; nor even Happiness, but that we may progress beyond the primitive lifestyle of a passed era.

Today, we have achieved that state, where we have more than enough technology to enable each Human Being to live in a Way befitting the Highest Level necessary for Humanity to ascend to a Truly Peaceful and indeed Spiritual realm.

Technology may yet make the world a better place, yet it is snowballing beyond what we need, having, through the materialist's marketing juggernaut, created it's own perpetual motion.

Technology and it's produce has always been simply a tool for our Human improvement, so we may come closer together as One Planet, and at last find (Spiritual) Peace and Harmony.

We are here to live in Harmony, not to be continually competing with each other.

Yet technology and the materialist's marketing juggernaut have supplanted our Real Purpose, (which is to find our way back to our True Spiritual Nature of Peace and Social Harmony), with incorrect and dangerous beliefs about desiring a bigger car, larger house and ever more wealth, as the only means, or the only source of Happiness.

A competitive society will never carry us back to the Father of our Soul, but what do the politicians ceaselessly push us to accept?

"We must be more competitive!" they tell us.

Oh if just 5% of us were awake to this lie.

You, no matter how much you turn away from politics and the broader social issues, can see that the world is going crazy. Which is exactly why you turn away, yes?

The reason is simply that we have been duped by the materialists to believing that Happiness and Peace can only come from more technology and materialism, etc.

You Know this is false, yet because of the lies, or at best the half-truths the church tells us about God, you choose to accept the trivial and temporal things which for a short time, make you happy in your own small (and smaller) world, rejecting any notion of Spirituality, to the point of atheism, whence you end up fumbling along in dread of being left to challenge your own manmade dreams and fears.

(25th Sept '04 edit: The last paragraph might be wrongly taken to infer I'm saying "atheism" is for losers. That's not at all the inference Atheists should draw, and has never been my feeling on them. Unlike a reformed smoker, I don't deride those of whom I was once one. Indeed, years ago I put it to the ABC's Phillip Adams [doyen of Australian Radio] that Athiests have a vital role in "keeping religion Honest".)

Any Real Man of Spirit, however, would inspire Courage in you thence have you abandon your illusory dreams and fears, for the One Wholistic Truth.

Yet fearful is exactly how the corrupt religions and politician's masters (the richest materialists) want you.

They have no True Understanding of what is, in the REALLY BIG PICTURE, actually going on.

They can only see as far as their hip pocket, and all the material power it brings them.

They definitely do not care about you or your partner or your children, no matter what they tell you.

Yet because of their material confidence, (self-small-s convincing), having themselves been fooled and lured by the world to follow others and not their True Self (Holy Spirit), they make it their business to become most persuasive "hypnotisers", and if they cannot convince you to follow them (so-as to support their own delusion), they can and will offer you "all the wealth of the world" to do so.

This is the very enemy of your own Soul, for your Soul wants not material wealth but Spiritual Wealth, which is a State of Being, in complete opposite to everything the most deluded thence quite satanic moguls of materialism offer.

This doesn't mean you should abandon all your material wealth.

Do not let your fears run amuck in your mind.

Today most people are very aware of the folly of too much.

Most of us know that too much (materialism) is trivial to that which brings Real Peace and Happiness.

All you need to do, that is what you must do, is stop accepting the lies our politicians and false economists keep thrusting at us about "the competitive society" and "the evils of Communism".

There are fundamentals we need to check; for example, the size and even need of a car, any "addiction" to materialism, our attachment to beliefs which, if placed under the "Spotlight of Truth", are dangerous to Life on Earth.

But it does not mean we have to become Communists or Greenie primitives.

All we have to do is vote for those parties who challenge the dated orthodoxy with a more Harmonious policy.

Harmonious to a Peaceful life for all living beings on Earth.

But be wary. For you know as much as any that politics today is as crooked as ever, and that for any new "party" to stand a chance, they must "kowtow" to the dominant political paradigm.

This however, is only because there are not enough of us, that is "the you's-and-me's of the world", who are prepared to stand up and vote for the people who can Advocate and Represent a Better, Spiritual Way.

I have been defamed too much over the passed ten years, merely for Standing Firm against political corruption, to enter politics, yet, sadly, I do not see anyone on or beyond the horizon who stands for the Truth about Economics and politics.

But they will come, be sure of that. and, whether in our lifetime or not, Justice and Peace will reign on Earth.

Until then, be True to your Self, which is the Same in All Creatures, for you and they are the Children of the One Supreme Spirit, the Father of Everything.

He is Truth and Love and Goodness.

Love Him before any thing, and you will be free.

May the Perfect Existence be Your Inspiration

Max N Cook. 25-11-97.

PS: Sept 15th ’04 edit: Sorry about the “Goddy” bits?

PPS: The bit near the end about being done over too much to enter politics, has been updated to say NOW, after too much shitte, I could not be bothered.........

USA terrorising the world

USA terrorising the world
First printed as an Anti-Iraq-war pamphlet on Wed 2nd Oct '02, but is still relevant, in light of the upcoming November 2nd ’04 U.S. Presidential elections, and the Australian Federal election on October 9th ’04 – now only three weeks away.

GW Bush's war on Iraq is a distraction from urgently needed Global Land Reforms
Nimbin, Northern Rivers NSW.
Posted: 15th September 2004.

US military sends nuclear subs within missile striking distance (5400kms) of Australia's East-coast cities.

Linked to US Ambassador-to-Australia, Tom Sheafer's comment a week or two ago, on the chance of a nuclear bomb turning-up in Sydney Harbour, anyone conscious of the covert intentions and modus operandi of the principally Israeli/US/UK-run global military-industrial complex, would cut through the U.S. government's rhetorical crap to see that Australia is being militaristically threatened by the United States of America.

Why? Well, Pine Gap, for one; our plentiful resources, 2nd; and 3rd; lots and lots and lots and lots of the most beautiful real estate, on top of the oil, gold, uranium, and a plethora of other precious metals and ores yet to be dug-up, etc. And then there’s the water.

I'm prepared to believe that the USA has put an ultimatum to not just our Liberal federal government, but to our whole broad spectrum political plutocracy, including our Unions.

Basically, I suspect they've said to us, "if we don't tow the US line on what they want to do with Australia, they'll send in the CIA to divide all our Communities; bankrupt us; subvert investments here and overseas, setting the scene long-term, for an Australian civil war.

Also, especially if they were to go to war and have a military victory over Iraq, America may well be emboldened enough to manipulate things to appear to justify dropping a bomb on Brisbane, or the Gold Coast Tweed/Byron region.

This might be a ten-year scenario, but the brutality of the USA is blunt and they are insane and desperate enough to do this, because of the New Humanitarian Counter-Push rising in all corners of all nations of this, our One Planet, Earth.

The United States of America, I suggest, is actually still in something of a revolutionary frame of mind, but it's clear they've forgotten what they revolted against in the first place, in Boston.
Surely it was the tyrannical nature of the Land-owning aristocrats of Europe, who sought to capture the real estate booty of all the North American continent in the USA's initial years, that the more Righteous Forefathers of today’s Americans revolted against.

For it is clear that if you own the land, you own the lives of those people who depend on it.

All wealth (and food!), comes from the Land.

I'll not go into the misinterpretations of the Messages of Christ, turned completely up-side-down (from the 3rd Century, A.D., “Councils of Nicea”, and further in the European Renaissance and “Enlightenment period” to suit exactly the wealthiest landowners and their aristocratic ties in Europe and other regions), which have over centuries developed in the USA, and how much they have effected the whole course of American life, and now the whole globe, more to say they suited very well the global ‘establishment’s’ economic corruptions which have overtaken the world.

(Letting a little Balance in here, I have to say that the ‘aristocrats’ so-called (and the clergy), of Europe, were in as many cases, more than mere land-grabbers, and many of them recognized their responsibilities to the plebs-er-People, and that “life” is/was-and for many years yet will be the “long march” if-I-may, toward a Socially Balanced world, no matter how far in the future that would, or might, be.

With these sorts of thoughts in their minds, cognizant of the inevitable terrors theirs, and other Peoples will in the future face, playing the power-game became essential in a tough world, again for the long-dreamed-of, “Kingdom of Heaven”. The last two or more thousand years were a time of “bringing Humanity together”, by whichever means necessary. This involved rounding-up rebellious cult tribes and larger groups under the shamanic sway of their Indigenous pagan traditions, most resistant to the foreign imperial but especially “Spiritual” as-it-were incursions.

A Kingdom of Heaven, I might menacingly suggest, which had until much more recently still existed in many of the world’s pre-western-invasion Homelands. Also, it is I think important to add, something close to locally evolved “Kingdoms” existed in several pockets of Europe, before territorial borders became an issue, probably through a growing continental population. When this arose, I can’t date though.

Today's USA however, is caught in a deep and deliberately instilled ignorance about Economics and God, and about their place in the world.

Humanity is on the threshold of massive global change, which the majority of Americans are completely ignorant of.

No doubt, there is a sizeable percentage of the population in the USA who are deeply concerned about today’s global state of affairs, and of the portending events soon to begin happening on a scale never witnessed on Earth.

How many of them however, are aware that the US government/military/industrial complex at this moment in time, is quite prepared to set the above scene in Australia, for it's own psychotic business, corporate, militarist agenda?

Yes, the United States of America would bomb Australia without a second thought, if it felt we were moving away from them in economic, diplomatic or military preferences.

(As at 15th September, when this is being uploaded and edited, I'd say the U.S. has stepped-back from such ideas.)

When will the revolting Americans realise that the local AND global marketplace booms, "Ethical" employment booms and Wholistic Balance Resounds throughout when Land is taken out of the speculative marketplace, and rented on True Rental Values for Government Revenue.

And when will someone admit that this looming war against Iraq is how the greedy oil corporations hope to distract us from the now-UNSTOPPABLE global push for Planet-wide Land Reforms? (Not too far removed from the religions fighting against themselves and within the individual creeds, over what are in essence "trivial" issues, keeping the flocks distracted from these REALPOLITIK Issues, which, once resolved, will also dissolve the need for religions and their oft' untrue waffle.

("JESUS?! Can't have that! What about our comfortable 'religious' lifestyles????")

The US government is not in control of it's economic and military forces, thus may not be legal nor qualified to possess the power it has.


Americans must realise their Duty, both to their Country, and to All Life on Earth, of removing the regime of President George W Bush and his cronies, by any means necessary!



The following is the flip-side of the A-5 pamphlet I distributed somewhere in Australia, wherever I was at the time (I might've run up to a Brisbane protest or such), during the lead-up the recent and ongoing US-led “Iraq war”.

Wed 2nd Oct. '02
Nimbin, Northern Rivers, NSW.

America! Your revolution is near to, but IS NOT YET COMPLETE!

It is time all Americans, supported and thus strengthened by their Kin and Family in the United States of Earth, relit their Original Revolutionary Spirit and MARCH OUT the new oil (dark power) tyrants of the Bush/Chaney government.

Revive the Spirit of the Boston Tea Party once more for the final pusch to Honest Liberty, Fraternity and Equality, in Environment and in Soul.

Your Religious Master, Jesus Christ, Yeshua ben Joseph, is as well, the Symbol to Humanity (especially to His Christian 'followers') of Humility, even whilst in possession of power enough to destroy life on Earth.

Christ surrendered his material life for the Highest Spiritual Life, to Teach the United States of America today, that this is in Truth the Most Powerful thing a Human Being can do!

(To Yeshua ben Joseph (J.C.), material wealth was nothing, worthless, and even the enemy (Mammon), yet supposedly "Christian" America is adrift and aswamped by a psychosis of junk food, junk "toys" and junk information in materialist advertising and marketing propaganda.)

Through this "link" to Spirituality; "Christal Humility"; self-surrender; relaxing one's defences; trusting our community to NOT exclude us (UNITY is NOT Exclusive!); we are Freed from all materialistic emotions, thus are Lifted to Oneness with God.


America! REVOLT against your WAR-HUNGRY Government!


Protest on the streets of America and overcome the dark, psychotic (oil) powers in Washington and Texas!

AMERICANS, it's time to Call for GLOBAL LAND REFORM, starting in fact, in JERUSALUM!

This (LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE, as put by 19th Century San Franciscan, Mr Henry George) is at the Heart of all Pure “Spiritual”, Political/Economic Ways of Living, for the Modern Age of the 21st Century and beyond.

LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE applies to the Middle-East as well as to the United States of America, and indeed, today, it will only be secured against land-grabbing tyranny at any time in the future by being instituted globally, in all the United States of Earth.

It is Time to Evolve into the Complete Method of Good Government through LAND REFORM,

Then, the Revolution of Independance for the United States of America is Complete, (aside from a truck-load of Spiritual Reparatory Work).

Then, and only then, we (Collective inhabitants of One Earth) can begin to live the Way our Ancestors and Gods want us to.

In Harmony and Peace!

THIS, is Justice-big-J, which, according to the Highest Spiritual Law, must come to us before we can expect any True Peace, locally or globally.

But bringing Justice to us Calls All People to the Duty of Fighting for it.

Today, thankfully for some, we are now able to "Fight" for these Magnificent and Righteous Laws through the ballot. But the ballot is worthless until the People are Wisened-up on the Philosophy and Science of the LAND RENT Economic Ideology, while, as importantly at the same time being Wisened-up on the True Nature of their own Human, Spiritual Being.

As I wrote in another pamphlet years earlier,

"DEMOCRACY is a wonderful Ideal, but is dangerous if the People are stupid!"

In the last five-to-ten years the west has progressed remarkably, in ways I'll call "intellectually", but it's more a case of being better guided to the "most nourishing" information and facts about that which underlies most-all political arguments today, the LAND/LABOR relationship.

As well, a mass of People, through Earthly and "Spiritual" media, have Wisened-up to the fraudulance of the western religions, and how they have contributed to dumbing us down for so long.

They cannot be blamed, in all Truth, for their transgressions. If nothing else, the western, Christian religion(s) have done the most important thing they could do, and that is the business of keeping alive the very notion of One Supreme Spiritual Power, namely "God". Amidst the mass of corruption and rott within the Abrahamic faiths, they appear to have few avenues for Redemption from their errings, but to join with the Progressive Forces of Mother Earth, in body, mind, heart and Soul, and with us all, "Fight" for these Magnificent and Righteous Laws.

Don' know what I'm gonna do once they get their acts together?

"What about the STRUGGLE!? ARRGH?/?!?"

Might have a motorbike by then though........


Religion and the LAND

There's not a Christian, Jewish or Islamic cleric, nor Buddhist nun/monk in Australia who is not aware of the Fundamental Economic Issue of LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE today - in 2004 - pre-federal election - and of it's Importance as the Bedrock of a Balanced Economy, from local-thru-global society.

That this LAND RENT Economic policy is recorded in the Abrahamic Faiths Bible (Leviticus 25), as how YHVH-God-Allah wants Mankind to account and thus order ourselves, surely must demand that the Abrahamic Faiths Advocate it!

What's more, the word is, according to many sneaky watchers, the Messiah is currently "walking this Earth" (this planet)! HE'S HERE!! - THERE!! somewhere? EVERYWHERE?!
and I have no doubt, that uptil early 2004, if not as early as December 2003, the majority of Christians, right up through the hierarchy and global bastions, believed "HE! is here among us" as I've heard them gossip.

If so, by all accounts the whole trifecta of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic cult, standing as they insist on doing as the "intermediary" between the 'faithful' (read gullible and weak) and "Y.G.A." (YHVH, God, Allah), have an enormous amount of work to do to "clean themselves up" in body, mind, heart and Soul, "and with all their might!" to quote our most shining Comrade, in readiness for That Man.

I'd guess a hazard and say that such work is beyond all three of them, but cannot and perhaps dare not offer an alternative, especially seeing as they are really shitty with me lately since I pledged allegance to the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club, and have Soundly Argued that the whole concept of a "Messiah" as propagandised by occultists of the golden calf tribes, is NOW - a rort and a gross injustice against True Human Progress.

Haven't slept the best these recent nights. Judeo-Christian occult energy fills the dark air.

Isn't the Call, "make straight the road, for the Messiah"?

Surely Abraham's trio spruke that one, yet daily we learn of more rott and scandal exuding-and-blasting from all levels of these lost religions.

I'd say that the church today is so wrong-headed because it's humble servants have had to conceil from the flock, the REAL cause of what is now a planetwide indignation against ALL Souls - the selling of Life's Mother; the Land; Eartha, for private-thus-anti-Community - profit.

The ramifications of, for example, the 1475 "Land Enclosure Act" in England, longterm, are threateningly manifest today. The Christian church, particularly the Anglican, was the first and possibly largest beneficiary of this law. So it could well stand to Reason that they would go to any length to conceal the Fundamentality of the "Land/Labor relationship" as I coined it in an earlier series of e-ssays (found on this blogsite: "LAND AND LABOR - GLOBAL").

The Reason being that Equitable access to enough land to make a living, "....by All Men", as they'd say in the "old days", "....by All Humans" in more contemporary parlance, relieves all their Souls of the Spiritual disquiet which inevitably arises from being disenfranchised from their Indigenous Homelands, from having no roots to the Land. Such Relief that Man no longer needs staltified institutions like the "post-Nicea" Christian church.

If the "Abrahamic" faiths have any Soul left, then for a fast-tracking of stress-relief worldwide, they MUST speak-out - UNITED - about LAND DISTRIBUTION and LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE, according to 19th Century San Franciscan (USA) Philosopher Mr Henry George.

Today, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, for all religion, AS ONE, To NOT Speak about the LAND and LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE, begs and deserves total loss of faith, in any, and perhaps all of them.

I, Max No Difference, say, with some Authority, that if the Abrahamic religions are to redeem themselves from their treacherously sinful nature of the last seventeen hundred years or so (actually sinful since the "Fall from Eden!"), they should - forthwith

- cease completely the current "psychic wars" they are playing-out in the Middle-East, and throughout the Jewish-Christian diasporas (whence comes their funding), and

- - cease completely the current "psychic wars" they are playing-out against the Peaceloving Peoples of Cuba, as the American Christian right-wing fundamentalist occultists are projecting upon Cuba right now, and

- cease completely the current "psychic wars" they are playing-out against the Peaceloving Peoples of Nimbin Australia, and if they do have Right Faith in the One True Creator, not just security in numbers-type faith, nor faith in their ridiculous and illgotten wealth, they are obliged to get their acts together and speak out against the current, deadly and global BAD LAND LAWS.

- in Australia, immediately Counsel the whole Australian parliament on replacing BAD LAND LAWS with a UNITED Global Reformation to LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE.

Then we'll see if the "Messiah" wants to "pop-in" and save the lost sheep, or whatever He's s'posed to do?

DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

You have my Authority!


People of America & Terrorism

People of America only feel threatened by foreign cultures, beit Islam, Arabic, East Asian or any of the Planet's Aboriginal Ways, because the American lifestyle and thus the People, who question-lessly live it to excess, have become the biggest and most deadly threat to those now "apparently" scarey Islamic, Arabic or Aboriginal Peoples.

Understandably, they (other cultures) respond to our western cultural threat the only way they are able, with suicide bombers and their body-belts of carnage - carnage NOT exclusively effecting westerners, easterners or southerners - "Life" is NOT the exclusive province of any culture, cult, colour or economic warlord like GW Bush, or Osama.

So, the Freedom Fighters carrying-out these walking-cycling-driving tragedies are only doing what they are able to against the blind materialist psychosis of western, Judeo-Chrustian, multi-national corporatism.

Cultures, simply different, and once, before western imperialism invaded (under the mantle of crusading for the One God), quite Enlightened-thus-Beautiful Cultures, albe-some o' them a bit gory by today's Judeo-Christian ideals.

If America turned Green and stopped it's rapacious global resource and consumer-economics plunder everywhere else in the world, they would NOT be so hated by the rest of us, nor would the lifestyle-USA be such a dangerous threat to the soil, water, air and Ways of living etc., of the remaining and oft' far more "In Tune" "foriegn" cultures.

Foriegn Cultures, I'd hazard a guess and say, which surely exist richly within the United States of America itself.

So, today's "terrorists" so-called, are actually NOT the aggressors, but are Honourably defending what remains of their cultures, after enduring at least 100 years of subterfuge coming at them in all guises, from hamburgers to bible-classes to Haliburton, from all corners, castles and corporate men's-rooms, of the capitalist west.

Of course, what we may draw from this is that the west in fact, or it's wartime leaders, should be themselves, Rightly called "terrorists".

The first responsibility of the United States government is to reduce the harm the American way of life is doing to it's People and to the whole Human population, and this might begin by alerting Americans that they are too consumptive for the rest of us to peacefully accept.

Americans HAVE NO RIGHTS over-and-above the rest of us, in respect to consumption and it's excretion; land, water, air and psychological pollution.

America is solely and wholly responsible for attracting the ire of the developing, third world's HUMAN BEINGS: Islamic, Arabian, Asian, Aboriginal - villagers, townsfolk and city-dwellers; workers and children, nomads, socialites and hermits, soldiers and pacifists, tinkers and tailors, mechanics and secretaries, grand-parents and parents.

American People are Beautiful, but their ignorant culture fucking stinks................

Ooh dear, it's so hard to cut through the 'spells' (gripping our minds) of the capitalist spin-doctors in power, politics and junk-consumerism.......................


TO Latham, post Australian Embassy Jakarta bombing

This is a letter (email) I just sent our next Prime Minister, Mr Mark Latham, about yesterday's Jakarta Australian Embassy bombing.


So it came (in Jakarta), almost as predicted.

Of course, it was all an Islamic conspiracy, nothing to do with the more devious, more secretive global plutocracy (the establishment), better united across the planet than el Qa'ida or J.I.

Will we ever know? And what about that which shook us three years ago tomorrow?

I'll never fully believe the "official" line. There's far-far too much skullduggery on the establishment's side, simply because lack of money is not a restriction for them, like it is with the Socialism-leaners. Neither are Ethics a restriction for them......

Ne'ertheless? CLEARLY, Australia is in the sights of the anti-capitalists, the anti-western-culturalists, what with yesterday's Jakarta Embassy bombing.

How does a Responsible PM deal with this?

Finding the perpetrators is one thing, and even then it is a relatively minor issue - "take one down, three replace them".

Fundamental is finding the root-cause of such actions, whether in Beslan or Jakarta. While it's almost anti-westminsterial politics to go right to the root of the situation - inequitable opportunity, through inequitable Land distribution - global and local politics today has decidedly shifted some way off the Westminsterial line of thinking - adversarial, competitive, winners-v-loosers, centralised, legalistic, classist, holyer-than-thou, white supremacist, - bullshit.

MOST unfortunately, it's the best (small-b) bullshit we've had - thus far!
Howard, and with all due respect to Kim, he too, is in essence "being led" down the deadly militaristic road of "bomb the crap, out of them" policies toward the increasing numbers of desperate and landless refugees, asylum-seekers, freedom fighters, people who have usually had the crap beaten or bombed out of them, their family, their village, their tribe, nation and Beautiful Culture until bereft of all reason to treat white-skins with anything but vehement and murderous hatred.

I cannot blame them.

Is it that hard for politicians to understand the ruinous horror the west has dropped on these absolutely beautiful Human Beings of the Middle-East and eastern Europe over the last fifty or so years?

Can none of us see what a person there is left with, once all has been callously blown to Hell by smart-arses like Rumsfeld, Chaney and Bush?

As the west, including this latest political machine of the ALP, is so stuck on blaming the victim (like the system tries and convicts would-be innocent people forced into crime by the established corruption), maybe we should be "going the whole hog" by putting the "blame" where it truly belongs!

Western Christian white supremacist, establishment land theft.

Why would a person, possessed of their needs and provisions to feel secure in their place in the world, never asking too much, revering a Unitary Life Source (Allah), loving of their children, wife, family, and all their village and culture, go and massacre one to two hundred children?

I can just imagine John Howard, John Anderson, Peter Costello and Tony Abbott planning and enacting a guerilla-raid on a Sydney outer-western suburbs school, with dynamite strapped to their torsos and demanding the release of John Elliott and Renee Rivkin from detention.

Or perhaps is more realisitic to see them planning and executing the same in Indonesia, to eek revenge upon those who blew up the two bars in Bali.
Hmmmm, make a cartoon out of that one Tanberg or Nicholson!

Hard truths uphold good culture, and as we are today, this is why they are so hard to give the airing they should have.

Our culture is NOT GOOD, Mark!

You (ALP Collective) have the spotlight here.

For decades, if not more, the Australian establishment has assumed the responsibility of colonial master to PNG and the regional islands, with nothing much else than tragic outcomes - but NOT for the corporate cronies of the right-wing landocracy, thank-you very much, they're swimmingly satisfied with their plunder ("the headhunter shield looks jarst larvoleee on the foyer wall darck-lings!").
PNG is in it's mess because of the generational arrogance of the Downer-type, going back as far as we like.

Indonesia (and other Asian countries) has been completely unnecessarily insulted by the current government, so it's little wonder we are not "most favoured nation" next-door.

The same arrogance has misguided all our forays into the south-western Pacific islands and S-E Asian nations of the last nine years of the Liberal/National government, but it goes back to well before the Kanackers were shipped-in as plantation slaves.

The latest Australian police actions in the Solomons et al, are possibly a refreshing change in what the coppers (an unual dispatch, one thinks?) have until now been doing in those island-groups - "same-old, same-old" - "Treat 'em like monkeys and plunder their resources before they can figure-out what they're good for!" (Classic British maxim)

You have got to weigh up your options -

More of the same less-and-less popular stances of aggression against non-existent (international) enemies, or a complete reversing of the Australian political attitude.


I humbly reckon you'd knock the socks off the majority of Australians, especially your hard-core voters, were you to talk true to the People about addressing the root-cause of the "terrorism" phenomenon - inequitable distribution of Land.

This is an Australian concern, as much as it is a global concern.

Further, there is an imbalance particularly marked between Australia and the rest of the world, in the demographics.

Narrow-minds and the selfish argue that Australia is "already too full!" (Rama save me!?)


Any serious incumbant or contender would think hard about these points.

Either way, it's not going to be easy, but has to be done by you and your cabinet.

Howard classically divides the debate into neat little boxes - so he can play better his "legal-speak".

A Compleat picture of the global and local situation is an enemy and an anathema to Howard, for it cuts through his establishment rhetoric and gives people explanations which not only can the masses understand - but the Compleat Picture so-called, also MAKES SENSE!

"Christ!? WE CAN'T HAVE THAT!?!?"

We gotta have it, mayte! There ain't no option.

Howard and Downer have failed in South East Asia, for almost a decade.

This is why we are being threatened by the less-meek Islamists.

Oh! and "Fuck the church!" (Sorry, it's Duty.)

Max No Difference


Letter to my van insurance company about GST

The following is a letter I'm sending in the next few minutes, to the insurance company covering the 3rd party for my home; a 1885 Holden SHUTTLE 'camper'.

Please make note: I object to paying the $36.36 stolen under the guise of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).
My sole income is the Centrelink pension of $235.00 per week, or $12,220 per annum.
It is callous, and for this being another burden on the lower 40 to 60% of taxpayers, pushing them usually into debt - "hollow money" and the selling of their Soul, or into the arguably more Virtuous "life of crime", - for this, any GST on these "necessities" (vehicular mobility and insurance) and all other basics of a homeless, poor person's life (living on a pultry $12,220/year) is to be detested as nothing-short of sinister.
A grave immaturity is motoring your and most all white collar industries these days, and for a blind "comfortable and relaxed" attitude energised throughout the divisive "city life", it is steering the whole country, and for your "colleagues" overseas, the whole planet, over a big cliff.
It is your and your peer's complaicancy to sinister taxes such as the GST, income taxes and others unnecessarily fostered by the "H.I.H."-type mental illness in private industry and government, that will one day be seen as corrupt in itself, and as rogues, those who remain silent, will die in ignomy.

ON THE OTHER HAND..............

You're all good with figures, you all have prized skills in economics, and how many of you discuss monetary issues, political influences, environemtal effects, between "screens and keyboards" as they effect your precious industry, and the wider world, AND I bet some of you are Honest enough to go the next step and gain an insight into how bad the current economic status quo and it's system is to the majority of Human Beings, and your industries' active part(s) in upholding such draconian social attitudes - and tax policies.
As I began, "You're all good with figures...." so bugger-me why can't you discuss how a dramatically more Virtuous insurance industry - which must be your prefered option - can be configured into Economic-(Ethical-E) Laws of the Land, via the most Economic, most Accountable, most Equitable taxation system of LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE.
I'd punt and say the effects to your whole industry, with many associated white collar professions (perhaps even lawyers) would be wholly Beneficial, with the same Result to all depths of the Soul of the individuals therein.
I guarantee the increasing number of Honest Australians, youth, middle-aged, and aged who are slipping under the "economic waterline", nomads or fixed addressers, would celebrate the many of you who still suppress a Conscience for a Better world for your children, et al, were you to Stand, and Speak Out.
Be a hero to all, especially to your kids.

Max N Cook
aka Max No Difference
Nimbin HEMP Bar

Global Vote for U.S.A. President!

As the US has so much influence over the whole world today, in their own democratic terms, would it not only be right and proper to give the whole world the right to vote in the most dangerous-er-powerful man on Earth?

So, where are the webpolls asking net-users who they want as Super-Prez of the world?

Not that I'm the one to do it..............

"Got'ny papers?"

Mix New Deference

The "Max No Vladimir" Letters

Soon after the "Beslan" slaughter, I felt inspired to email the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, with a word or two on the current shitfight, as I see it.

These first emails, were fairly impromptu, and unscripted. Also as usual, time runs against my writing "THE" succinct, clear, and even melodic email or "e-ssay", as I've termed them, because I'm writing on either limited library one-hour-at-a-time rules, or at relatively pricey commercial internet venues, so as with these two emails to Vlad, the language is "wide" shall-we-say.

The first was written when news was a day or so old, and the reports were of 130 or so children being held.

I suppose it's worth mentioning, that I wrote an essay fiction about that many years ago, titled "THE DIPLOMAT IS DEAD" (a copy of which you will find in this maxamovie.blogspot blogsite). Funnily enough it was about "international diplomacy", and the real needs or talents a 21st century diplomat requires to survive.

It was written about four or so months before Vladimir Putin appeared on the Russian presidential scene, and was "posted", as I was prone to doing then, on a mysterious thing called the "Astral net", picked up by allies in the Chinese government (I speculate), and transmitted to the Russian political authorities via a low-publicity China-Russia meeting on the China-Russia border, which occured between my writing and posting the e-ssay and Putin's rise.

I speculate......?

Just like "claiming" to be the person about whom "Conspiracy Theory", "Payback" and "Gladiator" hollywood blockbusters were made.



I'm not moving on my stance about terrorism and the increasing chaos planetwide. I remain immovable on LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE as the only suitable reform all nations needs-must adopt to ease the stress our absolutely ridiculous chasing-of-time has struck into all of our hearts.

Tempted about such coincidences as the movies and other things, as I was, I gloated.

Tut. Tut!

The Russian administration and their likes elsewhere, have little regard for Human life, for two reasons; heavy social corruption and totalitarian oppression, both of which may be well argued, originate in the western capitalist pressure of the last one hundred or so years. But 19th century Russia was a very sad affair by all accounts, under it's own oppressive Czardom, which was related in ways to the western European aristocrats, and corrupt inequitable social classes.

Easy therefore to see how the current breakdown(s) have been made manifest.

We lefties exhale in despair at the Russia of today, and see it as too complex a problem for the current "distracted" political forces, both of that region, and of the world to solve.

A "Mafia-led" country, it seems, reaching up through the decades of military and bureaucratic corruption, more-or-less privatised since 1989. Combine this with the plethora of military weapons riddling the region, and the wider neighbouring Middle-East, Afghanistan et al, and unjust Land Laws, makes for a serious shamozzle.

Hard it is, to see any other than a heavy-handed application of force to "contain" the situation.

Can free enterprise solve the causes of Russia's and the globe's deadly contradictions? Or does free enterprise as in today's capitalism cause them?

Neverthelesssss....., here are the emails to Vladimir Putin of Moscow, from an unhappy Max No Difference of Nimbin, titled

"The Max No Vladimir" Letters.

What's going on, Brother?
Urgent measures are being employed globally to stop the spread of western state-sponsored terrorism - the recent aircraft bombings, and the events running now are as much a part of that "backlash".
Vladimir!? Wake-up!
This tragic brand of terrorism (130 children held etc) is the natural reaction to the perversion of Sacred Principles, Sacred Laws (Lore) of the Land, by the capitalist "free market".
You also, have committed these errors - not irreversible - but the Call is NOW for your immediate re-addressing of the FUNDAMENTALS of the Sacred Law - LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE.
The Global Islam is Listening, and sees the Wisdom of what is, in Truth, an only choice - LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE.
Also, the Global force to be reckoned with - the western Grassroots - are Listening too. So are the Gods. They are patient, but not with those who abuse their power - are you watching Florida's weather at the mo'?
You can stop the terrorism. It will not stop while unjust Land Laws prevail.
Remember, the Guardian Angels of this Domain are everywhere.

God bless your Wisdom, which, with your "agency talents", is why I put you there. (refer "THE DIPLOMAT IS DEAD" E-ssay at my weblog site.

Max No Difference

There's the first one! (Yep! I'm trying to be a wanker)

Email sent to Vladimir Putin Russian President, by Max No Difference, on Monday 6th September 2004


Bad move Brother, the Beslan debacle.



Shit happens, aye?

YOU, CANNOT CONTINUE in this manner of anti-terrorism.


You go down this counter-terrorism road much further, and there will be NO going back.

Not, I may understand, that going back in Russian history to ANY "golden age" is a possibility or an option.

The going back I mention is to BEFORE the total loss of governmental control, perhaps post-'89 and post-"the fall of the wall".


Neither, are tenable options, say what?

So? Where are we going if not backwards to a less-restive era, but forwards to - another century?! Big deal, aye?

ADVICE: Don't blame the terrorists - it's the system.



Max No Difference
Nimbin Australia.

The latest terrorism is almost like "a next step" in the horror scales of the planet today. What drives people, whole groups of them to resort to such extremes?

Remember, please remember the children of those regions whence the terrorists come, who have been the recipients of the very same "fortunes of war", from a long line of western imperialists, acting usually in a manner of private enterprise (understandable in the pioneering climate confronting the first global adventurers) but under the "cloak" of the Machiavellian Christian churches.

If the Christian and Judaic religions cannot "come-out" as it were, and forcefully speak about the Economics of the Land/Labour relationship, and the Land Rent Factor, as is put in LEVITICUS 25 of the Old Testament, they further expose themselves as fraudulant and unworthy.

There's a Hell of a lot of Healing we all gotta do!

On religio-regional matters, one is left guessing the longterm plan of Ariel Sharon in the West Bank and Gaza. I'd Hope, but really guess, he's for an integrated community, across territories.

LAND RENT for REVENUE according to Leviticus, agreed-to by a distinct region of nations - smaller ones the better to begin with, across borders, "Multi-national" if-you-like, along with a whole-lot-of Honest Education throughout the populations, would soon enough dissolve the need for national borders, a critical factor, a critical catalyst in the general Middle-Eastern fracahs of the last 100 years at least, I reckon.

I'll be watching......

Come back soon,

Max No Difference
Nimbin Australia


The Eight-thirty to Nimbin

Tuesday 31st August 2004.

Camp: Tuntable Creek/Falls Roads corner, 6kms east of, and overlooking Nimbin.

Awake from 5-30 AM – up by 6-45 or so.

Hear ABC hourly news update reports of suicide bombers holding an estimated 130-plus school-children in their southern Russian school gymnasium.

Hourly. Then detailed further by the “AM Team” (ABC RN. 7.00 til 7.30 AM Mon-Fri).

The 8-00 News………,

Then the Eight-30 school-bus to Nimbin, full-up with white Aussie, middle-class kids on board, chugs passed.

And I quietly weep for those 130-plus Russian school children.

What desperate conditions exist in the whole village/region and nation whence come these suicide bombers/Freedom Fighters, to have them become base enough to threaten the lives of this number of children?

Are we, of the easy-west, to condemn the suicide-bombers?

How many of us who condemn can possibly put ourselves into the situation where we must actively and collectively plan to possibly slaughter 130 kids, so that our own culture, however small, and it’s usually quite acceptable customs, may survive?

How many of us would resort to the same sort of treachery if our own culture was so near to complete destruction?

How surprised would you be, in the real light-of-day, to find how low and ready to go we supposedly Peace-loving, white Christian spoiled bastards would go if our “precious” piece-of-shit materialist culture was being destroyed in front of us.

From the 4th Century AD, the “Christian” empire has destroyed innumerable “evil” cultures, civilizations across whole continents of Spiritually, Fully-Enlightened Indigenous Peoples. Perhaps the best records of such events are those of the christian holy crusades (small-c-h-c) of the early centuries of the 2nd Millennium AD.

But for all it’s apparently achieved, our (western, materialist) culture is the worst on the planet.

That-is, our culture is the least respectful of “the Essences of Healthy Living" on such a planet.

Therefore, were one to be at all in Communion and Balance with their own Self and with the world around them, and thus fully cognisant of the enormous perils of accepting the Mammonic cult of Judeo-Christianity, one must, if in their right mind, urge the destruction of it and all the piss-poor attitudes ("hypnotic spells" in fact) that come with it.

What atrocities are on record of similar disgusting acts toward another race, creed or culture, by our culture?

Thousands – tens-of-thousands- but who wants to dredge them up?

Who can complete the Australian public’s understanding and knowledge about the innumerable similar raids and hostage-taking the west has enacted over the last 500 years since Columbus sailed the ocean blue?

For many westerners, the 98% dulled by the Judeo-Chrustian spells cast upon their sleepy, docile minds every Sunday from the church pulpit, spells which are the false impressions projected to underpin our current aberrant western system of putting mammon before the High Self, and thus lulled into a deeper, more gentle trance by the Fundamental Beauty of the purported ben Josephian line “Love Thine Enemy”, they (the 98%) cannot see the flipside realities of carnage, genocide and cultural destruction inflicted by their same Judeo-Chrustian cults upon the resource-rich 3rd world.

What’s more, singularly, it is through the “Christian” plunder and destruction of the resource-rich 3rd world, that the white 1st world of the last 2000 years, has been able to become so stinking rich, and to be able to so blindly, as-if-spellbound, abuse all the Natural Beauties and Wonder of the material planet.

Especially, if possible, in “someone else’s backyard”.

This totally un-ben Josephian cult behaviour by the Judeo-Chrustian west, has, of the last 500-to-1000 years succeeded in turning the culture totally against the Natural and Perennial Welfare of the Group, of the Whole Community, and instead, toward the “ranted and hypothesised” (by over-confident, church-indoctrinated zombies) true supremacy of the indefunctual-er-individual.

This is pure religious egoism – the very enemy of a Sound, Happy and Sustainable Society AND planet.

This sincere-if-spell-induced belief, growing and spreading like a cancer since “the Rennaissance” in Florence, Italy, has always depended upon the “inspired” egoism of the privileged brats-cum-artistes of the upper-class, which precludes and excludes any Crowning Egolessness of AUM to hold sway over dangerous materialistic addictions, and delusions.

This more-than suggests that Renaissance, post-Renaissance and “Enlightenment” “art” is pure vanity – counter Spiritual. Some might class the art of these era as: "a load of shit".

Considering the “Fallen” state of the Spiritual life in the (Judeo-Christian) west of the last four-or-five thousand years, across the “Fallen” Judeo-Christian empire-spread-landgrab – post-Fall ‘til the 14th Century CE, the Italian/ Florentine “Renaissance” was a bold attempt by the soppy (though sincere) spoiled brats of the Florentine elite and their courts, to lift a rotten church higher in People’s minds – with awe-inspiring artworks, architecture and shit-loads of “hocus-pocus” in the occult arts during all their ceremonies and performances, welding people’s minds to material impressions – speculations all – of “things” Spiritual.

Appropriate, post-Fall, but utter-deceits nearly all of it.

Bread-and-circuses, nearly all of it.

For the (middle-age) period’s need to ‘centralise’ power, away from witches and their warlords (“Fiefdom Inc.”) of every valley or clan, all-of-the-above were necessarily employed, for these were wild times, no doubt, with many a resistant clan and probably occult tribe giving as-good, if-not-a-lot-more, than they got.

(“Fiefdom Inc.” not far different from the war currently going on in almost every western nation on the planet between the worldwide policing powers-that-be, working under One Banner for the new era of “the Global Community” against the innumerable suburban and regional police fiefdoms. “Fiefdoms” which have been supportively behind social and governmental corruption in all states, for centuries, thwarting any true social progress purely in order to preserve their own mafia and gangland territories.)

“Belief” it can be Reasoned-out, has had to be “centralised”. “Unified” in the very least, which is the far Greater Goal.

This is a lot of what’s behind Judaism and it’s O.O.F. (Overt Offensive Force) –Christianity, the latter or both hijacked, I’d gazard-a-hess by the materialists – the sneaky “golden calf tribe”, to spread it’s capitalist, materialist, i.e., Mammonic false doctrine globally. (Capitalism: the art of capitalising upon the psychic weakness of those (Gentiles usually) they profit from. Bank clients and religious imbeciles particularly.) A cruel but arguably efficient way (or ways) to “round-up” any and all rebel, recalcitrant, resistant tribes, cultures and races, to being under one economic system of accountability, which is the only way to eradicate corruption.

The Jews and ‘t’others (including Islam), wrongly determine that a Christ will soon arrive to “flick-the-switch” and save us.

They fail totally to recognise that the accumulated knowledge of how to actually LIVE in a world Balanced in Body, Mind, Soul and Real Estate would one-day spread through and via the profound discoverers; Newton, Teslar, Einstien, George, et al, and their eventual publicity, to a “critical mass” of accumulated knowledge and application to create, invent (methods of ever-greater genocide mainly) sustainable lifestyles, and a golden calf tribe – 3rd Millennium version of the mutation – whence we have a world full of fabulously technologically fitted-out fuckheads, but better technologically fitted-out than ever before, the end-game of the utterly deluded "OUT THERE (somewhere?)" Christian cults of the last 1670 years, and still now are blundering along like blind sheep after some joker whose supposed to "rise again on the 3rd day" (could one Cosmic day be 1,000 years of our time???) and do "some magical fucking thing!" whence "everything will be honky-dory"?

All the while, which brings into serious question "the legitimacy, veracity and Virtue of the deceitfilled church and synagogue clergy", the simple unadorned FACTS, hard as rock FACTS, about surviving down on Malkuth, ECONOMIC FACTS, LAND & LABOR FACTS, about what all Earth-bound lifeforms need most of to live: LAND! are treated with scourn by the religions, on the pretext that these only distract people from their Spiritual Work.

It's impressions of the church like this, which have accumulated in mind over decades, based on the evidence, which have me say "FUCK THE CHURCH", and all connected with it. Let's test their "compassion" now????????

The FACTS ARE, we only "need" things like the "hocus-pocus" of today's western religions because they have colluded with the military establishments to deprive us of our Primary Need - the Right to til the LAND for a feed.

Clearly, the religions have deceived the masses for eons, and quite possibly for none-other than to greedily, psychopathically (like most of our corporate CEOs!) gain power over the rest of us to fit into their warped biblical "Revelation" occult prediction that only the 144 thousand "saved" (read "hypnotised") christians will go to Heaven, and the rest of us will be their slaves - like it is now, but with no Rights, no Freedom, no trust, no friendships, etc, etc.

The "Heaven" they speak of, is nowhere else but here on this very same planet. The "Heaven" they speak of, is one of a warped class-ified social order, with the white-supremacist christians at the top.

NO! NO! It’s not s’posed to end that way??????

………….to be continued………
assuming the church’s cannon-fodder don’t assault me again, like they did in the Lismore library last week!

Bitter and twisted all of them. Just what they’re trying to make of me…….

Fuck the establishment



The "children overboard affair" was clearly misused by Australia's Prime Minister. John Howard is wholly untrustworthy, beyond trusting him to be his consumate "compulsive liar" in form.

But who has fully inquired into the media's role in playing with the facts and easily-misused pictures?

Which media corporation (if any 'led' the pack of slobbering wolves), pushed the pictures and attached stories most, between the "Tampa" event and the following federal election?

PULL UP! Rupert! Lachlan! Packer, Stokes and cohorts.......

Are we voting for a government or a media-tyrant?

Two Russian passenger jets? Southern Russian children?

Florida's Hurricane Francis?

I believe even some journalists and reporters are known to call themselves Human Beings? What's your call?

The terrorist crap WILL NOT STOP, while you all procrastinate within your fucking sick, "comfortable and relaxed" "latte-professions".

Toooo much "private-school indoctrination", obviously..............

Where's your BALLS, Journalists of Australia?

Get REAL on Howard's criminal deceits!

And what about the muffled "SEIV X" affair, where evidence exists linking Australia's security services with the scuttling of the lives of the 300-plus poor bastards who drowned when it was unplugged?

"Poor bastards" because they'd been deceived to believe Australia was a "nice place". Poor bastards, they don't know about our wank-media yet, aye?

You all know the lies are wholly and solely to protect the establishment.


You over-educated scribes deserve a hammering, while you show no courage in taking-on the corruption head-on.

If you keep avoiding who and where to slate the "blame" (in saying "....Forgive them Lord, for they Know not what they're doing...." Yeshua ben Joseph was saying that that ilk, YOUR ILK, are under deadly hypnotic spells, and are STILL, even after what's happened globally in the last 5 to 10 years, NOT OF YOUR OWN MIND), the 'Roots will keep striking back, as-it-were, and yes - you'll have plenty to report - but not if the displeasure of the "'Roots" grows to the point of violent fury.

You and your kind best remember that you (and your 'class') are all living in a mythical world, upheld by hollow financial deals, running on debt - unreal money - and that this is well within the reach of those who would bring-it-down.

Each day your lot fail to "Talk True" as the Indigenies say, in regard to Economics, economic and academic history, the most Valid Revenue Options, and the severity of the west's dysfunctional psyche, the greater will be the chaos. Enough for you to report on, no doubt, but the weather might not be the best for a reporter to be out in...............

Heed the weather warnings.

Max No Difference