Democracy negates "leaders"

As long as we have (so-called 'Democratic') political models so focused on individual leaders and so institutionally leader-centric, we will NOT have "DEMOCRACY".

The Law of Democracy

"DEMOCRACY" is perhaps the "Gardenic or Edenic Ideal", where we ALL Live the Law, but is very dangerous when the People are ignorant of THAT Law.

The Law is: "You are That".

That Law is God.

That Law is the Land.

That Law is our relationship with all things.

That Law expresses itself in Economics as Land Rent for Government Revenue.

Obey! Obey!

Is Christianity contrary to Democracy?

Is there a fundamental contradiction between Christianity and Democracy?

First, an apology. How do I the writer ask you to forgive my slanderings etc, etc?

The best I can do is ask you to overlook the viciousness of my pentongue, and even the fervent arguments I put sometimes, and consider the possibility that there might be some Merit in these wild postulations.

Christianity upholds our western political system, which is being instituted wherever they can sell big macs, of centralised powers, in 'leaders incorporated'.

Christianity might really be called a branch of Judaism - "The Messiannic Branch" or such.

Thus the concept of leadership is fundamental to Christian culture, and runs right through it. NOT, I put it, how ben Joseph Taught.

Christianity grew, as most "worlds", in a time of war, with Rome, but other threats were ever-present. So whatever developed out of ben Joseph's Words came to be, if His weren't already, structured from hierarchical, leadership models of war.

Judaism and it's branches of Christianity and Islam, are all Messiannic Orders, which preach that a Messiah will come and free us from our ancient and current psychological prisons - from our "Fallen" state, back-up to our Heavenly State.

Messiannic Prophesy puts it that we will keep falling from Grace, until we unleash all our angst upon everyone else - Armageddon - thence He will appear and steer those who remain back to Heaven.

Would He come to Fight next to the Faithful and Fearless Warriors of the Light, against whatever perceived enemy the People had been conned or Educated to want to destroy? Like Bikers?



But who of us would he choose?

Upon whose values, expected standards of living would he evaluate our Worth?

Honesty, Truthfulness, which incorporates the perpetual determination to find the Factual Truth in the most important areas of life - Economy, Relationship, Self-Knowledge. And..., selflessness.

Or would any Messiah come not to lead us out of our stupper, torpor, but to Teach us how to lead ourselves (back) up to that Higher State?

He Educates us, if-you-must, Up to His Level.

So what does he educate us in, but Economics, Relationship and in the unabridged Knowledge of the Full Self, of, (in their language) the Holy Spirit. Gnosticism.

Would He, were He here to complete what the last one left unfinished - "Saving Humanity", issue a bunch of benevolent dictates on His, or, YehAllod's Laws on "HOW YOU WILL LIVE!"?

Or would He Teach us what the Laws are, why they Arise and why they are the very Fundament, the very Fermament of our Being, and of our being on Peaceful Ground?

Most Christians are unable to address questions such as "HOW WILL HE SAVE US?" and "what would he say and do?", etc.

Surely were He a Teacher (Der?), his powers might extend across oceans and continents, but surely also, only if His was Correct.

And that which is Correct is but what He might (or might not) say - a Method, a Means, confluent Instructions, in short a - or a series of Messages.

Prince Charles (Allah Love him!) recently knocked the western and probably global education systems for breeding masses of "I CAN DO ANYTHING!" young adults, and is getting flack from the liberalist media worldwide.

Well, contra-Max, I suggest he has something, albeit from the most-absorbed-point of the dated monarcho-landlordal economic system, so his comments are going to reek of "old" elitism.

Perhaps two decades ago I saw the importance of Properly Educating a Community-Tribe-Clan National leader as the monarchs had been, until subsumed, as much victims, by their peerage into power and social control - corruption of the Ideal of a Kingdom or the Monarch's Role as Wholistic Guardian - of the People. A Layman, usually, cannot be thrust straight into governing a Commonwealth.

But "Orders" come and "Orders" go.

The Fine Ideals of Monarchy become corrupted and a new order replaces it. Usually inspired by a leader, Yeshua ben Joseph (J.C.) perhaps, but as much by the Warriors, Wives, Politicians, Cabbies and Foot-Soldiers of all Ages in the Long Road Staggering -- SSSTRUGGLING back to the "Garden".

So Charlie is the last of an old era, and may be assuming elitism.

I feel the Philosophical Values may still be Extant in his and in his Mum's hearts, but expression of such Depth is untenable in their upper-echelonic-reaches.

But, sadly, it is lost in the 'noise' nevertheless.

How independently any of us would be able to think in such upper-class-castles, is in question, no doubt, and almost everything said is skeptically reviewed by self-interested media as biased in whatever circuitous way as back to keeping our 'peers' happy, thus ourselves in our castles.

But Charlie may have been alluding, in his self-abdicatory way (an Highly Intelligent Humility, I suggest), to a fact ignored in this rush to Superhuman status, by the 'status quo', that our talents vary - there are those better-fitted, in all ways, or in relevent ways to leadership, there are times for overt leadership, and times for quiet leadership. Leadership is an "Art", a Skill and a Talent - Naturally Endowed or honed to Qualification.

Rarely do those who 'say' they are capable of being leaders or are promoted as leaders, actually Qualify.

However, a long-gathering of knowledge brings the other aspect of the relevant global Natural Leader, and what-else, other than the tangible Economic and Self-Disciplinary Laws, HeShe is called forth to effect.

It is now obvious another level of control has become, over eons, psychopathic in how it influences our Human Earthly world.

Witchcraft is newly alight throughout the planet, and Battle Royale seems to have been running since the "Fall" for 'control' and "Control" of these Astral and Higher Energies, projections and Beings, and how they help or hinder Human Earthly Progress.

The intensity of 'belief' we see and hear expressed via the conflicts in the focal-points of factionalised, yet still highly concentrated Occult Power - Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Bagdad, Chicago, Rome, Paris, (the last 3 not in warzones, if the daily carnage of such citylife, and the reverberations throughout, from their Catholicism, doesn't count as 'a conflict'), are testimony to ancient and Ancient forces, Spiritual forces fighting it out for supremacy or domination. Other similar places are often large cities where millions of moronic-zombies mill together to feed and uphold ancient occult orders.

The most psychotic Jewish fundamentalists are 'convinced' they must be as they are, to defend the Temple or such - but let's hope it's for the Message contained within it, and NOT the religio-occult real estate values.

These wars are fed by corruption of the Spirit/Souls, (some of) who have lost the plot, but are in reach of occult power over others, and so-often cannot help but abuse it, only adding further to the chaos. NOTE: Almost all Christian and Jewish westerners have "lost the plot" as to how to Live the Divine Wholisitic Earthly Life.

Then there's the 'utter-evilists', utterly addicted to self-hate (under self-perpetuating and self-supporting malicious spells from other, earlier twisted Spirits, who take it out on heroes, prophets sages - everyone.

So any Messiah, if He's really gonna save the Pee-pull today, is not merely a Message-Bearer, with the "Code" by which to live, but a or THE Magician, The Wizard, who comes from the Higher, if-not-the-Highest Spiritual Realms, but through the ranks, to clean-up the seemingly insurmountable 'alien' occult forces, influences, energies and Astral Beings which have been dismembered from their Origins and set-loose on the world.

Those aliens or enemies of HARD and TRUE Justice and the Path to World Peace, are as much deep within the religious institutions, and over eons have spread their occult tenticles far, and wide.

So the Messgician, or the Magi-iah, comes for to release the dedicated from the fanatical lineage of centralised religio-occult powers -

------ by some powerful Magic.

Now importantly, this doesn't make HimHer a Leader.

"El Magi-Mess" is it seems, a Warrior of the Highest Order (though probably can't throw a punch) which fits with J.C. warning that the NEXT Fella will bring a sword - NOT Peace.

But eu contrare to the modern-day sword of the pocket-rocket-launcher and GPS Vodka-tracking devices, 'el Mess' comes fully equipped with a psychic sword, so THAT realm may find order again, and thus, enable Earthlings to once more plant our Collective feet on Solid Ground.

Solid Law. You are That! (Nachiketas)

In theory the positive repercussions of such Work, by a Globe-full of Warriors preferably (Dutifully, yet anxiously waiting for their Global Merlin, Rama, Quan Ti to Return) will Resound across Universes, making the Gods of All Heavens and Tribes, very Happy.

Now deconstructing El Warriorness further, we ask "How will SheHe employ heris Wizardry?"

The line of ben Joseph (J.C.) about El Ejaculato Secondo bringing not Peace but a sword seems pretty clear-cut (ho-ho!) -


There's a serious train of thought about the sword bits, meant as a warning not to outsiders, but to Christians who fail to be Honest-to-Fundamentally-Wholistic, according to what ben Joseph Actually Taught - Essenes! - Asceticism.

Unfortunately not like the "born-again" evangelists Et Al, who very often consume above the levels of the USA national average per capita. Victims of Mammon.

'According to what ben Joseph Actually Taught - Essenes! - Asceticism', Law, is remarkably similar to what our own Australian Aboriginals still hold in such frameworks as their eight-pointed family "Skin-Ties", etc., as Law.

But an Ingrained well-tried-and-tested Tradition of ways to Relate to each other, and to the Mother Earth - the Land.

Other Indigenous Peoples can Rightly claim to still have That Knowledge.

And elsewhere in the Black Book (The Bible) in "Revelation" for one, but I think in the Old Testament also, is talk about "and out of his mouth will come a sword!" Hmmm? Scarey!

(Regarding the "Black Book" term; The Holy Bible is in my opinion (and overtly a vicious heretic, if only to shatter the spells we've all had cast over our flocking minds), is a record of the travails of Judaism, and it's later branch, Christianity.

God's word or not, and that should not be an issue, for, if it is God's Word, It should be Self-Evident, and not need the plethora of colleges and monestaries and clergy-fests to tease-the-Simple-Truth-out-from-a-tome of nothing special, only to get lost in the sound of their own voices. The Bible becomes 'black' in my opinion, because it - the gallons of ink scribed on paper - is placed on a pedestal, for little more than it being the only records our wandering tribes have of our ancient history.

The same type of story could have been written about our more recent era, of the 2nd Millennium, with as many weighty characters, Wise Kings and Ascetic Prophets, and treacherous events, with the same conclusions as are reached in the events of the Old Testament.

Were there such a Book, which for some reason gained the same status as the ancient Bibles, we'd still have a hive of clerical 'scholars' (ALLAH SAVE US!) buzzing around the centres of availability and discourse, acheiving absolutely nothing but MORE divided opinions, more universities and more social discord, leading soon enough to civil and regional 'blow-'em-aways'.

I rage at the Bible for it failing in Teaching us HOW to Be In God, as a Hindu, Tao or Zen Buddhist Text does so Beautifully. I grant that those cultures were far less addicted to the mental noise as is dominant in the western Christian mind, therefore it was easier for the Peoples of those cultures to HEAR what was being said, than the constantly distracted Christian manacle.

I'd be foolish and wrong to ignore the Wisdom which is recorded, or supposed to be, in the Old and New Testaments. I daren't tackle deconstructing the New, in terms of deleted Gnostic Principles and Dictates, however.

Which brings me to ask, "What about the other 2000 years since Jeeeesus?" Why do we not have a more comprehensive Biblical Record of the church's doings, refered to in Bible classes, like they do of the Old Testament, but of the last 1900 years or so?

Why does the church not Teach about why the Catholics gained favour with the heathen Constandine, over the Gnostics and Machabaens during the Councils of Nicea?

In the opening Book of Genesis isn't it, but throughout the Old and New, are references to "The Word" as being God, and maybe infering when True are the most powerful weapon Human's possess.

And what are words, but the components of the most powerful Messages?

I'm aware of the possibility that this is one, sacreligious and two, simplistic reductionism.


1680 years of (Jewish and) Christian clerics have done what they must, if only to see 'how far' their interpretation of what "The Word" means, what a few well-chosen words can do, and what the ensuing myriad tomes of "Words" can fool us into believing. A shot at our universities and ponsy schools, perhaps. Certainly hacking at the delusion the Race is progressing technologically to a Better (materialistic) Age, and that more science will provide the answers. Suggesting also, that the "Light Footprint" Way, needs few words, and is Tha Bestttt!

1680 years since the Council's of Nicea outlawed Gnosticism, more or less, and the Judaic historical timeline from the "Fall" 4739.2 years ago, have taken them, and slowly-slowly the rest of Humanity far-indeed, to possessing the ability to "conquere" the darkness and Nature (seen by an whole era as 'evil') to the point of complete destruction of our Local and Global Habitat.

An Heretic might rightly, or Rightly, Advocate an Whole Opposite Direction to Life on Earth.

What follows is a later diarynote, from a light that came to mind stoned one arvo in the HEMP Bar, Nimbin.

Heirarchy - to the point of Leadership might be the most pragmatic way to run an army (and usually the People are in part, of that army) in times of war.

Thus we have leaders who take us to war.

Leadership per se, may be a result or product of warring times.

As Humanity generally professes to wanting World Peace, we remain, in warring times, in hunger for the "Leader" to bring the Peace.

We are not looking at what role leadership takes. It may be good for sports and armies, but is it applicable to "Civilian Communities"?

Or, is 'leadership' necessary in Civil Government?

If there were a Law, a Rock-Solid Law, known as the Key to Earthly Harmony, that existed, the most secure place to make Perennially Safe that Wise Law must surely be in the Hearts of the People - everyone. "You are That, Nachiketas!"

This, being upon which we Govern ourselves, through all levels of Work, upto Government Ministeries, is Democracy.

Honest Government would have a Duty to make such Wisdom available and Taught to the People.

How do I the writer ask you to forgive my slanderings etc, etc?

The best I can do is ask you to overlook the viciousness of my pentongue, and even the fervent arguments I put sometimes, and consider the possibility that there might be some Merit in these wild postulations.

Forget the Messiah idea, it's the Message, stupid.

And the Message is the Economy of Loving Mother Earth, Completely.


Is "Leadership" a necessity or even a product of warring times

This e-ssay is a diary note with the issue of leadership in war and in Democracy in Peace, etc.

Heirarchy - to the point of Leadership might be the most pragmatic way to run an army (and usually the People are in part, of that army) in times of war.

Thus we have leaders who take us to war.

Leadership per se, may be a result or product of warring times.

As Humanity generally professes to wanting World Peace, we remain, in warring times, in hunger for the "Leader" to bring the Peace.

We are not looking at what role leadership takes. It may be good for sports and armies, but is it applicable to "Civilian Communities"?

Or, is 'leadership' necessary in Civil Government?

If there were a Law, a Rock-Solid Law, known as the Key to Earthly Harmony, Scientific, Straight Forward, Tangible, Wholistic, that existed, the most secure place to make Perennially Safe that Wise Law must surely be in the Hearts of the People - everyone. "You are That, Nachiketas!"

This, being upon which we Govern ourselves, through all levels of Work, upto Government Ministeries, is Democracy.

Honest Government would have a Duty to make such Wisdom available and even Taught to the People.

Everyone's welcome to take this up and expand upon it.

Plagiarise as you dare, but think and mull about it.


Max No Difference


Labor lost for God

Labor lost because the "Prophet" heard 'religion' was seeking to make political capital from His Wisdom. 'Religion' being those (psychotic) materialists of the 'establishment' Christian churches, in Labor's case those same factions within the ALP.

He railed against ANYONE using Universal Truths for their own ends.
So, he turned to those He felt He could Trust, the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club - GLOBAL, unaware the Hell's Angels were long-perceived by his covert religious 'allies' as their-thus-His enemies.

He Knew (somehow?), He could Trust the H.A., to straighten-out His (global) dilemma of fundamental, ingrained Grassroots injustice.

Ingrained injustice long covered-up and fiercely protected by those who purport to represent the Supreme (AUM) on Earth - in the western Judeo-Christian religions.
He Knew these ('cult') religious forces were intimately involved in preventing a-if-not-THE Keystone to Human and Global Justice, from being elevated to It's rightful place -

Religion holds enormous speculative investments in Land ownership, which is, as much as anything, what holds-up the current religious heirarchies of the planet, in their "high-flyer" minglings with the powerbrokers and excessively rich. Usually the 'landocracy'.

Few Christian clerics are That Deep as to be Enlightened in God, so-to-say, therefore their partaking of the super-rich society, little as it may be, is maintained by the continual compromising of Spiritual Values, little as they know or Truly Live by Them.

Added to this scenario of mammonic dilution, has been the centuries, in waves, of perceived as necessary occultism from within religion. Deep within religion, and maintained by those at the very top of church and synagogue. Or at least very close to those who write the pontificate spin, etc.

These are expert 'philosophers'. Sophists in truth, who've probably all-their-lives been under the hypnotic spell of a churchman, from some time in their church-or-synagogue-attending youth. So it goes, that the victim becomes the perpetrator against another vulnerable - child?

In their Meditations, many clerics would've gained some idea of what was happening in the other-realm, the astral, in both protecting them and in assaulting them, if they erred or felt an evil want. But as many I suspect, have for hundreds or thousands of years, been uninformed, or unable to understand the bigger or biggest picture of the occult realms and our interplay with and between them.

These unknown energies have kept the majority of western folk bespelled for centuries, but more forcefully over the last fifty years, especially in the USA.

Even the Most Righteous Cleric, were they to Speak Vociferously about say, "Henry George's" Treatise on Land and Economics, or in our early white-settlement days, about the genocide of Aborigines, they would've been accosted by frightening mysteries from some other world - from the occult, right into the vital regions of their being, making it impossible to think clearly, or converse, or maintain even the most disciplined, frugal lifestyle.

Worse, some of them would've learned that they themselves were being used as delegates for the puppet-masters, to rope-in ever more puppets.

The question might often have been "Is the master True, for the Good?".

If they weren't, the asker would've been belted around the astral head until they BELIEVED master was a Goodie. Fuck the Intellectual analyses of it all.

Either that or excommunication, exile, pauperdom, alcoholism (often again) and a - 'loser's' death.

For centuries at least, the occult supermasters of the Masons, "High Church", Opus Dei-types, Club of Rome, Illuminadi, etc., have been rathermore materialistic than Spiritual, even secular, in the ruthless earthly and occult battles to win the Earthly war, either for evil reasons or seeing it's need for a farther Good, yet very much also controlling the practices and behaviour of at least the broad United States Christian churches.

At most, all three Abrahamic Faiths; Judaic, Christian and Islam.

Thus, their power has become 'influential' at the most local levels, and almost everywhere on Earth, in regular Temple, Mosque, church and synagogue as Wise Man to the Laity.

I'd say these 'top-dogs' move in religious societies - High Priests etc., but more in civil political, corporate and military circles, W.T.O., World Bank, OPEC., IAEA, European Union, as well as within the dynasties still wielding power from the not-so-near dead monarchic elite networks across the globe.

The religions, certainly Christianity, have been 'baptized' into the 'control' of a long line of witch-priests (of an occult order) of the main church, as a frontline force, once as a defensive but now, with Billy Graham's "born again" and Evangelic Movement that grew from Haight Ashbury, San Francisco, in the 1960s, as an aggressive promoter of Christian values.

But the evangelists especially, have been using occultism from the pulpit, church heads, and higher in-and-through the Astral, and Higher-again Spiritual Realms, to rope-in a larger flock, kept secure by handsome opportunities 'presenting' JUST when you really need it, or when you 'pray' for it!? It's a MIRACLE!

Or magic...... of your unknown puppet-master!

Ironically, the Highest and perhaps only Christian Value or Ideal worth keeping close to one's heart is, in my humble opinon, "Love Thine Enemy". Yet American and Australian Christians have just voted in purported Christians urging us to go elsewhere and kill yet MORE victims of 50 (read-1700) years of disgusting christian capitalist imperialism. Hardly "Loving Thine Enemy".

Purported "Christian" leaders using all manner of the most proven 'spin' tactics to justify supplying those they now kill technology, weapons and lessons to kill, and thus become OUR enemies, who of course, must be hated.

Our US and Australian 'Christian' 'leaders' condone and cover-over carpet-bombing of Iraqis after they've built massive western, christian emnity and hate for those JC called us to Love.

So the leaders-to-doom are well within the 'control' of these super-dogs at the very top, and they're frantically trying to expand the other end of the pyramid of power - the Grassroots.

Now the Grassroots, kept ignorant of the magical realms for a long-long time, weren't ALL Bikers and sex-maniac, drugtaking hippies, but were and are always made-up to some significant degree of religious, secular, professional, well-educated, wealthy, as much as they were and always are hobos, junkies, prostitutes, nomads, rednecks, neo-nazis, blue-and-white collar mortgage-belt workers Et Al.

The Christian church has almost always been occultist on it's Flockers, if mainly to keep the lid on the Pandora's Box of a mass of minimally 'civilised' increasingly oppressed rural clans, families and vagrants, and the overflow from those traditional Homelands into the chaotic random cities of the last 2000 or so years, with their third Astral eye awake?

Many of the dissenfranchised, dispossessed flockers fiercely political against the known 'establishment'?!

The employment of this means of control has led to it becoming 'de riguer' socially, in education, law, and religion, the latter being fundamentally erroneous from the very beginning. Mostly quite covert, thank-you......

But things are as they are, so it goes......

Being founded on delusions of grandeur, most clerical decisions thereafter have been seriously erroneous, albeit that they were 'right' for the time - the best they could come-up with - at the time.

However the Liberation on such a scale in the 1960s, was known to the Masons, Rossicrucians, Pentacostals, and whoever was first on the scene at Haight Ashbury, had a head-start in manipulating crowds of people 'breakin'-out'.

Some, deep and profound thinkers I reckon, weren't ignorant of the need and potential for this trippee phenomena to foment a wider social, cultural and Spiritual Revolution; A Revolution against the occultism of Christianity and it's 'beads-and-trinkets' capitalist materialism.

So which Spiritual Powers were behind Ken Kesey's "Merry Pranksters" Movement, behind the well-heeled kids pulled-in, the Stanford Academics, the Hell's Angels, and the Silent Movement of the San Francisco's "Henry George League"?

Christians today know about Henry George and Land Rent, and would've voted for, in revolutionary numbers, the political party who stood for them,

But ---

....after around 50 years at least, of naive gullible white middle-class, generally good-hearted Americans and Australians being toxically earbashed about the evils of a United Community, by the juggernaut of "McCarthyism" against illusory
"Communists" in the 1950s (a campaign sponsored by the mass manufacturers of capitalist, material crap), the average Christian was yet unable to know the things the media don't tell you. LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE.

The United Community being That which is based on most comprehensible Hard Earthly Economic Facts, and the facts on how to dispell these PERCEIVED evils of marijuana, bikers and muzlums, by Billy Graham's fanatical band.

HARK! Is there a co-relation between the outlawing of marijuana and the fostered hatred of its biggest smokers - Arabs and Muslims?

The Hard Fact that, in a fucking evil world, those, the vicious crims and those try-try-trying-to-be-good Christians, have been deceived to believe that the Bikers, are the frontline of Satan's army, whereas the Bikers are now, actually fighting for a more Just Planet, AND Advocating in all ways and levels of association the High Political Philosophy which the Christians now Know as Correct to Support.

The Prophet however, Understands why it is all still a bit much for them to swallow and digest, straight away.

Unity is Strength.

Nevertheless, from the 1960s evangelical Christian Movement, there developed the "born again" religious phenomenon. Evangelists and "Pentacostals", from a longish line of 'impelled' clerics.

This is why in 2004 the Prophet insisted on Labor taking the secular position.

He Knew the church was split in Labor, as it is everywhere.

Fundamentally, He knew the split was about not just staying in the fight, for power, but of the church staying alive. Extant. At least without an earth-shaking collapse.

To survive and be Justified Christianity needed it's Messiah desperately.

Typically, the utterly specious sophist churches have long-sought first to maintain their illgotten 'fiefdoms' riddled throughout white-western society, riddled with endemic social and religious corruption, thus keeping the 'flock' ignorant of the churches spiritual failings, and ignorant about the police-forces' ongoing protection of the clergy's very salubrious and disgustingly perverted 'position' in society, and in politics.

He was far from UNhappy when, after deciding to travel back to Melbourne, his home town, in December 2004, to bring this dilemma to the attention of the Hell's Angels Australian HQ, he was finally informed that the HA were the bastards who were doing himover for the passed ten years or more.

How come?

The long story - Well, He was also told the H.A. had on their own volition-I-assume, arrested the failings in these same corrupt religious-and-police-forces throughout the western world.

(I recall news reports of astounding success in New York, in the early-to-mid-1990s at a guess, in a dramatically reduced level of crime, which I now pin on the Angels being not for evil.)

This is why He, was "far from UNhappy".

However, our "Don Quixote" was, after a few days, very ANGRY. Angry that the church had been trying to make him their 'patsy' Messiah, thinking HE could wipe-out his "Brothers" as He calls them, and save their clerical and rotten socio-police force fiefdoms. And, of course the heirarchy that rose ominously above the worldwide permeated clergy and their spellbound laity, the most powerful wizards within the church and synagogue, WERE CERTAIN THEY had to maintain their power over everything, so their perceived enemies - THA BIKERS! - had to be wiped-out.

He hadn't thought much about His being from the inside of the biker heart, so-to-say, as being why the illuminadi selected Him. Ha!

But this was well later.

Years before things got to that stage:-
The Prophet was the top gun of the Melbourne motorbike courier industry in the 1980s. The Bikers, generally hated motorbike couriers, because courier-riders annoyed them with our outragious riding in traffic. "Givin' motorbikes a bad name!?"
They were too, for the first five years, but they also frightened the sleepyheads in cages awake to the fact there are bikes to look-out for on the roads as well.

After a few hundred thousand 'scares' of a courier snappin' passed their elbow, while they were taking-up two lanes of traffic - ("all over the fuckin' road!") - they started using their mirrors, and some even started turning their heads to get a better view! Most, soon enough, started sticking in the middle of their lanes as well.

All bikers benefited.

But, bike riders had a tough image usually, and so when The Prophet starting making and marketing a very good product - DRYFINGEEZ - "a truly great leap forward in motorcycling comfort" which kept a riders hands DRY like rarely seen in Australia during the 'wet', AND WARM! "mmMMmm!", the churchboy motorbiking school-tie sette who hated Him for the same top gun image and the poofter-fingeez he was trying to market through their little motorcycling media empires, appealed to the tough image that the real bikers held toward being comfortable in the pissin' rain. This added to Prophie-boy's bad top-gun reputation, to make life pretty useless.........


Then there were the physiognomical issues.

All a bit ironic. really.

These religious clones had fooled the flocks and the church heirarchy that He who they came to see as their Prophet, was evil, too evil, he wuz SATAN and thus the whole wild lot were down on him.

Argh! The Struggle!

That occured in the early 1990s. Prophee was informed of the H.A.s Ascent in December 2003, the day after he decided to give them a call.
After ten years or so of this drunk NOT dying, and of NOT going totally crazy, and of holding-up for his Advocated Cause, of LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE, some Angels started asking some questions about Him, and this LAND stuff, and realised the moron...., was a friend!


In 'Condom's' learning of the role the H.A. were playing, and therefore of the church keeping him guessing about that side of the Bigger planetary picture, in his anger he let fly with a barrage of insults in all languages to all-and-sundry about how fucking stupid the 'establishment' had been, many of whom he'd been "Communicating" with for four-or five years, and some for eight-to-ten years in politics and media, ALP and the ABC largely, how stupid they were to regard "my Brothers" as being evil in an utterly evil world. Run by an evil establishment!

Aw!? Can't go into the shit that hit after that spat.

So, here's the Prophet, flinging-off emails (prior to and uptil just before the October 9th Australian federal election) to his fellow Advocates in the ALP and the ABC with policy and leadership ideas, resounding across the political nation, as well............, resounding across the Christian nation, gets told THE TRUTH about the counter-global ascent of the Angels, and after a bit of cogitating...., and a few more interesting conversations about the political left here in Australia, goes walkabout from ALP politics, and turns in his limited way, Outlaw.
Hmmmm!? This shocks the Christians, who'd come to see el propheto as their Saviour.

Another longish story..................,

He first caught the attention of the Good in the world, with his letters written to his Tutors in the School of Philosophy, Melbourne, but the nasties had him on video from the late 1970s, early 1980s from his attending motorbike rights-demonstrations.

It all intensified when he got a computer and started flinging his flyers at more general political issues rallies.

His Mission was the Land Reform issue, sole and True.

Naturally, there were and are Balanced Minds within the wide body of Christian and Jewish 'churches', who were, through his agency, brought aware of the abuses of the occult to 'capture' them.

I'd suspect these Wiser Folk, God Bless Them, figured that there was abuse from within the churches also, but were, by the deluded, if not self-interested, made to focus on the infection through the Laity of the perceived evil of the underworld's rise, a la the Angels.

Apparently, the Angels were, being utterly EVIL, sucking the masses in with their black magic.

I now look at this as the Angels breaking the age-old spells the People have had issued over their oppressed minds for centuries, by the religious Institutions of the three Abramic Faiths, which used Machiavellianism for the Highest Good they could perceive, during times when fiefdoms were all over the fuckin place, with all sorts of sss-tra-ange goings-on in them, and upon their neighbours. That institution was religion.

That Good was for the Change we Know have, Potentially, upon us.

Where there's Good, there's the potential of evil. Sometimes evil is necessary to Evoke, or Invoke, Actions to the Higher End. World Peace.

So it is with the dark influences within the religions, within society.

That Good was for the Change we Know have, Potentially, upon us.

Who can Understand the history of el propheto, why he went towards motorbikes and bikers in his late teens, took the Path he took, became a drunk, and maniac rider......, and writer?

Who can say why he insisted on meeting Australia's H.A. Head, Ball Bearing, at a Panton Hills Shindig, in 1988-89, and bowed with Reverence (and a very broad grin!) as he backed away after a short "Spacey" chat?

He Knew by early 2004, soon after he was told of what the Angels worldwide had achieved, and the correct inferences in those momentous conversations, of them being onside with and Advocates of LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE, He knew why he bowed to Ball Bearing 16 years ago.

His Spirit Guide could read the future, when He guided el proph to meet the Angels.

Such is His Faith.

Next to come is a diatribe on the depth of occult manipulation, as has been exercised by the "Post-Fall" cults; Judaism and Christianity in-the-main.

It appears to go beyond the religions, into mystic cults such as the "Illuminadi", and other lesser-knowns. "Opus Dei", are probably excited....., but seeds were to loosely-thrown throughout the ages, so the chances are innumerable mini-cults proliferate across ages and cultures. Even today, perhaps.

A big danger of any regular type church, is the power of influence the priest, rabbi or other senior clergy have over the flock, so while there was discussion and collusion between clergy, across parishes, devilry introduced the temptation, and verbose high-flying rhetoric justified, 'control' of the Faithful. That fight's been going on in human, or western, 'post-fall' minds - since the fall, as has the fight in the ethereal realms being going on since the beginning.

Certain living people, usually men, are I think, deemed the elected ones for possession of a higher, or more ancient code to a controlling projection over a wide and pyramidical pile of people. People.

The ceremonies of Freemasons and other cults, hand-over these powers when the successor becomes the grand poobar.

Lots of them, I'd reckon worldwide now.


Could be all a dream...............?


Now, this all connects "coincidently", to what I've gleened from observations, of the spiralling mass of "born-again" Christians, Pentacostals, and probably other sects over the last ten, twenty years.
Billy Graham was around decades before, in the 1950s and 1960s, worldwide, and all born-agains know well his 'powerful' name.

Billy Graham was a reasonable-minded young adult during the San Francisco "Hippy explosion" in the 1960s, and was warned-off for his religion.

But he went away from it with hopes but deep reservations, about the sexual and drugs freedom and the effects these liberating ways might have upon a city, as much as upon his cherished but deformed Christian-American world.

He was a popularised and prominent voice from conservative 1950s USA.

Around the same time another popularised and prominent 'crusader' for christian, white, materialist American "life", one 'Joe McCarthy' floated through the once reasonable United Nations and fucked the Balanced Social approach that existed in the influences of Communism, Socialism, and other less materialistic cultures, creeds within the UN, and via a massive propaganda campaign to seal communism from EVER darkening the doors of ruthless genocidal christian capitalism, utterly corrupted the masses view of even a little-bit of Socialism for True Social, Economic and Spiritual Freedom.

Free market forces at play again.

Billy Graham, and his white, square mates, probably had a bad view of the similar anti-'cultural' gangs of motorbikers, and when the "Freaks" mixed amicably with the Hell's Angels, I'd reckon he blew a fuse or 2000.

His and the usual group-psychosis of fanatics within a severely 'controlled' clergy of a 'touched' new age orator-priest, were conscious of the "Powers" one may awaken within, with a little-bit of "Liberation" sex and triiii-ppeeee drugs. So, they tried it.


HOLY Jesus?



Paranioa spells at work.

From an Higher side; the Spirits have been manipulating many, many of us to react in certain circumstances, and to follow narrow, protected lives.

In numbers, this, with the experiment of free market capitalism, had to be the order, while we got to know ourselves better, more fully.

Shit's been happening for ever.............

So wrapping this up in more dribble, its likely the connections of the or through the astral planes into our heads, goes back ages and ages and ages.

So far back it's Seed sprung from AUM.........

The variances of extreme fears in a devious world are caring for us and their own Self, Spirit, however they perceive It to Be.

The bulk of Christians, Good Hearted all of them, wanted the Prophet to lead whichever party He chose, in this case the Australian Labor Party.

But el propheticus said "Be your Own Messiah!"

That's what Democracy is all about.

Seems like a really soft ending, and I'm sure I'll put more spice in later.

Time for a splifffffff............


A Cheery, (if-as-well an exposing and explosive) Thought, post-US '04 election.

A cheery thought to end the night, what with GW Bush relected in the USA this day ---

Rather dumb Christians, - Pharisees (meaning "false") all of them, in Australia, call me "a naughty boy!" for not awakening my 3rd eye, and thus the concomitant occult powers, soas to "save them".


These two-faced cowards, "Peters" all of 'em, are afraid of the destinies they have made for themselves?

Those allegedly "left-leaning" of them, cry in the mystic-'astral'-plane "Oh, save us from George Bush and his insane warlike administration!"

Yet, they just don't "get it", do they, that they're all doing precisely what their Spiritual Master "Yeshua ben Joseph" warned them NOT to do, which is that Australians and Americans in particular (by why exclude the 'faithful' of Europe and every other westernised-read-Christianised nation?) are trying to "serve TWO masters".

I can't believe how thick they are?!

"Oh, we'll mortgage ourselves for a little bit more Satan (materialism) and 'bless it' at CHURCH on Sunday!"

[Huh! How many CHRISTIAN households have the classic "BLESS THIS HOME" type plaque on a loungeroom wall?

Ummm? Today, forty-years 'growed-up', I cannot help but read such pathos as "Pretty-please, God (yeah You up in the Cummulo-Stratus clouds, way up there in THE SKY! - 'Bless this box full of materialistic consumer-culture-crap-icons to a demon of mass-marketed psychological and physical toxins - the axminster carpet, the wide-screen tele (well, we've got one on layby?), the NEW aircon, the mass-polluter car, and the mass of crap we feed the kids (and the pets) in our nuclear-family-fridge/freezer?' And oh Lord, if you're still listening..., could you bless little-Jasie-waysiee's NEW Sonyboy? He's having a devil-of-a-time beating the evil monsters it comes with!"

I'm sure God understands!

Why yes, He understands that it is these super-dumb Christians (OK, so they DIDN'T all vote for George Bush!), the same ones who weep for me to put on my Superman costume (or Merlin if-you-like) or 'Da Fuckin' Messiah's' sack-cloth, and who want me-a-la-God to let them keep their electric-fuckin'-toothbrushes and bleached fluffy-white toilet paper lives?


Like I wrote a couple of months ago, it is the CHRISTIANS --- NOT any Muslim 'terrorists', or Russian mafia or the fuckin' Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club ---- but CHRISTIANS and their ungodly materialistic fucking lives, who are readying the ground --- setting the scene --- creating the atmosphere for ARMAGEDDON.

It is a CHRISTIAN "Prophecy" so-called, in the CHRISTIAN New Testament book of Revelation that predicts exactly what the warped, seriously perverted, insane mind of the western WHITEY ("Oh, we're WHITE, so we are BORN Superior, darlink!") CHRISTIANS are bringing down on themselves and so ignorantly on the rest of Humanity.

("Do you think GW recognises this?")

What makes me laugh and what has me NOT be their fucking patsy, slave, Holy Servant, Warrior-King, is that they're the only ones who MOST deserve to "get-it-in-the-neck" as they say, AND who are the ones who WILL!

Further, they think THEY are already saved and that THEY are the ONLY Humans who'll go to Heaven!


Bring-on their Armageddon, God, for everyone else's sake!

I'll sit on my hill with my Islamic, Buddhist, Taoist and other NON-Judea-Christian Brethren and Sistren(?!), and watch the show.

Finally, Jesus Christ., or Yeshua ben Joseph, knew all about the Astral eye etcetera, yet He still (if the Bible can be believed) [check the "Gospel according to Thomas"?] Advocated surrendering all of one's material wealth, to Qualify for entry into Heaven.

In this day-and-age, the only Correct interpretation of such a line, for us to be Good Christians, means we should all be Communists, and give our material possessions to - wait for it - THE COMMUNITY!

"Shii-t! Never thought of it like THAT before.....!?" mumbled the born-again.

This would then, appear to confirm, or in-the-least support my argument that those of us whiteys with the third-eye open are more than deluded about such a wide-spread (occult) phenomenon being all one now needs, as if the 3rd eye powers are the Pinnacle of Human Evolution.

A major-step - yes - but only one, on the path to "Heaven-on-Earth".

JEEEEEZUZ! The whitey christians are enough to make a bloke ...... SMOKE MARIJUANA!!!

Ummm, on that point, Can any CHRISTIAN cleric honestly say to my face that One of the World's Most Shining Comrades, ie., Jesus ben Joseph, definitely DIDN'T smoke the Holy Herb - Marijuana, in His days hanging around Galilee, Jerusalem and all-points elsewhere, like during his time in India?

Gor-fuck! When are they gonna get it right, George?

And don't forget, for MORE disgusting, slanderous rantings by the worlds most infamous homeless bum, ie., Max No Difference, GO:



Aboriginal Kids in whitey schools?

As this e-ssay goes out to sections of the 'foreign media' some of whom are within the United States of America, I urge them to contemplate the postulations here-in, of Max No Difference, for they apply exactly to the same-same mal-adaptations of education etcetera in that Fine Nation, the USA, pertinently at this time of the 2004 U.S. Presidential election!

While I respect Noel Pearson for all he is, and his high-profiled suggestion of sending Aboriginal Kids from remote Communities to high-class white boarding schools, usually perhaps in our cities (cities being, hardly the Shiniest example of whitey's cultural success?), a few arguments arise against any simplification and adoption of that/those ideas.

First and dominant in this e-ssay is probably the hardest argument to have heard, which is that while accepting fully the 'case-of-chaos' which prevails in those Communities of Noel Pearson's People, let's accept that the root-cause is NOT founded in the black-fella themselves, but in totally antithetical and and unacceptable invasions of Judeo-Christian 'ideologies' - theories ALL, from whitey.

To confirm such a view, analysis of 'whitey' is vital - Christian whitey - a whole culture planned, developed and evolved out of religious fallacies - perversions at-least, fallacies which are wrong beliefs about notions of a Heavenly Society, about what IS that 'fabled' "Garden of Eden".

A whole culture, which, on-the-surface - (enough to 'persuade' shallow minds of the spellbound flock) promotes some undeveloped, unexplored hypothesis called "Democracy", yet runs in complete and utter contradiction OF Democracy, and forces People - corrupted, unbalanced and good, to BELIEVE!!, without any exploration - Scientific or Philosophic, in ONE Human Leader, and Autocrat, a Benevolent Dictator, if-you-like.

The Messiah!?!?!? ("Oh, but [with 1700 years of rhetorical convolution] He is NOT Human - He's GOD!!"(?)


Now, as-it-'appens, outside of Judeo-Christian-ism, in many pre-western invasion Nations, including in Australia's 500-plus Aboriginal Nations as were before the "First Fleet" from a deeply fucked-up England in 1788, Democracy in a True Sense, of the Highest Order, had prevailed for several thousand more years BEFORE Eve and Adam sealed their descendant's fate at the infamous "Fall" from Eden.

No apologies for my convolutions. Just read it 'til you GET IT, whitey!

So, as far as I can see it, this/these facts throw into contention any idea of throwing Black Kids into (questionably) 'High-Class' CHRISTIAN boarding schools.

Now, and however, there is an argument for Noel's idea, in that the whitey cult is globally predominant and likes to believe it is ALL-POWERFUL, although I put NO faith in a cult which has acquired all it's apparent power from hood-winking it's own kind, in the 'flock', with entrancing lies and 'blackmail' - "If you want your 'inheritance', you must tow-the-lie---- er-line of ancient cultural deceit(s) and from 17-plus centuries of genocide."

Little wonder (that he is), John Howard won't say SORRY!! ("....Forgive him sisters, for he knows not.........")

What I'm saying, writing - e-ssaying, is that if Noel Pearson's concerns for his niece's and nephew's, his son's and daughter's future, and for his People's, his Culture's future, he must firstly stick with the (subverted by Christian lawyers) argument that the whitey education system, especially at the nobbyest top echelons must sort-out it's own deeply ingrained contradictions, before he advocates fucking-over the damaged minds, hearts and Souls of his mob, further with an utterly sophisticated (ie., "false") educational doctrine and set of aims.

Christian-fascism - or - Democracy?

I repeat: As this e-ssay goes out to sections of the 'foriegn media' some of whom are within the United States of America, I urge them to contemplate these postulations, for they apply exactly to the same-same mal-adaptations of education etcetera in that Fine Nation, the US of A, pertinently at this time of the 2004 Presidential election!

Everyone knows today how astray - how aberrant - how fucked-up whitey culture is - Judeo-Christian cult-ism.

So why on Earth would you Noel, want to condemn your Kin to the living Hell of whitey's "Sodom and Gomorrah"?

Better to Apply, if a 'western' whitey perspective must in some way be embraced, Better to Apply the Hearts, Minds and Souls of your Fine People to the 'til now buried (indeed Crucified), suppressed, oppressed and exiled Path of Yeshua ben Joseph's Gnosticism; the Path of Wisdom - through the Gnostic - "Knowledge" of Thine Own Self.

This Dear Noel, is as much the Foundation of Aboriginality, as it is the Path, the Way for dumb-fucked whitey and Our Collective Future.

You, Aborigine, and the rest of us, DON'T NEED cult religion, from here-on into the future.

Find your Roots, Aborigine, the exact Same-Same as "Be Still...., and Know, that I am God."

I'll always smile at the similarity in "I AM" and "AUM"...............

Allah Be Praised!

Max No Difference (who says it, just so long as IT IS SAID!)