I just tried to register for the NAA 'RecordSearch' online facility, but the attempt failed, with the note, 'password not valid' or such.

The password I used fits the requirements, so I presume that as I did not insert a permanent residential address in the required slot, prior to lodging a password, this was why I could not register?

The reason I could not insert any residential address is because I do not have one - I live as-they-say 'on-the-road' in my motor vehicle, and have done so for some 16 years now.  This is because of 'foreign' political harassment, which our 'authorities' refuse to recognize.

I am an Australian citizen, born in Melbourne 17/04/1955, etc., and am very Patriotic to Australia's overall well-being.

Therefore, as I have no criminal record, I should be granted permission to register to conduct my own 'RecordSearch' inquiries, and, as I am not near the Archives offices in Canberra, conduct my own inquiries online.

Please email me with an explanation as to why I cannot register for the National Archives 'RecordSearch', and, please provide me with alternative paths I may take, in consideration of my being 'homeless' in the usual sense of the word, therefore am unable to offer an address as required?

I have no doubt, that if I am refused 'permission' to use the NAA RecordSearch facility online, and if I am unable to get results as per my research into my own and my families' histories, it is because of the aforementioned political harassment, and thus, I must assume that the NAA and allied authorities, including ASIO, are party to the perpetuation of my social, and other, exile, as well as being behinnd my being prevented from getting to the cause, via NAA's and ASIO's files, of my unjust situation.

NOTE: I have no hesitation or fear of noting that I am, much to my distress and dismay, a 'person of interest' apparently, to Australian and British authorities, et al.  And, I am under constant surveillance.  NOT, I stress, for any threat I pose to Australia's security or other matter. 

If the NAA cannot oblige me and allow me to register for RecordSearch, I must assume it is because of this farcical situation I was in reality 'born into'.

Yours,Max N Cook