To; Wagga Wagga Legal Aid.

The following is a statement I have just written for the Legal Aid Service at Wagga Wagga in regard to a trumpt-up charge I received earlier this year.

It'll be interesting to see how much harassment the New South Welsh will give me for this blog?

I am required to attend the Gundagai Court on 07/01/08, requested to do so by the Presiding Magistrate, to hear and discuss my Annulment Application for the wiping of costs and fine relating to a POSSESS PROHIBITED DRUG charge from mid 2007.
I now write pleading with the court to free myself from this heavy order.

1) I am on an invalid pension.

2) I am totally socially isolated/marginalised because I challenge the corruption of the Catholic church, so I must live alone in a vehicle. Have done so for ten years. This impedes my ability to live an ordinary life, to associate with anyone and to communicate my thoughts. A result is that I am introverted and suffer a want to permanently withdraw from society. "Post Traumatic Stress Dissociative Dissorder" seems to fit my condition. No psychiatric or psychological services have yet been able to assist me. Indeed, they have, every time, done more damage than good. I fear their wayward diagnoses and “view” of the world, and that they are intent on incarcerating myself, purely because I defy their corrupt and pernicious view and dogma of life on Earth. This is NOT paranoia. It is fact.

3) It is about 1200 kilometres from Nimbin, where I dwell, (for it being a slightly more accepting Community) to Gundagai, so about 2400 Kilometres round trip. That equates to about four (4) tanks of diesel fuel. At about $100/tank this means, costs to myself, on approx $270/week pension, will be $400 in fuel alone. Then there are "provisions" for the trip, accommodation, food, etc. That the court insists I travel that far, for a minor charge, suggests a serious lack of logic on behalf of the deciding authority. I put it that it is harassment from the authorities, who have been doing everything they can over the last ten years to keep me in the gutter. I fear the corruption of the Gundagai Court and related authorities.

4) The medical/psychiatric report written by the attending doctor at Gundagai Hospital on the evening of my arrest, on the same day the original charge was laid, is false. I am beginning the process of having this, and other false diagnoses corrected, and will do all possible to bring the responsible party to account for their deceptions.

5) a) false arrest, b) unwarranted and possibly illegal incarceration at Gissing House, Wagga Base Hospital, c) incorrect psychiatric assessment made at Gundagai Hospital, d) jewellery, valued at approximately $700, stolen from my belongings, while they were in the hands of the authorities, either the Gundagai Police (with the police Sergeant from Jugiong Police Station), the Ambulance paramedic who travelled in the rear of the ambulance I was taken to Wagga Base Hospital in, or staff at Gissing House, e) S/C Matthew Steele and his younger police offsider, and the Jugiong Sergeant of police searched through my broken-down vehicle I was with, and found "6 marijuana seeds and 2 (ex-bottleshop) paper bags containing immature marijuana leaves". This was the basis of the charges laid against me. That the attending and searching police did not find a glass jar containing perhaps one thousand marijuana seeds, another large plastic jar containing approximately three grams of "hydro" marijuana, a mixing bowl, smoking pipe and a mix of marijuana and tobacco not five minutes old suggests manipulation of the law. None of these items were secreted. The bowl, mix and pipe were placed underneath the mattress of my bed. There is no doubt this suggests that I was being given "Special treatment" let's say, by the police, thence also, I allege, by the attending medico who wrote the incriminating and false psychiatric assessment at Gundagai Hospital, and, I put it I was given “special treatment” by all on the authority-side of the fence, thereafter.

6) I have a global reputation for my politics and thoughts on religion, Spirituality and Philosophy. Much of this reputation is fabricated by the Catholics, but much of it is based on Merit. I have done the work of exposing many rorts and flaws in our society and in the world generally, much to the chagrin of the corrupt. I am of the considered opinion that the Presiding Magistrate of the Gundagai Court insists that I attend the Gundagai Court because Madam wants to put her foot on the face of he who challenges the rotten laws of her totally corrupt society and nation.

For all of these preceeding points, 1 to 6, and especially points 5a) to 5e), as well, because my political stance against the current criminal drugs laws, and my political stance (with significant recognition globally) against the rape of the Mother Earth that the dominant culture maintains at all costs in the Riverina, Gundagai district, a dominant culture which today's most credible science clearly shows is destroying the planet's environment, I fear travelling to Gundagai, I fear the illegal and intimidatory behaviour of the locals there, of the authorities, especially the N.S.W. Police force and of the medical and psychiatric services, and of the Gundagai, Wagga Wagga and district legal representatives.

In the Light of Impartial Facts, the New South Wales drug laws, Police Force, Courts system and their representatives, have NO CREDABILITY, therefore have no authority over the People of Australia.

I learned late in life to trust no-one. Apologies, but, this has come to include Legal Aid services across Australia.

Finally, as to the legitimacy of the laws behind the charges I am applying to have wiped-off: I have spent about ten years investigating the veracity of all our drug laws, here and overseas. There is not one of these laws, which will stand the scrutiny of an Impartial, Unbiased Court (Oh where?!) as being Proper and Correct, or which Stands as Good Law. There is no credible evidence that the current "drug laws" per se, are Correct, while there is ample evidence that these laws, one of which I have been charged under, are indeed pernicious to society, from the effects upon the user of “illegal drugs” to the victim of utterly unreasonable laws, to the community of the lawmakers themselves.

To this, the only conclusion can be that any court, authority or legal service which upholds these disgusting laws, is corrupt.

Therefore, as I have a right to refuse to be tried by a corrupt court, I here state that I refuse to attend the Gundagai Court for any reason, as I have more than sufficient evidence that the court, standing under the larger umbrella of International Lawmakers, via the New South Wales Attorney General's Department, in regard to more than, and including drug laws, is corrupt, and must dismiss/discharge itself, pending further investigations and inquiries.

Any who deny that "...the stand by the N.S.W. courts and legal system against the legalisation of drugs so-called, such as marijuana, cocaine and opium et al, is simply and (im)purely, a case of the corrupt protecting the corrupt....", are themselves either utterly ignorant of the issues, therefore unfit to comment or judge, or are guilty of participating in a most heinous crime – the corruption and the maintenance of corruption of the Law.

My experience is that next to no-one in New South Wales is interested in Good Law in relation to issues which so dramatically and dangerously effect their own societies. It may be rightly concluded that the people of New South Wales, including the legal and court fraternities are liable to come under arrest for supporting a most callous form of corruption of the otherwise fine institution of essentially, Westminster Law. (This is certainly the case in the Australian Capital Territory of Canberra, with a number of Australian Protective Services officers there, in full agreeance!)

As this letter is addressed to the Legal Aid Service of Wagga Wagga, it is asked that the letter NOT be presented to the Court. This letter is to inform the Legal Aid Service in Wagga, that I am unable to attend Gundagai Court on 07/01/08, for all of the above reasons.

I ask the Wagga Legal Aid to put my Annulment Application to the Court on 07/01/08 explaining in supportive terms why I am unable to attend the court.

No doubt Wagga Legal Aid will want more information from myself, in regard to this case. It is with dismay that I find that the services of N.S.W. Legal Aid (or it’s Courts) do not yet communicate with it's clients by the medium of email. As I am homeless, my only technology for communication is a Next-G mobile telephone.

If the Wagga Legal Aid wishes to contact me, my phone number is:

041 979 3636.

Call costs between Northern NSW and Gundagai are high, so if it can be arranged, can we communicate via SMS or TEXT message?

If however, I’m wrong, and you do use email, my email address is:

Awaiting your prompt reply

Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O’Brien
aka Max Earth


2008: 200th Anniversary of Austs worst political event

NOTE: THIS BLOG IS IN txt, or SMS language.

2008: 200th anniv of Austs most corruptng culturl, social, legal & econ., event!
STIL! 2 THIS DAY, th root reasn 4 tht dark ceisure of pwr is avoidd like th plague.
Macarthur determnd, succesflly, 2 smash Blighs V Sound Crown LAND LAWS! Byond-th-pale ndeed!
NSW, Vic & Qld r 200 yrs deeply steepd in this bad-nay-ILLEGAL law-of-th-Land cultrl model.
So 2, all Aust.
I, on own, campaind 4 deth of DUBL-JEPARDY law so 1808 can b revisitd.
Leglly, Govt (& ABC) can invstigte Rm-Reb trails & Corect, in top Courts, anomilies. NOTE: Mcarthr in leag w Brit-East-India Co., 2days IMF, (land&opium-d-dum!) 2 prvtize land & land laws, 2 win contrl of th Land thus ovr Th Pepl.
As it is!
Cecl Rhodes-ian, wyte-superirty, judeokrstn/aryan drug&ocult-ideated delusn!
Orig Crown Land Laws 4 Aust wer Just & Eqitbl, & wood hav prvntd th endemc crimnl cult psykosis Aust now is.
Adress that, & dispel 90% of socl woe.
ABC cood do a series of progs re-enactng relevnt evnts, cases, biografees on key playrs. (near all drunks & rogues, & reducd unda J. McAs evl eye.)
Excelnt refrnc bk: RUM REBELLION. by HV Doc Evatt.
Bligh wuz victm of same, why he wuz unnervd enuf 2 hide unda bed.
McA did mor evl thn Good, ovrall.
Aust now ttly trashd, Sprtualy, socialy & cultraly.
Also now, bcaus of same nsane IMF (meryl lynch, citigroup? US subprime? Big cult-cities & dams) Land-consumptn me-me-me cult, Mutha Earth wants this homo-suicide cult-ure GAWN!!!
Dont curse me 4 doing th invstigtng, ovr 30 yrs!, addng-it-all-up, & agreeng w Her!


4 Merys-sake..., GET-IT-RITE!
Jud-Catholcsm nutha key coconspirtr in globl landgrab.
Th Dumemdown relign!
INQISITION is a must.
Church owns 1/7th of Aust Land!
No wonda they r mute on Econo-politrix!
WOT-R-YOU? Slavs 2 th fariseez of Rome & Dubln?
Cum on Doogue, Collins, Crito, state where u stand!
Wisdom-bakd-Scienc, or dedly, flawd ideologcl dogma?

Its not just MY Mutha! Aumaxa bin Eartha.