Get on the Train! Get out of CARS!

THIS blogmail is about the guardian uk article:


Wasting no words:

Get off the bitumen people.

Everything allied to motor vehicles; roads, electronics, 'signage', pavements, and the associated concrete parking-blahs, government accountability and infrasctructure, attitude to employment and-on and-on and-on, including of course the metals and plastics industries is too toxic to keep.

We haven't got twenty years, we have to ACT now.

Restraint of the 'public desires' in relation to their 'lust' of motor cars, and truck-type freighters, is the Role of Government.

That is what "GOVERNMENT" IS!

Stop fucking around at your own egomaniacal edges!

Panic, is one word for it..........

NO choices!

The notion of (the banker's) "time" must end.........

"It's the Economy AND LAND DISTRIBUTION, stupid!"

Govern your, and your children's desires!

That, is Justice for All.


Max No Difference

Global collapse? Get on the Train....

Just flung this off to "Scoop.com" ezine or whatever they're called today.
It relates to their article:


Lateral, guys, Lateral.

Oil feeds a psychosis, a consumption psychosis, thrust upon us by the Brettonwood-type plutocracy, paracyticly draining our minds and wallets by the "time" oriented trick of those elites controlling large bank (and church) boards, keeping us chasing our tails for their crumbs.

"Time equals money!" Keeping us distracted from LAND REFORM, away from the landocratic corruption of eons past.

Time to Evolve in Political Science. The Power balance has shifted.

Get on the Train.

Give Humanity FREE LAND, and watch the demand, the artificial demand, for oil and energy reduce, as-near-as overnight.

Ecologically and demographically designed redistribution of the Human population is the only future option. All the rest is BLAHHHHHH..

You bleet about environmental collapse for this same western cultist curse (motor vehicles cause 60%), yet refuse to face the HARD QUESTIONS.

Western culture is excessive, me-lov'lies.

Decentralisation and 'devolution' spreads the load, and the distance between industry and its consumers equitably. We could all walk to work, etc.

May The Perfect Existence Be Your Inspiration

Hint: "Henry George"