140930   SHOCK NEWS  

In a shock announcement from Labotomiland [previously known as “Queensland” Australia] by the constantly shocking Newman government, the Minister for Labotamies today said that,

As from next Bubsday, this Gub'nmunt will be banning 'growing-up'".

Child care centres, mining communities, religious schools and tertiary education institutes, real estate agencies, crime gangs, the agriculture and toy industries, christian religions and police stations across Labotomiland, expressed glee.

Federal ALP opposition leader Bill Shorten said "GOOGOO, GAAGAA!", and "Blubsbsssblobba", and dropped his dummy.

When a reporter asked the Minister "When is Bubsday?", he replied, with a big baby-like smile, in a shrill voice, "ALL DAAAAAAY!"

- - - - - - - - - - 

In other news the federal parliament Committee for Doing Over Voters has announced that from the next election, election cycles will be “simplified” to 99 days per government term.

After an extensive 15 second study and ridiculously expensive, out-sourced consultant's research, this length for government term was found to best suit the federal politicians, because their favorite saying, is
"99! Change hands!"

This is " SHOCK NEWS ".

- - - - - - - - - - 

This morning the senior-most head of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, THEIR ABC, Rupert Murdoch, announced that in future, ABC news will be introduced as

"Filthy Rich Zionist Khazari False Jews 
Running Hollywood And Your Elections News"

and added that “....we can expect more of the same ______ [sorry that's been __________ redacted] ....as long as audiences want 'facts'!

Mr Murdoch went on, as he's want to do, and said

"We want to give you the truth in the introduction, and to encourage ABC's audiences, we want them to make it up from there. Like we do."

In other news, there was a fatal road accident today......,

- - - - - - - - - - 

Now over to spoiled, predominantly whiteguy, church-indoctrinated, overpaid and over drugged, silver for silence, drugs – er – sport.

- - - - - - - - - - 

And to the weather...,

Tomorrows temperatures are expected to be high across the planet, as we and the CIA, are still pushing the global warming scam, as it's the best way the global elite can figure, to scare the masses into stop burning energy, and because we can blame the Sun King, built by the Vatican as their returned King Jessuss, but, who's abdicated, turned Dissident, gone rogue, which is severely concerning CIA MK-Ultra right wing religious fundamentalist mind control agents.

- - - - - - - - - - 

We have a report, just in, that the abdicated Sun King is now threatening life on earth with possible annihilation, unless we

sack and arrest

-board members of all Rothschild's banks,
-all western governments,
-the Vatican cabal CEOs, the
-Al Jazeera,
-FOX and about a zillion other zionist media outlets,
-all hollywood studios,

-TAX RELIGIONS 100%, and
-implement true democratic land reforms forthwith.


  Absolutely SHOCKING!  

Looks like the end of the world, folks!


  Absolutely SHOCKING!  

Pray you wont be this SHOCKED...., ever again!

  Absolutely JAW-DROPPINGS!  

For an explanable reason, I had ABC's top politicaal satarist, Shaun-Micallef in mind as this was drafted?  [Not quite up to his Standards in Political Satire, however...]


Aliens in red suits in rural Australia?

140926 My G+ TRUTH WARRIORS Red Suit Aliens POST

Who are these two [middle photo] in red uniforms, in rural Australia?

Probably two nutty Grannies belonging to some catholic zionist witch cult.

BUT, could they be 2 extraterrestrials in red suits?

These photos I took [through the trees] today, as shown in the date stamps, of a farm , which has become a base for all sorts of fascinated - A! "conspiracy theorists"! no less - fools who monitor someone [myself] who they believe [NOooo! They ain't hypnotized to believe anything!] I'm some sort of superman, or alien, or as many have said to me, Jessuss!

I don't offer any answer. I am a bit interested in these two in the centre pic, for wearing what appear to be red suits, when today in south eastern Queensland, is quite warm, mid-20's Celsius and very sunny.

I suspect some sort of "gathering" of witches is gonna happen this weekend at that farm "Tranquility Farm" by name, although I call it "Tranquilizer Farm", for all the traffic it gets, since I was directed by spooks to the spot I'm "hiding" at.

They've had "functions" there before, and I am sure people from all over the planet are "invited".

Quite possibly, LAPD cops, and some bribe-taking notables from unHollywood.

[Which reminds me;
WHERE'S MY 50 MILLION US DOLLARS, SCHWARZENEGGER??? A little "joke" between us.]

But, what would I know?

Here's the link to a poem I wrote last week after the Scotland independence Referendum, [which even impresses me, my own worst critic];

I called, "The Fire of Scotland"

Any "talent" I do possess, is merely what has been "programmed" into me, over my 59 illegitimate years.

From my own painful inquiries of the last 9 years, I conclude that I'm but a puppet of the mad bastards in the CIA's "MK-Ultra" project of mind control. CIA, being, of course, but a branch office of the British scum-er-spies, of MI6, HQ at Cheltenham England, GCHQ.

Built, to play that false, and in my estimation outright "evil" puppet Jessuss, to be used by the far more evil vatican mobsters to be fitted-up on their bullshit god-king throne.

After about 30 years of being very suspicious of mum's lies, evasive chatter and clearly secretive intentions for me, and seeing links to the evil "Theosophical Society", definitely the Vatican, and possibly also even the Illuminati somewhere entwined amongst it all, and since being certain of me being set-up, I still fall on the side of


You decide for yourselves, if you have your Impartial, Atheist Intelligence awake to discern.

But these two somewhat "mysterious" characters over the valley from my hideout, [the pics I took on a Fuji digital camera, at maximum zoom, about "x60", so about a kilometer away] as said, possibly just two fanatical catholic cult grannies, and possibly two damned red-suit ALIENS, [hehehe, hohohoho - they must be a little bit afraid of me, for never coming and saying "hello!"] add to what I know is "goin' orrn" behind my back.

Sad, for no-one able to be honest with me.

Therefore...., as the actor "Patrick Stewart" says to Julia Roberts in the Mel Gibson hollywood movie - [I allege - about myself] "Conspiracy Theory" of 1997, and I seem to recall [from the movie] he also said it to Jerry Fletcher as Gibson [playing Fletcher] was being held in a wheelchair,

"only the truth will set you free".

So, as everyone is unable to be truthful to me


Have a fun party at Tranquilizer Farm, cocksuckers!

Max N Cook
Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor



Palestine, Gaza, Israel, Ceasefires, Foreign financing of Israel and what the world must do

Palestine, Gaza, HAMAS, Israel, Ceasefires, UN-hOLLYWOOD, Foreign financing of Israel and what the world must do

140923 G+ Egypt to host Gaza ceasefire talks Comment

Here's a Repost of another from G+ a few days ago, from This is Gaza - Pray For Gaza

I do so purely for what I'd written to [and added-to here] it's comment's thread, which goes to another aspect of Israel's mental health issues of fanatical narcissism and want for all the Levant's land for their greedy selves.

hOLLYWOOD! Very  UN holy wood, fact-be-known!

It's proper and worth reading first, the Mangalore Times article about Egypt offering to host “truce talks' between Israel-the-aggressor, and Hamas, who govern Gaza, then my words below, to see in which ways hollywood funds and therefore influences so much of the world's, especially USA's, general thinking on war, on the crises of the Middle-East, and why they are so adamant we should support their stomping Palestinians, so they can steal their land.

Plus, why we really should do as I suggest, and stop going to hollywood movies.

My words are not rocket-science, nor more than off-the-top-of-my-head thoughts. But the concept should be clear, to those who want to do the Right Thing.

Shared publicly  -  Yesterday 3:36 PM

[my thoughts, posted in the comment's thread on g+]

And how long will this truce last?

Until the protests are forgotten, and Israel begins the next stage of taking Gazan's land.

That Israel plays with our attention spans, hoping the world forgets the horrors of the last month in Gaza, so they can resume their theft of Palestinian's Lands, is why the world must not let this slip out of our awareness, and why the world must even increase pressure on Israel, by sanctions and product bans as per BDS, etc.

ALL anti-zion media have to start or keep up their

- airing of the crimes of zion - everywhere, but mainly in Palestine,

- the legal humanitarian cases against Israel,

- to encourage listener's/watchers/readers to maintain their awareness of their purchases, and

- read BARCODES for where produce originates.

There's an whole study in the last 2 - Israel's profiting from the industries we assume are OK to buy and use, for media to follow-up on.

All levels of govt everywhere, need to be monitored or asked where all their product comes from, and who the companies in the chain of delivery are owned by.

Locals can find these kind of details about what their own Local Governments buy from Israel, and from corporations and even local companies and shops who source things from an Israeli-owned company.

This type of Local Activism, is Legal, and Righteous.

Getting involved “at street level” as it were, is the BEST way Democracy functions.

In making situations Proper in far away places for most, like in Palestine, does actually make things right for YOUR OWN “Patch”, “'Hood”, “Territory”, “Stomping Ground”.

If western governments can decide that ISIS/ISIL/IS are credible threats to their own nations Peoples, as Australia's bullshit right-wing government is saying now, as it sends a contingent of our troops and fighter jets and other war equipment to “help” the bullshit USA bomb the crap out of ISIS/ISIL/IS, then WE, THE PEOPLE, can go about reducing the chances of “BIG BAD WORLD WAR THREE”, and any need for war there, by doing these kind of LOCAL things.

Kids, you too! But hey, get the folks onside first!

Lobbyists everywhere have to keep at the world's govts, corporations, religions and institutions to stop dealing in every way with Israel's media, and any Israeli corporations in any industry.

BDS has had huge success in that field, so everyone should know that it DOES work, and Israel is hit by blockades and products AND SERVICES bans, etc.

But one huge area the world CAN reduce Israel's foreign income is to


Adding, that we have to wake-up to the subtle messages most hollywood movie scripts are trying to sell, and hypnotize the audiences, into believing!


Fact is that most of hollywood's hero-genre movies condition audiences to accept that a mythical Jessuss figure is on his way to save the planet, and of course, to save the audience.

That, giving the world false hope in a savior, is actually tricking the world into being lazy - politically, economically and intellectually lazy.

Purely, so the zionists, who are the world's wealthiest elites, and who are also mainly of jewish descent, background or origins, or who've been pressured and/or bribed [“all the wealth of the world”, sound familiar?] to let this happen, can retain their delusional, and evil central control of the planet.

With, by no coincidence, a totally “puppet” Jessuss, marketed to be sitting at the top of the world hierarchy, as the god king of us all.

The puppet they are manipulating the world' minds for, by “hOLLYWOOD”!!!

The "puppet Jessuss false god-king", is in fact, the MOST EVIL and anti-democratic concept possible.

There's also a direct relationship in this dirty con-job by the Jews and Israel and the world' elite, and why hollywood movie stars are paid so much and why they're made so famous!  

"BRIBES!"  Actors, also, "tell lies" in their work.  That's WHAT THEY DO!  So the jewish masters of the USA and of hollywood pay their actors millions, mainly to keep the images up, which are distractions from the seedy, filthy, corrupt things the masters are doing, in hollywood and out, in war zones and business and government arenas, and to keep the actors SILENT, about the disgusting manipulation the movie industry does to the audiences.

Sure, "theatre" "acting", is, or was a Fine and Noble Art, to retell stories of moral, ethical, political, and mere entertainment value, or worth.  

Good theatre, good stories retold, and good acting also, help people learn, and mimick, how people best communicate with others.  And how not to behave.  But that and society, have been corrupted so that we often mimick the bad behavior, because it's "cool", "tough", etc.

But hollywood has gone way passed all noble intentions of acting, and is now using movies to hypnotize audiences to believe very sinister things about life.

"Conspiracy Theory"?   NOPE!  Conspiracy FACT!  Ask Mel Gibson!

[More links related to "Conspiracy Theory";
An hollywood movie about this miserable-son-of-a-bitch - me.
A slight divergence from the basic topic here..., but,]

In effect, the Jews of Israel, etc., are using YOUR money spent on hOLLYWOOD movie tickets, to set-things-up for them to totally rule over you!

When you realize this, you may feel just a little bit SICK! And/or ANGRY! Not to mention “anti-Semitic”.

So, the whole hollywood hero-genre film industry, making money hand-over-fist FROM YOUR INCOMES, to fall for the bullshit myth of “Jessuss”, is what hOLLYWOOD and cHRISTIANITY is all about.

Nothing to do with YOU being saved. The zionist elite do christianity so THEY alone can be saved, along with stealing most of the planet's and humanity's wealth for themselves.

Notice how we leave the cinema with that "all is well! Everything's gonna be fine!" feeling after one of those hero movies?

They always end on an "up" note, filling us with the dangerously untrue belief that our own world is gonna be cool too.

"Hypnotism", is what the jews are doing in hollywood. Mass-hypnotism.

I admit I love action movies, from the last century portrayals of America's cowboys, and stuff, to the latest Sci-fi. Etc.

But I know to keep the delusion separate from the reality of now.

And the "hero-delusion" pouring out of hollywood is designed to let the audiences leave, feeling as if SOMEONE ELSE is gonna do the hard yards of BEING RESPONSIBLE in how we MUST live, from here on.

Seen in this light, hollywood becomes a demon-maker, letting the majority be slaves to the worst things for the health of the planet, and for democracy, etc - "over-consumption" - because SOMEONE ELSE is gonna do THE RIGHT THING and taper-back their wasteful lifestyle.

AND.., hollywood's “demons” ARE THE AUDIENCE! YOU!

NO apologies for this extended "rant".

It goes to EXACTLY the same Cause last weekend's Climate Marches worldwide addressed.

"Personal Responsibility". Or...,


"It..., IS up to YOU!"


Yeah, I know..., rahrahrah! {;-]

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor



The Fire of Scotland!

The Fire of Scotland!

A Post Independence Referendum Poem

1 Green Man and Scholar alike,
Know Natural in Heart what's Right,
In Lore of who owns and walks free on land.

'Tis Natural as the trees,
As the cool of a summer's breeze
That where yee're born,
Forever, yee're free to sleep and Stand.

2 Long gone though it be,
When land was plenty, e'ryone was free,
Mists o' time, fog o' war, fade Wise, True Tenant's Law.

Some Scholars, e'en Rogues know to cherish,
Olde records and tomes not let perish,
Of Common Weal be ever-known,
and sung by Laird and Poor.

3 And well we all would live,
For the land she always gives,
While we Know Her Law, Respectful of Her Fruit.

When even across Her we be spread,
Ne'er a day none are not fed,
Her Republic rings sweet, to Pipe and Flute.

4 And Fight? We have no fear,
If fate falls us on our land dear,
In defense against cultist, centrist, thief! Our Mothers' speculator.

Life may not be long,
But the Soul hears the most Glorious Song
When Righteous War sends us through the undertaker.

5 And ever the Sun does shine,
As we wander free 'cross our own mountain's line,
If we're where Our Warrior Ancestors were.

If afore the Warrior's call
Ye Learn True, Land Law, Wise and Full
Then not any lie shall rend your mind a blur.

6 Even wit' skins-full o' pints-o'-piss,
Knowing the Lore, blind,
Yee'll still laugh all th' way to Bliss,
And yee'll more like bring down th' house wi' laughter.

And come mornin' hung over and grim,
Subtle truths'll exude as heads spin,
An' Auld Lang songs'll have y'all driftin' away from disaster.

7 If 'tother o'er yon live True,
We be friend and share wealth too.
And join festive, in song and merriment.

Song-an'-story shared, learned to teach,
Without want nor need to push nor preach,
The Odes, Laughs, Tales, Land's Fruits of Nutriment.

And not merely of the bodies need,
Greater import be our good thoughts' feed,
And all Nations live neighborly,
Sharing Eartha's Homely Firmament.

8 But ALAS! Wealth changes minds and need,
And peace is replaced by greed.
And warlords gravitate to comfy ways.

Excess breeds sloth,
Pompous gaiety and dross,
From Precious Rules of Share, the spoiled ego strays.

9 Courts of gold
Bring enemies of olde
Feigning allegiance for nefarious ends.

And deals are done,
Rude filth their fun,
True Laws be broken, never again to mend.

10 And lost is the Clan,
To the dark side of man,
Agrarian Folks replaced by “capital businessmen”.

Profit becomes the miser,
Laws change away from Wiser,
So the Laird can ride above their own Clan's kin.

11 So, invented, rises “class”,
Superior fools talk out their arse,
Workers starve, beaten, uneducated.

“Different” becomes a curse,
To be poor is nothing worse,
But landed wealth accrues to thieves, unabated.

12 And power they war to find,
Over all but the seeker's mind,
And stand on endless millions to be, ever higher.

Though bow the stood-on do,
True Spirit strives them through,
Together, entrenched, they learn, to keep alight, Honest, Common Fire.

13 And see the worsening plight,
Of family, neighbor and foreign non-white,
Has pub-talk lean to learned, Olde Wisdom Bright,
From misplaced faith to Intelligent Grace, ALAS! The need is seen!

Evidence can nay be denied!
Surprise! The landlord lied!
We're best when we govern our SELF, and Land Laws be True and Clean!

14 In one small isle, on north of Orb,
Quiet talk, sincerely absorbed,
A Meet of Minds nut out the woe of wealth.

Pub to pub, club to club,
Dissent! 'Tis for all child of Eartha's Health!

15 Though most see their Patch,
Enough control as they can catch,
Satiates the breadth of mind, of most.

Among them broad-thinking types,
Refute the trend of selfish hype,
Seek Timeless Lore to which ALL Folks can raise a Toast!

16 Resort they do to Scholars,
Olde Tomes which no-one bothers,
Professors jump! Rekindle Fires of True Social Testament.

Dust blown off the pages,
Gently opening facts of wages,
Of Honest Revenue for TRUE Government!

17 Process is seen, Independence must be gained, by Vote! By Referendum!

But long The Way is gone,
And subvert has been the norm,
by the House of Sick and greedy sycophantic chum.

18 So old folks lost, forget,
“the Fight ain't over yet!”
Bigger the battle is bred with every new child born.

As population grows,
Need is won by blows,
Police, illegal laws they've made their own.

19 The Modern Righteous learned Warriors,
Whose Grand-Da' died in colliers,
Do Good by thinking on the Vote.

But! Short-changed again,
by 'stablisment's stroke of pen.
Media, vote an' booth, owned by aloof silver-tooths,
Buy ballots, and in London's banks they gloat.

20 So weep we do,
The polls said “noo”
YES Fans wonder “WHAT? Can nay be troo?”
And sad..., we carry-on.

Dark centrists win again?
Spell doom for Kith and Kin,
REGROUP! “'Tain't over YET,!” tell Scotland's sons!

21 Call this “the Trial Run”,
Hone the brief, load the gun!
Spread the Cause, GLOBAL now! We - near - Our Day!

Though elite have upper hand,
There be more o' us than them,
And Justice is ever-Best, the hand to play!

22 From East Ukraine to US west coast,
The Mindful Fearless Drink a Toast,
To Scotland and Her Braveheart Independence Thinkers.

No land is left on Earth,
Whose Indigenous know not their Worth,
Now know English Law, to Theirs' add Common Truth,
See through shady colonial blinkers.

23 And near in Europe too,
Millions now know Land Laws True,
And March in Tune with Scotland's Self-Rule Call.

As the 1% in ivory towers,
Ignore madness runs abused powers,
The 99% True Human minds foment, “The Land belongs to All!”

24 So this day is lost to force,
By centrist propaganda of course,
Controlled by Rupert and narcissistic play.

Low, we lick our wounds,
Gulp chocolate salve in spoons,
And mend our woe to Fight another day.

25 Give ourselves a week,
Come back to Earth, get over falling meek,
Regroup, to weigh our Campaign's steps.

Consider, where to from here?
Over coffee or a beer,
No choice, The Cause must take bigger leaps!

26 Hello 21st Century WORLD!
Are Yee listenin' Boys an' Girls?
'Tain't over by a long, long shot YET!

It's not a call to war,
We've got our foot in the door!
And some fine Truelaw words in your ear, you bet!

27 So go off an' get some sleep,
And Meditate your mind to keep,
Fresh and Strong for the next step up the pyramid.

'Cause now we've pried it open,
Secrets AT LAST! Free to be spoken,
And a tweak or two'll get all off bank's waged-slave grid!

28 The 'morrow be now a dream,
With flash of foresight seen,
“We are Legion!” heard at every pillar and post.

Dynastic towers all have fallen,
Vast Majorities are One with the Calling,
Eartha be at last, True Warriors own safe host.

29 Free of ancient hex all are,
The Honest Life, no taxing bar.
Spread right, fed right, sound night, Lore High as God, forever known to all.

College tutes Just Truth,
Law abides by Spirit's Sleuth
Words spake no false nor downward pall.

30 True Hearts are Free to roam,
All Nations Afford Them Home,
And Nomads ride, road and tide, from shire to shire.

Language restored,
Of Noble, High, True and laud,
Curses buried away from mind, demon-angst in permanent retire.

31 Music our stories tell,
Of long road in-out of Hell,
Song resounds off peak, 'cross plain and dale.

All can music play,
Sweet dreams be real all day,
Knowing Lore, all hearts beat even, never fail.

32 And The Ode goes on forever,
Superlatives untrue, are never,
Spake nor thought, from candidate's stump nor cleric's pulpit.

For Truth's Fire anew be LIT,
In Canny Scot's Economic Wit,
This Referendum's “YES!”, all Soul's hear and ne'er let go of it.

33 World-round Uprise True Minds,
Not swayed nor cowered by 'stablishment's fines,
Quiet, Sincere, their Courage burns fear, and Connect with like True Souls, One and All.

Spies go mad to try,
Decry this Noble Cause awry,
Bureaucrats fall like Humpty-Dumpty off spec-ulator's Wall.

34 For Common Folks now have the tricks,
Agents are no more so slick,
State secrets open to The People's Scrutiny.

Palaces and Castles,
Like long-lost parcels,
Estates of hill and dale,
No more “beyond the pale”,
Earn Honest Revenue from Equitable Rent Duty.

35 Across e'ry Nation the music sails,
Ode and Poem regales,
the Ether, the Eartha, the Waters, in Perfect Harmony.

“The Fire of Scotland” is heard,
Respect Re-Ignited, for Warrior Scot's who Assured,
Earth's Wisest, Most Peace Full Destiny!

And so the story returned from the poet's dream, to the earth in currency of time.

Billions now awake, saw too the rectitude of Scotland's Stand, and were not deflated, but, contrary to the establishment's expectations, were Inspired to Join, not alone with Scotland, but with their very own Tribes, Clans, Nations and Polyglot Neighborhoods.

There were next to none, who had not heard the science, the evidence, the statistics, the “fors” and the “againsts” of each and every argument, the threats by the tyranny, and the clear and honest appeals of the Warriors for Scotland's Independence, thus, for the Economic and Political, REALPolitik, Truth.

In every bar, every pub, every coffee shop, every club and office and factory, the “mull” was about whether they can form a group, to spread the Call across their Locale, to join The Call across the Globe.

All thinkers put their minds to the legality of this thing, this Streak of Justice rippling around the almost forlorn planet.

Puppet governments everywhere in the rich west, shouted false flag threats of terrorism on the streets, in YOUR neighborhood, under your bed, like US extreme-right-wing Republican Senator Joe McCarthy's “Communists” of the 1950's-to-now political purges.

Reports and warnings of false police raids and arrests were sent to all news media, to raise the fear-levels in the general public, but really merely to give the elite more excuses to have mindless “We're getting' PAID!” police officers unduly over-armed to further frighten people into silence.

Too late!

Though some, mostly innocent victims of political-class and police paranoia were fitted-up, harassed, subtly intimidated by the filth, arrested and charged with “alleged” terrorist activities, and of “planning to carry-out” some invented conspiracy or another, “The Fire of Scotland Independence Movement” was already huge, so out of any authorities ability to contain and “put back in the bottle”.

Such was the rate of spread, of growing popularity worldwide, that by the hour, more police and military personnel were signing on, whether merely in their heart, not telling even their most trusted workmates, or quietly agreeing with their workmates and kin, friends and political party allies, to protect anyone they found onside with Scotland's “Yessers”, and the now GLOBAL Stand for Local “Micro-Nation Independence”.

Mainstream news media [MSM] went to their usual, ridiculous extremes to keep news of this underground Movement from getting air.

The growing numbers, aware and no longer so gullible, no longer wanting to run from the hard truths of the elite and it's frightening evil ways, but now seeing the simple Joy, the magnificence of feeling for partaking of this Most Noble Cause, simply ignored the MSM, took to lapping-up the essential knowledge of rightminded living, in accordance with this previously mocked and once “delusional” notion of “True Laws”.

Charlatan commercial and media corporations, the cashcows of the elite, fell to bankruptcy in months.

“Hollywood” went out of business!

Corporate and cult cabals, via their MSM, ordered to increase the scare-tactics, so the now-Dissenting consumers would run-in-fright back to “retail-therapy” and over-consumption, for their “fix” from the horrible news – false, invented, hyped-up, sensationalist, frightening news.

But now, the Masses found something more exciting!

Something TRUE! JUST! NOBLE! HONORABLE! To “escape” the drudgery of mainstream BLAAAH lifestyles, and certain dementia as old age approached.

Adult education colleges were flooded with applications for courses in Economics and LAW.

All were happy to oblige. But within weeks, most all of them were forced to reassess their curricula, and redesign them to teach FACTS, not 19th and 20th century pro-establishment hyperbole, fictions, about pseudo-economics, inflation, speculation, false land laws and inherent human desires, wants and needs, consumer market consumption theory, etc.

Many “schools” tertiary and adult education facilities were deserted of students, because they'd pinned their executives', board members', lecturers', tutors' incomes, and faith, to the cork-boards of religio-corporate sponsorship, etc, which guaranteed professors, professorships and ample funding, as well, of course, reputation, as long as false economic theories were fundamentally the mainstay of all economics, accounting, commerce, business, marketing, production, corporate management, bureaucracy, real estate, and allied courses.

Came the time, that the General Public were better at knowledge of the law, than the universities.

Law courts were in chaos.

Lawyers were hanging around in and outside, soliciting blatantly for work.

But mostly they were shunned and laughed at by the “criminals”, the defendants, the claimants, now litigants more often than defendants, against government laws, police charges, being proven as illegitimate, corrupt, and claimants deserving of compensation.

BY The People!

There was no violence from the YESSERS worldwide movement.

The usual establishment subversives were sent out, and into whichever group were found to be learning the True Law, trying to stir up false violent protests, or merely infighting within any said Group.

Too late!

The People were awake to their tactics! When someone was heard to try-one-on the Group, the protagonist, alone or with their co-conspirators, were spotted instantly and openly called to account.

The police and establishment's spy agencies, previously rushing to mess-over any Justice Organization who went to the True Law Issues, became afraid to look people in the eye.

Police Commissioners were running to their political superiors complaining of the atmosphere in their workplaces, many simply resigning and assuming a life amongst the citizen workforces.

Innumerable officers were seeking treatment complaining of workplace stress, getting pensioned and onto psycho-therapy, and compensation from the government employers.

Bureaucracies were being hit as hard too.

Militant bureaucrats FOR the YESSERS, were in every department office, fully-informed about how to make instant, the corrections to policies, to accounting, to credits and debits, to funding, to revenue collection and redistribution, and, to the Law.

The arrogant tax office employees who'd found work there, straight out of church schooling and university with degrees in economics - false, corrupt economics - because it was a guaranteed easy salary, “a nice-little-earner” career with many “benefits” during and once they'd accrued enough “CV-points” to leave and start their own tax accountancy company, were shrinking back into their office chairs, or leaving, for fear of being strung-up for being the frauds they'd been since their school-chaplain or priest first “looked into their eyes”.

In every nation, in every region where common sense told the locals they had JUST cause to take the legal route to secession away from a distant autocratic ruling class, a fervor sprung up in more by the hour. No more were they weakened by hopelessness.

The Story of The Fire of Scotland, and Her YESSERS, had reached them, and to every corner, every culture on the planet.

Their distant autocratic ruling class whom they never saw, who only funded them to the minimums, to keep them silent, while the Common Revenues were pilfered into greedy rich cronies' developments and speculative investment programs, suiting their upclub suburbs or regional towns, were running around offering new opportunities, new developments, new industries and any form of inducement to keep the masses onside.

Smiling, thanking them, the locals bid them “good-day”, and left them standing, holding their showbags of junk toys and lures.

The Future. The world had found herself.

Military personnel were fully up with the political farce, were as knowledgeable as college professors on Land Laws, the dangers, the real and present dangers of land laws falling into special-interest upper-class clubs of land-thieves.

Whole Regiments of Warriors were Standing Down.

Military courts were being overloaded with charges of Dissent, of Refusing to obey orders, of countermanding orders where clear evidence showed, proved, an illegitimate action or order existed.

Warriors were representing themselves, astounding the magistrates and judiciary, having them scurrying off to read-up on the case laws.

Military prosecutors were stunned. Even the most skilled in rubbish-rhetoric and fabrication, were seeking long-overdue mental health treatment, in and out of the services.

And, a majority of defendants were not being charged, cases dropped, compensation paid, and promotions dished-out by the bagful, to the Warriors who proved their Rectitude and Honor and thus, their Worth. Thus, their inestimable Value to the Services, and to their nation.

So, the dream plays-out.

Vote YES! Humanity! Vote YES!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor