The Craig Thompson HSU & The Broader Medical Industry Farce

120429 Truelaw Outlaw Junction News-Chop Craig Thompson HSU & The Broader Medical Industry Farce Edition

As long as the dubious “Craig Thompson Affair” has been playing on media, we've seen suspicious accusations and charges laid against him, extending to the HSU members.

A right unroyal ruckus has erupted, which might clear the air in hospitals and such, with allegations and counter-allegations between senior HSU management and representatives.

How they play-out and end-result will be firstly to discredit the Union generally.

Exactly what the extremely anti-Union Liberal-National Party, LNP, want.

As we've seen over decades, they have no hesitation in going to the most extreme lengths to destroy Unionism in Australia.

This might beg the question to Tiny Habit and his brigands,

If there were no unions to ensure nurses were paid enough for the work they do - work we can all be sure YOU, Tiny Habit, could never do - (and neither could I!) what type of care would the people be getting?”

If nurses were ignored by 'the system' and were paid but pennies, and were otherwise left to fend for themselves, they would have no choices but to either leave their 'profession', or partake of the same or similar corruptions the hospitals and doctors indulge in.

This would undoubtedly introduce quite counter-productive, evil practices, where lesser quality nursing staff would help only patients who could bribe them, and leave the rest to suffer and die. We can all imagine what other chilling scenarios would come of that.

Granted, Unions everywhere have become as much a part of the problem in terms of corruption within government and supportive financiers, as the unregulated venturers in the uppermost clubs of corporate capit... - CRAPitalism.

Indeed, as it's well accepted, to fight corruption, a group, cult, party, union, club or gang, has to allow itself to be drawn into the same, or similar games of corruption, so-as to finance it's activities, whether those activities are “legal” (whatever that is?) or underhanded.

Because, as the big secret is, the establishment is the most corrupt of all who vie for either power therefore control, or influence, or even just a slice of the cake to feed the family, etc.

So those who see that they have to engage in a fight against the most corrupt establishment, have to play similar games to keep the fighting-funding coming in, because the enemy, the tyrannical establishment, is the most wealthy, illegitimately acquired as it is, and so the Righteous have no choice but to engage in practices-less-Ethical, than they would wish.

As the culture is, especially in Astrayliar, most all of it is corrupt, in that no-one follows the highest, if-I-may, “most spiritual” rules. Not the high priests of any of the dominant religious cults, not the top politicians, not the corporations, not the most exclusive schools, etc etc etc., right down to the drugs dealers, of course, on the main or back streets of suburbia.

O Yaye! “As above, so below!”

So making allegations against one or another member of a Union, or of the Speaker of the House of Representative's chair, or of one party or another, cannot, and should not be seen as anything but bigoted and immoral agenda-ridden corruption in itself. As often being done to put, or keep, the spotlight away from themselves!

It's long been the accepted standard of understanding, that the higher one goes in any halls of power, the more corrupt one has to become.

So, all top positions in parliament, and it therefore follows, in any union, or business or cult or smaller party, especially those who provide support for the main players and parties, have no choice but to partake of the “top-down imposed” corruption.

This is not necessarily anything to do with people's awareness and blithe acceptance that, for example,

.....as things are endemically corrupt, there's no point holding high values, principles and/or aspirations. If we can gain a higher position in the marketplace of life, so-as to better enjoy it and give the family and close friends better quality food, roofing, and “jollies”, then let's do it”,

although it has to be said that there is no shortage of “candidates” with that view of life in the broader shithole. Perhaps the greatest danger to all life on earth, is that they're having children!

For some, there does exist a recognition that such ideologies as the “Fabianist” approach, of “....letting the world sort itself out without aggressive interference, until Socialism rises naturally...”, are far too soft, in that taking that retreatist approach leaves the door open for outright evil to walk in and take over.

Pretty much as evil has done, over the last oooh? 6,000 years, in Israeli time-scales?

So those who become involved in the political fray, either through their own employment field, such as Craig Thompson and his Hospitals Union, or the likes of PM Julia Gillard, from the ACTU and Slater and Gordon legal firm, Adam Bandt, Deputy Leader of the federal Greens, from the same legal firm, a firm with a solid reputation for helping those done down by ruthless CRAPitalism, or ex-ACTU secretary, and later PM, Bob Hawke, have done so because they see someone has to put-in, and go-there to fight the tyranny of the clearly “offshore, foreign and corporate interests from the USA, Brutain and Eurape” et al, et al, which the right wing political players are backed and controlled by.

I've quoted the adage “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” a few times recently, and this is precisely where it fits snugly into the disputes and charges and inquiries around Craig Thompson and the HSU.

What I'm getting at, is that those who throw allegations and call for inquiries into the relatively minor player, Craig Thompson, and the HSU, are quite obviously doing so because they want to diminish the power of the anti-CRAPitalist centre-left ALP-Greens-Independents' government, so as to firstly, keep the spotlight off themselves, and secondly, to increase their own power and influence over government policies.

Corruption means absolutely nothing to the political right. It is their mainstay, their diet, their fundament, and their life.

Therefore, that the charges come from the right side of the political coin, begs as well, for calls for inquiries into that “other side” of the left-wing, HSU coin - the corporatised, CRAPitalist extreme right wing private medical industry.

Doctors, their training at the western-medicine-centric universities and tertiary colleges, hospital management committees and boards, but possibly most crucially, the undoubtedly dubious pharmaceuticals corporations and their illegitimate influence, power and control of most all things medical.

Then, if we go on, there's the huge “surgical instruments” industry, the test laboratory industry, and-on and-on and-on ad infinitum!

Monty Python's  "machines that go "PING!"

What has to be pointed out here, is that all of the corporate interests named here, exist only because of the culture and general society's failing completely to educate the Masses on what Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyles are.

These two, our “lost culture and societies” have their roots way back almost in pre-history. At least to the Hebrew “fall from the Garden of Eden”.

But awry, irresponsible management of all aspects of we, the beast of western evolution, of western political evolution, has been adhered-to, as if trance-like (ALAS!) for thousands of years, essentially by the many and varied monarchies of our nations.

Monarchies have been replaced by notions of “democracy”, but from the first days, in more recent centuries, where “democracy' has been attempted, from the outset the elites, the monarchies and their peers have enacted every manner of subversion, so-as to retain essentially their wealth, prestige, and their precious estates over the “Demos” over the People.

So for centuries, any attempts at Democracy, have been turned into pure farce, by the elites, and have been aided and abetted by their ownership of the so-called “4th estate”, the media.

So we, the masses get nothing True in it, about how we are actually being not left, but fed to the wolves, until we are gormless, useless, exceedingly stupid blobs, and of course cannon fodder.

But cannon fodder not just for the elites to send off to warzones, cannon fodder in their games with us of luring us, forcing us, blackmailing us into their valueless world of material wealth and Spiritual poverty.

Impossible for the majority in the “spoiled” western, 1st world, to see, they are nothing more than completely insane “parcels”of supply to the elite beast of consume and destroy.

An elite which has been quite, quite, quite, quite insane, since the “fall from Eden”.

This has led, down the millennia, to a general ignorance by monarchs and their sycophantic peers, of the underlying and fundamental concerns and “Common-Weal” of the People, so the people have been left to the wolves of wealth and selfish capitalisation upon their weaknesses. Their chief weakness being their ignorance.

Such that today, the masses are utterly stupid about how to avoid the so-called “health care system”, and so, soooooo stupid, trundle-off to the doctors, then with his/her little piece of paper in hand, to the pharmacy, to buy, to BUY - the poisons the professions call “medicine”, or tonic, or such.

On the other hand...., were People awake to how nature provides all the nutrition and medicative foods we need to beat most all infections, viruses and diseases, there would be next to no need anywhere for the huge and quite deceptive pharmaceuticals industry, an industry which makes huge profits by blackmail, bribery, coercion, and seduction of not just doctors, but of the medical profession in general, as well as all levels of government, and via advertising through our loungeroom INDOCTRO-box - or our HYPNOBOX - the TV - our own minds and thus bodies.

Who would have guessed that pharmaceutical advertising actually influences how our bodies come to cry-out for their products?

The body is but the hardware of the mind. If the mind is led to believe that it, and it's hardware are failing or weakened, or, of course, if we do not care properly for the body-mind combination, by sticking “religiously” with a healthy diet, the performance of the hardware is effected negatively, until the hardware breaks-down and falls ill. The body responds by sending signals to the mind, and thus when we see advertisements about this drug or that drug, said to cure or ease or clean the illness out, the body reacts and prompts the mind to “GO BUY PARASUKMIDICKACOL!” or such.

So, the completely ethics-free extremely right wing advertising and marketing industry has to be included in this e-ssay addressing corruption, an e-ssay of counter allegations of corruption, against those who are trying to have Craig Thompson and the HSU Union sacked and destroyed.

No-one is not corrupt, once they rise to anywhere near the levels of government and financial profit like our federal, or our states, or our local council government.

But, most of all, indeed the root source of corruption, is the private corporation. And they, are all products of the already fabulously wealthy, and psychotically selfish dynastic elites.


What we have today, straying a little, is irrefutable proof that, as the saying went, “Love of money is the root of all evil”.

Our most dangerous beliefs, policies, cultures, trends, fashions, mal-distributions, and psychological disorders, all have their roots in the rich bastards! And, they always soon enough, bring the Tribe, nation, planet, to self-destruction.

What I am also, fearlessly, unashamedly saying, is that capitalism, or CRAPitalism is a total furphy, a total deceit and evil draped over and plopped upon the heads and hearts of the species.

It is also NO COINCIDENCE that the dumbing-down of the masses, has been orchestrated and dispersed, by the religious cults, such that they and their partners in mass-destruction, the descendants of passed monarchies and peers, have deployed the most evil methods - black magic - upon us, to become but lame stupid slaves of their megalomania.

Therefore, I also say, that it's complete opposite, of Common Wealth for all Humanity, “COMMUNISM”, of an Intelligent, Wise, Economically Scientific Design, is the best and only and completely Natural way for us to survive, live and prosper.

If we refuse in our stubborn, ignorant, selfish, endemic western, Judeo-Christian psychosis, to correct our general global path to That, it is an assurance, that we, or a majority of us, some 5 or 6 billion, will perish.

But, being Om O'Hades, from Hell's Gate, I do not see the extermination of the masses of insane out-of-control selfish and giggle-brained Humans as a bad thing.


But, back to the small issue of poor young Craig Thompson and the HSU, et al....,

So, in the end, it's much more than “a bit rich?” for one side of the fracchar, the political right, to use these types of allegations, proven or not, when they are in it massively more deeply than the accused. Or the Union, or the governn..., hang-on...., MOVING FORWARD!

This brings me to ask, “Why isn't the government, we assume still “pro-Unionism” - but sure, a Healthy, Clean, Unionism - not opening up that heinous - yes - can of worms - Pandoora's box, perhaps, of the rectitude and veracity of the right wing, upclub, church school educated and backed, medical industry?

Because we would quickly see that large, large VERY LARGE wads of brown-paperbag money are being dropped-off to the wealthy upclub medical industry participants by the minute, in every hospital management mailbox, every hospital board members' pocket, every medical surgery and practice, every “pharmacy” and, more than likely, indeed YES - in the pockets, handbags and bank accounts of every chemists' employee, in the form of wages!

Corruption, is part and parcel of the whole fucking world of western medicine.

Samuel Culpepper (?) found that out, to his demise, some 400 years ago.

So, as it has never been fully exposed and checked, it stands to reason that the whole medicine, medical practice and hospitals phenomenon has only become so deeply corrupt that it, and any lesser organisations and aid-industries, such as unions, run totally upon corrupt practices.

To try to find employment within any part of that phenomenon, a phenomenon it must be reiterated, which does not justifiably exist at all, because they, the centuries-old medical establishment, have long ago led the practitioners and thus the conscientious nursing populace, and the recipient public, away from all manner of naturally-healthy medicine-containing foods, diets and “fresh” lifestyles, so that, for lack of good living, that-is “GOOD Living”, sponsored by the very same and now unquestionably evil medical establishment and their advertising industry, in collusion with the corporate foods megalith - think all fast foods - people are most always unhealthy, so, for their being a very high establishment-imposed brick wall for all Natural Food and Medicines and Treatment businesses and practices and models to scale, the people have minimum options but to resort to the mainstream medical bullshit, hoping that will cure them.

Yet worse still, is the denied FACT, that it does not cure us, individual or society, but only adds to the sicknesses.

But HEY! Doctors get extremely rich for it, taught as they have been at the utterly corrupt church schools and universities to say nothing about the heinous terminal cancer of their models of corruption, and are paid to stay mute.

So, where does the finger Rightly point, when a Hospital Union, made up of usually Dedicated Nurses and Staff, is found to be playing the same, the exact-same game of corruption, but undoubtedly on a much smaller scale, and purely as a reaction, to the hospital, medical, departmental management and their indisputably disgusting and disgustingly wealthy pharmaceuticals and equipment corporate establishment sponsors?

I ask you, your Honor?”

Oh! Shit! What was that? Where was I? I just woke-up! Was dreaming I was in a court room on a Just and Honorable planet, where the courts held to FACTS, and to the evidence, and sought above all, the Truth!

Blimey, what a dream!?!?!

So.., back to the dirty unreality of Astrayliar.

Oh lookie, there's Tiny Habit and Ho Jockey twisting the ear of a medical professional advertising spy, MI6 by the feel, for the guff on the next political set-up.......!

What's that? Peter Slipper was a plant! A sleeper! Sent in years ago by Lambeth and the Brutish Tories!


They do plan ahead, don't-they!

Jus' like Cecil Rhodes...!

Slimy bastards, all of 'em!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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The Shanky Ho's of Facial Vagina & Other Bewitching Women's Methods

120428 Truelaw Outlaw Junction Facial Vagina & Other Bewitching Methods Edition

And a “woe is me!”, as the rain floods Who'slanders abilities to get to their local Council polling booth to either play the same-same utterly corrupt game of voting in the smoothest-talking local corruption expert, who most suits their absolutely despicable over-consumptive, brainless materialistic lifestyle, or to voice and write – in ink – not fucking erasable pencil – their choice for the local legends-in-their-own-lunchbox mayor, and fellow whitefaced dumb-culture councilors.

SUBVERT!!-SUBVERT!!” cry the upclub upemselves spoiled-wealthy joker-gods of idiocy, who've found the keys to the Sacred Vault and thus control of the heavenly waters, and ply they do their witchcraft to drown any and all chances of all and any lower-classes without a modern 4x4 to get to the polling booth.

Argh!” exhales Merlin, for he sees the Catholics' and the Freemasons' and the Hebrews' doppelgangers are out there dancing on the bladder of Eartha, doing all they and the remaining hypnotised morons of Christianity and of the white, western bank of heinously ignorant speculators on other peoples' rights to an Honest Life can, to reduce the chances for Justice to Reign-Supreme, as She did prior to the incursion of the whitefaced drones of darkness, from 1788-on.

And LO!” So too do they from south of the line, make waves in the clouds to wetten their precious cannabis crops, grown in bulk in the hills of northern New South Fails, to satiate the Catholic's insatiability for POWER.

But no, for 'tis their unseen oxymoron! But more psychoses they refuse, in their mindless states, to turn in beyond, and face!

For, their endless lust for more power, typically over others, is but what comes from their failing totally to have control, or power, over their own minds.

For if they had the power to control their own minds, they would not need to try to win power in other places, be it of others' minds, or over the physical realms.

This is what the Jewish and Catholic cults have reduced us to, purely so we can be their slaves.

Hardly a good way for us, and, as the evidence clearly tells us, this same mindless zombie state, “the norm” amongst Christians, has had us over-consume and destroy the Sacred Earth such that our next generations will only know famine and war.

Nevertheless, they persist, and in their mindless fascination bring down not a shower, not a flood, but enough to drown all dry-minded Intellect and Wisdom, such that Eartha herself shakes, and shakes, and quakes, from north to south poles, from sunrise to sunset, from high to low solstice, from highest mountain to lowest marine valley, and the seas and lakes and oceans erupt in violent rage, pouring-forth up and out across the coasts, across the lands, across the cities and towns and village.

But at least the Catholic femme fatales and the Freemason masculates” retain their right to deny their psychoses, and spell-blinded, blinkered so-as to only see FORWARD”, they march from their last tragedy - TRAGEDY? WHAT TRAGEDY!?” - to the next “mission”, to the next opportunity to hoodwink and insult whomever stands Innocent, Honorable, and Upright, until they, browbeaten until buckled and broken, and are as low as the inbred white demon cultists of fear, delusion and insanity.

Here, poor wretch, drink this! It will soothe your Soul, drown your sorrows, destroy your vital organs, and make you disoriented and weak such that WE, ahum, we, can march over your Timeless Truest Traditions and Sacred Knowledge, and then claim you are not even Human Beings, so we, WE, are in unfact, the first Australians, and as-such call your Sacred Mother Lands ours – OURS – OURS!!! HAHAHEHOHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

But, to our convicts and slaves, we say first we must rid this land of all signs of the true owners, and reduce them to think low of themselves, whence we ply them with the grog!


Oh they are so proud now?”, quietly murmurs Merlin.

And he who came after I was, but 200 turns of the Sun after, knew well of their fate, some 2000 turns of the Sun after.”

And now, over 2000 turns of the Sun after, both he and I stand, in Silent Watch, and weigh their ventures, and their deficit, and their pride and unseen gravity.

Woeful, though knowing of the play of this realm, these two True Spirits retire to mirth, and to solemnity, and to pondering their Duty to come.

Of the days soon ahead when the smirks will be downsideup on the lowly but proud dazzled faces of those they see below, when they will bemoan their passed lunacy, of their ignoring of the depths of their wrongs, and even of luring and enticing and bribing their young to partake of the same, of the acts of idiots, of mindless folly, for to satiate their insane lusts.

And with Honor we, and our worldwide forces, together with the Venturer Warriors from the stars, far-off, will begin our actions.

As Angels are said to have no memory, so we too, will act in the singular Present Moment, holding no reservations, no hesitations, no doubts, and no mercy against those who failed so miserably to turn, and reach in to their own Minds, in behind their ego of demon spells, of mere “faith”, keeping the fools active in pure religious idiocy, with-which they failed to seek until they found their own Absolute, whence afterward they knew Right from the other, Good from the other, High from the other, True from the other, and thereafter needed no Saviour, no Merlin, no Yeshua, no Krishna, nor tyrant cult thieves of the Sacred Knowledge.

Whereafter they, who braved the Road Less Traveled, and left behind their baggage, and adornments, and securities, and falsities they called “family” and “friends” and houses and monies, and “entertainment”, walked forward, naked, and stood in silent stillness, then sat, cross-legged, alone, for day-after-day-after-month-after-month, and some, after-year-after-year, and some still, so Dedicated and Knowing of the folly of the old white, and of the hidden True Path, after decades, until the Shine returned to their brow, and seeped deep and throughout their bodies, and Soul, and across the whole of their Cosmos.

Some, from Work of lives previously lived, ascended apace, and in but months reached up-and-out beyond the chaos of the fallen psychopaths of religious, cultural delusion, and Attained to the Immortal Strengths, so vital to the Work, the Great Merlin and his Soul Brother, Yeshua, and a Host of others from east, west, north and south, knew had to be performed.

Quan Ti, Quan Li, Rama, Mohommed, Great Souls from the Aborigines of all past Cultures, were with them, standing Giant, Fearless, Noble, yet Humble and Eternally Wise, calm and Joyful, in knowing of the Work and Fight to come.

And, as the word of their meeting spread below, fear and loathing came down upon the fools, the game players, the idiots, the cowardly faithful, the candidates, the lobbyists, and the shallow braves of cultural ignorance, of the culture of over-confidence, and they shook as-if being shocked awake, and suddenly saw sense in retreating demure, trying to appear humble, yet inside knowing nothing of it's tenor, so showed to those who had taken the Large Path, the truth, that they are, but clowns, but shrinking animated gargoyles, full of panic and frantic insane mentations, lusting out of fear for power.

But, as the western bleached-brains could never see nor know, they sought power over the world, in fact purely because they lacked power over their own minds. So, until they found and secured their own constancy of the silent mind, insanity was all they would know.

And so the culture was, that which capitalised on people's insatiability.

And the people saw this, and called it “good!”

They who watched, who had Attained to the realm of no fear, moaned some, mocked-disgusted some, let out the knowing “Humpff!” others, as they either sent curses down, or merely turned back to the Fire of the Centre Hearth, and resumed to eat from the vegetation and bone, or drink from the earthen cup.

And down, down, down on the surface of the plastic culture, frantic whitefaces scurried hither and FORWARD!!??? to the polling booth, to the market, to the flooded bridge, to the next legally-disguised major crime they could not help but commit, and thought irascible thoughts about no good thing, no productive venture, no Noble Path or Discipline, and added some to convince their wandering minds they were doing what they have to, what they should, what will get them..., - THEM – them the demon-lords of secreted, covert self-interest, higher on the road to the Heaven of Nowhere.

So, we await the results of the Who'sland council elections, and hope to see more of the same, because we are but loathsome, shanky slaves of the dark soul of material sensation.

Oh!? and don't forget to ply your lips, deary, with plenty of hot-red facial-vagina paste, before you go downtown to bewitch the lusting, mindless males!

That, gave Merlin, and Yeshua, cause to chuckle....

YOU forgive them, Lord! Damned if I will....!” Yeshua coughed........

And the police protect them.....?

Addendumming this loose rabbit, I return to the title, insulting as it is, 

 "The Shanky Ho's of Facial Vagina & Other Bewitching Women's Methods".

Insulting that-is, only to those who are either unable to see what lipstick has always been about, or who rely apparently desperately, on it on their face to get what they want, or who flog the pernicious, perverting crap.

That the majority of western females have plied their lips with it for generations, and expect their daughters to adopt the same display of "clit-face", sometimes from pre-pubescence, indicates fairly clearly, methinks, that they are rather pathetic and indeed, evil witches, who have no modesty, no consideration for the better regard and respect of their gender by males, no shame, and do not in the least care about living Ethically, or they are totally stupid, mindless, utterly moronic zombies of the white, western, Christian marketeers of lust, pride, insatiability, and "I'll suck your dick for a job" culture.  

Indeed, "headjob" has a whole new meaning!

So..., sorry to those with less in-yer-face thought-patterns, for being so in-yer-face, but someone's gotto say these crude rude and in-yer-face things.

I had this succinct line about lipstick being the vagina-on-her-face about a week ago, and watched with hilarity as ABC's female television hostesses appeared without "lippie" on.

As to whether the rest of television's females follow suit on the commercial channels,  I'll never know, because I don't as a rule watch the crap.

But as the mind is universal, we can all have a laugh when we see women with or without lipstick on from here forward.

Of course, if we see them wearing it, we can also take it as a hot signal I guess, as it's always been, of course.

But with the dark arts now so well known, males should be wary that having a woman go down there, leaves us totally vulnerable to being later aroused, not always in the right place and times.

There's no doubt, that the same act is used to capture our Soul, and is capable of having us do pretty heinous things, as the femme fatales' puppet.

So take care dudes. 

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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Who'sland Queensland Local Council Elections

120424 Truelaw Outlaw Junction News-Chop Who'sland Council Elections Edition

But first, Happy Anniversary to my Mum and Dad, for tomorrow, 25th April!

I guess it says how committed they were/are to military beliefs and ideals that they, or mum's conspirators in her Catholic cult, chose to marry on Anzac Day, 1947, or 1948.

But as Dad wuz a Sar-Major in the WWII Paratroopers (1st Australian Parachute Troop, Royal Australian Engineers, RAE), he was probably pretty committed and thus willing, also?

But finding out that I know next to nothing about the REAL Cook family, this is now just one of the many, many, many secrets never explained to myself, as to why anything has happened in my family and in my own life. If I am actually “alive”? If I am not in fact a complex dream in someone else's head?

Or in the collective head-space of a large, but deeply astray and deluded cult?

Were I to crack-open my third eye, and for once see my True being, these hypotheticals may well be exposed as true..........

Were I......?


Other things play in my bwain, so I go to them instead.

Who'sland council elections!

Commentators on media say that “big changes” are expected across the state, whatwith some 40-plus mayors retiring, etc, of the 73 or so councils in the state.

Why, is not for mememe to knowknowknow, but it may be things like the big change in the state parliament, with the right wing heroin parties, the LNP, winning state government over the Catholic Witches Association, the CWA, otherwise known as the Rural Marijuana Growers Association or, the ALP.

But other factors must play their part, such as Bob Big Hat Katters recently created “Australians' Party” starting in farfarfarking north Who'sland, winning only two seats in the March 24 state election, but holding promise of getting it's hands up mayoral cloaks this weekend.

Australians generally hold a pattern of having one side of the political spectrum in federal parliament, and the other side in the states. A pretty smart thing really, assuming this is, these are, in fact a democratic result.

As we have the middle-left in Canberra, and the right-middle-right now across a majority of states, with Who'sland being thrown over the right side of the fence last month, ummm....? I don't have a clue as to which way the local council elections will fall!

I had a quick look on the 'net yesserday to find information on this weekends elections, but got nowhere, and lost enthusiasm pretty quick, so gave up.

I did feel that there was a criminal dearth of information on the council elections though.

But HEY! Australians still vote with PENCIL and paper ballots, which have to be seen as leaving huge space for sneaky agenda-ridden interference with our voting processes.

No-one complains either?

So it's almost expected that finding any comprehensive dissection of local candidates pre-election is impossible, unless, you know how to drive the lappy through the internet labyrinth better than mememe.

But it shows how tame the church has made us, considering that we are far and away NOT a secular nation, whatwith probably 99% of our politicians coming from the upper-crust church education system, and every polling booth, council, state and federal parliament department and office is controlled by people from the same private school system.

So whether it's a local council, state or federal election, we can be sure that either, the results are predetermined by the scum on top of the pool of economic and religious corruption, who have total control of the polling booth and vote-counting processes, and total control of what or who gets adequate media “airtime” and newspaper space to put their cases, with no distinctly independent monitors, etc etc.

Indeed, Afghanistan and other war-torn, divided and unsettled 3rd-world nations, coming out of corrupted dictatorships, absolute monarchies, etc., and lurching towards this hazy notion we call “democracy”, Myanmar etc., are likely to have better independence in having their elections monitored than here!

But, nobody says anything?


So, that's just one thing which makes for commentary and speculation and deep scepticism in Austra - Astrayliar!

Yesserday, a Kiwi Fella spoke up about the character of Australian troops in the first world war, saying that they were, in the main, crooks, and rogues, or similar.

A slight against my comments but a day earlier, of saying that Aussie Diggers had aspects of their character worth trying to retain today, of straight-talking, etc.

Who knows? The Kiwi might be closer to the truth about us, than I, and my as likely superlative-laden, idealised writings?

But, in terms of veracity in elections, can NZ stand up and prove they are any better, more Honest?

I doubt it!

Mainly because we both are of the same longtime errant tribes of expansionist, land-grabbing, and generally corrupt, genocidal war-mongers from Brutain and Eurape.

However the roaring difference of course, is that we in Astrayliar, were founded or, populated first, essentially by Britain's convicts, so aside from the questionable “honor amongst thieves”, few, if any of the home nation's higher, better, more noble qualities had a chance of surviving and being bred into us Aussies, no doubt.

And clearly the Godlike Principles our Bleck Fellas lived by prior to 1788 were ignored completely by the white invaders, probably mainly because the majority of the white invaders simply did not unnerstand “Principles” as I describe Dignity, Honor, Honesty, Integrity, Courage, Truthfulness, etc.

But the Kiwi cannot be ignored, and we have to admit, if we have any Honor and honesty in us, that ours was a significantly different and lower start, and I make no bones about that fact that we still err on the side of lowness and corruption today, a national hangover from the massive warping of any Principles, I say, brought down upon us through the dark days of the so-called “Rum Rebellion”.

Who'sland, of course, was until around 1865, part of the colony of New South Wales, so the same darkness and perversion of any good governmental policies, and higher judicial and religious Principles were here too, slaughtered along side the same tragedies for our Bleck Fellas, but perhaps closer to extinction than the Aborigine.

So, as far as having Who'slanders bitching either at the polling booths this Saturday, or before and after the elections about the security of their ballot being placed in the party's box they want it in, nothing will happen, I betchya!

Being creatures of habit, most will vote for change simply because they have had enough of the last side.

No-one, usually, does anything “radical” by trying, in large, organised numbers, to force the REALPolitik Issues out from under the carpet.

Here and there, a Genuine candidate makes it through to the finals, but usually, again, they are either made an offer they can't resist/refuse or expose, for fear of their life, or of their close-ones, mainly because all of the politicking of our times are rotten filthy disgustingly sodden in corruption, and as I repeat endlessly, that is rooted in how we, white, Bleck, and in between, are allowed to spread ourselves and our Communities across this big, wide, large, fucking HUGE, Green and Brown and Red Land.

That none of the religions “go-there” publicly, and privately (precisely why they have their exclusive “private schools”), they lead the world in speculating on everyone's most basic need - a secure and affordable piece of land upon which to settle, grow a family, a Community, and food, natural materials for the roof, and the other stuffings of life, really exposes them as being right at the front of the race to the bottom of not just religious corruption, but the essence of survival - economic, or land-distribution corruption.

So as I'm sure that at this latish stage in the council pre-election process, the dyes are already set, if the results have not already been nutted-out behind closed doors somewhere either in Brisbane, or even farfarfar-away in an offshore Brutish foreign office, there's only so much point in my commenting pre-selection day, this Saturnalia day.

But-t-t-t-t..... while I'm at it, let me say, with the vague hope that some candidates are up there with Wise, Intelligent and Honorable, as opposed to egomania intentions, and that the voters are caring enough to check the credentials and veracities of the candidates out, from my inquiries into the generally beggared world of politics of the last say - 60 years - but it has been rotten for centuries no doubt - the most of western politics is actually a war between religious cults - Catholics and Freemasons, with the expected variety and variants in between and outside on the margins.

When the “OCCUPY!” Movement was capturing the media, I read an article about why they were so quickly stomped across the USA. It told that the majority of mayors across the US, are Freemasons, that they quickly organised a telephone-video conference across the country, and decided that sending in the cops was the only option.

Funny HAHA, that I'm supposed to be descended from an Earl of Sutherland in Scotland, who I think fought alongside the founder of the Freemasons, Robert the Bruce, whenever they lived and fought and drank whisky and died, around the 13th century AD.

Funny HAHA, that another, later, Earl of Sutherland, began the infamous, heinous, yet it seems, necessary Scottish “land clearances” from the 18th century-on, and who grew fabulously wealthy from them, so much so that he and his cultists actually bought the English parliament, thus essentially, England, after it went broke trying to keep the Americas uptil 1776.

Funny HAHA that he was up there in the old IMF, then the British East India Company, who made their endless wealth from opium.

Funny HAHA that today, the Freemasons have global control, they own the majority of the planet's real estate.

Funny HAHA that they took up their mission to fuck everything purely because they were one, Scottish (sorry Dougie! Jus' kiddin'), but mainly because the Catholics wanted to seize their Scottish lands, in the name of a false and delusional god?

So the same war goes on, and now, on WHO'SLAND - YOUR LAND Queenslanders!

Therefore, while these two cults have the control, which they are always fighting for, of the biggest influences - media, religion, economics, land distribution, energy supply, etc., it seems to me to be nothing but a fight, a race, to the bottom.

Many philosophical and quite spiritual Seers and considerations come to the same conclusion - an apocalypse, where the players end up destroying everything in their frantic bid to win against the opponent.

Funny how the Australian Aborigine didn't go that crooked path?

Nor the Chinese? Nor Africans, Aborigine Americans, nor anyone else in the rest of the unknown world?

I put it that it is even a scientific conclusion, and may in fact be how all life plays itself out in the universe as we say we know it?

The “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” adage, may simply be an unfinished line, which if finished, would arrive at the same miserable, terminal conclusion.

Religion, though I believe much of the Jewish and Christian “prophecies” of the future, are seen only as to how the future plays out for their mobs, and fails to take into account what goes-on in the rest of the world, be it the planet, or further out into the galaxy.

Each day science shows us that we are not the centre of the universe as Catholicism used to assert, so it follows that as we look further, we will find, that what we see is not the “b-all-and-end-all”. Therefore, Hebrew and Roman prophesies about the apocalypse and Armageddon, may well be of their mobs over in their cultural centres, Rome and Jerusalem, etc etc?

So, it's possible that the Seers of old did see a time of war and carnage, and that may well have been the “holocaust” that the Jews (and Christians, and Gypsies) of Eurape went through during the dark days of Germany?

But it and the first world war, did reach across the globe, and effected the largest number of people ever.

So, as I began..., “religion...” seems to be at the centre of the wars we see today, whether it's between nations and cultures, or between schools and local council factions and parties.

Usually, wars grow to destructive proportions because of the natural need for room to move - LAND - whether once more, it's between growing, expanding and over-consuming nations and cultures, or between a local rich dick with avarice written into his/her religious DNA, and the next door neighbour.

The REALPolitik REALITY, is that we do not need council elections or leaders!

The decaying and deeply corrupted “leaders” political model, is an outgrowth from both the deliberately corrupted Christianity idealogy. But it also derives from the longertime rooted Eurapean models of leadership.

According to one respectable historian (whose name and details went with the last virus which crashed my other laptop and internet connection and it's bookmarks), who studied the roots of Eurapeans and the whiteskins from that part of the world, they are in fact from the or “a” lost tribe of Israel, apparently the Tribe of Dan, whence the Danes came, and who Denmark, or “Dan-mark” is named after. He wrote that the ancient tribe of Dan eventually spread right across Eurape.

So today we have Eurapeans, Scandinavians and British descended from the ancient Jews.

And, as I harp on about, the Jews as they themselves attest to in their Tora, or the Christian Old Testament, come from Adam and Eve, who were the first to “fall” from the mythical Garden of Eden. To me, this means that they lost the True Way of Living back then, with Adam and Eve, etc.

So it is not illogical to deduce that all Brits and Eurapeans have followed the same “lost” pathes since, and that, as far as I'm concerned, is with their flawed and finite “leadership models” as played out in their divisive, warmongering and avaricious monarchies. Monarchies who, as it happens, claim to be Christians! Well, of course they would, because that religious crap gives (false) justification to their own status and prestige and illgotten privilege!

Were any number of Eurape and Brutain's wealthiest “nobles” (NOT!) [And an atomic HELL? OH! To the deranged and jealous Eugene Pender of the Austro-Hungarian elites' nuthouses! 1st he hates me because his fiance and her Hapburgs or such Hungarian regal family chased me to be her husband, behind his slimy back – bruising his dickie ego no-end - then he hates me because I have analysed his mobs and conclude that they, and their evil monarchic ideals, which keeps them all disgustingly wealthy, and insane, are dangerous, evil, insatiable inbred imbeciles! I can't win, can I duckie?] to be completely HONEST and tell the world that they are not in fact Christians, but were simply genetically inbred liars, racists, classholes, and “spoiled” witches with too much time and money on their hands to do any good for the planet and for Humanity, their ivory towers might well crumble, and hence forth the world might be struck by some ECONOMIC JUSTICE, for the first time since “the fall”!

They would be forced to admit that they are wrong in their beliefs and superiority complexes, and that they live in the most unjust ways and manner, (or is that “manor”?), then they would were they able to be Humble and Honest, surrender their massive ownership of lands, indeed, nations, and territories, to the People, and we, the People, would be able to institute Good Governance in the Most Honest Tax of a National Land Tax.

This would effectively put an end to the deeply flawed and war-making “class-system”, and would dispel most all social and personal troubles.

What we need above and before any call for THE ONE “leader”, premier, prime minister, monarch, Jesus, or President, or even local council mayor, who promises to lead us to Heaven, or out of the mud, is Proper LAWS. And they always, after the chatter and dissection and deconstruction and analysis, come down to how we divide up the land.

So, if Who'slanders have an ear for the FACTS, or for the ECONOMIC, thus local council TRUTHS, they'll scrutinise their local elections, firstly by scrutinising the candidates to find out if they are Freemasons, Catholics, or not, for you really don't want nor need either cult further fucking up Australia's politics – local or state or federal, if they are Genuine and interested primarily in asserting the FACTUAL economic policies, of structuring council rate collection on the taxable value of the land they, or the local shops, or the farms, or the fucking mining quarry sit, work or play on.

If they are not, they are basically frauds and charlatans. [What we have here is the latest Open Office 3.3 Writer software, but it's beeen messed with by one of my detractors while I was online recently, so the spellcheck is not working. Hence the spelling errors. Sorry about that! They could be Freemasons, or Catholics, as I'm writing hard truths against both cults. Whomever they be, they are definitely from the elite of the fallen tribes like the aforementioned Eugene.] So, those who cannot show they are for corrections to their and all council structures, in terms of how rates are assessed and collected, should be avoided. We all know that most all in politics today, are followers not leaders, in that they accept the entrenched corruptions, and get where they want by playing that same-same game.

I know none of the candidates in any of the electorates, anywhere, so it's totally up to voters to know the POLICIES of those who stand for election.

Because “politics” is about POLICIES, not egotrips.

Everyone's biggest problem is, however, that so few of us know anything but egotripping, as the culture is so long and deeply corrupt, the Genuine, Humble and Dignified Person with True Integrity, Intelligence, Wisdom and Honor is often regarded by the majority egotripping culture and society, as insane. The facts are of course that he, or she, is perhaps the only sane one amongst us!

If there is to be any change for the better, then this Astryaliarn 204 year old cycle of accepted corruption has to be killed-off. For that is what makes us all insane.

But HEY! This is Astrayliar!

Change! Is what you need, but few have the balls to lobby and lobby and lobby and PROTEST until you get the Proper(ty) changes you, the community and the planet need.

This Perfect Government, (Argh! Dun-ya-luv-that-n!? What a name for a party: the TPG Party!!! Hehehehe!) happens also to be exceedingly GREEN in how it relates, and allows us to relate, to the environment!

So..., drop the Freemasons and the religious nutters. They're old and dangerous schools of thinking, or, of NOT thinking!

And may the new breed of council Committees, vote collectively to change the name of WHO's state? To one which you, YOU, Bleck and Native-born, can own!

OOOOP! Bat flattery!

Tha's all phokes!!!!


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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