Egypt, The Revolt, CNN, and what next?


All Praise The Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen Fighting for a Just World!

Egypt, The Revolt, CNN, and what next?

Well Hello Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen Et Al!

ALAS! The People are Revolting!

And so they should be.

Watching the limited news media via Foxtel-on-mobile, accessing BBC, CNN, Sky, SBS and, though pathetic news coverage, Australia's ABC1 (WHERE'S ABC-NEWS-24??? Stick your FOX-payTV-ABC-Victoria news!), we down-here-down-under are being fairly heavily news-bombed on the political tensions in Egypt.

CNN particularly. That CNN (global) are putting heaps of time covering the Egypt situation brings to mind their live coverage of the US invasion into Somalia (?) which telecast, for the first time ever in a warzone, live footage of the US troops landing, a few years ago.

That 'event' was what really put CNN indelibly into the minds of Australian pay-TV news watchers at least, and probably imprinted the CNN logo into several others' minds elsewhere.

'Crisis news' might be their catch-phrase or subtitle, because since Somalia, pretty-much every major crisis, manmade or natural, has been monitored, perhaps excessively, by the Turner media channel.

That's not a whinge. These types of events are my mental, journalist tucker! Because they also have other highly credible programs on CNN, notably 'The Daily Show' and 'Political Mann', but also program anchors like (Richard) 'Questie', and Larry King, Et Al, CNN, to my mind, rates as, in Outlaw terms, 'SHITHOT!'

However, being an Outlaw REALPolitik Journo, I has to be sceptical of EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING..., do you hear?

And so, CNN qualifies as a target.

This, mainly because it is 'mainstream' media, so as with all others, I suspect much of what CNN has it's talking heads, reporters and interviewers say on air, is restricted, so as to not offend - reasonable, albeit that the most dangerously 'sensitive' people liable to take offence at a news report or published media inquiry are the ever-sensitive softcocks in the super-upclub circles of international diplomacy. 'Friends of Tyranny' basically!

The types the Tunisians and Egyptians are right now revolting against!

And we all know how the disgusting 'Orwellian Ministry of Truth' rules of 'political correctness' exist in the upemselves world of diplomacy to protect tyranny and ungood upclub corporate misbehaviour, as well as sheltering the delicate little flowers groomed in the cubby-houses of upper class Christianity.

Having writ that, let me writ that from where I wander, CNN and even ol' uncle BBC do pretty damn good jobs of 'going-to' topical-but -'sensitive' issues, and usually do well in digging beneath the private corporate (Fox-type) veneers of right-wing oligarchic self-interest.

Australia's latest news 24/7 channel, 'ABC News 24', seen by me only via the internet thus far, gets pretty 'chunky' and direct on plenty of issues local and global.

But they do all remain under set restrictions, lines-in-the-sand which NO REPORTER OR TALKING HEAD MUST EVER-EVER CROSS!

I range on this mainstream media point because, as yet still 'birthing', the 'social media' networks of 'Twitter', et al, I'm told by the big media names above as being 'revolutionary' in themselves, we media hounds and news watchers are really very much still dependent upon the big fellas of CNN, BBC, ABC and-on, for our news.

Now, we would be talking Revolution if the Murdoch coven were to give Pay-TV unmetered access to such as 'Al Jazeera', etc!

But they are obviously still reluctant to throw ABC News 24 onto Pay TV in Australia, so Al Jazeera would take a REALPolitik Revolution down at Canary Wharf and Bush House before Rupee and Jimmy gave us News from the other side!

Nevertheless..., CNN seems happy to broadcast notions of a growing Revolt 'right across the Arab world', as shown with Street Protests in Yemen and Jordan, and, not forgetting the first Arab nation-catalyst, Tunisia.

Great! I think?

Being a Global Revolutionary, I can only salute those who get out on the streets with a sincere determination for Reforms.

All Strength to your Rising Fists, Comrades!

There can be no doubt that today there is much to Rebel against, in the 'Arab world' and in most every other 'world'.

However, as with the Protests in Iran a year or two ago, I think about 'suspected flawed elections', viewers have always to be sceptical about the backroom agendas of mainstream media. Because it was clear to myself that CNN was very-much behind anti-government sentiment in Iran as the protests grew and hit world news.

CNN are 'western' in their 'bent', and, to stay alive, again they are limited as to how much they can report and comment on the veracity of western values, especially when it interferes, or may interfere with the value systems and structures of nations within other Cultures.

Being as DEFIANT as I seem Duty-bound to remain, I nevertheless have to bow to the magnificence of western technology and many many other developments and inventions born and nurtured in the first world, western countries.

But, being a DEEEEP Greenie, having done the Science, Economics, Philosophy and general 'societal maths', it's clear to me that, like Political Correctness and the ethics-and-merit-free 'Commercial-in-Confidence' clauses of corporation/government deals, and like the censoring that plagues media, there have to be limits as to how much we allow PC, C-i-C, news censoring, backroom agenda and the blithe acceptance that everything made of western technological development and invention is unchallengeably good, to take over.

Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Sudan, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Yulara, Et Al Et Al included, if-not-especially!

Because I am deeply suspicious of any big media house reporting on such events as in Egypt right now.

Like in Iran, it cannot be discounted that the protests we see on the news from Egypt, Tunisia, and other Arab nations' dealing with disgruntled anti-government protesters, are being 'stage-managed' at least to some extent, by the devious, agenda-ridden and basically psycho-pathologically subversive foreign agents.

Foreign agents from BigSpies Incorporated - MI6, CIA, Mossat - and any other BigSpy Corp who can steal passports and talk shit to customs officials.

But also, we must be wary of possible agenda inside the top floor corner offices in CNN, BBC, Sky (NO-O! Not SSSKKKYYY!?) etc.

And then there's the most likely probability that the BigSpy first world government maggots are in bed with the CEOs of big media.

Of course, ah huh, of course!

So, as we watch events unfold across the Arab world, and any other People's Revolts which may follow elsewhere, we have always to be deeply sceptical of what we are being fed.

Because I can guarantee you that any bigmedia reportage and commentary will have definite hidden agenda behind each and every word.

Hidden agenda which wants-wants-wants the poor, tech-starved other side of the cultural values divide, to become slaves to the insane hi-tech and fancy food consumer corporations of the deadly and dying CRAPITALIST western corporate elite.

And, it's accepted by economists and economisseds today that CRAPITALISM goes into CRISIS#*^! if it cannot keep expanding.  It depends totally upon flogging garbage to the gullible, and, as the locals wise-up, and stop buying, or have enough junk to take to the tip in their hollow lives, the sellers have to go elsewhere, to elsewhere incomes.

And, as we saw in one horrible example from 2003-on, bigcorp (think 'Halliburton') make trillions 'developing' bombed-out nations.

Comments on Egypt at the moment include apparent calls for a more equal share of Egypt's wealth, because the rich-versus-poor divide has grown beyond any reasonable proportions.

You do say?!

Where, on this prison-planet, is the R-v-P divide not growing?

Perhaps a tad ironic, since the extremes of R-v-P wealth-divisions have been the mainstay of monarchies since Adam and Eve ate the chemically-laden apple!

Reducing and even eliminating the R-v-P-D is supposed to be what 'Democracy' is all about!

Yet, of the more recent epoch, of perhaps the last 500 years, 'Democracy' has been propagandised by the world's ruling elites as their general political aim, but the reality has, in every case, been that every nation which wins this highly questionable thing called 'the vote', dramatically increases the R-v-P divide to totally inhumane levels!

And what exactly, is the essence behind any economic, social divide?

Being able (or not) to 'live on the high side of the tracks'? Being able to impress the neighbours with a new car or ever bigger wide-screen TV? 'Yeah, I've got a few 100 acres outside of town!'

Sending the kids to the largest, most materialistic western cult schools, thus an 'in' to the upclub networks of their secretive 'brudderbonds', guaranteed to get the family the highest-paid corporate jobs, best land deals, and, and, and.....! all the wealth of the world?

'Keeping up with the Joneseseses', was it's label a few decades ago in Australia and other western fiefdoms. At least in material wealth and the ability to consume-consume-consume as our insane and insatiable desires demand.

As said above, 'I done me maths', and know that these aspirations are not healthy for person nor People-Collective, and are the most dangerous lifestyle expectations of all, when it comes to issues around the sustainability of our ONLY Environment called 'The Great Mutha Eartha'. (You might call Her something else.)

Also, the endless consumption the western cult corporate advertising-and-marketing world entices the tech-poor peoples of the more Honorable worlds (the 3rd world nations) come with deeper and darker traps than any poverty, or non-materialistic lifestyles can.

'Ever-deeper delusion and debt are the propellants, once you lick the back of the toad!', as a line from one of my Revolutionary songs almost puts it.

So..., SURE, let the poor have technology!

Let all Egyptians, Tunisians, Jordanians, PALESTINIANS, and North Koreans, Australian Aborigines, and all the ignored Blighters from our slum suburban ghettos lift, and be lifted out of decrepit living conditions with technology and the like.

But, and here's my 'request' to all BigMedia et al, please make it your business to 'go to' the more fundamental issues each and every person on Earth has eventually to go to, with the primary focus on the far-from-properly-defined but nevertheless highly laudable Democratic ECONOMIC issues, rather than broadcasting sensationalist media about Revolutionary 'rent-a-crowd' activities?

'Economic Issues' underneath every person's right, need and want for a Stable, Secure, Sustainable and Satisfying, HAPPY Life, lifestyle, Community and Culture.

It is far from coincidence that I am the dissident monarch I am, and that I have been guided to go-to those fundamentals inherent in the future of life on Earth.

The most Credible Economic and Social Sciences confirm beyond doubt that 'monarchies' as we know them now and as we've been told about from past eras, have passed their use-by date, and now, in an enormously different, enormously 'Progressed' world, cannot be justified, and neither anymore, tolerated.

As a line voiced, which made it through the curtain from Egypt's protests on CNN 'We (Egyptians) don't want to be ruled by a Pharaoh', referring to the disfavoured Egyptian President 'Hosni Mubarak' and his 28 or so year reign.


But what options do they have?

The leading Egyptian political opposition voice is one 'Mohammed Al Baraday'.

Blimey? How complex can a Revolution get?!

'Al Baraday', as best I can recall at the moment, without internetability, was until recently the head of the global, that-is, 'western-orientated' nuclear energy watchdog (name escapes me?)? The 'International Atomic Energy Agency', IAEA, perhaps?

So, it's pretty clear where his allegiances lie!

I suggest he is about as pro-western, that-is pro-consumption and pro-crapitalism-to-excess, and pro-destroy the planet's arable Land and environment, as any Egyptian, Arab or non-white could get!

Therefore, he, like Mubarak, will never go anywhere near addressing the REALPolitik Issues underneath this chimera called the rich-versus-poor divide, in Egypt.

But another upclub puppet of the dominant paradigeridoo-nothings, the Illuminaughty!

Oh Shit!?

So who, or where do Egyptians turn, if they are able, enabled, by the more Honorable, Intelligent and Wise of Egypt's Military Command, to keep the Protests going?

Same-same for every bubbling nation?

The silly black-robe-ers of the Illuminaughty, seem far too self-hypnotised on this dangerous and deeply flawed notion of a world leader. A world saviour. THA MESS-I-YAH!

Looking around the globe, either in historical records or in the present, there is no doubt that all nations led by these last versions of super saviours, our monarchies, end in disaster.

But not before the Forgotten Peoples within each of those fiefdoms have lived for generation after generation in dire poverty.

Such kingdoms, or queendoms, all eventually fall because of the disparit economic rot that inherently sets-in, when an overly upemself monarch and their slimy 'ministers' find the affairs of their own state too time-consuming or complex to bother with, ('Much rather be drinking bubbly, my lubbly! HICK!?!*), and because the affairs, if looked-at with Honor, are known to threaten their ruthless hold on the acreages they want to keep for their mistresses, illegitimate children and sycophantic peers, et al et al.

And HARK! This is where the fundamental issue begins and ends!

Land Distribution!

Exactly like the drowned lower-suburban slaves of Brisbane and Rockhampton etc, in Queensland, Astrayliar, of the last month, who, for 203 years, have been so wronged by the elite that they have no option but to let their Souls be enslaved to the mill of inequitable and highly immoral-NAY-ILLEGAL tax and land distribution regimes, the Subjects - the PEASANTS! - of all monarchic regimes are driven from all the most arable, most secure, most flood-proof land, and thus become vulnerable to both natural climactic events, and calamitous errings of their aloof and generally greedy, psychotic overlords. (Brit-Eurape's IMF CEOs come to mind!))

'Calamitous errings', which force the poor to commit crime, merely to feed and house themselves and/or the family.

Therefore...., EGYPT! Be Careful!

Also, no matter how things transpire in north Africa and the Middle East, the People must do everything they can to avoid accepting promises of support from the major western powers, because they have always turned such loans and 'development' into unbalance-able crises, and, none of them are 'secure' financially these days, hours, minutes...!

We have yet to see any longer-term results from Tunisia's deposition of their tyrant, but we can be sure that further 'unrest' will show across the Arab and Moslem worlds.

'Unrest', which, if not properly managed FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, will be subverted singularly to make conditions perfect for the absolutely evil infidels of western materialist corporate plunder to march-in their troops-in-suits, replete with container-ship-loads of CRAP material product, and land-thieving development projects, to finally capture the Arab and Islamic Peoples' Land, and resources, and in that, the Arab and Islamic Peoples' own ability to live Sustainably, Intelligently, Wisely.... and.... HAPPILY.

The 'Revolution', as wannabe world ruler, wee Jimmy Murdoch (FOX, B-Sky-B etc) and his upclub elitist suckholes reckon they, THEY can orchestrate, guide, influence, manage and ultimately subvert to their suiting, and with the endless power of media, can mediate away the inevitable western-made inequities and injustices.

So, all Strength to CNN, but the whole world has to be wary of the undoubted hidden agenda behind all big western media, which will try to ferment Revolutions right around the non-white, non-Christian, non-CRAPITALIST worlds.

I wrote 'non-Christian', because this in fact, is the factor behind most all of the world's current social, economic and environmental troubles.

Christianity wins so much support from the 'lost sheep' left behind in the western CRAPITALIST leader-centric world, mainly because it tells us/them we are one, 'forgiven' ('YOU forgive them Lord...! I'm FUCKED if I will!'), and thus is telling them that they can live according to their desires without guilt, guaranteed apparently, of going to Heaven once they've spent all their karmic-credits.

This also is saying to them that they do not have to make something of their own Intellect, because JESUSS!!! is THA WUN who will do all the thinking and moralising and imposing of restraints on our lowest desires, for us.

Of course, of the last 1600 to 2000 years or so, Jesus has been most comfortably (for the monarchs and their ministers) replaced by the monarch.

So..., YO-HO-HO!

This all adds-up to calling Humanity-in-General, including EVERYONE across Arabia, Islamia, Africa, Asia, America and Astrayliar (ULURUBA!), Et Al, to take all questions about the veracity of the days' leadershipssss to the next level, and then, no doubt, to the next level again, as there is apparently so much to learn, both about own own Superior Personal Talents and Inherent Wisdom, and about the General Economic Wisdoms necessary for a Sustainable Planet and Village, and not be tempted, because 'the boss'-read-greedy-tyrant demands you go back to the western-fabricated mill and forget the Revolution.

The crux of all our political and economic and personal (psychological) and social woes, from Egypt to Everywhere-ville, is firmly rooted in how our governments and our shithole land-grabbing elites distribute the Land, and how they ask..., ask? FORCE us to pay the Land Rent.

The chains around the ankles of all Proper Reforms are locked-on THE Revolution by the ruthless global (western) banks and real estate industries. In 3 letters, the IMF.

Before Reform goes any further in the Arab worlds, therefore before the global elites can subvert it back to their agenda, global elites who manage Global Media Propaganda and Deceits (Incorporated), thus are managing poverty and debauched lives, so that the elites profit from it, Reformists across north Africa, and the Middle East, have to discuss the, these bottomline LAND DISTRIBUTION issues openly, and, with their OWN Intellects, Divine that 'leaders' as they've been publicised, are the enemy of the group, because soon enough, the group will be shut out of the political, decision-making processes, and the same-same tyranny and general social and cultural decline will continue, or start all over again.

However, hot-tempered as many of those regions are, STAY COOL!

Unless there is irrefutable evidence that your leaders are tyrants, do not march them down.

President Muhamer Gaddafi of Libya, and 'Lord' Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, are Men, Immortals I've Respected for decades, because of their Strong and Wise Resistance against the evil western establishment powers.

If the likes of these Greats as well as many many leaders in all nations, developed and less-than, were freed from the conditions imposed by the dominant and tyrannical western powers, they would introduce and enshrine True, Proper and Equitable Land Laws in a flash, methinks.

Also, I put it that they see very well the flaws in the current global models of 'leadership'.

In Democracy also.

There'd be little disagreement between us over the line 'If the People are stupid, Democracy is dangerous, and if the People are dangerous, Democracy is stupid'?

Models of 'leadership', based essentially on this dangerous Jewish, Zionist, Roman model of having to have one Great Leader to do all the Wise Thinks for everyone else, bring calamity more often than not on everyone.

How many rulers, kings, Presidents and prime ministers have tired of having to make all the decisions and take all the flack for eventual, inevitable mistakes, born of a flawed social, cultural and economic structure? And how many die groaning about the paucity of Courage, Intelligence and Wisdom in their ministers, because the ministers were 'too busy' to do the FUNDAMENTAL Work of cleaning-out their own Souls of false ideologies and beliefs?

And how much has the ridiculous pressure of such leadership positions sent appointees to insanity, ill-health and/or early graves?

The news comments on Egypt's political eruptions said that the Protesters haven't found, nor perhaps yet sought any new 'leader' to take control of the changes.

The warning, is that 'something' 'concrete' will have to assert itself soon amongst the People, or the FOREIGN diplomatic branch of the wider hegemony will slide in and take control.

It's hard to see anyone from that foreign (western) arena moving forward THE REALRevolution by popularising and thus voting-in Genuine, Equitable Land and Taxation Reforms.

I think we all know they will just drown us all in super-hyperbolic sham-talk, and try to convince us to be good little puppetslaves and they'll call an election asap. With a tax break or two (for the top 10%!) thrown in for slimy-measure.

Until Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan Et Al Et Al, ie., the whole the planet, gets rid of the evil mal-distribution of ARABLE Land, and the unconscionable speculation on our One, Sacred Mutha Eartha, (NEVER SELL YA' MUTHA!) and ReBalances all of our lifestyles, lives and living conditions with Economic Laws, Scientifically irrefutable, there will be NO 'Revolution' to be Proud to tell your grandkids about.

So, Egypt, Islam, Africa, the Power is Yours to Assume.

After years, perhaps decades of my fighting against the (Christian) establishment bastards who are psychotic about their own wealth and absolute power, geographically-distant yet alongside the countless Fellow Warriors for Economic Justice, I do get the feeling that the rich-dicks uptop of the western, Brit-Eurapean and American corporate and governmental ivory towers, are peeling-off the hexes and spells imposed on their own Souls about power and wealth and 'the good life' etc., and are getting closer than ever to conceding that brute ignorance is not the way to let a planet run itself.

However, being something of a pessimist/realist, I have to say that the elite idiots uptop are a little late in getting out of their peers' pants, and that, even with this, the Best Economics any Man or god could Divine, the future is pretty much trashed.

However, in the same way I will not commit suicide, purely so that the malignant cunts who persist in making my own life Hell cannot celebrate my demise, The Revolution, is basically what Humanity is all about, and thus, must remain my and our 'reason for being'.

And so, whatever the future holds, no matter how many die from the crashed environment, global warming, alien invasion, corporate tyranny, Christianity, CRAPITALISM or sniffing petrol, The Revolution will continue, if only to make the Earth a little more Just than it has been for some squillion years or so.

So, All Strength to the Peoples of Africa and the Middle East!

Perhaps there is as good a place as any to Progress the Changes, because the Islamic world abides by at least one Command of it's Holy Books, and outlaws 'usury', or 'interest' on borrowed money.

Something the western banks spend billions on each year in advertising and propaganda to ignore and refute, and they and western 'Treasuries' use to clamp economic and political limiters on the Masses.

We western 'whitefaces' have such a long way to go, to come near to Equal You, Islam.

All Praise!

May the Monarchs and Leaders of those regions see the change cannot be reversed or stifled, and that they can be a part of it along side their Peoples, instead of against them?

All Praise The Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen Fighting for a Just World!

From the Traveling 4x4 Tent of
King Commo! (but? but...???)
aka Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



IMF, Environment, the Future for Humanity and the Super Witch.


IMF, Environment, the Future for Humanity and the Super Witch.

(Sorry for this e-ssay being so long at 5100 words)

After some 25 years aware of the challenges of a changing environment, enough to disrupt the global ecosystem, and after nearly as long, actually longer because I was introduced to an Australian 'Conservation Society' in around 1971/2/3, but after being somewhat of an 'active' inquirer/activist for a couple of decades, a rough, general collation of the 'data' gives the conclusion that the planet now forward, faces the largest threat ever encountered by the Human species.

However, as USA's Secretary for Defence in the GW Bush administration, Donald Rumsfeld partially informed the public via the media around 2005, the planet has to deal with not only rogue and irascible oligarchs with their own armies, nuclear weapons and deranged beliefs, as Rummy put-it, we have 'known knowns, known unknowns, unknown knowns and unknown unknowns'.

He wasn't able to expand publicly on that amazing statement, but gave us all something to think about.

Nobody really understood what we were left to dwell upon, but dwell many of us did.

I think that even then I was at least a skeptic on the unknowns etc., in regard to aliens, extraterrestrials and their coming to Earth, but it was pretty clear that was what Rummy was alluding to.

Myriad Hollywood and other movie/propaganda centres have capitalised on people's ignorance and fear about 'the unknown' for ever, and the alien scare came to near centre-stage in the 1890s or so, when H.G.Wells wrote and published his tome 'War of the Worlds'.

I think it sold well but was not necessarily responsible for any US or Brit-Eurapean panic amongst their peoples. I say 'US, Britain and Eurape' because that was where the largest number of the public were eager readers of such frightening fabrications.

It wasn't until the 1930s that the 'aliens' scare took off, when Orson Welles broadcast a fictional tale, dressed-up as a real-life newsreel on an American radio station.

Apparently, panic was widespread in the USA.

Since then, 'alien' stories have become widespread and popular, winning people to all of the many supposed extraterrestrial visitors' sides.

This has grown until today where the world seems hostage to hostile intruders from space.

Apparently the Catholics went searching for their own allies in space, and are supposed to have contacted a mob up there to the left (looking from the south) of the skies of Orion, where the nasty ones are said to have come?

After years of taking much of this in my stride, lately it has become clear that the aliens onside with the Catholics are of a 'feminine' persuasion, if not gender, and, the nasties from Orion are of a male persuasion, if not gender.

Unconfirmed, of course, but this does seem to be what is going-on in the subtle realms of global elites' minds.

Nasty bastards, whether aliens or earthlings, usually have the edge over the majority of Humans, mainly, I say, because most Humans are 'a little bit soft' in terms of being aggressive and callous.

So it would appear today, that the 'soft' mobs, and it would be wrong to assume the females are all softies, are under siege to the nasties, and that the nasties intend fulfilling their 'purpose' here on earth, no matter what the cost, either to the Aborigines of the planet (Humans), to the planet's environment and other species of life, or to whichever other visitors are here with them and us.

Something which has intrigued me since I logged in mind the 'alien phenomena', is that almost never have I heard the words 'aliens' and 'magic' spoken in the same conversation?

Being fairly uninformed about 'magic' and what is possible with it's application, I am nevertheless aware that magic is basically about manipulating the 'subtle realm' of the 4th occult dimension, but that it may in fact be more a case of manipulating the 'mindstuff' in people's heads, to have something or scene appear occupied, changed, sweet or scary.

With dedicated application, magic can change what is seen, heard, felt, etc., something definitely not lost on the pre-colonialist, pre-Christian Tribes and Peoples of the planet.

However, one aspect of the Roman mission, began somewhere before the 1st century, was to enslave as many of those conquered as possible, and one most effective way was through magic, where the captors deployed it upon the minds of the peoples they invaded and conquered, especially if they resisted the Roman call to change their beliefs, religion and ways they related to and satiated the spiritual forces of the occult worlds.

The long term effect of doing this to their captured nations, now globally, has been whole cultures and nations dumbed-down about the world of magic, such-that few have the clear-headed ability to see through the mental deceptions. Nor have the most of us been raised to learn and gain what is a very important knowledge-base on the occult, which has made the same vulnerable to having someone 'fuck with their mind', as-the-saying-goes.

Thus far, I have never seen any aliens, in wakey-time or asleep. Nor, while under the influence of any drugs - grog, Marijuana, speed, acid etc., and having never paid to watch a bullshit movie about invading gronkelsuckers from spook-galaxy, I think my head is pretty-much empty of neurons operating on data about E.T.

But, as with 'god', because I don't believe in god or aliens, doesn't mean I am incapable of accepting that they could, or do, exist!

In fact, it seems pretty obvious that aliens do exist, and typical anthropocentrism of we proud, upourselves (white) Humans, many of us in low and high places champion that one, we are alone in this universe, and two, that we are the most evolved and most superior to any other life form.


Establishing only recently that I am of royal heritage, with a hefty label on my Soul, of being covertly conceived and raised to be the planet's first 'Global Emperor', a superman bred to do away with the terrors facing the world, one of my recent conclusions is that, apart from being concocted to win back the thrones of Britain (thus the remaining 'British Empire') from the non-Catholic usurpers who now sit, a plan I have little or no sympathy for, nor interest in, and having been deliberately kept from knowing about the extent of the uses and misuses of magic, one, to be sure, to keep me as the megalomaniac Catholics' puppet, two, so that I can do 'my work' without the distractions, temptations and delusions as exist when we open our 3rd eye and are able to see the hidden worlds - of 'aliens', ghosts, demons and other ssss-trange ph-ph-phenomena, but three, I think, mainly because the bastard anti-Catholics, anti-false-messiah mobs, with whom I agree, learned of this crazy world leader plot, and effectively 'blinded' my 3rd eye so that I cannot enter the worlds of ghosts, demons, aliens and..., supermen.

However, because of the 'training' I have endured over my 55 years, under severe physical and psychological pressure, my unseen guides, occultists from several 'agencies' lets-say, have made sure I do have some powers.

This was as likely decided upon to be able to impress the dumb-as Christians, and to get the attention of the nasties of both the alien and Human kind.

I am repeatedly struck dumb when I think of how deluded and deceitful the people who concocted me and all the other related affairs must have been.

As best as I can discern, my existence began in around the 1860s, when a mob of extremely wealthy white folk from Britain, Eurape and one, at least, from Russia, had little to do but play with their 'idle hands', and began fiddling with magic, the cosmos and the material world of planet Earth.

Enormous effort and endless expense went into setting-the-conditions, worldwide, for a world leader to appear (the Theosophical Society's questionable experiment on an Indian youth, whom they renamed 'Krishnamurti', was an attempt at fabricating a world messiah, and once he poured cold water on the insane idea, became a trial-run for that dangerous cult), and one fundamental aspect of setting the scene was to deploy magic onto the minds of the Human species generally, so they would not really know nor understand what is happening to them, nor around them.

My determination that I began my 'existence' in about the 1860s is challenged here, because magic has been frowned-upon by the western, that-is Roman religions for centuries.

The classic examples of their fanatical drive against magic were the 'Inquisitions' run by the Roman Catholic church for 100s of years, and are still occurring today, where the megalomaniacs-with-a-mission burned at the stake, as-they-say, thousands of Witches, from within Britain and Eurape and anywhere their armies and priests marched.

I cannot know whether that long try by the psychomaniacs within the upper echelons of the western powers and churches did in fact have sight of a final achievement, as-in the re-appearance, ie., the falsification, of their fabled messiah or JC, or whether they decided, perhaps at the 4th century Councils of Nicea, to let things run to 'this' agenda, and leave it to their descendants to 'see what happens?!'

But if the Romans, in bed with the Hebrew Rabbis, had such control of things events and the world generally way back in the 4th century AD, such that they could determine the future of all of life on Earth, and that they could so deeply and effectively manipulate the world and the millions of people in it, then it's highly likely that those I deem as beginning this person's travails-called-a-life in the 1860s were themselves but, to some extent, puppets of a much older, and likely darker occult group, dating back to the 'BCs'.

Any veracity to these hypotheticals remain in the mystery category.

But one thing seems to stand out to me, which is that if these ancient masters were able to play with the world so much, while it appears that for their 'plan' to succeed, they would need to have the whole world dumbed-down about magic, and ignorant about how much the masses own minds have been fucked-with by the shadowy priests and elites, why couldn't the elites see that that plan would fail and would be turned against them?

Could the Cecil Rhodes, Edward G Bulwer-Lytton, 'Madame' Helene Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and others inducted into their secret societies 'inner circle' have been so self-deluded by their being some of the wealthiest people on Earth at the time, and thus had too much power over the world and over other peoples, that they really thought they could capture the minds of the whole world so that the whole world would never find out that they were 'fucking with their minds'?

And thus..., that any 'messiah' who appears was but a puppet of these rich idiots?

'Power corrupts....., and absolute power corrupts absolutely'!

Clearly, today, with the world in a serious mess, brought on by these same super-rich white, Brit-Eurapean witches, they have either failed to bring forth their dreamed-up messiah and things have gotten way out of control, such that it is now too late to save the world, or, this is exactly how they designed the world to appear, so as to amaze the world when they flick the switch in the world king's head and he jumps up and, at the very last minute, blows the ghosts and aliens and demons back to their black hole?

But for them to believe that the world would stay ignorant of the hidden magic powers in all of us, or that they could so control the whole frigging world so that no-one would realise that the idiots were using magic to fool the planet, indicates an amazingly serious lack of Wisdom and Intelligence, not to mention 'foresight' which magic is supposed to enable in us?

As those 19th century rich-bitches were right in there in the businesses of wealth-making, and were party to the evil goings-on of the colonialist British East India Company, which rebranded itself in the early 20th century as the International Monetary Fund, IMF, and as it is clear that the worst economic, construction and general land distribution plans and laws which are doing most all of the damage to the planet's natural environment are the construct of the IMF, it has to be assumed that the current fucking serious state of the world is due to a bunch of unmeritorious, unqualified and unhinged magicians, aliens fucking with THEIR minds or not.

So, either they are still on-course with their global agenda, adapting and modifying as each glitch comes-up, full-of-faith that in the end their plans and their puppet king will solve all the fuck-ups, with a simple wave of his superwand, they have lost control to hostile and totally uncaring aliens to the extent that they themselves have now little or no control over their own minds, or they are deeply mentally ill ('ill' being a contraction of 'evil') and themselves do not give a fig about any other cultures, peoples or the global ecology generally, nor about anyone's future beyond perhaps a few decades, while they are still protected from the mass of a dissenting and evermore aggressive, justice-seeking Humanity, and can delude themselves that they are enjoying themselves and that life doesn't get any better than theirs.

There's an irony in all of this, assuming any of it has merit, and that is that the predecessors of today's megalomaniacs uptop in the IMF, World Bank, United Nations and leading national economies et al et al, began making-up stories about the return of Jesus ben Joseph (not actually the 'son of Joseph' - Jesus was a bastard!) to wipe-out all the evils of the world.

Yet the most evil evil bastards today are the descendants of the instigators of the 'saviour' plan?

Well..., where this gets me or us, I dunno, but it goes to the REAL AND PRESENT DANGER to all life on Earth, and that if someone does not deploy some drastic, dramatic and hefty force soon, there will be no future, for anyone to come.

I tend to take this scenario further still, by suggesting that the powers-that-be on Earth, on the pretext that they are just the super-rich bitch-witch Humans and not aliens from other worlds, are deeply demented, corrupted and insane, and thus are deadly threats to any and all other life forms, earthly or extra-terrestrial.

As these dangerous nutters-with-extra-cash are of the never-content psychology, a proportion of them are intent on travelling to the stars, away from our little home planet, if only because, with their wealth - they can, but also because they see it as their place - 'Superior, darlinkx! Superior!' - to take their brand of culture, society and drinkee-poohs off to other worlds to 'educate the aliens'.

However, pretty-much all of them in places and positions of extreme wealth and power are totally unaware of how seriously diseased their own minds are, so cannot see that their culture and desires are NOT generally, for the good.

If any individual is brought to stand up and challenge these rich idiots, they'll have to have a pretty good handle on their own magic powers, because every effort by the Righteous, over the last couple of thousand years, to instill some good laws etc, have been brought undone by the elites, most every time because they are psychotic, selfish bastards and refuse to tolerate any egalitarianism across their little fiefdoms.

So, they go to every length to subvert and destroy the Humble and Brave Warriors who see and act for a Just World.


Today the planet is being populated by larger and larger numbers of thinking people who know that a shift has to occur against the wealthy pricks, if anything good from the last few millennia is to survive, and if Nature is to rebalance itself and it's Great Mutha Eartha.

A conundrum for these Warriors, is that the elites who are so psychotically intent on fucking the world, rely totally on the millions and billions 'beneath' them, who buy their products, spend their life-savings on the elite's STOLEN subdivisions of the Terra Firma, and who are so dumbed-down and comparatively powerless to the point of being sycophantic slaves?

So were any Just Action instigated to bring the elites back to Earth and balanced thinking, it means that millions, billions, being uninspired slaves, automatons, would have to be brought under the control of another regime or force.

And that as most of these enslaved fools are frightened of change, whether obvious and irrefutably proven to be for the betterment of everyone on Earth or not, they will resist corrective changes and run to their old masters for protection. And, to offer their services to the masters to protect them.

This support may be by taking up arms against the Righteous, or merely and typically white, middle-class western, Christian, by keeping 'loyal' to one brand or another, one club or another, or one political bullshit party or another.

All, they might say, so their masters can afford to keep the fight to the death going, against the Wise and Intelligent ('Wisdom is SO-O boring, darlinkx!), whom the evil must necessarily deem as 'evil'.

A conundrum, as I say, for the Righteous?

Because it would come to them quick enough that a large number of the people they know, associate with and 'love' fall into the category of being useless puppets of the most evil regime ever to have lived on Earth!?

Therefore the Righteous Warriors are confronted with the dilemma of wiping-out their own mates, families and 'countrymen'?

Shit aye?

Who can predict how many Humans will have to die, for the planet and the future to be saved, or to be able to carry-on existing in some habitable format?

Indeed, can the best of us divine, discern, deduce any less murderous options?

Can any sanity be brought to the 'halls of power' before the environment or the global economy crash, and thus avoid a global civil war for food and a patch of land to grow some?

Do some 5 BILLION people have to die, so the rest, and the yet unborn, can have something of a reasonable time?

And, do threats of massive destruction have to be made to the 'powers-that-be' alien or terrestrial, to stop their psychotic and terminal agenda?

Going by what I see in high places like the terminally corrupt United Nations, the Eurapean Union, the International Criminal Court, the IMF, and every western-orientated corporate banking, mining and real estate establishment, ETCETERA, ETCETERA, ETCETERA, it seems they must be made?

The other day I read about the hugest-on-Earth Greenland glacier, and that scientists observe that it is melting faster than ever. This is attributed to Human-induced 'global warming'.

The article said that were that sheet of ice alone, in some parts 3 kilometres thick, to melt, it would raise the sea-level, globally of course, some SEVEN METRES, which would spell the inundation and destruction of most every sea-side village, town and city, and thus, a lot of lives and lifestyles would be trashed.


Is this to be the way of things on this tiny but paradisical planet?

Is this the 1st time? ('Planet of the Apes' springs to mind!)

Will generations of the coming epoch be so inured to death and loss of most every-loveable-thing that they will take-it-in-their-stride as billions are, for one reason or another, in one way or another, 'culled'?

Would such a 'shift' toughen-up the survivors, such that they are no more softcocks and no more afraid to put their own lives down for the Greater Good, enough perhaps to defend what remains of the planet against future future hostile alien invasions?


Is any such scenario in fact just how the psychos on top of the pile have planned it?

Clearly, the world's elites do not care about the majority. We are but puppets and slaves to most of them. And expendable!

So, were any counter-establishment group or powerful witch to take the drastic action option, and begin and effect the mass-cull, would they in fact be doing the hard work, the hard moral, ethical work of eradicating the majority, which the elites plan to do anyway?

Maaay-bee soooo?

Whichever..., we Earthlings face a serious problem now, and it is clear that the powers that be are not genuine about confronting or solving it.

It is normal and reasonable for most to wave it away in the knowledge that they are basically useless and ineffective, whether they concur with my hypotheses above or not.

But not so, the super witch.

And, I happily accept that there are many many more than one superwitch on Earth at the moment, who still have something of a 'Conscience', are motivated to act Righteously against any properly-perceived threat to life on Earth, are able to employ their Intelligence to divine Wisdom as to the best course of action to take, and who would, were they to find agreement, take the drastic action, by employing their own super powers to do something like..., effect the rapid melting of the Greenland glacier, so wiping-out some 60-to-80% of the Human population, possibly 90-to-95%!

Argh! No more gridlock!

I don't have to elucidate the positives from such a dramatic force for CHANGE!

Everyone can see that a lot of things would as likely improve not only their own lots.

No more evil land prices!!!!

But...., 'at what cost?'

Qvestions qvestions!!??

Is it destiny for Humanity to survive the near future, and to grow beyond these global terrestrial parameters?

Or merely to regroup on Earth, in dramatically reduced numbers, shocked back to reality and a world without all the shit-trinkets which make such pathetic Soulless idiots of us?

And, possibly, a world without all the delusive shit as has exuded from Hollywood, the Catholic and Christian churches, techno-centric Eurape, ruthless capitalist economic sectors, inspiring fear and in the mental realm, actual aliens and spooky devils?


The major powers on Earth, summed-up as the IMF, refuse to do what is Correct.

They deploy witchcraft to make puppets and slaves of most all of us, and as a weapon against the Righteous.

Today, things have 'shifted' somewhat, and the assumed absolute powers of the upper echelon are no longer theirs nor secreted from the masses.

In the most dumbed-down populations, the white, western 'Christian' nations, even they are waking up to the bullshit they've been fed for centuries about good economics and good national agendas, etc., and that the masters, white superiorist wankers most of them, inbred and insane wankers, and their 'cRapitalist' system is not nearly the best nor only one for Humans.

But disempowered, they cannot muster the numbers, and certainly not the well-paid and protected members of the world's police and military to their side, so are, as the elites prefer it, forced back into their myopic holes and over-consumptive lifestyles, ignoring the HARD qvestions about the way we live and it's effect on future generations.

This is where people become afraid of their own Intelligence, and are forced to mock 'Wisdom'.

Nevertheless, the Righteous take it in their stride, as part of the Journey, and persist however they can in their pursuit of the unrighteous and for the institution of some Justice.

'An action done with an impartial mind, attracts no negative karma' is something I heard or read years ago. Ancient Chinese or Indian Wisdom, methinks?

This is how the Warrior works. Above emotions, clear in mind and Soul to kill if needed, and not suffer repercussions from Earthly laws or Cosmic.

Could this 'law' apply to whomever discerns that some 80% of the planet's Human population are so corrupted and beyond repair and has to be eradicated, and whomever concludes that this is the only option, and acts thus, such that they would not be sent to Hell?

I guess it depends upon their really Divining any such course of action, and can know (I know not how?) that such a decision is in fact Correct, and are not being fooled by a devil, or by the elites of the Vatican, the IMF, or the dogs of global banking?


As the human beings sitting on top of the IMF pile refuse to think, or to act Correctly, and to initiate the Proper Laws and industry and culture in their own little pockets and in global affairs, the Righteous super witch has almost no option but to invoke their power, by concentrating psychic heat over Greenland, so that the Greenland glacier melts in mere years.

A super witch employed their occult power to the north pole icecap and melted it in a matter of 3 years or so, so there's no reason why they cannot raise the world's sea level by seven metres and wipe out some billions of people, in a matter of years.

Inane, superfluous, gutless, parasitic and brainless people.

Goodbye Holland!

Shark tucker with a lisp!

Where's that International Criminal Court?

OH! Den Hague!

Hmmmm..., 'Rough Justice'?

Goodbye the Riviera!


New York!

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth!

Oh Joy!

Observers will know, that if a 'high pressure zone' appears and persists on the Greenland weather map, the super witch has begun their Heaviest Work.

If the global powers, particularly in Britain, Eurape, the USA and their 'Wall Street'-type financial centres make no attempt at Correcting their erroneous ways and uneconomic lifestyles and cultures, this is what will happen.

It is a utter fool who thinks they could survive such an upheaval and afterwards continue to prosper and waste as much as most westerners are today.

Even the wealthiest, like the English/Eurapean royals, James Murdoch (I know you would contemplate this, 'Lexy'!), big weapons makers, monster corporations' executives, bankers, and their sycophantic upclub mobsters could not protect themselves from the negative after-effects for long, and if they did, I'm sure they'd go even more insane than they are now, if that's possible.

If the super witch decides.........

So..., Reason would determine that something has to be done, and preferably NOT by any one or Coven of super witches.

The ball appears then, to have landed in the court of the IMF heads, and all who profit endlessly, unethically and unintelligently from the ruthless plunder of the planet's natural resources.

Already, as I write, the Call is heard by innumerable witches and super witches, and they ask that the heads of the planet's economies, industrial, national and international, take pause and consider that they have next to no option, but to re-evaluate their beliefs systems and cultural goals, and to orientate their thinking toward Scientific Economic goals, for themselves and for the whole of Humanity.

7 billion people is a lot of consumers and dead weight, achieving little or nothing for any good 'purpose' a la 'The Matrix' use of the word.

The 'too many' thought drops in, and the mind goes really weird thinking about their progeny.

But who decides who dies?

A blanket wipe-out, such as a big rise in sea levels, would erase that worry.

Whatever transpires, naturally or supernaturally, the prospect of this type of global trauma surely would bring many to ask what they are living to achieve?

What is this 'purpose' of the machinemen?

A falsity, I say! A falsity!

Developing the technology to take us beyond the solar system, like a boys' school outing on the starship Enterprise to where no wanker has gone before, is complete folly.

And, as I've said before, to let a bunch of wealthy egomaniacs with 'inventor's genes' loose in the galaxy and beyond, makes a threat to all other life forms in outer space, so cannot be condoned, and is seen as the insatiable and over-active minds of spoiled brats who have never had to do a solid day's work, so whose minds are dangerous to life itself.

Just like the snobs of uptop, upclub, upemselves corporate USA, Eurape, Britain and Australia, etc etc etc.

I AM out of all societies, and so have no idea of what is driving people today.

Perhaps the Bliss of a trouble-free life, without the desire or apparent 'need' for all the modern gizmos, not even 4 walls and a roof, is..., was..., but a passing phase for the species?

Perhaps this last 200 years of over invention and capitalising on peoples' stupid materialistic insatiability has given birth to another basic 'cause' in life, which may be that machine-men 'purpose'.

Maybe the Peace found by the Wise Sages who live in isolation, of a Silent Mind in Communion with the Supreme Unknown Spirit has in fact been but a passing phase, a stretch of the journey to greater.... more meaningful heights?

But I don't think so.

And..., 'what does it all meean!?!?!?'

Whatever it all means, the real and present danger to all life on Earth, is the extremist, radical, unlawful, unscientific, unwise International Monetary Fund, in 3 words.

IMF.., in 3 letters.

It would appear that they are under siege by hostile aliens, who have no thoughts for Humanity, other than regarding most of us as either 'in-the-way' or as slaves?

Perhaps as food?

So..., an act such as raising the sea level by said 7 metres or more, could only be in their, the aliens' interests.

Therefore, any super witch who might consider melting the Greenland glacier, and/or Antarctica, errs on the side of caution, unless they are so pissed-off with the way Humanity is letting itself go, that destruction is the only option.

But they might be Wisest to make these dangers known to the rulers of this planet, and suggest that it is in everyone's best interests to do everything to avoid such a calamity, and that would be best effected by major, global egalitarian economic reforms, forthwith?

As these options are spread across the globe, and more people contemplate them and the possibilities for the future, surely increasing numbers will make known their opposition to the current tyrants uptop, and pressure them to correct their economic behaviour?

If something like this happens, then, civil wars and increases in military activity aside, Humanity may have saved itself?

But, with the super witches of the world 'on hold' for now, to wait and see what the powers that be do, it is clearly incumbent upon the world leaders, the powers that be, to clean up their economics and approach to use and misuse of the Earth's resources.

Seven billion people may not be too much for this planet to cater to indefinitely.

It all depends upon how and how well... WE, manage ourselves.

'Monarchy' but one example, is NOT a Good, Efficient nor Healthy way for a large population to manage it.., themselves.

Democratic, Socialist, Green, AGRARIAN Union, on fundamental LAND REFORMS, with lawful free markets for desert!

Or..., the wealthy will receive their just deserts....

Apologies for the prolixity....   not a brilliant piece methinks.....?

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
King Commo
aka Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



Fruitless Journeys to-and-fro?


All Praise to The Honorable who have fallen defending what they Know is Right!

All Praise the Immortals!

Fruitless Journeys to-and-fro?

Yesterday I braved the highways and drove north from a bush campsite north of Grafton, to an old campsite north of Brisbane.

As usual, after years since driving up the Pacific Hwy to Brisbane, then on to the Bruce Hwy, I was overcome by my own lostness.

The demographic along that route on each side is fullblown suburban materialist enterprise marketing and over-consumption, which to a Green Man's mind is a very VERY dangerous development. 

Development copying the untenable spread seen (on TV etc) across the United States.

Almost 100% of the motor cars seemed less than a few years old, and huge numbers of them are in some way or another 'fancied-up' to look real groovy, sexy, hot, cool, etc.

Yet all the science about human culture tells us clearly that that type of materialism is deadly to the overall and long term health of the planet's environment.

I postulate that this culture of opulence, fostered and increased by the global oligarchs behind the IMF, is as well the most dangerous for the individual's psychology.

'Adults', an appropriate word describing grown-ups for it's second meaning suggesting they are in fact adulterated, in these super-modern western materialist societies, are undoubtedly twisted into mindstates antipathetic to our more important personal work 'of the Spirit' let's say.

If this is so, then the effects on children, being subjected 24/7 to the hyper-materialistic household and community can only be, for their future years, catastrophic.

So, what are we, or our so-called community leaders, 'building' for maturation in the future?

All Thinking People realise that such a culture makes shallow people, and in fact dangerous ones, prone to a very narrow, shallow, myopic and selfish perspectives.

This kind of person as we often see on TV from America, is zenophobic and ridiculously hostile to 'foreigners', especially from different cultures (Islamic. Asian, BLECK!) and also overly, irrationally protective of their own narrow, indefensible beliefs-systems and wealth-centred cultures.

It is a remarkable situation where we observe these radical xenophobic and often violent, warmongering comments from the ego-maniacal side of Americans coming from fanatical Christians!

What can possibly be the root cause of these deeply incorrect beliefs, attitudes and outbursts from as often, relatively highly respected and high-placed American citizens?

And, as inferred above, increasingly from white Australians?

If it is not the long abused powers of the mind, or witchcraft, deployed against the delicate and gullible minds of the youngest, through adolescents and into adults, by capitalist admen arseholes and religious opportunists alike, for purely selfish capitalistic dreams of acquiring as much wealth as any individual is able, as long as it 'appears' legal, through deceiving others of the worth of one material product or other, with absolutely no ethical and community-aware thinking, then surely it must be an increasingly widely-held belief that the future has already been trashed ahead of time, that therefore there is no future for the planet, as our ways, in our previous ignorance, have brought carnage to the future for the whole of life on Earth, therefore, in our tragic state, the best we can do for now is to abuse everything we can, in the singular and false pursuit of personal pleasure.

'In the moment', 'In the now', being adages thrown around in the hortiest cafes and fun parlors, ignoring whence this line comes completely.

This is just one example of the depth of the modern world's 'cultural mental illness' which threatens Wisdom, Intelligence and Honor, the 3 Essentials that have underpinned and upheld Wise and Happy Communities and Nations and 'Races' from way back when, when we, the Human Being, were still in touch with the Spirit inside of us, and knew full-well that in there, was the best and really the only 'place' or 'thing' we need to be in Communion with, moment-by-moment or, 'in-the-now..., Ma-an', to be Happy, Wise, Joyous, Just, and Guardians of a self-perpetuating, perennial culture.

As I endured the idiots of the massive highways to-and-fro on my little outing, I was reminded of the same 'explosion' of opulence and speculation which took-over in Ireland, after the early 1990s, and of the present situation now bashing the Irish, of horrible debts across the nation, collapsed confidence and the sudden loss of their new-found wealth and beloved expensive playthings and high-life.

Australia is receiving a large increase in Irish applications to immigrate (as well as from the other British and Euraqpean nations!)  Do they apply intending to bring their FAILED ideologies and cultural habits with them?!


As all Brit/Eurapean countries are years ahead of trends in Astrayliar, and New Zealand I expect, the wider, 'global' perspective, ignored by these latest superheroes of the highways and 'burbs, shows us clearly, and more than a little threateningly, just what we down-here-down-under can expect in the next decade or so.

Eurape's and Britain's elites are doing everything their CEOs can to fend-off, for as long as possible, their own nations' financial and social implosions.

But all 'figures' and conclusions from all the more Respectable economics and social commentators say repeatedly that the inevitable collapse of the 'Eurozone' is..., inevitable.

It cannot be avoided, while the global, and continental government revenue and broader economic systems stay as self-orientated as they are.

Apart from the forecasts and mathematical, scientific determinations predicting the collapse of the modern world's engine room of the 1st world - Brit-Eurape - and it's dire consequences for the rest of the developed and developing world, one despairs at the blithe and blind it-has-to-be-said 'Christian' 'gizz-brained' attitudes prevailing in Astrayliar.

Doomed we are, to repeat the failings of those we have followed and adored, and indeed, 'honored' or placed on pedestals.

Yet the momentum of this utterly false, shallow, ignorance-breeding crapitalist me-first cultural trend just keeps-on-keeping the most of our 'white' Christian zombies consuming edible and digital garbage, and 'the future-be-damned!'

Oh the joys of being illegally, criminally trapped on this British prison-island which admires and rewards stupidity and ignorance of the hard facts, both about what we are doing to the future now, and about by which means, we can lessen the burden on future generations?

It is these overt, pride-centred displays, almost as if the masses here, and no doubt abroad in Britain, Eurape and the USA, et al et al, are proud to be the ones most able to 'fuck the world', that I, bred to be a major political and indeed royal personage, refuse to assume any authority or position of power anywhere.

Who, in their Right Mind, would want anything to do with such PEASANTS!?

Not me!

Basically, the oligarch-type opulence that is reaching 'trickling' more than ever down the economic social scale to the Common People, has done more than any other spell, hex, natural disaster or manmade creed or ideology to destroy everything that every Honorable and Intelligent predecessor has worked lifelong for, and as often have Most Righteously given their lives for.

And in that I most definitely include every Military Person who has died fighting for whatever they were conscripted to, or believed was worth defending to the death.

Further, I include the many many 'Outlaws' and underworld 'Gangsters' Et Al, who actually selflessly, therefore Honorably remained dedicated to their Club, Gang, Tribe or Nation, and for that, fell to early graves.

Weeks ago it came to me that it would be Proper, to begin all my blogposts with a few lines Honoring the Fallen. 'The Fallen' being any, ANY, who have as said, died fighting to defend their Wise, Intelligent and Honorable Cultures.

Maybe I will start this practice, and therein urge all Humans to 'take issue' with every trend and popular attraction or product, until they can see with scientific eyes and minds, that the product is Environmentally Sound, or, Environmentally LAWFUL.

If, with their own Wisdom, they conclude that a product, whether material, media, entertainment or even fanciful imagination, is detrimental to the Greater Whole Reality and to the Mutha Eartha Herself, then Fearless, they have a Duty to voice and even act-out their Righteous Objection.

If any of us fail in this, then we cannot expect any respect from our kids, nor from theirs.

Such dangers to life on Earth, must include the deadly and disgusting agricultural (and, Yes Bob Brown, 'mining') practices etc., which are behind the flooding that now is drowning so much of the world, and people.

For any 'adult' to ignore this type of Call, shows they in fact do not care about their children, and have been lying to them about how much they 'love' them!

Indeed, what is this thing called 'Love'?

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and