Starting The New Term With Verbal Missiles

130909 JUST DEFIANCE Starting The New Term With Verbal Missiles Edition

Waking in the bunk, in the mobile bunker, starved of oxygen because it's dangerous leaving the door open overnight, and being assaulted by sub-human witches, I was not in the happiest state of mood?

With much improved bunker facilities, like “A TABLE” and an updated cooking set-up any homeless Somalian would drool at, a coffee and oats helped cheer me some, enough to hit the 'net, and the PRIZE Journal “The Guardian Australia” [“WHERE, OH WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, GREAT MANCHURIANS????” Oh, Manchester!] this article attracted my “like”, albeit that I refuse to be so spoiled whiteguy middle-upperclasshole mainstream as to have a “Facebook” account.

I wrote with an apparent negative slide against the Journalist Jane Caro, who wrote the article, but wasn't meaning anything neg toward her. Indeed, she gets a “tick” and a “like” from me, for going to the issue she has.

Even had me think about buying some acreage in the same area she has her [husband's] farm in. But Googlmapping it, I see it's a bit too close to THEIR ABC's doyen, Phillip 10,000 acres cattle farmer Adams, down the western slope to Scone. Jamie Packer country too - BOOOH! G'Day James!

But from Jane's article about the hotter climes up there, Victoria still sounds more intelligent a place to die.

So, here's what I just placed in The Guardian Australia's Jane Caro article window...:

In the Barrington Tops, where my farm is, no one can remember spring coming quite so early, or being quite so hot. That our new prime minister will scrap the carbon tax is a sad irony”
by Jane Caro
theguardian.com, Monday 9 September 2013 09.24 AEST

And..., what sort of "trees" do you cultivate, Jane?

Not Radiata pine, surely? Classified as a weed in Australia, I believe.

And, running cattle aye? Apologies for this, but "farmer" and "farming" are hardly honest terms explaining your rural pastime.

In an honest and I'd say, "scientific" appraisal, "cattle" are "vermin" to our countryside also.

Most of us now know their massive methane "contripootions".

Then there's their trammeling of the delicate native fauna under their bovine hooves, and, worst of all, the rapacious clearing of our "temperate rainforests" by cattle "farmers" for the pastures, utterly destroying the crucial biodiversity. Crucial to a balanced ecology, environment, atmosphere and things like natural fire retardation, cooler ground surface temperatures, thus "snow" in the Barrington Tops, and elsewhere, all adding to a cooler planet.

Dare I refer to what I've seen out west, in "wheat belts" parched, deserted of all ancient trees and undergrowth, raped the only word, such that for 9-to-11 months of the year, the sun bores down on bare earth, heating the vast plains massively, causing less rain, causing dust storms, and about every other "natural disaster" imaginable. Even, I postulate, earthquakes. Go figure.

If, you live the dual life of "farmers wife" and journalist, it is vital that you, and everyone you call "friends" and/or workmates, associates, etc., band together to bring our Australian "farmers" up sharp, and up-to-speed on their income sources, and force it upon their meaty minds that cattle, radiata pine forests, sheep farms, wheat broadacre monocropping etc etc etc and a rah rah rah, are evil in terms of the largest picture underlying the viable arable and liveable future of the planet, and of when Spring comes, et cetera.

This, essentially an "economic" issue, if "economics" is the process relationship between human beings and the source of all our sustenance, the planet, is our primary political "industry" if-I-may.

So, we ought to be utterly ashamed of ourselves that we apparently just elected the pro-pollution, pro-global-warming "drongos party" to federal government.

And, we do not have an option, especially our "farmers", to waking up to our disgustingly ignorant and lazy workplace culture out there in the ex-rainforests.

I have spent the last 18 years traveling our country roads, well over a million kilometres, from Mallacoota to Kunanurra, and more, and have not seen more than a couple of "farms" which work with the environment, to the point where the farms are planet-friendly.

Well passed time every farmer woke up to their genocidal occupations.

Any Honest, and Scientific Government, would be primarily a Greens and Agrarian Socialist Coalition, without the "coal".

I say we, YOU, Journalists and Honest Citizens, must call out the fraudulent government-elect, and the whole process, annul the September 7th election result, and demand a Green/Agrarian Socialist Revolution across our brown and dusty land!

Then, I remembered that the methane out of cattle is their bad breath, so plonked this in my own reply slot:

09 September 2013 1:48am

Ooop! "Cattle 'contripootions'"? Yeah, it's their halitosis, isn't it?

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