Notes To The Australian Greens And Non-Lounging Numskulls

130930 JUST DEFIANCE Notes To The Australian Greens And Non-Lounging Numskulls Edition

[ Oooowh? THAT's a long one! ]


Mutterings of dissent within the Greens Party, of Sarah Hanson-Young bagging Christine Milne, the party's leader?

Are these “factional” conspiracies?

Is Adam Bandt the better candidate for the leadership?

Are the “rumours” true?

Not an untypical post-election-”defeat” situation - of dissent - if the Greens deserve the term “defeat” applied to them for being part of the ever-stumbling ALP coalition.

And, perhaps some positive optimism [?] is right here, for

1, it not being due to the presence of the Greens in the last federal coalition government's loss, and

2, for the Greens not in fact suffering any more than one lost seat in the election, signs that they are not any less popular, so again, have no reason to see themselves as in need of a redraft of candidates and positions, etc.

The thing which might justify a reappraisal of their status and situation, which, perhaps sadly, do involve gender issues, would be that they now face a far more hostile and overtly patriarchal government, in the Lounging Numskull's Party LNP, so may-hap need

1, their leader to be in the House of Reps to be able to harangue the Numskulls macho leadership, face-to-farce, and

2, for their leader to be, at least on that shallow, but to the Numskulls relevant, “equal footing, of “Man-to-man?

Maybe? Maaaaybe NOT?

I guess after elections the new opposition party/ies, traditionally do go through reappraisals.

The worst aspect of such needs, is that they cause hurt and splits and thereafter often bitter differences and disputes, as often never really resolved.

Look at the ALP.

Were the Greens the key opposition party, instead of the ALP, instead of the establishment's “other side of the coin” party, they would therefore, have tighter control of mainstream media, although inhouse leakers are as traditional as avoiding the REALPolitik issues are in the Lounging Numskulls side, so we might not have had even this morning's rumor that Missy Hanson-Young is being a stirrer?

Maaaaay-BE? Maaaaybe NOT?

But as always, in this thing, this monster of upclub celebrity and self-serving, “politics”, the closer to being of the “inclub” crews any party or individual celebrity gets, the further they are persuaded to get away from the REALPolitik issues.

So..., if..., the rumors have substance, we, the punters, have a duty to ask, who is for REALPolitik, in the party of the heart chakra [the heart chakra being O! Green!], and who is for becoming the new left, before addressing and becoming known for their Righteous Hammering of REALEconomik Policies?


On the last evening before the election, to throw an Inspiring Arrow at the Greens, I happened to have my email open, and as Adam Bandt's name is top of the alphabetic contact's list, I sent him, or his email, read by a staffer no doubt, a short email.

The Force is with you, Luke!

was all I wrote.

No relation to Adam gaining an increase in votes the next day, I'm sure.

I think on the same night, they actually replied - usually it's an autoresponder - with the first “personal” reply ever.

I should check the wording, but it was something like,

“The Force is with you too, Max!”

Yeah..., I knew that. I'm just DEFIANT, against any mainstreamer telling me so. Greens or otherwise.

I mention this because I wondered after hearing the news item about possible dissent within the federal Greens this morning, if Adam and his staffers had applied more emphasis on Adam, than I intended with my optimism email?

So, LET IT BE HEARD, Greens!

Do not jump to “over-diagnostics”!

That line I threw you, was, yes for Adam's ears, and for his Optimism.

The now known to have been “way-off-target” pollster commentators and result predictors, one I have long questioned, Antony Green of the ABC, but also the opinion polls leading up to the election, were so far off course, and were all so disgustingly WRONG as to how Labor was heading for a wipe-out, and the Greens too, that I, being very uncertain of their noisy mutterings for years already, knew also that they were WRONG in their prognostications.

So, sensing some deflation in the Houses of the Greens pre-election, without going so far as to tell them they will do better, at least, than the polls suggested, I pondered over the keyboard for a few seconds, and the “The Force is with you, Luke!” is what came forth, or first, or something.

“Visionary?” Whatever. Maybe it was merely a more astute knowledge than I credit myself with having had, as to the reality.

I will never be convinced that the LNP DID win the election, convinced that the polls and ballots were fixed, and tampered with during and after the election, to satisfy the offshore powers-that-be.

So, a more correct interpretation of the September 7th 2013 federal Australian election [just to be very clear], is that it was not at all a defeat for Labor, or for Rudd, thus for the ALP/Greens/Independents' federal government, but that government was stolen from them, thus from Australians, by subterfuge involving the illegal new government of the LNP - Lounging Numskull's Parties, and their offshore media houses of the Murdoch News Corporation cartel.

So..., this should lead us back to asking whether any now-opposition parties, and Independents, do have to go through previously understandable re-appraisals?

I must say, however, that the ALP does have to.

This because as the ICAC inquiry established, although I don't recall hearing of any actual criminal charges laid yet, against the lead culprits of corruption within the NSW ALP - Messrs Obeid, McDonald, and company, the ALP is, is? was...? riddled with corruption.

[But let's be clear here! SO WAS/IS THE LNP!]

That infected the whole of the Labor Party, and went throughout the Union's Movements too, to all True Believers' chagrin and unpopularity, and want for “MORE BEER!” across the realm, no doubt?

On top of that shammozzle, which was also intimately involved with that shamm, was Rudd's stoic adherence to “messianism”.

Not, against the popular derision, about himself, but perhaps he saw himself as an emissary for the fabricated catholic - AND MASONIC, zionist returned savior?

I suspect no-one will ever be able to speak openly about that carry-on, of the most UN-Democratic proportions, of blindly and fanatically spruking for the catholic's puppet messiah to announce hisself [“NO FUCKING WAY HOSAYE!!!” spruked back the puppet!], and that Rudd was a duped, and, perhaps not fully aware of the falsities, willing victim of same conspiracy, although still regarded by myself as having a well-developed intellect, albeit led-astray by - catholics - no less than the cabal within the - O! - SYDNEY branch of the ALP - and perhaps led by Obied, and others now very much on the outer, in the background, and heading for obscurity FOREVER, we Hope.

But, for the adherence to that catholicism, and messianism by Rudd, he had to leave.

Were Rudd to ever be able to come out and openly admit, enough to convince everyone of sincerity in it, that he has gone through a complete reappraisal of his religious beliefs, and addictions, and spells, and loves, and bribe-taking, perhaps, and from my perspective, to the point where he can face his errors, but also grow to his own intellectual sovereignty of being Atheist, he might be forgiven by the Party, and thus be able to remain, and to thus, contribute again?

Maaaybe? Maaaaaybe NOT?

However, not only the Party has much to forget in that, in regard to Rudd, but the determination by the LNP to destroy Rudd, and everything surrounding any messianic ideals, beliefs, myths delusions, while I have to agree with the ultimate destruction of that myth, but cannot agree with any other larger LNP ideals or policies, the offensive against Rudd from the new government, will not wain, methinks, so making Rudd's future, should he remain within and be welcomed back into the fold, impossible.

And, I do think, that his very presence, will taint the thoughts of others enough such that they will never be able to not be suspicious of his agendas.

Catholics, after all, are very agenda-ridden, and have lasted for 1600 years for it. Commonly known as “Machiavellianism” I think?

So..., the love affair between the Greens [back to the Greens!] and Labor seems over.

Probably a good thing, albeit that the affair did carry a good and effective government between 2010 and 2013.

But before either thinks about reuniting, the ALP must clean out it's cupboards.

And, so, it comes back to whether the Greens have some house-cleaning to do also?

As said above, with the new far right LNP in power, and with the Greens, for less explained reason than we hear, being positioned as the New Left in our Houses, they do need more Representation in the House of Reps.

Adam Bandt is there, sure. But, to now, I've not heard anything from him, although I don't listen to the parliamentary broadcasts much.

And while the ALP has the 2nd largest number of MPs, they hold the opposition seats. DERR!?!?!$%^??

But will his being elevated, through dissent and infighting, or a ballot, or, consensus, to being the Green's leader, make any difference?


AaaaannnD! There's the other “thing” which really, I mean REALLY...., has to be brought out of the closet, or cloister, or confessional, but definitely some little comfy-fannies' bitching coven, of secret plans by feminists of both genders, to assert a new age version of … DADADA-DAAAAAAAH!

And not merely across Our Wonderful Arrente Central Desert Country, but across the whole world!

I mean..., SHIT? That childbirth stuff really does do things to your psyches, don't it, mumssss?

Granted, the patriarchs are battling.

Most all of the horrors of the last few zillion years seem all to be the fault of MEN, don't they???

Don't they???


Get real girlies! Blokes have been victims of the seductresses for ever.

ALL humanity's addictions are due to witchcraft. Spells making it impossible for us to resist going back for more, and MORE!

[“Pulease-eeweeezeee!” “Jus' once more???”] AND MORE!!!

And don't the girls know it!

How many laminated kitchens have been invented because some corporate executive bloke - granted, most already serious psychopaths, megalo-paths - thinks he needs sex from his pretty woman/wife, to complete with every other corporate psychopath with either a sexy wife, or a credit card account at a range of fancy table-dancing clubs???


Come-on l-l-l-ladies, cough-up! Time for the true facts, here?

“Oooowh? I really do need a shiny new LAMINATED KITCHEN, daaarlink?”



Ooowhmmm? And I do need a BRAND NEW BMW, daaarlinnngk?
With all the latest hi-tech gizmos to IMPRESS the girls!?!?!”


HmmMMmm? ANYthing...?”

OKAY! The real estate franchise for you to play with too!”

O Daaarlinkkk! Thank you! I so loove you!”

It's been how you've won your comfy fanny lives since Eve duped Adam with an apple!

[ Guess this means I'm missing out tonight?! ]

OK..., so what this is saying, is that the sheilas have been using all their various wonderful and not so luscious, talents to send the blokes out for INVENT A LAMINATED KITCHEN, or a FANCY CAR, or a REAL ESTATE FRANCHISE, since the fall from Eden, more or less..., and..., so..., until the lot of us come out of the coven-closet and talk straight about these stupid fucking “love” desires, none of which are sustainable, once, the paint wears off, once the tits droop below the navel, et CETERA! The war between the sexes can never end, and so.., peace will never be found.

So..., this bullshit conspiracy by “empowered” Harriette Potters of the Country [catholic] Womens [witches] Association [altar-esses] [?@#$!??] here in Astrayliar, and elsewhere in House of the Hanover type of genetic psychos, and the Vatican vag, ET cetera, has to wind-up, and gently, we hope, stop being idiots!

The right wing male chauvinists of any persuasion, whether freemason or Islamic, are not going to go quietly on this matter, if, perhaps, PURELY, because they are well aware of this female superiority trip, and, AND, that it's FUCKING WRONG!!!!

Way up there in the top echelons of Islam's Taliban, I am preferring, but do believe, they know, both, of this bitchin' feminist's superiority trip and covert plan to assert a global matriarchy upon all of us, but also they are not blind-fanatic so much that they do not see that women are as capable of equal Intellectual levels as Men.

But while this bullshit women's counter-offensive against every upright biped with a dick persists and remains denied by all involved, INCLUDING all the so-called “outlaw” trippers blackmailing the sheilas so they can go about their own perverted and [DERR!] sordid free-market corruption exploits, the Taliban have what they know well as their Righteous Duty, the Right to continue the war against the matriarchal hopefools in the west?

And, of course, their being so oppressive of females getting an education, et cetera!

Thing's male and female, especially in the world's halls of power, and lust for MORE power, are well out of control1

I assert it's mostly because most of us, especially of the entranced lost tribes of the west, have long lost the delicate and CRUCIAL intellectual nurturing of the most precious “organ” we all have - THE MIND, dickhead - and so FAIL in developing it to know, to KNOW that magic is NOT a toy, and is fucking deadly if combined with the immature ego [ALL ego is, immature. It, “ego” is not our own Spirit at work, but is an intruder spirit running our senses beyond reason, AND, preventing us from educing Wisdom from within. This has been the current underlying almost all of the western cults of judaism, christianity, and masonry, for many centuries. HA? Since “the fall”, perhaps?]

Sorry ma'am! But that's how I discern it to be!

All the military reactionary knee-jerk-offs from upclub upemselves ponses out of Westminster and Washington, and HAHAHA! Canberra, most all of whom ALSO, are a bit addicted to her..., and her lovelies, are only gonna bring on Armageddon, while they persist in being entranced and essentially gutless dickwits - and tha's being polite!!!

So..., where was I...?

O! The Greens​....?

Bandt is a “modern guy”, no question.

He's got “alter-sexual” friends everywhere. And it cannot be denied, although speculation from this forest, that, as it was with our World's Greatest Tassie Statesman, Bob Brown, Adam Bandt holds his popularity not alone for his being up top in “the Intellectual Party”, I reckon it's worthy of being called, the Greens, nor alone for his being an Intelligent and Balanced Chappie, and one of the candidates for conacrete boots at the bottom of the ocean - aka - a lawyer....,

[Joke - Question - “What do you call ten thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?” -
Answer - A GOOD START!

HAHAHAHAHAn old Outlaw's party joke!]

But because a large percentage of his, and, of the Green's support base is with the gays. OK the Gays. They're not all dangerous in the clubroom showers.

Shit..., lost the which one, train of thought...?

Trying to bring this verbal explosion into a neat conclusion...,

As to whether Bandt should move into Milne's chair...?

I don't think so?

As the above rant went to, the war between genders, and with the Greens decidedly preferred by the “alter-sexuals”, with the Lounging Numskulls Party LNP at this stage, showing off their patriarchal stupidities, with perhaps the need in the Greens for their 1st voice to be in the House of Reps - perhaps - Christine is a bit “up against it”.

Christine ain't no Maggie Thatcher, in terms of dogged and “pointy” demeanor, and we can all be thankful she ain't!

She can give out as good as any of them in the Senate, during debates-cum-arguments, and is on top of all the policy issues the party deals with, being as Intelligent as any. And, from afar, I'd hazard a guess and say she stands well above most in the government today, Intellectually.

But, that's a given, for her being in, and leader of The Greens.

The question might be then, is Christine Milne, for being female, on the back foot against the over-testosterone-juicing LNP blokes? And, for that matter, the blokes in the other side of the establishment coin ALP?

I guess, preferring to stay Wisest-ly in the middle, I'd say not.

But I can't be sure?

Perhaps, if any of this has foundation, from it being established that the “rumor” of Green's tittle-tattling, is true, then may-hap the tittle-tattlers have a lot to ask themselves, as to ambition, lust for power, counter-offensives against the patriarch's partyboys, and whether Sarah's opinions are, or not, based once more on the secret agenda of
dadadadaaaah! the matriarchy?

If so, even just a widdle bit.., then I'd estimate that the Greens will lose some element of favor amongst Aussie hetero blokes, come the next bullshit ballot.

None of the above may apply, of course?

So..., since parliament hasn't even started back yet - although, early can be good to clear up stuff for the new season - I think we all should keep settled, but of course, amongst the larger politicing - A?-hem! - amongst the REALPolitiking - keep the offensives and activities going, and wait for the 1st fortnight after parliament opens again, to “see wad 'appenzzz?”

Of course, my getting carried away with being a clever dick, I did miss the one, underlying, most important point, of who is up to making a parliamentary NOISE about the REALPolitik ISSHHooo, of MASSIVE ALROUND AND GLOBAL REVOLUTION, away from this terminal over-consumptive mass-industry-for-mass-industry's sake, WRONG WAY, FUCK EVERYTHING warmongering culture, and toward, a tranquil, dreamy, peace and lah-dee-daaa love everyone world of AGRARIAN SOCIALISM?

As was once asked, or twice, amongst the clandestine meetings of the True Believers,


THAT..., is where the Issue is, between any wannabes, and the current Leadership???

I know that! You know that!

But how many of the punters know that?

Relying on unreliable media, I cannot know the real situations-plural around Australia's political/economic, and these of the worlds?

Adding and averaging them, I still think we are heading on the downslide. And here and there, I hear alarming comments that we are still, on the edge of the cliff, fiscal and cultural and social, globally.

So, short of outright anarchic and chaotic pandemonium breaking out, once the whole iceberg is exposed, including the final battle between oxygen, water and nuclear fallout, full-scale, worldwide, ET CETERA, it is advisable for any party which has more than the 2% intellect of the Lounging Numskulls, to stop dancing and smoking and snorting their ways around the THE ISSUE, and start barking up the right tree/s.

Some, idiots most, suggest we wait until the fall to try implementing Intelligent Policies.

Another FAIL, there.

Dissent, Comrades! Dissent.

But guided by that Economic Wisdom alone.

Asap, methinks.

Milne is aware, as are most of us now.

As are the splitting Laborites.

A new parliament might well be a fabulous start, if non-government Co-Ops were to begin with a massive REALPolitik onslaught against the comfy-fanny boys' clubsters, going straight for the jugular, and demanding straight-talk about the true state of the budget, of the economy, of the forecasts, and of the effects inevitably heading south to US from the collapsing US and Eurapean economies?

It's coming! And bullshit of the Lounging Numskulls Partyboys type ain't gonna save NO-ONE!

Lately, I've started to feel a bit sorry for Ho Jockey - er Jo Hockey.

I've given him many a serve over the last few years, and come late to see he's not a bad bloke, just slotted into the treasurer's chair, knowing full well the forecasts, and, tragically for any, in-heart, good bloke, he's been forced to talk shit about it, and everything economics.

I can tell he's very uncomfortable with his role. How long he lasts - we wait...?

I'd reckon he'd be a bigger man to not shy from the hard stuff, and to even go against the secret expectations from above, from the LNP masters.

Once any shit does hit the fan, there'll be dissenters in all parties, and I'll bet Abbort will implode once the stresses within are made known.

If this happens soon, which I reckon it will..., the LNP will not see out the term, and all Hell will break loose, in Canberra, and in states and local council houses, methinks?

This would auger well for the about to be STOMPED “OMG” motorcycle clubs , because all “governments” here, will have their own necks to protect, rather than merely the tourrorist and wealthy retirees' stretches of nightclubbers and brothels down the Gold Coast, etc.

But, if parliament as we know it remains extant, there'll be utterly fabulous stoushes in both Houses, and things like “government” may well actually cease to exist, as we've been tricked to know it.

All the rhetorical debaters of shit will be cowering in their offices and either the Houses will be persistent uproars of disputes and bitching, the galleries will be overflowing with visitors for it being AT LAST - better than the Grand Finals.

REALPolitik should be heading the agendas, with every attempt at being PC, but with few bullshitters getting far, before they're howled-down, and OUT!

So, there, will be the opportunity for all of them, to show their True Colors.

Of course, the other dimension, of the US military pivoting into Asia from ummm..., Pine Gap?, or Canberra, in their out of control madness, might upset any Revolutionary Bitch-Fight in parliament house?

Unless..., certain “Dissenting”, Global Organizations can capture the fervor and oust the idiots hungering mindlessly for world war last one, in Washington, Westminster, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Cairo, New Dehli, Beijing, Tokyo, and on and on....?

Once the ALP rids itself of the hexes of messianism, re-establishes it's REALAgenda, and takes it to the mining and offshore media lobby, fearless of falling further into the pit of Rome, et al., they'll be a Fighting Force, and, should they get their heads right [?], they'll be onside with the Greens - again - and with outside factors of O SHIT! We're ALL falling over, ousting the Numskulls will be a doddle, and,

we'll ALL be rich!

Except the mad monk! He'll be spending the next few decades in re-education camps, to exorcise the hexes of Rhodes.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I gulp hope?

Make sense of THAT, if you can?

[Please excuse mistakes, I can't be bothered checking!]

O! And..., I'd say, that as we've been hearing, the new government is trying it on in it's “best behavior” mode, to avoid becoming targets against their usual gaffs, to build some cred with for one, Indonesia, and the rest, but also, BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY GOT THERE THROUGH CHICANERY AND MEDIATED BULLSHIT!!

So, the new sitting, is probably best approached by the non-Numskulls, with a semi-quiet confidence, with that knowledge to fall back on? Maybe....?

All in all, the LNP is an illegal regime.

There are several ways to have them kept fully aware of that fact, and thus, a lot less full of right wing gungho hubris.

This translates as forcing them to be quite a lot more reasonable and balanced in most of their shitful policy arenas.

As I've been writing this lot, I've been thinking also of the ALP leadership vote coming up.

Sadly, I can't from here, know who is the better? Shorten ended one of the debates with Albo, saying something about “the end of the messiah party!” to many cheers from the audience.

May it be so! I still prefer Albo, for Shorten's expressed determined ambition.

But both perhaps necessarily, showed more of the same “say what we can say to WIN”, rather than what me the outsider would prefer to hear.

Hard choice? The one who can show that they have Australians' backing and the goods to sever our links with Britain and Eurape, as per the offshore corporate/mining/real estate agendas, is what the ALP and the nation needs.  Well.., "sever our links" is not the right wording..?  "Stop them acting like they have a right to own and control us!" is more correct.

I still think we all have to grow beyond the leadership fashions and models, most of which are WRONG WAY thinking of Rome's centrist power-mongering, purely so the masters can pick the players off when it suits them.

Spreading the power, the front, the voices, the everything, is the way to survive, longterm, and is way above the eventual model that comes from colonialism and offshore power/control.

It's exactly what “they” don't want “us” to achieve, which is exactly why it is imperative we fight for it.

That naturally, or, organically, arrives at such things as a total restructure of the three tier system, and, of course, our becoming our OWN Republic - Democratic, of course.

Without those underlying issues being put front and centre on the ALP, and the Green's Tables, the ALP leadership ballot will produce but clones - or, a clone - of passed failures.

Not Bill.., “Big Labor”, But BIG, ISSUES!

It's war from here on, no matter who's in the top chair/s.

No-one wins, if the war talk, and the tactics, are based on bullshit.

Lastly, [will I ever shutup?] The true facts are, that, if the global implosion IS coming up the pipe, better they, the Lounging Numskulls, are in the chair, than we who would be Honest.

Aim Straight, Warriors!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of


Hell's Gate Warmongers
REALPolitik Outlaw Journalism

Education &



Words To Other Human Warriors - Assange and Manning

130928 JUST DEFIANCE Words To Other Human Warriors Edition

Since Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning was sentenced to decades in prison for being Honorable and Righteous, by exposing the war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan by the western alliance military forces, but more, since Bradley shocked me at least by going for the gender-change, so becoming “Chelsea Manning”, I've written naught about either “affair”.

Also, Julian Assange has gone from our news headlines, perhaps since the 2013 Australian federal election, in which he was standing as a Senate Candidate, and so, I've not written anything about him or WikiLeaks or his hopes of representing Australians in the federal Senate.

Sorry Blokes! Err.., Ma'am! Err... “Guys!”

Both are victims of todays' evils, of cult-and-corporate military power-gone-off, and both are incarcerated for being somewhat fearless and Intelligently Honorable in challenging the dark hegemony of our times.

Both, I reckon a majority of “Human Beings” [ ie., those of this species who recognize that these Warrior's Honesty and Integrity, etc etc., make them/us Human, ] agree that neither should be restrained as they are.

Does the fight to free them go on, off the media waves?

I guess so?

I just hope, for the sakes of these two, that they are not lost of the hope that they will either or both, be vindicated, and released, soon enough.

But, with our election over, and the fervor created by the two Warrior's Actions gone from the news headlines, what hope remains, that their efforts were lasting in value and achievement?

I think since the farce of a federal politicians' “selection” on September 7th, Australians have simply gone back to their same-old-same-old, playing the world of corruption, as usual, but perhaps with a little less optimism that “We The People” can beat the enemy of world powers, marching relentlessly toward their “one world government” plans and with it, the decimation of the species?

I guess I haven't any optimistic/inspirational words to throw up here, for the world or for the two Warriors who dared take on the darkness, perhaps inspired by one lone Warrior of the Australian forests.

Other than to suggest, that we are victims of an essentially “western” ignorance, with all it's “trappings” of wealth and delusional monarchic supremacy, etc.

Most True Warriors of our times are aware of the failings flaws and outright evils of the “western” culturalists - the religions - and know well that they offer us NO Genuine Knowledge nor even paths out of Hell, about our actions and the rectitude of them, or not.

So, searching souls, looking there and finding NAUGHT, go East, and find the Essentials of why we should be Courageous.

Western whiteguy cults have modified their dogma I think, since the mysteries and secrets of the Orient have been deciphered and translated into western languages.

Up until even the turn to the “3rd millennium”, the years around “2000CE”, the western churches stuck defiantly to dead and utterly nonsensical literature [ and still now do ], which solve absolutely nothing on the “macro” fronts of global militarist and political tensions, and on the micro personal fronts of individuals dealing with those enforced beliefs and their own intelligent dissent and inner conflicts the western dogma created.

Indeed, the results of really ignorant religious dogma out of the major western cults have made all conflicts many times worse that if they'd not evangelized as they are addicted to, in trances, do.

If only the west had traveled east a thousand years earlier, we might now have figured out how we should be, to be Human Beings?

But..., NOOO! Not whiteguy!



So.., now me, “Moltvort” [??], Harry Potter and the Hell's Angels have woken us up to the secret realm/s, we know masses more than the western cults let us.

So, the mysteries and secret tomes of the East, and of the west, make more sense than they could have to previously blind, stupid, “faithful”, ie., “hypnotized” victims of western cult magic.

And, the west is now far more “enlightened” as to the “beliefs” perhaps “facts” out of the Ancient Eastern Philosophies, and, having learned the shit that is christianity, at least in it's more recent “incarnation”, is but a deceit, and that we are now equipped with the mental faculties to understand what the East has always known, and freely disseminated to it's own Peoples, we know better than ever that this 3-dimensional world is one Hell of an illusion.

Manipulable, and changing according to which ever witch or cult has the upper hand from one day to the next.

But as well, we can get a grip on our own fate, or Fortune, with the right will, and the right pathway, and with them survive the troubles, and ensure a better life for ourselves, once we've expended our time and karma down here.

A line that really shits me, but does seem to have merit, is that “hard times make us stronger”, or such.

If, we keep to the Life of Honesty, Ethics, Morality, Fearlessness, Integrity and the ongoing pursuit of our own Improved Intellect, then whatever we endure down here, in this small step of a life, we get Brownie Points for the next one, and the next, etc.

While I'm a confirmed Atheist, now, I reckon I've learned enough from the Masters of Philosophy, and of Life, to know that “gods” as the Ancients knew them - Zeus, Thor, Et Al, were once Humans, who rose up the levels after death for their own Tenacity and Morality and Strength against fucking idiots.

So we who endure the onslaughts from the ignorant powers that will never rise in Spiritual Worth, should be able to keep on keeping on, knowing for certain that our Strength in this world, will carry us higher in the following.

And, a little glee is allowed I reckon, in knowing that the fuckwits are DOOMED!


So, aside from Private FIRST CLASS Chelsea Manning knocking me sideways a lot, for her personal change, here's a few words to the two of You Champions, for Human Justice.

Also, while it seems a major task to win the Eternal Freedom out of the cycles of birth and death, to the choices of becoming one - Truly Liberated - with the First Principle, the Eternal Light, which I cannot regard or call “god” anymore, so most of us are destined to return here for more of the same, or similar, I'm sure we'll be a lot better equipped in all aspects, and thus better Forces for the Good Causes we found and saw as Right to Advocate and Fight for, in this and obviously preceding lives.

So, I reckon we'll all meet again, in the future, perhaps on a really trashed planet earth, but we'll all be right and ready to resume where the scum of the universe took us out.

See you there, Warriors!

And..., for the record -


Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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My Comment On The Conversation Article About Anders Breivik

130928 JUST DEFIANCE Comment On The Conversation Article About Anders Breivik Edition

Sure to attract derision from my antagonists, merely because they can, and also from the soft-headed of the "Fabianist" persuasion, who are therefore generally "pro-Labor", I nevertheless challenge the assumed verdict that Breivik's actions were inhumane, as in the article's 2nd last paragraph's line

"...in the face of the moral outcry arising from Breivik’s application – a humanity arguably beyond Breivik himself, ...."

and.., for my being on the apparent opposite to Breivik, on the far left, I nevertheless suggest that there are many documents telling of the "left-wing" International Labor Organization's" the Swiss-based ILO's long-term plan for a world government, and a decimation of the human species.

If this planned ILO mass murder of human beings is actual, then really, we must ask if Breivik's mass-murder was mass murder, of unconscionable proportions?

All along, Breivik has sought to have his case regarded as an act of war, where he, alone or not, unbalanced or not, saw a greater danger from these progeny [ whom he killed ] of the same Labor/ILO "genocidal" world plan.

Personally, I see his actions as futile, and a waste, both of the killed, and of Breivik's potential as an intelligent and worthy Warrior in the class war between the species-in-general, and the off-the-planet political class, who/which he targeted.

"Politics" as it has been captured and subverted, is for the "political class" alone, and the rest of us are but fodder to their plates.

Perhaps, indeed, Norway's judiciary is in part aware of this, in their granting Anders the right to further his education?

But everyone is weak and remiss, ie., poorly educated, to not recognize that the "Labor" powers-that-be - global - who run our own little little "middle-power" Australian Labor Party agenda, have long been behind many huge "mass-murders", from small to large wars.

Not to mention the flawed attempts at "constructed socialism" which have borne massive "civil" disasters in recent times.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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130928 JUST DEFIANCE Weekend BLAST Edition

Opening my The Guardian emailed morning newsletter, I'm hit with items about the calamity just installed in Canberra, and two more failures of the fed government.


The subtitle quotes Abbort's excuse-line to the asylum seeker boaties issue, and only serves to show us further evidence that he is a dolt, and should not be in the PM's chair, or any other chair but that of a baby, in a high chair, being spoon-fed by O? Murdoch's nannies:

Prime minister says the issue is a 'passing irritant' that he hopes will not complicate the two countries' strong relationship

NO-ONE, cannot connect this terrible misuse of the language to his earlier incorrect term in saying “suppository” when he meant “repository” [of wisdom], a few weeks ago.

The amateur and professional shrinks will be delving into his psychological issues with the “anal fixation”, or “anal-retentive” terms in mind, methinks [ admitting that I actually do not know what either mean, in their clinical uses ], for these two uses of terms, the 2nd - “passing irritant” - at least having common application to influences in the bowels.

I do believe he was being typically provocative and antagonistic using that term, intending it to refer to “Boaties”.

As to whether the idiot also wanted to show how tough he thinks he is, and meant it with allusion to the Indonesian government, we speculate?

But, I think most people, and not alone Australians, already knew what a piece-of-poo this LNP leader is, so his making gaffs like these expose his anal whatevers - is there something also in his showman-preference of being seen in his “budgie-smugglers”? Not only his nuts were semi-exposed! - and we must ask if it's right to let him keep passing these potentially toxic statements.

That his most recent “passing irritant” term was in his comment about both the 3rd world “Boatie” asylum-seekers, but also involving Australia's pending dispute with our 2nd nearest national neighbor, Indonesia, and that it is already well-known that he and his LNP are racist, and anti-Islamic, of the “Pentecostal” white-supremacy-type [ regardless that Abbort is overtly catholic ], as well as toxicly phobic to immigrants other than pearly-white Brit-Eurapean jews, christians and freemasons, or if, not white, at least subdued by and subsumed into, the white supremacist cults of his “Cecil Rhodes-ian” indoctrination, as have sprinkled their hexes across the planet, it begs asking whether Australia is in fact as bad as I perceive it to be, of being a dangerously ignorant mob, with “racial” phobias and completely outdated ideals coming out not only their mouths?

Ignorant perhaps, in 1stly allowing this utter idiot, Tony Abbott to become our PM, as well as letting his stupidity be sounded across the northern straits to Indonesia?

Even he has enough mental capacity, I hope, to remember that Indonesia is some 10 times our own population, with a correspondingly sized military, and has but one-twentieth or so, of our land mass!

Also, as the western alliance of insane corporate leaders in Westminster, Brussels, and Washington, so in Canberra too, are waging a war of extermination against Islam, and that Indonesia is the world's largest Islamic state, made-up of a People - the Islamists - who have the far more Righteous “religion”, if not all a “Philosophy”, which sees the insane attempts by our own “old country” Brit-Euro christio-jews to kill off Islam everywhere, we should take seriously the need for Australians of whichever economic-political and religious preference, to voice our dissent against these utterly fucking stupidly fucking DEADLY statements and attitudes by the latest LNP Murdo-puppet federal government.

And, whether or not this is in fact Abbort and his greasy sycophantic LNP doing the bidding of the US corporate-military-industrial complex, to accelerate the said American, thus western-alliance complex's “pivot-to-Asia”, Australia being the base for the “pivot”, thus furthering the potential for a worldwide nuclear war between “East-and-west”, it remains frighteningly clear that unless Australians get up and PROTEST their Intelligent dissatisfaction with, thus, DISSENT against the utter idiots now in the chairs of our federal government, we may well not see out the 2nd decade of the 21st century without that major global disaster, of proportions only referred to in such as the last book of O!? THEIR biblical “Revelations” prediction - ALAS! An instruction, toward Armageddon!

But..., I might just be paranoid?

Facts might well be that all is lovely on Earth, we all love each other, and the future is as Green as the blue planet can be?

“Green” happening, or not, to also mean “FUCKING NAIVE!

So..., I s'pose I'll read the article now.....? [ NOPE! Couldn't be bothered! ]

The other article headlined and linked above, but another fuck-up of galactic proportions by the new Australian government, about the latest “International Panel on Climate Change” IPCC report that modern industrial over-consumptive, WRONG WAY, FUCK EVERYTHING whiteguy humans do-do cause climate change, should alert Australians to their stupidity for electing the LNP.

The regular spoon-fed line from the LNP corporate genocidalists is that “there's nothing humanity can do to even mitigate the disaster we alone have brought down on the future, so we may as well stay ignorant, abusive, over-consumptive, polluting fuckwits, and enjoy it as we ride the bomb down!

Government is supposed, supposed, to be about intelligent and wise management of the peoples, and thus how they treat the national and global ecosystem.

But the LNP shows every trait of the very opposite.

I guess the conundrum is in the fact that the more intelligent parties, and advocates in politics, who see, investigate and understand the issues about the species' longevity, or is that our “lounge-evity”, as per we whiteguys being mostly lazy-fuck “lounge-lizards”, ...whatever..., the conundrum is that the good guys have let themselves become at least as vulnerable to being blackmailed by the Lounging-Numbskulls Party of Tiny Abbort and coven, with their perhaps even more insane secret plan to build a FALSE! world messiah?

FAIL!!!! Says him. The false one.

[ ALAS! The adage: “History repeats itself!” is exactly appropriate here, because an impartial inquiry into the first so-called “messiah”, Jesus of Nazareth, or “Yeshua ben Joseph”, was also a false messiah! ]

So, while both rummage around in their joy, or grief, at conquering the falsities of christianity, or, of being found out, the plunder and planned decimation of us is a few more steps further toward being implemented.

All-in-all, it really does put the mockers on the potentials and veracity and rectitude, and all those other fancy words, of “democracy”?

This is only made worse, by the fact that the two major factions in global, thus national, thus local politics, the freemasons and the catholics, have been in collusion for well over 100 years to bring the long-theorized “one world government” into being.

Both want the top chair, if and when it is realized. And both have been engaging in a fearsome war to get there first.

While the materialists of the free world of internet and chat rooms and Google discussions etc, spend time and data arguing the rectitude and not of either side of the “Communist-v-CRAPitalist” argument, the reality is that both are designed by the 2 colluding cults to war against each other, so-as to distract the boffins and masses from the real hidden war, between the cults, to expose the flaws in each overt CRAPo-Commo system/ideology, and to bring down the arrogance of those smaller players, who either run to the “blue pill” corporate mememe selfish consumer cowardliness, or, perhaps with some genuine smarts, run to the “Red Pill” sides, and make a stand against the illogik of faithful over-consumption corporate CRAPitalism.

And, on-topic or not, it came to me this morning, that we only have this debate between “CRAPitalism and Communism” because we have warring religious cults.

If this has merit, then the more useful resolution to these antagonisms between “right and left”, would be to TAX ALL RELIGIONS, thus the best of them would survive, mainly because they'd have been founded on HONEST economics, and not, as all western cults have, stayed in existence because they play the MOST DISHONEST economics, of land speculation.

HA!” As the Great John Jepson, might exhort, were he to hear it?

However, sadly, and typically, there's a far more sinister aspect to these larger battles between these two out of control and so, quite psychotic cults.

And that is that through a final world war, the world would bomb and shake and starve and disease some 90% of us to extinction.

The LNP's rebuttal of the Climate Change Science, is but our own government's small part in furthering that “Rhodes-ian” zionist apocalypse.

I say, really, they are asking for someone to assassinate them?

Like the promises made to Islam's “Suicide Bombers” of dying for the Right Cause, and being reborn in Heaven with 72 virgins to mess their kaftans forever, I cannot regard such an action - of assassination - against those who advocate utterly stupid, ignorant, inhumane and immature “burn the earth” policies, as wasted.

But, the idiots in the LNP may not be worthy targets?

Clearly, this “species' decimation” policy comes from afar, in the higher offices and palaces of Brit-Eurape.

So any Warrior, who might be Fortunate enough to find the Wisdom to exact Selfless Justice against whomever plays terminator of 90% of humanity, must research the right target well, so as to 1, aim well, and 2, thus be most effective?

Today, from my hole in the trees, I wouldn't begin to assume I knew who, if any small number, are the best targets?

With the depth and spread of the ignorance of selfish ideals, we all know that shooting one or a number, will only engage the autonomic corporate mechanism to replace them from the pool of suitable players.

Always, like in almost every Revolution, there are willing greasy maggots [ not at all unlike the current Australian PM ] to jump into a role which offers them the classic “all the wealth of the world” and false fame, to subvert or divert or totally destroy a Movement.

So knocking off one or a million of them most influential and most hypnotized in the dark class of politics, may well be pointless.

But.........., it may not also....?

Finally, as things are as out of control as they now are, we do have to ask if we are a better species to let it go to that “war of decimation”?

Maybe we should?

I guess the question really is,

Which is the Righteous Path, Grasshopper...?

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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Hell's Gate Warmongers
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