To; Wagga Wagga Legal Aid.

The following is a statement I have just written for the Legal Aid Service at Wagga Wagga in regard to a trumpt-up charge I received earlier this year.

It'll be interesting to see how much harassment the New South Welsh will give me for this blog?

I am required to attend the Gundagai Court on 07/01/08, requested to do so by the Presiding Magistrate, to hear and discuss my Annulment Application for the wiping of costs and fine relating to a POSSESS PROHIBITED DRUG charge from mid 2007.
I now write pleading with the court to free myself from this heavy order.

1) I am on an invalid pension.

2) I am totally socially isolated/marginalised because I challenge the corruption of the Catholic church, so I must live alone in a vehicle. Have done so for ten years. This impedes my ability to live an ordinary life, to associate with anyone and to communicate my thoughts. A result is that I am introverted and suffer a want to permanently withdraw from society. "Post Traumatic Stress Dissociative Dissorder" seems to fit my condition. No psychiatric or psychological services have yet been able to assist me. Indeed, they have, every time, done more damage than good. I fear their wayward diagnoses and “view” of the world, and that they are intent on incarcerating myself, purely because I defy their corrupt and pernicious view and dogma of life on Earth. This is NOT paranoia. It is fact.

3) It is about 1200 kilometres from Nimbin, where I dwell, (for it being a slightly more accepting Community) to Gundagai, so about 2400 Kilometres round trip. That equates to about four (4) tanks of diesel fuel. At about $100/tank this means, costs to myself, on approx $270/week pension, will be $400 in fuel alone. Then there are "provisions" for the trip, accommodation, food, etc. That the court insists I travel that far, for a minor charge, suggests a serious lack of logic on behalf of the deciding authority. I put it that it is harassment from the authorities, who have been doing everything they can over the last ten years to keep me in the gutter. I fear the corruption of the Gundagai Court and related authorities.

4) The medical/psychiatric report written by the attending doctor at Gundagai Hospital on the evening of my arrest, on the same day the original charge was laid, is false. I am beginning the process of having this, and other false diagnoses corrected, and will do all possible to bring the responsible party to account for their deceptions.

5) a) false arrest, b) unwarranted and possibly illegal incarceration at Gissing House, Wagga Base Hospital, c) incorrect psychiatric assessment made at Gundagai Hospital, d) jewellery, valued at approximately $700, stolen from my belongings, while they were in the hands of the authorities, either the Gundagai Police (with the police Sergeant from Jugiong Police Station), the Ambulance paramedic who travelled in the rear of the ambulance I was taken to Wagga Base Hospital in, or staff at Gissing House, e) S/C Matthew Steele and his younger police offsider, and the Jugiong Sergeant of police searched through my broken-down vehicle I was with, and found "6 marijuana seeds and 2 (ex-bottleshop) paper bags containing immature marijuana leaves". This was the basis of the charges laid against me. That the attending and searching police did not find a glass jar containing perhaps one thousand marijuana seeds, another large plastic jar containing approximately three grams of "hydro" marijuana, a mixing bowl, smoking pipe and a mix of marijuana and tobacco not five minutes old suggests manipulation of the law. None of these items were secreted. The bowl, mix and pipe were placed underneath the mattress of my bed. There is no doubt this suggests that I was being given "Special treatment" let's say, by the police, thence also, I allege, by the attending medico who wrote the incriminating and false psychiatric assessment at Gundagai Hospital, and, I put it I was given “special treatment” by all on the authority-side of the fence, thereafter.

6) I have a global reputation for my politics and thoughts on religion, Spirituality and Philosophy. Much of this reputation is fabricated by the Catholics, but much of it is based on Merit. I have done the work of exposing many rorts and flaws in our society and in the world generally, much to the chagrin of the corrupt. I am of the considered opinion that the Presiding Magistrate of the Gundagai Court insists that I attend the Gundagai Court because Madam wants to put her foot on the face of he who challenges the rotten laws of her totally corrupt society and nation.

For all of these preceeding points, 1 to 6, and especially points 5a) to 5e), as well, because my political stance against the current criminal drugs laws, and my political stance (with significant recognition globally) against the rape of the Mother Earth that the dominant culture maintains at all costs in the Riverina, Gundagai district, a dominant culture which today's most credible science clearly shows is destroying the planet's environment, I fear travelling to Gundagai, I fear the illegal and intimidatory behaviour of the locals there, of the authorities, especially the N.S.W. Police force and of the medical and psychiatric services, and of the Gundagai, Wagga Wagga and district legal representatives.

In the Light of Impartial Facts, the New South Wales drug laws, Police Force, Courts system and their representatives, have NO CREDABILITY, therefore have no authority over the People of Australia.

I learned late in life to trust no-one. Apologies, but, this has come to include Legal Aid services across Australia.

Finally, as to the legitimacy of the laws behind the charges I am applying to have wiped-off: I have spent about ten years investigating the veracity of all our drug laws, here and overseas. There is not one of these laws, which will stand the scrutiny of an Impartial, Unbiased Court (Oh where?!) as being Proper and Correct, or which Stands as Good Law. There is no credible evidence that the current "drug laws" per se, are Correct, while there is ample evidence that these laws, one of which I have been charged under, are indeed pernicious to society, from the effects upon the user of “illegal drugs” to the victim of utterly unreasonable laws, to the community of the lawmakers themselves.

To this, the only conclusion can be that any court, authority or legal service which upholds these disgusting laws, is corrupt.

Therefore, as I have a right to refuse to be tried by a corrupt court, I here state that I refuse to attend the Gundagai Court for any reason, as I have more than sufficient evidence that the court, standing under the larger umbrella of International Lawmakers, via the New South Wales Attorney General's Department, in regard to more than, and including drug laws, is corrupt, and must dismiss/discharge itself, pending further investigations and inquiries.

Any who deny that "...the stand by the N.S.W. courts and legal system against the legalisation of drugs so-called, such as marijuana, cocaine and opium et al, is simply and (im)purely, a case of the corrupt protecting the corrupt....", are themselves either utterly ignorant of the issues, therefore unfit to comment or judge, or are guilty of participating in a most heinous crime – the corruption and the maintenance of corruption of the Law.

My experience is that next to no-one in New South Wales is interested in Good Law in relation to issues which so dramatically and dangerously effect their own societies. It may be rightly concluded that the people of New South Wales, including the legal and court fraternities are liable to come under arrest for supporting a most callous form of corruption of the otherwise fine institution of essentially, Westminster Law. (This is certainly the case in the Australian Capital Territory of Canberra, with a number of Australian Protective Services officers there, in full agreeance!)

As this letter is addressed to the Legal Aid Service of Wagga Wagga, it is asked that the letter NOT be presented to the Court. This letter is to inform the Legal Aid Service in Wagga, that I am unable to attend Gundagai Court on 07/01/08, for all of the above reasons.

I ask the Wagga Legal Aid to put my Annulment Application to the Court on 07/01/08 explaining in supportive terms why I am unable to attend the court.

No doubt Wagga Legal Aid will want more information from myself, in regard to this case. It is with dismay that I find that the services of N.S.W. Legal Aid (or it’s Courts) do not yet communicate with it's clients by the medium of email. As I am homeless, my only technology for communication is a Next-G mobile telephone.

If the Wagga Legal Aid wishes to contact me, my phone number is:

041 979 3636.

Call costs between Northern NSW and Gundagai are high, so if it can be arranged, can we communicate via SMS or TEXT message?

If however, I’m wrong, and you do use email, my email address is:

Awaiting your prompt reply

Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O’Brien
aka Max Earth


2008: 200th Anniversary of Austs worst political event

NOTE: THIS BLOG IS IN txt, or SMS language.

2008: 200th anniv of Austs most corruptng culturl, social, legal & econ., event!
STIL! 2 THIS DAY, th root reasn 4 tht dark ceisure of pwr is avoidd like th plague.
Macarthur determnd, succesflly, 2 smash Blighs V Sound Crown LAND LAWS! Byond-th-pale ndeed!
NSW, Vic & Qld r 200 yrs deeply steepd in this bad-nay-ILLEGAL law-of-th-Land cultrl model.
So 2, all Aust.
I, on own, campaind 4 deth of DUBL-JEPARDY law so 1808 can b revisitd.
Leglly, Govt (& ABC) can invstigte Rm-Reb trails & Corect, in top Courts, anomilies. NOTE: Mcarthr in leag w Brit-East-India Co., 2days IMF, (land&opium-d-dum!) 2 prvtize land & land laws, 2 win contrl of th Land thus ovr Th Pepl.
As it is!
Cecl Rhodes-ian, wyte-superirty, judeokrstn/aryan drug&ocult-ideated delusn!
Orig Crown Land Laws 4 Aust wer Just & Eqitbl, & wood hav prvntd th endemc crimnl cult psykosis Aust now is.
Adress that, & dispel 90% of socl woe.
ABC cood do a series of progs re-enactng relevnt evnts, cases, biografees on key playrs. (near all drunks & rogues, & reducd unda J. McAs evl eye.)
Excelnt refrnc bk: RUM REBELLION. by HV Doc Evatt.
Bligh wuz victm of same, why he wuz unnervd enuf 2 hide unda bed.
McA did mor evl thn Good, ovrall.
Aust now ttly trashd, Sprtualy, socialy & cultraly.
Also now, bcaus of same nsane IMF (meryl lynch, citigroup? US subprime? Big cult-cities & dams) Land-consumptn me-me-me cult, Mutha Earth wants this homo-suicide cult-ure GAWN!!!
Dont curse me 4 doing th invstigtng, ovr 30 yrs!, addng-it-all-up, & agreeng w Her!


4 Merys-sake..., GET-IT-RITE!
Jud-Catholcsm nutha key coconspirtr in globl landgrab.
Th Dumemdown relign!
INQISITION is a must.
Church owns 1/7th of Aust Land!
No wonda they r mute on Econo-politrix!
WOT-R-YOU? Slavs 2 th fariseez of Rome & Dubln?
Cum on Doogue, Collins, Crito, state where u stand!
Wisdom-bakd-Scienc, or dedly, flawd ideologcl dogma?

Its not just MY Mutha! Aumaxa bin Eartha.


ALP Govts "Social Inclusion" Program

Re: Fed ALP Govts "Social Inclusion" Program for the Homeless?

Into what kind of Society?

Surely it must be:
1: Future-looking.
2: Skills-building.
3: Village/Community/Group Social Self-Supportng + Vitals Sufficiency.

Economic + Political Science knows: Economies-of-scale, in shared ownership + production/productivity of Common Resources, including; full growth-cycle of needs, is the Provider of the Best Life, Most Endurng Cultural Design.

Secure Accommodation, Learning, Employment + Co-Operatve Social Growth + Development are Root Needs of ALL Humans. Many Homeless are so because they reject divisive dominant culture, see it lacks the above fundamentals!

ALP Stands for Common Social Union. Exclusion of above to any, spells death of National + Earth's Society.

Jus like it is?!

"Heads-down" from now on in Canberra, and in ALL governmental authorities and bodies, down to the local Council Depot.

All Credit to the Whole A.L.P. Organism, for "Kev" wouldn't be, if not for everyone's effort.

This also means that it is the wider Community or "Policy Village" of Progressive Australian politics that put a Meritocratic Labor Party into Power in Canberra.

Therefore, to maintain their Qualification for Government, the ALP must from here forward, take care to NOT focus Party or media attention more than is appropriate on "Kev", on any ONE M.P. or Leader, as Howard's team' did, on individual personalities etc., more than their being the Best Qualified spokesperson to state-a-case or announce policies, progress, plans, etc.

As well, as the Labor State Governments have been aware, on Good Advice I'd say, where the Premiers have stepped-down, that one Leader and even one Leadership team, for too long infects government and possibly most all Human operations with stagnation, which may contribute to corruption, because, as we know, corruption is all about mates.

A Fine Team for the Job ahead, Labor.

With the exposure of the Howardian-type of utter bullshitting egocentricity throughout the last Australian government, most Aussies have seen the dangers when egomaniacs hold control over other people's lives, especially over the powerless; Aborigines, Homeless, Unemployed, Disabled, minority, migrant and ethnic groups etc.

After the November '07 Australian election, one may be forgiven for thinking that the average Aussie has realised that there IS something above the squwirming egomaniacal mindset of those of the ex-government Liberal kind, and that without due vigilance, our most Precious and Basic Values can be stolen from under our noses, when political agenda overcomes the Individuals Intellect.

Maybe Aussies are even realising that the Howardian, Downerian, Costelloian type of "cover-jobs" in the Nation's House of Parliament, are evermore boisterous, hyperbolic and arrogant purely to keep our eyes off the massive national corruptions they, as agents for Britain/Eurape, administer and deny. The last character-type and agenda any Nation needs or wants in parliament.

Maybe Aussies have woken-up enough to call this New Government to address the root causes of their fears. ASIO, the CIA, Mossad, and others and the Grand Poohbunch of spies "MI-6" have been fucking with everyone's mind and life for too long, under the evil eye of Howard's puppet masters, ex-Britain.

ASIO is definitely an "unAustralian" organisation, for it's errant behaviour threatens all of us.

But we must get to the root of their cause, and to the root of why they think and behave so erroneously.

Once more, it is clear that unbridled, wealth-based, and Judeo-Christian-based egomania, as we've just dispatched from the Seats of Federal Government, or, a most pernicious delusion, is what drives ASIO, and most "Secret Service" Organisations globally.

Most have within their ranks, it must be said, to delay the bullet, a quantity of operatives who have transcended the egomania of being a spy so-called, and tuned into the more Mature Realms of Wisdom, and even Altruism. Some of them, I profer, recognise that issues which stuff nations and individuals have more fundamental causes, but issues are turned into distractions, and too oft' serve to add to the insatiable and utterly fucking stupid demand for MORE intelligence.

Intelligence here, as employed by these government/private espionage agents, means information on opponents, mainly for to incriminate them, and has nothing to do with the individual's mind's ability to Discern the Truth from "the other", to Discern what is Right and Good, as opposed to the corruption and deceptions of "the other".

The other being the global Land, banking and illegal drugs cartels, managed mainly out of the Bank of England. But which bank ISN'T or hasn't been roped-in of the last three hundred years???

Clearly, banks pay their C.E.O.s pumped-up salaries, to ensure they will not spill-the-beans on the under-the-table dealings and shonky investments they and their branch managers etc., administer hour-by-hour.

Land distribution being just one little component of their covenous behaviour.

Just like forecasts by sycophants of the big finance world; politicians, media advisors, profitakers and speculators, most of the heard interpretations of the current market are bloated-up to buggery. It seems typical that the more they crow the "ups", the more is being hidden. Consequently, when Costello tells youngly-weds to have more children, one gets the eery feeling that things really are crook, and that the apparent balance is soon to be lost altogether.

The scientific evidence of the environment (global warming), as well as the collated evidence as to the woes and their causes within Human Society, should be proof enough that the pricks running the Australian federal government for the last eleven years, have been hiding a catastrophe-in-the-making.

Having held an ear to the radio for items on our big bank, Macquarie Bank, recently, I cannot help but feel that when things economic and stock marketist go belly-up, Maquarie Bank, with direct links to the big boys like the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp, and the Banks of Eurape, Israel and the U.S.A. (Citibank?), will be our brightest failure.

A Great Challenge for the government of the day, made easier if they do their Law and bring to Justice the CEOs and political managers we've just ejected from government.

Not scaring the horses, just getting them used to a noise here or there...........


Statement to the Magistrate

Fined $350, inc costs for six marijuana seeds and 2 bags of immature leaf, while under the worst stresses and intimidation by rural new south welshers, I survived but didn't present in the Gundagai Court to answer the henious charges.

This is my Statement to the Court in response, and in appealling the amount.

Police harassment has been regular for years, so it's hard to tell whether this little Missive for Justice will attract more of them. We can be sure they will.

I have no hope of being considered Justly, after this letter to the Court hits the desk, and the NSW SDRO will be eager to make life more than impossible for me, we can be fairly sure.

There is less and less room for an Honest and Honourable person to live in Australia, if anywhere on Earth.

Death be swift.

Statement to the Magistrate,
Gundagai Local Court.
Gundagai, N.S.W.

I, Max Nichols Cook, of no fixed address, after being politically assaulted by the charges laid against myself, and by the fine imposed, relating to the matters attached to my name (heard in the Gundagai Court on the 5th of November 2007), offer this written statement to the Court, (and may the Court feel free to forward this statement to other Courts), as an openly dissenting political response to what I have no doubt is a political campaign to pressure me to things I should not and would not do, whether rich, famous or Wise.

To The Magistrate’s Court

According to utterly corrupt laws, I am guilty as charged.

Simply, therefore, as corrupt laws have no True Validity, so any enforcement or imposition by those who profit from those corrupt laws, is invalid, and unlawful, the Court responsible for the issuance of penalties against myself, for dissenting from acquiescence to the current dangerous, corrupt legal foundations of this Nation, is invalid and unlawful, needs-must be dismissed and charged with upholding corrupt and culturally dangerous laws.

Clearly, by the utterly beggared and deluded state of Australia’s national, religious and cultural psychology, such corrupt laws are solidly entrenched in our legal framework.

It follows therefore, that an Inquisition into the current global drugs black market and corruption empires, from the Court House of towns like Gundagai, to the finance Banks of England, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Switzerland et al et al, and as well, into the
Catholic religion, from the Local branch Christian Churches to the Vatican, Rome, needs establishing immediately.

If a person, be they a Magistrate or such as myself, born a bastard child and deceived lifelong about his own Father, were at all Honourable, and, after Proper, Lawful and Scientific investigations, found the law to be wanting in Veracity, they would have no choice, were they an Honourable member of Australian society, but to lodge at the Gundagai Local Court House, a counter-charge, charging the Gundagai Court with corruption, of being dismissive of the facts pertaining to the drug laws they enforce, and of actively participating in the denial of Australian’s Rights relating to how they relax and enjoy themselves, or simply and honestly, to medicate.

Also, the Court, to any Honourable Citizen, would be rightly charged with actively participating in the persecution of Australia’s strongest individual Advocate for political, legal, social, drugs and cultural Justice. That is myself.

Any further harassment of myself, by the public, by the police or by any Australian Court or legal body/organisation or authority, whether by fine, false allegation, social or occult force, will be treated as the corrupt protecting the corrupt, thus will be regarded as illegal, as immoral, and as evidence.

It is purely because of my impoverished economic situation and my known unjust exile from family and society, well-known to the New South Wales police force and to the New South Wales Courts, that the authorities such as the Gundagai Court and police can maltreat me so, and get away with it.

As the charges and fines imposed have been decided, whilst I have been caught in severely disadvantaged circumstances, also known to the police, to the Court and to the State Debt Recovery Office, (S.D.R.O.), therefore am fatally unable to defend myself, or even to be heard, I nevertheless accept I was guilty, according to the law.

However, for no other reason than that I have been targeted by the unlawful for over a decade, I am near permanently impoverished, homeless and on a Centrelink disability pension.

Again, like the accusation by the doctor who signed me over to the psychiatric ward of Wagga Wagga Base Hospital, recording, after hearing my plea and case, yet seeking not to verify any of my admittedly strained statements, Centrelink have a nice little incriminating category for active political dissidents, called “Intellectual Disability”. The doctor at Wagga wrote I was suffering from “paranoid schizophrenia” and “deluded thinking”. Both utterly false, and therefore such an assessment demands an inquiry as well into the very Catholic medical profession. Ho-ho-ho.

Because of my homelessness and income, the pension, below the poverty-line, I Humbly, Honourably and Honestly ask that the Court I have just now accused, reduce the fines imposed upon myself.

I am happy to provide the Court with a Statement of income and statement, affidavit if necessary, of my living expenses.

In conclusion, might I say that this whole interaction with the legal system in Gundagai came about because of an unresolved feud between my mother and myself.

Her lifelong denial of our Aboriginality, but more immorally and perhaps criminally, her lifelong denial of who my father is/was (I met him but three or four times as a child, with no knowledge of our relationship). It may be that there is darker skulduggery, relating to the event of my own conception, of the death of her grandfather (my great grandfather) on the same day? These few reasons alone may well be why I have been actively, and in the end maliciously deceived, by my whole family, and their associates. Typically, this time I was stressed almost to heart-failure, before my mother agreed to give me some financial assistance.

Consequently, I now own a four-wheel-drive ute, and am designing, sourcing and constructing a mobile home for myself. This cruel society has made me unable to live near other people, therefore I have no choice but to retire to the deserted regions remaining across Australia.

Far away from Gundagai, rest assured.

I am quite strained for money to complete this half-done project, a Home, after eleven years without, having yet, no proper protection from the weather.

The $350 fine imposed will impose further strain upon my already well-over-strained heart, if I cannot complete this most Humble, littlest of shelters for myself.

These last three or four months of vehicle breakdown, public and police harassment, deliberately wrong medical assessment, illegal incarceration at Wagga Wagga hospital psyche ward, followed by a hellish period staying with my dominating and sick older “half-brother” (now I understand!), have placed considerable stress upon my cardio-vascular system, with several nights wondering if I would not be overwhelmed by the hardship I have been wrongly placed under.

The principle factor involved in most of my hardships of the last ten years, after my mothers lifelong dark manipulations, is purely and simply poverty. I’ve never asked for too much, not even a house to live in, but I cannot be sure of my ability to cope with and finish making myself the most humble of homes, if the Court cannot be a bit more Australian as we used to be, and give a bloke a fair go.


Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O’brien.

aka: Max Earth.


Max Who?

52 years after conception and birth, I've Divined that I am not related by blood to the man I knew as my Father, Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith, but am the bastard child of an ex-boyfriend of my mothers. His surname is/was O'brien. He may be dead now.
Is it safe to care?
This explains pretty-much my whole life to me, why the disregard, maltreatment from family et al, to a large degree.
Turns me sour to women, mothers, catholics and children, and untrusting of everyone I see and meet.
I now suffer a severe case of "post traumatic stress dissociative order" do not like people at all, and would kill if pushed. The coppers may thereafter be responsible for failing to protect me from aliens, for merely defending myself. Daily Eurapean idle rich tourorrists taunt me, and stare as if they are aliens. Indeed they are, totally from another universe. Better send them back and shut the cosmic gate.

Nevertheless, as mother is a total betrayal, her "Love" means less than nothing, thus all my own perceptions of "Love" are parred to being completely cynical about the subject of Human relationships, I withdraw my connection to her, to my family and to Australia, as much as I am able, and will henceforth wish to be known as "Max Earth". Why Earth? The Earth is my only True Mother.

So, I will change the name of this blog site, to "Omaxa bin Eartha"
and persist in challenging the arseholes above any of us, even though they so enjoy shitting down on me and Humanity.

C.I.A. to be disbanded

ASIO to be purged from Telstra. Phone-tapping and unauthorised surveillance of Australian citizens rampant and out-of-control.

C.I.A. to be disbanded.

Call for Inquiry into A.S.I.O.

MI-6 to come under critical review.

Enough "Intelligence"!

We Know Now, the Laws.




Corruption Enforcement Officer


Man's Ulterior Manipulator

The Great Lord's "God" Rave........

Recovery Monday 1st October 2007

"The week starts on Monday,
Gettin' over the break.
Dozing 'round at work,
Barely awake.

Tuesday's not bad,
But I'm, thirsty again,
Buy my bottles of cider,
An' get me out of my brain.

Wednesday sort of hurts,
Blood pumping through my head,
Every time I bend down,
Again those old words are said....,

O Jesus, role on sweet Sunday,
Sweet day of no pain,
'Cause Sunday's for prayin',
Just to commit the insane."

The above lyrics were written on a hangover Monday in about 1976/77, in the "Pie Shoppe" traveller's hostel which I lived-in and ran for about a year, at 338 Harrow Road, Paddington, London England. (G'Day, Alex!) I was working at W.E.A. Records, in Alperton Wembley at the time.

["G'day" to any there who remember me! Joe Hillier, Gaser, Phil Rogers, Dennis, Barrington, Andy, Nigel, Liz. Et Al, Et Al. A finer crew of workmates, I've not since found!]

It came back to me this Monday morning 1st October 2007 (THIRTY YEARS?! Oh my....) after a less-than joyful couple of beers last night, whilst I pondered the comment (at the bottom of this blog posting) about my last blog on Myanmar.

USpace should not by myself be taken as gospel, but it did have some succinctness in what the mysterious USpace responder (to my blog) said.

"God of the Universe" stuck, and depressed me, having my mind generate all manner of hopeless thoughts, principly that all that I've been led to believe, or even "Divine", is completely topsy-turvy, upside-down.

One must question this term, and whether the "God of the Universe" is, once more, but a manifestation, a creation, an ideation of the USpace writer's group mind.

As my blog implicated the C.I.A. and MI-6, it's as likely that they were the source of the USpace response. It may therefore infer that they are confident, and perhaps rightly so, that they have total control of both the Earthly realm and the Astral realm, said by some to be the Heavenly Realm.

If so, then it is clear that what we of the Abrahamic Faiths; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, believe is "Heaven", is in fact in turmoil. I.e., there is a more serious war happening in "Heaven" than those wars we are shown via our media here on Earth!?

For the Spiritual Mind, there rises the question of whether the Fourth Dimension, or the occult, Astral dimension, is in fact Heaven?

Having, in the past, about 1995/96, after some ten years as a student of Sublime eclectic Teachings at the School of Philosophy in Melbourne "tasted" a short Meditated Inner Journey to a Blissful "Place" if it can be labelled as a "Place", deep within my Mind/Soul, seemingly beyond the Astral Realm, I am relatively content to settle with the "belief" (while "beliefs" are indeed something I struggle with more and more these days) that there ARE Higher Dimensions than that of the fourth dimension, where Sit Higher Attained, or Developed Beings, Entities, and eventually a Supreme God.

If this is so, then much or all of the religious, Scriptural Texts we have at hand today, from all corners of the Globe's Ancients, remain Superior to any of the ideations and so-oft' delusions we/I read on the internet, such as that from USpace, etc. USpace may well be near to the truth about what's going-on on Earth, as written below, but, yet again, it seems that very few have the Insight (sorry to sound brash) I have gained over time about how to cure our Earthly chaos and woe.

Nevertheless, as I have been under the occult sway of a seriously deceptive and seriously deluded catholic convent mother, for all of my 52 years, and over the last twenty years or more under the sway of a bunch of filthy private-school scumbags, because of her 52 year intent of keeping me deceived and distracted from learning about the occult, and about our family's history (i.e., the influence her convent, St "Joseph's" for chrissake, and it's hidden intentions to build a messiah, but one who only says what THEY want him/me to say, [eg., I wrote and shouted to the forests about how much the catholics are involved in the illegal cannabis growing industry, whence she rushed up to where I was staying and, using her devious occult powers more intensely than ever, sucked me in and set-me-up for a stint in a psyche-ward, thereafter having ME labeled as schitzo and deluded, thereafter blaming ME for all my woes!!!!!?) As an adjunct, I am left with a serious distain for all women, and am struggling with all I believe about women, which goes to what I think makes it impossible for me to find a woman to Love (LOVE? What the fuck is that, if based on that which mother has said about it in our relationship???]) ....to continue.... about our family's history, I MUST go to my "neutral zone" in regard to all my beliefs about God, Good, Love and Justice.

Further to the USpace response, I am forced to ask myself whether, if USpace mystery-reblogger is close to true about the God of the Universe's intentions for Earth, whether the catholic thus Christian God is actually a malicious, cruel, destructive bastard, and whether the catholic nuns and priests are but his agents-of-destruction on Earth? Many today, with clear insight into, upto the occult realm, say so.

Therefore, where am I, this patsy of fucking St Joseph's nunnery, in regard to being what Humanity needs, so as to be saved from Hell???

Jeeeezuz? or, Gee, Sus! I'm still inclined to believe (?) that the Original Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus Christ to the Greeks) was right in his saying, in the Gospel of Thomas, that we are all the same, deep-deep within our Soul. That is, we are all Pure Light, and even further within, Pure Divinity, just buried in a shitload of manmade garbage, as has been generated by a flock of fools indoctrinated by Judaism and it's Catholic,Christian branchs. Lost fools at that!

But clearly, the rule of the day, these new-agey days, is one which demands we care not for each other, other than to aid our own increase, and as we, of the west at least, are utterly bereft of any Higher Spiritual Attainment-thus-Understanding, a selfish and ruthless "God" has won control of the religions, and thus of most all of our minds, hearts and what's left of our Souls.

"God of the Universe" is a powerful saying, and men as well as Highly Developed Souls are quite capable of using or abusing words to give effect to their corrupted beliefs and desires, which has me believe that the concepts and corruptions we witness on Earth about power, etc., can as likely have come down through the recent ages from corrupted Souls like Alistair Crowley and co., many of whom are but offshoots from that seriously corrupted chap of the 19th century in Oxford; Cecil Rhodes.

The Central Intelligence Agency and it's creator, MI-6 of Britain, again, are products of that era, so what can anyone believe about their "Intelligence", be-it collected on Iraq, on Saddam Hussien, on how best to get the oil, and on "who" has generated the frightening aliens who they say are running the Earth?

Answer me that, oh spooky-one from USpace!

You needn't be thinking I have no respect for your words, or your Gods. But I am aware of how much your lives and the lives of everyone you maime, kill, degrade or frighten-the-fuck-out-of, are by you treated as a "game" to be but used however your minds perceive will be satisfied, satiated.

To regard anyone or any "Spirit" as a or THE most Supreme God, requires the Deepest Insight in/of your own mind. The Astral is but a cheap and evershifting immitation of the Higher Realms, and of the Good and bad powers therein, I put-it.

I accept that for not having my third eye open fully to that and Higher Realms, I am left but to surmise and even, damn-it, "speculate" on these issues, matters, etc.

However, I am well aware of what deception plays on the mind of someone who opens their third eye merely by large doses of sex and lots and lots of ceretonin and jolly times, if they have not done some serious learning about the prevalent propensities and susceptibilites of the average Human mind. Delusion is all they will acquire.

Having high university examination scores and qualifications does nothing to assist in Knowing Thy Self, as the Self of All. I.e., God.

I would like muchly to have a dialogue with you oh spook of the USpace, if you have taken these matters to heart, and treat the Human Soup as something more than a mere game, for to muck with at ones apparent superior, God-like, MI-6 like pleasure.

Magic, or the occult, is not conducive to Reason, without having gone much higher again, beyond all the delusion of the 4th dimension.

I can go without my prefered medicine, Marijuana, and alcohol and tobacco, and even, as is the will of too many fools here and world-around, without my body, for it, the body, is truly but a burden, when belaboured with all the Harry Potter crap from mummy, the world's psychotic CEOs, Prime Minitures, Presidents and Monarchs, as well as from the weather-desperate farming "communities" (what a joke!) of the big-plate, Australia.

Serfing the web for "USpace", I came-up with it's apparent source:


For those still interested, or should I say FASCINATED, here below, is the response to my "Myanmar, Myanmar, Myanmar" blog of yesterday, Sunday 30th September '07, and may I refer you to my Poetry weblog, www.poemsofmaxnodifference.blogspot.com for sometimes Poetry strikes more directly than prose at the heart of our personal, global and cosmic Issues.

USpace has left a new comment on your post "Myanmar. Myanmar. Myanmar":

Very interesting. Of course the Drug War is a huge industry in itself. That's why it won't be stopped in the foreseeable future.

Th governments must keep getting people addicted to drugs.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
complete narco states

criminals in power
loving the corrupt drug war

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
shoot peaceful protesters

calling for democracy
which you must never allow

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
outlaw all alcohol

make cigarettes illegal
organized crime takes over

Awaiting to hear from you, USpace

All the Best, in the meantime.....


Myanmar. Myanmar. Myanmar

Myanmar. Myanmar. Myanmar
Saturday September 29th 2007 5:20PM
Country Victoria, Australia

'-- The backbone of the opium-producing "Golden Triangle", Myanmar is the world's second-largest producer of heroin after Afghanistan.

Having been far and away the biggest producer in the 1990s, opium production has fallen by as much as 80 percent under a United Nations-backed government eradication programme.

Officially, only 21,500 hectares (53,000 acres) were cultivated in 2006. Heroin goes mainly to China and Pacific rim countries such as Australia.

-- As opium and heroin have tailed off, production and trafficking of amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) has shot up, causing tension with Thailand.

According to the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime, 19.5 million ATS pills were seized in Myanmar in 2006 out of 40 million seized in the whole of Asia.'

Source of the above text: http://www.reuters.com/article/latestCrisis/idUSBKK302022, titled “FACTBOX-Trade, aid, heroin: Myanmar's links to the outside”, dated Sat Sep 29, 2007 12:38am EDT

So? What is really happening in Myanmar, and thus to it’s People?

I was induced to write my thoughts on the current Myanmar crisis the day before the Junta ‘cracked-down’ on the Buddhist monks and citizen protest, however I felt the issue which really needed addressing was toooo large for any western media, or western diplomatic influences to air.

So, this next opportunity to grip the internet mouse by the throat arising late Saturday, I just serfed for news items which went to the “issues” I have felt and expressed just last night to a near relative, about Myanmar, and the above excerpt came up on Google News.

Further to the “issue”, I am left with the distinct feeling that this is not only the Military Junta in Myanmar who are suppressing the FACTS, but that it is indeed a (OH NO!?) conspiracy by most of the diplomatic services from the surrounding nations of Thailand, India, China Australia and of course, those global leaders in heroin trade, Britain, et al, et al.

As the excerpt above states, Australia is one of the key traders of heroin from Myanmar, so it is easy to understand why our grand cheese-puff, Foreign Minister Alexander (oh-what-a-) Downer, says nothing of content about the crisis within the borders of Myanmar.

I said in my unpublished piece about this crisis, that I, in all honesty, and with a good level of understanding about the results of “democratic” systems across the world, cannot support the protests, because the versions the world sees today, are, in short, utterly corrupted, both in the sense of how Humans have abused their rights and fortunes on achieving the freedoms which democracy enables, in our excessive abuse of resources and of enormous over-consumption, which have caused the current and future environmental crises, but also that this concept of democracy, a Noble one in it’s theoretical level, has become so structured that it is purely one of exploitation, first and foremost by the most wealthy, over the most impoverished.

Therefore, I allege that it is not a crisis born of the Myanmarii junta’s ruthless totalitarianism, but one forced upon the junta by outside buyers of so-called “illegal drugs”.

As the report states, heroin production has tapered-off recently, but to be replaced in part by production of illegal amphetamines.

The KEY word here, and in much of this mediated bullshit, is “ILLEGAL”.

Heroin, or it’s root product, Opium, has been employed most honourably for centuries and probably for millennia as a fine medicinal, right around the world. The history of its growth in popularity and eventual illegal status is ignored by the mainstream media, and also by the fringe media, because if they publish information and facts which go too close to the bone of the Brit-Euro masters of the trade, namely Jardine Matheson, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, and most British, European, Canadian and United States banks (but this is a very global situation, which implicates most of Australia’s “big-four” banks, and several lesser-ones also), the reporter and editor would be ruined, if-not ‘dissappeared’.

So, as Myanmar has been little more than an “Economic Exclusion Zone” (my term for what the world calls “borders”), for the global elite of Britain, for them to have a secure ‘mill’ for the production of heroin (anyone remember the “Golden Triangle”?), it becomes clear that the “issue” of the crisis in Myanmar cannot be addressed while the world is pinned-down with the false and totally erroneous laws which make heroin illegal.

Therefore, all the hoopla from Alexander Downer (and the governments of ASEAN) and our mainstream media, about how terrible it is that the junta is oppressing the Burmese People, must be treated with the contempt it and they deserve, because, as the mainstream media, and the Australian Liberal, Anglophile government are run by the utterly deluded, superiorist, racist bastards of the British and European upper-upper class (you know, the ones who introduced heroin into the United States via the Vietnam War G.I.s, so-as to destroy and ‘win-back’ America, after losing the American war of independence in 1776?!), they are as much to blame for the oppression of the Burmese People, as they for the oppression of Australian Aborigines, and most all Aborigines of Earth.

NOTE: These “elite” I refer to, also very much include the ruling and political elite of the United States of America, its security service of the Central Intelligence Agency, and the C.I.A.s creator, the British MI-6, who also, as-it-happens have control of most of the so-called “terrorist” organizations of the world today.
Which begs the question: “Have the British and Eurapean elite introduced the phenomena of extra-terrestrial aliens to Earth to further their utterly psychotic ideations about a superior white race ruling the world?”

I’m not sure about any aliens, apart from the foreign “alien” Eurapean invaders who are callously plundering Native Lands because they have no “Connection” with the soil and waters wherever they colonise.

The very same British and Eurapean invaders who conquered China, India, Africa, the Americas, Australia and all other Peoples and Lands in-between, over the last five hundred years.

So! I say to the passionate Peoples, the defenders of our Basic Human Rights world-over: “Be very wary of anything your governments and their elite diplomats say about Myanmar, and about what we should do to stop the military junta from coming-down on the People therein.

Because I guarantee you that the elitist Liberal Party of Australia, and all their utterly corrupted buddies, are in it up to their nooses in heroin and other drugs production, shipping and selling, so you’ll not get any FACTS about Myanmar from them.

As far as I have been able to Divine about these “Issues”, the only way the People of the world can stymie the Myanmarii junta, is to force your governments, your parliaments to legalise heroin, and to legalise cocaine, marijuana and other known medicinals, that THEY have illegally made illegal.

Otherwise, you are all as culpable as them, in the corruption and irretrievable destruction of all the Best aspects of Eastern, Middle and Western Civilisation.

Therefore, in my ruthless opinion, you should all be damned, like the all blaspheming Jewish and Christian religions. (They’re a part of the global drugs rort, also!)



U.S. economy saved from itself

Thursday 20th September 2007

Funny that aye?

How the U.S. federal reserve can just step in and save the mortgage market from itself, by lowering interest rates in the States by one-half of a percent?

Why do you say so....., oh cracked-one?

Well..., if it's that easy to save the stock market and therefore every poor economy-dependant sucker below, surely it becomes roaringly obvious that these same "saviours" i.e., the major banks and illegal drugs corporations, are the ones who are making life so bloody hard for the 80% of Humanity in the first place?

It then sort-of follows, to my way of thinking, that were Humanity to arrest these suckers up the top, y'know...., G.W. Bush's father, and his upper-echelon compatriots-in-scamming Humanity and Muss-lims, particularly the least powerful, like Palestinians and Afghaniis, then we would have sorted a lot of the crap we are being depressed-over in the news and current affairs.

It also seems to follow, knowing how callous the top-dogs are, that the more they and Rupert-type media moguls can slam-us with depressing T.V. and radio news like....., THE MIDDLE-EAST, y'know, Israel-Lebanon wars, Israel-Palestine wars, U.S.-and-Eurape-versus-Iraqi-and-Irani-wars, the more anti-depressant drugs they and their pharmaceutical corporations can flog us.

Jus' POP-anutha.....ah! Now we can watch the Simp(le-)sons of anti-intellectual sofa-sludge....?

And boy-o-boy! How we can laugh our worries-off, when our intellects are not waking-er-working!

And now we's all Harry Potters, we can make our own wars, in someone elses head!


When will Harry Potter and Bart Simpson be combined in the Simpsons, tha's wud I wanna know?


Oh Shit....?! During the commercial-break....the oceans have jus' alluvasudden gone acidic, an' risen twenty yards, the sky's-a-fallin', and we can't grow anymore food!

What would Harry or Homer say?


Like I said in an earlier blog-posting:

GLOBICIDE! WHO IS NOT GUILTY?????????????????????????

Police and Military Veteran's Policy Institute?

Posted Thursday 20th September 2007

This is a diary entry dated Saturday 25th August 2007, and attempts to address the larger social issues that Police and Military service personnel face daily in the Duties they are called to perform.

If Police are the “Local Keepers of the Peace” (yeah, guffor, guffor?) then it may be Best that they dedicate interest in Publicly discussing Social, that is Political and (that is) Economic Issues-thus-Policy for the Society it is their chosen Duty to Protect.?

The same point-in-question relates to the Military, the Proper Purpose of what’s often oxymoronically called “Military Intelligence”.

If police and military intelligence focus on the lesser, perceived “threats” to society., i.e., petty and local organized crime, terrorism etc, without taking the inquiries all the way to the top of global organized illegal activity, i.e., up to the levels of the grand poohbahs or lords of law-making and law-breaking, the largest, most powerful banking and finance heads like, the Chairman of the Jardine Matheson corporation; Mr. Henry Keswick, the Chairman of Barclay's Bank corporation; Mr. Matthew W. Barrett, and the Group Chairman of the Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, (HSBC) Sir John Bond, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the heads of the C.I.A., and MI-6, et al, et al, essentially, the inquiries only add to the problem, of more time wasting and spin from those errant corporate leaders and their corrupted underlings, like our governments.

This serves to be nothing but a “band-aid” to the disease rising from a centuries-old problem, and leaves the top 3-to-5% of the species uncontrolled, thus free to perpetuate and commit unaccounted, the fundamental crimes which must and are destroying society.

Thus greater division between rich and poor, thus greater social, community and eventual global societal breakdown. Pretty much exactly what the planet is witnessing today, and expects to see consume it in the coming decades.

It’s well worth pondering that it is these maladies in the Human social structure, which have fertilized the enormous troubles Humanity faces in our current global environmental meltdown.

Today, Military Intelligence (and how can you not agree?), has as it’s FIRST PRIORITY to Analyse the whole of Humanity and it’s evolving existence, and in a Legal sense, ensure that they have THE FACTS about Society, Politics and Economics regarding what’s Best for making them (the Community’s security services of Police and Military) and their jobs less vicious, taxing and demanding.

In the final analysis, the task of the Police and Military, Ideal or not, is to put themselves out of business.

Surely the Howardian-type cynic will retort by asserting “that will never happen”, and sure, as we all face annihilation through global warming, it may be so. Nevertheless, some significant numbers will survive, so we should be focusing on What Is Best. No matter what remains…..

Therefore, here cometh a Good Call to Any-and-All ex-Copper, and Soldier, Sailor and “Soarer” of any rank, who enjoy with sincerity, pondering such aforementioned topics, to Consort with Honour, and, yes, (guffor-guffor), many have not been able to work Honourably, but the seriously hardened old Troopers who cannot but have been made Wise doing their Duty/Duties, from the 1930s and ‘40s, if they are still with us, to the most recent Retiree Veteran Service Personnel, should be Invited to be Caught Conspiring and Consorting as a Concerned Group of “In-the-Know” Women and Men, but now in a Respectable and Impartial Think-Tank.

Also, the Knowledge and the Wisdom undoubtedly to be found in such Folk, protected by the New Oakland Yard Worldwide Police (and Military) Organisations, could be brought to Light into One Scientific Sociological Focus Group. (“Intelligence” as far as I am concerned, is the faculty of the Human Mind [but it may be being falsely ‘superiorist’ to say “only Human”] to discern the Truth from the ‘other, to discern the Right from the other, to discern the Good from the other, which opens many deep and very Philosophical questions about what exactly those three ‘Primes” are!)

If governments are serious about doing their very Best for their Peoples, then they can only support such Glocal (“Global”, made-up of “Local” groups) think-tanks, and must be unafraid of the fact that such Focus-Groups would be primarily and eventually impelled to challenge, from their Impartial stand-point (Justice is blind!), the clearly corrupted political hegemonies, where-ever they are stationed.

Such Think-Tanks could Better themselves by calling for serving members of all Ranks to join-in, or to have ‘Reps’ in each Division, for the serving Local Coppers and Military Personnel to be able to refer to, and Learn from.

A steep-but-Mighty Learning Curve for all of ‘em, aye Inspector!?

Because today’s politics, worldwide is generally rotten, it’s folly to wait for our political representatives to take the step, for the Good of All, so, if the Impartial Authority of the Public Security Forces is tired of the fact that “society doesn’t work”, and that the political failings are making their jobs impossible, then I urge them to Speak-up, in the Knowledge that they will be protected from above, from the Highest of their Ranks.

As the fundamental fabric of global and local society is threatened with environmental destruction, it appears to the scientific mind that the lead issue upon which such Think-Tanks have to Work from, is that of Global Land Reforms, based on the Pure, Simple and Most Ethical Economics of Land Rent for Government Revenue.

Politics is, or should be about establishing Justice across the world. “Ho-ho!” We all shout.

It is clear to many, that there can be no Peace without Justice.

Thus it is the Mandate of those whose job it is to Serve Justice, from the Trainee Constable, through to the Justices of the Highest Courts, to remember that “No-one, is above the Law”.

You have all, in Police and Military, got a job to do. Let it be that you are able to do so, but at last, with Honour.


Reporters? Time to Report FROM the Facts!

17th September 2007

For a long time I’ve been rather critical, with considerable reservations, of media reporting of “news” events, locally and globally.

I remember a few years ago I read a fairly sicko article in the New York Times, and was dutified to write them and complain.

Amazingly the NYT editor responded and claimed that the editorial and management had no say on the content of a reporters or journalists piece.


Last week we all saw the footage of that sweet-looking blonde photographer being thrown back to the ground by the coppers, as she was attempting to shoot pikies of a few arrested protesters.

In the days after APEC, I wrote an article which basically supported the police presence and actions at APEC. Unfortunately, I didn’t make clear that I was NOT in favour of the APEC forum per-se, for it was more a publicity stunt and talk-fest of the big-boys of global finance.

For all the costs incurred for security and big-wig accommodation, something like $350 million, so as to be able to hold the event in our biggest and busiest city, in my opinion, it would have been a better option to hold it in some suitable, but quiet country town – like Birdsville Queensland (being a bit facetious there!).

Nevertheless…., this reporter, and her “thing” of reporting events….?


We the People-er-sheep of the world have pretty-much always been victim of the global media consortia, run, as we all know, by the Mr Big of global spin, Mr Rupert Murdoch and coy.

A few years more ago, I wrote a note to him…, Him, and suggested he was a secret socialist!?


Sometime after that I dug the guff and found out about the “Brettonwoods Agreement”, which was drawn-up and signed by the largest western media moguls, one being I think, Rupie’s father, Frank Murdoch. The Brettonwoods Agreement was a conspiracy of global proportions designed to gain total control over all the world’s media by, surprise-surprise, the big-boys of British media, out of Oxbridge (“Ox”ford and Cam”bridge” Universities) England, whence came the Rhodes-ian ideology.

This, Rhodes-ian-ism, was, for those who don’t know, a warped delusion of white English superiority taking over the planet, set out in the mid 19th century by one ridiculously rich fella called Cecil Rhodes (after which Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, was named), who made his squillions by the ruthless employment of Africans slaves, masses of them, working for his de Beers Diamond Company, to dig-up the buried gems of southern Africa, and flog to the gullible colonialist nations of Eurape and north America, for needless-to-say massive profits, to him.

Further digging came-up with the current agenda of the global very-very-very, veryveryvery, veryveryvery wealth-sodden political elite, principally of Eurape, that veryveryvery-much includes our duckie duchess, Queen Elizabeth the second, and most of the U.S.A.s federal political parties, which follows that Rhodesian delusion of “a white race, on every island and every continent on Earth” (paraphrased).

Most of the big-boys of global real estate, here, there and almost everywhere, are a part of this bigbigbig conspiracy, I have also found out.

Needless to say…, the bigbigbig banks of England, and every nation underneath her, are a part of this, controlling the game of real estate by the devil of a concept we blindly call “the mortgage” or the “deathpledge”, which most working Australians dumbly aspire to have?

So…., where does the poor little rich white (blonde?) reporter fit into this?

She fits into the equation for being so confident to try to get her way through the police line at APEC, but with what agenda, or with what? "basis” to her reporting?

Reporters and journalists for eons have pretty much worked according to what their bosses in the editor’s office or the proprietor’s mansion have determined she is allowed to report. A lot more than we generally realise or are prepared to admit to, the media does a reasonable job in reporting events, political, social, economic and other. Its probably the case that were a newspaper or television outlet to NOT give some accuracy and pertinence to what they report, to the people, they would quickly go out of favour, and then out of business.

But an issue of supplying an already severely dumb customer with severely doctored misinformation pertains to a situation or climate where the media can keep them stupid, with a minimum of fuss, and maximum profit. Profit is money, and, more money is power. Ergo, the more you can get over the rest of them, the more power you can gain over them. More power over others, generally, as history is now showing us, pertains to more delusions of grandeur. Cecil Rhodes THE case-in-point. Rupert Murdoch, at this stage, is yet another. However, in his favour, I do not see a great deal of delusion in his personality. Ruthless he may have been, and may still be. But, it’s tough at the top, Aye Lachlan?

Brettonwoods, Rupert, and THE Plan, have many twists to them, many perhaps coming out of the reality that Rhodes was a nutter with money. But today, as far as I am concerned, whether Jeffrey Robinson or Christopher Hitchens or Robert Fiske agree with me or not, the bases upon which all those “plans” stand, and fall, are delusional, utter rubbish, as far as “ONE superior race” is concerned.

Therefore, all the agenda which follow, which all reporters are obliged to keep to, for the sake of keeping their jobs, if not their (shallow and usually feigned) principles, are rubbish and are not worth respecting.

So our little blonde APEC photographer-reporter did not deserve the roughing-up, but did not either deserve any recognition, because she was, as likely, “just doing her bosses job”.

And which reporter, aside from the few champions of the world of journalism, actually have really Solid Principles, and then go looking for a story based-on, or coming from a standpoint of the Highest Political, Ethical, which boils down to Economic Knowledge or Principles?


What am I saying?

Our Principles (or lack there-of) determine how we see the world around us. This applies to everyone, and MUST be applied to reporters and journalists, in this fucking scarey age we are screaming into.

As most of what People think they know, comes to them via the media (and much more than we realise in our education is influenced by what the bigboys of Murdomedia determine we should want in schools and universities), therefore at this point in the time-space-not-so-continuum, I assert that our media, or any Genuinely Responsible Journalist, has a fundamental Duty to report from a personal basis of the Highest Known Principles, Political, Social, Economic, Ethical and Moral.

Now, who of the reporters sent packing by the Sydney APEC security services, were capable of reporting on events, or political outcomes, from that, in-the-end, IMPARTIAL standpoint?


While the media is so scared of reporting the hard facts of our social, economic and global cultural declines, from a True Ethical Foundation, the People and the Planet will continue to be led, or flushed, down the plughole, and the coppers will increase their brutality toward overbred little blondies with a reporter’s pass and a few cameras strung around their dainty necks.

Granted, albeit largely “spin”, Rupert did say his empire was going Green, which suggests he is cognizant of the peril we all face of, “the end of the world”. Nevertheless, if there are any Humans among us-the-People, we should recognize that We-The-People have now an Urgent Duty to “go-for", or, "shoot-at-the-media” if we see or hear that they are continuing to play the same ‘“keep-‘em-dumb” as long as the dog sponsors keep paying us’ game.

Media………., I say to you all……,

“One Principle: Global Land Reform”

Or die…………….


Weathers wars continue, and are getting worse


Australia is worried sick about the lack of rain across the continent, and weather specialists are predicting the drought is not yet over, with "el Nino" apparently ready to return.

I watch the weather sites of the globe, and of the last few months there's been a dangerous change in weather patterns down Antarctica way.

I suspect that if it is allowed to continue, the southern hemisphere will be blowen to Hell, literally.

Australia is suffering more frequent big winds, typically from the "roaring forties" off the southern Indian Ocean.

These are occult generations, some from sicko's in Australia, but most are coming from the sickos down at the Casey and Mawson bases on Australian Antarctic territory.

If one wants to observe this phenomena, check-out the Bureau of Met website, www.bom.gov.au, and go the Indian ocean MSLC link.

The sickos-on-ice down there are being instructed by the sickos of Australia's farming corporations to conjure the low pressure zones just off the Antarctic coast, hoping that these will send a mass of rainy weather up to the Australian mainland.

This is where most of southern Australia's rain has been coming from, since they started playing with their evil eye to play with the weather.

Another phenomenon down there, and this is in two ways, action to be very concerned about, is that these cool sickos-on-ice are generating, probably with their counterparts on the southern land mass from where? Russia, and other nations, are generating a very consistent high pressure zone over the centre of the Antarctic continent.

This again serves the Aussies intentions of keeping low pressure zones off the A-Arctic coastline to make some wetness further around the southern latitudes in Australia, and New Zealand etc. Possibly South Africa has it's magic fingers in there as well, for the same reason.

First concern:- If this high pressure zone is kept over the A-Arctic land mass, it will melt the massive amount of ice which covers the Antarctic, which will contribute enormously to sea-level rise, speeding-up the drowning of most coastal cities and populated areas.

Its as likely that the resource-hungry sickos of the corporate world ex-Eurape and the U.S.A., Australia no less JOHN THE FUCK HOWARD, are hoping to clear the ice off the A-Arctic so as to access the minerals underneath.

Get fucked George! Y' can't let 'em, pal, even though I'm now pretty-much a misanthropist and want you all to get off my Planet. This way, like the melted North Pole, is as good a way as any to wipe out a significant number of the Human population. Like.., Billions....!

I reckon that most of the rich poofters who can afford a casual flight down to the Antarctic are only too eager to play Harry Potter on the Virgin Lands down below, just because they can.

The other danger which is arising from the Aussie Casey and Mawson spooks is that the winds which already roar around the southern latitudes will increase to being consistent, thus are very likely to blow the bejesus out of the landed areas, like Australia particularly.

As the white idiot invaders have stripped, er, raped over 95% of the trees off the Australian land surface already, there will be little or no natural resistance to the increased winds, which will really fuck things here, particularly from the western Australian coast across to the eastern fringes or agricultural areas of the Riverina etc.

Australia! I have come to hate most farmers here for their blithe attitude to MY Country, but if you idiots and your dumbfuck children don't STOP playing Harry Potter with the weather, you will really stuff the country, so that NO farming will be tenable.

It's time you all started to reject your delusions about winning the weather wars by using the occult to bring the rain, mainly because most of you are doing it simply to keep your fucking cattle fed - POINT-8-OF-A-COW-PER-ACRE???????????? so you can feed your greed and your dumbfuck taste buds. (as it happens, I had the most beautiful Eye fillet that I've ever had last night! BUT THAT DON'T MATTER!)

You are all worried about the el Nino returning. Forget it!

You will have much much more to worry your little egos about if you keep playing magicians with our climate, through your ignoring the signs made alive by tooooo few trees.

Forget the cattle Australia! Get PLANTING MORE TREEEEES, and learn about mixed crop farming on smaller more local scales, or by the AWB we'll all be dammed and drowned!

Learn to Respect the Gods of the Earth, the Oceans, the Wind and Fire, or ol' el Nino... "The Christ Child" will return with utter vengeance and wash you all away.

The signs are that He is in the mood......


Sydney APEC Police are Pro-Social Justice

Dear John Faine
ABC Radio 774 Melbourne

I’ve been a “Green” for thirty-six (36) years, beginning at sixteen in 1971 with a group which grew from a couple of (then) aging university women, names forgotten (sorry) in the leafy eastern suburbs of Melbourne. “Bodie” de Boshier as best as I can recall, was one.

Since then, I’ve been a “motorbikie”, as distinct from “biker”, riding with a few seasoned ex-Hell’s Angels and other “outlaws” though never signing-up with any gang.

I’ve earned my living driving trucks and taxis and as a motorcycle courier, while mixing with a wide diversity of “cultural sub-groups”, but have always shunned the stereotypical Australian or “western” mainstream Christian culture.

All the while I’ve held the Highest respect for vegetarianism, and healthy living generally, etc.

At 52 years old now, after having been a “pamphleteer” addressing deep political issues during the 1980s and 1990s, and still quite a listener to political arguments, I am marginalized and now live in self-imposed exile on the roads around Australia.

This last week I’ve watched on tele the APEC shammozzles both in the meetings and on the streets of Sydney.

So, now let me comment on the whole event, but from a very different point of view.

The police were definitely in overkill mode, and cannot be condoned for their at times rough actions.

However: For decades I’ve attended thus witnessed many, many rallies and street protests against the governments and “forces” who, it seems are railed against our personal and communal Freedoms or Liberties.

For almost as long I have been concerned that too many rallies are made ineffective by the “dilution” of power to the People by (self) interest-groups, who of course, are free to partake, and I have come to be respected by policing services across the nation and further afield, for an “Issue” I have stoically championed – Global Land Reform.

Sydney’s protest marches seemed to me to be of the typically same make-up, with several groups, quite disparate waving placards for their own preferred cause.

This seems to me to only weaken any protest, for there is no Unity in the protest, for any overall improvement to our social dilemmas.

The police services know well my Cause of Land Reform, and I’ve had some of them listen hard to what I say. Many of them have recognized and agreed that this is at the bottom of most-all of our social, cultural, environmental et al, et al woes.

Several quite serious gangs and political groups have also shown their agreement.

So, may I, from the margins, put this scenario:

The overkill by the New South Wales police force this week is NOT against the Fundamental Human Rights we all deserve. Quite the opposite.

It is worth remembering, and keeping to the fore of our considerations, that the coppers, worldwide, have daily to face the rough-end of the social pineapple or malaise, and in terms of quality of life, outside of work, they are often the ones who end up suffering most for it.

Military Personnel being the other group who are shunned by and suffer most for the social culture they are asked to defend.

No doubt much of their actions this week and in past international government meetings such as APEC have been harsh and have been against the fundamental right to voice our concerns.

But there is no doubt that they, the police, are very aware of the uselessness and indeed damage of many protesters, not only to their policing reputations, but to any of the genuine reasons for the protest in the first place.

So, in another sense, I actually applaud the police force’s heavy hand this last week in Sydney.

As we’ve seen over the years most of the protests at big multinational meetings have not stopped the meetings from going ahead, whether they have forced the meeting to go “offshore” or not.

I put it to you that the police are more “on-the-money” politically than ANY of the protest groups, and, should there grow a consolidated movement for Global Land Reform, with ALL minor protest groups signing-on and Uniting at the next meetings, NOT just a “one-off”, the protesters would be given the Respect they deserve from the police, and we would, not “might”, see a Magnificent Step Forward in GLOBAL Social Progress.

This would in one, I suggest, address and resolve the fears we all have (“we” being the thinkers of the world) about all aspects of the future of Life-on Earth, and also would I assert, bring Humanity Together as never before, and as we now more urgently than ever before, NEED.

To be sure, there are many self-interest “protest groups” (land speculators from colonialist Britain and Eurape, for example) who are active in diluting such a Fine and Honourable Cause of Global Land Reform, and who actively go to protests just to fracture them and give just cause for the police to be brutal to otherwise innocent marchers. But “no-one is innocent” when it comes to Globicide, if they fail to address the bottom-line issues which underpin their own erring lifestyles and beliefs.

Land occupation and Human distribution upon the arable surface of our ONE PLANET.

With all our concerns and fears and speculations, it is beyond time Humanity faced-up to a few simple and clear facts about Life-on-Earth.

We do not need religion anymore. Neither in fact, do we need adversarial, Howardian-type competitive politics.

We do need People to Stand-up, En-Masse, as a Democracy, to overcome this deadly delusion about individual leaders, individual fabricated messiahs to teach us WHAT to vote for.

If the People are to protest or lobby or go-to-war effectively, then it may well be that we-the-People should start throwing rocks at the glass-houses of – the MEDIA, as the media, YOU, for one, are the link for most of us, to Local and Global events.

I believe you and your compatriots at the ABC, are serious about Justice-thence-Peace on Earth, but of course there are innumerable excuses from above and below as to why Aunty should not get down and dirty about the future.

The future is now, John F……aine!

Yours for Yummy Justice,

The Outlaw’s Outlaw.

Max N Meredith


The Quest for Rest

by Max Nichols Meredith
scribed: Saturday 7th April 2007

Oh, how disorganised we Humans are,
That for satiation, we all, must travel so far?
And truck and import so much grandiose folly,
"But Darlink, how else does
a spoiled catholic girl........, get her jollies???"

Why any observer from Heaven or Stars
Would reel in disgust
At our ego-manic cage-like cars!

Which feed but a delusion and spoil the
soil, air and all of the waters...,
And account well in attrition-rates
Upon the highways of slaughter!

Cramped into urban pockets
Around centralising sorcerer's cities,
All under the spell of consumption to afford
None-but mortgaged prison-like inefficiencies!?

Drummed into a job utterly bereft of a Heart,
Producing/consuming rubbish
Only adding weight to Earth's funeral cart?

Moronically drunk on Super-UNnatural powers,
Guided NOT by their own Spirit - NO!
But from way-up in Wall Street's,
Vatican's, London's and Hong Shang's sinister towers.

In evermore massive factories they own,
Even the fondi of moguls have their immature joys,
By flogging to five-year-old adult flockers
Their untenable and insane "big-boys" dinky toys.

And HARK! All come from our corrupt spread on the Land?
For if we were spread right.........,
Friends, family, fun and a job,
Would all be Local, and by foot, bike or tram...,

But HEY!? Bless the inefficiencies!
If it was they who brung the internet!
And ol' Gaytsie an' his software got-us
Globally gabblin' on th' possibilities
Of Organic-thus-GOOD-Government!

For the air we need to breathe,
Doesn't come from offices and factories,
And so the same can be said,
Of thoughts we hold to in our head.

We Humans don't come
From hospital maternity wards
We come, in bod, from the Humus
Of the Forest's Woods.

And whence the Spark,
we call "John", "Jack" and "Jill"?
The names we give this Mysterious Will?
Ho?! Surely wayback, before
Historisized Tyme?
'Afore Light and Dark.....,
P'rhaps afore the "Prime"?

So, if it's so, Where sep'rate are we?
From the Galaxies molten centre,
From the Spirits Alive amongst the Trees?

But NO! We're set to "spec" the Land,
And rush to Nuclearise ALL Country,
And shave-off Hertha's vital organ!

So scared, we retreat in Truth..,
From all Humanity.
And sit, in paralysed isolation,
Petrified of the impending global calamity.

I, on the other hand,
go to a Land, now and then,
When free-of-my-feet.
Alas! A Vision Splendid indeed!
I would take you, if I had a spare seat.

'Tis an Earthen Place, where Hearths of Rock,
Squat round and warm in Village Centres.
Wi' market stalls akin to Tales of Robin Hood,
Shared by Folk, All Good and Honest Vendors.

Where none are short of the rudiments to share,
All that comes from Sound Organic Tenure,
A crop, Vegie-bed, a herd, a lathe,
A place to safely sleep, wash and Work,
For whaddever Honourable Gifts y' got-in-yer.

Where Music and Dance fly with the flow
Of the "Lines" of the Spirits - Grand and Small.
Where Farmers, Clerks and Warriors chorus
Affirmative Odes holding High,
That "Just Land Law is Peace for All"!

And the drugs now in the cabinet,
Once again come from
The Grannie's Pharmacopeia Garden.
Pharmaceutical pills are but a bad dream,
Not needed! The Folks are Wisened
And thus to infection - hardened.

And made immune by the soft touch
Of Mother Eartha's Nat'ral Blends,
Knowing how slug-an'-spider creepies,
and a Green-Green Earth
Are their Best Medical Friends.

Where a "ruggie" nibbles some quoll-shit!?
And LO! She didn't die!
Where geckos catch the mozies,
An' Tree Frogs zap the flies.

Houses, it's true, are some small
And some really quite large.
Naturally grown, hued and honed
To many an Art's Artist's head and Heart's
Natural Artistic collage.

Here-an'-there, some built a Hall,
Fit for the finest Live Music,
Where Dancers and Poets,
And all Colour of Performers
Respectfully come and use it.

Towns, as they are, maintain themselves,
As one maintains one's Life.
Simply done, imbued with fun,
Wisely holding to True Land Law -
Thus pre-empting strife.

Coppers ride bikes and horses as oft',
Educating the victims-the-crims O-rare
That Wise justice is deliciously soft.
Thus are paid for tasks that are All The Way Just.

Most in this Land of Love, Oh Dream where I fly,
Live Sharing their Homes, Hearths, Hearts and Spiritual Eye,
So need no "religion" as we lost, long for in the west.
Sound Land Tenure quells all quests, to Deep Inner Rest.

Whence in Common Weal and alone "Silence of Mind" Rises
as the Spontanious, Spiritual Best.




Europe to be renamed

Europe may henceforth be re-named Eurape, in Recognition of the Work done by Eurapeans in fucking the Planet.


Family, friends and the best enemies yer ever had!

My Blog-Post, Thursday 19th July 2007
Written at the Kilmore Library

Still waiting for someone, mainly from my own family, to do something to repatriate me into a life, mainly by plonking as much money in my bank account as possible.

Mummy will refuse to understand that i wish never to talk to her again.

Just a small matter of having been lied to for my whole 52, fifty two years of WHAT? of LIVING under the fraudulent title of greatest great lord, for chrissake.

The family refuse to talk to me truthfully, mainly because some arsehole is plying me with witchcraft of the malicious order ( from charlies suffering small mind syndrome), so projecting scary monsters from my aura at whoever comes near me.

Over the last ten years I've been slowly exorcising (?) these types from my own Soul, as best as I can.

Recently, I detected psychically, an "old friend" (the son of a Greek migrant), Charlie Zarcades, of Bridge Street Port Melbourne, as one of these utter bastards, perhaps a major player in my head over the last ten years.

It seems he might have changed his attitude since I divined his occultism, nevertheless I cannot concile such behaviour as from him, his two brothers, danny and sam, and his mates in Port Melbourne and from the 1990's motorcycle courier industry, for it may well be that it has been they who have made my life absolute hell for the last ten years, by the malicious, jealous, and envy-based employment of their ever-so-cunning occult powers.

I estimate that they too are fierce opponents of my political Stance on Land Reforms and distribution, etc. I've NO DOUBT they swan-it with thousands of Euro and Mid-Eastern property speculators, of the same immigrant genre as his parents. Not that I hold anything against them. It has clearly been the dogs from the John Davidson, David Finch, Greame Barrett clique, ex the Melbourne motorcycle courier scene of the 1980s and 1990s, whom I exposed as rotten with corruption.

One of their arsehole mates, who was already in the Nimbin NSW region when I got there nine years ago, has been part of this, in my struggles in that part of the world, trying to start a new life.

That piece of shit, went by the nikname "GOOSE" when working as a bicycle courier for Davidson's DART COURIERS, as well as by a false employee name for tax-dodging purposes, from which he profited nicely I'm sure.

Nevertheless, is it that with this old bunch of "FRIENDS" such as Finch, Andrew Prange, Zarcades, and others, are less likely to leave me alone?

Of course not.

The last thing they want is for me to find my third eye (?) and speak with power about the utterly stuffed state of the planet, for their egotrips would come unstuck.
Not to mention the ongoing corruption they are still party to, I feel sure, be-it in couriering, land speculation, drugs and other sordid crimes.

Fuck em!

And fuck the Victorian Department of Justice, for "Failing to recognise the severity of the crime", as being perpetrated against myself by the Catholic church, in the church's attempts to build a patsy Messiah. A crime of unrecognised massive proportions against also, all Christians and others.

I say this because the notion of a Messiah, does not stand Intelligent Scientific and Spiritual Scrutiny.

What JC was saying, however, indicts the church, and casts the lot of them down to hell, for the 1700 years or so of blaspheming against the Holy Spirit in us all.

On the recent Melbourne shooting:

(and sorry to the family)

A property lawyer who profits from perpetuating the homelessness of around 100 million people around the planet, cannot be called moral, in any sense of the word.

No matter if he/she fails to fully and correctly appraise the danger of any situation they find they are expected to help in, and die as a consequence.

Why be sorry for his kids? One day they will have to face the decision of the RED pill or the BLUE pill.

We can be sure they will have very few scales over their eyes since their father's abrupt death.

Let all christians pray they will NOT be blinded by the tyrannical catholic approach, and here-after seek to grow into Honourable adults, not unconscionable slime in real estate and the totally dishonourable McLies industry of property and real estate law.

The catholics, as confirmed by the most recent blast from Pope Benedictus XVI, are clearly stubborn listeners, and for that are dangerously slow learners. But catholics in my jargon means any of the branch ex-Rome, set-up by the Jews in the first-to-third centuries to capture the Spiritual and real estate markets of the planet from the heathens who were/are the "Keepers of the Holy Spirit" - the Indigenous peoples of Earth.

Begs the question of the problems having their root in the immigration situation. For if we look around the planet, most of the chaos in societies and the fringes, are perpetuated by conquering immigrants, who ruthlessly ignore the Indigenous, and the Native population, and rip-into the land speculation escapade, creating massive iniquities everywhere. This is happening to Australia right now, and will increase to an explosion, when the auditors realise the extent of danger this places our nation and banks in. Not to mention the rest of us.

It's also interesting that most all of the immigrants who do most damage to the local Balance wherever we look, are from Europe and Britain?!

How well Zarcades fits the description. Perhaps he's a criminal?


CARBONITIS! Smog-of-Soul

By Max Nichols Meredith
2nd July 2007

I’ve been a weird Green,
Since I was sixteen.
But drove filthy trucks,
then bike-couriered amongst the fucks,
Just to get a taste of a London winter diesel fog.
Now 30 years later, I’m in the forests of Prictoria,
Getting’ guilty about my carbon footprint
From my campfire’s logs.

On the road for ten years,
Slept as big-rigs lullabied my ears,
Now it’s a ceaseless drum of logistic inefficiencies.
Rumbling my sleep and seriously fucking
The econom-ecology.

Gotto Oppie more clothes!
G’nna learn t’ eat food raw!
Avoid disease, go for the lowest score!


Everywhere I look, I see environmental crime!
Most every waking hour I got pollution on my mind!
I butt-bin my smoke butts like a chump,
But everywhere is like a steaming rubbish dump?

“How much carbon did that junk cost from go-to-woe?”
Is a FOOTPRINT question everyone needs to know!

The answer to…., It’s related to

Gotto buy a 2nd-hand motorbike!
Then! Traffic jams can take a hike!
Makes me wanna reduce my consumption!
Where do I buy more gumption?????

I can see a market made for a pile of analysts,
Counselling morons, stressed-out by CARBONITIS!

What’s the carbon cost of that machine that goes “PING!”?
What’s it cost in carbon, just to make the telephone ring!?
How much carbon went into the white coats those blokes are wearing?!
How much to I cost myself in carbon,
Every time I REALLY start swearing??????

Sending shrinks insane!
Spooky carbon-dated fossils
Trying to fuck with our brains!

We’ll just strap you to this bed,
Then administer this lab-of-pills.
The old knock-out-needle drill!

But doc? I’m not insane!
But doc? Don’t be a pain!
I haven’t got contagious meningitis!?
My fit is a recoil
To Earth’s readiness to over-boil!
‘Cause your mob are killing Her with filthy CARBONITIS!?

She got CARBONITIS!?As well as cuttin’ down Her lungs?
Hertha’s got CARBONITIS!?
Your psyche fascists are denying
Our final song is being sung!

Gotto go a 100 miles to breathe some air that’s clear!
What network of freight trains?
On Silver Slides through the Landscape.
Everyone gains!

But after twenty years of writing-all-about-this,
I’m brought to ask the question,
“Who suffers most from CARBONITIS!?”

Is it me and fellow Deep Greens most affected by this consumption-bug?
Or are all the Christian sweeties the ones it has turned into the REAL Planetary thugs???
Spreading CARBONITIS!?
Lah, de dah, de dah!
Spreading CARBONITIS!?
Lah, de dah, de dah!

Does being DUMB about ANY future consequences,
Justify abuse of anything on which we build our mental defences?

For now some scales have fallen from the sealed-shut Christian flock,
But McChristianitis thrives in the drive-thru
CARBONITIS!? Fast-junk parking lot!!!!?

So I see Deep Greens as Wise Medicine Women and Men.
Who dispel untrue demons,
And bring the Tribe back on the Honourable Path again.

Where de FOOTPRINT’s nice-and-Light!
For which we’ve always had to fight.
And de Souls of all the Prols,
Are Light enough to,
as One, Lift themselves through,
All weigh-downs, to Heaven!


Up in Heaven, where Dei, Peacefully
And Honourably Govern…,
Their FOOTPRINT…., of Spiritual Carbon.

And never have to repaint their ….housis,
‘Cause they’ve all found Self-Control, thus are free from smog-of-Soul called CARBONITIS!?

CARBONITIS!? Coursing through our veins!
CARBONITIS!? Is a Cul-de-sac,
And we’re in the fast lane!
Seeking GOD! “out-there!” extracting everything we can,
Jus’ like Christians, putting the weight of blame – ON SOME OTHER MAN!

Reaping wealth with stealth,
By raping “HEATHENS” Land!

Contributing to GLOBAL CARBONITIS!?
Four centuries in the making!
Entranced oligopolies,
Knew not what they were creating!


Catholic Church's Biggest Lie

Quite a deal has been exposed in regard to the shadey areas of my life recently, much to do with the Catholic church and it's outright fraudulence over my very own creation, that is ME!

St Josephs Convent in Collingwood Melbourne Victoria, where my mother was taken at 9 years old, that is STOLEN from her Father, after her mother died, has much to answer in regard to the treatment I've received over most of my life.

What have they being trying to build, but a patsy idiot, under their total occult sway, to become a magician (WOW!) and under their hypnosis, start bleeting that he's the returned Jesus!

Lately I figured out that they had Mum in store for this little charade, a long time before I was thought of, or born, having had my parents name my elder brother (by five years) "Ruler" of "the Army" of the "Great Lord", or, Donald Walter Meredith.

Albeit that, Don was my Mum's Father's name, and Walter was my Dad's Stepfather's name. I postulate that they tried to breed a suitably "structured" or psychicly manipulable child, suitable for their longterm purpose - of getting the filthy lying deceiving christian religion, including Catholics and Jews, out of the reality shit that "THE MESSIAH AIN'T COMING BACK, BECAUSE HE, "IT" IS A FRAUDULENT CONCEPT!"

They tried with my brother Don (-ald Walter), but by his five years of age they saw he wasn't going to cut it, so it was plied upon Mum, when Grand-Pop died, to try once more, and I was the result. No real messiah was coming so the church decided they had to build one, and it turned out that after failing with Don, I am that patsy.

Since then, for 52 years, I have been but a puppet to the church, and this is why I have been fighting any attempts to raise my Kundalini and engage fully with my already considerable occult powers, because I am not gonna play their occult games.

Lets not be too potentially egomaniacal here, for there's no doubt that the church has been trying to do the very same thing for some time, with the "wiser" ones seeing the fraud of the doctrine and dogma, and it's ignorance, deliberate or otherwise, of the True Holy Spirit in each of us, and the Power It possesses.

It is quite believable that the insane asylums around the western or christian world, are filled in part with rejects from the demonic and desperate christian
churchs attempts to turn any broadly suitable parishener into a "Jesus". Many people in asylums say they are Jesus. I put it that the local priests have been plying any potential with the occult to the point where they really are not on the planet. BUT, it is most likely that THEY, that is the person, is nowhere near insane.

Rather, they have been fucked over by the evil clergy.

Why do no christians challenge this stuff?

Why do no christians inquire into this possibility, in regard to Jesus himself?

I say he was exactly the same, as I put it above, that I am.

A Patsy!

Can we not broach the subject about the Rabbis of the Temple where Jesus dwelt as a child, causing his mother concern, and that they were building the very same way as the catholics and their idiot fellow flockers have been trying to build me?

Wake-up christians! You have been done over by the most evil mob on Earth!

Christianity, have you never realised christian, is the most profitable cultural style the Gods of Mammon could ever have created!

Death to the church, whether or not they pay me $10,000,000 compensation for my ruined life.

Because of all this, I am shattered, and want never to talk to any member of my family or even nation again.

A curse on all catholics, if they continue the most evil lie of "a messiah".


Qld Govt Pays Compo for Institutional Damages!


I want compo for being forced by the government/church...



It wuz skule wot sent me owtacontollllll

E.D.U.C.A.T.e Y.O.U. Realpolitics for YOUTH

E.D.U.C.A.T.e Y.O.U. Realpolitic Party
Stands for Edge-Dwellers, Under-Class, Alienated and Traumatized Youth, Organising and Uniting, or once a Member, Organized and United, Party.

Hmmmm? An Hypothetical, y'unnerstand!?

Society, as it is, doesn't work!

USA, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Africa, Planetwide, SOCIETY DON'T WORK!!!!



"No true Law says one man or family can appropriate disproportionate tracts of Land from the People-Collective, from the Community, from the National or Global Population, for themselves."

Current "privileged" parliamentary and justice departments "fail to recognise the severity of the crime" of BAD LAND LAWS - WORLDWIDE!

Whose gonna suffer most?

Edge-Dwellers, Under-Class, Alienated and Traumatized Youth!

E.D.U.C.A.T.e Y.O.U. Realpolitic Political Party is about the Knowledge, the Facts, about YOUR Patch, Your Country! Your People and Justice for Your People wherever on Earth YOU and they Live.

I'm pissed-off! My People are pissed-off!

You're pissed-off about what's happening to Mother Eartha!

A better informed new generation of Voters, in Australia and in the United States, has popped-up since the last Australian and U.S. federal elections, a generation of not just plum-mouthed private-schoolies with a limited conscience, but a mass in every nation on Earth now, awake to the past, and see frighteningly clearly the protending future.

Many, if not most under-20 year olds, would flex their vote if they KNEW the Party wanted the Best Future for everyone. Kids are much less bigoted.

Two key elections arise in 2008.

Australia and the U.S.

Both elections, everyone knows, are full-of-shit, painting false gods to lead us all down the environmental and Spiritual sewer.

Educate You gets straight on "LEADERSHIP". It's a furphy! get over it.

Local Economic Land Reforms would only improve the future for ALL Youth, eliminating the call for a messiah to help the government or council back out of the labyrinth of corrupt Land laws.

Jesus is dead. God Bless Him.

It's the Economy, Stupid!

Think about it children. Such a Localised Realpolitik Political Forum like the herein named E.D.U.C.A.T.e Y.O.U. Realpolitic Political Party, decentralised for YOUTH could make a future for you possible and governable by YOUth!

This last four, five, seven years has seen the biggest generational shift in Collective POLITICAL Knowledge amongst the world's Youth in the Planet, the Galaxy and perhaps the Universe ever.

This massss..., in every nation...., wants fair Laws, based on True Land Laws.


And Pay The Rent!


Get That Warm Inner Glow!

Vote for uranium........



Global Warming and Marketing waste? And on Macquarie Bank while there!

In Germany, perhaps Europe-wide, vehicle makers are by Law obliged to take responsibility for the full "cycle" of their product's life, and after-life stage of waste, once discarded.

This is a Good Tendency, though more a "band-aid" than conducive to Good Law, for in my opinion, "Good Law" would necessitate pre-vention of waste in all products that are not Organic and recyclable.

Such Good law may also Act to avoid superfluous invention which, beyond reasonable need, infering "comfort" need not be taboo, is not such a small player in the flogging of the essentially unnecessary and quickly unwanted stuff.

This concept of "Environmental Responsibility" as applied to the known cases of vehicle makers, must therefore translate to ALL products, and to the waste of both cheap, short lifespan products, of the "planned obscelesence" genre, AND of the throw-away parts, especially in packaging and advertising.

It would be Good Law which put the full responsibility of all parts of production, marketing (selling) and waste of ALL products, back where it belongs, in the hands of the inventors and producers.

If not for decades, might we actually experience the Benefits of such Sound Law.

But intuition now, has one see how much "advertising and marketing" is the cause and inspiration of most unwanted material and psychological waste.

Umm? Is "Arnie" Listening?

I refer to the Californian Governor, Arnie Schwarzaneggar, from the Australian bush, because there is no point refering to our Local, State or Federal governments, or the general, dumb-as-dog-shit population, as they are all far too paid-off by those worst environmental offenders.

Which offenders do I mean?

Just think of the worst five hundred global corporate offenders, and you'll find strong links to most of Australia's political parties.

Macquarie Bank is soon to be known by us as one homegrown mob of fraudsters. Just serf the net and look at the smelly corprations with which Macquarie deals, and you may get a taste of what I mean about this dumb-arse, Brit-o-phile nations dictators-er-parliaments.

Tha's all for "Global Warming and Marketing waste"?

However, on the point of Macquarie Bank:

The bank came to mind last night when on the radio there was reference to Macquarie as a very high risk investment, with underperforming companies in their "stable" or Vault. This according to the interviewee, portended a bad future for the bank.

Ummm? Macquarie is a big bank here, and overseas, with massive investments in large corporations, corporations who are running on slim profits and future scenarios all over the globe.

I wuz brought by that radio report to reflect on a convo I had wiff me bruvva twenty years ago, about the future etc.

I had pondered it for a while beforehand, but sort-of-stunned myself with it, when it finally came out in conversation.

The general line was the one day, soon enough, globally, the big boys of finance and industry would outperform themselves and collapse, with HUGE debts to the dumb-fuck investors and to the general populations of the country's effected.

Who cares about those greedy investors? Not I.

Who cares about the populations? Not I, neither, anymore, since the scales have been pried from my two eyes, whence I realised what a bunch of absolute arseholes Australians and Europeans are, in general.

Fuck you all, I say, I scream. Icecream?

Ne'ertheless, as the Satanic mob in the Vatican want me to suffer all the way to their very agenda-ridden "cross", and as they give me nothing to enjoy other than my own company (Oh! They deemed it OK for me to steal a car radio form a stolen and dumped car the other month, after another British rat person from Mumbai blew my old one up), I maintain an interest, mostly with a terminal sense of humour about the whole pack of dogs anywhere above the poverty-line, in these types of political, economic and social/Spiritual developments.

So, as that "prediction" of mine from twenty years ago goes, MacQuarie Bank, really another local offshoot from the really big-boys of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (H.S.B.C.), one-and-the-same as the "PROUD" Brit-Euro banks of Barclays, Natwest, Credit Suisse, and-on and-on, i.e., the world's nastiest, ethics-free heroin producing/shipping and selling organisations, Mac-bank goes under?


Diss-arsed-her! Bewdy!

What does a responsible Government do, but take it over, with all its liabilities/debts, and put it in Public Ownership. Just like all the then failed companies risking Macbanks future, the flow-on from such a big collapse would effect most markets, more here than abroad, even though most of the profits probably end-up in the vaults of Switzerlanden et al.

It, this scenario, is, I am fairly certain, just about precisely what the main-players of global finance, real estate and drug-running have had in mind since about the time Karl Marx elucidated the inherent failings in "capitalism".

A global takeover of all industry and finance by the world's first global socialist government!

A few years ago, this was something most people saw as, and endless propaganda has been aimed against it to persuade us that it would have been true (TRUE?) and terrifying.

A Global totalitarian bunch of despots making us all slaves with nothing to take-home in gift-wrap.

If people cannot see the Logic, Wisdom and all-round benefit of getting the real-estate, drugs, and banking "monkey" off our backs-collective, in line with the world's best practice in "Economies of Scale" to the Max! of a Socialist Agrarian Union, as, Rightly Guided, by our Collective Human and Divine Intelligence and Wisdom, then "Let it rain, Lord! Let your Water of Love wash them all away, now and forever, amen!"

Fuck you Australia, Europe, Britain. If you can't get your ego's back in line, then get ready for the fffffffllllooooooooooooodddd of all floods!

To add to the case for an Agrarian Socialist Union, I heard a "pearler" statistic 'tother day, on ABC Radio of course, but yes, yet another statistic, which was that somewhere near 25%, "twenty-five percent", of greenhouse gases are caused because we, the majority, DO NOT GROW OUR OWN FOOD!!!!

I believe it. Just observe all your pissing around each day, and you might well also - believe, say what John Howard.

Oh! That's Kevin Rudd P.M., I do believe!

"A big call Maxie, for the Kev-crew to get their supporters out of the factory hole and into Agrarian Collective Lifestyles of Peace, Tranquility, Justice, Honesty, and a Future for everyone's children!?"

"That's why they call me The Big Opinion, Phil!"