The ORIGINAL Tax Policy of the Australian Labor Party!
What? NO TAXES? Just paying LAND RENT!
for Longterm Security of Tenure, and Ethical Employment!
Authorised by Henry George 1837 – 1897
& Leviticus 25 of the Old Testament


11th June 1990

I'm not sure I see the problems we have with immigration in the right light or not.

There is presently a debate being had, on levels of qualification.

This seems to infer a slightly elitist attitude against the lower class, lesser qualified members of the Human Race.

In 1988 I rode up the centre of this broad Australian land. Quite a feat on a BMX bike. Fortunately I went on a Yamaha 650. All the while, whilst travelling through, I was struck continually with the feeling that I was "in", as in a part of, a creation of Eternal Beauty.

After a wee while, I began to see it as the planet's most precious, most valuable resource. Land!


Since that short runaway, I"ve had a chance to be involved with the opposite of that central Australian sparseness, through volunteer work at the Salvation Army St Kilda Crisis-Centre, Melbourne, assisting the homeless, addicted, and destitute through their crises.

Now, dare I attempt to combine these two extreme opposites, to forge them together in an attempt to solve the problems that all crisis centres are, on a dramatically increasing scale, struggling to address?

Considering the criticism I would be bound to face, I think I should at least approach with caution.

Sooner or later, our Nation is going to have to decide what place it has in the global problem of aiding the world's refugees.

It seems to me that a place like the United Kingdom is a stupid place to send any number of refugees, if only because of it's high density of population, let alone it's economic woes.

In fact, it seems to me, that most first world nations are about as crowded as they really need to be.

But not Australia.

I have listened to the various arguments and objections on immigration, and have a feeling that those who oppose any increase in migrant numbers to Australia, are basing their "beliefs" (for that is all they are) on fallacious data.

Nevertheless, there seems to be an overcomplicating of things in regard to "What to do?" with any serious amount of migrant/refugees.

Looking at where they have emigrated or escaped from, one sees that in-the-main, they were accustomed to a very low income. Certainly too many, if not all, were far, far below the average world poverty line, and should be given every equitable opportunity to rise above a life, previous to seeking refuge, of all-round uncertainty and squaller.

How rational is it that these people, should they gain entry into Australia, be dumped straight in or around our fairly fragile major cities, especially when these cities are overloaded with our own refugees? You know? The ones fallen below the socially acceptable minimum income, or are weighed heavily by a traumatic childhood, broken family, tragic incident, genetic malady, karma or just rotten luck, who already every day and night, overload every welfare agency in the land.

In light of all these sad facts, I put the question;
"How many of the Boat-People or other (and perhaps more genuine) international refugees would be against being given the chance to relocate with their families in some of Australia's more remote, and so less decadent terrain?"
How many of them would reject the idea of using their manual labour, in modern and safe conditions, to construct a rail-web to supply these outer-reaches of un-used land?

How many of them would baulk at the prospect of building a township, creating an agricultural oasis, adapting gradually to their new climate of a better life?

Indeed, perhaps the question should first be put to all Australians, be they white, yellow, brown or black, of "How many of the destitute youth, Australian youth of our cities and the bush, might consider partaking in such a diverse, probably more disciplined but definitely more wholesome way of life?"
I've no doubt many middle-aged and even elderly Australians, Aborigines and migrant-refugees might jump at the opportunity in such a constructive, accommodating and Humane series of projects.

What if our ever generous government were to offer these people five years of free accommodation, with meals for all, whilst they laboured to construct the infrastructure for the fourth quarter of this vast Terra Australis?

How many Australians would be interested in providing language, agricultural, mechanical, thrift and financial/business instruction, for the same full board for themselves and their families, for as long as they might choose above three months?

How much would it cost to feed the refugees? More than than their nation's aristocracy spent on them, that's for sure!

Would I get as many purported "correctly informed and evidentially justified objections" as there are lives at stake?

In Australia, "Guaranteed!"

How many of these objectors would be already living in concordance, in accord with the way the Human Race should be living?

What does the word "future" mean to those smug, self-righteous supporters of a white-Australia policy?

How much a day do they need to "live"? And how much dirt?

I've not met a person, or heard a politician, clergyman or economist who knows what the future has in store for Human Beings. Probably because they're so factionalised around their (not unimportant but) less significant portfolios, to focus on the Big Picture of World Peace.

What do the claimants in the Land Rights debate, the Australian Aborigines, have to say on such an idea?

Oh! And what do those chardonnay socialists, chardonnay environmentalists, and purported Humanitarians have to say?

"Hello? Oh, they've all disappeared?!"

Notes on Metaphysics

I wrote this sitting on a brick, next to "Platypus Rock" at Granny's Farm Backpackers, Nimbin N.S.W. Australia, in about March of 1998.
The birds, foals, children and the wind played just as described.

The Lord Mayor of Gaia sat, and looked. He watched the birds play and the foals frolic. He was the play and the frolic, and He was the bird and the foal.
Children walked passed him and seemed not to notice him, but everywhere, saw him.
Observers were many in these lands. Bunjalung, Tibetan, Canadian, African and other Beings.
Most enjoyed the birds, foals and children, some just the enjoyment.
The Lord Mayor of Gaia enjoyed.
He turned his head, for Trouble spoke to him.
"Is this so?" He asked. No-one other than He, did he ask.
And the Wind skittled across the field and swirled in the trees behind his stool.
"I must be still" he said and closed his eyes.
The Wind becalmed.
Trouble spoke again. The Lord Mayor fell deeper into Himself.
Trouble fell quiet.
The Crickets ceased chirping. The Noisy-Miners were not.
The Lord Mayor of Gaia Praised the Peace.
The Lord Mayor of Gaia is the Fulfillment of Man's Growth on Earth. He is the gatherer and dispenser of Human Being.
Since the Silver Age, nations tried to restore the Qualities of the Superman of the Golden Age with breeding, nurturing and conditioning of every kind exhausted on one King, Queen or another elected or selected child.
Every effort failed.
Bandit, Warrior, Governor, President, Monarch, Mogul and Priest had all sought such a Perfection in themselves, which would be to engender the Highest of Virtues in their people.
Some came close, but all were premature. Some achieved Heaven in their own Way, radiating Love to many around them.
But around their borders the weaker tribes lay in envious wait.
So too has been the Lord Mayor of Gaia laying, sitting, working, in wait.
Some, Warriors and Kings, saw the traps, saw the Gate through which Heaven's Prince must pass, and the path one must take. Abstaining from earthly desires and riches, Meditating on "no thing", they saw "Who" they were, and enjoyed that Self. But alas, that Essence they enjoyed alone.
Throughout, their Tribes, Nations or Kingdoms they Happily shared their Sweet-cake, but, because of the epoch, era, aeon, they could not share the icing.
Those Graced Masters ran and swam and flew in that Timeless Eternal moment and gave of It what they could to their Families and Nations.
From these efforts came mendicants and monks, Gurus and Hermits. Some conquering the world, some simply renouncing the world, some Enlightening it.
All saw the path to Peace as a series of stepping stones. Some knew themselves as a stone, some the foot which stepped, some the action of stepping.
They moved, or sat, as was the calling.
They saw the paradox, they saw the trichotomy. Move, sit, or do neither.
They were the Lord Mayor of Gaia, albe-they eons before His Time.
And He was they, as He was all they knew.
He, They, through experience Knew the beginning of the Road to Peace on Earth was not on Earth. He, They, knew that even while earth-bound, that is, bound to earthly desires and consciousness, on desiring Heaven on Earth, the road to It began in Heaven. So say the Wise, so said the Masters, so speaks the Silent Soul.
"We may be a thousand years away from our Self," says the Lord Mayor of Gaia. "No more, less if we want."
"This Self is the Goal, and is here if we want. Why we want it not, is Earthly. Why we want it, is Heavenly. To not want it is to play the prisoner. To want it, is the jailhouse key. You, are the jailer, the jail and the prisoner, as your desires dictate and control the limits of your consciousness.
You are with the Lord Mayor of Gaia when all conscious limits are dissolved."
The Lord Mayor of Gaia fell deeper into Himself.
And the rains came, and the seasons were restored. Heaven dawned in all Souls on feeling the change, as it spread across the land.
Bigger than any marketed momentum, yet through the machinery and machinations of it the Soul of Heaven spread upon the energy it gained from it's goal, into all hearts.
Armies Meditated, and Buddhists played rugby.

President Mugabe of Zimbabwe & 21C Economics

25th August 2001
I write about the actions of Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, and the reactions from our corrupted plutocracy to his determination to exact some Land and Economic Justice in his country.
Last week two Liberal backbenchers opposed allowing Mugabe into Australia to attend CHOGM in Brisbane, suggesting he's a criminal for doing, more peacefully and at less cost to Human Life, what the original white settlers did to the indigenous Zimbabwians.
The whole world suffers under a cloud of ignorance about how best to distribute Land so all people's can live comfortably, happily and prosperously. Such Human Justice is a Natural thing. It's only manmade injustice preventing it.
The conservatives of almost every country are regularly exposing themselves these days, as the most unjust of politicians. They are, for that, the most active propagators of the most incorrect and dangerous, warmongering policies of Land Distribution the world has seen.
Christian white supremacist's of Washington, Westminster and Europe's plutocracy are under ever-increasing threat of exposure and dispossession of their ill-gotten gains. But the stranglehold they have on us is immense and very hard to release from our economic neck.
To speak out for land reforms is to be labelled a tyrant by those tyrants with the money and the media, which should trigger people's scepticism when they hear utter fools like the liberal backbenchers uttering such garbage.
Mugabe may be a tyrant. He may be unstable of mind. But he is doing the very thing which must be done worldwide if Humanity is to progress beyond this current period of social, economic and Spiritual turmoil. Land Reform for Human Justice.
If Mugabe is a tyrant, it is I suggest, because he knows very well, he must be "one mean Mother" while he faces the most tyrannical sections of the plutocracy, namely the British government and it's aristocrats, and all their filthy-rich global bedfellows, who have not the courage to address this age-old injustice of inequitable Land Distribution. It is to be expected he will be discredited by them, their media and moronic zombies in the conservative political parties around the world.
It is wholly wrong and untenable that anyone should denounce him or his actions. Especially when it is clear that the ancestors of those who denounce, were perpetrators of thieving the Land from it's rightful "owners" in the first place, when they invaded and plundered Africa as colonists.
But why stop with Africa? There is not one continent on Earth where these filthy cultural rapists from England, America and Europe haven't forced their way in and committed the worst crimes against Humanity. Principally the crime of taking people's Land from them.
The results we are still failing to cope with today, as manifest in denial of the most basic "Inalienable Human Rights" of secure shelter for billions of people, and the almost endless array of social, economic, psychological and Spiritual problems which arise directly from inequitable Land distribution.
Just and Equitable Land Distribution is the keystone for any serious social, political and even religious movement, which is why President Robert Mugabe must be allowed into Australia whenever he likes. Particularly to the CHOGM Conference.
For it is quite likely he has far more intelligent and honest comments to make than any of the other "white" plutocrats attending the conference, which is precisely why they and their conservative backbenchers want to silence him.
These two Liberal clowns condemn themselves to further political isolation by exposing their ignorance with their wholly divisive self-interested statements.
For at last it's known by the majority that the "Liberal" Party cares not about people taking any true steps toward "Liberation" of their Human Spirit.
Rather, in their white supremacist materialism they continue to inflict their upsidedown religious beliefs on all people, the only possible result being the incarceration of our Holy Spirit in their Mammonic prison, not at all It's "Liberation".
Were the Liberal Party of Australia not in it's deathrows, which is why they are kicking so much, I would suggest someone take them to court for misleading people with the Party's name.
It is the responsibility of all Australians, indeed, it's a global issue now, to stay Eternally Vigilant against such evil arising again.
Humanity has a future, only if it addresses head-on, the international crime of inequitable Land Distribution.
To that, President Robert Mugabe should be seen as a Champion of the Cause of Economic Justice, and should be made more than welcome when he arrives in Australia.
People should be informed of when he's due so we can cheer him off his aeroplane, and let him know there are plenty of people in this unjust country who know the truth and who applaud his stance against western plutocratic tyranny.
Yours for World Peace

Max No Difference


There is a scandal happening as we read, and listen, in the Migrant and Refugee detention centre's issue.

It is well-known that Australia is well behind in Humanitarian treatment of refugees, be they political, economic, religious or racial, &c., and the arguments for private prisons are to my mind highly questionable, if not blatantly dubious?

Very diplomatic of me.

It's interesting to compare the refugee detention centre phenomenon with the high detention rate of Australian Aborigines in our prisons- "very white Australian of us!

And markedly similar to rates of black Americans incarcerated in US prisons.
Indeed this is a blatant white supremacist phenomenon, which begs us to ask "How far to the fascist right are our Liberal and perhaps Labor State governments?" If Labor Australia is following the Tony Blair model, we best be wary!

It's well known many far-right, white supremacist Afrikaners migrated from South Africa to Western Australia since the more equitable democracy was heralded in South Africa, with Nelson Mandela's elevation to President. I've no doubt the Northern Territory has it's share also.

These detention centres are under the auspice of the Federal Liberal Government, who recently formed what I dare to call "a war cabinet" with new portfolios given to Ananda Vanstone (Welfare), Tony Abbott (Industrial Relations) and Peter Reith (still in "floral arrangements"? No, he's been given the Defence portfolio!). All three have "harsh" character traits, even ruthless. Is this an election ploy? Of course, to a degree. However it may be seen to be an opportunity to quietly push policy further to the racist-(nay-fascist) right.

Something I maintain, is the Liberal's constant underlying agenda. With the likes of Pauline Hanson and her splinter-kindt, Howard looks quite moderate to the electorate, so he (and his media allies) keep the focus on her redneck clan's travails. Then there's the electoral rorts, further distraction from the big stuff.

Big stuff, it seems I need to say, which we, a small, dedicated..... whatever, through sending the fresh economic wave of Knowledge across the media of internet and Community film and TV etc., might very well happily improve!

So where are the questions about how much the oil, minerals, tobacco, pharmaceutical, weapons, supermarket(!) and prison corporations sponsor the main political parties? These are the issues, tied directly to our national attitudes to; immigrants who we actually need more of, non-whites (enough said), and the dysfunctional thinking and behaviour of all who support such corporations, in share holdings, employment, product consumption and political acceptance of the corruption endemic to this current form of Capitalism. By pinpointing the source of far-right political agenda, we can aim to have people withdraw their support on, in these cases mainly racist, political and ethical grounds, by protest.

These are the issues. Nevertheless...........

All the seemy sides of the Human lust for power and riches seem to be incorporated in the likes of "Wackenhut" prisons corporation of the USA, and operating here, "Australian Correctional Management" (ACM), who have their ethic-less profit motive driving the industry of incarceration of the world's most vulnerable people's, by way of boatie's and refugee detention centres in Woomera and Port Headland etc. I bet the management of ACM hide their smiles each time another "people smuggling" boat arrives at Ashmore Reef or along the north west Australian coastline.

The analytical CT (Conspiracy Theorist) would go perhaps so far as to suggest private prison's operators preferring, manipulating society to be crime-ridden to keep their prisons in business? If such things are possible, it is obtuse logic at best, and at worst totally psychotic? But believe me, it is possible down that end of town, for in their free market, they can legislate into law (?) such bizarre yet immensely profitable operations.

The high rate of drug offenders in prison here and the USA, many if not all serving totally immoral therefore unjust sentences, smacks to this old CFF (?) of a sinister scenario of connections between the two; drug lawyers and private prisons. Or should that just be lawyers and private prisons.

And what about the judiciary?

We know morally corrupt judges are out there in judicial Disneyland, supporting the most heinous crimes against Humanity. We also know there are many doing their level best to rid that potentially fine institution of Law of it's deadly disease. Knowing the skill of lawyers to evade, avoid, erase, distort and destroy the Truth, for these are the essential skills of their trade today, the many incorruptible lawyers and judges still hanging in there, really need all the support the public can give them, for their's is a Mighty task. And that support is to back the government that introduces democratic socialist judicial and legal reform policies, as we've seen in Victoria and across the ex-Commonwealth (including Britain) of recent years.

Every big-money event or project that goes wrong now-days, is before you can blink infested with lawyers. We hear of $1000s..., $10s of 1000's a day to each.

There is no question, a profitable connection between chaos and the lawyer exists today, especially in the USA. Unfortunately, in that Land of the Exploded Ego and here in it's would-be clone, Australia, it's a disease inherent in our severely unjust economic system, which relies enormously on a profession of facts-twisting to fiction, and lie-twisting to perceived truth.

But who is the disease doing most harm to? When the injustice becomes so widespread, and effects the greater majority, encapsulating all the personal pains into the hands of the private corporations running the illness industry, the Community of course is effected, which through federal, state and local government tries to absorb the cost, cannot, and so breaks down into street wars and civil disintegration! A la England, Europe, Middle-East, United States. La-dee-dah-dee-plop!

Am I in Nimbin or Nimby (Not In My Back Yard) when I extrapolate the response to my projections of where our own society is headed, while it refuses to address the BIG issues?

So who should we be watching, when civil or international disputes erupt? (See the following articles on East Timor)

It brings up the issue of punishment, corporal and capital. In places with no welfare network, a cell, a few meals a day, and a tough society, but a society, might look and might be pretty good. Some people really are down that far in their luck, at that heart-breaking level, and it's a tragedy!

While Humanity was still scratching around fighting and dying to survive, or fighting and dying to improve the chances of the clan's survival, unable to pinpoint and put the lid on the cause of their problems, corporal and capital punishment, were the best that could be expected.

Now, further advanced than ever in understanding the Human Psyche, we have no substantial evidence supporting the need for even the existence of our universities of crime; the prisons, let alone the parasitic private prison industry which sponsors ludicrous laws to keep prisons full and profitable.
But since when has profit been compatible with Ethics?

"Boat People" and AUSTRALIA in the 21st CENTURY

Within weeks of this letter (sent to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's (ABC) national daily talkback radio show Host, Mr Sandy McCutcheon), a larger than ever, steady stream of refugee boats began to assail our shores.

Hi Sandy! Another note for your team to ponder. I hope it makes sense.

About the boat people landings of the last month, the refugee "crises" across the globe, and the future of national borders.

Australia is in a unique position in these matters, simply because it has the most unoccupied, arable land, with the lowest density of population. Also pertinent, is it's "island" geography.

I'm drawn, upon pondering these issues, to conclude that the "boat people" 'problem' is not going to go away in the 21" century. Indeed, with the facts of land mass and low population well known, I suggest the onslaught of refugee boats will significantly increase.

As wars inevitably erupt across the planet, from Kosovo, through the Middle East, Pakistan-v-India, Burma, Thailand, up through the far east to Japan and Korea, with China unavoidably participating, (all principally, economically caused) we at the bottom end of the land chain, will be a natural destination for the innumerable numbers of peace seeking, yet powerless folk of those regions.

To most of these desperate people, they will simply have no choice but to ''take their chances" on being allowed to stay here.

If I may, allow me to predict that by the middle of the next century, national borders will exist only "on paper" in the offices of the evermore militaristic governments. In fact I go so far as to suggest that things will be rather more different than that, where governments as we knew them will basically be of two possible types. 1) many, many small and autonomous, tribal, peaceful and popular governments, or 2) one, big, utter mess.

Not only is "national borders existing only on paper" relevant to global corporations, but the increasing spread of Human Injustice, will cause quite possibly billions of people to flee there homes and lands, disregarding borders altogether.

Unless we, our governments, and our disintegrating religious bodies, wake-up to themselves, bight the bullet, and protest for changes to world economic policy, there will result, apart from uncountable international and civil wars, a permanent, huge body of nomadic, impoverished refugees wandering, staggering and running across the globe.

Ethnic and religious persecution and cleansing will increase.

Many Australians, being typically "Australian " (my own pejorative analysis on "being Australian" ie., racist, narrow, unwise and unintelligent) may, should they be given to entertain this prediction, sit back with smug ignorance and say things like "Ah! They'll never get across the water, Mayte! Ha! Ha! 'Ave another beeeeer!"

We shouldn't bother with such attitudes, unless they are preventing the government from introducing Humane Justice policies which concord with the Wisdoms of Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus Christ).

But, the reality is, it is precisely such attitudes which do negatively effect all positive political and economic advances, at the ballot.

By around 2020 AD, Australia will not be able to ignore what (I believe) will be happening elsewhere to the greater mass of Humanity.

While many refugee-nomads may be thwarted because of "the water" from getting to Australia, the global economic depression will still be in effect twenty years after Wall Street's bubble finally bursts (if, it does, in the early-mid 2000s), and Australia will not escape. With that will be global chaos, unless, Australia steps to the fore of international policy making on political, economic, land and religious reforms, as never yet seen.

Humanity has two choices.

We can ignore the big picture and/or take the Wisdoms offered relating to the big picture solutions and pervert them for personal political opportunity, leading Humanity no where Good.


We can unload a few treasonably wrong beliefs, theories and opinions we all have about what we are actually doing here on Earth, so the (Ring of...?) Truth may be heard (from within).

I also suggest that Australia will sooner than later, just have to open it's borders to whoever, because we will not be able to do otherwise. Neither would it be Humane to do otherwise.

Therefore intelligent people in positions of influence would do well to begin working on the likes of the "Visionary" points I put to you some weeks ago, about "lots and lots of lovely little cities or lots and lots of lovely large villages sprinkled across the Land...." etc etc.

Such policies will ease the global burden I predict in the next fifty years, and begin the necessary changes to Good Governance worldwide, so putting off the "Armageddon" (outta here!) for a long enough period for people to learn the immense value of Self-Knowledge, and the adage........................,
''World Peace, comes first....., from Within.....''

Aum and Shalom!

Yours, Eden Wise
aka Max No Difference.


David listened to Colleen rant about her frustrations for ten minutes.
Then he stood, walked toward her and looked her in the eye.
She stopped, mesmerised, and held eye contact, but without his changing the slightest curl of lip or raise of eyebrow, merely by his thinking a thought of jocular disdain, she twitched her head, looked away, and fell into a silence of introspection, as if for the first time she had actually heard herself carrying on.
Immediately they moved. David calmly turned to the kitchenette sink. Colleen, as if in shock, walked into the lounge, where she sat pensively on the two-seater sofa, stunned into reconsidering everything she had just been castigating David on, about his earlier commentary on Spirit, on the powers of the mind, about the strength which comes to one who aligns their whole being with the “Greater Whole Reality”.
He lifted a glass from the “washed” side of the sink, and turned to pour himself some water.
Without looking at her, he knew she had raised her head to watch him, and knew she was now submissive.
“We are not One” he said. “While you are liberated from the traditional role of woman-the-servant, you have become fixed in the celebration, and lose your Self in egoism.”
Colleen shifted in uneasiness.
“Of course this goes against your controlling Spirit, but Knowledge on these matters can only be heard by those who have dedicated themselves to wanting to hear.”
“What is truth David?” Colleen said after a few moments silence, remembering an earlier conversation, which also left her feeling a little vacuous.
“I can’t tell you” he said, emphasising the word ‘tell’. “All I can do, all anyone can do is make you aware of what is not Truth, and make you aware of the deception of people’s words,” he paused, “..... and of your own ability to observe the processes of mind which feed on and perpetuate ever greater delusion...... then finally..... hopefully...... I can guide you to trustworthy literature and teachers.”
He moved into the lounge room and sat at his desk, swinging his office chair around to look at her.
“Even then” he continued, “everything I say is useless unless you want to know, and you must want to know from the depths of your Heart”.
“Do I want to know?” Colleen said, half asking herself, her head bowed and resting in her hands, with elbows on her knees.
“One half of you does, but the false ego, the one which grows from untruths, would have you believe in anything but a Higher Spirit, and will fight tooth and nail to convince you that Truth is the illusion.”
“That’s why, if you’re serious, you must take that hardest step of all and reject your opinions..... reject, or better, let go of all you’ve come to believe about such matters.”
“Oh-God!! Colleen retorted in exasperation and laughter. “What are you asking? How on Earth can I - can anybody do that??”
As she threw herself back on the sofa, ‘til looking up at the ceiling, in a restrained, guttural tone she cried “ARGH!!!? You’re sending me crazy with your weird statements!!”
Immediately David responded to prevent what she’d just said from taking hold in her mind.
“Truth won’t send you crazy! It’s the untruth, the devil if-you-like, which sends us over sanity’s edge, into craziness.”
They said nothing for a while. Colleen eventually said in a gentle voice, “the devil hates Truth!” then, after a further pause, “How do I let go? God! Isn’t it crazy?!... I don’t even know how to let go!!”
“Maybe you can’t.” David said. “It isn’t easy! Maybe life is too good for you to want to ask such esoteric questions of yourself.
For some, these ethereal equations are logical, while others find them positively repulsive. The “Vedic” Teachings say this is due to our different Spiritual development through many lives, a positive or negative legacy from our own Karma and Sanskara from past lives. The analyst perceives it as psychological nurturing in the family and early social environment. Both are quite feasible to my mind, but those who believe in the genetic theory, are, well, some way short of any real understanding. It’s such a shame that “qualifications” are yet only literal and not Spiritual. But that’ll come.
But besides, rarely in Kali Yuga are people raised to see beyond the temptation of the “Great Delusion”.
Colleen was uneasy. Her mind was wavering between chaos and calm. She knew enough about herself to observe that somewhere inside, she wanted to agree with what David was saying, but whenever that feeling showed signs of warming her Heart, her rebellious emotional self launched forth a torrent of thought and question - thought and question - question?-question??-question??? -
This inner duel was ripping at her Soul, giving her no pleasure, confusing her, causing her to react with more challenges to David’s powerful presence.
Again she stood up and began to verbalise all kinds of shallow question and statement about the “evolution” and “animal” theories, none of which David sought to answer.
After a minute of babble, she exhaled with a deep sigh. She was unable to keep it up against the calmness she found herself falling more and more for each time she listened to him.
Her facial expressions had changed several times in the last half-hour, from aloof to idiotic, from enraged to submissive, from demonic to angelic, but her mind was even more varied in it’s fill.
At last without speaking she turned and walked into David’s bedroom. As if in an hypnotic trance she removed her blouse, shoes and socks and climbed into his bed.
David came in, saw she was withdrawing, so changed his shoes and told her he was off to work.
Colleen anxiously raised her head from the pillow.
“Do you want me to go now?” she asked.
He responded by saying “You can stay here as long as you need to. You know I trust you”.
Colleen slept until ten o’clock that night, when awoken by a loud car on the road. It took her a little while to orientate herself with David’s bedroom in the darkness. When she remembered, she calmed down and lay there for ten or fifteen minutes, listening to the ambient neighbourhood noises.
She began to think. About David, and his “aura”. She had trouble with her thoughts. “He’s almost too calm, too honest.... he can’t be for real!?”
And by the standards she was used to, having lived with Trevor on and off for eight years, and having mixed with heroin users of the night-club scene for almost as long, she found David to be quite alien....., yet so-o attractive in more ways than just his looks, which is why she couldn’t stop herself from calling on him.
But there was something else...... his calm mystique......?
She got up, dressed and made herself a coffee and a sandwich.
After reading some of David’s poems and short stories, and browsing through the bookshelf, she wrote a short note and left.
Trevor arrived home as usual, at five-thirty in the morning after work as a stripper in a night-club.
After they’d eaten the burgers he’d brought home, and were sitting back smoking marijuana, she worked the conversation round to the subject of Spirituality, something they had tried to discuss over the years, a subject which always ended in ridicule and derogatory jokes against Christians and Jews and Moslems.
Cleverly, she inspired Trevor to actually bring up David’s name, and so was able to talk about what David had said, though in a way as to not divulge her activities of the night before.

Trevor was calm but mocking for a short while, then suddenly changed tack and launched into a rave.
He jumped up from the couch and began gesticulating wildly with his arms, throwing his head up and down as he ranted and pranced around the room, just to doubly ensure he had her full attention.
For a full five minutes he shouted blasphemous accusations against all forms of belief in God, deriding all religions as the cause of all wars etc. David was slandered as a naive gutless idiot with brain damage etc, and sworn at as being satan himself, who only wants to make everyone as miserable as he is....... etc.
“More people’ve died..... in the name of God!!..... Ha!!.... than anything else. Besides!!.... everyone knows Davids a total nutcase. Naah! Piss ‘im off! Forget ‘im. All he’ll do is try to make you poor and a slave to some bullshit guru..... ha! like he thinks he is!!
Colleen remained silent when she remembered that this is exactly what Trevor had done to her over the years they’d been together. She looked up at him and felt her blood run cold.
“Come-on, let’s go and score!” Trevor said, changing the subject while he still held the limelight. “I ran into Felix tonight, an’ ‘e reckons ‘e’s got some wicked hammer, like top shelf shit. Can’t wait to try some. Says he’ll lay a taste on us for nix, an’ if we like it ‘e’ll do us a spesh deal.”
Colleen fell silent. In her mind she was remembering David’s words about Happiness-big-H and the false happiness of another bottle of grog, another whack of hammer, or another barrage of meaningless words and loud noise to stupefy the insatiable, out-of-control mind.
While she was sitting in reflection, Trevor had showered and was back in the lounge room in another leather outfit, ready to score.
“Come-on!” Trevor gestured.
She returned from her thoughts, and looked up at him. He sensed her reluctance and quickly turned on the charm, walking over and smoothly falling onto the couch beside her.
“Loo-ok. Everyone knows that that’s just some shit dreamt up by some naive goodie-goodies who can’t handle the scene they’re in, so they start imagining all sorts of cosmic crap to try and escape the truth. We’re just animals, life’s all just one big accident, we’ve just got to make the most of whatever comes our way. We’re here for a good time, not a long time, so let’s just get into it and have fun!!”
Colleen was silent. Since her afternoon with David she had become aware of how Trevor and his kind knew how to turn on the velvet tongue and caress her ego into felling “loved”, and kind-of warm inside, making it almost right to accept the heroin habit she’d developed, and the prostitution.
But she knew better than to create a scene now. Felix’s offer was too tempting to let pass. But she noted the thoughts about the devils temptation. Coolly she got up from the couch and grabbed her handbag.
“Come-on!” she said.


It was over a fortnight before Colleen was in the city again.
This time she wasn’t there to thieve lingerie or cosmetics.
In a Book shop in Russell Street she asked the assistant “Do you sell a book called ‘The Geeta’?”
“Yes we do.”

We must accept Poor Migrants too, in 21C!

It's inspiring to see progress in the waking of the minds of our federal politicians, on immigration. Slowly, slowly we prompt our leaders with logic, reason and even, on occasion, from "On High", Spiritual Wisdom.

Naturally those embroiled in politics, finance and (self) defence, preclude themselves from understanding Spiritual Wisdom. So the Wise who receive it are, often unhappily, even for the sake of Serving, brought to redefine and sometimes reduce such Pearls to the chow of political wisdom.

Often this demands more than time and mental energy from our economists, politicians and academics than they have to properly consume it. Also, the necessary spoon of humility is never easy for them to hold.

But slowly-slowly they do, digest it and, humorous to the Self, burp forth as if the Wisdom originated within themselves. Once again, the Wise know otherwise. They know Spiritual Wisdom or, the Source, the Fountain, the Well-Spring of Spiritual Wisdom like the very Earth upon which Humanity lives and depends, is the exclusive property of no man or woman, but exists timeless, waiting for us to resource It.

Like Earth, Water, Fire and Air, Spiritual Wisdom will provide Humanity, all of Humanity, not just the 'Skilled" with every political, economic and academic strategy, policy and Teaching we will ever need to "grow" the national and international economy, and carry all of us, not just the skilled, to the Quality of Life worth aiming for.

To the Spiritually Wise, That Quality of Life is Within, Peace. Selecting migrants on the basis of "skills" is not, I repeat not even politically wise, let alone Spiritually Wise.

John Howard, Kim Beasley, if you cannot see, hear or feel this, it is time you both asap, ate humble pie, and asked.

9/03/00. Alice Springs

......for it doesn't take That to see the true form the agenda takes, of Howard-and-Ruddock' s old and new immigration policies, and in fact what they hide from the people of Australia.

In short, utter hypocrisy. Jeremy Seabrook's article (The Guardian Weekly Feb 17-23 pp13) entitled "Racists and hypocrites" pinpoints those elements in the policies of the British and European governments. Governments so quick to condemn Austria for allowing Jorg Haider's far right-wing "Freedom Party" into coalition with the leading "People's Party" of Wolfgang Schussel.

In seeing the similarities in many right-wing European political parties and the sub-textual policies of the Australian government, it is impossible to not ally the word "racist" with the Australian Liberal Federal Government, and in correctly interpreting ALP policy over the years, to them also.

Importantly however, a "White Australia" policy, or as it happened, an "Anglo-centric" immigration policy was in fact extremely sensible in the early days of what everyone knew would become a large and vibrant Nation. It was sensible because the most attention had to be in the early preparatory years, decades, even centuries of the nation-to-be, so as to establish a coordinated base of administrative infrastructure etc. But now the usefulness of those attitudes have long passed their expiry date, and in general are deeply damaging to all and any Human Being.

However, this does not lessen the Aborigine's case for better treatment by whites.

The judgemental error in how the invading British decided to mistreat Indigenous Australians, was quite typical of most British and European imperialist forces of that era, which offers no excuse, and rather than lessen the need for someone to be accountable, intensifies the need to establish where the incorrect "western" attitudes first arose.

My own inquiries (on the backs of many reputable researchers) take us back at least as far as the 4th Century AD to the "Councils of Nicea", of the AD 320s, chaired by the Roman Emperor "Constantine" (the 1st Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity, albeit on his deathbed!) I've heard it said that the ancient Greek Philosopher "Plato" is to blame. Another is that it's all Eve's fault.

Perhaps so. I guess the reality is, it's all academic now.

But in reviewing the track record of the most dominant culture, western materialism, it is plain that some serious revision needs to occur, purely in order to identify and expunge the toxic biases from those who still hold intolerant racist, sexist, creedal, nationalist and political beliefs.

Nevertheless, I stray.

Once, racist beliefs were the best a bad bunch could come up with, but today, for better or for worse, priorities have changed, from "race " to "riches ", if any "priorities" are to be defined.

"Australia welcomes skilled migrants! "

"How else can these people obtain the skills we recognise and accept, other than from being wealthy enough (usually very wealthy) in their home nation to afford the appropriate education? " The Australian public is left to speculate on the reasons for accepting only the "skilled", read "wealthy ".

I put it that in fact one reason is because they are prepared to bring their questionably acquired wealth with them.

Yum-yum eh Johnny?

Second; because the wealthy, no matter where, usually are wealthy because they accept and adopt corruption.

Another "tick" from Johnny.

Third; wealth, or the adopting of the materialistic lifestyle, demands the person becomes "sophisticated" ie., deceptive, misleading, and "specious" ie., "apparently good but without real merit".

These traits, not talents, not qualities, it is no surprise, are praised by the world's upper classes and ruling elites. The very sophisticates who work ceaselessly through their political, media and advertising juggernauts on dividing public opinion, and who retreat to their econo-graphic fortresses when war breaks out between the divided plebs.

We haven't seen this scenario in Australia yet, but the recipe, strategies, policies and teachings are exactly the same.

Whether we talk about immigration, taxation, employment, Land Rights, international relations, education and last but very much indictable, Religion, the policies are exactly the same!

Classist, racist, all-corrupting and born in the witches cauldron "think-tanks " of anti-Spiritual fascism.

TOP CRIMS of the 20th Century

What does it take for the media, the people's "Window to the world!", to get on the case of those behind the wars of the 20th century and the aftermaths still to manifest? We've had 70 years of de-classified documentation on the shananagans got up to in seven decades of "spy games". Can none of us add-up?

With what's come out in the papers lately ie., in "The Australian", (27/3/2000 pp8) "BP oiled coup with cash, claim Turks", about British Petroleum (BP) and Amoco in cahoots with good old MI-6 in 1993, to win the oil fields of Azerbaijan through corruption, subversion, installation of a puppet president, and military arms-for-oil deals, questions must be asked about the relationships between the big commercial players and the imperialist government's foreign agents.
Also in "The Guardian Weekly" (10/2/2000 pp11) "Briton gets life for Indian arms drop", we find a report of a British Agent getting life for an illegal arms drop of 500 AK-47 rifles, 250k of ammo, 12 rocket launchers and 100 anti-tank grenades to the Indian Ananda Marga cult in Dec '95. Surely we're obliged to inquire;
"How much of a hand have those disreputable organisations (BP, Amoco and MI6, et al) and their sporting corporate opponents had in all the wars large-and-small of the 20th Century?"
I read that 30,000 people died in the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Small beer to WWI or WWII (over 30 million in WWII alone!). But who should shoulder the blame, in the face of the evidence?

I do muse about the winners always judging the losers, yet the "winners" seem to escape charges and convictions of war crimes, which they have always excelled at carrying out.

I've learnt well how inhumane, wealth makes people. BP and British Intelligence, both at the top of the pile, go well together it seems, to ruthlessly play God and bring about the slaughter of any number of innocent Azers, or Kurds or Nigerians (or was that Shell?) for the sake of winning the filthy booty.

I used to say that business is just a gentrified version of war.

Oh how naive I was!

I look back on what we know about the 20th Century and ask "which war of the last 100 years was not engineered by business interests similar (if not the same) as British Petroleum's etc?"

I've no doubt that a huge proportion of the conflicts which ravaged the globe over the last 100 years, had their genesis in the boardrooms of the likes of just such oil and mineral mining companies.

Were a dedicated reporter, an investigative journalist, to quantify the damages done to third world peoples, to the environment, to the life expectancy on Earth, over the last 100 years, and of course to the peoples of Europe and Asia, during the two world wars, by private financial interests, and publish the findings , I think many True Believers would be most pleasantly surprised in the renewed popularity of a leftwing ethical, indeed Spiritual Communist Party.

If anyone was unclear as to why our "a-a-a, i-i-i, oo-oo-oo", Prime Minister refuses to apologise to the Aborigines, consider the flow-on effects to the Poms having to bear some responsibility, and further, to what might follow in the manner of necessary apologies, reconciliation and remuneration from every other colonialist, imperialist nation to every plundered Indigenous nation and culture around the world?

I think it's time we addressed such issues, everywhere, in keeping with our own attempts at an apology to the Aborigines and Reconciliation, because these two local subjects have their seeds in a far bigger, far more fundamental social and economic problem, which pervades perhaps the greater part of all recorded western history, perhaps as far back as (Christian interpretations of) Eve and Adam's fall from Grace in Eden.

Of course the Euros and Poms would insist their own judges sit presiding over any hearings and trials.

I suggest a court room presided over by Elders of every Indigenous Nation ever plundered by gubbas.

Considering what we now know about how rotten British Justice is, Australians, if we are not racist, and want a Just and Peacful world for the kids, can never again regard the British aristocracy and it's institutions as trustworthy allies.

I suggest we have no alternative but to sever diplomatic and trade relations with Britain, pending a full "Royal" Commission into Britain's involvement in the wars of the 20th Century, as uncovered by the newspaper report on Azerbaijan and BP, Amoco and MI6.

Of course were I saying this with tongue-in-cheek, it still serves to point up the extent of the "Apology" problem we have here in Australia.

How far back do we go? Where do we begin, or, where does the problem begin?

Indeed, one is brought to ask whether all the disputes around the world today; Northern Ireland, Zimbabwe, Palestine, Chechnya, Nigeria, Eritrea, Kosovo, Aceh, India/Pakistan, the Solomon Islands, West Papua, Bougainville etc., have their genesis in the same failures in western corporate consumers to conquere their own materialistic desires?

And how desirous have the British been of late, to avoid facing up to their responsibilities?


In this day and age, isn't it a little stupid for us to hold in reverence one of the world's richest women, and even more so to give her the title "Queen", purely because she is excessively wealthy?

Royalty is finished. It has had it's time in the sun, and is now known and proven to be purely a way of "subjecting" the people to injustice.

Monarchy is totally out of place in a democracy, and the fact that such an institution exists today is evidence that we are a long way from being a true democracy.

Elizabeth Mountbatten, her family, and their aristocratic peers, maintain their opulent places in society in no other way than by hoodwinking and oppressing the masses.

It may be so that they, or she, Mrs Mountbatten, is Wise, and has been a sound guide for England. But going by the wholesale disintegration of English society today, it is clear that her Wisdom is not being heard. In fact she and her ridiculously rich cohorts are wise only as far as it suits them. They care less and less than ever about her "subjects", ie, the confused, angry, rebellious and increasingly psychotic people of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the nations of the ex-British Commonwealth.

The truth about how the colluding aristocracy of England and Europe have fleeced the colonies, as well as their own people, will come out. It will be known that those powerbrokers are indeed far from being the noble and virtuous social leaders they have always told us they are.

Rather, the opposite will be seen to be true.

The wholly corrupt aristocracy (not the common Englander, whom I've regarded as quite fabulous people), are indeed, most criminal, to the point of being totally malicious.

While we in Australia have a government, or any corporation or institution, be it bureaucratic or religious, which gives and displays allegiance to any aristocracy, in our case as represented in the monarch of England, we are destined for ruination.

Again, such allegiances have had their proper place in history, but today, they must be held solely responsible for the breakdown of the greater percentage of the world's social structures, and the environment.

Indeed, it is being exposed every day that they sell armaments to opposing factions in regional, 3rd world internal disputes, furthering the fragmentation of those once, pre-western, more Spiritual and relatively far more Peaceful peoples.

Almost every nation as we now know them, outside of Europe, is, to varying degrees, at war with itself, where over the last one thousand years since William the Conqueror, the colonialist powers of England and Europe have marched in, slaughtered millions of Spiritually harmonious indigenous people, and forced oppressive economic, social and religious systems of belief on them.

Of course the invaded, and those yet to be, who were not suffering civil mayhem by the last half of the twentieth century, were brought to think and act differently after WWII once the CIA and MI6, privately funded by the plutocratic, corporate and government elite, precursors to today's BP, "Royal" Dutch Shell, Texaco, De Beers, et al, forced their way in and snafu-ed any socialist stability.

When are the west, the east, the north and south going to wake up to this utter treachery and protest on the streets, as people concerned about bringing a halt to such tyranny, and demand Justice, and the expulsion of these utter rogues from the People's Halls of Power?

If the mass of us, from Melbourne to Moscow, from Buenos Aires to Beijing, do not summon the courage to express our dissatisfaction with these devils, the world will plunge into a darkness hitherto unforeseen.

(Of course the Beijing dissidents are perhaps unwisely, fighting for a freedom to become more materialistic, if not for freedom from a corrupt political system. I believe the Communist Party in China is hitting internal corruption head-on, but they have a huge task. Added to internal corruption, the Chinese leaders must fight off the devils of corruption inherent in the western capitalist model. A primary monster in western capitalism is the speculative nature of the stock market and of buying and selling Land, both sustained, encouraged and played to the most profitable hilt by the private banks. China has these perils coming at them at a trillion dollars-a-year from the west, and it's "allied" competitors in the race for the massive Chinese consumer market.)

One of the biggest hurdles Humanity has to clear, is that we're always looking "out" for a leader who will take us through the strife to Heaven on Earth.

All considered thinking on this arrives at the notion of a Messiah.

But the Messiah will not be known by people who are not fully prepared. They will not have the wherewithal to recognise the Messiah, while their heads are full of untrue beliefs about God, and politics and why we are here on Earth. The Messiah will not appear while so many of us are acting so foolishly.

To be prepared people must overcome the deceptions they carry and cling to in their minds. The only way to do this is to be rid of all the false beliefs about the material world, until you are known by your selfless actions to be a true and loving member of the Community.

Until enough of us do change our ways to that extent, tyrants like Mrs Mountbatten will roam free on Earth, on the backs of we the oppressed, blind sheep.

In regard to the anachronism of the English (and any) monarchy, the first step Australia should take is to address Mrs Mountbatten as just that, and be rid forever of that cunning title of "Queen".

This ridiculous day we call the "Queen's Birthday" should be taken off our calendar of public holidays forever and for the good of the people. Perhaps a fitting replacement name for Australians to celebrate would be "Liberation Day".

If Australia is to find it's own legs, and if Australia is to find reason to be proud of itself as a truly independent nation, we must do everything we can to move away from that colonialist, imperialist past.

We are looking more and more these days for our own identity, and it will never be found while we remain clamped in convict-like leg-irons to England.
Rather, we must do as the recent reconciliation marches have shown hundreds of thousands, and probably millions of people, not just Aussies, have the willingness to do, and recognise in full, the Nobility of the Australian Aboriginal Traditions, Cultures and Laws, and begin to draw our own beliefs and ways of living again away from the deathly materialistic cultures of western Europe and closer to the Wholly Spiritual Ways of our Indigenies.

When we fully recognise that the harmonising of these two cultures is the Perfect Way for us to go, we will then see the beginning of the most Beautiful, completely fresh and True Australian Culture.

Some suggestions to take us toward White and Black Australian Reconciliation and toward our own True Australian Culture;

1. Remove the title Queen Elizabeth II from all formal literature, dates and ceremonies, and only where absolutely necessary, replace it with "Mrs Elizabeth Mountbatten".

2. This includes names of places in Australia, including the names of the States of "Victoria" and "Queensland", replacing all anglophile and monarch names with local Aboriginal place names, in concordance with the Aboriginal Custom. It should be noted here that the Aboriginal Custom was to steer away from putting an individual person on a pedestal by naming some thing or place after them.

3. Rather than the Queen's Birthday holiday or "Liberation Day", each region could call the holiday by the name of the Aborigine nation of that area. "Bundjalung Day" "Yorta Yorta Day". If the Aboriginal People don't agree, let them name the holiday, and make it a Holy Day.

4. Begin a local council education campaign across Australia for residents to learn the local Aboriginal nation's words for "Hello", "How are you?", "white man", "Have a good one!", and "See you Later!" or similar courtesies.

5. Remove "Mandatory Sentencing".

National Drought Relief Plan - November 1st 2002

At November 2002, the whole population of Earth is calling the powers-that-be, for REALPOLITIK!
Everywhere, political parties in all notional democracies are constrained by until afraid of the popular vote. This is from being successfully courted by the opposite economic phenomenon of the private corporate world, until neglect of the Human element in the complete global equation becomes so serious as to require a shift in political/economic thinking.

The long-awaited paradigm shift; The Great Leap Forward, and the end to a long, long drought, parched principally of Reason, and just basic, simple Truths;
All wealth comes from the Land.
The Land is your Mother.
You CANNOT sell your Mother!
The OLD TESTAMENT, in LEVITICUS 25, instructs us, everywhere..., how best to relate with the Land.

The advent and serious extent of war-zones and social upheaval are in-the-main indicators of how uneconomic or inefficient the effected political/economic/social and Spiritual aspects of Life have become in that region. However it is no longer regional.

These illogical crises arise from the "winner" psychosis of needing to keep winning, as we see in the Christian Pharisee-politics of the USA. Australia's political plutocracy, from the Maritime Workers Union through to the West Australian Liberal/National Party, are under pressure from the USA, and by most accounts, the Americans have them by the short-and-curleys.

And that's just in Australia.

However, in Australia, ahead of the rest of the world, a larger-than-ever percentage of the population are now awake to the mis-information the US corporate advertising and marketing propaganda juggernaut has been thrusting upon us all for fifty very materialistic years.

This 'dawning' of the facts, of the truthful information about why we live the way we uneconomically, unsustainably do, is rising in parallel with the 'calls' being put out by the misnomered 'Terrorist' organisations of the planet, for the weapons-soaked, consumption- compulsive, and plainly quite insane first world nations of the United States, Europe, Britain and Australia et al, to move forward from this current and brutal ignorance of the plain facts on how best to run the global and local economies.

Regards the Australian Aboriginal (and widening Global) Conciliations on Land Rights issues, etc., we have crossed the hurdles of misinformation, and now recognise our Equality in the matter of Equitable Land Distribution, which, to Justly Honour the Indigenous People of the Earth, only speaks whence ALL THINGS ARE CONSIDERED.

These reforms are how all our Ancestors would've wanted us all to Live.

Regards Australia's regional concerns, particularly Indonesia, I may have perceived an inkling of Good Sense in the current Liberal/National Party policies of the last 2 years.

Whoever was responsible for the recent Bali bombing, which remains a 50-50% chance of having it's genesis in the West, a unique and potentially Good opportunity has arisen.

Australia's military and intelligence agencies have called to work with the Indonesian military (TNI) and also the elite Kopasas section of the powerful and corrupt Indonesian army, in sorting out the aftermath of Kuta Beach.

Dealt with in the Right Light, so-to-speak, this could be how the region will be stabilised, and strengthened against any unethical plundering of any person's Homeland.

The same system of government revenue referred to earlier, from Leviticus 25, would apply perfectly to such as Indonesia, with it's thousands of islands, once autonomous and in balance, economically, politically, socially and Spiritually.

Papua New Guinea, the Polynesian, Melanesian, "Philippesian" Island groups and other local neighbour-nations would all benefit from such an admittedly "bold" move.

The opposition to the ONLY OPTION LEFT of Land and Tax Reforms, to Land Rent for Government Revenue, exposes itself whenever there is a call for a war against terrorism, a war against Iraq, a war for the American perversion of 'Freedom', via the facades of George Bush, Colin Powell, Tony Blair and most shamefully for us, John Howard.

What don't we know about the Islamic economic system, would shock us I suspect, for some of the mainstays of our western economic structure are quite forbidden in most Islamic countries. Interest for one, and a much closer appreciation of the relationship between Humanity and the very Earth which sustains us remains, due I suspect, to their mainly third-world economic status, combined with being very-much-more agrarian.

Nevertheless, news reports of chaotic upheaval in a most impoverished Bangladesh, right through Asia, or South America and Africa says we have reached the Eleventh Hour to the first Planetwide deadline 'Midnight Hour', whence the most important change to Human Life on Earth will begin.

And, for lack of any other profound Wisdom and Guidance and Leadership, I here and now stand for the People of Australia and by relationship, for the People of Planet Earth to put forward the ONLY OPTION NECESSARY to the current Australian environmental and (otherwise) portending economic problems.
THE AUSTRALIAN LAND has been abused for two hundred and fourteen years, through the Anglo- European system of agriculture and husbandry.

This same flawed system has evolved into the "cash-crop" and "broad-acre" methods which are highly detrimental to the long-term ability of the Land to produce.

Cash-crop, broad-acre farming also destroys local township/village communities, as the big money affords 'labour-saving devices' to reduce employment by upto 90% or so.

I call for the end of all cash-cropping and broad-acre farming in Australia.

I call for the end of the corporatised livestock cattle and sheep meat and dairy-product industries as well.

The hard evidence is available: Meat eating is unnecessary; it's growth and processing is uneconomic (compared to grains, fruit and vegetable production), as well as generally unhealthy for the consumer and their medical system.

These hard-line calls for reform are what is necessary without doubt.

For the sake of Education and Edification of those who would oppose, and for the General Good, such reforms needs must be precluded by a thorough, detailed review of all farm practices, aimed toward Completely Sustainable Farming.

I suggest six months lee-time from the acceptance of the introduction of these reforms, to gather, collate and disseminate, across Australasia, the necessary Knowledge and 'software' infrastructure on
for Federal, State and Local Government (Council, Shire, Island, City or geographic region) funding and methods of operation.

Even, or perhaps especially, State and Federal parliament also!

Replacing with these methods requires a review of the privatising of industries and businesses which are most economically suited to public ownership; electricity, water, sewerage, roads, public transport, waste disposal, telephony, etc.

Replacing with these New Land and Taxation Reform policies and methods requires also a review of our immigration and detention policies.

Reviews of our detention policies cannot be restricted to the "Boat People" sections of our citizenry, but must cover all forms of punitive and security centre ideology.

I call for the disassembly of our current prison system, to be replaced with rural settlement, remedial and work opportunities for prisoners and detainees.

And so it goes on.

Restructuring the mindset and therefore the demographic of Australia (as a Leader in Global Economic Reform) requires no more than Education on the facts as posited in Leviticus 25 of the OLD TESTAMENT, and further explained in;
as well as other books by the 19th Century American philosopher/journalist HENRY GEORGE.

If the Australian agricultural and rural situation is as serious as the mainstream media terrorises us into believing it is, then it is time to put aside, for the Greater Good, our own individual desires and ambitions, and it is time to put our own very capable minds and Intellects toward solving the water-shortage problems, the unemployment crises, the homelessness dilemmas, the suicide agonies, the detention centre and prison atrocities and the deceptions about drug and hard material abuse.

It is time Australia's leaders stood up against the sway of the multi-national corporate terror, and in an agreed concordance with Indonesia, New Guinea, New Zealand, and all local, regional and national administrations, asserted the Will of the People by introducing and initiating the necessary Land and Taxation Reforms the Whole Planet needs so urgently;
This call is for the Global Audience, because such vital and deep Reforms will only Attain their Rightful Place in our financial equations, when The Will of the People of the Global Village, Humanity together, United, put out the public call for Land Rent for Government Revenue.

The modern and ancient worlds are looking to Australia for Guidance, Wisdom and Forgiveness.

Meanwhile Australians are being made paranoid about a prolonged drought, our pastoralists and graziers bleating 'we're losing billions!'?

Yet how many country/ rural Australians or their Communities actually receive one percent of the corporate farming returns in better years?

In any year?

To be continued!


Plastic Bags? And the HEMP Alternative

This e-ssay began as a comment on a newspaper headline in the Sydney Morning Herald or The Australian on Wednesday 14th July '04, which said plastics corporations are bearing the brunt of the anti-plastic-bags campaigns raging here in Australia.
Typically, it ended with my warping toward the FUNDAMENTAL issues, which quite overwhelm the polluting-bags situation......
I've also converted it or incorporated it into an e-ssay around the campaign for legalisation of Cannabis, as an industrial, medicinal, psycho-therapeutic product, which, as I attempt to say herein, may very well be a significant panacea or Positive Shift to a more Wholistic Planet Overall.
About 4 years ago, I remember re-firing the anti-plaky-bags campaign of the when? early '90s, in reflecting on the question of charging (in supermarkets etc) for them, in an article in a one-off pocket magazine for the Nimbin Environment Centre.
Since then, the national campaign has soared, I feel, what with the media, government and manafacturing industry's attention on the perceived problem of plaky-bag pollution in/on the environment.
That's Good, I guess.....
It begs the more important and stark question of the downers of the ho-ho! gi-normously, gargantuously bigger problem of the plastics-industry in general, and the phenomenal amounts of pollution it creates over all? .......the Planet......
This begs asking the question of whether the "plaky-bags" attention is but a distraction from the REAL issue of "macro-plastics-pollution"?
"Too big to tackle", aye?
Well, this is politics: -
On the side of "over-consumption" of plastic-and-oil products, stand(s) the psychopathic thief: the very centralising "factor" inherant throughout private corporate business models of such DEADLY industries - oil as well (haha!? Oil? Well?). 
On the side of "Sustainability and a Balanced Planet" - in prudent words alone - (ie., not using "seductive" language, by force or sinister manipulation) :- we have, "The People".
The Majority - perhaps 98 percent of us. 
Such industries; plastics, oil, pharmaceuticals, mining, technology in general, (technology having most of it's roots in military weapons development), have carried us far, but bluntly, they haven't grown to such sizes by being Altruistic or Wholistic, or with anymore than an overgrown ability to create - yes - and collect, or personally accrue, material wealth.
All grew from individuals, becoming small teams - inventors - eeking-out a living.
Bill Gates gained his enormous wealth through the same process, though rocketed forth because of particular 'windows-of-opportunity" (sorry!)  although he, I don't put in the same "downer" catagory of the DEADLY industries.

It's not a question of restricting the right to earn wealth, but that of simple, Ethical Limits.
Our technological boom, again from such industrial, financial might to research, discover and improve has also taken us far.

However, in such "free markets"(?), especially when ENORMOUS profits are available, "EXCESS", to the point of being planetarily DEADLY, must be expected to stick its ugly head in almost all areas of big business and industry.
Thus, at some stage, moderating Governmentation is necessary.
But, keeping a "forward-looking" focus, an Industrial Cannabis or Hemp-based industry, or series-of, would have far-less restrictions in regard to environmental laws.  ("H.E.M.P." is also the acronym for the HEMP or "Help End Marijuana Prohibition Party", who are hoping to stand a candidate in the 2004 Australian Federal election.)
Were the facts about Cannabis to "break-through" the (neoprene) mental bubbles that surround the CEOs, board, financiers, profit-rapists, politicians, etc., ie., those "in-the-pockets-of" the plastics, oil, uranium, coal, etc., industries, it may thus be accepted as viable AND TENABLE, on a scale similar to today's plastics and pharmaceuticals, no matter how large the Cannabis Corporation may grow.  According, in the first stages of Reform, to the corporate laws of the day.
("Can I work at the plant????")
However, such legal, political-nay-Cultural Reforms, I venture to say, mayhap be expected to succeed only when done in parallel with equally-proportioned Reforms in other areas of life.
Perhaps in all other areas?
But, either way, re-introducing Hemp back into the Global Community in stages, beginning with Drug Law Reform alone, or at-once, in conjunction with the far-greater updating of Global Politico-Economic Laws - the prefered option today - the single act of adopting Hemp over plastics, oil etc., would have a powerful effect on reducing the need for the day's complex corporate and business-in general laws.  I venture-to-say....
Need I mention the probable Attitudinal changes such lifting Reforms would Inspire?
This plastics-oil situation is obviously HUGE, and possessed of many factors.
If you close such industries - BANG! - tomorrow - UNEMPLOYED???!
Loose minds go into over think (overdrive), and spew-forth incessant fear-based rumours, theories as to the woes.
A Balanced mind, sees beyond the mental crap, and visualises Simple Solutions, though difficult to embrace with mere words.
Sadly, Attaining to the so-called "Simple Solutions" means divining "Best Practice" in all classes, as they exist.
This, in capitalism, necessitates identifying "corporate psychopathy", by breaking-down to the individual level, the psychopathic influences effecting them, and thus where that person(s) influence and exhert power over the group, company, industry and consequently, social levels.
"Where lies the heart" of the unWise investor in industries of Planetary death?
Undoubtedly a corrupted state of heart brought upon them in no small part by their "carefree" unearned inheritance/opulance and the "peers" who come with it - shareholder, corporate board-member, CEO, sycophantic politician, lawyer, doctor, professor. 
So, "Where lies the heart" of the upholders of such filthy cultures, but for an exceedingly untenable, excessively "comfortable and relaxed" life?
At no matter what cost to WHAT???
Oh, Mother Earth and all Human Life on it!
To dispell these DEADLY lifestyles - cult-ures - materialism - demands placing the transgressor's lifes and thinking under the spotlight - picked apart, in public.
"Privacy"? Fuck it!  They use privacy to deceive.
Who of them (those who 'steer' the national, planetary ship), profits most, in maintaining and "growing" such untenable industries?
CEOs, yes. Financiers, yes.  Shareholders, yes.
Banks, etc., viable enterprizes most, as an industry, but the next question is "Who chooses what to finance over what not to?"
The board, their peers, their "Lifestyle".
Tenable or not?
The question becomes a dangerous one; "Have they the right to such opulant, unsustainable lifestyles?", while today, such overconsumption of unacceptable products of oil and plastic (keeping the focus on them, while aware that these questions can be applied to several other, unrelated industries) is known and seen by the majority of Human Beings - I venture to say - as fucked!
(Hmmm? It's a windy day in the desert?!?!)
So!? - Tenable or not....?
No-one is above the Law.
This however, asks us to widen our view to the "horizonless future", by honing-in on some simple "True-facts" as they say.
Economic Facts, and, Personal Spiritual Facts.
Industrial Hemp, and medicinal and recreational Cannabis production and availability on any scale, "of a Certainty", would bring with it no blockage to the Effulgance of larger, much called-for Economic Facts, and, Personal Spiritual Facts.
This Law, which NO-ONE is above, is the Lore, and the Law of the Land.
The same Law which aligns with Aboriginal Approaches to LAND TENURE. 
In the most Cosmic Irony, the one socio-economic "structure" upon which to build the new Communities of Earth in the new Millennium, comes from the nation most have regarded as the very enemy of World Peace - the United States of America!
It is indeed fairly said to be an American Philosophy upon which the Sound and Ancient Aboriginal Laws of the Land can be applied and most Harmoniously rest. (Shackles are rising all over Australia, I can feel it.)
But I leave open asserting the Proper Place for both - one over-or-under the other - for Aboriginal Law/Lore it seems to me, may more Correctly be what all Human Customs and social habits should have as their Socio-Economic, Cultural Foundation.
This American Economic Science-of-a-Philosophy I speak-of, rose NOT, however, from the plastic east-coast:- New York, and the surrounding 'powerhouses' of Washington DC and Chicago, Detriot, etc., but from the west coast USA, 'Frisco, in-the-main.
19th century San Franciscan newspaper publisher - Henry George, and his LAND RENT Economic Philosophy.
"Well done, 'Frisco!"
How awake is the rest of the United States of America, in this major test of a year, 2004, 21C, 3rd Millennium, to finally look west, and, as Ken Kesey says,  "Just turn your back (on the rapacious east coast USA attitude) and say "Fuck it!"
And for more than these reasons might Humanity respect that City.
For we must NOT forget the organisation known as the "Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club", also based in 'Frisco, and which now, in 2004, have rested the disparate and diffuse policing forces of the western world (yes world) into their control, with a refreshingly-minded desire to bring such long-awaited Justice to the whole Globe -
The Angels have also been based in 'Frisco since 1963 - were in the very area when the hippie era began and blossomed out of their own neighbourhoods - downtown San Fransisco in the later '60s!
"Henry George territory!"
What a Blessed Brew...
Today, we have what appears to be a right-wing neofascist in the Governorship of California - "Arnie-The Terminator-Schwartzeneggar".
Can the Terminator (Arnie) play the Pheonix and rise again to be an Advocate for Henry George's Land Rent Economic Philosophy?
"Terminating" for a thousand years at least, the exposed tyranny of what are now, totally untenable - BAD land laws!
In Honour Arnie, of a Great American, Henry George, and a, The, Superlative Economic Philosophy.
Arnold, maybe you can truly show the world how much you Love America?! Fine!
But Brilliantly, in-One, introducing HEMP and Land Law Reforms into California, you'd Compleat that which began way-back-east at the "Boston Tea Party" - a Just severance from the "Old Europe" (I say with Respect Jacque! Gerhardt!) in it's ancient, dynastic landocracies.
So, as Amercia began on the east coast and spread west, whence-thence the east coast became the oldest economic centre, in New York and Washington, Boston and Chicago etc., which it seems obvious, is/are at the core of America's and the planet's untenable attitude to Life-in-general, that nation's growth west, in subtle psychological ways, transmogrified those whose ancestors first settled on the western edge, Los Angeles and 'Frisco, mainly.
The vitality and poverty of 19th Century America and the progress San Fransisco-style, gave birth to Observations and thoughts on the social problems in the midst of the usual 'new settlement' phenomenon, of enormous wealth for those lucky enough to be the first to 'own' large tracts of Land (stolen, warlike, from the Indigenies, it-must-be-said.  As well.... "besides, no-one owns the Land!   The Land - "Mother Earth" - owns us all!).
These "Observations and thoughts", which led to "an exploration of the causes" (my quotes), "fermented" if-I-may (though he was probably a tea-totaller) in the Consciousness of the San Fransiscan settler from the east coast, Henry George.
So Henry George as-it-were, is perhaps the Finest of what came out the other end of the U.S., settlement, westward expansion and "experiment".
Arnold Schwartzeneggar!  Can you be the REAL LIFE Hero!
Honour your magnificent home-State of California and country of the United States of America, and introduce LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE into California!
Hey!  Wod're we Outlaws gonna do when it's all sorted???!
Become Tribal Inlaws!  But of course! Choice! 



written four or five months before Comrade Vlad Putin was ‘elected’ to power in Russia.... 

THE STRUGGLE OF THE COLD WAR existed as long as it did, and did not degenerate into world war three-four-and-five all-in-one, because of the diplomacy on both sides of the ideological iron curtain.
International diplomacy is invariably made up of outward-looking trade and economic interests, generally overt, but also exists to protect a country's own customs, trade and economic advantages for, but also over, it's own people. This latter focus is largely covert, or remains largely unexpressed in international diplomatic circles.
Without doubt, without diplomacy, east would only ever have met west on the battlefields of world war three.
We would not have known about it.
America's military hype had convinced itself and it's nation that war was good, and even better if we have the biggest meanest nastiest weapons of all.
It was for a long time convenient to forget to tell the people that these, our biggest meanest nastiest weapons would, if employed upon even our furthest enemy, disrupt the global environment to such a degree that we, that is the people of the United States of America, would probably become radioactive roughly five million times the safe level in a matter of months, and consequently, once we'd shed limbs and braincells and spermatoza at a little more than an alarming rate, we too, we the greatest nation to rape the planet, ever, would cease to exist.
Fortunately, the fear of self-destruction scared some granules of sanity into the nation's leaders, and even one or two military megalos, enough to have them restrain their lust for death (of the other guy) to two nuclear bombs.
Ex-strategists, ex-advisors and ex-high-ranking military men (yes, funnily enough- men, all men) left over from WW2 now speak openly about the unnecessary use of the atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945.
Germany was a spent force, Hitler dead, and Japan was as good as dead in the Pacific. Her economy was running on watered-down Saki and her troops overseas on coconut milk and whatever else they could extract from the natives of the southern Pacific Islands.
Further military actions were yet needed in some zones, but effectively the expansionist threats from uncontrollable fascism were, by the combined allied forces, well under control.
Diplomats, particularly from the USA and the UK were working overtime to end the bloodshed.
Their enemy was not only fascism however.
Backstabbing was rife in the planning and war-rooms of Downing Street and the White House. When it was clear to the west's aristocratic financiers (from all points west of Vladivostok), who really started the first and second world wars to scotch British and European left-wing political parties from moving Human Justice forward on the popular wave of Russian Communism, and demanding major land reforms throughout the west, rather than make a serious assassination attempt on Hitler, or nuke Berlin, they plotted to include the Communists to stop their mad buddy Adolf.
Well, that's a verbose and slightly inaccurate retelling of history, but to the dollar-bigs, and Deutsche-mark mega's, Hitler was a bad blue on their behalf. Never-the-less, being as cunning as the landocracy are, they turned Hitler's psychopathy to their own advantage, and asked Moscow for their help.
It was to their advantage because they were then able to open channels of communication between the capitalist west and the evil Communist empire of Russia.
As with every "noble" capitalist (small-n, small-c), they set to immediately and corrupted the Russian diplomats, mainly with the good old Yankee dollar-in-a-silent-Swiss-bank-account trick, and thence began gas-axing the iron curtain from the other side.
Typically of course, naturally and so, they even sold the Commies the oxy-torches! Typically of course, naturally and so, for a massive profit.
So, the enemy was not only fascism. Their new allies the Russians were indeed the bigger worry, both to the aristocracy and to the Oh! Hello! Roman Catholic Church. Well, we'll leave the micks out of this for a chapter or two, apart from saying that their interests were also (funnily enough) in preserving the enormous tracts of land they'd seized over a brief two thousand year plunder-burn-sack-and-pillage-spree across the greater part of western Europe. So the Catholics, and for that matter the Protestants were quite happy to have the war against their Nazi allies stop where it did, while they still had the people of all-points west of the Urals, in their sacramental alms bowl.
However, while the western diplomats were going hell-for-leather tricking the Communists, a bigger-meaner-nastier- more genocidal monster was growing right there back in their own backyard!
The allied war-machine had developed into a self-perpetuating juggernaut of it's own, and threatened to consume or nuke anything and anyone who dared to say "STOP!"
This juggernaut, larger and better financed than ever before (by the aristocratic landowning, and capital interests!), had become self-perpetuating, profit-driven and of size enough to enormously influence the largest national economies, primarily of course, of the United States of America.
So, for most of the twentieth century, the world's diplomatic emissaries have been negotiating a rhetorical war between not one ideological nation and another, but between their own profit-and-employment-driven departments of war, and the materially powerless Humanitarians of both sides of the ideological divide.
Lo! What better reason for X-number of spies to become counter-spies and counter-counter-spies, etc?
How could one possibly not become the ultimate cynic, on seeing this ludicrous, and wholly ignoble lusting by the "monied", first hand.
To add to this disgusting (because it is true!) scenario, is the fact that every "diplomat" ever to have worked on the international stage in the last one hundred years has been, when compared to the larger percentage of spies, an intellectual dwarf.
Spies, or people best suited to such work, are by nature retiring, reclusive, private people. People who have a natural talent for being relatively anonymous. Yes they curry quite some favour, especially with those they are trying to extract secrets from, or those they are working solely to destroy, but their talents lie in being accepted. Behind all this of course, is their Master talent of being ice-cold and ruthlessly Intelligent. They are capable of seeing the way things are, that is the way both sides are thinking, planning and acting, at the briefest glance, and then can interpret the situation (into a minimum of three languages) both accurately and where necessary quite inaccurately, depending who they must inform. Or, who was paying the most.
But, to be fair, they were not all greedy, heartless rogues. Some used their sway to bring about quite subtle yet most effective redirections of national and international policy, for the Greater Good, or at least their perception of It, from both sides. Some times at the same time! And the tragedy is that we usually never know of their magnanimity and benevolence.
Again however, their perception was by far and away closer to the best, in the circumstances, than any politician, financier or diplomat could offer.
Usually there were at least two reasons why these quiet achievers avoided coming into the limelight.
One was their preference for the intrigue of being an agent or double or triple, "for the play of it all!" A second was their general detestation for diplomats. Three was the "perks" of the undercover job, of not having to answer to a hostile public, government or foreign minister, should one be spotted with the foreign secretary's wife, of the nation’s enemy! But four was the rigid fear held by the diplomats, foreign affairs ministers, aristocracy and government that they'd show them all up for being wholly idiotic, pompus and right-up-themselves frauds!
So it suited almost everyone with some vestige of power to cling to, to keep the undercovers undercover.
The only people who would have voted unanimously for a spy as their benevolent dictator, were they to know of the spy's broad political genius, upfront-ness and charisma, were, the people. The masses. The vast majority of punters who never come within a bulls-roar of meeting or reading about the nation’s most intelligent citizen (albeit that he or she held several passports at any one time).
Another reason they were kept in the closets of the back rooms, was that most politicians and diplomats, especially of the west, were in large part, in reality, bumbling fools.
Fools who were so self-centred because of their privileged upbringing. Fools because it was necessary to keep their job. Fools in that they simply could not keep abreast of the deeper issues affecting politics in the international arena, in-the-main because it created too much of a conflict of interests, both in their own overly indoctrinated heads and out in the world of balancing acts between financiers and voters.
Fools also, (how foolish can they be?) because all the real brains were in the foreign office, or the enemies foreign office (unbeknown to the enemy of course), and fools because, that's precisely the kind of person the powers-that-be want as diplomats.
Does anyone really still think that the wealthiest five percent who're running the world marketplace are out for the good of the people???
Does anyone still really think those right-royal-rear-ends want everyone to live in True Peace and Harmony with their neighbours???
Does anyone still really think that those r-r-r-e's would give up their unjustly obtained territories and endless wealth by putting an end to the most profitable pastime since Adam ate the apple??? War, my darlings, WAR! That's what makes their world go round and round and round!!!
Certainly, even some of the top five percent concede war is not conducive to Happiness, which is the singular reason why they get into corporate affairs, mostly of a global scale, because anyone who is not a politician knows, don't we, that business is just a gentrified version of war.
The one talent the diplomat is allowed to have, is charisma. In fact, in order to make up for the total absence of everything else, they are required to have overly-bloated doses of kkk-arrr-eesmah! darlink!!
Of course all charisma really requires is a hefty portion of self-confidence.
One does not need good looks, or height, or even a Henry Kissinger deep voice. Look at Madelaine Albright! But what a confident force to reckon with! (Frightening M’dear, Frightening!)


What the mainstream media DON'T TELL US!

For some Godly Reason I am doing the Work few-if-any
other Human Beings are capable or brave enough to do.

That is, as the Australian Aborigines say "TALKING
TRUE", about the fundamental issues we ALL must
address if we are serious about World Peace.

World Peace doesn't mean molifying the present-day
egomaniacs, so they don't feel too shameful when
thinking about their grandkids etc.

World Peace is about setting the scene, of what we,
today, must do, so that the Human Species, as forlorn
as it has become, survives, not for fifty years, nor
two hundred years, but PERENNIALLY! That is for
further into the "future" than any of us can perceive
or imagine.

All of you, and this email goes primarily to the
Global and Local politicians and Media outlets, GET
ALL OF WHAT YOU DO, is egocentric!

It is not I, Max No Difference, who, of anyone on
Earth, can bring the whole fegging stock-market, and
it's mega-materialistic empires down, will bring it
down, but simply, the ignorance of the mass of YOU,
who refuse to face the HARD FACTS about what is
steering and mis-guiding the current planetary

By this I mean, it is time to stop the
self-flaggalation, or, WITH THE COMMAND, all your
fantasies will be brought to a serious and
unrebuildable HALT.

NOT by any radical Osama bin Laden, but by those
Warriors of our own nations who are already adjusted
to what YOU IMMATURE LOT refuse to prepare yourselves


(How's your Fat Latte, darlink?")

Whether you are a supposed SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS
JOURNALIST, a School Teacher, Priest or radical
"Left-Wing Unionist or Politician, the facts remain.


No matter how many fegging lawyers you employ, to
bullshit their way through the legitimate accusations
against your egomania, the Warriors are ready, VERY
READY, they're also VERY VERY ANGRY, and so, are
waiting for the WORD!

Across north and south America, across Australia,
Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa, and on........!

The ATTACHMENT I send with this missive, is what has
been sent to Osama bin Laden, via the ALJAZEERA.NET
news network.

It is the news that the media, western, middle or
eastern DON'T tell the People!


As it has been for several years the psychotic
plutocrats here and in Europe, the USA and Britain,
have employed all their dark forces to catagorise me,
Max No Difference, aka Max N Cook, as insane.

They, via their utterly fraudulant practices of
psychology, psychiatry and psycho-analysis, seem to
like to apply the hazy term 'schizophrenia'; the term
IN FACT most suited to THEIR profession(s) which
specialise in splitting the heart and mind of the
"patient" from his/her own Soul, in their shallow
(un)'scientific' sorcery which denies the existence of
"Soul", which, MUST YOU BE REMINDED, is what THE WORD
"Psyche" means in Greek (or is it Latin?)

Why, because I fearlessly challenge the Christian
Churches and their totally psychotic Land Thieves of
the English, European and American plutocracy's abuse
of the occult, sorcery, witchcraft, parapsychology,
conjuring, E.S.P., magic, against the masses, and
against Freedom Fighters wherever we threaten their
anachronistic Land-owning hegemony.

You will no doubt be 'spell-bound' enough from your
own church-based education-read-indoctrination, to
fear the loss of your precious little fegging incomes
to do the same, and challenge the evil-thereof
out-in-the-open, say what?


If any of you can grasp the realities of what this
does to us, that is the abuse of the SUPERNATURAL
POWERS, which we can readily find reference to in
and what such abuse is doing to the chances of our
Species survival, then GET OF YOUR FAT-CELLS and bring
it out, to the attention of the public!

If you refuse, because of your delusions of
selfishness and fear, you are spelling the end of
everything the Good People of History have sought to
establish, making an horrendous mockery of your own
existences and institutions and the otherwise Good
Forces behind them.

The Better Folk in Christianity and Judaism (deluded
and Satanically deceived though most of them are!);
The Better Folk in Islam, Buddhism, Taoism et al, et
al, ie., the Genuinely Religious, for one.

The understandably atheist fighters of the Unions and
their "left-wing" ilk, secondly, and the majority of
pre-colonialist Indigenous Peoples from all-over the
Planet, third-but-definitely-not-least!

All of you, to whom I address this email, and to
most-if-not-all your compatriots who read it, I'd say,
have been dragged-up through the western
"Private-School" system of indoctrination, and long
ago were coerced into unquestioning allegiance - YES?!

Yet look at the result!

Absolutely sickening 'pandering' to some of the most
smalmy-yet-MOST DEADLY FRAUDS, in what we call "The
professions" of Psychology, Psychiatry,
Psycho-analysis etc.

These scurges against the Mental and Spiritual Health
of the Whole Human Society are allowed by 'the media'
to get away with not just metaphorical murder, but
with out-and-out allegorical GENOCIDE, purely to
satisfy their own seriously ill, seriously deluded,
SERIOUSLY SPELL-BOUND minds-read-egos.


you know who I am..........

So do the Warriors of Truth, and they're waiting.....

If you want any fegging Messiah to come,

once more I scream,


For if He comes, and lays eyes on what you are
perpetuating, Oh Boy! Words fail me as to your fate.
Or the fate of your children, of your grandchildren
and on, and on.........

Denounce the professions of psychology, psychiatry and
psycho-analysis etc, to begin with, right across the
media, political, AND RELIGIOUS boards, OR YOU'LL

It is clear the "establishment" want me to raise my
powers because this (my) means of "Media" I call the
"ASTRAL MEDIA", exposes too much of their fraudulance
for them to bear.

To them, and all who are fooled into advocating that I
should do the same, I say "Get thee to your graves,

Yes..... Max is VERY VERY ANGRY.

What YOU gonna do about it??????????

Sell you're fegging motor-cars, to begin with.........

I sent an email to Steve Bracks on Monday 12th January
2004 suggesting in strong terms that, due to the
impending global ecological disaster our errant ways
of chewing-up the planet's resources seems set to
bring-on, he, and his counterparts have a Duty to Call
"A State of Emergency".

Anyone who laughs at such a suggestion, is possessed,
and should divorce themselves from their society
immediately, to spend AT LEAST three months in total
reclusion in a Buddhist, or similar 'ashram'. For
nothing the western money-makers-that-is-'professions'
of psychology, psychiatry or psycho-analysis offers
has a credible or genuine answer, cure, solution for
your mental illness.

I'm not 'priveleged' enough (Hark! The uninitiated
layman!") to be told what the latest 'theory' is from
the churches about the new world we have entered, now
so many of us have our occult, third eye open, but I
refuse to believe anything they have to say.
Especially about the notion of a Messiah!

If that word means anything, I reckon it means he, or
He, or indeed She, who will deliver to their mob,
clan, tribe or Species, THE MESSAGE, about how we CAN
AND MUST Live, ON EARTH, soas to Ascend or Attain to
the Higher Realms we know so-o much more about today
than we did just five-or-six years ago (Thank-you
Max!), whence we may Live in True Peace-on-Earth.


And where is THE MESSAGE!

IN YOUR FEGGING HEADS! "It's all in the Mind you
know!" to quote the Goons.

The True Purpose of this errant institution we call
Christianity (i.e., "the Religion of the Messenger"),
with all it's crimes against Humanity over the 1700
years (since the necessarily corrupting "Counsels of
Nicea") has been to bring us into the Light of Global,
or, Universal, Unity, where we can Commune together
across the Planet, and beyond to the Higher Realms of
Heaven, by means of Knowing the Basics about "How To
Live In Peace".

Even however, the dickheaded spellbound shrinks and
their pharmaceutical sponsors are a part of that
erroneous road we must travel, soas for us to see the
error of our delusion of 'free will', and delusions of
granduer of being, like the fallen angel Satan, set in
the belief that we are superior to the Highest Tao,
YHVH, Allah (Blessed and Hallowed Be His Name), and
that we can supposedly do a better job on Earth.

Quite obviously, or haven't you looked lately, we are
NOT capable of doing a better job than AUM.

"Vanity, vanity, it's all vanity!" cried the
Shakespearean character.

The Angels here in Hell, are warning you to

Or your projeny will pay the consequences!

If any of the Christian Churches and their leaders are
Genuine, then they MUST denounce the 'professions' of
psychology, psychiatry and psycho-analysis, and 'evil'
to use their terminology.

While they are at it, I Call them, to do the same with
that other 'profession' of lawyers. If the Churches
of Christianity cannot bring themselves to denounce
that which they have created, i.e., the deceitful
professions, then they are exposed as 'enemies of the
people', and needs-must be closed-down, or be

Hard Love
for Peace on Earth

Max No Difference