Why Did US President Eisenhower Tell Americans To Be Wary Of “The US Military-Industrial Complex”?

130920 Just Defiance Why Did US President Eisenhower Tell Americans To Be Wary Of “The US Military-Industrial Complex” Edition

Oooowwwmmm? Sent out a zinger the other day, going to US media outing the people, assuming they were people, who done 9/11.

Ooooowh! Shit THAT hit someone's spot!

OK, So GW and Cheney didn't fly the planes into the WTC.

Maybe they were drones, controlled from somewhere deep in Outer Bahrania?

Does it matter?

The unspoken accusations go to the US military - and it's industrial - psychological complexities.

Guess so.

America is a right exception, today, to how the world has worked, to now.

Indeed, since the 1776 Revolutionary separation from Britain, and America's Independence, she's been a roaring exception to how the world has worked, and had worked, prior to this newfangled thing called “democracy” was installed in Washingmachinetown.

Newfangled thing called “democracy”, of course, to the lost tribes staggering around the western hemisphere for the last [recorded] 6000-something years.

Not new to the Hopi Americans, or to the other Nations on the American continent possibly - for millennia - before Chrinkle Columbus washed ashore.

And in other parts of the planet, Democracy had actually existed very well thang-YOOO! for - well..., since the beginnings of “time”. “Time” being a very strange thing to most True Fellas of the planet, prior to the Hebrews inventing it.

Hopi Americans advised the whiteguys who drew up the system in the new states of Untied Whiteguys, on some aspects of how to build a Democracy, that works.

And of course, the whiteguys of the west can only relate back to ancient Greece and Socrates and Plato Et Al, when they go on about how grand Democracy is, and how much they respect the founders of it in ancient Greece. ET cetera....

Things must've been pearly for most Americans in the years immediately following 1776, what with it being open slather on any loose limey?

Haven't read a lot of American history, but it is interesting.

But, from some of it, I recall lots of very bad vibes once the railways got off the Stephenson's Rocket stages, and became the massive boon to travelers and, railroad barons.

It seems this grand dream of the Independent Democratic Republic of USA, overflowing with HUGE potential, and, FREEDOM from the various types of oppressive and stagnating monarchies ruling the western world, drew the crowds, let's say, from all over-populated and impoverished Britain, Eurape, and all points under the hexes of the mad kings and queens, etc.

But, not only did rightminded vagabonds clamber onto ships for the new world, some not so vagabondish went and damned-well built their own ships to sail to this new pot of plunder.

And with ready cash, then called GOLD GOLD GOLD!, in their purses, enough to buy any passer-by, for the night or for their life, these rich bastards from - Eurape - Britain, and all points under the hexes of the mad kings and queens, etc., could get exactly what they wanted, and a slave or forty - for life.

In those bad old days of desperate whiteguys, long lost already off the Road Of Honorable Cultures, where Wisdom held precedence over rude and plunderous ways, the “Natives” were regarded as brutal inconveniences for the new arrivals wanting to find their own shangri la, so polite requests weren't common, from the whiteside of the soon to begin wars.

As the whitearse had already invented gunpowder and guns, they thought they didn't have to be Respecting of the Original Peoples.

And, like always, lust for wealth, especially land, turns the best of us into evil pieces if shit, in no time flat.

So all calls from the wiser whiteguys, to Respect the Land Owners, went down like a lead balloon.

And, like always before long some greedy idiot with a loud voice and an ego, was shouting the Indigenies down as apes, not humans, good for killin', etc.

Good for killin'..., to git their LAND!”, was an easy sell to the hungry newcomers.

'Specially after a Redskin spoke back, or worse!

So Honorable behavior went out the tent door quick-smart.

So when the railroad was refined to being the people mover it was, while all this “Indian-killin'” was being encouraged, things went down hill REALFAST - for the Indians, of course, but for Democracy too.

Railroad barons were racing from the East coast to the west, and were forming armies to capture the land from the Indigenous Owners, but their main hunger was to claim as much of the new frontier land before the other whiteguys could.

And OOOooowhwhwh! SHIT did it go fucksies thereafter!

Goodbye Democracy! Was nice dreamin' 'bout ya!

And a ra-dee-raa-dee-raa-dee it went.

So, some 150, 180 years or so later, a hellavalot of Americans were 1, enlisted in the military to fight the wars for others in Eurape and around, and 2, were possibly not so stupid as to not have intelligent resentment at how off the rails, their Homeland had gone, in terms of politics, in terms of economics, and in terms of democracy, in terms of freedom for all?

Since the War of Independence, then the Civil War in the 1860s, lots of folks, on all sides, knew things were “touchy” let's say, and so there would have been considered movements to ensure no nation with one o' them fancy ponse monarchs was ever gonna march in here and take us over, and that there was seen a righteous and, DEMOCRATIC need for the people to arm themselves, against tyranny, from within.

Lots of the type who held high the intelligent need for the People to have power, rather than it being all in the hands of the king or queen, were also in the military services.

So it stands to reason that within the forces, there would be an ever-alert watch, on how the “Democracy” was traveling, and that many soldiers, sailors and later airforce personnel, would see rightly, that it is always their Duty to take issue with whomever is clearly, provably destroying the inherent rights of freedom, and liberty, from not only their own clans and communities' peoples, but from ALL the people of the land they loved so much, and went to war elsewhere to defend.

By the end of world war 2, we can be sure that shitloads of US military personnel, Vets and those still at home, would have noted the changes to the nation, over their lives, and over the wars of the 20th century.

I mean, most of them would have been fairly well trained and disciplined servicemen, and women, and would be witnessing, from a distance, the changes that were occurring across the USA.

To a highly trained and disciplined Warrior, watching their own nation or village decline in self-discipline aspects, which most often also translates as a decline in self-respect, they'd also be clear minded enough, some perhaps only, to know instinctively, that the short and long term dangers to one and all, of a society and culture gone too loose and undisciplined, overcome by endless insatiable desires for and over-consumption of, everything the free-marketeers put in front of them, were terminal, deadly, and of HUGE proportions.

Watching this in their own country would have been sending the military Vets, and serving members crazy!

So, after the end of world war one, the 1920s in the nations of the “”victors”, the “allied west”, was a decade of booming wealth-creation, and reckless explosions of people and cultures breaking all old and staid, but also reserved and well thought out traditions.

When a [white] person is caught up in the middle of such cultural shifts, they rarely see the dangers.

Adolescents taking drugs, driving super fast cars, screwing every sheila they can, and vice-a-versa.

But the new post world war 1 shift from the draconian and ultra-conservative to libertarian lawlessness, not to be looked so down on when it's kids, was being enjoyed by all ages.

The momentum had begun, and there was no way of slowing, steering it back onto a more mature and balanced track, or stopping it.

And to now, it still has not slowed, been redirected, or stopped.

Wealthy fools are racing ahead of the masses with “the devil may care” attitudes, in all manner of moneymaking, inventing shit, SHIT, with absolutely NO intuition or prescience as to the detriment to body, of user and of planet, mind of user and of community, or soul, of the existence, one and all.

And, from the outside, be one in, such as the military, and, let's say with some time, experience and wisdom up their sleeves, or like this idiot, in extreme exile outside of the outer margins, people can easily recognize the failures such freedoms make, in personal and cultural psychology.

And, I'm not the only bloke in the cosmos, who concludes, that the “modern” social psychology, and “trend” and prospectus for the future, IS A FUCKING DISASTER!

NOT! Because some media piece of shit with a fancy indoctrination and endless wealth can manipulate words to make everyone believe socialism is evil. But that doesn't help.

NOT! That somewhere there's a COMMUNIST CONSPIRACY about to be enacted, which will have us ALL THE SAME?!$%^?!?, all wearing the same clothes, all doing the same jobs, all driving the same prams, all only allowed HALF A BAAAYBEE!

The FUCKING DISASTER, is the modern free market libertarian over-consume and buy-another-heart-lung-combo culture of CRAPitalism.

Again..., I'm not the only bloke who sees this, who can DO HIS MATHS, and can arrive at THE RIGHT ANSWER!

So..., when Eisenhower warned the modern western world against the “military-industrial complex”, whose side was Eisenhower on?

I don't know enough about the man, to opine on his preferences or wisdom, in terms of doing his outright best for the people of America.

From what I do know of him, he was a pretty intelligent and good-minded President, and wasn't a dud, puppet, like some since his time.

But.., what would I know?

America was roaring along in terms of markets and wealth-creation after the 2nd world war, although I think the late 1940s were still recovery mode for it.

But many aspects of the free market and crapitalism might not have matured then, because of the new age of technology and the effects it does have on markets and crapitalism, but on people and on therefore, social and cultural psychology.

So he might well have been unaware of the downsides to the directions the post war worlds were taking and heading to, and as is the job in part, of a President, there would have been a duty to go with the people, in trend and culture, etc.

But he might also have been a pro-development and pro-free-market type, loving the fluff and “bling” of the rampaging and over-excited mania of a booming nation/world?

So, looking across the 1st world today, and the “1st world” exists in every nation - it's called “the upper class”, so whole nations can be an upper class of their own, with lower classes of their upper class in each - Australia an example - and a disgusting one at that - it's generally accepted that the world is, or as gone, crazy.

Media being what it's become, controlled by megalomaniacs with very specialist, private interests, etc., and, a very dangerous controlling mechanism, but an entity which relies on the freedom of fools wanting endlessly to desire MORE, so the media can sell them MORE, always lean toward the insane preferences of insatiable desire, of the masses.

So the media will rarely put the positive case for something like a military take over of a nation, with the imposition of crazy things like EQUITABLE SHARING OF THE RESOURCES, or of Scientifically Calculated Taxation, where the rich bastards have to pay their rent, and pay their way, like the rest of us?

And, today, where everything in politics is spoken for the interest of the corporation, under the banners of each party, none of them are gonna speak honestly about the disaster that the modern free-market crapitalist world has become.

Would President Eisenhower have?

So..., maybe the “inside job” on the 11th of September 2001, in New York USA, on Airplanes Into Buildings Day, was an act so fucking brave, so fucking righteous, that only a small percentage of Americans could see it so?


Obviously, my writing this, might be misinterpreted to be saying I don't give a damn about the thousands who fell on that day.

Or that the helpers should've stayed home. Etc.

Obviously, I don't think that.

All of them should be Honored.

But America has to relearn how to look back at that day, and learn that the victims fell in a long a Righteous WAR.

Not against Americans, but FOR Americans.

Most occupants of the WTC were good folks, no question.

But, it was the centre of the most evil activities on earth, with the top floors occupied by some very very very bad corporations and crazy-fuck executives.

What came after, was crazy, with the bad judgments of who dunnit, and where to go chasing 'em.

Another disgusting failure of CRAPitalism in the corporations racing in and grabbing the post-Iraq war redevelopment funds, and the oil reserves, and the military's private corporate resource suppliers, etc.

And to today, the chaos in Iraq and across the region is more filth of the warmongers of every persuasion leaping in to keep it crazy purely for their own profits.

So, like I say,


Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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