Victoria Police get better handguns -why do they need 'em?

Vic cops get semi-automatic weapons

Being as it appears, I'm no friend of the police, nor of the mainstream political hegemony, in at least NSW and Victoria, I guess it's part of my duty, fearless, to question what is REALLY behind the Vic coppers spending AUS$7 MILLION for 10,000 new Smith & Wesson handguns ($700 a piece), for their officers?

Sky News reports that the reasons are because the old weapons are too slow to reload, and also that the new semi-automatic 0.40 calibre Smith & Wessons magazine holds 15 rounds.

This, to my incisive eye, begs the question, “How many shots are the coppers firing now, in altercations, and in how many 'situations' which the news never publishes, and therefore which the public never hear about, are the cops expending more than what...? six shots??? as per the old handguns' magazine????”

Perhaps they're merely forecasting a more violent second decade of the “New Day”?

My memories of my three and a bit years in London in the 1970s, rehash tales of the fact that behind the news, behind the general public's knowledge, the armed squads of English police were spending a lot of time in situations against armed criminals, both of the domestic robber-kind, and of the international organised-crime kind. Spies, etc.

There, and no doubt here, although Aussies are deluded into thinking we live in a generally peaceful nation, bangbangs were happening day and night, against any and every anti-establishment go-yer-own-wayers, and organised mobsters.

How many international spy wars occurred here, at least during the apparently peaceful latter half of the 20th century, I dunno, but I do know that a lot of lead was expended in Britain, not including Ireland, over the last several decades, which never made news, beyond the echoing neighbourhoods where the shoot-ups were shot-out.

Here, downunder, things like the “Melbourne gangland wars” of the last decade and more, did make the news.

This was as likely because the warriors who were 'bringing it on' were taking on the thoroughly corrupt establishment of the pro-Roman mafia. And the pro-Roman mafia essentially run our media.

But it still doesn't give justice to coppers saying they need more slugs-per-situation.

May Buddha help us if it comes to the time that a Victorian copper gets into sticky because he/she/it needs more than six or so bullets?

As I wrote in a recent sci-fi fiction (another pass-time of mine), once “the crunch” came-on, when all the systems of government and finance and food supplies imploded, as is predicted sooner or later, most coppers found themselves in deep shit, because they became the hunted, rather than as is currently, where they, with establishment backing, and with all the guns, are the hunters.

In that sci-fi scenario, “Revenge Justice” was the order of the released crims, and those arsehole macho coppers of old, found themselves on the receiving-end.

So, perhaps the police advisers and commissioners, have been reading the tea leaves, and see that they had better up the magazine load, and the quality of weaponry?

Not that a handgun is any match against mortars and anti-tank guns and automatic rifles and plastic explosives and...... hohohoho.

While the coppers protect the biggest criminals - the land-owning 'real estate' dynasties and their establishment banker-types - the only REALISTIC scenario for the future decades, is one of social and cultural decline, to the point where such scenarios which my imagination puts into words, of violent social upheaval, with the majority, those below the gated “safe zone” of the top 10 or 20%, living “at war” against the coppers and their providers, will be the reality.

So, while the coppers refuse to acknowledge that the lower classes are THE victims of an amazingly rude delusion, congered by the elite, and ignore pleas for some genuine, totally Just assistance, the scenarios of social decline will be put out into the ether, and will become increasingly manifest.

I doubt that the coppers will know how to interpret this.

But I am only saying that they give so-labelled “criminals”, some space, and security, and turn at last their attention to the beneficiaries of the worst crimes, of stealing a person's, every persons' right to affordably occupy a piece of land.

Only by seeing “crime” in this way, will their need for bigger magazines and weaponry be dispelled.

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Oh, the poor, poor charities!

Charities fear loss of millions over tax review

This ABC article interviews Reverend Tim Costello on the effect any implementation of the Henry Tax Review's recommendations, and he says that charities would suffer.


It seems that both he, and THEIR Roman ABC miss totally the fact that, were the Henry Tax Review's recommendations implemented to their fullest, the need for charities would diminish.

And, beyond their ability to see, this is what all charities should be working, striving, volunteering to have happen!

The only reason “charities” exist, is because the current and aged tax system, which has given the likes of Reverend Costello his, and his upper class “Christian” cronies their white, excessively opulent lifestyles, also is the culprit for making the lives of the rest of us, the lower classes, so impoverished, so beggared to the point where they/we are forced, pushed down the lane by our “Babylonian” police forces, who protect the worst criminals - the land-grabbing elites - into penury and thus to asking these false friends, the “charities”, for assistance!

As the Reverend Costello purports to be a Christian, and thus believes in a Universal God, is he, and all the similar church-based “charities” not being a little bit myopic, small-minded, and seriously flawed in his/their thinking to suggest a review and deep honorable Reform of our evil class-based taxation system would hurt them. THEM!

"OH! Ye-es...? The clients......?"


"Oh, no-o-o!!! We upclub, uptop, upourselves Christians, we bleachy-private-school-WHITES, are superior to the lower classes, so we deserve the advantage of our ruthless and evil taxation system as it is, thank-you-very-much!"

, bleat 'the charities', “what would WE do, if the system was fair and equitable?”

Death to the church!

And, on "the church", is it not a little bit suspicious, that THE CHURCH never speaks openly about their own black book, the Bible, and the FACT that that very same book which they regard as THE WORD, tells it's readers and followers and "faithful" to live by the economic laws as scribed in Leviticus 25?

And, in modern language, does Leviticus 25 not tell us that the most Honest method of funding government, is Land Tax?

Oh? The Intellectually poor charities-read-demonic-churches!?!?!

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WA Greens choose Ethics over corruption


"WA ABC News Editor blatantly unethical and biased"

My comments on the article titled:

The Greens are the losers in the affair


By Kim Jordan of the ABC

Posted 2 hours 47 minutes ago
(now 4.13pm, Thursday 29th April 2010)

“At the end of an extraordinary week in state politics the big political losers aren't Troy Buswell and Adele Carles.

The losers are the Greens.”

(Kim Jordan is the ABC News Editor of Western Australia and was for many years the ABC's senior political reporter in the state.)


The two italicised paragraphs are the openings of Kim Jordan's article as titled at top.

The last (bracketed) is his bio at the end of the article.

It about says it all, really, doesn't it?

Everyone knows the bend of Western Australian politics, what with the long serving, yet deeply corrupt Brian Burke playing kingmaker-and-breaker there for decades?

And..., the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (THEIR ABC) has been pro-Labor since the very beginnings, albeit that since the very beginnings, they have both been pro-Britain, pro-IMF, pro-Rome, pro-foreign control, etc, since....... the Councils of Nicea?

So, as Kim Jordan has been integral with ABC/ALP politics in Western Australia for many years, it stands to reason that such a biased, anti-Greens article would get legs with ABC.

It cannot be ignored that he, in his invective, is also condoning “mischief” and sexual promiscuity within and across Western Australian politics, by saying that the Greens were crazy to come out with these details of an illicit affair.

“Let's get something straight. Politicians have been having affairs for ever, so have reporters. Sometimes they've had affairs together and it's never been anybody's else's business.”

Seems like a blatant admission, Kim? Or, in the pro-Catholic-traditional-ABC-ALP manner, a “confession”?

As I blogged yesterday, in a “Wise”(arse) post, Rectitude and Ethics are most important in these arenas of politics, so such promiscuity cannot be condoned.

Yet this, condoning sexual promiscuity, is exactly what Kim Jordan is doing.

Also, he is writing that it was wrong to “out” the affair.

Would he, being one of the increasingly paranoid uptop political-class mainstream mob, have preferred they tried to hide what was “….common knowledge,” (unquote) until closer to the next WA election, so that the holier-than-holy Catholic Laborites could expose the heinous business with maximum impact against both the Greens and the Libs???

He may be correct in regard to the whole business, of the affair and of the exposure, damaging the Greens.

But, as with all other majors, Labor and Lib/Nats elsewhere in Australia, he is doing the same, of denigrating the only SERIOUS rising opposition to the nation's deeply corrupt, foreign-controlled and anti-democratic political conspirators, collusionists, cabal of pro-Rome politics.

I say that he/she (Kim Jordan) is wrong in all he/she writes, and that the article is a blatant attempt at blackening the reputation and prospects of the Greens.

Clearly a sign that he/she and the ABC/ALP/IMF-Rome-and-Freemason mob are genuinely frightened of the Greens.

Being the big name in conspiracies, I reckon someone, either in the ABC boardroom, or in the ALP Boardroom, or from the HQ of cardinal sinners, put him/her up to it.

Contrary to what I believe his/her/their aim was, I put it that this type of clearly unethical opinion-making, from the not-now-so-hallowed hollows of THEIR ABC, will have the opposite effect on Western Australian voters, come the 2010 federal election, and the next one in W.A.

Adele and her party perhaps were brave (often taken as 'silly') in speaking out about this “mis-step” by her and Troy Buswell, but in the end, they were being “ethical” in so doing.

Perhaps, as Western Australia has something of a poor reputation for Ethics, in politics and in the way the authorities there ARE STILL maltreating their most Beautiful People - OUR Aborigines - not unrelated to politics, it must be noted, because it IS STILL THEIR LAND - much to the denial of the upclub IMF Rio Tinto, who pay the WHITE, CATHOLIC upclubbers of the WA political class plenty to rape the resources and ignore the rights and Souls of the Aborigine - perhaps the white, pro-Labor Kim Jordan should join Troy Buswell when he takes a few months off from “the pit”, and seeks some understanding and ethics from the Western Australian Elder Aborigine Men?

(Unless Kim is female?)

But it's far more likely they both will just accept more (30-pieces-of) silver from the Roman-Freemasonic IMF to stay silent, on all issues Environmental, Economic and of course, Ethical!

IF..... there is any Ethical Fibre extant within the hearts and minds of Western Australian voters, then they will recognize what I'm trying to say here, and desert the selfish-classes of the pro-foreign political parties, the ALP and the Lib/Nats this 2010 federal election, and beyond, and put their Inner Fire behind the Greens, the Aborigines, and those who reject the terminal corruption of the day, the Outlaws.

We all, are far passed the time where we must Stand Up, and join with the Three Wise Tribes, for our, and our kids' future.

Wonder what ex-West Australian CATHOLIC, Geraldine Doogue, now top-line-puppet in the ABC, will plagiarize from this little counter-invective???

Hope you're all listening to Rad Nat next Saturday morning!

“Get it right, Kim!”

Yours, with Ethics and Feeling...
Omaxa bin Eartha
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Failed Green Policies - because they are NOT REALGreen Enough!

Green policies: too much of not enough
..from http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/stories/s2883301.htm

Oh If they were REALGreen Policies!???

Yuss! I tend to agree with the article's author Chris Berg.

Jumping on the Green bandwagon has truly been the flavor-of-the-new-era, if-not of the new millennium.

And “RIPPA!” I say.

But what has always been roaringly clear to meself, is that huge stumbling-blocks always have policy-makers trip-over and break their polls.

I know I'm not the only one to see that the blocks are ALWAYS where profit-taking is catered to.

I have posted a few blogs over the last few years about this, but addressing the issues of making it possible for LOCALS, that-is, the bloke over the back fence (in suburbia), or down the street, who, as I wrote, may be seen as a bit of a misfit in society - a wierdo - a geek - a reclusive mad scientist - or such, to not only produce the gizmos, usually simple to make and operate, AND SAFE, but to teach those living around them, how to make our own energy, etc.

“Going Local” is the catch-phrase even the British TORIES are using in their latest election campaigning.

But how sincere they are is quite another cup of tea, old chum, say what?

The reason such ideal calls cannot get legs in our, or any parliament, is that it goes against the multinational corporate IMF psychosis of centralised ownership and control. Profit!

There's an American bloke whose internet website I've clicked-on over the last few years who is now, I think, making a very healthy little income, from selling for a reasonable price, kits and instructions for HOMEMADE solar electricity panels. Last time I peeked, he was under pressure from OH! Surprise surprise - multinational corporations - for being too honest about making power.

Nevertheless, I'm sure he's savvy enough and has enough Angels on his side to persist and overcome the phantoms of the multinational opera.

Every geek and home-electro-wizz knows that electricity is REALLY EASY to produce ourselves, to the point where electricity bills should be - WORLDWIDE - a thing of the profit-centred-psychosis past!

Yet, nation's full of idiots too upemselves to bother, are entrapped in debt and financial and environmental catastrophes, letting evil energy corporations and government servants, advisers and consultants cream their hard-earned money and their planet's environment from under them/us!?

The points in Chris Berg's article avoid these rudimentary questions and answers as to how we can go green and not electrocute shonky insulation-fitters, or have solar-panel schemes blow-out, and the rest.

And why?

Well, young Bergie has to earn enough to keep a roof over his head! And even THEIR ABC and the IPA (Institute for Pubic Affairs (TYPO!) with whom Bergie is a 'Research Fellow'!) are not going to sacrifice the Holy Grail of foreign control of our Souls for THE FACTS!?

Clearly, the environment DOES NOT fit nice and profitably with ruthless moneymaking corporate giants, who have the exclusive patterns and patents and rights and cash-flows to make - solar panels, household insulation, plumbing, building materials, motorised vehicles, etc etc etc, and who seem to assume the unassailable right to demand exorbitant amounts of the public's money for them! AND.., to direct government policy?

It is only because the Demos, the People, have been so divided by RELIGIOUS, corporate and foreign dynastic spin, over centuries, that we are sent to sleep with grand plans of geothermal, tidal, and other HUGE power generation schemes proposed by all and sundry of our politicians, who bend over for the multinationals' 30 pieces of silver, day-in-day-out.

In-and-out. In-and-out. In-and-out. In-and-out.

The failed “green-schemes” of the last year or so, serve best to show us that all our main-party politicians are powerless AND gutless against the blackmailing might of the multinationals, and for that off-shore blackmail, have to ignore the genuine and worthy REALGreen ideas which brew quietly in most every Local-Geeks' Brilliant mind, each time they get around paying the corps for their own home-made utilities, etc.

It IS obvious, that Australia needs quite a lot more than Reform of the taxation system!

Chris Berg ends saying that the policies weren't thought-out enough.

Yup! Probably close enough, Chris (in my humble opinion). But perhaps "thought" was constrained by (un)-economic demands of this compete-compete-compete to compete MORE false-economic tyranny we call "the system"?

Did I say Reform, or........


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Buswell and Carles Affair

Afternoon News-Chop.OM

“He has however, showed very poor judgment.”
Mr Barnett said the (Troy Buswell) affair with Greens MP Adele Carles was not a sackable offence but the misuse of public funds was the final straw.
...from “Barnett accepts Buswell's resignation over affair, misuse of funds”, at


Standing in the forest, dwelling on the ethos behind Australian politics, the above Western Australian political drama leaves me with some, 'misgivings'?

West Australian Treasurer, Troy Buswell, we might have expected, should have had more control over his lower mind.

Previous outings incriminate him, and show perhaps that he does not fit the role of treasurer, given that that position demands SERIOUS self-control.

Any differences between the desires and expenditures of the lower mind (the groinal mind) and of the higher mind, which exist to deal intelligently with such affairs as economics, and it's derivative, politics, especially when in public office, may be worth noting, but as we are generally a fallen tribe, the two cannot be separated.

So fall he must, further from the Garden of Western Eden.

No doubt one IMF corporation (Rio Tinto? HSBC? BHP Billiton? P&O?) or another will secure his future with handsome offers of employment elsewhere, as they did with Victoria's treasurer Allan Stockdale after he and Premier Kennet raped the state's populace clean of public education, public housing, government real estate, etc, etc, etc? And ex-NSW Premier Bob Carr fell in well with the upclub corporate crowd post-Premiering it in NSW.

Indeed, it is a right (wing) royal house of kiss-arse favours over there in the traitor-classes of uptop, upclub, upemselves finance, war, opium-dealing and anything-but-the-facts politrix!

So, the teary-eyes of Troy Buswell, we all know, are for the cameras, and he'll be over it by the last job-offer next Friday.


Greens MP Adele Carles is not sitting so Greeen now, is she?
Perhaps a clever little charade by her mob over there, in the land of little, or very few scruples?
Can't help but think a little bit that they plotted Buswell's demise.
Is Carles chummy with the women Troy plucked and pinched earlier?
Is it a feminist conspiracy?


Perhaps the ex-promising ALP PM “What's-Her-Name”, of Western Australia, drank lattes at the same cafe-bar? I'd be with them if there was a connivance of revenge after her cruel down-coming!


Ne'ertheless, my concern is for the propriety of the party Ms Carles represents. The Greens.

Whatever went before the “affair”, and whatever occurred in the steamy rooms, wherever, matter little to me. It seems to happen all the time, and all the time, and all the time.

I myself am the product of something very similar. YEP! A bastard!

So.... for me to deal with. As perhaps the W.A. Affair of the day's air is theirs.

But what are we to expect from the rising Greens Party, over there, and elsewhere?

Sexuality is fundamental to our personal esteem (not forgetting that 'esteem' is of the same root as 'estimation', which is not anything accurate, nor properly assessed. In a word, it's more of a guess!), and for our collective Bliss, it seems, but we all know there is a time and a place, at least outside opposing political parties parlaying.

It is for the better that Ms Carles came out and admitted to the affair before it went too far, Buswell's downfall or no.

But, or also, it adds to the public's opinion, lowering opinion, of politicians in general, and Adele Carles has therefore fallen into the same basket.

One wonders what will happen in attempts to lift the public's opinions of her, if they are lower than to be expected?

Being a Kingmaker (can't include Queenmaker!), I have to ponder this. I have no want, nor any sense of “duty” to offer advice, or reprimand.
But having pulled a few strings lately, in support of the Greens, and in the possible quadrupling-or-so of their supporter-base, it is important that I say something about this affair.

Being in a seriously fallen nation, albeit that the stats say we're on top of the world, it's stupid to expect the best from politicians, of “our side” or not.

I believe that when some situations manifest, it is impossible for those involved to say “no”, or even to graciously remove themself from what they see coming?

I'm a big fan of saying “NO!” which doesn't always do me much good. But things today are different, so “lee-way” must be allowed.

I hope Adele Carles puts a bit of thought and deep contemplation into the aftermath of this mis-step, and perhaps even changes a few things in her life, so she may, just to herself, redeem herself from the stains of being a little bit naughty, when in such an important position of public trust.

From the view-point of contemplation of our nation's future, she has to see her “...important position of public trust” clearly and fundamentally.

Because I doubt I will ever vary from my, and many thinkers' feelings, that the future, if we-collective (globally) are to have a future, will be a Green future.

If it is not, we have not.....

Being Green may be groovy enough to allow secretive romps in the grass, with youthful verve, amongst light-hearted well-knowns, and wiff-a-spiff or three, but even though I'm the original stick-in-the-mud, on issues Ethical, I cannot not see that being Green is also the Call to take the Highest Ethical position, passed youth, and into adulthood.

Again, I suggest that we all take a long and sincere look at how the Australian Aborigine Lived, for eon-on-eon-on-eon, and how they managed Supreme “Self-Control” and thus the perennial sustenance of the 520-plus nations, and of the Land, their Mother.

Wisdom can smile at the “affair”, but cannot condone.

She might add-vize we avoid that old curse of Catholic “guilt”, for the play is much larger than our own little egos, and sweeps us along no matter how many times we say “no”.

Maybe Adele can hear this, and perhaps she might take a month or so to camp and wander with, and listen to the Aborigine Women over there?

Maybe Troy Buswell can, and will too, listen, to the Aborigine Men?

It'd be nice to know the rest of the politrickilly performing pricks in WA politics could step off the ego-podium long enough to actually learn something Worthwhile, from the Bleck Fellas!

But I suspect they find it hard to believe that, like the Aborigine, somebody, as represented in the Greens, actually DOES care.........

A 'Deeeep-an'-meaningful' from
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Unread Headlines News-Chops

Headlines News-Chops
by Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM

1st headline (off Google News)

Labor in trouble in Victoria, NSW

A rude turnabout in the big states of NSW and Vic, if Newspoll is to be trusted.

Being 'kingmaker' here and there, one wonders what might be behind these changes of public/voter opinion?

Surely much exposure of corruption in NSW has had it's desired effect, by reducing Labor's popularity.

Victoria's ALP might be undergoing a reappraisal due to recent extramedia exposures of their failings in forestry, and where the blame must stop for the February 2009 bushfires and the 200 or so deaths?

But other issues, no doubt beyond my access or information apply.

Another issue may very well be the drama surrounding the fraudulence of the cult behind our Labor people - the Catholics - and their filthy and long-conspired attempts to fabricate a messiah from the descendent of an Enlightened Gippsland Aboriginal Tribe, massacred for this same end in the 1890s.

But that's a very personal spin on the Vic ALP.

Much is being brought to the surface these last few months, and many voters are quite fed-up with the news about how false Labor and the Libs have been over the last 100 years or more.

I'm inclined to ask what the Newspoll results would show, were there a more prominent and thus viable Greens Party candidacy here in Vic?

As it is, the only substantial, though hardly, from a REALPolitik view 'credible', option to Labor is the Lib/Nat coalition, which I say, is probably why the Newspoll shows a shift of voter opinion to the Lib/Nats.

If voters in Vic were serious and concerned about the future, they would be listening very hard to the subtle realm, and thus would put their weight behind the Greens. But not alone the Greens, also if Victorians have any honor, they'd get behind a “coalition” of Greens, Aborigines and in-general “dissenting Outlaws” who together, would stand to resist the endemic and destructive corruption of the 'majors'.
Majors who in reality, are but agents of the foreign IMF, and their banks and land-grabbing corporate and mining thieves.

2nd headline

Labor shelves emissions scheme


Politics of pre-2010 elections, no doubt, but is Rudd and coy canning the untenable and in reality false ETS for reasons other than those they state?

Agriculture was not included in the proposed ETS, even while it is known to be the most environmentally damaging participant in our culture, and is perhaps the one industry which demands major reforms, so-as to bring it and it's farting cattle into a more environmentally friendly occupation.

Or is that “invasion”?

Running out of time,
from Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
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More coming later...... when perhaps I will read the articles? (hohohoho!)


State governments are good for nothing!

State government is good for something
From ABC online “The Drum”.
An article by ABC journo, Chris Uhlmann.
(Updated Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:15pm AEST)

My Response:

State government is good for nothing

As usual, I scribe my thoughts coming from the margins, with nary a well-informed opinion-base, perhaps the exact opposite to the likes of reporter Chris Uhlmann.

Ne'ertheless, for nothing better to do (than make a door for my tarpaulin 4x4 tent), I throw my firey arra's into the media-and-bloggosphere cauldron, to see what catches fire.

Being creatures of habit, Australians, and Humans generally, go with the “norms” or “traditions” we've grown up with. So breaking from the dated moulds we call government, parliament and politics etc, is never easy, even when their flaws are roaringly clear to us.

I'd reckon it's something to do with the business of winning-over enough punters to effect the changes most needed. One bloke might have a very clear understanding of what is wrong with the way things are, and they might be thoroughly educated on what society and the whole planet most needs, and they might have a bunch of friends and associates who agree.

But beyond the pub or club or college or gang bar, actually changing the underlying, fundamental system or systems of social or cultural functionality, is blocked with wall after wall.

Sometimes it's merely that there are not enough punters with the intellectual acumen to fully comprehend the steps and changes necessary, to take the change all the way, into their own habitual doings.

As often it's stubborn, “sherry-soaked” minds who refuse to be progressive, “for the greater good”.

Habits, retained because they serve the habiter enough to get them by. '“For the greater good” be damned!

Cynicism is rife here, in regard to most on-the-face-of-it “noble” attempts at cleaning up politics or the business world. For the cynic often rightly sees most “noble attempts” as false, or indeed the opposite of what the reformists say they want, such that they are in fact “self-serving”, under the banner of altruism.

But instituting the fundamental changes a nation needs, beyond the levels of what is known, so that the society is free of corruption, free of cynicism, and of superstition, demands the hardest and largest changes to the whole collective of individuals.

The changes we are all, in our own ways, looking for, in terms of Australia's political and economic future, require the most dramatic reforms seen, such that we are prepared by education, to all-of-us having the deepest knowledge and understanding of past and present and future situations, as well as knowing fully all the influences and resultant propensities inside our own minds, bodies, and, if you believe in it, Soul.

Most all of the arguments against dissolving the current federal political, three tier structure, see the natural shift to be toward the negative of centralised government out of Canberra.

For most of the debaters of that drift, the concept of decentralisation, where the whole nation is actually governed from the Local arena, is beyond them. Beyond 'something' of their mental capacities.

This, surely can only be because of the “traditions” they've had imbued into their minds.

Traditions have to have boundaries, beyond which the ideology or rules can have no “jurisdiction”. Otherwise, methinks, the traditions will begin to fall apart.

However, that has nothing to do with the perennial rectitude or veracity of any tradition.

Of the last century or so, many people of the “modern” world, came to believe that the Ancient Traditions of, say, our Aborigines' Culture, had passed their “use-by date” and that it was time the Aborigine “moved-on” and began to embrace the western versions of modernity and technology etc.

But, correct or not, I say NOT, this doesn't automatically mean that the modern traditions are better, or more correct, or more applicable to the species in general.

Today, this last few years, the whole planet has been accosted by the arguments for and against the ways we of the “modern world” carelessly over-consume resources, and thus pollute the biosphere, and whether this is the cause of the perceived “climate change” and “global warming”, species' extinction etc.

I refuse to believe that those who argue against the proposition that the “changes to climate are manmade”, are anywhere near to being of their own mind.

Someone has them by the short-and-curlies, either through bribes to say what they say, or by the dark business of religious witchcraft, blackmail, and fear.

In my refusal there, I counter by arguing that it is crystal-clear that we in our modern habits, are fucking-up BAD.

So, it follows that, if I'm right, the “modern” traditions are being exposed as being bad traditions, ones which are perhaps more “passed their 'use-by date'” than the old traditions of the Aussie Aborigine, or of pre-invasion China, or India, or Africa, or America.

The '“traditions” they've had imbued into their minds' I put it, are of how they/we are taught to see things, of how they/we are taught to contemplate things. So traditions are not only of what can be written into a nation's, a religions' or a persons' “constitution”, but the word also applies to how our mentations are built to react, to respond and to perceive whatever we concentrate on.

Thus, most all of the arguments for and against the dissolution of the middle-tier state governments in Australia are mere semi-automatic (semi-autonomic) reactions to how we've been taught to perceive and react to the topic(s).

Trying to get consensus across the table and across the continent, across all the developed “cultures” here, AND across the oceans to the political and economic 'masters' in Britain and Switzerlanenenen etc, over an Australia administered by elected representatives from perhaps 500 LOCAL COUNCILS, newly geo-biospherically laid-out autonomous “mini-states” or enlarged Local Councils, all based-upon, and financed in largest-part by Land Tax, is what Australians are best advised to aim for.

But nothing near this will ever be possible while we cannot overcome our so-called “traditional” ways of thinking and seeing things as they are, as they will, and, as they might, in the best possible, corruption-free scenario, actually BE.

No amount of addresses by any amount of state premiers, university professors, economists, media moguls, prime ministers, presidents or kings at any “press club”, nor even at any “State of the Nation” address, will give us the directions, the instructions, the details and tutorials every one of us needs, to enable our minds to properly, correctly and fully embrace the Reforms and the Path to the Correct Reforms Australia needs, and needs very soon.

There will always be a case for the states existence, even while that very error of over-government irretrievably drags the whole of us down to political, economic, social and cultural Hell.

Few see the utterly evil ramifications of having each of us sent off to win our own financial security.

Many an intelligent journalist/reporter has drunk themselves to oblivion nightly, and toward the end of their life, because they DID see the fundamental evils of our “free-market” economic and social system.

Such a system makes us think, believe, say and write ANYTHING to secure our mortal coils under a roof each night.

So, nice title/headline Chris Uhlmann, but I'm sorry sport, “State government is good for nothing”, if we are to interpret the word “good” correctly?

Sleep on that, John Brumby, then wake-up and orchestrate your own shindig's dissolution.

London be damned! Rome be damned!

The IMF is dead!


Or..., as I've been dreaming-it-up of the last few years..


And..., on this ANZAC Day 2010, "Lest We Forget"

Another head-shot from
Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
from under the travelling 4x4 tarps of


NRL Storm!? Come-on-Aussie-come-MUG!

NRL Storm!

I don''t know much about today's NRL, nor anymore about the AFL as it's become.

But I do know that both sports are rigged each week, purely for supporter dollars.

We've all watched the VFL grow to become the AFL, and with that growth the uncanny victories that went to the new teams, be they Sydney Swans, or those in Western Australia, etc.

As the AFL expanded out of Victoria, so too did match-wins, and premiership cups to out-of-state teams.

How else could the V/AFL become popular in states other than Victoria, if those new teams in the other states weren't winning?

Being a Melbourne kid, I know rugby has not been popular south of the border, so, focusing on other issues for a few decades, I'm a little surprised that there is so much said in the media about Melbourne Storm rugby team as if it has a traditional place in the game?

It, the “Melbourne Storm salary-caps rorts”, strikes me as merely another method deployed by the corporate football elites and advertising and accounts departments to raise the popularity of, in this case, rugby, in the traditional home of Aussie Rules football.

It stands to reason that the Storm, again, while not knowing anything about their age in the league, about how long they've been in it, representing the hometown of Aussie Rules, would have to have a pretty hot team to win enough, and to thus win Victorian-based supporters, enough to financially support it's prolonged and expensive existence.

And we all know that to get the best players, the teams have to have the lolly, and as the news is telling us, lots of lolly!

And what is the lolly for, but to buy the high-priced players.

As is regularly witnessed in football and other sporting leagues world wide, corruption and generally criminal behaviour is the rule. All the best sports-people are very wealthy-thang-you-very-much.

I s'pose the qvestion izzz...,

“Is it the players who know what they're worth to the sports' corporate managers, and therefore are the ones demanding the lotto-lolly (a form of blackmail, when it is analysed from a legal perspective), or are the sports' corporate managers the ones offering the lotto-lolly to the talented sporters, so-as to rake-in the supporters?”

In this current storm, the chappie accused of being behind the salary-caps scam, previously worked in the same position in other rugby clubs. The “Rebels” one of them. The Rebels are based in NSW are they not?

If so (sorry I can't be bothered enough to scan the media to establish this), my point about the “Melbourne” Storm and their being in the NRL and from NOT NSW is weakened, but as I say, the salary-cap scam is not new here nor in Britain, and elsewhere wherever sport attains to corporate sponsorship and management.

One headline I saw this evening suggested something suspicious that Prime Minister Rudd did something “iffy” while this sports storm was winning the headlines' space and time.

Again, I could scan the media for that article, but feel lazy. It might have been HEY Abbott from the leaders chair of the Liberal party. If so, for once I'll agree with him.

At 55 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY OMEE!), I'm passed being sceptical about politics, having seen the same tactic played regularly whenever a touchy political issue is aired or exposed.


However, HOWEVER?

My sixth sense tells me that our IMF Labor government, is actually one which, perhaps for the first time since federation, is a seeker of Justice.

And seeking Justice demands that the nation's “economics” are put in order, when we're talking federal politics.

It's quite another issue when we're talking STATE politrix, mind you.

And, as many of us have been made aware of the last ten years or so, politics is in the main about AVOIDING the hard, cold FACTS about what sustains Good Culture, and thus Good Government, and that Good Government cannot be Good Government unless it is based on Good Economics.

And, as most know, Scientific Inquiry into Good Economics, on the local level AND on the National level, reveals that, without doubt, Land Tax, as recommended in the nearly released Henry Tax Review, is the most Honest and thus “Most Good” method of taxation a nation can institute.

But but but..., this may have nothing to do with rugby?

But rugby may be a suitable way to slow the storm the dropposition wants to have rain down on any attempts by the government for a JUST Economy?

I put it, to all our so-called True Aussie “sportsmen” (and women of course), that if they ARE True Aussies, then surely 'Cobber', it's about time one or a few hundred of them did the right thing, and spoke out honestly, that is Honorably, by blowing-the-whistle on these corporate mega-scams we call “footy” and “rugby”, and even the high farce we know as “the Olympics”, and expose the details behind YOUR high-flying lives, and thrown-game dives, sponsored by the desperate and otherwise bored Jo Public sports-fans?

On this, there's something quite unrealistic behind such “good blokes” as our “come-on-Aussie-come-on” national cricketers, flying from one world competition to the next... “in their own learjet”?

Yer tellin' me yer av'rage punters aren't mugs!?!?!!?!

Oh? Where, exactly, does the owner of Melbourne Storm, News Limited, or Rupert Murdoch, fit into all of this Zeig Hail??

And therefore...., any credibility to the suggestion that the PM was hiding isshoooz behind a grand media sporting distraction???

Collusion between Murdoch mega-media...., and the ALP??

Noooo! Shurely not, Jimmay!

Finally..., I say, Rupert, ol' Chum!? As your media hounds are ever-ready for a bit of plagiarism, of my thinks, and to prove that you are NOT a biased and corrupt corporate clone, (a tall call, Omee?!) what-say you do an expose-ay, on how many of today's sportsfolk, at least here in Astrayliar, are from the private school elite upclubs?!

Naturally, this should lead into a dig into how many of yer av'rage Joes from public schools, actually have a chance of making it into the hallowed halls of the Melbourne Cricket Clubrooms or such, and to wearing the revered "baggy green cap"?

And tripping 'round the globe week-by-week, in their own learjet?

Just a thought....

A sporting line or two, from
Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
leaning on the bench of

The "ANZAC" Conspiracy (Theory)

Out of respect for Bob Ellis, I reprint his ABC online article about ANZAC DAY 2010, and follow it with my comments, as posted to the ABC's online "Unleashed" webpage. (No wonder they made a movie about MEMEME and called it "Conspiracy Theory"!)

Battles lost, minds won

Bob Ellis

It was lost on the night of bombardment before the first landing, lost in the first hour on the beach, lost on each of the two hundred and ninety-eight days that followed, lost in the planning at Whitehall, lost in the choice of the deranged Ian Hamilton, lost in the luck of getting the genius Ataturk as our principal foe.

It was the largest amphibious operation in world history then and we lost it early and often and five thousand of them were killed there and ten thousand crippled and twenty thousand sent half-mad with what they saw and survived. Dick Casey, Bert Facey, Clem Attlee, Compton McKenzie, Leon Gellert came home from it and God knows how many young men of equal worth like Rupert Brooke stayed on to moulder in shallow graves and be eaten by dogs and fill the dreams of the girlfriends and sisters and mothers they never came home to, sneaking out in the boats at night in gently falling snow with their mates on Christmas Eve.

It was a bloody debacle and a murderous waste and its failure meant the First World War killed twenty million more young men to no good end and World War 2 came then as a consequence. And I and my father and thirty million subsequent Australians were told it was a kind of triumph.

In a spin exercise as enormous as the one that followed the Crucifixion we were told it was Australia's 'coming of age', the 'finest sons' of a 'new young nation' proving what we could do - die pointlessly in Churchill's incompetent conception of a knock-out blow, a back door to victory.

And many of us believed it, the audacious, denialist spin that a battle ill lost from which no good came was worth being in because it 'tested our mettle' and 'showed what game young men can do'.

Paul Keating, launching Graham Freudenberg's Churchill and Australia said Australia didn't have to prove anything. It already had the highest standard of living in the world, along with female suffrage, pensions, exemplary health care, a literate working class, good writers, athletes, musicians, painters, cartoonists. What was there to prove? That we could perish bravely in war, that great game of drongos?

'I have never gone to Gallipoli,' Keating said, 'and I never will. Kokoda is more my speed. There we fought, and won, a long battle that made a difference to our nation's future. That saved us from something, as Gallipoli never did.'

I have often thought since then that Australia's Picasso, Gershwin, Hemingway, Eliot, Frank Lloyd Wright, Jack Dempsey, Nye Bevan, Clark Gable, Bing Crosby, Charles Chaplin, died on Gallipoli probably, or came home too limbless and smashed of soul to attempt the careers they might have had. Twenty or thirty thousand of their sons and daughters were never born. Two or three thousand of the girls that waited for them only to read their names on a post office wall, never themselves had children, or grandchildren, a hundred thousand of whom might be retiring now after useful, talented, civic lives.

And yet we are asked to celebrate this now, to 'honour' a 'sacrifice' that 'had to be made'. It was a battle that should never have been planned and should never have been fought. It gave Turkey a nation-founding hero and us a century of bloodstained hypocrisy, ending hopefully soon.

Death should never be celebrated. It is too big a defeat. It is celebrated by men like Howard and Rudd and Bush and Blair and Bin Laden who do not believe in death and think it only a moment before the story continues, among angel choirs on green meadows with lions and lambs at play together. It is celebrated by pious dimwits, not men and women of intellect; not any more.

Some realism, to be sure, now attends Anzac Day as it didn't when I was young. It is more a song of mourning now than a hymn of praise. But we would do as well to celebrate with marches and brass bands and bugles and flags the Myall Creek Massacre or the Granville Train Disaster or the Newcastle Earthquake or the Port Arthur Slaughter (on Anzac Day), or Black Saturday, or Ash Wednesday, as we do this holocaust of blood where more men died than at Hiroshima and Nagasaki put together, on both sides, in their youth, in the first of their strength, forever. And are not looking down on us now.

Spin has come a long way since then. We believe almost anything now. That Afghans will want to go back to the valleys where their brothers and fathers were killed, now the 'situation has improved'. That Sri Lankans yearn to be home among ethnic cleansing. That men and women as brave as boat people are will not be good citizens and should be sent home, like my friends the Bakhtiyaris, to die at the hands of their enemies or join their cause as suicide bombers.

That it's worth bombing a village to save its women from cruel marriages. That the drug-running Karzai brothers are worth dying for. That it's worth immolating a country for any cause. That sending young men to gaol is a useful thing to do. That the Catholic Church's good points outweigh its pederasty. That Christ rose from the dead and hears our every whispered prayer and is interceding for us, every one of us, in a heavenly court right now. That chasing stolen cars does more good than harm. That Sol Trujillo was worth the money we paid him.

Spin lives, and it continues. In our Anzac Day Last Post it lives and marches on.

And gathers more and more good people into its great implacable cause, pointless death and needless suffering.


Saturday 24th April 2010. 9.27PM

Another biting piece Bob! V. Good!
Learning last year that my great-grandparents and their people were massacred near Walhalla in the 1890s, it's not impossible that "the ANZAC Legend" is to distract Australians from the wars and mass murders that occurred here, both before and after WW1.
One commenter writes that Britain's attack on what became Turkey was about a couple of battleships? Perhaps so?
But, I'm brought to ask, "would the state of Israel have come into existence 2 or 3 decades earlier, if the Zionist British, fronted by our ANZACs, had won at Anzac Cove when the farce we now "celebrate" happened?"
As I once read, the "Christians" wanted the Holy Land, and defeating the Great Ottoman Empire had to happen to get it. I also deduced that Israel was planned to break the hold the Ottoman Peoples had on the Silk Road (and Middle-East trade generally) and the booty of opium etc from further east. Opium-growing, initiated by the British East India Company (now called the IMF) AND the Jesuits, as far back as 1601!
Treason on the scale we're talking here, a la the "spin" all round Anzac Day, is huge, and any amount of money and story-telling will be expended to cover it up.
The biggest tragedy is that so many Honorable Diggers fought, suffered, died and still march for, and to distract us all from, those passed crimes of the British elite.
But...? "...passed crimes..."? There is more to know about the opiate "heroin" than the British military forces in Afghanistan today are telling us?


Just WHAT??? do the British elite want today?

Is it just the British elite?

They conspired for the TWO world wars to begin.

Millions of Jews, Gypsies, Europeans, British, Irish, Aborigines, Africans, Asians, Indians, Et Al Et AL died because of their superiority complexia, and want to dominate the world.

Ancient, Self-Sustaining, Balanced, Pure, Enlightened Cultures and Peoples went extinct in just 15 decades, because of the beliefs of these "Christians", Jews and "Freemasons", so the white, Brit-Eurapean elites could spin endless bullshit about how great and right they were/are?

Now, in 2010, the whole world is staring down the barrel of mass extinction, due to these disgustingly stupid egotrippers and pathological liars?

And, they still expect the masses to carry-on, and to vote for their puppets in our houses of corruption-er-parliament?

AND....!? AND....?! They even went so far as to try to fabricate the return of Jesus!????

Clearly, the evidence is irrefutable, that this world is the lowest (Hebrew Kaballah teaches that this realm is the lowest, called Malkuth, which is "Hell"), and that our elites, such as those running clubs like the International Monetary Fund, and most all first world nations' corporations and parliaments, are all either irredeemably evil, or are seriously and irreparably mentally ill.

Perhaps it is no joke, nor coincidence, that the word "ill" is but a contraction of the word "evil"!

Where, therefore, does this place such as those who call themselves "Hell's Angels"?

It is easy to place them well above the world's elites on the scales of Justice and Honor, methinks?

Nevertheless, I Salute our Diggers, passed and present. I just wish they'd stop saluting the Union Jack!

And, to my ex-Military parents, "Happy Wedding Anniversary" for tomorrow, Anzac Day 2010.

62 or 63 years of non-stop love-hate. Amazing! Truly amazing!

There it wuz, from
Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM

from the bench of


My Appraisal of Robbie Thorpe, Aboriginal Activist, and other matters.

www.treatyrepublic.net and today's Australian Aborigine Movement(s).

A couple-a-days ago, I was evicted from the forest I was camping in, by an extremely dull DSE employee, and two DSE accomplices who were set upon being “derelict” in their duties. I would like to think that the coming months will expose just how derelict the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) have been for the decades leading up to last years “black Saturday” bushfires, and that SOMEONE will indict that department and the respective successive Victorian governments for the deaths of the 200-plus people over those few days last February.

Nevertheless, I drove east into what I think is Gunai country, into part of the area burnt-out in 2009's “black Saturday” bushfires.

This morning I tracked up onto a hilltop, and was impressed. So went and drove back up in the ute.

I was inspired by the tragic sights of the dead trees, amidst a good view of the surrounding mountains, so whipped out my cell phone and recorded a five minute video of the views, my ute, and audio of an impromptu song about what is seen.

I felt good about that enough to fire-up the laptop and transfer the video-song onto YouTube.

I called it “Gunai Mountain Song”. But, as usual, the fascists stopped it being uploaded, even though the site told me it was successful.


From there, I was inspired to search for other “Gunai” stuff, and found five ten minute videos of Robbie Thorpe, a Gunai Warrior, who was giving an excellent 50 minute total, tutorial on many of the ongoing travesties Australia's Aborigine People endure every day.

Being the supposed returned Jesus, and having only in the last few years confirmed that this is what's been happening to me, getting over the deceit by all around me is nigh-on impossible.

So I am constantly trying to lift my own self esteem up to some position of self respect. Having come late to realising how manipulated I've been for my whole 55 years, plus the nine months of mum's pregnancy, I also can't help but compare my own abilities and perceptions and so-called talents to those I watch on the 'net or on Foxtel on my phone.

Each time I'm impressed by someone, I am driven further into hopelessness that I am of no merit.

So it is this day, after watching and listening to Robbie Thorpe.

I don't want this to depress Robbie - never met him - nor have him feel sympathy for me - but over the last couple of years I've come to believe that I'm far too far out of society now to possibly enter it and become a useful contributor.

I say this because as I've been in exile all my life - I'm just that bloke who drew the short straw - so I know nothing about society or how it actually works, therefore exile is my home now.

But the point of this drivvle is how impressed I am with Robbie's knowledge, and with his calm, clear composed delivery of the things he had to say.

Prior to watching these five videos of him, I only vaguely knew his name, that he is Gunai, and an Activist.

Once the fascists let me access www.treatyrepublic.net website, I saw a few other articles and links to 3CR, a Melbourne Community radio station (855AM), which Robbie takes active parts in.

From my humble idiocy Robbie, I Praise You “Cuz”.

And, from here, I can only feel antipathy for everyone who held me so high as to think I am a messiah, or a leader, or even intelligent.

Of the last several years, I have been influential in Australian and, because of the messiah bullshit (false) reputation, world politics.

It has been natural to embrace Aborigine Wisdoms and perspectives in both arenas, but after watching your 50 minutes of video, I am humbled beyond description, and profess profound ignorance on any REALPolitik issues concerning Australian politics.

Should Australians, Bikers, Greens, Aborigines and anyone else seek an Education on our utterly corrupt politics, and “which way forward”, I urge them to forget about me, and look to our Aborigine leaders, Elders and spokespeople, like Robbie Thorpe and his Mob.

I “might” manage to scribe a few “wisdoms” and accurate deconstructions here-and-there, covering Australian issues, but being on the extreme margins, always am stricken with doubts as to what is REALLY going on.

So, if anyone is still foolish enough to think that I'm some sort of think tanker, think again.

Clearly, I'm someone else's puppet. They might be accurate and because I am an open book with no psychic defences to witchcraft, I'm a great medium to transmit some REALPolitik messages globally, but what I write, think and scream is not mine.

Whereas, the likes of our Aborigine Leaders, are where we must all look if Australia is to stop our general social decline.

Those of us who are stuck with racism in their brains, “let it go” dudes! It's just more BAD MAGIC spells from Britain and Eurape - ROME in the main.

There's a plenitude of evidence telling us that we white Aussies are REALLY STUPID, and that it is time we let go of the crap from the northern hemisphere and seek the Wisdoms inherent in Aborigine Culture and Intelligence.

I think generally, our Aborigines are very awake to the rubbish we call politics, and don't bother with it.

I've been stuck in whiteman's hexes for an age, and have felt that it is worthwhile putting-in to the political debates and commentaries - for some mysterious reason, I've not addressed as much as I should have, the issues which effect Aborigine life, and which, as I watched Robbie expound clearly today, are underneath ALL our own “white” issues - political, economic, cultural, religious and social. AND... Familial!

I guess, for having little else to give, or even to do, I'll still throw a few arrows into the tangent basket we call politics, but, if Australia - Greens, Aborigine, Bikers, Youth, Gangs, Clubs, and mainstream groups organisations and parties genuinely want to be effective in this 2010 election year, and beyond, then attend talks and any manner of events hosted and put-on by our Aborigine, wherever you are, whoever you are.

To that, of late I've come to very much more identify with what we call right wing groups, even with Nazis, not however, reneging on my long held beliefs in Communism.

Our white underclasses have come to see that the racist hyperbola against Aborigines and peoples of “colour” is bullshit, and that in fact the white underclasses have more in common with Africans and Aborigines and Chinese and others, than with the upper classes who supposedly “lead us”.

It, is essentially in fact a classist thing, and more, it's a “cultist” thing, where the wealthy go with the evil cults of Rome - Christianity et al.

But Nazism, while it has had racist beliefs, is closer to living and culture of the Aborigines than we realise, because, both are strict on keeping the “race” clean of “defects” mutations, deformities etc.

It is clear to me that it is only soft-headedness that proscribes that “all life is sacred”, and therefore we must do everything we can to keep the suffering, the grossly deformed and disabled alive?

Sorry if that sounds cold, callous, chilling etc.

But in the long term, the “cleaner” strains of the beast, survive.

Abortion is but one example. It surely is hard to not prolong the life of a baby, and I'm talking about a deformed baby, but that child's consciousness is only so developed in the hours or days after birth, and I am firm in my belief that it is more Humane both on that child, on their parents and on the society to, as painlessly as we can, let the child die.

I know little about anything, I think now, but do stick with the belief that the Spirit moves on, and, from such a child, who dies soon after birth, their Spirit will travel-on, and find another body. Death is, for that Spirit, nothing to fear, done Humanely.

I cannot know if it is the way for that spirit to be born into a normal being or body, but, for all involved, it cannot be denied that that is for the ether to know and direct, or decide upon, and that, in the long run, it is better for everyone.

We seem to gush on the misery of a mother, when such a predicament is put in front of her.

But, it is the failing of the society if it has failed to instil into the mind and heart and soul of the woman, the Wisdom of knowing the long term benefits of apparently cold-hearted moves in the early hours or days.

So, in regard to the apparent opposites of Aborigine, or African, or other skin colour People and such as Nazism, or “eugenics”-type approaches, it seems to me that there is little or no difference between their far more “Pure” Ways , beliefs and Ideologies, that we are “led” to believe.

Surely, our Aborigine and the peoples from elsewhere on Earth who have existed for longer than the whites from the north, show clearly a Purer strain, and are by far, or were by far, better races, physically, and culturally?

And here in Australia, we really have been “led” astray from any Sound, Wise and Intelligent social mores, and cultural policies.

Perhaps it's the year for those who appear as extreme left and extreme right, to the tame, stupid and self-absorbed middle classes, to let go of the dogma, and get together to agree on what we can all do to clean-up our really really pathetic and pathological “political” and religious bullshit.

On Nazism, Hilter was one, a vegetarian, two, an environmentalist, and three, actually introduced “Land Rent for Government Revenue” to raise government funds. Land Rent, being the most environmentally friendly tax, and the least biased.

Most of his “evil” policies were in fact not his, but the elites who were running his affairs for him.

Like Jesus, and Joseph Stalin, Hitler was a puppet.

But these Aborigine Fellas, they are far above being caught-down by Catholic witchcraft!

A mild post from
Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
on a mountain top for

Here are the lyrics I recorded ad-lib this morning onto the video the fascists wouldn't let me publish on YouTube:

Gunai Mountain Song

I drove my car onto the mountain top,
Up so high until I had to stop,
Got myself out and walked around,
I see from horizon to horizon,
Everything's been burnt down.

I'd like to claim this mountain as mine,
Rumour has it - I'm the King.
But the damage that's done,
Doesn't make me want to shine.
It doesn't make me feel,
Feel much, for anything.

So I drove my car to the mountain top,
I drove so high until I had to stop,
Got myself out and walked around,
I see from horizon to horizon,
Everything's been burned down.

As far as the eye can see,
From north to south, east to west,
It all belongs to me-e,
And the Immortal Tribe of The Gunai - Aborigine.

But instead, we just got invaders,
Flyin over our heads,
Like they all are Darth Vaders.

Their minds are screwed by,
An evil cult,
It gonna take mass destruction,
to bring it to a halt.

So I drive my car to the mountain top,
I drove it so far that I had to stop,
Got myself out and walked around,
From horizon to horizon,
All the Sacred Country has been burned down.

At inquiries and commissions to find the cause,
Who it was, who it was?
But they refuse to face the hard truth,
That all this is,
Disgustingly badly managed - regrowth.

The British East India Company,
Come over here in the 19th century,
And as well as taking all the trees,
They took the gold,
And the People,
And stole their Bliss.

Now there's, “Department of Sustainability”, HA!
And “Environment”,
Employees walking round,
Pushing me down,
Trying to tell me, they got the authority.

So I drive my car to the mountain top,
Drive up as high 'til I had to stop,
Got myself out and walked around,
From horizon to horizon,
The Sacred Country has, by the IMF,
been burned down.

There's got to be, some Justice.
There's got to be.

Somebody got wear the blame.

There's got to be,
Some Rectitude,

Or this country's gonna burn again!



Black Saturday Bushfires, 2009? Who Dunnit???

On state matters, following on from the last post (?)

Yesterday I was "evicted" from my forest hideout, by three Vic Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) "men". (Happy Birthday, Maxee!)

So it goes....

But as we left the site, at the gate I stopped and fired a few arrows at them, addressing them for about half an hour on how much the two hundred Human deaths of February 2009's bushfires were caused by the DSE and the IMF's BAD MANAGEMENT of our forests and, of the general widespread DISGUSTING abuse of land resources in the "private" land owning world nearby, where the fires started.

If the "inquiry" which is firing bullets at Christine Nixon, is still on, then I put it that they should HAVE A REALPOLITIK LOOK AT WHAT CAUSED THE BUSHFIRES and the deaths and still remnant carnage?

Because, after spending some months in those areas, I find it is impossible to not point the blame at the aforesaid department and the Victorian government, and their BAD POLICIES OF LAND USE/LAND ABUSE.

I wondered later if "Ted", one of the triad, wasn't looking all-of-a-sudden, a bit uneasy because I said that the DSE and co are culpable for the mass murders?

Perhaps he thought I was right?

I am!

But I really pointed the hangman's noose at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), for it's 150 or so years of evil maltreatment of FOREIGN Land.

But...., the facts remain........

In fact....., in fact...., I later asked myself AGAIN, if the fires weren't deliberate, and were part of a FOREIGN IMF plan to further decimate the forests, for timber, deforestation is rampant up there now, as it is where I now am further east, for to have a dig underneath for minerals and... GOLD! etc., and..., for the bonanza for our Spring Street mobsters of more land to sub-urb-an-ize!!!! ?


Indeedy..., this might well be why Christine Nixon threw her hands up in the air and went to the pub on that black Saturday?

Can anyone blame her....?

If even NEARLY so, we have ANOTHER reason for the decapitation of the states' governments....

And, we have MORE reason to arrest all executives in the IMF...!

I wonder if Stern Hu, ex-exec of Rio Tinto, jailed in China for being like an IMF white man and accepting 30 pieces of silver, would turn Whistleblower if he knew something about such devilry, if the Chinese government saw this Rectitude and shortened his sentence?

After all folks, Rio Tinto is right-up-there in the IMF!

Shoot me, scum!

Arrows-of-FIRE from
Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
still sittin' on the esky of

How far will Rudd go against states?

How far will Rudd go against states?

A bloke gets a bit sceptical when he hears the same type of disputes being rehashed each year/election.

Over recent days/weeks media has thrown a few titbits out to us about how inviable our three tier government system is, and I and others have added to the debate/WAR on getting rid of the middle level of corruption.

But, like the wind media excreted last week over Christopher Hitchens and others calling for the Catholic Pope to be arrested, follow-up journalism fades back to the pub, and nary another word is heard?

Will it be the same on the VITAL issue of cleaning-up our nation's governance, by trimming it down to Local Councils under a federal umbrella?

One sceptic thinks so.

However, on this fake debate/WAR between the feds and the states on health care and who runs it, I do have a faint feeling in me water (?) that this is being staged to give us all time to warm to the idea of dissolution of the states.

(EXTREEEMELY Positive there, Ome?!)

But it is almost regular, isn't it. War, I mean, between the two levels?

One can only hope that this time, on-the-face-of-it intelligent Premiers, like Brumby, are “modern” enough to be on-side in backroom discussions with Canberra, and in their conclusions about the FACT that it is at last time for Australia to actually PROGRESS beyond the anachronistic and foreign-control-friendly state parliaments?

As has happened since federation, and prior to, these types of issues can be catalysts for WAR, but not so much interstate or intra-national “civil”-type wars.

Wars instead, between Australia and her foreign masters in Zurich, London, Edinburgh, and Rome, et al.

A republic is the obvious option, perhaps like Canada. But Canada has a sullied reputation to me, since reading “Drugs Inc., Boston Bankers and Soviet Commissars” by Executive Intelligence Review.

Perhaps we should look toward our very own Aborigine for ideas on how best to govern ourselves.

It probably took a few thousand years, back when they first started drifting down here from Asia/Africa/the Stars, to sort out their systems, but by the evidence, they did sort it out and lived pretty Honorably for quite a while. Quite a while longer than the Jews, or the Romans, or the Brits?

But, republic talk is distinct from states-eradication, so perhaps they need not occur together?

They seem to me to be interlinked however, 'cause the states are very much conduits for foreign power, wealth-depletion, and influence.

It's the same old game conquerors have played for eons, of divide and rule.

It amazes me that little is heard about the divisive nature of our states' governments.

It signifies again to me that the majority of Australians are happy to live under such filthy rotten corruption.

But the recent Newspoll told us that by far the majority have no faith nor respect I guess for the middle-fifedoms.

And going to the prompt for this post, I find that today on the Sky news website, 90% of Sky viewers (of their webpage) have voted “yes” to the question “Should the state and territory leaders support Kevin Rudd's health plan?”


(10% voted “no” and zero% voted “indifferent”, which is a laugh surely, because indifferent voters would also be indifferent about clicking their opinion?)

(Let's watch as droppo Abbott drops his obstructionism on health!)

So, once more, are we being played with by the politicians and their spin-doctors (do Labor still use the FOREIGN Saachi-and-Saachi? Let us pray “NOT”!)

It is hard to believe that NSW Premier K Keneally is NOT anybody's girl.

Up in the land of Queens, (who knew there's a bloke making millions selling marijuana in Nimbin, who is related to QE2, and apparently stands to inherit about one third of Queensland, if things go their way down here down under?)

A. Bligh, (while bearing perhaps the most Honorable surname in Australia's history books, but I know not if Anna is related to the Righteous Governor William Bligh) and her single parliament house have seen huge failures across their health system for decades and more, so surely Queenslanders' would not dislike federal intervention and takeover?

But, as this debate lurches on, a handy distraction it must be noted, away from the supposed federal election campaign, traveling 4x4 tent sceptic numero uno here suspects that every distraction will be dangled in front of our glazing eyeballs, uptil the bog day (TYPO!!!), to keep us watching the footy or cricket or sled-racing, and post-2010 fed erection (TYPO!!!) we'll still have entrenched Premiers and state politicians lording it wiff Cardinal sinners and mafioso Dons from Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Tel Aviv and Majorca.

And we'll still be fighting each other at auctions and in nightclubs and on back streets and on footy fields for the rent, next mortgage payment, insurance, exorbitantly over-priced imports, and a generally downward-trending quality of life.

Thanks for that ,IMF!

Why is death so inviting these daze?


So 1st, we're all forgiven for selling out to ROME! And for stomping on the Gods we call Aborigines and for stealing THEIR LAND.

And 2nd, “JESUSS GUNNA SAVE US!” for being utter utter utter selfish bastards and deeply ignorant dick-suckers!!!!

Why have I become an Atheist?

And I bet Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedictus) doesn't get arrested.

On an Australian civil war, has anyone else wondered why dropposition leader HEY Abbott has been chumming it with the sporting men lately?

I reckon he's drumming up, or pedalling for favour amongst the fitness freaks in preparation for the reforming of the extreme right wing “white army” against any genuine attempts at Good Government in Oz!

AND a comeback by King Johnny Howhard!!!! Funded by Western Australia's white South Africans as their fightback answer to Nelson Mandela!

Keep yer ears open at yer gym! And for goose-steps in yer local army reserves!

That about rounds it up from
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on the upturned esky, for

And OH! Happy Birthday to me, for Saturday! Wonder how much the scum will terrorize me THIS weekend?


Feds v States? Hark!? The cries of WAR!

Been meaning to scribe something on this federal versus state government fraquar for a wee while.....

Hark!? The cries of WAR!

All objectors to federal control of health and hospitals are out for their own spoils, spoils gained from the dated and corrupt three tier system of (mis-)government.

Rudd and Coy will be Correct to go to war with the states.

But not just WAR on the hospitals issues, more fundamentally TO WAR on the dissolution of all our middle-tier state governments.

"Local Councils (expanded to "geo-regions") under a Federal Umbrella", is the future for us, if we have one.

The entrenched structure is so lucrative to all state-level public utilities' upclub 'professional' "inner circles", they will do and say anything to stop a more efficient and Just governmental system.

The Unions must support Rudd in this long term restructuring of not just health, but of national government.

Greens! Same-same!

The recent Newspoll tells us that the majority of Australians will also support a war to be rid of the middle-level of state governments.

GO FOR IT, Mister Rudd!

Now that's the first time I've said/scribed something in support of our Alpgov for quite a.... perhaps since the '07 election?

"Game of arra's, anyone?"

Firey, burning and ACCURATE arrows, mates! From
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riding the silver quivver of


Christians are too busy waiting for “Jesus”!

Christians are too busy waiting for “Jesus”!

Too busy in their heads, that is - their Spirit competing with all the religious noise, or “spells” to be calm and GOD FORGIVE “Content” with minimal material possessions.

Instead they are kept out on the hustings telling the world that THEY ARE RIGHT, be-they right wing or left wing, and that we must be more competitive, etc.

Atheists can take heart! For there is now solid PROOF that Atheism is the Correct way to be.

This is proven by the evidence, irrefutable evidence that Catholicism and Christianity in-general, are devious compilations of fabrications.

Evidence: ME! And, the destruction western, or "Christian" culture is inflicting on the once Beautiful "Garden of Wisdom" we know as the Planet Earth!

ME? I'm the puppet the Catholics, IN COLLUSION with the Freemasons, have “built” to play their long awaited “Jesus-on-the-rebound”!

That I am now an atheist, and also have a global following, not for anything to do with “God”, “YHVH”, or other deity, but in part for resisting the church's calls and demands to play Jesus, and also for fighting for years now, merely and Scientifically for an ECONOMIC solution to the world of woes we know as Planet Earth, or as I prefer “The Great Virgin Mutha Eartha”, along, as-it-'appens, with a host of on-the-face-of-it brutal, merciless, PRAGMATIC approaches to restoring the overall Human-to-Human and Human-to-Environment Balance (example: “Eugenics”!), and that I have solid evidence that I myself am the central figure in a MASSIVE church-based conspiracy, as-said, to produce a false “returned Jesus”, is more than enough evidence against the irreparably corrupt cult we generally refer to as “Christianity”.

Gods, as we've come to regard them, as far as I can determine, with the deepest sincerity and determination to establish what the truth is, are those Humans who have at some stage, usually some ancient stage, for whatever reason - accident, drugs, extreme pleasure, terror or extreme stress - have had their third eye open, and thus become what we call Witches, and have thereafter won the minds of gullible people, people who have had no sound instruction, or “education” (in it's proper meaning: “educe”: to “draw forth”, to “bring out” from within) on the hidden world of the occult, the world of the Witch (white, or light, and dark).

Will all Respect to the Religious Hebrews, or Jews, and to all who are sincerely Reverent to some Higher Deity, I cannot deny that I am inclined to the belief that YHVH was just one of these ancient Tribal Leaders, who, upon passing beyond this “3D” world, ascended to the occult realm, perhaps beyond the fourth dimension, to those realms I, in my new atheism, still believe exist, higher again in what we might call the fifth, sixth and seventh dimension, the Seventh Heaven of Occult Supremacy, akin, I think to that Realm mentioned somewhere in Hindu texts.

So! As I say, “Atheists, take heart!”

Moving into the second decade of the third millennium, since they threw constraints the notions of time with the marking point of “zero AD” - of past, present and future - it is now for Humanity - albeit, that we may have blown it, and are irreversibly heading for global annihilation - to take hold of our destiny, and reject those old-kings models of idiotic “faith” and of placing trust in utterly corrupt and deceiving witch-priests.

Christianity (Judeo-Christianity, or Osiris-Judeo-Christianity) is behind too much of the chaos of the world, and goes against our activating our own Intellect, so that, while we are almost all witches now, we have also to ensure our feet are firmly on the ground in matters of “belief” and in Knowing how best to live on Earth.

Were each and everyone of us educated not to crave for toys and material aspirations, as the cults force us to desire (the word “love” is of Sanskrit origin, “lubh” and it means “desire”!), living with the mind in control, so not grasping insatiably, we would find inner peace more naturally, thus Wisdom would guide us as if we were Enlightened People.

Being this way, stops us from living beyond our and our planet's means.

In Balance.

Deferring to a Spiritual Deity is fine. But as with Philosophies like Taoism, this is a very personal thing, and extends into how we live - Reverently.

The Highest Spiritual Deity, is your own Spirit, which, is so Rarefied as to be not knowable.

This, I believe, is why Buddhism claims no God.

Taoism says that to know It, Tao, or to speak of it, reduces it to being less than what it is. Unknowable. Unspeakable. The Mystery.

So why am I atheist?

Because the god portrayed in the western religions, is but an ancient witch, ascended yes, to the heavens, and attained to those realms through profound, sincere and Wise works, I assume and accept, but “he” is not such that he is an active over-watching Intelligence behind the whole of the creation, and he is not such as portrayed, who sent his only son down here.

“He”, It, as far as I have decided to believe, is the cause, the primordial spark of all existence. Having ignited, off the energy went, making all manner of things, and life as we know it, Jim, is the present result.

I think? But it could be the two pommy witches who stood behind me in the kebab shop last week, and who have been haunting me since?

Nevertheless... Atheists can take heart, and so must all Souls, and be motivated to expose and close the utterly corrupt western religions, not just because I have broken the secrecy on and of this horrendous “false Jesus” fraud upon the hearts and minds of all Humans, but also because all the poor suckers who have been forced into being sexually, physically and like me, psychologically abused deserve to know that the evil bastards who've done them over, have been at last, brought to justice, and their secretive clubs of black witchcraft have been “outed” and wiped-out.

Forever and forever, we hope!?

AND there's more!

Let it be so, or as the Witch says “So mote it be!”, not only for those sufferers, but also for the future, by bringing back into control these heinously irresponsible cults who cannot stop themselves from competing against each other and against everyone else, AND against the natural environment, in the “race to the bottom” of destroying this once Heavenly habitat we know as HOME, the Mutha Earth.



Amen, and AUM!

So Mote It Be!

Another arrow at the witch-cult of Catholicism, from
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ARREST the Pope! ARREST the Pope!

Scanning Google News, there turned up this item, amongst a couple of others!

Pope faces 'arrest campaign' in UK

on PRESS TV, link:


So, I sent them my comment, and here 'tis:

I was arrested, bashed and later terrorised by NSW (Australia) police for over a year, for blogging and emailing authorities and media that the current Pope be arrested in July 2008, when he came to Sydney!

May facts and Reason now prevail!

Arrest the Pope! Arrest the Pope!

And charge him, too....

The church is an anachronism.

Far passed time Humanity Progressed beyond false mythology!

That's it.

I have to think ascript here and ask

"If he's charged and convicted, am I eligible for compensation from the NSW police?????"


And I just remembered! The one phone call the arresting coppers allowed me to make, I made to the Righteous QC, Geoffrey Robertson's very own Sydney-based, Barrister brother Tim!

Didn't help much however........ In the end I scared the bastards into dropping all charges (by myself), mainly by I "out-casing" them, (I might have been a lawyer in my last life, going by the "wicked" writing I can cunger when the pressure's on! But I reckon I wuz Adolf Hitler in me last, going by the shite life I struck this time. Was Hitler a lawyer!) but also because they, the NSW cops, knew the charges against me were all fabricated - BY THEM! - and it was all merely a case of terrorizing me because I spoke too close to the TRUTH about.... about everything in NSW!

But especially about the utterly corrupt Catholic church.

I suspect I'll be gettin' a bruising tonight, for saying this lot......!

Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM

even from his traveling 4x4 tent, the HQ of

After-effects of February 2009 “Black Saturday Bushfires?

After-effects of February 2009 “Black Saturday Bushfires?

A relatively passive plug about the future, from
Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM,
from the tin-&-tarpaulin tent of

Apart from the obliteration of Victoria's natural fauna, the Black Saturday bushfires have left the land vulnerable to invasion by other species.

The one I've noticed in the burned-out areas, in the sections of forest east of Wandong, is a proliferation of the European Wasp.

This brings me to ask what the Victorian government's Department of Sustainability and Environment is doing in monitoring and checking the spread of this unwelcome insect?

I learned only a little about the wasp, when I lived in Eltham, and helped a landowning mate set traps over the wasps' burrow-nests. One thing is that they are aggressive to native species of bees, and therefore upset the natural balance.

It seems a very small and insignificant point, in relation to the damage done by the Black Saturday fires - the devastating loss of Human lives and the near-complete loss of wombats, 'roos, wallabies, birds, snakes and lizards et al, et al, and of course the virtual extermination of the native bees and other insects, all important to a balanced biosphere, and compared to the carnage now under way in the Mount Disappointment range, where deforestation is running wild with loggers ripping into the burned growth, so I do wonder why I care about the European wasp?

I guess it is just one part of the situation in our Victorian forests, and is an example or an expose of how our government DSE is failing us, and the forests, critters and fauna, etc.

The wildfires of February 2009 had their cause not in just extremely hot weather and a few arsonists.

Government policy toward our forests is why “Black Saturday” happened.

But, as much as those now in government cannot escape some part of responsibility, and thus, responsibility for the 200-odd human lives lost, the flawed policies are almost as old as Victoria, with the earliest settlers, pioneers and parliamentarians blindly ripping into the forests from the very earliest invasions.

Deforestation has so upset the local, and, truth be known, GLOBAL ecological balance, that both excessive temperatures, and fire-friendly forest regrowth are the results.

The debate around "global warming" and "climate change" is subversive farce, without doubt.

These factors are real (not to over sensationalize them), and, as deforestation has been going-on since the earliest colonialism (as far back as ancient Rome's expansion across the Mediterranean to north Africa 3000 years ago, which began the depletion of the forests, until all that remained was/is.... the Sahara!) eventually the overall environment has to react.

But, was it not rampant raping of the land, and of the people, ever-thus?

In Australia, clearly today's government, and opposition, in Local Council, state and federal parliaments, do not care at all about these hard truths, and simply turn a blind eye to the issues that the likes of the Greens party and Environmental campaigners and protesters and lobbyists have been up-in-arms about for longer than most of us know.

“Greenies” have been around for as long as Humans have walked upright. It's just that the lowly, self-interested corrupted materialists have won control of vital organs such as the media and government for about as long. At least in Rome, Switzerland and Britain.....

Inquiring too much into these earlier mentioned affairs, of the near-terminal damage done to our forests' and bushlands' fauna and flora, leaves one bereft of hope that we can make right the wrongs of the past.

However, in order to keep one's “head on right” as-it-were, I believe that such issues must be considered, otherwise the mind will begin to malfunction, and further degradation of the personal self, of the species and of the world around us becomes inevitable. Take our seriously intellectually defected mainstream suburb-dwellers!

Of course, there's the “beating one's head against a brick wall” factor, which can cause as serious dysfunction.

Whether I'm a puppet or not, while the mind is able to function, while I am still alive, the asset of my intellect, it seems, is most important to me. I entertain that it will do me well in my next life, so I should take good care of it in this one.

So ensuring in this life and whatever follows death, that the mind is striving ever-upward, to improving it's faculties, I have no doubt that “seeking after - and facing - the truth” is fundamental.

Therefore, whether “all-is-lost” or not, in terms of the forests of this world, nation, state and little corner, “going fearlessly to” the above mentioned issues is a must.

Clearly my persistence will have no effect upon the thinking of the loggers, nor upon the mindset of the big-boys of the International Monetary Fund, who are behind the errant and devastating forestry policies here, east (and west) of Wandong.

And it's pure joke to the land-clearing cattle-men over the way, who, like the government and the loggers, rejoice at the bushfires as an excuse to rip out the burnt trees and “plant” their bovine money-makers, (state government stands to make a fortune from clearing the forests to replace them with OH! MORE suburbs, and loggers earn a nice little fortune each day trucking out the timber) with no cares at all about the future, the kids of tomorrow, nor of theirs'.

So, I expect, once I post this blog, and send it to a few media houses, and government departments, I'll have the frighteners put up me on the forests' road, when a log-truck rips around a bend, forcing me off the track.

Perhaps not, because I suspect that even they get to thinking about the rapacious nature of life in these parts occasionally, and are to some degree in agreement with my persistent protestations, if not with the clear evidence I point to, and what cannot help but follow in years to come?

Living in the suburbs, it seems, has most of us lose touch with nature, and with that portion of it which is fundamental to Human survival. (I'd write "...has most of us lose touch with REALITY," also, but I really don't know what reality is these days.)

As I titled my last web log “What will it take....”, I can't help but feel that nothing will save us now, short of a massive, globally coordinated REVOLT against, in particular, the IMF and it's suicidal policies.

But, apart from the Righteous Outlaws, and Activist Greens, and Aborigines world-over, still something of a minority, and still, I suggest, out-of-favour with the mainstream of the “developed world”, WHO, will it take, to set the Revolutionary Green Ball rolling?

Always, in Righteous wars, right through history, centralised control breaks-down before the Ultimate Victory.

In many parts, the Activists for a more Just world have recognised that Local Autonomy is fundamental to enduring success.

But for Victory today, in the big game of global environment and economics, the “key” is for all to be fully aware of the most important Values, and, as US President Bill Clinton coined it “It's the economy, stupid!”

So, if any of us are going to live effective lives, and correct the condition of the environment, local and global, we have to learn most about the most environmentally-friendly economic system.

And..., surprise-surprise..., it's


as recommended in the of-late "shy" Henry Tax Review.

Then at the local level, we have to get active and if necessary, force our local groups, political, social, Club, Gang, cult, coven, business and environmental (firing an arrow at the “Wilderness Society”) to recognise the Reforms to government that are needed, and make them, or lobbying for them, part of their “Reason detre” their “Reason for existing” and their group's Constitution.

Our three main political parties - Labor, Libs and Nats - cannot be trusted to go down that road. They're all too “rusted-on” to IMF corruption.

So again, I urge all to break with those so-called “traditions”, and force yourselves to look impartially at today's political farce, then vote from here forward for the REALPoliticians who speak straight on these types of Reforms the whole planet urgently needs.

Ideally, even I would like the future to be a Green-Techno Future, and I have no doubt that that's possible.

But, our only Future will be a Green Future.

Anything else, and we won't have a one.

Meanwhile..... those Eurapean wasps...?

"..Boarding-off" (a variation on 'signing-off'....hehehe) from the traveling 4x4 tent of
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