21C Australian Vehicle Design Rules and Standards called for

After one hundred years or so, of being gullible recipients of false advertising and choiceless consumers of what is in Reality clearly a massive global case of vehicle-maker "cartelian" collusion, it is, in decade one of millennium three, opportune for People Power to "Modernise", in the Best sense of the word, this ruthless and banale industry to suit the buyer's needs-and-wants, rather than as it has been throughout the twentieth century - a ruthless profit-mill for manufacturers and all their down-stream middlemen of distributors and car-dealers, etcetera.

The "Modernisation" I'm in here suggesting, includes quite political aspects of many, I'm sure, vehicle-buyer's hidden ethical concerns. Concerns such as vehicular inefficiency, pollution and wasted materials (the latter-two being "same-same", but different), wasted materials left after having outlived their planned "use-by-date".

Tyres are a massive pollutant once they've done their 50,000 miles or so and are replaced. Then there's the rather inharmonious possibility that the "leftovers" from tyres as-in the bits of rubber being left on the bitumen and other driven-upon surfaces every time we drive - might well be a REAL BUMMER! for larger parts of the "Environment"!?

Forget "recycling"! It's been subsumed by the beomith.

Car bodies are designed not just to be as light-weight as possible (vital to minimising fuel consumption), but also to deteriorate in a short-as-makers-can-get-away-with time span.

This, so the owner must go back into the full-of-floss car market to purchase another one. Only to replace it in five years or so.

On the cheapest marginal land of all major cities are hundreds of hectares, filled to overflowing with unsold new and second-hand cars?

The individual manufacturers; General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Lada, VW, MG, Hyundi, Lexus, Eunos, Honda, Suzuki, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, etcetera and on, in general don't concern themselves with keeping buyers loyal to THEIR brand, because the demand is perpetual, and also is "fostered" by a multitude of other "lobby-groups" assailing until now powerless governments to provide infrastructure supporting this modem-of-mobility.

Having amassed so much wealth, the global vehicle-making corporate industrial body can easily afford to pay "thirty-pieces-of-silver" to innumerable sales agents and promotions-conglomerates to keep us-the-public constantly enthrawled with the latest distraction (which is as-often purchased for use as a tool or piece of equipment to accrue more wealth) distractions nevertheless from the hard, cold and deadly facts: cars and all their ancillaries; petroil-bitumen roads, psycho-techead bit-components for vehicle electronics and traffic-management systems, are killing, in no small proportion.........., the planet.

The 'distraction' being exaggeradvertised NEW?!! models with fantastical (fantEsticle) ego-thrilling body-shapes, headlight designs, interior 'appointments' et-cet-er-a, apparently appealing to those of us caught-up in the dumb-fuck spells of mass-advertised fashion, mixed of late with notions of cosmology, magic, etc.


Yet, they're still only as fast as a 1968 Datsun 1000 when their stuck in the traffic. And slower than the smallest motorbike!


But they LOOK so WICKED dude!

Aren't things just a little-bit out of order here?

OK! So let's have the upside of vehicular development--------------

Ummm?------------------ Problem (or situation) is, it's all susceptible to ceaseless debate.

An upside I've allowed a place in my "argument cache" of mind for 20 years, is that R&D in motor-vehicular design brings us more efficient engines, safer vehicles, etc.

But adding ALL the Environmental costs (which is the main concern, relating to motorcars) of the full-chain of production: from mining metal ores and the raw products used to make plastics and 'fabrics' plastered throughout cars today; the environmental burden alone in the shipping and freighting to-and-on-from 'refineries', (one could almost derive a meaning of 'refineries' as being 'sophisticated', false, specious), the "product enhancement" refineries, the 'plant' needed to automatically refine and stamp-out the components of the vehicle; the parallel chain of production for all THAT plant, which is also being constantly superceded (Why? Because WE CAN!), these personal gigdets called motorcars, are not just massively inefficient to the individual and the Collective, but are deadly to Life on Earth IN THE EXTREME.

(I apologise for the CAPITALS as 'emphasis', but I don't trust the linebreak html this is typed in.)

Must I bring in the mass-promotions and too-powerful motorcar media, it's mental pollution on it's entranced readers (sorry guys!), and the amount of waste(d) paper of disgarded magazines? Guys, we're ALL captured by some aspect of the - same-same.

Such environmental concerns also contribute in major-ways to fucking-up the Souls of we who are forced to partake of this car-centric society, if only by forcing us to drape and dowse spells of denial over and through our minds and hearts, each time we jump in and drive, or are passenged, each time we "fill-'er-up", each time we disgard old tyres and the "old darling", with new ones.

NEW ONES! - more and more quite deliberately designed to last an expensively short period - so car-addicted clones have to take their often hard-earned beads-and-trinkets from under the bed and throw them recklessly, often with bitter-abandon, into the pukacious hands of the car-dealers.

And society slaggs heroin dealers as THE WORST!?

Hand on? Aren't things just a little-bit out of order here?

Pausing for a flash, lemme throw in a lovely little tangent here. Lemme say that a MAJOR delight, "buzz" if you like - Beauty of motorbikes, is that almost anyone can afford and applicate to customise their motorbike to their own needs and wants in means-of-transport. This of course depends on what you buy, a NEW! model or a tasty-bit-of-iron from an earlier decade or era.

But once more, I leave my "tangent" open to ceaseless debate.

However - I, don't, care.

Zo!? Aside from my "IF I WUZ GLOBAL DICTATOR...!" wish-list of making everyone ride motorbikes for ten years before being allowed to ride in a cage-er-car, as a driver OR pasenger, let's tackle the phenomenal motorcar problem with some simple and acheivable Authority, by introducing into as many national-international "Design Standards and Rules", rules which limit the root-curse of 'planned obscelesence', by making makers give guarantees of say, TEN years on vehicle componentry. Of course, the Duty of we extremeists, dissenters at-least, is to call for a lifetime free replacement and free labour warranty on all parts.

The "parts industry" makes something like ten times the profit on spares.

Sure, panel-beaters may well form a lobby group or a "Dent Fixer's Party" - "I fix Dents, AND I VOTE!" or such, and the auto-allied 'aftermarket' juggernaut is already on the phone to some fascist-chauffeur-cum-professional-provocateur, to "fix Max's dents!" permanent-like!

But over the years, I've mixed with heaps of panel-beaters, mechanics and tyre-fitters, and heaps if them muffle an inner despair at their need to deny these realities.

And as many of them would be ready to Celebrate with the Deepest-Greenies, if such planned-obscelesence nonsense was brought under some Balanced, Reasonable control.

Hello GW!

What'd'yer reckon if no-one went to work tomorrow, the day (Monday) before the November 2nd United States of America Presidential election, in concern for the politico-military future of our one, small, Beautiful Planet.

Nor Tuesday, nor Wednesday, nor Thursday and Friday, this week?

Land Rent, Arnie! John Kerry!

The Republocrats? The Demopublics!


Big Stuff.

May The Perfect Existence Be Your Inspiration.


Warning on Water Tanks for Aussie suburbs

Oh what a good idea, decentralising the resourcing of water from huge ecologically unsound reservoirs and dams with their expensive to install and maintain piping, purifying and finally to-house infrastructures, to individual household rain-water tanks, etc!

So, with stampeding-sheep-like fervour, our over-consuming centralised-in-cities Australian public rushes to embrace their very own water-supplies, by buying and installing a household water tank!


Or, is it right to rejoice?

How many of them are able to correctly think it through?

Firstly, we in Australia are the most consuming mob on the planet per-capita, primarily because our brainless or agenda-ridden fore-'leaders' have played the materialist juggernaut's game of 'farming' the flock down to the smallest possible economic, sustainable units, called "nuclear families", where each 'micro-group' (mum, dad, 2-point-337 kids, dog, cat and canary) has to spend too many of it's beads-and-trinkets (income) on;
one housing structure;
one fully-equipped kitchen - one stove/oven, one fridge, one sink, one dining table and chairs, one set of cupboards and cabinets;
one (at least) bathroom - one shower/bath, one basin, one toilet;
3-to-5 bedrooms (not unreasonable, I guess) 3-to-5 wardrobes, 3-to-5 sets of what evry kids apparently needs, including these days some 26% having their own bedroom TV;
one living-room/lounge-room containing one or more sets of armchairs, one hi-fi system, one TV, one DVD player, one or more coffee-table, one bookshelf, one shitload of sense-capturing/distracting trinkets, 3 ducks on the feature wall, one feature wall;
one laundry with one washing machine, one clothes dryer, one cupboard full of one bottle of disinfectant, one bottle of lino-wax, one bottle of floor polich, one of any number of items all used perhaps once a month, or year.

Then, need I go on? There's the shed with, one lawn-mower, one set of cheap-as-shit garden tools, several loads of junk that were bought to break, break-down or lose their novelty in mere months, one work-bench, one vice, etcetera-and-on?

Then - the garage - one, two, three cars, bicycles (They're OK) and another load of little-used junk, because mum doesn't like it spoiling the backyard view from the back veranda;
one back veranda, one set of cheap-as-shit plastic or "cast aluminium" (WOW!) deck-chairs and table. The plastic ones eventually to end in the local council garbage dump, which we all know make-up a disproportionate amount of the trash at the tip......

Ooooh..... my......God?


What a national, cultural fuck-up!

Ah! Today we can slate the blame for THAT on our glorious Mammon-addicted Christian religious flocks!

Well done Jesus!

Or was it early Rome?

Or was it the "golden calf tribe" ex-Israel???

The Wise will put their money on the last one! And we thought, for four thousand, seven hundred and twenty squillion years that good ol' Moses wiped that evil lot out?

Shock Horror, Christian! You and your materialism (Mammon) are still very much alive-and-kicking in the nuclear households of every western nation, say what?

Doesn't that make you PROUD!?

Umm? Water Tanks....

NOW! Everyone (especially the makers and sellers) reckons it's LOGICAL to whack one fucking-big piece of molded plastic, ie., a water-tank (Oh! I forgot the fish-tank in the lazy-bastard-room - the lounge-room [Lounge: old English - 'lungis' - "an awkward, slow-moving fellow", from old French - 'longis' - "a lout"!?]) next to the 'confinement structure'?

Mmmm! - yeah - real good?!

I don't agree with the big dams scenario. All that has going for it is the "economies-of-scale" aspect. But as we have taken about one hundred years to figure-out, the negatives out-weigh the positives once such water-supplies get that-or-too big.

Other critical factors we fail to face-up-to, in respect to water tanks, as well as to the above nuclear household scenario, are the totally illogical, impractical, inefficient, expensive and massively polluting chains-of-production of SO MANY "personal" items EACH household is expected to afford, so-as the bread-winners are able to get enough sleep, nutrition and recreation, to remain stable enough in body-and-in-mind to face another day-week-month-decade or five at "the mill" to keep paying for it all!


AND, I must throw-in, to keep paying the corrupted, in-the-main Jewish and Christian bastards who run and control the financial ripstitutions we so nicely call "banks" for the home loan. Has anyone else noticed, by-the-way, that they more often call home-loans "home loans" today, having done away with the rather bleak-yet-quite-accurate title of "mortgage". A word deriving from the old French I think, or was it Latin, and literally means "death pledge"?



No wonder a majority of Australians voted-in a political corporation (the Liberal Party) whose first priority is to keep their filthy-rich corporate mates in predator-marketing-of-materialism in favour, and supplying them with free wine, washing machines, dish-washers and dumb-fuck women to use them.

"Oh, but these WONDERFUL appliances give us more time to be dumb-fucks?!?!?!?*%&%*, and so we can sit back on our lounge (?) and read dar-link Kerry Packer's trash women's magazines!?"

Back to water tanks;- another potentially huge success story for water tank making corporations who manufacture the large molding-machinery with which to make them, and the petro-chemical corporations who supply the raw petro-plastics.


Economies-of-scale: one tank per 5, 10, 20 households (upon research) must be explored.

Also, the best way to reduce our excessive consumption in every other area of life, is to adopt a similar 5, 10, 20 household-scale in possession and use of most other of the above breakdown of what we fill our little (household) confinement areas with.

The nuclear family is an absolute rort, and exists primarily to profit large and/or multinational mass-product makers, advertisers, distributors and retail sellers. Those who psychopathically seek total control over we eager-to-be fleeced sheeps.

NOT at all for the pleasure, efficiency or Upliftment of any of the individuals forced to slave-on to afford all the junk-products found in the classic Australian, American and European nuclear family household.

"Junk products?"

Almost all of which are designed to last little more than five years - planned obselescence - to keep the CEO's, corporate middle management, advertising and marketing companies and the top 5-to-10 percent of the Human population ridiculously rich, and the rest of us, the remaining lower 80% relatively poor, in body, mind and in Spirit.

Goodbye Astray-lia!


Revolution needed in political media methods

4-00am Thursday 28th October 2004

To the "western" media.

Each day you broadcast through reputable and more self-interested media organisations, interviews with our, and other nation's political leaders and other "representatives".

Yet each day the farce seems to increase with their hyperbola, distortions and perversions.

With each attempt by reporters, journalists and interviewers to get the facts, direct answers and the Truth, the politicians (refering here to Australian federal government members) unashamedly and quite expertly adoid or direct you-the-interviewers, and through what makes it to air, the listening public, away from any truthful, relevant or or pertinent content in their responses.

Clearly they assume an arrogance in quite deliberately NOT answering your questions.

The accepted thing in journalism is to merely report whatever the 'polies' (not far from the "parrot"-kind!) say.

Yet Australia is NO WISER for all the reportage all the media offers us, for it's severely and dangerously ignorant population has recently voted our worst political offenders in for another 3 year term!

Who is responsible for this cruel fact?

The political media of today, more aware than it has ever been, must, like the recently defeated, and in some cases decimated political parties, take steps to re-consider it's performance, and it's 'til now accepted 'modus operandii', if any of you are serious about your work and about contributing to a more Just World.

For years, and no doubt for as long as journalists have been printing/broadcasting on politics, I, and the reading/listening public have felt utter exasperation at the mealy-mouthed responses and prevarications of the politicians, to the reporters questions.

It's one of the conundrums of these affairs - the Wisdom of hindsight - it's easy to be Wise in retrospect - after the fact, etc.

That the world beyond our paypacket and breakfast-bowl is closer-than-ever to eruption into catastrophe on a global scale - North Korea being intimidated by US and Japanese war-games in nearby waters, into a possibly deadly response; Taiwan is being encouraged/seduced by capitalist, anti-Chinese, anti-Socialist 'spellbinder' forces to secede from it's mainland family-and-kin, which the capitalists hope will threaten to ignite and escalate into a US-China war; Israel's impending civil war (!?) etc.:- the list is long, of extreme situations of anti-peace agitation in many parts of the world - demands that the media adapt to the political deciet spewing from the mouthes of the politicians, and adopt different, more effective methods.

To this, I put it thus:

Intervies with all political "representatives" as farcical as that title is, should proceed with the overtly expressed (to the interviewee) method of recording what answers they gove, so they may be reviewed by the media after the interview for accuracy, relevence and veracity of what the polies have said.

Then equipped with a list of any flawed answers/statements from ANY, but preferably (soas to remain current) from the most recent interviews, the reporter may structure there next interview with the politician in such a way as will call the polie to account for whatever errors/deceits theyu spoke in the previous interviews.

Now, I know many in the relevant media to whom I put this suggestion will laugh, because clearly, with the arrogance of politicians and the self-interested agenda of the commercials, they will simply be ignored, sacked or blackbanned from further interviewing the polies.

Obviously, I direct this at first, to Australia's ABC media teams, but realise that for such an idea to succeed, an agreement towards it's introduction needs-must be reached across all media - public and commercial.

As I wrote earlier, global and national tensions are high (like my clothes) and the likelihood of upheaval and collapse into unstoppable social disintegration is more real than ever.

Because of this, while stock-markets, gold, oil companies AND media corporate share-values increase with increaes in international unease (war!), I feel that commercial media's reporting of comments by politicians, if any in those media are at all genuine, have no choice but to co-operate with their media associates on modernising their 'modus operandii' in intervieing those who supposedly represent the People.

People who rely totally on the media for information and knowledge on how our lives are being governed.

I've been prompted to put this to you after listening to Alexander Downer [MORE ROHIPNOL!!], Australia's Foreign Minister (of a certainty, foreign to the Truth) on ABC local radio's "AM" Program yesterday morning (Wed 27th Oct '04) when being interviewed about the head of ASIO, Dennis Richardson's comments saying the aftermath of the Iraq war has increased Australia's susceptability to being hit by terrorists.

Downer 'justified' everything about our involvement with the US and Britain by saying "Yes but we got rid of Saddam Hussein!" (paraphrased) pushing once more the lie that Saddam was the biggest threat to western, US, and Australian Peace and stability.

The interviewer, as pressure forces them, kept closely to her questions, and made no challenge to this worn-out catch-phrase, such as our and the US government are so expert at throwing-out, appealing to whatever the public was conned to believe, sometimes decades ago.

Another classic example of these deliberate and tyrannical circumnavigations by politicians was pre-October 9th Australian federal election, when John Howard 'threw-in' the nineteen-fifties, McCarthiest "Communist" tag against the Greens.

A line, if not THE line which ultimately sunk the Greens at the polls.

Here. it may rightly have been upto the Greens to refute or defray such a base and untrue statement, but, I assert, today it is irresponsible and complicit of the media to NOT challenge such an inflammatory and false comment, at such a time (pre-election) by such a tyrant, WHEN IT HAPPENS.

Downer and Howard are undeniably liars, yet Australia re-elected them.

When it comes down to it, our media are the main group responsible for such a travesty of Justice.

For it is the media, not just the agenda-ridden tyrants, who tell the voting public what's going on, what's perceived to be going on, and what's actually going on.

Shame-shame-shame on you all. You too Derryn Hinch! (I know you're listening!)

RAther than a Revolution on the streets to make things right, where many thousands of Australians would die, I say it's time there was a Revolution in our media - across the fucking board (-room-tables) where a few utterly corrupted, that-is self0interested morons will be tossed-out, and, oh-dear, lose their precious wank-jobs.

Wank-jobs of church-schooled egomaniacs as pervade the media, from mailroom boys to CEOs, in commercial and public media organisations.

Time you all took your hands OFF your organs, and faced up to how responsible you are for the planet's political violence, and to how responsible you could and should be for arresting our national and global slide into social destruction.



PS: Keep ignoring my existence - I don't give a f--k.

I'll stay "2-eyed" while you lot (and the rest of this entranced nation) hide from YOUR Responsibilities.

While you do,you display typical Judeo-Christian culturcidal ignorance, ESPECIALLY about what Yeshua ben Joseph (JC) was trying to Teach dumb-fuck-whitey.

But it's pointless trying to teach anything to a brick-wall - a big hammer is about all that'll get through!

You listening Geraldine Doogue, Paul Collins et al?

Democracy has no Leader!

Wise Elders Yes. But where today are they, and what %-age of the public would recognise them and then Listen?

Looks like we're headed for tyranny then.

"How long must I be with you????"

Christianity is a rort!

Concluding, I return to Downer's abuse of Saddam Hussien's name for political capital:

The facts remain that Saddam was promoted to become the puppet-tyrant by those very same true tyrannical puppet-makers-and-masters of the oil-hungry US and British powers, over the 3 decades before he 'fell'.

It is a failure of the media to let such facts pass in the rhetorical pomposities of the likes of Howard, Downer and Co.



The biggest, most dangerous impediment and threat to World Peace, and to the Most Significant Human Social, Political and indeed Spiritual Advance in all of Human history, THE Advance where ALL Tribes and Nations of Earth AS ONE FAMILY, Return in themselves and without, to the Garden of Eden, is the Judeo-Christian cult belief in "A" Messiah. In one, single individual.

Messianism, as in the religion of the Christ, of the Saviour, is the very antithesis of True Democracy, for it seeks to place ALL power in ONE individual, as opposed to the Universal Principle underpinning Democracy:

Government for the People by the People.

Jewish and Christian dogma - machinations of lost, confused, "fallen" cultists still wandering in the deserts of their own minds, severed since the occultismic "Fall" from Oneness the True and Full Spiritual State (the Original "Estate of Eden"), has as it's primary role the corrupted desire to manage all Humanity through the artificially constructed (by the darkest of means) instrument of, THE "hero" - the supposed Christ.

Today, a loose Prophet with the Power of such as the historical Jesus Christ, whom I call "Yeshua ben Joseph", and whom I fully believe did exist, and who did say the Profound things He did, would bring down these religions of today.

The heirarchies of Judaism and Christianity know this, and therefore are doing everything they can to control Him.

The anomoly of all anomolies - is that He, a Very Wise and-thus-Spiritually Powerful Person - (meaning the levels He Attained, are within the reach of us all), will Awaken all Humanity to this perverse cultist lie, and thus to all of Humanity's Own Truth.

You are That!

Christianity is the antithesis of Democracy.

Think about it before you vote on November the second 2004.

Republicans are treating George W Bush as their Messiah.

BE CAREFUL..........

"Sometimes Satan, comes as a Man of Peace" (Quote from a song on Bob Dylan's album "Infidels")

Why Whales beach Themselves - maybe....

Over the last month I've been up the Eastern Australian coast to end in "Airlie Beach" in tropical parts between Mackay and Townsville in Queensland.

I won't go into why I spent a week camped at SHUTE HARBOUR, but it is the port for many if-not-most of the people and vehicle-carrying catamaran ferries, transporting people and their holiday bits out to the 74 Whitsunday Islands just off the coast.

It also is a pretty and safe harbour for innumerable yachts. Each day I'd pedal me bicycle down to the ports piers, and became conscious of the deep vibrations - not of the squillions of "tourorists" (50% of whom I'd guess, are actually tripping the light fantasy down our relatively unpolluted and unpopulated Terra Firma to assess which slice of the real estate they or their mummies and daddies will buy for them once they've secured their immigration visa, from uncle fritz in Canberra or Sydney -Yep! a hard-core cynic is me!) tourorists who flock through that otherwise insignificant port, but from the large ferries, and other barges constantly murmuring their way through the islands water.

In fact, as much as one could "hear" the deep rumbles of these big boats-but-not-quite-ships, one could "feel" the vibes.

This struck me into thinking of how much more the aquatic life under the ocean surface must hear and feel the vibrations.

Then I thinked, "What does it do to the fishies ability to navigate, to communicate and to be at Peace in their Hearts and Minds and Souls ("Fish with Soul!?", Fuckin' oath, skipper!) when these motorised monsters are pounding through their aural atmosphere.

Then, back down in NSW, at Tyagarah beach, just north of the big-old Byron Bay, I was on the beach and I could once more feel a deep burble, and yet could only see a usual-sized "prawnie" boat perhaps half a kilometre off the coast.

I was surprised at the volume of the motor, and once more wondered at how much this MUST effect the fishies, especially the biggies - whales in particular.

So, I wrote the following:

Whales beach themselves because of then intense, relentless and deafening engine noises of whiteman's (motorised) boats and ships.

How would whiteman handle it, with their aural atmosphere continually filled with overpowering thunderous reverberations of huge volume levels, enough to deafen them, enough to "drown-out" all other noises and their ability to communicate with each other, and enough to send them all mad?

I was getting angry as I wrote, so ended in my inimitable fashion:

On behalf of all non-Human Creatures on Earth - and beyond - I say "Wake-up whiteman, yours is one turd of a culture!



Neo-fascist intimidation from the rednecks

So again I'm brought to record events of "life" in writing, noting attempts to provoke and intimidate me into unseemly and/or criminal behaviour, as I had to do in the two or three years before Jeff Kennett and his filthy 'establishment' cohorts, including the Vic police and the broad range of Christian school students drove me out of Melbourne in February 1998.

The extreme right-wing Liberal Party of Australia jas on the 9th of October '04, been re-elected with an increased majority.

This has, as expected, increased the 'boldness' of Australian rednecks, who are by far in the majority in this debauched nation, and, as they cannot help but do, it has emboldened them to attack the defenceless "Lefties" like myself.

Today, however, they are empowered with their occult 'astral' powers - black magic - and rather than use the now out-of-date baseball-bat and ironbar to hurt us, they use methods of disguised (and gutless) provocation and intimidation with black magic to send my kind into verbose and (they hope) violent rages, thus justifying our incarceration.

8-58pm Friday night 22nd Oct '04: A beat-up old TOYOTA Tarago van has just left the "SLEEPY HOLLOW" wayside stop on the PACIFIC HWY, where I stopped about 3 hours ago, after their "power nap" of about one hour. It had Victorian rego plates RRO-___ or something.

I didn't bother noting the details. Two male occupants 'slept' in their front seats.

Doubtless they were 'projecting' black magic at myself, keeping me agitated. But I kept calm.

Earlier today I'd been resting north of Brisbane behind "WILD HORSE MOUNTAIN", off a pine forest track perhaps 3/4 of a kilometre east of the BRUCE HWY. It was hot (mid-30s C), I was tired, and dozed in-and-out of shallow sleep.

After perhaps an hour and a half, I felt occult projection directed at my second chakra. After a few minutes of this, I rose from napping and returned to the highway to resume my trip south.

On reaching the highway, a STOP sign, then left turn to the ON RAMP southbound, a new white FORD FAIRLANE (GUESSING THE fAIRLANE MODEL) was approaching the intersection from the northern OFF RAMP.

I paused, to give it/him the right of way. He had his right indicator on as he approached and drove through the intersection, showing intent to turn right over the bridge crossing the 4 lanes of the BRUCE HWY, thus not effecting my intentions, so I proceeded left onto the southbound ON RAMP.

The FORD, a HIRE CAR limousine, did not turn right as he'd indicated, but drove at a slow, deliberate pace, straight into my path, all the while with his eyes fixed upon myself, and a raw smile on his face. His whole approach reeked of provocation.

I stopped on seeing this, halfway through my turn, and reversed back to allow him to pass. He came along side my van, with his front-left passenger window down (electric button operated), with the clear and deliberate, and I suggest with a premeditated intention to 'engage' me in conversation, which he proceeded to do.

His were derogatory and intimidatory words, accusing me of being in the wrong, though I cannot quote word-for-word.

I reacted, as was his pleasure, for he began to smile as he talked over me, with "tough tones". My attempts to bring it to his attention that he had driven into and through the intersection with his right indicator flashing went drowned in his forceful bullshit, which were clearly intended to incite me to a more violent response.



STAY TUNED...........TA-DA-DA-DAAAAA.......

MAx No Difference

Arghh!(&$)*^%- the STRUGGLE!

Ode To True Democracy

Here's my latest poem, scribed just last night, Friday 22nd October, a mere 13 days after the tragic Australian federal election, where the Neo-Fascist Liberal Government was re-elected.

It follows my sojourn across the Australian political landscape of the last year or forty-nine-and-a-half.

Caught between Bikers and Truckers and fuck-witted mothers,
and the devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

Then there's Jews and Christians,
and paranoid Sisters,
and scarey astral monsters that I just don't see.

How I see it or believe,
is we're ALL trapped by our fears,
implanted by ancient ill-powered rabbinical hands,

That all of it's real and delusion
from minds of twisted witches run-amock,
when by fate severed from Heart's Homelands.

Jews and their christian crusaders
have abused all sorts of persuaders
to fuck-over the flotsam
minds-hearts-and-Souls of the flock.

And now we're at the Penultimate Moment
where for True Justice
the Strong must foment

All their Will
to put Yehovah and God in the dock.

To prosecute the religious psychosis
So to bring for ALL "The Garden" back into Focus
For the Highest Light to suffer no more
feeble man's mental block.

We have eight years to go,
if the Mayans really did Know,
the future and the "end of time".

All history is but memory,
is but living-in-the-past
an unreal mime,

Only "In-The-NOW"
from this chaos will we Climb

Back-up to a Heaven,
not merely one to believe-in,
but a Tangible Bliss
beyond all processes of mind.

To a True Democratic State
of Perennial Bienvenue
through the Pure and Simple Lore,
of Land Rent for Government Revenue.

For if we get down to Raw Facts
Earth needs no other tax
on our Labour or desires of mind.

"It's the Economy stupid!"
Fuck-off your religious cupids
and forever be away with the evils
the insane Judeo-Christians
always manage to find.


Do ya ride? A tale about an Australian middle-aged male "handling it" as best he can.

"Do y' ride?" Max asked the attendant.

"Bikes? Yeah?" she replied.

Max was, of course, asking if she fucked - sorta straight-up, "without the bullshit" as they say, but subtle enough to be mistakeable if she baulked, while a brick-line enough to punch holes in walls.

She knew and responded to his put-out with "Bikes? Yeah!" showing her "flag" of availability.

Max is inclined to be nuts sometimes, and women know mostly not to show their hand or knockers too early - exposing any eagerness to get-it-on with this type of bloke, has him jump straight back on the highway he's been on for thirty years. "Fuck 'em!" he's sings as he slips away from their covetous claws.

A bit of a name, soft-and-hard-in-one, a loner, a dangerous face, and angry.

Passionate might be how he'd call it, if he were pandering to diplomatophants, the politically-correct egg-shell-egos, shit-scarred of losing their wine cellar or "their" local-latte-lickarse-lollypop-lubrication-lounge dwindle because some fucking Truth got out there - to the marginal Australian Aborigines, to the marginal western suburbs and the flooded deltas of Bangladesh.

No - Passionate - even "big-P" isn't enough to sell Max - HE'S ANGRY.

"Well, I haven't got one - but....." the much-better-looking attendant continued, "I'm gonna get one - soon".

"Shit-hot!" Max managed, trying not to look at her , on-top-of-him - nekid - on the Byron beach - full moon, y'know - fifty thousand Watts of doof underneath him - OOOMMFF!, while he hid his eyes in the dust of his wallet, looking for a note.

Micro-seconds ROAR passed!!!

Tone matters, he's decided, him being 49, desperate for 3-head-jobs-a-day-for-one-or-two-decades, without a bike of his own anymore, an impoverished nomad and, in hidden reaches of his heart - shattered - too heavily-hard-to-handle-damaged in the Hard Knocks Hotel of life.

He lives with it, and closes right-down when his thoughts or conversations - rare as they are - loiter towards "living with a woman", - a partner, - FUCK? - a friend.

Torn, as we all get sometime in life, between what he knows is a vital part of a healthy life, and his awareness of his aura - energy - power, something 'spooky'?

Damaged, yet, or perhaps because of, Max bears a Strength (still) just in the air around him.

He stinks - he refuses to wash - hates soap AND other smelly people!?

no - not really - although his nomadic life limits a good-hot-looong-shower to once-or-twice-a-month in winter and that a fortnight in summer. But he does hate soap.

Even after a shower Max exudes a power (of raising other male's jealousy) which has frightened women for, about fifteen years, as far as he can recall.

And perhaps too many bumps on the head, bike accidents, fist fights, grog, drugs and passion, have had him, helped him marginalise himself?

He writes a novel's-worth everyday just thinking about it.

"You got one?" continued the attendress "or undress" rattled-on Max's brain.

"Nuh!" he breathed. "Was ripped. Three of them actually."

"Oh no-o?!" she poured with come-and-kiss-me sympathy.

All this was happening as she scanned-wrapped and gave change to his coupla' stubbies - VB - mayte!

He's trying - to get out of his "shell" - be some vague-fuckin'-thing like he was before he started shooting Hurricanes across oceans.

Bah! It's tooooo complex and stra-ange to put-on any fuckin' woman!?

So 'tone', he decided, matters, and so does "talking straight".

Max is a bridge-burner, and only keeps talking to people if they show no "airs" about themselves.

If he drops them - it's usually forever.

"Fuck 'em!" is one of his reknown calls.

"Fuck 'em!" responds the Soulful Nomad from Melbourne.

"To their graves, huh?" she said, finishing a sentence for him.

BOOM - his ribs cramped as his heart went - BOOM.

Blokes like Max fantasize over a woman striking their hearts like that - and it happened! (like this!)

His mind blew into overdrive on the hearts explosion - micro-seconds spoke volumes - "Shit? Am I being allowed to fall in love?" he asked himself.

"What make bike you gonna buy?" he added.

Now she's revved-up - having to fake an answer based around her vaguely-hidden want to engage this handsome wierdo - and thus a bullshit conversation about no such want, other than to pillion him.

"An old British one!" she profered with some stekato in her voice.

POP! Another button explodes off his chest, even though he knows she's sorta fibbing, and as likely isn't interested in more than being polite.....

"True!?" he covers.....

"Had a few of them" he says playing the game rules as best his extinct social skills can pheonix, knowing at once he'd gladly martyr himself as the Messiah if she offered him a head-job.

Well - he thinks about it later.

No - she's pretty...., like he likes 'em.

"'Em?" Three or four women in sixteen years?

Talk about? talk about? FAARRK!?

"Well!" he says, attempting a smooth wind-down, "...you ain' got one, and I ain' got one - so.......?" (whack!!!) the line ignites in his mind as he's saying it, seeing at once the double-meaning of the end of the sentence; "....what're we gonna ride?!"

BOOM! Bottleshop attendress's heart goes KA-BOYNG! - in combination with the question's arrows to her errogenous bits.

Twitching her left knee up and across her groin, the really pretty attendress looks cautiously eye-to-eye with Max.

Max has frozen mentally, not game to think another though until she marries him -----.....well, until she responds with any "grace" befitting her own, more refined aura.

"I'll buy you one if you like?" she said as she slid around the counter and femme-fataled him against the Ginger Wine display.

"Hmmmm?! On special aye?" he putted-out (piss-taking himself), as he grabbed a bottle from the display.

So....., his mind did have a few thoughts..........

...........micro-seconds - nano-! He's counting the NANO-seconds!!!

No, she didn't offer to buy him a motorbike, nor did she slide out from behind the counter, and he wasn't backed-against the Ginger wine display, nor did he grab the bottle, or say anything at all.... dumbstruck!

.....gallons of nano-seconds wash over him......

With a perfect smile, in cautious warmth (knowing full-well, Max's mind was registering in fractions-of-nano-seconds), keeping down her conditioned-but-reasonable and typically-feigned affrontedness to Max's borderline-line, while at the same time riding the thrill it gave her to hear him say it, our attendress, uncertain, but not faltering said "Maybe we should go surfing, instead?"

Maybe....... to be continued.......