Words on Christmas From The Anti-Christ

111225 Outlaw Junction News-Chop Words on Christmas From The Anti-Christ Edition

(As the date atop of page shows, I scribed this on Christwhatamess Day, but could not be bothered posting it, so went back to building a hut for me lousy body.)

Fully aware of the implication of writing that this comes from “The Anti-Christ”, I nevertheless continue......

Those who are enraged by this, these words, and thus, what and who I call myself, be aware that there is more Scientific research and conclusive evidence behind what I say, write and think on the matter, than any of your own beliefs, which in these arenas, arenas of western “religious” or “cult” ideology, are essentially various, mostly ill-judged and “lost” abuses of the dark arts of witchcraft, magic, the occult.

Hypnotic spells, in other words, is the only thing that gives “Christianity” it's attraction, and it's followers reason to “believe”.

Like “charismatic” political leaders, for example the founder of the Australian Liberal Party, Robert Menzies, Christians “missionaries” and proselytisers, as he did, hypnotise gullible, unintelligent people into following him/them, and every word they thereafter say, is treated as true. Treated as true purely because an essential part of the art of hypnotism, is to basically “kill” one's own Intellect, the high-end mental ability to discriminate, to listen critically to what's being said, and as it is spoken, being able to discern any wrongs, untruths, flaws and faults in the case being put.

The same goes with our sight. When we are under an hypnotic spell, one at least which seeks to “own” our Soul, as the vast majority of witchcraft practitioners desire most when they interact with one of us, the ability is there for our eyes, but really the visual apparatus in our mind, in our processing brain, to be manipulated by the outside source, by the witch, to not see things as they really are, but as the witch wants us to see it. And so it follows with our other senses and faculties of mind.

Years ago I was struck deeply by a flash of what may have been “insight”, during a Meditation, which made it powerfully clear that everything we sense, out there in the rest of the world, actually has it's origin within our own inner-most Spiritual Light, if-I-may call It that.

Without going too much into this, there is some arguable credibility to this concept, if we consider, as most Spiritual Masters accept, that we, and all things, are but results of a complex evolving from the Original Light, which the western cults call “God”. Other belief systems label it, “YHVH”, “Allah” (Praise Be His Name!), “Brahma”, “Tao” “Ahura Mazda”, Et Al.

These days, after disavowing myself of belief in “God”, and of any “active” Intelligent Being being the primary Soul, I regard the world and all it's creations, as highly developed energy systems, which have evolved over the existence of our Universe into what exists, or we perceive exist today.

Yes, very highly developed!

But all life, and apparently inert manifestations, are known to have active “living” particles within their structure. Atoms, and subatomic particles exist, with a mysterious “life” of their own.

Another label for this mysterious Original Spirit is often merely “Light”. Perhaps just one way of labelling it.

Other beliefs call it The Great Spirit, Et Al.

True Meditation following Strict Practices enables all of us to return, let's say, to that Original Energy, at the very centre of our, and all being(s).

Striking that, has a most powerful effect upon us, upon our Soul, if we realise what has occurred, and, if we continue with the Purifying Practices and Disciplines, which demand an “whole of body” way of living, we will be very different creatures to what we were before. “It”, will have “Profound” effects on us.

But, it does seem, that we have to be prepared to follow the most Pure Disciplines, in body and mind, to maintain that Insight, and thereafter the ability to “resource” It, moment-by-moment.

That “place” is the real, “In-the-Now” the modern day “hippie” culture refers to, mostly through Wise Guidance from Adepts, usually, as in the 1960s American Hippies had, from the Indian Wisdom Philosophies whose Gurus went to west coast America to Teach. “Maharishi Mahesh Yogi” I think, one of the foremost of them.

So, what we perceive, as we are today, mostly, even when possessed of an open third eye, mere puppets of an ancient force, usually, I maintain, some ancient Human, or more superior again, Spirit who had Attained to some high degree of connection to that Original Light, therefore we are in the main mere puppets, what we perceive, is but the earlier master's manipulation of our own senses and developed forces within.

Hypnotism. Usually far from any original occult master, but hypnotism nevertheless, and a force which can be tapped into by any with their occult powers active.

Leaders” of our era, have been monarchs and warlords, who through their elevated stature, their elevated place within their Group, gain a confidence which brings them feelings of superiority, which is usually the most influential way of thinking to bring them the state of mind conducive to opening the third eye.

But almost always, this has been promoted, induced, condoned by other powers, mostly other Humans. Priests, Rabbis, Spiritual Adepts who are close to them.

Sadly however, over time, the Divine Arts of this has been found and thereafter abused by less than Noble “executives” lets call them.

And they want not to Enlighten those they focus upon, but instead, seek to turn them to being either disciples, slaves and/or blind followers, which is where most all are now, who are “welded-on” to following and only voting lifelong, for one particular political party or religious cult. Or, for one or another culture, one or another lifestyle.

With this, fallen, charismatic art of the charlatan-preacher, be-they political or religious, their aim is to lull the listener into a state of dreamy surrender, where they are both hungry for whatever this preacher has to say, and are clinging to every word, totally faithful that there can be no wrong said by them.

Wars are most often started because of this abuse of the occult. Of a certainty, the two major wars of the 20th century, and several others, were engineered by powerful witchcraft cults of Britain and Eurape.

(Hitler, in fact far from the evil person the Jewish west has made him out to be, was but a product, a puppet of these elite regimes, on a very specific mission, not so much to destroy Judaism, but it's offshoot, Christianity.

Because Hitler, like many people awake to the fundamental lies upholding Catholicism and the other “Christian” beliefs, knew well that these cults were the most pernicious power-hungry mobs on Earth, and had to be halted. His rise to power was in fact engineered in Britain, with the assistance of other elites, some from Russia, who were behind the Jewish rise of the Soviet Communist regimes. Indeed, Hitler was as much a creation of Jewish thinkers as of any.

Much more could be written on this, and on the actual reason for the so-called “holocaust” of the 2nd world war, where the alleged 6 million Jews were killed.

Sympathy”, being one major reason behind the holocaust, and one which the Jews have used to maximum effect to, as primary objective, build the current, and still illegal state of Israel upon, and one which Jews worldwide still make enormous 'capital' from today.

Not necessarily wanting to make life hard for Jews, because it's clear they, like every “race”, are not all bad. But they are generally, ruthless, cunning fuckers, and the upper classes of them do have very serious psychological issues, methinks. Wanting to fabricate me...(!@#$%^&*?) to be King of Israel, just one of them......!)

But back to the churches of idiot-hypnotism........

Also, in these utterly dangerous types of sermons, the want is to send the idiot away with a sense of “warmth”, of feeling restful, at peace, “fulfilled”, but most of all, incontrovertibly right, etc. This, like the addiction of heroin, is what brings the idiot church flockers flocking back each Sunday for more.

Here in WHO'S LAND-Queensland, one mighty “charismatic” deceiver of the last decades, was Premier Jo Bjelke-Petersen.

Clearly, the after-effects from his, and his dark political cult's corruption still lingers and still has a deep effect on the people of this state.

While he and his “Russ Hinse” type may be gone, the effects remain in those who fell for their bullshit in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, because they formed the ways people of the era think, and as many of us know, changing that, those habits of mind, is a very hard thing to achieve.

But worst of all, is that unconsciously, those now older folk habitually broadcast those same ideologies and beliefs and character-traits, all of a fundamentally corrupt nature, onto whomever they associate with. Friends, family, political associates, but most damaging to the society of all, is to the children, none of whom have yet to go near their own awakened Intellect.

Though the Harry Potter magic of the last decade has convinced the youngsters in us that they are now completely intelligent, the facts are otherwise.

But, back to Christianity....

That any group of people deem that they need a saviour, has to be seen as an admission that they themselves are lost, and do not know the path they should follow, to attain to the “heaven” their mobs so like carrying-on about.

So, ad nauseum, I repeat, that a “seeker” of the True Path for themselves, as Humans looking to develop their Soul to being above the illusion and darkness and general evil of this world, the last place we, you, they should turn, is a cult which admits being expectant of another Soul, to save them.

Without doubt, the whole of the Christian belief system and structure is wrongheaded, and in fact is designed to keep the flock wrongheaded, so they remain “loyal” to that hierarchy of false priests, and the machinery of the cult's massive, and very profitable administration, etc.

Almost always, these administrations divert their interests into land speculation, and now, are the largest land owners on earth, making huge incomes from rents and the land speculation marketplaces.

And you can be certain, that behind the dreamy sermonising, and the sweet and blessed smiles and “nice” language pleasantries and laughter heard after the services, there is an whole other agenda going on, and it is always rudely, brutally viciously economic.

Wars, fought most, in the name of …..religion!

The Jewish cult, Catholic and Christian churches, but most successfully the Freemasons, are the most dominant and dark of them.

Whereas, for the poor lost souls who are lured to these pernicious institutions, hoping to find some security, some “brother-or-sister-hood”, and friendly associations whom they can trust, were they able to look to other, often older religious cultures, namely from the Orient and central Asia, they would, should they shake-off the hypnotic spells cast over their mind and Soul when, as but babes, they were dunked in the spellbinding waters of the church baptism, they would, find exactly the teachings, Wisdoms, and indeed, Truths their longing Souls so need, to help them rise above all sin and the perennial evils and failings of this deadly, “cult of death” western religious life.

I was guided along these optional roads by a wide-minded couple of parents, who, themselves, were but “instruments” of another on-the-surface “socially-concerned” cult. But, behind the scenes, warmongers of the worst kind.

After decades of staggering through the maize of western delusions, all of which ended in the metaphorical ditch, I was guided to the School of Philosophy.

Alas! A School of thinking which put at the forefront the awakening of one's own Intellect, with which one is able to discern, through their Wise Guidance, the truths and falsities of what we of the west have been forced to imbibe, believe and accept as true.

But primarily, the School was not dogmatic, and did not force or impress us to merely have faith in any one belief system.

The teaching, was “eclectic”, in that it sourced most all of the respectable Wisdoms and religious and Philosophical Teachings from all parts of the world. And, even then, no-one was ever asked to believe any of it.

But above all, the Teachings of the Ancient Chinese and Indians shone most.

Buddhism, Taoism and Hindu taught better than any I've studied from the “west” how to awaken our own Intellect, and thus taught how we ourselves can become Buddhas, or, in western terms, an Enlightened “Jesus”.

Underneath all the distractions of all the western faiths, and the rest of the garbage we are left and induced to delude ourselves into thinking we'll find happiness in, the truth is that until we have returned to that Highest, Original State, Condition, we are simply NOT Human Beings.

Homo Sapiens” is the Latin term for our species, which means “Man the Wise”.

And to be Wise means to have constant access to Wisdom, which demands we have our Spiritual Intellect awake. This tragically, is not at all nearly appreciated by the vast majority of white, western, Christian peoples, because we have been deliberately dumbed-down by these same cults of hypnotic delusion for some 1500 years.

And 1500 years is a conservative figure, because, if Jeshua ben Joseph did say it, he was saying the same thing when he said “forgive them ,lord, for they know not what they do!”

Basically, the majority, especially the cynics and mockers and generally corrupted, were hypnotised, and were living false, imbecilic lives.

How far have we come since then, then?

With all the technology, what have we achieved?

By how much have we, as a race, or even as individuals caught up in the maelstrom of western inventiveness and out-of-control gottohave, grown beyond the need for trivia, for superficiality, for outright lies-lies-lies-and-more-damned-lies, be-they in economics, politics or religion, even for magic in our lives, if we, having not attained to that Most Wise State, are not yet even Humans? Again?

And this is where any self-respecting Anti-Christ comes down so hard on the western teachings of the western religious schools and churches.

All they do is tell the flock to have faith.

Nowhere do they instruct us how to become Wise, thus have us return to our Original Human Condition, ourselves.

Rather, the follower must have faith?

And, in the end, “faith” is but their doorway into deploying witchcraft, the opposite to Intellect, upon our minds, where we are unable to think critically, and to discern, to divine any truth or otherwise in what they tell, preach an teach to us.

Sure, as the white, western belief system is so forceful, and demands we believe this way, or we end up like me - homeless, disassociated from all society, and left with suicidal feelings daily - and thus as we have, as a people, become terribly stupid, it may be reasonable to suggest that we need a cult which can provide us with something other than crazymind loneliness, destitution and despair.

But that we are oft' left to have no other misery than those mentioned, and that they are products of that very same “dependence cult” shows how much of a contradiction the whole of this western belief system called “Christianity” is.

And, how dangerous it is.

Not alone dangerous for the individuals who are seduced into their little mind-numbing churches, but dangerous because they are designed to keep hidden, through distraction, the outright evil which goes-on behind their pulpits and closed-doors, of economic and political manipulation. Manipulation which beggars-belief.

Of the last decades, much has come out about the filthy practices of the priesthood, most publicised and investigated of Catholicism, in their sexual abuse of children, etc.

And still, behind all that physical abuse, we never hear of the oft' more damaging and in fact more perverse, mental abuse, psychological abuse of their victims.

Again, this is most always witchcraft at work, turning any, especially kids who are smart enough to see or know the horrors of what the clergy try to have them either do or believe, and who rebel, into damaged individuals.

The common term applied to many of them today, is that they are “mentally ill” or “mentally retarded”. Which indeed is what they are, because the cult has so thwarted their Intellectual development, whether by physical abuse, mental abuse or hypnotic suggestion, which is as much as part of the first two types of abuse, for example of repeatedly telling a child they are hopeless, or worthless or otherwise, that the child-to-be-adult has such a damaged perception of themselves that they cannot develop and grow Intellectually.

Myself, but one case in point!

But again, much of this, while never condonable, distracts the masses from the darkest corruptions of all, which all western churches practice hourly, of economic corruption.

And, after all the lost wandering and inquiry and seeking and being led up the garden path, back down again and left still in the ditch, if one is fortunate, they will find that the religious bullshit we have fallen victim to, and of, from all these malignant western churches, has no merit, and only serves the priesthood, keeping us dependent and stupid, that-is, unenlightened, Spiritually, and uninformed, uneducated as to the bottomline issues of life on Earth.

Bottomline issues which are “Economics”.

Now..., to be sure, life is not all, at all, about “economics”.

Indeed, life as we know it, or as we have been stupefied to know it, by the Jewish and Christian cult agendas of the last 2,000 years (approximately), is but a relatively small part of the big, wholesome Life-big-L.

However, the most influential thing which stops Human Beings from Attaining to that Oneness with the Universe, is that dark corruption of our relationship with the Mother of all Economy - the Natural World of Mother Earth. Other words for that, are THE LAND.

For if we are forced hour-by-hour to fight in this utterly-bloody-stupid, corrupt econo-politico-cult system with our neighbours, to secure a roof and a piece of land upon which to “live”, until the vast majority of our waking hours are consumed with that struggle - more than we realise, most often - we are left precious little time in the day, in the week and in our whole life, to Properly Seek After The Divine Self of our own Soul.

Our own Self, which is the very same as the Universal Self.

Indeed, we are left frantic, encrazed of mind, with no time to establish, as the Fundamental Way of Life, “second-by-second” that “Presence” of Rightminded, Rightheaded Practice.

In all of my own wanderings and questioning and research, I've found no Instruction in the Christian belief systems which guides us to awaken out own Intellect, thus have us secure a Psychic Link with the Wisdom of the Gods, of the Enlightened Universal Soul. Or, as I referred to earlier, with that Original Spirit. For were we to Connect with That, we connect with the Original Intelligence, it seems, which enables us to know fully all we need to know.

One saying, pupils of the School of Philosophy were given, and asked to remind themselves of, as often as they could, is;

I am All knowledge, All Conciousness, and All Bliss”.

How can we be that and not be in essence, the Original Light of the Universe, of all things...?

Indeed, Mysterious is the Way, and the Origin?

Indeed, there is more than enough evidence proving that those Christian cults want exactly the opposite - to keep as many of us unenlightened, stupid and thus dependent-upon their hypnotic sermonising and a readiness to give over our pennies, each Sunday, and every time we donate to one of their sham charities.

And, when we do the Maths, it becomes horrifyingly obvious, that those who profit most from Christmas, are the wealthy private church school students who make up the bulk of (the retail) corporations staff and executive, to whom we give our hard-earned dollars, when we are seduced to buy buy buy presents for little Dickie.

But how profitable are our church-schoolie-run banks, while we are all so stupid as to waste our dollars on cheap toys, and thus for lack of Intelligence, thus for our inability to “Group-up and Collectivise”, both our housing and our savings, we remain dependent upon the church-run bank home loan to keep a roof over us?

P-P-P-P-P-r-r-r-r-r-e-e-e-e-e-t-t-t-t-t-y-y-y-y-y fuckin' stupid, whiteface!

And the church-schooled politicians give themselves ANOTHER wage rise, for keeping us all so fucking dumb and docile!!!


Good on yer Christianity?



Burn the church!

Nuke the Vatican!

Save the world!

Lastly, added Tuesday after Christwhatamess, but in mind for a while, are thoughts on why the mainstream Australian media has given PM Julia Gillard such a hard time, since she stormed Rudd Palace, last year.

Could it possibly be, that like most every other overtly non-Christian, or non-pro-Jew, she is being targeted for her professed “Atheism”? I've reduced my politics-watch muchly of the last year, but there does seem to be more ridicule and derision of Julia Gillard's performance as PM than is due. Even the once more balanced, apparently reasonable, but evermore now exposed as the extreme Vatican-wing Catholic ABC puts her down constantly.

I reckon it's merely because she has deduced that the whole Christian thing is utter utter utter BULLSHIT, and so using her own Intellect, which shines far superior to the zombie-clone of Oxford, Tiny Habit, leader of the drOpposition, who has yet to realise he has yet realise he has yet to even attain to being a Human.

No wonder he looks like a.......!

Rome, does not look kindly upon any who wake-up to it's 1500 years of the most evil bullshit on Earth!

And..., is there a connection between Rome being the epicentre of the soon-to-apocalypse-Eurapean false-economics, and their utterly false religious bullshit?


As writ, above....


Burn the church!

Nuke the Vatican!

Save the world!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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111223 Outlaw Junction News-Chop Honesty Edition

It may, in this horrendously corrupt day & age, be terribly naive, to put forth ideas such as "honesty" in politics and international relations?

Clearly, the leaders and political class of nations are far from that way of life, believing that "diplomacy", or saying things gently, with censorship, ie., avoiding speaking the hard in-your-face facts, directly and honestly, in order to protect their own cultural corrupt interests, is the only way they, and therefore, as most of them see themselves as centres of the universe, the only way we all can survive.

Before the British invasion of Australia, the Aborigine all lived by Dignified, High, Wise and most Respectable Codes, within each of the 520-plus nations, and across them. 

There should be no doubt, that this Honorable, or “Honest” Way, is precisely why, and how, they managed to exist for the many many thousands of years that they have.

Also, their codes of dignified conduct were treated-upon peoples from other parts, such as the South East Asians and Chinese, who are known to have visited Australia for centuries before Captain James Cook, and who interacted and traded with our Aborigine in dignified and respectful ways. Ways fairly typical of their own ancient and Wise cultures.

In the ways of our Aborigine, such codes were so ancient and perfected, perhaps having never been wayward since the most pure times, that dishonesty was not ever an issue.

And in other ways, they held high the proper ways to relate and communicate.

Honesty, as well as saying nothing if the only answer was in the negative, or not saying "no", were known completely as how the being has to relate, so-as to keep things earthly, and "heavenly", in Balance.

Aborigine, then and now, had and has a deep and Wise understanding of how delicate the "Cosmos" is, and that negative words can even effect things well beyond the ears of any who hear them. They, like most pre-Roman cultures, had a full appreciation of language, and of the value and power of proper and respectful ways of talking, and that negative words, and thoughts, influenced the auras and the spirits which and who prevail beyond our five senses, and attracted in return, negativity.

Therefore, the larger the deceit, and/or the negative expressions, the larger has to be the attracted response.

From this we may glean, that with the enormous amount of untruths spoken and forced upon us as truths, principally as the rule by the planet's dominant powers and cults, we, as one minuscule species in an endless universe, cannot help but be the recipient of ever-larger, equal and opposite reactions. These will come to us as raw energies, or as highly refined forms of that essence of life itself, appearing as highly intelligent life forms.

"Diplomacy" and other secretive lies, are therefore, terribly destructive of the finer aspects of life here on earth, in the subtle realms, and out beyond our orb into the wider Cosmos.

And, the “subtle” or “occult” realms, and variants of crude and refined energy, are what in fact underpin all our more crude 3-dimensional existences. 

So when we hear of the likes of Private First Class Bradley Manning taking secreted crimes off the databases of the US military, and making them public, few realize that he is being a Greater, Truer Soul than any of the military leadership, or national leaders.

But alas? He was exposing that most destructive element that Humans can produce - dishonesty.  So, the utterly deceitful, until clearly deeply insane, authorities quite incorrectly deem his actions as criminal.


Were we to really look, we would realise that the world is falling apart, in most all aspects, purely because we have entrenched deceit into our daily lives, from the highest echelons, through what we believe will give us happiness and/or security, to the struggling workers and underclasses, and all the way “below” us to microbial life.

Therefore, anyone who looks upon the likes of Whistleblowers such as US army Private 1st Class Bradley Manning, and WikiLeaks head, Julian Assange, as bad, or criminal, are unsound of mind, for they therefore believe that lies and corruption are good.

Obviously, those who judge these two Men in the negative, are victims of a seriously, the most seriously corrupted culture, which is this modern, Judeo-Christian western capitalist, free-market culture.

To a clear mind, these two humble, honest yet brave people are in the same class as the likes of Nelson Mandella, and Mahatma Ghandi, Et Al, for daring to hold fast to honesty, and to speaking the truth.

The US administration and military have absolutely no case against either of them, and rather have a duty to put forth their own cases to defend themselves and their improper, indeed criminal ideologies and actions, and to stand in the dock to answer the charges of gross crimes and deceits against both their own American peoples, and, the whole of Humanity.

As further deceits about the Eurapean and US economic crises-plural keep coming from the Eurapean banks, governments, and IMF-run corporations, only serving to put-off the inevitable, and with each delay only serving to make the inevitable greater still, such that most all of us will suffer more horribly than ever, either such superior powers as the United State's military, in Complete Allegiance with the Chinese, Russian, South-Asian and NATO forces, start on a new course, and correct their own seriously awry beliefs-structures and performances, away from these utterly stupid, indeed, quite quite insane, deceitful, secretive criminal agendas and plans of military and economic centrist domination and control, toward the institution of Pure, Simple Honest Economic Justice - from centrist authority, to decentralised Local Authority, or the enormously larger forces from beyond and beneath our little little world's will effect a reaction, which will be much much larger, such that very very few of us will survive to tell the tale.

Private 1st Class Bradley Manning, nor Mr Julian Assange, would have seen this, or what they have done in these terms. But they have done more than any military force of the last 100 years, in effecting Positive corrections to the globe's otherwise deadly-serious and warped path.

Release Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning!

Release Mr Julian Assange!

It is well passed time the authorities, but perhaps due to their “abilities”, the world's military, realised that while the elites of the world hold doggedly to dishonesty, the rest have little choice but to follow them.

So, to correct our awry cultures, and personal lives, the order has to be honest, from the topmost figures and powers.

Whether the planet falls into economic, political, ecological and thus social and warlike chaos or not, it appears to me that the future will be, and possibly should be, dominated by military control.

This does not have to be a bad thing, because there are many attributes within a military order.

The primary attribute, which underpins a strong, efficient and effective military force, is the discipline it instils in personnel.

But discipline fails when the dominant dictate, is orientated around untruths, such as the protection of false economic powers, “borders” and ideologies.

Any military officer, who has broken ranks and acted criminally, has done so most often due to their recognition that the force they serve is corrupt and serves higher, usually far more dishonest and corrupt powers, and therefore, the military force itself has no integrity.

It is understandable then, that the person feels insulted and has a disdain toward their company or nation's forces.

Were the military force operating for and upon Honest Edicts, they would be served with the Greatest Honor by their personnel.

And what a Mighty force they would be.

We have a choice from here forward, to correct our disgustingly dishonest world direction, or to let it continue to slide into absolute disarray.

I believe in Democracy, but as I've written over years,

If the people are stupid, democracy is dangerous.

And, if the people are dangerous, democracy is stupid”.

Therefore, if the citizenry, which correctly or otherwise, includes the “political class”, cannot correct the economic foolhardiness, and as the police forces are as much a part of both the citizenry and the endemic corruption, they cannot be expected, trusted nor relied-upon to effect any worthy corrections, then it is behoven upon our military forces to shape-up, and make right their own personnel and overall agenda, then assume power over the civilian authorities.

As the modern world is obviously spinning out of control, heading us all to a future of economic collapse and chaos, there is much sense, logic and perhaps even Wisdom, for our governments to begin nationwide military cadet services, where youth, male and female, are taught the basic disciplines of “army life”.

This need not include the dangers, though not all, of weapons training, etc., but in a modern, Wise military Command, they would establish as basic, the tried and proven assets of the Martial Arts, etc.

To go this way, in this day-and-age, would necessitate that every member of the services, cadets and above, be given training in the Arts of Self-Control, firstly, in “Raja”, Silent Mind Meditation, and, for physical and mental health, Yoga, Tai Chi, etc.

As said above, if we had military forces all trained to perfection in these and the military specialities, what a Mighty force they would be.

As well, were the whole of the planet's military to agree and introduce cooperative edicts, founded upon Honest Laws, with the service personnel trained in the same Arts, we would have no further need for war, and they could then focus upon bringing the world's civilian population upto the highest, disciplined and most contented levels ever.


OH! and Vlad Putin, save your arse!

Get the global ball of Good Government rolling, and

Introduce the Economic Rent!

THE Most Honest Tax!

You'd win a lot of Friends!

(Maybe it's time you had another cross-border chat with China?)

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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Kill Christmas

111221 Outlaw Junction News-Chop Kill Christmas Edition

As I scribed this at said date 21st December, I may be excused for the disgusting words in the first few paragraphs, because that pre-Christwhatamess period is extremely depressing for myself.

But if readers, all five of them, four of which are Google bots..., can get passed the filthy references, the rest of the e-ssay has some merit, methinks.....

And a HO-HO-HO and fuck Christmas, to everyone.

Sorry to be down on this retail corporations' most profitable time of the year, when so many children are so distilled in the ignorance of Christian material selfishness, and want want want only to get stuff, mainly from mummy and daddy who buy buy buy only to win the allegiance of their witch-kids, who if they don't get what they want want want - AND MORE - thanks to JK Raulin (?) and master H Potter, the filthy little vaginal shits will hex everything mummy and daddy do from Boxing Day-on.

Harsh words, Omaxie?!”

Not one tenth of one 7 billionth of one half as harsh as what's coming to the little ones of the time, while they and parents-irresponsible, criminally-insane in fact, sit on their white, western spoiled fatcells, celebrate Christmas, with over-consumption and deadly-to-ecology opulence, and wait wait wait for Jee-suss to land, back from a short 2,000 year trip home to Krypton.

HO-HO-HO!” it'll be then, hahahaha!

Nevertheless, now that I've put off everyone but Mossad, ASIO and MI6 etslutera from reading this nasty little Christmas piece, I guess it feels right to comment about the OCCUPY OUR PLANET Movement.

The Guardian UK has a world OCCUPY map in it's dedicated pages, which I scanned with a certain amount of pleasure. It seems the Movement, GOM, as I call it, (go figure!) still grows.

I noted that the vast majority of spots on the map were in the USA and Brit-Eurape. This has to be said to be good, I s'pose?

On the counter-s'pose, there are a glaring lack of OCCUPY spots outside of those two first world regions. South America has lots, still perhaps only 10% of what spots the USA, and though the spots on Australia and Aotearoa or New Ziillend add to more than all of Africa and Asia, some in the Antipodes are duplicated.

But where such a Movement matters most, it seems to me, hang in two “regions”.

The First worlds of the aforementioned count, because they are where the most evil land-speculator corporations hang their egomanic HQ scrota.

But the third worlds count perhaps more - at least as much - because those many many nations are the most under curse of the white, western “northern” realty auctioneers' hammers.

Land prices thereabouts come nowhere near the exorbitant sums gathered in the west, sure, but the third world is known as and by we spoiled whitebums regarded as the third world precisely because the first world land-grabbers can well-afford to march in and buy governments, police forces, and military dictatorships, so keeping the land locked away from the True owners - “the Natives”. Apologies, the True owners - The Aborigines!

Thus, the Original Peoples of any 3rd world region, are kept below “any respectable living standard”.

But it really should be pointed-out, that everyone has to be careful about their, our, propensity to place “value judgements” on other cultural standards of living. When we boil down the excess fat we-of-the-filthy-rotten-obese-west regard as a fair evaluation of this “living standards” thingee, we mostly find that our economically upper-end spoiled judgements are miles away from a Proper and Balanced, Intelligent assessment.

The crux of any such assessments lie totally in how Happy the tenants, the Peoples are, with whatever they have.

For longer than any white western cult or creed or belief system, most, by far the most People, lived quite contented, at peace, in Harmony and Balance, HAPPILY, with their 100% Environmentally Sustainable cultures. And it was, is, precisely because they were able to find the Deepest Levels of Happiness and Balance within those parameters of Enviro-Sustain, that their cultures and Peoples also were sustained for thousands and thousands and thousands of years!

Therefore we spoiled materialistic zombies of the tech-fascinated “first” world are quite out of order saying that the “third world living standards are below dignified levels, and therefore have to be brought up to OUR standards”, or such.


The reason third world people suffer so much is precisely because we Jewish, Christian, Freemasonic plunderers march in and steal everything the Natives of the land need to maintain their own inner and Communal and Cultural Balance and Peace!

And, that, once we cut through the western diplomatic, political and religious BULLSHIT is brought on by the west's disgusting theft of the LAND!

Just as the British East India Company - er - the International Monetary Fund - the IMF - has been doing, with all manner of heavy military and weapons, for about 400 years.

Such that today, the third world is run by the descendants of those tyrannical bastards of the last few hundred years, from Britain and Eurape, who own the upper classes in the 3rd world nations, having set the vast majority of them up as puppets, who now have little choice but to accede to the ruthless land-grabbing demands of - Rio Tinto, BHP- Billiton, Texaco, BP, Shell, and-on and -on. Oh! And not forgetting the recently dissolved biggest diamond thief on Earth, set-up by dear old quite-quite insane Cecil Rhodes, De Beers Diamonds. And all of Zimbabwe celebrates!

So.., down south in southern Africa way, the demonised kind like Sir Robert Mugabe, having been at the forefront of the Global Occupy Movement for some forty years already, in his rejection of the northern white, Christian and Jewish Zionist land-grabbing-and-plundering tyrants, stands almost alone in his, and his supporters' fight for Economic, that-is LAND Justice, while most all around Zimbabwe, are beholden to the tyranny of the white-bums of the criminally-insane Brit-Eurapean Zionists.

From the map's spottingsss, one might deduce that this tenuous notion called Democracy, as developed by the Ancient Athenians, but rooted longtime prior in most pre-Roman-expansionist Peoples - African, Australian, Polynesian, Asian, Amerindian, Et Al, Et Al, is where “freedom of expression” best gets it's voice.

For those without a spot on the OCCUPY map, are obviously very much under the ruthless hammer of western-imposed invaders, CRAPitalist tyranny, and covens of Jewish rabbis and Catholic priests, oft' cleverly disguised as heads of NGOs.

Of course, it's at least as likely, that the majority of third-world Peoples are tooo busy fighting for the crumbs each minute, to be lolling-about outside the local stock exchange with placards, tents and mobile phones, waiting for the local government sponsored militia to stomp them. (Kinda like Queensland, really!) (WHO'S LAND???)

As I scribed 'tother day, the military should begin expressing Support for the OCCUPY Champions, because most all military personnel are sent to their injurious and deadly trade-fronts by the absolutely psychotic scum-sucking corporate rulers of the British East India Company - the Brit-Euro IMF.

And as the OCCUPY WALL STREET SuperHumans know and as Warriors, make a Stand against, it is primarily the IMF which runs the local and global economics games, from your local milk bar/drugs store, through the utter fraud of today's banking cartels, to the futures' exchanges and financial-fraud-inventions-laboratory-anonymous - ie, the stock markets.

Therefore - PROTEST!

Examples of Military Rectitude are extremely rare down-here-down-the-shithole of Astrayliar, as well as in other first world dictatorships, even though, those who serve on the warfronts generally return home with a deep sense of Honor, whether or not they realise they have been fighting on the wrong side of the econo-politico-cult equation.

But, it does not take a huge chunk of brain-matter to deduce that armies fight armies and cause mostly irreparable damage to civilian, ecological, administrative, cultural and as well, military life, and lives, while those arseholes who set about upsetting the previous Balance wherever their cult priest directs them, to cause the very same wars, sit pampered in high-rise corporate offices? And palaces.

So whose side are YOU on, SOLDIER???

African leaders, puppets, despots, tyrants or otherwise, need muchly to take a leaf out of Sir Robert Mugabe's Book, in regard to which side they are, and should be on.

To that, Africa, while it's African Union tried gallantly recently to offer Colonel Muammar Gaddafi some assistance against the clearly Brit-Euro-sponsored invasion and over-taking of Libya, Africa's Leaders should be watching and learning from the growing OCCUPY Movement, and begin to give their Patriots in each region and nation the “go-ahead” to set-up their own Local OCCUPY PROTESTS.

Because, everywhere, the OCCUPY Movement is YOUR Ally against the clearly criminally insane mobsters from the upper-classholes of Britain, Eurape, Israel, and their American and Astrayliarn colonies, who run and rip-off all stock markets, thus YOUR precious natural resources.

YOUR precious natural resources, need it be said, all lying shallow and deep, in YOUR LAND!

However, back to another aspect I made note of, the fact that the majority of OCCUPY Spots on The Guardian UK's map are in these so-called “Democracies”, we might take from it that this western system of control, control of oppressed social disquiet, has the most benefits for the Masses.

But there is..., or may be..., a hidden contradiction herein also. That is that the western “democratic” nations have a long way to go to actually be Democracies.

Clear to most, they lead the race to the bottom of the pit of unethics, with the endless and ever-rising amount of “double-speak”, as-in “Orwellian Ministry of Truth” bullshit political and judicial spin, (Amerindians call it “talking with a forked tongue”, and the term “white lies” fits ve-ery well) and fast-fast-fastrack the whole of Humanity away from Good Culture, away from Good Economics, away from Good Ecological Balance, to the horrors of tomorrow's extremely uncertain chaos.

Facts and figures show that there is the most dysfunction, most corruption, economic disparities and mental illnesses, in the west.

That the vast majority of OCCUPY PROTESTS are seen to be in these so-called “Democracies”, may simply mean that these nations are the most dysfunctional, and thus have the most domestic objectors. Certainly, there are a huge number of westerners, within their own nations, who are REALLY REALLY pissed-off with their own culture, governments, CRAPitalist immorality, and the damage their own kind, their own peoples, with the blind faith in markets and religious bullshit, are doing to everything they lay their sleazy eyes and greasy hands upon. Sleazy eyes and greasy hands made in Britain, in Eurape, in any of the upper class western, “Christian” church schools.

According to my, and other far more credible researchers on sociological, economic, cultural and governmental affairs, this is indeed the case.

Criminally insane” is what I have concluded the developed world's nations and culture is.

And more so that it, the expansionist, CRAPitalist west, is absolutely psychotic about spreading this, it's own mental illness - everywhere else!

But, whatever, the aliens have taken us over, and run Earth from Rome, Washington, Paris, Berlin, Jerusalem and Zurich....., etc.

Is it my warped humour, however, which sees a correlation between alien invasion, and the criminally insane western expansionist Zionist psychosis.

That western forces are going hard at building weapons and defences against aliens, at once while the same anti-alien powers, our own apparently Human, white, western elites, head the most brutal and destructive cults ever seen on Earth?

The upclub secret occult societies of the British and Eurapean Jewish clans, seem to assume they are the first and most advanced of us, to confront and deal with the predicted - in the old and new testaments - alien invasion.

This is why “YHVH”, the shadow, told Moses the Jews were the “chosen tribe”.

No-one goes to the high probability that the Jews and their psychological disturbances, ranging back several thousand years, made evermore intense due to their homeless wandering over millennia, have been at the forefront of giving the more aggressive aliens, assuming they and other phenomena actually do exist, reason to come down to earth, and to make straight the crooked road the golden calf tribe of erring Jews have been on since Moses lost the intra-tribal war to the golden calf worshippers within the Hebrew mobs?

Other cultures of Earth, the Asian, Australian Aborigine, no doubt all of the pre-Roman Peoples, were well aware of life beyond this planet.

The Indian text, “Srimad Bhagavatum” is a lengthy and deep text on life outside this orb, and tells of what are essentially “aliens”, living in higher and lower worlds, on other planets, in our and other galaxies, etc. We, if we're good little vegemites, are in the running to ascend to higher, far more heavenly planets and peoples and lives than here. If we are good little pumpkins.....

Wont see many whitefaces up there, methinks....!

However, those Ancient, Wise, Enlightened Cultures, Aussie Bleck Fellas, Indians, Et Al, knew well about aliens, and knew they were already here, both interrelating, and observing us.

The difference between them and the warring Hebrews, was that the Wise Humans, down here, knew how to be at peace with them, and knew how, primarily, essentially, to be able to live and love and thrive and prosper, in peaceful ways, contented little cows, and kangaroos, and possums, and pandas, and hippopotamuses, on Earth, in their own Gardens of Eden, Gardens of Wisdom, and knew how to Properly Respect and Honor the Higher, and the lower spirits, of this world and “of the next”.

Were the Jews never to have been sent off the rails, such that they never sought power with “alchemy” etc., and induced western cultural leaders to explore the hidden worlds without the Primary Initiations, firstly, this world, this planet, would not be nearing the apocalyptic shithole THE JEWS have essentially masterminded for all of us, but if they still had that Divine Knowledge about where and how to find the Superior, Holy Spirit and It's Peace, in their own being (the “Holy Grail”?), they would not have given the more powerful aliens cause to come here and threaten to bash the real estate out of us.

Any fleet of visitors from the stars, firstly must have attained to some level if Intelligence to be able to float, however they do, whether in the 3 dimensions this world wobbles along within, or in the higher dimensions, especially the fourth dimension, where most of the spirits and visitors from afar do their travelling, and would not necessarily have attained to being so powerful as to be able to wipe us off the planetary map were they egomaniacs-with-magic, but with no self-control, like most whiteys.

I throw that one in because it seems to me that power, especially occult power, power of the 4th dimension and higher, is something one should not play flippantly with.

Because, as many people lately find out too late, messing with magic, while their egos are way out of control, brings massive calamity upon them, and usually also, upon many around them.

So for any aliens to have the power to destroy earth, or just we imbecilic humans, indicates that they have also already attained to some superior level of intelligence, thus to a Wisdom which enables them to divine when and where and by how much, they need apply their occult powers.

For, if they were unwise, egomaniacs, like most all upper class whitefaces, meaning the vast majority of white, western, Christian peoples, they'd have long ago destroyed themselves. Just as we white, western, Christians are now doing.

Like the white western Christian, Jewish and Freemason upperclassholes are currently doing.

The white western ZIONIST upperclassholes....

One story from a credible source, while not confirmed as the actual case, but rather that source relaying the allegations, is that the silly-fucking megalomaniac land-grabbing Freemasons called out for some nasty little green aliens to assist them in their occult war against other earthlings. Other earthlings at least as crazy as the Freemasons. Roman Catholics I believe.....

But once the nasty little green aliens weighed-up the scene, they dumped the Freemasons, because they realised the Freemasons who called them down were fucking psychos, and instead, the green reptilians, took over.

Could it possibly be, that the nasty little extraterrestrial reptilians, were more intelligent and Wiser than the criminally, genetically insane whitefaces of the north, from both sides of the Human wars, and saw that neither, all of whom were/are filthy-rich, disgustingly materialistic, Spiritual idiots, wanting to own every patch of land, should be supported?

Therefore, could it possibly be, that with all the interest, supposed interest taken by all manner of aliens, in earth, the scary fuckers from Fluto, and Flypton, and Florion, et al, are actually friendly to the Aborigine and Environmentalists, who are currently up-in-arms against the crazymind Human corporations of plunder-and-be-dead?

Seems to have some scintilla of reason, feasibility and, possibility, to mememe!

Over the years however, I've certainly detected a vicious antipathy to the Peoples of Coloured skin, and have been told I think, that the nasty aliens who are siding with the Human land-grabbers don't like them either.

As I remain sceptical of the existence of aliens, due only to having no conclusive evidence from my own experience, having not the open third eye, I defer to my theories that aliens are but occult, 4th dimensional manifestations of the scumsuckers of the Jewish and their branch-office clans of Catholicism and Freemasonry, all of whom are seriously ignorant as to the fact that the Abo's are Humans, and are only to be exterminated - for their land!

I'm more inclined to think that aliens with race issues are merely occult projections of the fucking dogs of the white superior mobsters of Britain, Eurape and the USA.

Therefore...., were we to arrest our propensity to WAR-ON, and stop aggressing against weaker nations and against Wiser Peoples, and to adopt the CO-OPERATION-not-competition approach, or, Intellect-not-ignorance approach, or Communism-not-CRAPitalism approach, maybe the perceived threats from the galaxy would diminish, and we'd all be able to smoke and joke together, on a shared Environmentally-Rebalanced planet, no matter which slippery little green men occupied our aura?

Not that I give a fuck....

Therefore..., were we to seriously take stock of our very own dysfunctional egomania, it's possible that the first thing we'd be rid of, is Christmas?

And, all the superficial trappings we, or our dysfunctional, not-intelligent egos are seduced by outright evil advertising and marketing to pur-chase, from within this completely unsustainable, and really quite unintelligent thus insane thing called capitalism?

These however, are wasted words to the ears and eyes of Astrayliarns, 'cause they are set on material wealth til the end of time (December 21st 2012!), and ain't NOBODY's gunna tell us AUSSIES how to live! Right, High Priestess Elizabeth Windsor?

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
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