My Comment To WSWS Article "Record number of groups contest Australian election"

130905 JUST DEFIANCE My Comment To WSWS Article "Record number of groups contest Australian election" Edition

By Mike Head on WSWS
4 September 2013

A good article, that should have been read by all Australian voters enough ago before the federal election in 2 days from now, to help inform their knowledge base regards the farcical federal election we are now waiting for, and wishing was over.

So, for want of a motorbike, and stash of Hashish, and ….? ummm...? something else...? O! A slab of beers, I wrote this to Mike Head.

But before you read my thoughts, I highly recommend you hit the link above and read Mikes clear-minded piece on the upcoming federal election.

"For the immense social and class battles that lie ahead, the working class requires a genuine revolutionary leadership." quote from Mike's article

1st, Thanks Mike for the wonderfully astute information about the plethora of parties contesting the election on Saturday.

Being 18 years on the road, thus having no fixed address, I avoid having to vote, in our sham electoral system.

For decades, since having my eyes partially opened to the crude realities of politics, while drinking in "The Californian" pub on the road to Eaglehawk Victoria, at 18 years of age, with the Great Colin McDonald, a staunch and magnificently Intellectual Communist, I've known beneath all the hyperbola and masses of ideologies since waded through, that Communism is Man's True Way.

But, hey, lost here since 1788.

Learning much along the long road, I've found that one of our main problems, is the contrary problem, as much created by hollywood's "hero genre", of looking to "leaders" to lead us out of, but thus far always into, the pit.

True Communism, True Socialism, is such that we are all taught from day one, that sharing is primary to healthy minds and nations, and this is, The Law.

Learning 1st and above all, the fundamental Law of Sharing, of Knowledge, and of resources, as a Science, frees everyone from the illusion that we can leave it to "leaders" to guide, to manage us and solve crises, for we are then all fully knowledgeable on how we are to live.
I assert that the very enemy of this is the false leader cults of christianity, which 1, is the exact opposite of "democracy" and 2, will always in the end have the flock, the people, betray humanity.

Sure, as we are, and are becoming more so, the more the selfish market culture flourishes, we do need "leaders" to give us a clue about where the polity is going, but is being steered wrong.

So the question, the conundrum, is how do we present a "leadership" perhaps, less than any "individual" leader, who can rid our long nurtured "leader" dogma from our beliefs systems, without them attracting that most dangerous, and anti-Communist, anti-Socialist, anti-Human, "hero" concept, thus a blinding reliance upon someone else to do the leading?

It's horribly clear to a growing number, that christianity has led us all into the ditch, and, makes for the most stupid polity, populace, where we are dulled to thinking we do not have to "think".

I think this challenges every accepted political and cultural doctrine of our times, outside of the Teachings of our Indigenous Peoples, who were the Wise Ones, until 1788, still Pure and free of the devils of selfishness.

So, quite so! As you end your fine piece with.... "the working class requires a genuine revolutionary leadership."

I say, the current Intellectuals of True Socialism, have to prioritize teaching the Laws of Sharing, from personal ways to global governance, from homelife economics, to national/international economic science of sharing the land.

With the clearly crazed election campaigning we watch in despair, we might also be seeing the "soils" being fertilized enough for a new rise in thinking people making their mark against the names of the Thinking Peoples' REALPolitik Option, of Socialist Equality, Et Al?

All the Best!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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