by Max Nichols Meredith
1st December 2006.

Due to rightwing political debilitations, I am not able to “broadcast” as-it-were, via electronic media, the thoughts I can no longer regard as of my own making, about crucial current global geo-political and geo-military “situations”.

These debilitations come in the form of financial rip-offs, theft of possessions, defamation, bureaucratic and corporate interference with employment opportunities, accommodation etc., causing personal exile and total isolation from family, friends, society in general. This political assassination is supported by the spreading of not necessarily TRUE beliefs, opinions and theories about myself, and all manner of political cajoling to both “join” some and not join other organizations, especially those oriented heart-and-Soul around Good Governance and Social Human Justice.

The extraordinary abuse of “that which cannot be spoken of…?”, or, in other words, the “occult”, “magic”, “astral projection”, “mind control” “Advidya” (Sanskrit for dark or black magic), “Tantra Yoga”, “sorcery”, “Voodoo”, and-on and-on, covering around the last fifteen years, I am not able to “broadcast” as-it-were, the thoughts I can no longer regard as of my own making, about crucial current global, geo-political (“geo-ECONOMIC”) and geo-military “situations”.

It is ironic that the devils who have been trying to censor, edit and or silence me over the last fifteen years, are now.., “it seems”, begging for my Advice (capital “A” intended! “Channelled”, as I said).

Very interesting that they are (at last!) known by myself to be the global military structures, commands, powers. The United States’ Military, the Australian, British, Russian, and Chinese Military Commands, and-on, and-on, and-on?!

Why? Albeit hard to believe? Consideration of “Everything” basically, will have one arrive at this as being the actual, factual case. …and “Why?”

I’m the patsy bred by the authorities since my birth in 1955, believe it or not, to address the dark developments that have been overwhelming the planet for….., quite some time.

Interesting that at this later stage in my “Mission” of Global Human Justice, I find that I remain alive against this global monster, seen by most Australians, most left-leaning voters and Greens, Hippies, Ferals, Et Al, as the ultimate threat to the planet: “The U.S. Military Industrial Complex”, because my Father, Allan Nichols Meredith, served in the Australian Infantry Forces (A.I.F.).

The monsters running the global military show I was recently told, don’t kill any who served in the military, whether Army, Navy or Air Force, or their kids.


Interesting that my Father served until ranked a Warrant Officer Second Class, in the First Australian Parachute Battalion A.I.F. This was Australia’s first Battalion of Commandos or Special Air Service Personnel. The Finest in the land, and possibly in the world.

His Qualified Guidance, military disciplines, with the now anachronistic “military-type means” of driving relatively “Right Thinking Practices” into my errant mind, typically as an Aussie youth I failed to appreciate fully then, but at 51 years old now, I see clearly that his disciplines (and believe me, life for he and I and the rest of our family was regular torment, mostly because of this “higher plan”, I can now assert with confidence) have been crucial for me to have as “tools” of survival against the twisting the mind becomes vulnerable to when attacking openly the filthy rotten global authorities, as I do, and do, and do, and will continue to do.

I could go on, as to any “Qualifications” I may or may not possess in regard to making comment on today’s global, national and Local social, military, policing and Good Governance Issues.

Nevertheless……., it may well be that my name, “Max Nichols Meredith” says it all.

It means “Greatest”, Victorious Peoples” “Great Lord”.

Therefore, in All Due Respect to the Greatest Great Lord, by Name I Call “The Supreme AUM” (distinct from the Japanese “Om Shinrekio” cult), I fearlessly broadcast my beliefs on these vital issues, and forcefully address them to the British and Allied Military Forces, the Military Forces of the United States of America, as well as to ALL PERCEIVED ENEMIES, whether of Allah, Yehovah, God, Brahma, Buddha, Tao, Shinto or the like.

Today, the role of the Global Military Forces and of State Police Forces worldwide, is to confront the most threatening issues Humanity and “National” or “Local Communities face.

Today, Science has delivered the most important Facts, in environmental terms, about “WHAT” most threatens Human Life.

Today, Science has also delivered the Facts on the myriad other issues which consume our energy, time, Consciousness AND MONEY. Community, parental and Economic issues etc., which, in our social-gush-rush are made obscure.

Today, Military and Civilian Intelligence tells us WITHOUT DOUBT what threatens all life on Earth most.

I put-it that in a few words, this can be coined as “economic corruption”. However, in another “hat” of mine, I actually put-it that the biggest issue is Spiritual corruption, which may acceptably translate as “misinformation” or untruth about us, our bodies, and how we relate with the larger world. Untruths in these Higher or Spiritual aspects of existence lead soon-enough to economic corruption, such as Humanity is drowning in today. Nevertheless, these issues, or threats to Human survival needs-must be addressed in parallel, the Spiritual and the Economic. The “Inner” and the “Outer” Lives.

Along with the massive global web of corruption which has grown over the last ? millennia, have come the tools Humanity needs to dispel the darker sides of Life-on-Earth. I put-it that the Best of these is/are the “Communication Tools” technology etc, has advanced, but many other benefits conducive to a final Global Unity came too. But the ability to Inquire Scientifically brings the best benefits.

Until today, the same global Military Industrial Forces have been under the control of the PRIVATE corporate powers, namely the latest incarnation of the two-or-three hundred years old British East India Company, the International Monetary Fund, or the I.M.F.

Ruthless these global corporate “machines” have been, all for the Hubristic “Pride” of one or another grand colonial power like “Britain”, or “Deautchelandenenen”, France, Spain etcetera.

Before Australia was settled, the East India Company bought the bankrupt English parliament “…lock, stock and barrel…”.

It, as a private corporate monster, back in the 1600s, was raising it’s own armies for the invasion and plunder of India, China, and any other region or nation which they could undermine and subvert, to their own, in fundament, deluded, grand global plan (refer “Cecil Rhodes”?), including of global economic dominance and a “white superiority” cult, “Aryan” in Root, from which also grew nazism.

Australia was occupied by the British from 1788-on. The East India Company bought the English parliament out-of-debt, post the American War of Independence failure, in 1783. The “Empire” of old British and European elite have fought and WON a war to recapture the U.S.A. since 1776.

This war was fought by the Brit-Euro-elite owned-and-run global corporation we can now call the “I.M.F.” against the United States, the same way this global corporation infiltrated, subverted and conquered China from the 1600s through to the last “Opium War” of the 1860s.

There may be a “pattern” something like: first send in religious missionaries, then regal emissaries, political and productivity accounting “advisors”, then administration experts with military support/force. Etcetera.

Methods, like weapons are tried, tested and re-used if “successful” also. Perhaps the most “successful” weapon the I.M.F/British East India Company have deployed for over 400 years, TO THIS DAY, is OPIUM. Now called, or refined to HEROIN.

It does not take much Military Intelligence, Civilian Intelligence or even Common Sense to recognise, once the facts are explained, that locally, socially and globally, the controllers of the growth, production, refinement and distribution of heroin, namely the larger network, extending right across today’s western imperialist powers-that-be, identified here as the executives of such global enterprises as Barclay’s bank, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, but two examples, etc., extending through the British Royal family, and-on and-on, the WHOLE BRITISH AND ALL BRITISH COMMONWEALTH PARLIAMENTS
Including AUSTRALIA, etcetera, etcetera…..!

…. are not serving the interests of the civilian population, of any of their respective “nations”.

“They”, if-I-may, have been NOT SERVING the interests of the civilian populations, for as good-as-forever, and they, have used the military, as the henchmen. As often, against the military’s own peoples.

Ne’er-a-war was over without myriad soldiers discarded to the scrap-heap, ignored by those they lost their Souls for. “They”.

No Military Commander agreeably sends or takes his Soldiers into any war, and any Worth their Authority, once they saw the overall cost to the group, would NOT acquiesce to what we now see as terminal-for-all politico-military objectives, agenda, self-interest.

Today, “Military Intelligence” should be able to Determine Rightly, Correctly, that the cost to their own Personnel, thus to the whole Morale, Ethic and even Legal Stature of the “Military Services” per se, brought upon them by the erroneous and irascible actions in global business etc., of the named I.M.F., is “Quite ridiculous, Old Chum!”, inefficient, uneconomic, deeply flawed in short-and-long-term “strategy”, environmentally untenable-nay-disasterous, and has set the global military services up, to engage continuously in absolutely unwinnable and utterly destructive wars.


The British and colonial military forces, in which we may include the Russian, Chinese and other significant armed forces today, have been private armies for this “empire” for over two hundred years! What’s new? This is essentially how Humanity has expanded since the mythical “Fall from Eden”, one may speculate.

Military Intelligence exists to determine, BEFORE WAR IS NECESSARY, THE largest threats to that which the military protects – it’s Society, it’s People. We cannot use the word “Nation” today, merely for one, because that word has been misapplied to all of us, and purely for ruthless economic advantage by the big-boys of global finance-and-plunder. Nations today are in truth, economic exclusion zones.

Perhaps necessary as Humanity coagulated, but most serious or large “players” today as-much ignore those dated “boundaries”, be-they corporate, Socialist, religious or military.

Or tourrorist!

Also, armies do a lot of co-operative operations, and their application toward more civilian functions are improving.

Law and Order are their Priorities I guess, along with the coppers of course.

But all “Law and Order” means nothing if it is regulating unlawful strictures upon the Peoples.

Thus it becomes the duty of the politically neutral entity, such as the Military Forces should be, and same-same of the Policing Services, to identify and apprehend the key perpetrators and upholders of any unlawful regulations, activities etc.

At least those which effect the efficient and Honourable function of the Military Services.

It can be claimed that the evidence is “out-there” in terms of presenting a case against those now running such untenable-nay-criminal organizations.

Military Intelligence turns itself into that oxymoron, if it fails to recognise the “REAL AND PRESENT DANGER” to Them, their Personnel, their Societies, their Planet, of the fundamental corruption, as Law would Properly determine it today, of inequitable distribution of Peoples on the Land.

Begging the question: “What is ‘Equitable distribution’?”

Economic Science has always been integral with expanding dominions, and used ceaselessly for “their” own purposes and ends.

Land Rent is the most Harmonious and Economic method to run Land-occupying Peoples.
Today’s Global Military Intelligence will have done it’s investigations as to the monsters of global warming, social, moral degradation, political farce – the game of “cover-up”, etcetera, etcetera, and will by now KNOW that treatises addressing this and related global issues were put into Fine language by the San Franciscan “Henry George” in the latter half of the 19th century.

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, this is THE Issue the Global Military and Policing Services needs-must with Intelligent Urgency arrest.

However, further termiting of the towers of Babylong Kong, educes not-wholly-resistant responses, and it is now a strengthening belief within me, that the “powers” as-it-were, recognise the few flaws in their stances, and again, even by “them” ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, they, and I feel strongly a larger majority of the whole Human population on Earth want to “make amends”.

However, they too, see how much of a wicked web has been woven, a web few can hope to restructure or correct, while working within the mainstream political smudge.

Only a politically neutral body, can maintain Proper Social balance.

In the Ideal or pre-Fall Societies, most would have been their own policing and military strength, thus an entity such as an army, as we recognise them today, were not-really-existent.

Today, 21st century, 2006, the global society is fast going down the gurgler. Society, or our current socio-economic model, does not work. The people as individuals, especially in the most powerful “western” sphere, are so mal-educated that they are running on flawed and insane mental, emotional and intellectual bases or software.

UNDISCIPLINE is destroying everything.

Political “agenda” public or secret, are now absolutely untenable, as the vast majority of party politic policies are, as such agenda and/or policies mechanically do NOT SERVE the interests of the Civilian Population.

Were the Intelligence Sections of the Military and Policing Forces of the United States of America, Britain (now devolved, therefore) of Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England, of Canada, Australia, and any other self-equipped “Nation” to do their jobs, they would determine that Land Rent for Government Revenue, or LAND TAX, is not the bogey the I.M.F. type structures paint-it-down to be.

Rather, Rightly, Scientifically, Ethically, Environmentally, Dutifully, Honourably would Planet Earth’s Military Forces Commission a Court of Law to “interview” aforesaid corporation’s senior executives and board members, with the Prime Intention of Correcting the RECOGNISED MOST DANGEROUS LAWS, no matter how “Traditional” or Ancient they be.

As far as I can Comprehend this world, it appears profoundly that to this, the Global Military Services, whether in the “Military” or Militia of a Warlord in Horn of Africa, or in the Mighty Armed Forces of the U.S.A. have the Great Lord’s Imprimatur to Act Thus.

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, with Dedication to the Supreme Aum and to the Supreme Mother Earth, Humanity and it’s Defenders, ALL EARTH'S MILITARY FORCES PERSONNEL, have no time to waste.

May The Perfect Existence Be Your Inspiration



British Spying in Australia

Friday 13th October 2006: take my mobile-home/ Holden Shuttle 1985 van/ to "BP PENOIL" Service station, corner Dawson and Conway Streets, Lismore, northern New South Wales, to complete the due roadworthy test for re-registration.
Sorting out the paperwork at the front desk for retail and petrol sales, "assisted" by two males behind the counter, both in their 30s, perhaps older, both of Indian (of the subcontinent of India) appearance ("brown" or "tan" coloured skin, black hair, dark eyes).

In the previous days I had composed a formidable article, essay, document on the current military, policing and generally utterly degraded state of Australia and of the whole bloody planet. An article of rather special interest to the militarist organisations operating as if with no restriction in Australia and beyond.

I shan't begin to rehash what what was in that essay, other than to say it reached right into the minds, beliefs and therefore actions of the western policing and military forces, and dug-out answers to the present critical global ,militarist, environmetnal, and psychological threats we, as One Human Race now face.

It postulated fundamental needs of change in global militarist outlook and perceptions of "enemies" etc.

It was titled as an opening line "The Army can no longer be Redneck!"

While I was waiting for the fatter of the two indians to complete my paperwork, a process he took some fifteen minutes to complete, I rested my diary on the front counter. The above mentioned essay was handwritten on A-4 sheets of paper, folded in half to fit into the A-5 sized diary. While dealing with the attendant, I removed the sheets of paper, rested them next to, or on top of the diary. As the other was dallying-around, I walked a little around the "shop", leaving the papers and the diary on the counter.

It was not until much later that I realised the "papers" so-called were missing.
After more than one month, I have reviewed where I'd been that day, in case I was incorrect about this. But now I have no doubts.

I put it to the Australian Federal Police, and to the seven State policing Authorities, particularly in New South Wales, that, firstly they be fully aware of the fact the a few years ago, the Australian High Court determined that the British government was to be henceforth classified and treated as a "Foriegn power".

One general implication from that decision is that we cannot take any of the financial or other interests owned by British organisations, who operate in Australia, as secure entities in regard to Australia's national defence, or in regard to Australia's best interests.

British Petroleum (BP) are of the same ilk as the original invader-tyrants from Britain, and have had their oily fingers in our puddle from the beginning.

I still have research material (media articles) implicating BP and other giant petro-corps in the utter desecration of the nations of Azerbijan and Armenia in the Caucasus region in the 1990s, to win the oil, oillines to the west, drugs and no doubt drug-routes to the west. Over 30,000 people died because MI-6 and the CIA went in with subversives to fracture the country (Azerbijan), destroy the economy and oust the legitimate ruler with one of their puppet-presidents. Same-same as the same-same BRITISH AND AMERICAN SCUM DID TO SADDAM HUSSEIN IN IRAQ.

Of the last two hundred years the English, but British in general, have appropriated the planet's supreme superiority delusion, of being the greatest race on Earth(principally Rhodesian/Aryan ideology all screwed-up in a base of black magic), purely and simply because the lot of them have been utterly deluded by a small mob of ponses out-of "Oxbridge", but ponses who were beneath it all utterly malicious rogues, who had by the middle of the 20th century near-totally captured the global drugs black market.

Australia has been dragged-along forced by Britain to follow the same terminal agenda, of a captured people slaving for the benefit of foriegners, from 1788 to this day.

Their means of maintaining 'control' over Australia and Australians remains the same: domestic terrorism (K.K.K., rednecks, "racism"), occultism, economic deprivation (doing/forcing lucrative deals with/on your boss to fuck-you-over), misinformation aimed at sending the victim/target insane, etc.

These have all been applied to myself in excess, especially by the employees of the abovenamed petrol station in Lismore: "BP PENOIL".

I had let this pass until I realised that it is a "BP" service station. British Petroleum.

I allege that the two little "Indians" employed at BP Penoil are employed by the British Overseas Intelligence Organisation MI-6, to do the devil's work of stealing the mentioned essay I'd written.

Bizarre? Think what you like copper! Throw the first stone..., if you fucking dare..............!!!!!

My allegation may find some interest if not creedance by reviewing the latest initiatives for the military forces currently in the Middle East, announced (only) by British Prime Minister Tony Blair this last week.

These ideas he has broadcast are almost exactly what I had put forward as imperative in global militaristic affairs, in this "essay" I allege the "Indians" stole.

I know it's a waste of time going to the Australian Federal Police, ASIO, ASIS, OR THE AUSTRALIAN ARMY, for it was them who acted in quite deliberate and premaditated and collusion against myself, to obtain by illmeans the essay they knew full-well, I had just written.

You silly white militaristic cunts!

Tell me soldier, did they blood you up the arse once you enlisted?

It certainly looks like the boys and the redneck gerl employed at BP PENOIL in Lismore have been immoralised that way, going by the way they squawk around the workshop, screaming shit to each other by the minute.