Today, Astrayliarn prime minister Tiny Hubbott, ran away from the Indigenous Community he has been with for the last couple of days, because his English, Cecil Rhodesian mind is utterly afraid of Bleck Fulla's Wisdom, with the excuse he had to attend to urgent matters elsewhere, like being seen to be in charge of the country, which is coming under increased pressure to be attacked, because Tiny Hubbott and his willy-wiggling federal govt ministers are wetting themselves [between wanks] over the ongoing lies they've been frightening Astrayliarn's with.

This morning some 600 Australian Federal Police [AFP] officers raided properties across the eastern seaboard from Brisbane to somewhere south of Sydney, on someone's invented and leaked-to-media idea that we need to give our police forces something to do which might lift their popularity with the dumb-as-dogshit voters.

Since a police officer, now a police commissioner, first heard that there is a religion other than jews and christianity, and then made the clever deduction that they must then, be our enemies, police and politicians, and seriously mentally-ill media editors and owners have targeted this “foreign” religion, for being – a foreign religion, because “THAT'S WHAT WE DO!” shouted another police commissioner, via Skype.

So, the followers of this foreign religion, which also has a foreign name – Islam – and also has followers who do not as their 1st language speak English, or Hebrew, or Yiddish, or any other western language, so must be sick or evil, OR BOTH, have been targeted since, with variations of this morning's major police raids, actually for about the last 1300 years, and have found they are usually not guilty of violence, nor of planning to attack the two “real” religions' followers, and indeed, that they have been so scrupulous about the facts and truths of what their religion asks them to believe, that they have found scientifically, that their religion is by far the truer, more sincere one, compared to the two other “real” religions.

Nevertheless, as they sometimes do not, as their 1st language, speak Astrayliarn, that-is they do not speak with a forked tongue, do not swear, do not speak ill of the dead, do not criticize intelligent people who are not of the mainstream over-consumption, FUCK EVERYTHING whiteguy christian and jewsih cultures, and do try to live in accordance with the natural world, and within environmental laws, so THEY MUST BE TERRORISTS, according to the Astraylying minister for illegal whiteguy immigration Scott Moronson.

So, 600 federal police raided the Islamist's premises this morning to show the Islamists that they have guns, and badges to prove they're christians [and jews] with a mission, and to prove therefore, that the foreign religion's followers must be evil.

The prime miniature said on radio this morning, as he was running away from the Indigenous Community in far-far-farking north Quiddichland, that

“A? Well...? We, we've got lots of police, and lots and lots of soldiers - so THERE MUST BE TERRORISTS!”

The pro-zion, dark-empire ABC reporter felt obliged, as he licks these politicians' backsides before, during and after such radio interviews, to offer the prime miniature a cloth, to wipe the spittle from his lower jaw, as the PM dribbles and froths at the mouth profusely when the word “TERRORIST!” passes his lips.

Of course, as happens regularly across Astrayliar, police press charges, knowing all the time they have no evidence [“EVIDENCE? Don't give me that scarey word!” shouts the police commissioner of NSW, about every half-hour] then go about delaying the cases, so they can keep the pressure up on the victims of police and establishment christian, zionist mental illnesses, for as long as possible, merely because “That's how we do things 'round here!

As well as illegally hack into anyone's computers and download illegal police-monitoring software to really fuck their day.

Once the victims have spent hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in legal fees to defend their innocence and rectitude, against the most malicious and corrupt police force in Earth, the police enact part fifty-two of their clever little scheme, and drop the charges, knowing that that will work on the victims' shattered peace-of-mind itself, and with the polices' dirty left-handed “rum club” shadow work, will send the innocent and good victims, the people who follow Islam, into depressions, followed in some, by anger, and then, in fewer still, something of a “radical” want to get revenge.

So, Scott Moronson,the minister for illegal whiteguy immigration, that-is, the minister for dishing out illegal entry and citizenship visas to his racist whiteguy upper-class buddies from Britain and Eurape, who come in on tourist visas, then illegally loose themselves and their passports in zionist “communes” in and around Nimbin northern NSW, until they've sorted the false paperwork with Customs, and have mastered the Astrayliarn accent well enough to get by and even though extremely rarely, get a job. Extremely rarely because they mostly “work”, stoned as coots, on the illegal catholic-run Cannabis plantations around Astrayliar's rural and forested regions, supplying the upper class of the 1st world their hootch.

And, or, trafficking and supplying their orphaned and/or stolen children for the global catholic and military, and Brit-Euro elite's pedophile networks.

So, it's just as well our prime miniature Tiny Hubbott, and our illegal whiteguy pedophile immigration minister Scott Moronson, have loads of willing police and military personnel ready to bang children, then raid innocent Islamic Peoples' properties, to protect Astrayliarns from Honor, Integrity, Humility and from being overall Better Human Beings.

Astrayliarn prime miniature Tiny Hubbott advises Astrayliarns to “Be a LERT! We need more Lerts!” as he looked fondly at a passing child.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor