My Comments On Our New Government's Foreign Minister, Their NBN, & Anders Breivik

130913 JUST DEFIANCE My Comments Plural Edition

I tried three times to post this 1st comment to the linked ABC online webpage, but they haven't posted it.   Hohum, I guess they don't like being called “THEIR ABC”?

Julie Bishop for foreign minister?
1st mistake! She's there to show how tough she can be, readying her to take the chair off Abbott, once he's exposed as a dud.
The "right", will get away with more draconian, racist immigration or "Boatie's" policies with a female PM, and, for now, as foreign minister.
Like her colleagues in government now, she is NOT qualified, especially as foreign minister.
The Indonesians are already laughing at the new government, but will laugh and ignore her when diplomatic talks are on.
And other than Angela Merkel of the GDR, and Ang Sung Su Ki, of Myanmar, most other nations will pay lip-service only to her, laughing at her behind her back.
Murdoch might like her, but she, like the government, is a bad and completely corrupt deal.
But why am I telling their ABC?

The Conversation 4 September 2013, 6.44am AEST

I tried to upload this one to the ABC article also, but it didn't get in either. I do admit that I've cut out a line referring to the “Ros Kelly 'whiteboard affair” of some years ago, once I remembered it was not related to loose estimates.

So, I cut that bit and think the bit below in green is on The Conversation site, as linked in the title?

Any changes from Labor's NBN to whatever the LNP asserts is better, will cost some amount to process.

We can be sure lots will be wasted just changing the design and layout, contractors and equipment suppliers, etc, etc, adding to the LNP's estimated costs.

These sort of things never run to cost, and our political history is littered with "cost blow-outs". Those in government fabricating these estimates, laugh at us and the processes, and are guesstimating what this or that will come to.

Labor's NBN is, in the long run, far superior, in design, quality, longevity, and is Democratic, in that it will be there for Australians, not, as the LNP's design is, for to not challenge Murdoch's Fox cable network (or whatever his is).

Nothing about the September 7th election was Democratic, and this weakling of an NBN and purported "mandate" by Turnbull and LNP to do it Murdoch's way, is a criminal insult to Australians, perhaps most to those in regional and remote Australia trying to run their small businesses, and hoping a better internet and telecoms system will advance that.

The timeline of Labor's NBN I put it, was made snail-paced, in the main because most "contractors" today, are either right wing, or extreme right wing, so being ideologues did what they could to slow and cost the NBN to failure.

The obvious solution, other than the public rising up against all of the major parties in a Coup d'Etat, is for a "compromise NBN", of "fibre to the node" to get faster, an improved service to what we now have, with government guaranteeing "to the house" fibre-optic connections thereafter.

by Ole Petter Ottersen
theguardian.com, Friday 13 September 2013 03.47 AEST

I wrote this one on seeing the article...

A bold and misguided act, or one by one who knows what the majority don't, and the establishments, of Norway and Europe, assume as their superior right?

Scandinavia is well above the rest of the world in terms of human rights, etc., so must be recognized for that, and therefore, for their ability to pass judgement, amazingly Humane, as they have on Breivik.

And to my limited knowledge, Norway has not, since the Great Viking Warriors, practiced colonialism, thus the plunderous crimes against humanity that so many European and the British nations' have.

So it bemuses me to see that Norwegians align themselves with Europe in terms of being a fair and just people, when Europe and Britain's records are abysmal?

Was Breivik's act really aimed at the larger establishment, including Europe's, thus at their massively genocidal history?

Can't help but feel there's gonna be some sort of ruckus soon in Canberra, for all the right reasons.

The 1st reason being that the new government is completely unqualified, and I put it that the majority of Australian voters agree, AND are getting increasingly pissed off with the bullshit, especially of the Murdoch and LNP cartel, which has basically illegally taken over our government, in a filthy coup d'etat.

2nd reason is that the whole election does seem, with supporting evidence, to have been riddled with in the least, tampering with the ballots.

But, let's sit back and wait...?

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