Oil Crisis - Is it so?

The "oil crisis" seems, to some seers, to be a "furphy".
Innummerable quite credible Alternatives are known and often readily available, but clearly there is powerful resistance to the development of the more-if-not-most Sustainable sources of energy.
As with local-to-global escalations of civic breakdown, so often in developing nations contrived and stirred by western capitalist subversives, to subvert any growing local political-economic Progressive Movements seen to rise, which usually leads to civil war, creates international involvement whence the global cop, the US military-commercial government and buddies can enter and cement it's McCrap culture etc., so, I feel that with the drive by the middle-class, financial and concerned thinkers, as Grass Roots as any, and those deep Alternative Pro-active inventors to research, develop and popularise what would ideally steer the trillions of dollars blindly spent on oil away to the phenomenal Green and Just Options available, the US military-corporate oil authority - Chaney, Rumsfeld and Bush, and partner-corps-in-cahoots with all energy-industry mega-corps, have reacted by seriously "notching-up social disquiet by the media and rising prices of one of our most "essential services" - the supplier of our "darkest" energy - OIL!?
(I suspect that sentence is the longest one I've ever wrote!?)
This is clearly a case of plunder by the powerful energy corporations, and when we cut through the utterly false "middlemen" spin (advertising and marketing agencies and, to-date, politicians), it becomes even more obvious that it is the Soul if-I-may, of the Grass Roots roots, Natural Local Cultures of Self-Sustainability, that the global-cop-corporate marketplace most plunders.
That this is the juggernaut's targeted enemy seems clearly to mean "free enterprise" in supplies of essential resources, and as we are so fucking consumptive of our energy resources, "free enterprise" in the supply of oil is the enemy of Local, Humane, Democratic cult-free and Perennial Cultures.

The oil-crisis has arisen since the masses of Human Beings once more found their voices, speaking out against the injustices of western capitalism and it's rorting of the Principle Laws of the Land.

The oil crisis, along with the "war on terror" and "on drugs", etc.

I'm a Rogue-Red-Ragger, if ever there was one, but the Land Rent Principles of Henry George that I Advocate, are as close to any Fabled "Middle Kingdom" as I could ever hope to find.

This e-ssayblog is an honest shot at capitalism, but not to condemn it entirely.

All things in moderation, aye?


Politics for Children and Youth

Tuesday 17th August 2004.

Past attitudes of "not in front of the children" has been Wise though regretable.

Predominant politics 'til today has rested upon some High and Noble Ideas, Ideals and Ideologies, but existed amidst some utterly rude and heathen realities "on-the-ground".

Much of these hard realities, of Indigenous genocide, "dissappearances" of brave whistleblowers, and all manner of horrific torture and death meted-out to dissenters speaking against establishment-manipulated police, Land and financial corruption, etc, as often the REALPOLITIK Stalwarts and even Prophets, while events were beyond any two or two thousand parents to stop - the delicate Soul of the child, it was rightly for the time decided, as Best protected from the crude shattering realities of adult political life.

Today, the facts are "out-there" and few children, perhaps of west-and-east are ignorant of the mean-ness of the world, that it has been so forever, BUT! - now more than ever they too have been given the "Keys of Knowledge" to their own Full Potential, AND the Universal, permanent link between politics and Economics.

But now, the Primacy of the Economics of the relationship between People and the Land.

Also, politics has been kept from kids for fear of their yet-to-be "harnessed", yet-to-be repressed "verve" when they are aroused on issues which strike at their innate, Natural sense of Justice and fairness, as we have always seen in student political expressions and revolts.

This Brilliant energy, when combined with revealed facts about political injustice, which is basically "any rorting of the Root Laws of the Land" by a minority against the majority (but can be a majority against a vilified minority) with the Passion of a fairly Virtuous (if not naive) "sense of Love" for all things and People, has often been the catalist for major revolutions and reforms in all corners of the world.

This is why the 'establishment', corrupt by it's very nature, has structured this "adults-only" world of politics, diplomacy and totally hypocritical policies, making it appear too complex for children to understand.

However, this isn't an e-ssay about giving youth the vote. Not too early anyway.

For politics has become (quite deliberately) very complex, and demands usually, a wealth of experience to manage without the last resort to violence or war.

Experience here is the key, although Wisdom is critical when it comes to deciding the welfare or future of a group of people, whether the family or the whole nation, and Wisdom it is often said, comes from experience. (So it would seem the Ideal for all voters to seek Wise Counsel on matters pertaining to the Well-Being of the Group.)

I'd say yes and no to "Wisdom comes from experience". But that's an whole 'nother topic, which ranges into questions of "what is thinking?" and "Who is thinking?" and "whence comes thought?" and thus, "Whence comes Good Guidance, Right choice, Truth, etc?" "What is Wisdom?" et al.
Or, is the western belief system and system of inquiry correct about where we look for answers to important social-thus-personal questions, what with the "scientific approach" of outward observation, experience and deduction, while ignoring the "INNER" propensities, remains dominant?

Certainly, an education system unfettered by those past needs to keep the hard truth from the tender minds of youth, would give accurate versions of history, and accurate versions of such enormous distortions to Human Progress as the wave of American Universities set-up by tyrannical Land-owning railroad tycoons of the 19th Century, purely to deceive the nation of the United States of America of the important, inseparable relationship between the People, ALL People, and the Land the tycoons so unjustly stole, from the American Indians as much as from the settler-migrants of the new and growing nation.

An education system unfettered by private interests riddled with sleazy hidden agenda, would NOT pump the childs mind with completely untrue and seriously perverting information about "How to Be Happy", about the untenable nature and design of material wealth, of consumerism, of looking for happiness in being greedy, in spending money on superficial products, most of which submerge the Soul in a tragedy of material addictions, fanaticisms and excesses, all of which the Wise Elders of any Self-Centred Community would strongly warn against.

In a True Democracy, as was before the psychopathic spread of our ancient Celtic ancestors quite vibrant in Indigenous nations everywhere, Justice was Natural, where basic Laws, Laws which upheld and underpinned all other laws, were Known and Respected, and not hidden from the children.

In the west, these fundamental laws have been hidden from children because most-all of our ancestors have seriously broken the Primary Law of the Land, to the point where the whole socio-economy runs on centuries of deceit and forced silence. To speak out against that sad fact, meant instant vilification and exile, if-not a sad and horrible premature death.

My parents Knew about Henry George I think, but Dad would go "ballistic" whenever I spoke of him, suggesting that he was rightly-enough shit-scarred of word getting to the establishment that we were talking about these Primary, VERY sensitive issues.

It seems to me, quite stupid to keep the usually most astute minds and hearts of children from developing their political accumen from an early age, and being hit at voting-age with a barrage of meaningless platitudes and language, from adults that most kids can see are mere 'clones', puppets of a larger, sinister juggernaut of global corporate oppression.

A juggernaut which thrives on all the "nasties" of life - war, deceit, pollution, corruption of the political process - and finally, the invasion of one's own ability to think clearly about which system is Best for them and their family et al!

I don't think children should have the vote too early.

Maturity on sorting all the issues of political-social lifestyles is essential to a Right-minded Polity, and it is unfair that adults should prematurely burdon kids minds and hearts with too much of this.

It is also a crime of the worst order when adults use the political process, and their ability to misguide kids politically to their own devious advantage, and argue that kids should be kept out of politics, when it is clear they are acting with NO concern for the future of the larger family of the region, nation or whole Human population.

"Don't you worry about 'asylum-seekers' son....., that's 'men's' business."

However, kids have a right to be Honestly informed about those issues, too big to grasp-but very influential in forming the life and mind of all of us, especially children and youth.

I think it's close to true that typically, an individual's political/Philosophical "Maturity" is not awakened in them until their mid-thirties.

I also think this is typical of the "western" individual, they being the greatest victims of Mammonic advertising and marketing predators, thus slowing their intellectual development seriously, and often permanently.

The very reason why the west today is in such chaos, is that the so-called 'elders' of western politics and society have upheld a most toxic deceit to the People, young and old about Economics and it's Root - Land and Labor.

Kids deserve to know who their boss is going to be when they join the workforce, how much he/she is going to fleece and oppress them, and how much he/she is going to try to corrupt them into supporting the same rotten game.

Give the kids the FACTS on these whole-of-Society issues, and they can nought but choose Wisely when they come of voting age.

There you have it! This is why the conservatives ("conservers-of-root-corruptions") don't want kids to get-the-facts on politics.


"The more you deceive yourself about ANYTHING.......

The more you deceive yourself about EVERYTHING!!!


Public Schools and “Independent” Schools?

Public schools, in this age (perhaps western societies ‘adolescence’ in “the Art of Educating”, in terms of growth and maturity), are invaluable.
But they are more a response to other deprivations besetting those most effected by unaccounted-for, world-wide Economic disparities.
“Private Schools” per se, are at their most dangerous while “managed” by today’s religions.
Independent secular schools which offer non-dogmatic eclectic courses pertaining to and including the “Spiritual Inquiry” are the nearest students need and probably should be to ANY luring religion.
A Just and Equitable Society/Community would have little or no need for “public schools” as we know them, for poverty would not determine the extent of anyone’s education.
Rather, educational needs would be much reduced, where the majority of ‘courses’, created in response to established ‘industries’ of reactionary specialist “professions” etc., and other products of the loosed imaginations of wealthy “do-nothin’s”, would have no place.
A Just Society would ensure none were deprived of the Best Education possible. One culturally and individually ‘tailored’ to draw-forth the Best in every student.
A Just Society would also have reigned-in the dated tax-rorts of the undeserving establishment, freeing all classes and members of Community to pursue whichever economic and educated life they choose, for themselves and for their children.
This way, we go closer to ensuring a Safe and Peaceful world for our descendants yet to live in the coming centuries.

US Govt Guilty of – BAD GOVERNMENT

US Govt Guilty of – BAD GOVERNMENT
12TH August, 2004

The administration of GW Bush is guilty of making unjustifiable errors in deciding the best, safest, path to take in regard to the Iraq and Middle-Eastern “situation” in general, for general world security.

This is undeniably evidenced in the growing number of reports by more-than qualified authorities.

The mounting evidence seems certain to lead to what I believe are quite justifiable charges of "War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity" against the Government of George W Bush.

Australia’s Liberal/National Government cannot honestly avoid similar charges for it’s (political) part.

There is an argument for Tony Blair’s decision to join forces with the US military/corporate monster, which I glean as being of a kind:
“A unilateral American military machine (on the loose) invading not just Iraq, but as loose-cannons might-be-well-expected-to-go, the wider Middle-Eastern, Arabic and Islamic region, threatens the worst outcome, thus an horrendous 21st century for the whole planet.”

So, having to ‘factor-in’ massive rorts and western corporate corrupt activity within the Middle-East (deviously to fuel tension and administrative infrastructural breakdown as much as plunder), and across the wider world, as a result of “declaring war on Iraq”, Blair, I suggest, saw it better, "that in the American military war-room, Britain’s top military advisers and personnel should at least witness, and at most diplomatically seek to ‘govern’ or temper any immoderate US temptations to run-rampant across the Islamic/Arabic world", as I reckon Blair rightly feared they would do.

My take on it, is that any ‘presence’ of an ally such as Britain (being their ‘key’ friend in global politics, and perhaps the nation the US government respects most) especially as advisers in US war-rooms, moderated the many US psychopathic propensities to lose control of the situation and resort (typically) to heavier and broader military actions.

Actions, in this high-potential scenario, certain to have ‘fucked-things-right-up’ globally, for a long-long time.

For centuries, if not longer.

This scenario - my gleanings - open to correction – nevertheless, does not negate the HARD TRUTH that Bush, and for his own errors of judgement, Howard, have failed terminally in providing The People All, of our two nations with 1st and foremost, Good Government.

Good Governance extends to the obligations of every employee and to the vigilant confirmation of every bit of advice the so-called “leader” receives and acts upon.

While we are plagued with the parliamentary model involving the flawed structure of requiring individual leaders, bad government is assured.

But the ”requiring of individual leaders” is as much a fabrication – at least an extreme focus – “myopism” - by vested interests in the media, upon individual personalities, capitalising upon the lowest common denominator of ignorance-bred gossip and public opinion.

Ignorance-bred by the ‘establishment’ to overshadow the more urgent macro-political-economic aspects of the Community.

Alexander Downer’s knowledge of terrorist warnings about Bali, weeks before the Bali bombings, and failure to alert the people is another example of BAD GOVERNMENT by the coalition under the Howard/Costello regime.

Good government is about ensuring Sound Advice and thus Good decision-making.

On both accounts, the Liberal/National government has failed tragically.


Photo coming soon

As it's gone over five or six years, I've been "snapped" by mongrel and happy tourists alike.
I'm getting used to it, but still wannna strangle some of those exceedingly arrogant European and British yuppies when they hold-up their dinky tv-phones facing my way.

Ho-hum.... it's tough at the topppppp....

Nevertheless, however and "Hello!"

Wiff this sublime medium for to slap your grey-matter right-on-the-planetary-plate as-it-were, and having scanned through a few other blogger's site, I decided it's time for a photo I might select, instead of shots of my bare-arse being wiped on a toilet from behind, or the ingracious snaps of me stuffing a sloppy pie in-a-my-mouth etc.

For this salubrious event, I thought I'd make something of it, and went deep-mohawk with red tips - the shot the rich-plebs never get!

Assoon as I can, I'll snap myself, and without fear or facial, updump it, for a Global laugh, aye!

Dispelling 'the Messiah Myth'

Mon 2nd August, ‘04

Over the last three or four days I’ve been aware that I had a virus of the ‘flu-type’, or was being attacked by some other cretin.

Last night was a heavy night.

I drove down to the “Coates industrial estate" on Sibley St to sleep, as I often do, in the van, o’course.

I felt OK at bedtime, but during the night I was awoken by a blocked and runny nose.

My sinus gland was pumping mucus overtime, making for a very uncomfortable situation..

Hankerchiefs were all used so I rsorted to toilet paper, and worse…..?

I guess this began in the early AM hours, for it was a long night of rolling, spitting (into a bottle) nose-blowing, and eventually, ‘though it is interesting that this didn’t happen ‘til after daybreak, I could feel an ‘alien’ energy 1st in my stomach, then after the first vomit, the foreign little demon (we’ll call him “Peter”) seemed to get really aggressive in my lower digestive system.

I was involuntarily dry-wretching for a minute or so, only waning when I squatted and tensed my abdomen muscles.

As the dark night (it was a brilliant full moon actually, and cloudless) wore-on, I detected some ‘alien’ agitation in my nasal mucus glands!?

I realised this was an occult attack on the mucus glands to simulate a ‘flu’ virus-like reaction.

I focused my attention (finally) on the thought of retracting or closing-down that nasal gland, and quick enough, my nose cleared, and as at 9AM is still fairly dry. (As at 2-45PM, it’s trashed again, indicative of a real virus, I must say).

For at least 5 hours I’ve had a headache, of either a tobacco-grog hangover (but a very mild dose last night), or again that headachy discomfort typical of the flu.

So, one is left but to assume I HAVE the flu, and that the strength-sapping effects are being played-upon by “the alien energies!”

The discomfort of last night is not new to me. We’ve all been “flueey-pooey”.

However ----------------

The “alien attack” I refer to is of the occult variety, projected onto myself, or, my mind, by a bunch of crude-dudes - most all being of the “private-school” indoctrinated variety, like “Peter”, a supposedly "freakish-jerk-off" who has appeared in Nimbin in the last year, and has been harassing me since, with utterly non-sensicle questions/statements etc.

All done purely, I’m sure, to “diminish” my self-confidence - a critical means of defence against black magic of the Christian warp. He's also unrelenting in trying to “steal my light” as a witch might say of a vampire, (he’s often jerking himself about in the cafĂ©. It’s obvious he’s staying active to ward-off the same kinds of attacks) by moving in-and-out of my “personal boundaries”, serving it’s purpose, as is made obvious by his little demonic laugh whenever he manages to distract me from reading or such.

Whenever I try for a sensible conversation, he fucks-it-up quite deliberately.

There is no doubt he is “on a mission” and if so it's from/for the Catholic church (he said he’s Catholic, but he could be anyone of them. He "smells" Catholic.)

I assert, Peter is a fraud, an occultist of no Good Intentions.

Although in his defence, he, like all followers of the “Messiannic cults”, is psychologically very astray AND psychopathically ill (due to the “original flaws” of Abramic religions). "Forgive him Lord, ....for he knows not...........!"

But typically, he can’t see beyond the Catholic’s occult hypnotism and indoctrination.

I assume the Vatican, Canterbury, Chicago and Tel Aviv are aware of these points about the typical moronic-zombie, under a religion's spell. Are they aware of the dangers to Humanity though? If they are, then they'd be very aware of that which they call Satan............

Also, the whole premise of Judaism and Christianity is that “one day” God will reappear as the Man-God Messiah in-the-main apparently, to save a 4000-plus year old sick religious cult from it’s very-own ignorance, and from the now evident repercussions of 4-plus Millennia of many dangerously flawed beliefs, theories and doctrines, that can be seen for what they are, is overflowing with roaring gaps in it's logic and Wisdom.

An anarchistic, totally chaotic evolution of the Human Species, which needs Good Christian Crusaders to "save the heathens from themselves", be-the heathen Arabs or Aborigines or the Iraqis of today, is what the dumb-fuck Christian believe is their Mission. The Reality, the Truth if-you-like, is exactly the opposite.

Too many Cultures the Christians have plundered and overrun, were, pre-invasion, quite Balanced, Harmonious and Spiritual Cultures. Civilisations indeed! There predominated Profound Reverence for the Spiritual Forces of Nature, of Man (Humans) and of the Gods, and a Powerful, Whole-of-Community Will to Work with the Higher Powers, Gods, God.

..Then along came the missionaries..................


We've all been sucked-in by charismatic charlatans, yet even after the hardest of lessons, many more than will admit it, we keep "a quiet eye open" for that Hero who might Lift us beyond the misery we see all round.....

This is so typically western as a way of thinking..... looking OUT for INNER Peace!?


"Looking OUT for INNER Peace!?" With all the counter-Spiritual "fruits":

"DIRECT FROM ISRAEL! -Loose-mind-mania!"

Was it the Golden Calf they ate? Perhaps it had BSE? (Bovine Yonis or "MAD COW" disease?)

How sick are they?

Criminally, beyond the order of the worst war-criminals.

The thing most to be feared about the Judeo-Christian (unholy) alliance, is that, (like last night for myself) they will resort to anything in the vain (as in “vanity”) attempt to keep their crumbled religions afloat.

(EDIT: 6th August '04: I must say that that night events drove me to this little bloge-ssay, and since this e-ssay has been published, a week or less now, I've been hassled by the "straights", who seem to exude either the Christian spell or right-wing conservativeness. Wherever they have acquired their occult powers, through the Satanic Christian flocks, or some psychopathic town 'elder' is of no interest here, clearly they've been projecting occult onto my bwrain to piss-me-off.

What they hope to gain from that has innumerable possibilities, but one likely one is that I will "loose-it" and crown one of them with an iron bar. I'd go to jail or the psyche-hospital as a Demon-possessed maniac, to whit I could not argue, for it would be these same arseholes who're projecting into me to send me off-the-rails.

I wish, but I'm sorry, I see their plan, close to success as it was, and as of the last twenty years, I have not yet lost it and murdered anyone, and will endeavour to maintain that Pledge to myself into the future.

The whole of Jewish and Christian religion’s existence, all it’s war-crimes, and an immense (investment in a “theoretical?!” - FAAAARRRKKK!?!?!?!) reputation, is vested in and depends solely upon “A Messiah!”

That’s a lot of dependence, wealth and power for any individual to safely and Wisely handle.

What if, in Truth, the very notion of a Messiah, a ridgey-didge World Saviour, was wrong?!

(APAPLEXY*^$#&(*&^$^%$!!!!???) (Tremors under Rome!)

In religious idiots, being as they are, such a question sparks all sorts of spell-based, violent reactions from them. Because these "Messiannic" religions have gotten too big to possibly “manage” any such Truth, or thus to maintain ANY Spiritual Wisdom, bringing-forth such quite valid questions are rejected-point-blank.

If you observe such antics by Jews and Christians to avoid the Truth, you may well see a “puppet-master’s” spell at work, tugging and jerking fools all over the place, before they, Christians anyway, have a fit and start screaming “ONLY CHRISTIANS CAN GO TO HEAVEN!” and “JESUS IS THE WAY!?” etc.

Jews, I think are not in the same basket as "reborn" Christian.

So! Peter is in Nimbin to push me out, so I will be more accessible to the filthy and warped clasp of the religious anti-Christs - Jews and Christians, because they are paranoid about losing or of not having control enough (over the purported Messiah) to “manage” the situation of any Natural-thus-Truly-Arising Prophet. (A late addition, edit to this possibly puts "Peter" in quite another "basket", which I shall not identify now, and is dancing for two masters - the Micks, and Hmmmm?)

FOR THE CHURCHES KNOW, a Loose Prophet (or two?) - would bring the religions 1), to account, and 2), to their knees. She/He would bring down their dark empires - or at least “have a chat with ‘em,” about their errings………

Now hard as it is to do this blogthing on public library computers, an hour at a time ain't enough to make sure my "points" in these e-ssays are as clear and complete as I am seeing them in my head - y' un'erstand? So I maybe missing something in my case for the Non-Messiah.

But I think this suggests a contradiction - my posit that all Messianic religions are wrong, then talking about “loose Prophets” telling how to sort-out their mess, etc?

(I should know I s’pose, being the One these dumb-fuck religions reckon I am!?)

Maybe I am?! (Core-flummox-me?)

If I am, I am right in these analyses.

What a laugh I’d have, watching and listening to the clergy go freakin' NUTS with language to counter these postulations, and “prove” they are wrong.

If I am, I’m Right.

So, why are the Christian churches now ------ setting to screw-me-over?


In December last year, I was finally told who the churches regarded as their, and of course Humanity’s deadliest enemy -


Yar! Bewdiful!!!!

For some ten years I’d been kept in the dark about this, and involuntarily sent on “missions” to “DESTROY THE EVIL ONES!” by the church.


I began riding a motorbike at 17 years of age, unlicensed, unregistered, NO laws, and a fast BSA 500cc single (B-50-SS unit construction ’71 model), in 1973.

I cut my teeth so-to-say with ex-Angels some 20 years-plus my age.
I fucking KNOW, you blind religious fools, that dudes like Hell's Angels ARE NOT as evil in their hearts as possibly the majority of the clergy. Most of the clergy wouldn't be aware of who is making their opinions for them. Ie., they're under hypnotic spells.

"Evil" is the very same as religious ignorance.

Since I was told about the Angels, in December last, I've seriously considered what my next step should be.

I'll tell you I've come to a dead-end in trying to properly "connect" with those I dared percieve as my "allies", after ten years of their, and my unknown enemies continuous lying and fuckheadedness toward me.

I guess, though am not sure, I should make note of all the fuckheads who wouldn't tell me about the Angels, who because of the Satanism of the heirarchy of Judaism and Christianity (themselves under ancient hypnotic spells) the general Jew or Christian is 'programmed' to come-on SHIT-SCARRED if their totally warped "puppett-masters" want it. So they'll mess themselves big-time if the sorcerer tells 'em these bikers are Satanic. Why? Because "they LOOK so evillllll?!!?!?"

"Making note", is saying thank-you to them, and is about as much as I can profer, these days, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED!

So, for the last ten years or so, in the eyes of the dumbfuck western religions, I have been "helped"?

Also, while this gross deception prevailed (as it had to, damn it!) for some six years minimum, a "lifeline" was still available to me, through some media addresses (I can't call them 'contacts' ) I had, and, also, after a period of about 3 to 5 years of the fucking church(es) IN ALL IT'S WISDOM (!?) binding ALL it's secondary private-school students and those from a church education to regard me as Satan incarnate, and thus I lost too much to mention - ALL Human associations, friendships, family and all my possessions - after 3 to 5 years the church had a "change of heart"?!

So for six years or so, they've been pushing me psychically to do the True Work they're all too fucked-over in their heads to do for themselves.

PLEASE MAXIE, save us from THEM! The EVIL ONES!!!


Now, since hearing about my Brothers (a qualified use of the word "Brothers", having not been a rider for years, and having never actually joined any club, but used in the knowledge that we live and ride in the same Spirit of Freedom), the Angels, as I said, I considered MY options, but more importantly, the implications and ramifications of either one over the other choice.

I chose correctly.

Therefore, instead of the churches "searching their Souls" for where they fucked-up, they adopt the spell of stubborn reactionary and violent objection, which is exactly and Satanically what they threw at me last night.

The Anglican and Catholic "gangs" are low mothers no doubt about it, AND are perhaps the most deeply deceived and deluded religious mobs on Earth. They've been around in various disguises for 1700 years - AND STILL CAN'T GET IT RIGHT!!!!?

Fuck 'em.

Well, they got some things half-right, but these last 1700 years would test the Best of them.

Notice that such unrelenting decay and abject ignorance, was never such a problem in, for example, China, India and other "eastern" cultures, before the invaders and their evil "Missions" came?

"The more you deceive yourselves about ANYTHING,
.......the more you deceive yourselves about EVERYTHING!!!
(Quote me 1999 Victorian State election slogan)

Christian doctrine is riddled with flawed ideology, as well as with gross misinterpretations of Scripture. So it is obvious that such "Fine" dialogue, such delicate language containing anything of a Spiritual Truth (perhaps from some Wisdom gene) which elucidates Truth to lesser or unawakened ears, will be beyond them.

Added to this is my assertion that Christianity is in fact an occult sect of Judaism.

Stre-etchin' it a bit, a bloke could almost postulate that Christianity is in fact one which grew from quite deliberate intentions of ancient Israel, to counter-attack the invading Romans, and thus is militarist in intent. If there's any merit in such a wild postulation, this makes Christianity even less credible as a Genuine "G-O-D" centred religion.

The Holy Roman Empire, that grew from missionaries from Israel (?), is a prime example of a flawed ideology. And what is the REAL state of Life in Europe these days? Just ask all those who emigrate!

Good on yer Christians!?

Immediately I know many will react with argument for "ALL THE BENEFITS!" so-screamed of the likes of the long Roman Empire(s).

But let's be real? History tells us now that four thousand years (5, 6, or 7 thousand if you like) for one civilisation, perhaps even a daintily refined one like the poonse-plagued west, is nought, nothing, zilch, zero, in "Mature" terms, in "Enlightened" terms, when compared to an ancient-that-is-twenty-thousand year old Culture, or as Our Precious Aborigines SIXTY thousand years, perhaps 100 thousand and more.

Then there's the Garden of Eden??????? How long was that around before the Fall???

And what was It, that held it together for.....................e....o....n....s?

(Surprise me George Bush and agree?!)

Yet more!

"Religions" per se, are but the last, lowest remnant of any Genuinely Spiritual Culture. Lao Tzu's "Tao Te Ching" makes clear reference to religions rise from the fall of Spirituality in the People. (Sorry I can't access it here-and-now to quote Him.)

That People find the need to make religion such an overt, prominant part of their and other people's lives, betrays the Subtle Nature of such "Stuff", for it is the most Personal Trip if-I-may, and is reduced in Quality if overtly displayed like the "western" mobs do. Yeshue said something about that too, aye?

To Understand this is to be a Taoist.

For, I believe that Tao, as-it-were, was not openly worshipped in the days before the world became ingulfed in the 20th Century "Industrial Wars Period", and the Communists clamped-down on "superstitous" religious practices. It was quietly Revered in all the People did, and was prayed to, offered Blessing to, in the "Altar-Room" in People's own homes. Temples existed, but were not I think visited every Sunday or such, en masse. More they were Quiet Places for Peaceful Contemplation. This Order I example, of China, reflects, assuming it is accurate, the Wisdom of China as a Nation, and ancient Nation, but perhaps more, an ancient Culture.

However, let's be BALANCED also, for I know China has been through many of it's own stormy periods too, and if I were anyone else I'd be snowed with those "email blocking thinees" telling me about the millions who died in the dark times in the mystic east, etc. Fair enough.

Whatever you believe, and maybe be able to prove, I put it that the Chinese Mind is in a far better condition than the western mind, or, again, was, before the British dealt their way in. And had been for MUCH longer, than the Judeo-Christian, western cult.

Clearly there is something Basic, Fundamental about such very-much older Cultures than the west is, and it seems to me that the sustainability of these "eastern" Cultures, is due to their never having lost the "Silence of God" within, or the ability and recognition of the importance of the Still Mind, to All Life.

Birds do It, Dogs do It, koalas do It, Lions, Eagles, Polar Bears do It, so why don't WE do It, (yeah..... "and fall in love....". Funnily enough, the Stillness aforementioned, is the same.)

Western religions have wandered a torturous and twisted road - from Eden, but Judaism and Christianity fell right-of-the-Spiritual-cliff long before Yeshua ben Joseph flew-in. And 2000 years longer-ago than the use of the word, "religion" came into use when refering to Cults, Orders etc.

[See my e-ssay "Free the Churches! FREE THE PEOPLE!" at my weblog site:

Having invested huge amounts of time, thought, money and action, not to mention the verbose self-flagulating rhetoric of supposedly "High Thinking" People, People who are known to most as "really missing the mark!", (though personally, I must say.............., I've had lovely conversations with them usually, uptil 1996), invested thus, managing my "messiah spell" if-you-like, the broadest Christian church is, (and now-a-days, Judaism and Islam) since my recent "renunciation" as-it-is, upset!?

("I Abdicate!" I had on back of my van through Autumn of 2004.)

This, totally aside form my five year long rebuttle of the very notion of a "Messiah", really gives them something to Struggle with..............



Lemons ain't no lemon!

This is an email I just sent to ABC Radio National's "Life Matters" after their program about lemon 'products' in the typical sense of the word.


The use of the fruit name "lemon" I suggest, to denote a failed or imperfect product or such, may well be a Lemon, if not a fraud on society?

Negative beliefs are reinforced in one's mind each time we hear

"Lemon tree very pretty,
and the lemons are so sweet,
but the fruit of the lemon,
is not good enough to eat!"

What is the actual "lemon's" history in relation to medicine???

Lemons are known by all to be Good medicine for many maladies, yes?

Nature's 'weapon' against the rising force of religious alchemists- today's pharmaceutical corporations.

Growin'-up in Melbourne's eastern "burbles" in the 1950 and '60s, many-maybe-most settled and recent families had a lemon tree in the yard, and it was the first thing the Mum's went for, for numerous things - for colds and flu, bleaching, antiseptic, washing, cooking, odour-eating, contraceptive (not that I knew about that then), anti-HIV virus (well, not back THEN) and some skin conditions, I believe.

Lemon is a must in an anti-flu or anti-congestive drink, and on and on.

So, Ms Jules McCrossin, before you go slanging the Good Fruit with bad Christian beliefs, CHECK YOUR FACTS, about the humble old Lemon and why failures are so called!

I wouldn't put it past the bastards of Christian or Judaic alchemy-cum-science-and-medicine of whatever era the denigration began, to do what the pharma's have done over the last fifty years to Cannabis, which is to demonise whichever natural product or original medicine may interfere with their own greedy-cum-psychopathic wealth-and-power trip.

Lemon may well be put in the same "demonised" basket as the Good Herb, Marijuana, and may also therefore, in these "Enlightened Days" (bet they said that in the Dark Ages of Jeff Kennett?!), demand restitution by YOU! into the typical bathroom medicine chest etc., of yer Bewdifool Ossies.

May the Perfect Medicine, be Your Inspiration!

PS: On another note: "When did the "slaughter gene" get into the Celtic Man's DNA?" Do you even want to go there???


Max No Difference


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