Economic Environmental Solutions To Humanity's Political Failures.

The Organization Organization.
Economic Environmental Solutions To Humanity's Political Failures.
By Max Earth
Apologies for this post being so long.........

Having little else to do but raise my Kundalini and embrace the role of a false messiah, where I assume authority over the whole planet, and as likely bring havoc and further destruction to the increasing numbers of idiots, idiots for whom I have little to no sympathy, I spend most of my waking hours observing, contemplating, meditating-on and it seems, Diving solutions to which ever BIG dilemma confronts the broad, BIGGER Issues Humanity faces.
Thus it is, this fine and sunny morning in the reforest.
The world's political leaders have been gathering here and there, from Pittsburg to Bangkok and soon to Copenhagen, to try to resolve the biggest issues the species faces - environmental chaos.
As precursers to these conferences, events which have brought those wealthy egomaniacs to decide to make-out they are doing something effective, we've recently witnessed the 2008 “GFC” or the “global financial crisis”, as well as tremendous “weather events” almost everywhere in the planet, in very unusual patterns of storms, droughts, earthquakes (not weather events) and melting glaciers and polar icecaps, etc.
These have been observed and assessed by the world's top scientists to have been brought about by our own human misbehavior, mainly in the abuse of resources.
Up until this last couple of years, the planet has been under the hex of seriously mental ill psychopaths, mainly in those bodies we call “governments”, but as most know, bodies which are not really governments at all.
Rather, we have been under the apparently unstoppable directional forces of the wealthiest moguls of private industry technology.
Even to now, after apparently more Intelligent individuals and Collectives have wrested the ropes of power from the psychopaths, the planet still seems hexed and thus prevented from engaging our Collective Intelligence, to put to bed, once and for all, the deadly paucity of Wisdom in the halls of power, or, more accurately, we have failed still to put to bed those who cannot restrain their own desirous minds and who deem it as “their right” to uncontrollably interfere with the Proper Role of what we call “government”.
Some years ago it came to mind that “If the People are stupid, Democracy is dangerous. And, if the People are dangerous, Democracy is stupid”.
Watching media out of the United States of America, it is clear that the above statement applies and is running out of control there, for each hour yet another “free speech” advocate manages to get airtime, principally in a commercial media outlets like FOX, to can any Intelligent policy initiatives by our latest batch of “leaders”. President Barack Obama and his Right-minded Health-care reforms being a prime example.
Having been on the extreme outer of “western” and mainstream Australian society for most of my life, certainly for most of my adult years, where I have come through much personal, inner struggle, to be comfortable with my own company, to the point of finding no solace nor sensibility in the company of most all other People, I can but grumble in despair when I hear the likes of Glenn Beck, or Hannity or “O'Reilly” or any of the other mouths who have no engaged Intelligence, but rather who are so broken mentally as to accept material reward for speaking really un-thought-out things to a mass audience. A mass audience who are to me, obviously mentally broken also, for they happily listen to and adopt these cranks' lines which issue-forth all-and-any manner of objections to Sound Political Policy and indeed, to Sound Political Philosophy.
As the global environment appears to be heating-up to the degree of melting the polar icecaps, that alone portending huge calamity to the evolved ways of living of the last 2 or 300 hundred years, there are STILL, paid voices who trumpet that there is no threatening “climate change” and therefore that it cannot be a “manmade” phenomenon.
Last night I plugged-in a television software device to my laptop, and for the first time in over ten years I spent the evening watching TV. Digital TV, no less! The channels I tuned into were all “commercial” network stations, so I laid-back and endured adverts and the mind-numbing sitcoms and news broadcasts, just for a break from something of a fanatical concern of scanning the global news on internet websites.
I was amazed at the quality of digital television, and watched the laptop TV or “box” just for that alone. The shows were more-or-less, merely “fill” to while-away the few hours.
My, my, and haven't they all gone full-tilt at making the most of this new genre of the “virtual”?
Adverts were almost worryingly made-up of what might once have been called “cartoon characters”, but I guess today have a more modern name or term to describe them. I can't condemn this move away from video or filming of actual people in advertisements, to electronically fabricated people and scenery. It surely must be because our advertising agencies save squillions by not having to employ real people for the ads.
But in what we are expected to believe are real-life dramas, the actual (fictional) programs often left what I call “reality” behind and leaped into the virtual worlds of fantasy. I would say that this is OK, but for the deceptions and ensuing delusions which such projected concepts implant into the viewers' minds.
My only real concern about the somewhat less than real shows on TV, is that they are constantly made so as to keep the viewers attention, and thus, to have the viewers watch the advertisements of the channels' sponsors. I rather enjoyed the “cartoons” of kids becoming superheroes, of flying with aliens and stomping the bad guys, and really enjoyed the “real-life” serial called “The Mentalist”.
Years ago, I became aware that commercial television is a dangerous medium, where rather than the advertisements being “breaks” in the programmed shows of sitcoms, dramas, news and current affairs broadcasts etc., it is in fact the other way around, where the sitcoms and news programs are in fact the breaks between the advertisements, made and broadcast to fool the masses to stay watching between the scheduled and high-priced ads!
As in a recent blog, I wrote that were the current psychosis of advertising of material products banned, capitalism would collapse overnight.
But.., what about “jobs-jobs-jobs” and “development” and “improving the quality of life of the people of poorer nations”, etc., etc., etc?
As a famous Britisher once said “BOLLOCKS!”
Not “BOLLOCKS!” to the improving of the lot of the poor People.
But BOLLOCKS! to the deceits our world “leaders” vomit about the need for the world to keep on producing superfluous junk, all on the lane excuse of “so the (stupified) masses are allowed to earn enough money to live in a house, and to eat!”
These senseless ideologies about manufacturing unnecessary product ad-infinitum is, in fact, at the root of the troubles the whole planet faces.
Yet, getting onto the subject I'm herein addressing, about “Economic Environmental Solutions To Humanity's Political Failures”, the so-called “leaders” of all our nations are scrambling to hold conferences, talk-fests and “discussions” on how to stave-off the disaster which their politics of deception is bringing us?
Pittsburg, Bangkok and the upcoming Copenhagen conferences cases in point!
Going back to my being brought up-to-speed last night on where the world of entertainment and advertising is at, it is clear that the forces which addict the “white” first or western world to the new world lifestyles in the fast-lane to doom, have triumphed over Reason, Intelligence and Wisdom on Earth.
How on Earth could anyone slow it all down, so-as to give People, the whole Human population, a solid reason to “pause” and genuinely, seriously, and reasonably re-evaluate their lifestyles, and turn from the mainstreet fast-lane in a global cul-de-sac, to living in a Balanced and “sane” world?
All Things Considered (ATC) there seems only one way?
“Destruction”. Decimation of the species!
As things are, in 2009, it seems we have only to leave the Becks and Hannitys and O'ReALLYs?, all nicely paid their thirty pieces of silver by the Murdoch family of psychoes, to do their well-financed thing, of causing further chaos in the minds and hearts of the already seriously confused American masses, and destruction of the environment and thus of it's inhabitants - HUMANITY - is ensured!
With such an enormous steamroller of ignorance squashing Wise Human Culture to extinction, it is a foregone conclusion that we are all damned, especially when our so-called national “leaders” are such soft-cocks as to be petrified of getting-up on the world-stages of Pittsburg and Copenhagenenenen et al, and doing what they SHOULD be doing, and actually GOVERNING the species?
Oh!? But what about “jobsjobsjobs????” and “developmentdevelopmentdevelopment???” and “voter popularity???”
As in my last blog, I scanned a website yesterday which trumpeted the “option” of stopping global warming and climatic disaster for only 9 billion US dollars!
“A Smarter Approach to Climate Change” was the BARREN'S article title, which can be found at The Wall Street Journal's Digital Network:
Well, as in that e-ssay of mineminemine! I cann the concepts and the so-called economists who give the $9 billion solution, as being right out of touch with reality. Maybe they've been watching too much television from their dust-free laboratories?
If the representatives who are to attend the Copenhagen conference in December this year are not quite as deluded as the 9 billion dollar club, nor as the swiss bankers who proffer options for saving the shareholders spoils, then they should think of the REALPolitik Solutions to the mounting troubles Humanity faces.
From where I'm posited, by the Catholic church and the elites of Britain and Eurape no-less, to figure-out how to save the Christian mindless masses from self-consumption, it appears that the first thing EVERYONE on Earth MUST DO, is ORGANIZE OURSELVES.
Not, as Beck-Hannity-O'Really-Murdoch-and “WHO-O..., is Mista Brown” seem psychoticly intent on doing, which is organizing everyone elses life to suit their own minuscule ego-centred agenda.
But we all must first-and foremost, ORGANIZE our own minds, so that we can operate autonomically in sorting where our priorities should be.
For if we are not organized in ourselves, where we know what has always to come first, then we are not just useless at helping others, we are actually dangerous to others.
However, harder it is, to achieve such a state of mind and life, for we are constantly bombarded back-into-confusion by the very likes of our commercial advertising televisual networks, and those whence their executives, talking heads and lesser employees almost invariably come from - the western, that-is Christian church schools.
The very same institutions which pump-out the so-called professors of economics and finance, who are so up themselves as to call themselves “scientists”, and who put forward the most bizarre “options” for stopping their own kind, from furthering the destruction of the planet's environment.
Watching the programs last night, re-confirmed to myself that no “popular vote” is going to stop the fast-lane society from hitting the wall at the end of the global cul-de-sac, and therefore, conferences like the one in December at Copenhagen, are puerile “noise” by our uptop upclub of global elites, to fool the world into thinking they are doing some serious thing to slow or prevent the collapse of the environment and thus further extinction of huge numbers of age-old Earthly life-forms.
So, who DO we turn to for REALPolitik Solutions to the stupidity of errant Human behavior???
Nimbin? Hollywood? Findhorn? North Korea? Orion? Aborigine? MORE PILLS! MORE PILLS!? Tibet?
Bah! 'Ave anutha BEER, mayte!

Well, sorry for being so prolix, wordy, and derogatory toward the deriders of Intelligent Political Philosophy. As I wrote above, the Catholics and the Brit-Eurapean elites let me do little else.

ENERGY, is a word which helps us begin the adventure up to saving what's left of the environment and thus our own lives.
WASTE, is it's accompanying antithesis.
If Humanity, that is, YOU AND THE OTHER BLOKE, er, me, can minimize our rampant waste of energy in everything we do, we begin to reduce the damage our excessive lifestyles do to the planet.
But we can hardly do that, when those who force their ideas upon us are extreme in their loose-use of energy.
The chief loose-use proponents are our multinational corporations, which is an irony, because they are usually the best at employing “economy-of-scale” management plans. Plans which enable their kind to be so profitable, aside from their brutal destruction of poor, usually third-world Communities, so-as to access and steal the resources there-under.
Today we are brought to live under social management concepts called “corporate governance”, which, if it makes for more efficient governments, is a very good thing.
However, it is also a suitable tag to say that in fact, our public services of National and Community government are controlled by private corporations.
However-however...., the reality is that it has pretty-much always been the latter. It's just that the elites of all large societies, which have come to be called nations - kings, monarchies, et al, have had to take-on the role of “governing” their societies. For without the uptop elites and classes so-doing, their “nation” would fall into disarray, and thence the monarchies would be toppled.... by another warlordal monarch.
The Kings and Queens of the past have always been the CEOs of private companies called nations.
So, for any resolution to our slow-advance to global annihilation, the whole of us as One Species must quick, work to arrest government of our Communities from the tight-fists, of the inbred and psychotic elites of our private nations.
For the models for government which have ruled for eons on Earth, have reached the end of their tenable cycle, and it is time all of us recognized this, and adopted the Most Practical Options of Organized Personal and Communal living.
It is as if the Fundamental Tenets upon which the most dominant culture has been based, must be either discarded, or re-written.
But Culture, is not based on the lowest aspects of “Life”. It comes down to our Human level from the Higher Realms.
Attaining to those Higher Realms is everyone's Right, and Duty, and, with the Right Education is within everyone's Ability. For if someone has to live under a regime which does not make sense to them, or is of rules which they as individuals cannot understand, then it is not possible for that culture to be sustained, because, soon enough those who don't understand it, will not be able to make the correct decisions, thus mistakes and errors will be made, mistakes which today we call crimes, will be committed and the society will fail.
A la today's global slum-er-village!
Rules which are corrupt, will not make sense to some number of the population. While many, perhaps the majority may accept corrupt rules, they may as likely not understand them. So, when a time comes that they have to comprehend the rules, or teach the rules to, say, their children, further errors will be made-manifest, which will at some stage make for errors in thinking, so the next one to follow those errant thoughts and beliefs will make bigger mistakes because the root formula upon which they are taught to think, will be themselves flawed, and will increase the errors in the thinking processes of later-on.
This is where and why I slam the white, western and Christian cultures as not knowing how to “think”, because “thinking” is an important and delicate process, and is not really thinking if it is being used to figure out or Divine ideas and solutions from untrue, false, errant information bases.
In analogy, it might be related to the flaws which plagued the “Microsoft” computer software programming, as compared to the more simple computer languages of such as “Linux” and Macintosh, et al.
If the original base upon which the following software operates is faulty, then the later operations will fail. Then, the only way to fix any later problems, is to put “band-aids” on top of the earlier programming faults. In Microsoft computers, this was by adding a bucket-load of other extra programmings to take the processing around the glitch, which only makes the route longer and susceptible to more faults and failings. (Sorry Bill! That's the best I can explain it. Obviously, I'm NOT a computer programmer, but I do suspect, many lovers of Linux and Macintosh will accept my hypothesis as an adequate analogy.)
So, in regard to our global economic and environmental woes, trying to fix them by resorting to corrupt ideas, and ideologies, as in our current systems of government of the pubic, by private organizations, we are not thinking aright, because the original data is corrupted, so all results from it will be faulty, and will fail.
It is the pre-occupation of today's political technocrats to presume, because of this faulty mental processing, that we can merely apply technological fixes to the problems of post-industrial-revolution political ideology, and like “A MIRACLE!” all will be cured.
Flawed mentations, all of it.
It's saying, in it's boffin-speak, that all we have to do is burn more polluting energy to reduce the pollution and the use of energy.
As the saying goes “WHAAH@#$%^&*?!”
I could go on about WHAT this type of insanity in public, governmental ideology and policy does to the minds of the individuals who are expected to understand and accept it. I wont, other than to say, were Humanity to throw out all the errant mentations and beliefs and ideologies in our governmental laws and policies upon which we are expected to live, and replace them with EVIDENCE-BASED, FACTUAL, SCIENTIFIC ECONOMIC KNOWLEDGE and, therefore EVIDENCE-BASED, FACTUAL, SCIENTIFIC ECONOMIC Political Policies, there would be the most dramatic decline in social and personal madness. To such an extent that the destruction of the environment and of the societies in which we survive would begin to decline rapidly.
It is not to be “sneezed at” that Australia's Aborigine DID NOT suffer mass insanity, nor endemic crime, nor malodorous thinking, nor, NOR the effects extant in places like Eurape, from inbreeding.
This, I say, I say, is because they also, for ever-and-a-day, until 1788 and the white northern invasion, were strict and Wise in making sure they taught their progeny to speak the Truth, and, to live within True Laws, not laws which were biased toward the advantage of one group within their own Tribe or Nation.
However, as a disclaimer, from what I've read about the Aborigine Nations who were the first to come into contact with the white peoples in and around Port Jackson in 1788, the coastal Peoples, whence came the Fella Benelong and the other Fella (?) who got to mix with the First Fleet whites, lived in some dread of the Aboriginal Mob who lived up the mountains to the west. I seem to recall there was a perpetual state of war between them, and that the message translated to the whites was that the mountains mob were evil, though they were generally able to exist and live Happily on their own territories most of the time. What one draws from this is unclear, but it suggests that there were at least differing laws, which diminishes the likelihood that ALL Australia's Aborigine had ONE Law to live under. But I've not tried to say there is only one law, or one True Law for everyone to live under. Just that there are precepts, which go to not lying, especially in the management of the wider Community that we know as “government”.
The inequities of the world seem to me to have their roots in corruptions of the passed, where someone was, for whatever reason, forced to lie about the laws.
Actually a little known fact is that the first lie was spoken by a bloke in Scotland, when he drank the juice of a pot of rotten grains, got pissed, felt good, and told his missus it was medicine. He figured out the recipe and called it whiskey!
Not many people know that!
As its obvious we can't reject technology, we have to live with it, and use it to cure the problems.
In terms of our unquellable use of motor vehicles, I put it that it is upto our governments to institute the best technological knowledge to how vehicles and other fueled machinery operate.
I think it was Mercedes Benz who produced vehicles which were able to shut-down fuel supply to a number of the engines cylinders once the vehicle was in motion. It is obvious that most power, or fuel is necessary to get the vehicle up to speed, and to travel at practical speeds up hills etc., but that once at a practical speed, much less power is necessary to stay at that rate. So why don't the authorities make it law for all engine makers to design the same ideas into all engines?
I feel sure the main reasons engine makers do not design in such changes is because one, the petroleum corporations survive and profit from overuse of fuel, and two, because they are unable, through retooling costs, etc., to alter their traditional designs.
There's one idea to start with.
I believe that were we to use the resources, principally the Land more efficiently, most of our consumption problems would diminish enormously. But as the society is so cemented in the private ownership of land models, that is not going to be possible to institute into the planet's governing policies in any short period of time. So we have to do everything else to make our lives more efficient, that is more economical.
Whatever policies come from the conferences being planned, it is clear to me that the world has to wrest control of our use of energy from the self-interested “private” profit-centred corporations, so that Impartial laws are put in place.
But to do this, it will reach the stage where we will have to come-down on the ungoverned private industries who have so much influence on whoever needs their products, and we cannot do this if we are operating on unscientific laws, because Scientific laws cannot be divined from laws which are not True. Which are not Scientific.
In the end, the most fundamental laws will have to be arrived at and introduced. Otherwise, running on unscientific laws will only perpetuate inefficiencies in our use of energy and resources, creating dangerous amounts of waste and deadly pollution.
As it is primarily only Humanity's out-of-control egos which insist on being stupidly wasteful, because we like it like that, I say again that it is therefore up to each of us to win-back control of our own minds, so that we KNOW what are our Priorities in life.
Clearly the craziest beliefs and most dysfunctional behaviors prevail in the western psychology, and that has it's foundation in our pathetically stupid “beliefs” forced down our throats by our western religions. Religions which have told us for at least 1500 years, to put our “faith” in some mysterious “other bloke” the mythological and fraudulent “messiah”.
So, while we remain living our unsustainable lives because the church says it's OK, and that all will be solved when the messiah returns, Humanity is doomed.
Just, I suspect, what the ponses in the Vatican and other cultural headquarters planned, perhaps thousands of years ago?
While softcocks of our political clubs genuflect to the errant ideologies of Rome and Lambeth et al, Humanity is doomed.
But how do the Intelligent members of the Global Tribe break with such spellbinding traditions?
The Good Life, is the One in which we PROTEST! every time a bad law or belief tries to dominate.
To the Barricades, Comrades!


Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) A Complete Fraud!

Lets just say that Australians are being ripped-off in everything we buy.

Compare USA prices of cell phones to Australian prices for the same products.

Computers, the same. Most all products are four or more times the price Americans pay.

Not a new disparity for sure. The IMF has been taking us for idiots for decades.

This extends all the way to the top of our government, which therefore includes the ACCC in the scam, making a mockery of Greame Samuel's statement a few months ago about "heavy fines for cartel behavior".

He, the ACCC, all our governments, federal, states and local, all policing forces, including ASIO and the federal police etc, because of this over-reaching scam, principally maintained by the off-shore IMF, are GUILTY OF TREASON against the Common Australian.

That these culprits who ignore the facts about how much Australians are being fleeced by overseas corporations, keep the society-wide retail fraud under wraps, as they can afford all the toys and beads-and-trinkets, because they belong to the elitist clubs of private, church-schools, destroys any faith one may have in Humanity, in government, in law, and especially in the "winners" in our so-called religions - Catholicism and Protestantism mainly.

It also exonerates the lower-class Groups like our "Bikers" for refusing to kowtow to the uptop, upclubs who run society, and exposes such as our parliaments as evil institutions against which, it is our Duty to Rebel. A curse on all your souls!

The above is what I just posted to the ACCC "REPORT A SCAM" webpage.

For anyone to continue to give support to ANY of Australia's governmental and law enforcement bodies, makes them traitors to not only Australia and Australians, but to Humanity in general.

Meanwhile I am plagued by the mentally ill AND evil New South Wales police force, by name Commander Bruce Lyons and Sergeant Peter Ellis, just two, both stationed at Lismore in northern New South Wales, for speaking out about these kinds of frauds against their and my fellow Australians.

With THE FACTS, not the complete fictions which they uphold as the law, about this type of theft by those the Australian police forces protect, it is clear that it is every Australians Duty to defy the so-called "laws" and Resist any and all attempts by the police to stay silent and peaceful.

That the agents for the demonic International Monetary Fund (the IMF), namely the NSW, Victorian, South Australian, Western Australian, Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmanian and A.C.T. police forces have been using the occult, the paranormal, the supernatural powers, to maintain the massive corruptions of Good and True Laws, by sending those who fight for Justice off-the-rails, makes those police irredeemably evil, and thus targets for the Righteous, whenever the opportunity avails itself.

But, as I wrote more than once over the last year or more, the whole of our society has descended into an irreparable condition of mental illness, and because most all Australians have no operating Intelligence, they are as utter cowards, only too happy to comply with the demonic demands by the police, and the other "authorities".

This has been the case in New South Wales for at least 200 years, and is very much the case today.

Some cowards of the day are: Tom Soward and his employees, Phil Matthews and employees of the South Lismore Industrial Estate (SLIE), Peter van Der Wyk of Nimbin, as well as most residents and workers of the city of Lismore, and of the regions surrounding the city.

But clearly, this extends all the way to Sydney, whence Australia's corruption began in 1808, and is upheld and enforced by the current generations of NSW parliamentarians, Labor mainly, but Liberals are in as deep as the ALP.

If, at the next NSW state election, either party is elected, it will spell the end of Democracy, and of any chance we have of bringing Democratic government to this forlorn continent.

I say "continent" rather than "nation", because Australia has never really been a nation. It has, since 1788, always been a business, owned and badly run by the IMF.

The singular reason why we are able to live in comparative comfort here, is because the IMF pays us to stay silent about the MAJOR crimes they, and thus we, perpetrate. Here, against the Aborigine, but globally against every underprivileged (which may be rightly read as every non-Christian) person on Earth.

The major crime, when all is boiled-down to leave but the HARD FACTS, the HARD ECONOMIC FACTS, is INEQUITABLE OWNERSHIP AND DISTRIBUTION OF THE LAND.

Anyone who ignores this TRUTH, or who stays silent about it, is nothing short of evil, and is an unrighteous cowardly criminal.

A criminal who, in so doing, is actively participating in the destruction of the local and the global environment, and is thereby contributing to the worst crisis Humanity has ever seen.

Were there a "God", there can be NO DOUBT, that He/She would condemn you all to Hell, for Eternity.

As the occult DOES exist, and can be used or misused by Humans, it is a fact that the Righteous, who do not bend to the perpetrators of corruption, can attain to greater power than those who are Spiritually, Ethically weak. They are given Powers as Great as the Original Force which underlies all life, and thus, if they Divine that the weak, evil persons who misuse the occult will not recant, that-is cease-and-desist from living an evil life, then the Righteous will have the power to send the unrighteous "asunder". To what is called "Hell".

There is no room for compromise. Either Humans change their bad habits, or they will be thrown to the devil, without mercy.

As most all Australians are either ignorant of these Eternal laws, or choose to be seduced by bad laws, bad governments, bad beliefs, and bad social and materialistic customs, simply for their own simple and short-lived pleasures, this continent has a sad future awaiting it, AND IT'S CHILDREN. But so has Rome, and Lambeth, and Jerusalem.

As the Australian Labor party, but as well, the other major political parties here, choose to ignore the Higher Laws, and force the people to live bad and corrupt lifestyles, mainly through putting "the economy" ahead of the Habitat, ahead of the Environment, in matters of management of the Society and it's Proper Governmentation, they shall in future years and decades be seen as the biggest curse on the Land and on the People. And it will be dangerous to say you supported them.

As the malignant police officers are so ready to say to someone who is caught transgressing the "laws" "Ignorance of the law, is no excuse!" So it will be turned back on them.

For those who are unafraid to take to the streets and confront this current plague of corporate and parliamentary evil, evils defended by the police and military, they will in the end, be Victorious, and will Find their Bliss, even while they partake and shout "Vengeance is for the Righteous!" they will Quaff the Supreme Joy of the Eternal Heavens, here and in this Life.

If they are killed, Heaven alone awaits them.

Praise the Dissenter!

Praise the Angels of Hell!

Praise the Warriors who Resist and die fighting against capitalist tyranny!





A curse upon every police or military service person who defends the tyrannical powers that attend the conference!

DEATH TO BABYLON, ROME, LONDON, ZURICH, WASHINGTON........ if they do not climb down from their ivory towers and Institute Good, Righteous Laws for Global Land and Tax Reforms.


A Smarter Approach to Climate Change! Oh Really?

“A Smarter Approach to Climate Change”
Found at The Wall Street Journal's Digital Network:

“BARRON'S” is the page the above link takes us to.
“A Smarter Approach to Climate Change”?
By Max Earth.

“A Smarter Approach to Climate Change”!
Perhaps BARRON'S should be called “BOFFIN'S”?
I flicked, short attention-span and snail-pace reading skills running, after seeing the title of the article on Google's NEWS page.
Well....! What cloistered creatures those uptop upmarket technocrat economic-scientists are!
Plenty of hooplar luring the reader into the article, more than the necessary links to get to the articles, or to the synopsis about the articles, and O what an attractive webpage introducing us to these geniuseseses!
A panel of “expert economists” gonna save the world, aye?
From all the best universities and Wall Street houses.
Once through the exquisitely laid-out web pages, to actually read the essays on how to save the world for a mere 9 billion US dollars, you have to download the pdf files.
Funnily enough, I didn't bother. These scientists' brothers-in-Babylon, at our friendliest telco rip-off Telstra, just love charging like a speared bull for downloads, and going by the introductions to the articles, the language would have been such “in-house” jargon, I and my lousy reading skills would have been stumped at the first comma!
But perhaps I'm just jealous I can't do science, or unnerstand the science-speak jargon of O-oh - economists?
(Sounds like an oxymoron there? “science - and - economists”?)
In brief, this is a display of Babylon-talking, and it's obvious that the geeks at Google are only too happy to spread the wordage, for a price, to give these boffins a headline and link on the Google News page.
But I'm sure the boffins have their hearts in the right place, and their hands in the right pockets.
I guess the majority of the world's tenants can wait for a few more years to see if any of the Obamas and Browns and Medvedevs and Hu Jin Taos AND NOT FORGETTING Rudds can commission a few more panels to decipher the jargon, then enlist a few more consultants to verify that the jargon IS jargon, and then let the rest of us.., y'know..., only about 6 billion, 9 hundred million, 8 hundred and 99 thousand of us -OOP! there comes another 300 thousand onto the birthing table, or mat, or bath, or dirt floor or back lane - carry-on over-producing everything we DON'T need, like motorcars, and aircons and beads and trinkets and - OOP!-there comes another few 100 thousand of us - and BABIES, placing our TRUST - OOP! Another coupla- thou - in the best educated, best paid, best upemselves, best at everything - DARLINKX - SCIENTISTS - to solve the rather urgent problem of OOP! Human Beings! on a finite real estate market, we once called Mother Eartha?
Yeah! Leave it up to the boffins!
But please? Let them keep driving their BMWs and Volvos and Opels and living in their many-bedroomed mansions, and playing toffs at their best-leather-chaired clubs, while the rest of us stagger on down to squaller, at the end of the world?
Do NONE of you, “Boffins-a-la-Club-de-Spoiled-Braindead-Christians” have the mind to remember what your cult's founder said?
As I'm not indoctrinated in the Christian private exquisite-school mold, I have to give it to you or remind you in paraphrasing:
What was that other line He happened to throw out to the flockers?
Something about “...the Meek will inherit the Earth!”?
First, “the sword” is for those who fandango with.... the “leave-it-to-the-other-bloke-to-live-Ethically-boffin-clubs”!
2nd, talking sweetly (in jargon, of course) to ensure you keep your university grants and thus lucrative incomes and squishy lifestyles IS NOT, LIVING, Humbly, or as the old St James put it, as the Meek!
And as for those vunderbarh Danish politsia in Copenhagenenenen and the BASH they expect in December, zee boffins vill luff you, cuntstables Fritz and Karl and Sven, but...
ALL STRENGTH TO THE HONORABLE HUMANS WHO PROTEST, AND WHO PROTEST, AND WHO PROTEST AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN, and who zee politzia vill masturbate over bashing, because they are just doing their job!
OH? Zo the politzia's job is to fast-track the destruction of the environment, eh?
Allo! Cunstable Hamlet! There's always gonna be a job for you in New South Wales, because our cunstabulary are also “just doingk their job, toooo!”
Oh? You vant a job description? Sure!
Protect the most greedy, most psychotic (zat means “mentally ill”, Fritz!), most ignorant, but most wealthy, gigglebrained slaves of the Corporation-de-Rum-Club in our parliaments and councils and bighouses of landgrabbers! BASH a few Greenies, whenever you can isolate them. Oh! And ven no-vun iss looking Karl, kick ze Aborigines.
SEE?! “Fery Eezee, Sven!” Like zee fine off-icers in Copenhagenenenen, Sergeant Hamlet, our cuntstabulary just love just doingk their job!”
If you vant to fast-track your entry visa and Owsseee resident's permit, just see the Customs officers at the Gold Coast airport, as you slide in.
Zay too, are “just doing their job”, paid by zee Rum Club government of the International Rumetary Fund.., er..., zorry Gerhardt! I mean zee International Monetary Fund.
You know, zee economic boffins uptop?
The IMF!
And ven you get here, sniff out ze writer of ziss article and SPOOK him vith your effil eye, lie to him, and iff you cannenenen, BASH him, and YOU TOO vill get a PROMOTION to Sergeant, fast-trak eh!
Our local Commander Alvays vill velcomen you! But you may haff to be a Catholic, and vant to kiss ze poope?
In zee meantime, enjoy ze “slave-ze-verld” boffin-bash in Copenhagenenenen in December, and don't forget to make sure there are plenty of upclub blonde prostitutes for the politicians and press secretaries?
(Oh! Whiskey..., and gin..., and guinness for the Brits, old chumen! Good for the UK's export income and our kiddies' fetal-alcohol syndrome, you know?)
As for the pre-conference conference of economic oxymorons in Copenhagenenen, watch after their Volvos and university degrees, eh?
Give me a break!
Or say nightie-night to zee polar icecaps in a decade.........
At least you won't have to dig that back yard swimming pool......?


Apple iPhone costs 6 times the US Price in Australia! WHY?

This is my latest email, just sent to Apple's USA Apple Shop feedback link.

Why is an iPhone 3Gs US$99 in the USA, but AUS$719 in Australia?
Where does the difference in price go?
Australians are being ripped-off excessively, not only in your excellent products, but in all imported products.
Surely the difference in price mentioned here is not absorbed by Aust import duties and shipping?
Sorry, but it is disgusting. Apple would capture the Aust market of phones and computers were price parity enabled. As we here are owned by the IMF, is Apple party to their global corruption and theft of our incomes?
A rhetorical qvestion, yes, but a sad reality for we here who want Apple type Quality, Mr Jobs.
Quality only for the rich, aye?
You know who I am Steve Jobs, and that I want the best for all of us, here there and everywhere.
Damn Gatesie, albeit that I salute his advancing global comms as MS has done.
ANOTHER KEY REASON for a Revolution here, and, All Things Considered, globally.
Keep up the Good Work Apple. I wish I could afford an Apple laptop and iPhone, as do a few billion elsewhere, aye, Jobsie?
But our governments here are the worst thieves, methinks.... especially in Customs and Duties....
But Aussies are lame-brains, as-a-rule....
All the Best....
Max Earth
PS: This is being blogged at www.maxearth.blogspot.com

"What did the fella say as he lay on top of a custard tart?"



Australia's Dust-storm Caused By Bad IMF Agri-Economics.

Australia's Dust-storm Caused By Bad IMF Agri-Economics.
by Max Earth
24/09/09. 1pm

Not the first dust-storm the eastern states of Australia has seen, but it may be the worst and the first for the coastal regions north of Sydney, New South Wales, up as far as the NSW/Queensland border.
News reports say that the “cloud” of dust, eminating from the drought-effected regions of western NSW, is due to be blown further north of Brisbane to northern Queensland's coastal areas today.
Unfortunately, the facts about whence came this and passed dust-clouds wasn't addressed by SKY or ABC news.
As both these news agencies are rather welded to the failing agenda and spin of the International Monetary Fund, the IMF, we know they will not give the listener, watcher, reader the full story.
Perhaps it's the decades-old time limits contained within the modern-day news “sound-grab” that prevents the supposedly credible news media from going to the base cause of these types of issues, but more likely it is the fact that they are party to the long-time global corruption which we know as..., “the IMF”.

Australia's history is entwined with the development of “modern” agricultural techniques.
As Australia is, as far as the rest of the “known world” is concerned, only 221 years old, it has, for that time been at the forefront of over-exploitation of her resources. Logically, most exploitation of resources is found in the production of food crops. Such is the way for all Humanity, since our earliest evolutions.
Unfortunately, Australia has been “owned”, yes “owned” by the British East India Company (BEIC) since England's “First Fleet” arrived in 1788, five years after the largest and wealthiest corporation of the 18th century, the same BEIC, bought the English government out of debt, after England's loss of the Americas in the American “War of Independence” in 1776.
The BEIC was never an “ethical” enterprise. Records show that as far back as early in the 17th century, they were plundering central and eastern Asia, places we now know as Afghanistan, India, Pakistan Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, China Et Al. The list includes most all nations of the Asian region, and of course, well beyond, into Africa, the Middle East, etc. Indeed, need it be said that it was principly the BEIC who divided-up the world and marked the global map with these entities we now identify with as “nations”?
Their plunder has, in the main, been effected by stripping the Land of Her Indigenous Peoples, who, for millennia were living “Religious”, Balanced and Sustainably settled lives in small, self-governed villages and towns, then after stripping and either burning or exporting the native vegetation, of trees and other plants, ploughing and planting massive broad-acre crops of opium.
BEIC might have first begun experimenting with the now discredited “mono-crop, broad-acre” farming techniques in those aforewritten regions.
Today, a very big issue the nations of Eurape and Britain are grappling with is whether or not to pursue their fabricated “war in Afghanistan”.
The REALPolitik fact is that Afghanistan is the last, least assailable and thus least-news-reportable nation in which the west can maintain production of their most profitable opium crops.
Other nations grow opium for export, but we are mis-informed about who they are, and about how much they produce.
Nevertheless, today, India - just one example - suffers from massive problems of over-population, and it's consequences of failing sustainability, etc. I put it, that today's troubles in India stem from the way the region was improperly, unethically and disasterously divided-up by the BEIC over the passed four hundred years.
Back to the Antipodes, Australia is well-down the track to the same disaster.
Yesterday's enormously destructive dust-storm has it's cause in the same, British East India Company's BAD agricultural-economic policies.
While pre-invasion Australia was not as populated as pre-invasion India, or the “Indus valley” region of central Asia, or of China, the same techniques were deployed here, almost from the first days of white settlement, where the invaders wiped-out hundreds-of-thousands of Aborigine across the continent, and set-about preparing the land for the planting of the “northern” version of broad-acre, monocrop food supplies.
Wheat, being the flavour of the bi-century.
In the 1960s and 1970s, when I was at school, my history class lessons taught us nothing about the destruction of the flora and fauna of Australia since white occupation. I think I was in my thirties (in the 1980s) before I “found out”, that since 1788, some 95% of the continent's rainforest had been destroyed by whitey.
Last night I was pondering this, and immediately fell into resignation that I would not be able to establish what the updated figures are. Deforestation is a big provider of employement here, and even now, against all the statistics, science and MATHS, still the majority of rural residents are pro-deforestation.
Deforestation is no longer an issue in the western regions of New South Wales, the “oldest” and by far the most corrupt state in Australia. Not an issue, because for over three generations there HAVE BEEN NO FORESTS, to speak-of, so those alive today do not “connect” as-it-were, with the issue.
This is just one of the terribly sad testaments about how stupid yer av'rage Ozzie is.
In general, we are FORCED, again, by the agenda of the BEIC (O? Did I mention that the BEIC became the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the early 20th century? Well..., it did), to have no memory of our region's history.
There are two-or-three reasons for this -
One is that, were we to revisit our local histories, far too many rural Australians would be asked also to confront the facts surrounding issues of Aboriginal genocide.
The relative REALPolitik qvestion here might be - “How many Aborigines did your ancestors have to massacre, for you to enjoy the fluffy white-culture lives you now do?” Even today, in 2009, there are many white Australians still alive, who were actually involved in the ruthless slaughter of Aborigines.
No small percentage of them were members of the States' police forces.
Second, it is not in the interests of the northern IMF-type plunderers to bring-up these issues because it might - I say MIGHT - have the discussion go to the veracity of the current mono-crop, broad-acre rape-er-I-mean-farming techniques, which provide the wealthy peoples of Britain and Eurape with their lovely puffed-oats for breakfast etc.
Third, a Proper discussion about Australia's rural history and the causes of yesterday's dust-storm would also endanger such as SKY and the ABC having to broach the topic of the terminal damage which has been done to Australia, and to the broader global environment, integral in those farming methods, of the destruction of the environment, by the removal of the rainforests.
But I dare you, anyone, to travel across western New South Wales and try and engage the locals in conversation (NOT..., conSERVation!!!!) about their region's history, farming techniques, loss of rainforest, failing river systems and it's cause, and..., AND..., about the numbers of Indigenous, that-is Aboriginal, that-is “First Peoples”, their own white ancestors sought to exterminate in generations passed?
Go-on, ABC's “Bush Telegraph” crew! Go-on, Phillip Adams! Go-on! SKY News! Go-ON! Rosie Church of CNN's “Eco-Solutions”!!!
Naturally, or REALPolitically enough, I do not expect any such inquiry, either by our IMF news media, or by our IMF-run state and federal governments, to go so far as to openly, publicly discuss and divulge the issues, of history, of MASSIVE errors in farming technique, about the MASSIVE damage done to the forests (I am unable to establish whether “western” NSW had significant “rainforests”, but suspect there was “significant” forested coverage of many parts of that huge region), and depletions of the populations of Aboriginal People, or to the REALCauses of yesterday's MASSIVE dust storm.
In an acronym, it is directly related to the “I.M.F.”!
Does anyone here or abroad, think Australia might have Good Cause to become an Independent REPUBLIC, free of the globicidal tendencies and pyshotic policies of Brit-Eurape's - IMF???
Such REALPolitik addressingssss, give GOOD CAUSE to call the news teams in all our media “PATHETIC!!!”
They also give GOOD REASON to label our “IMF-run-Sydney-based” “media” governments, parliaments, policing forces and those who cowtow to their enforcements “TRAITORS”, and as “having NO Authority!”
A term I've been throwing at residents, parliamentarians, psychiatric doctors and police forces of New South Wales lately, a term which is backed-up by Proper, Scientific Inquiry, is that they are severely, and by all accounts, TERMINALLY... “MENTALLY ILL”! Understandably, they get a bit upset, and defend their insanity by accusing me of the same....... hahahahaha......
As a line from one of my recent songs goes “Any invader, from Heaven or Stars, Would reel in disgust at our insane agricultural pathes..” (near enough!)
What was that word I used a few weeks ago?
Dee-eep Green, Land Law Reform, NON-IMF-orchestrated Revolution!
Step One: Arrest British High Commissioner in Canberra, Ms Helen Riddell!


God Gives. Rome Sends Him Back!

Rome today, the reinvention of pre-christian Pagan Rome, sells us the "GOD GAVE HIS ONLY SON FOR US!" line.

They never say that it was ROME, who gave him BACK?


I swear (a lot!), you & the rest of the internet/computer/modern-day fandango world are intent, aware of it or not ("forgive 'em Lord, for they're all hypnotized by their own fortune!") on sending the inexpert computer/'net user insane.
Certain standards have to be agreed upon (today, worldwide) by the producers of "product" whether its websearch engines, or facility access et al.

Humans, for good reason, are creatures of habit.

I, an exiled Ludite, with some capacity to learn, but limited patience & time, find it a constant frustration when new software or such is presented, either as an update, or as necessary to employ the Internet & computer facilities for the SERIOUS purposes I employ them chiefly for.

Admittedly, being a social exile (for Catholic "evil" causes [what was Google's motto in the beginning 'don't be evil!'?]), makes life shiiiite, and totally without any support or "gossip" to assist in this newish world of the 'net, these kind of 'distractions' add more than a Koala can bear!
But, as with points I attempted to make in a recent blog article (www.maxearth.blogspot.com) I foresee problems down the track while there are innumerable "Geeks" (I reckon Geeks are great, for the advances made in elecommunications etc) are employed to inventinventinvent and deploy their concepts without any real standards across the globe for the public to maintain their mental "grounding" on.
IF....., you know what I mean?
I suspect that while inventinventinvent HAS brought humanity out of the deaf-and-dark ages, the somewhat gigglebrained richkids who are replete with creativity will send the larger Group (humanity) off the rails, especially because they are "living in their own world" either in virtual-space or in the small world of technology-centred communities?
It is a HARD FACT, that all of us have something to contribute to "life-on-earth" and it's general upliftment, but that if we, or "free enterprise" is left free to add one thing here, and add one thing there, and add one thing somewhere else, the basic needs which underpin ALL successful societies/communities, will be lost or will crumble, like the fabled "tower of Babylon".
I've lost four hours updating adobe (which failed!) and realplayer this morning, as well because I made the mistake of updating to Google Chrome!
It is this kind of ungoverned interfacing overcoming most users, with the options which constantly appear, which destroys Communities, Nations, Cultures.
And, with the "speed" of "life" today, this is accelerated add-infinitum.
Google is to be applauded for the "old" clean and simple search engine and screen, and I understand that YOU have to keep "moving forward" (a dubious couple of words relied upon by the last US administration of, quote "f---ing psychoes" unquote Colin Powell, who used that MOVING FORWARD line as an excuse for NOT FACING THE MISTAKES PREVIOUSLY MADE.)
It may have it's analogy in presenting students with a new layout, version and even language in their text books every month.
Or..., expecting typists to keep their typing speeds up while the boss puts a new (non-QWERTY) keyboard letters-layout each week!?!?!
In the end, quality falls and thus so does the general standard of the community.
By 'standard' I guess I mean the cohesiveness.
The ability to cross-communicate.
And after-all? Isn't that exactly what your endeavors with 'modern technology' are or were basically supposed to be for?????
Perhaps it is time SOMEONE, preferably an IMPARTIAL someone (O where?) did a global survey on how much time is spent and lost by computer/internet/software users, in keeping updates uptodate, and in keeping uptodate in their knowledge of the technology and user interfaces???
Do I sound FRUSTRATED???
Well done Google!
Seriously! You and your teams have done wonders!
But....., as you ALL, only last decade, were unsophisticated and not nearly so wealthy geeks playing with PCBs and stuff, take a breather and think (not a favorite pastime in the Christianated west!), about the not-so-longterm consequences of endless invention, innovation and development?
In reality, I seriously think that is an unattainable objective, as the planet is now so out of control.
While I can only credit your Intellects, I ask you to contemplate my observations as to the failures of the 'capitalist, free market system', I posted on that same blogsite (maxearth.blogspot.com) ?
For f--ksake..., have a meet with Jobsie and Gatesie will ya's!?
And see if, with profit left outside in the elevator, you three Geneearses (sorry!) Geniuses (Geneeii?) can INVENT some SSSSTANDARD(s) for the 21st century interface between the REALWorld and the virtual?
Love Ya'!

Omaxa bin Eartha

(O! This has nothing to do with "case hardening mild steel"!!!!! But thanks for giving me the opportunity to bitch!)


OOOOOOoH for a DARK Screen?!?!

Know what's really BAD joojoo!?

Staring into a WHITE computer screen!

How come computer screens have to be highly lit?

Surely it's badbadREALLYbad for the eyes? Especially if'n you're using the computer for long periods at night, with few light on in the room around you?

Why can we not have screen-pages such as word processing pages, where the text is WHITE, and the page background is dark, or even black???

I guess we'll all find out in a few years if white or bright screens are damaging to the retinal balls, when computer-screen-created premature blindness sends us all staggering into the abyss???


Problems might be, that we will have forgotten how to use pen and paper, to write "freehand", and how to turn pages in a book?

BOOK?!?! Wot's a BOOK?

Oier? a I-book?

Grow-up America!

The Republican fervor over ACORN, has exactly the same "driver" behind it, as what drove Jeshua ben Joseph, aka Jesus Christ to say, "Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do", or in today's language "......for they know not that they are deeply hypnotized by saducees & pharisees of old, old orders & cults".

Dear, not-so old GW Bush & his buddies in the Illuminati, have known for quite a while what I mean......

THIS kind of reprehensible fanatical distortion of facts by the Glenn Becks, Rupert Murdochs and right-wing Republicans in the USA, IS PRECISELY what the rest of the world worries about, when the USA is putting on a show.

If no US Republicans are Courageous enough to Stand Forth and silence this knee-jerk rash of juvenile bruised Republican egos, who, when exposed as wrong, as-in the last US Presidential election, resort to perverted & totally irresponsible lies & exceedingly bad behavior, America's rising popularity world-round, will again plummet, as it did with the last "f---ing psychoes" (unquote Colin Powell) of the GW Bush Administration.

Take care, America! Those who misdirect these anti-ACORN, anti-Obama & racist protests will push you all down the drain & into another (civil) war, mark my words.

It may be worth noting how many anti-ACORN folk are too-ready to say that they are also "Christian".

JC warned about "the Sword" next time? Watch your back, Beck.

The above words I have just typed into the "Chicago Tribunes" COMMENT page, on the issue of anti-ACORN beat-ups by America's say-anything-for-a-buck Glenn Beck and other pro-Republicans.

It is so sad that people will do and say as they do, simply because they are in perpetual fear of losing their prestige, by losing the income's the devils of Rupert Murdoch and cabal are so ready to pay them.

THIS, is exactly the problem with free market capitalism as we witness exercised in the USA, because people are reduced to being and living in a totally moral-free zone, purely so they can earn enough to eat and be housed.

The hackneyed phrase about the market being the motivation for people to be constructive, inspired, inventive, etc, has many Merits, but they are false and empty if we do not take into honest and reasoned consideration the pitfalls of the same system.

Were all women assured of enough healthy food and a safe, healthy home environment in which to live, learn and grow a family, would any of them resort to selling their bodies to often uncouth, brutal and slothenly men?

Were all men assured of gainful, honorable employment, and an opportunity to honestly earn a dollar and invest in both a home and a family, would they resort to crime, brutality and perverted behavior?

If people were assured that they were able to live productive and secure lives, wherein they could find satiation and room enough to grow a family, and a peaceful circle of friends, would they resort to speaking utter lies?

This Glenn Beck jerk-off, and his sponsors and followers, must surely be of the generation who were hypnotized by the "charismatic" actor-President Ronald Reagan, while in their gullible teenage years?

It was, I'm reminded, Ronald Reagan who told his nation that "trees" were bad things????

Would Beck and coy argue in support of Reagan's delusional anti-trees line today?

But ALAS! The golden calf tribes ex-Israel have been active in the minds and Souls of America for a lot longer than this "Reagan generation", say what, Hollywood?

Say what, Monsanto? Say what, Richard Cheney?

Say what, Mormons? Say what (for balance) Catholics?

Glenn Beck! For America's sake, take a break, a long break, and spend the time to see if you can engage your over-active and base mind in the Higher Art of..... "Intelligent Thinking"? But be warned! That has to be prepared for, with long periods of practicing "Silent Mind Meditation"!

I know! I know! Keeping the mind desirous of "the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth" is antithetical to the work Rupert pays you to do.

But cungering bullshit does not, really, count as "Thinking". It's really, just a little bit silly, and a waste of brainpower, when it's all said and the damage is done.

Extremely silly when it puts the welfare of millions at risk. The welfare of those millions that the likes of ACORN work Honorably and diligently to improve.

Need you, and your sycophantic buddies be reminded, that those who are left to fall into the gutter, or into a draconian prisons system, where ACORN and the like find them, are the forgotten masses made-so by the same nation of yours, which purports to be...., Christian?

You Know Glenn, that religious cult who champions the Bloke who said things like "Love thy Neighbor as thy self" and "Love thine enemies"?

America is a Great place, and it is unworthy of you to reduce it and it's People to bickering, warring enemies of Intelligent Folk and enemies of the Eternal Wisdoms the Intellectually Awakened Mind can attain to.

While you're out there in the woods, looking for your own Reason (?), hug a tree or forty with your Soul, assuming Rupert lets you take it with you, when not in his coven-house?

I could go-on Mista Beck, but it is all most likely lost on deaf ears, aye?

Wealthy ears..., but deaf as a post, no doubt.......

Considering the vociferousness of the anti-ACORN protests, and the utterly untrue accusations flying right-and-right across the congress and senate and across the sensationalist American media, I guess we Pro-Liberty, Pro-Obama thinkers kinda expected a backlash from they-the-experts in backlashing.

Just how many of the protesters are actually engaged in the deeper debates going-on in America about things like Obama's Healthcare Reforms, or about the Veracity of the last Presidential election count, remains a question unanswerable from this side of the Pacific?

However, it is heinous that people like John McCain should make an issue out of "vote counts" in the LAST Presidential election, after the utterly corrupt 2000 and 2004 elections of GW Bush, where it was blatantly clear that Florida and the likes were riddled with criminal activities to falsify the result by the Republicans, GW's BROTHER, then Governor of Florida, no-less, and no doubt the disgustingly fiendish CIA of the day, etc etc?

"Chats"? "Chads"? Pathetically feeble voting machines and apparatus? ETCETERA! ETCETERA!

If I were anyone worth listening to, I would ORDER the USA Attorney General to put John McCain on Notice, that he and his last President and Vice President should prepare themselves to face a Supreme Court inquiry into the veracity of the 2000 and 2004 elections AS WELL AS answering questions about the veracity of the "intelligence" (hoho) which sent the USA to a criminal war in the Middle East.

War crimes??????

AS WELL AS, exactly WHAT they knew about the most serious attacks in history on American soil on the 11th of September 2001?

What DID happen to the wings of "Flight 93" when it apparently smashed into the Pentagon???

How come a flagging-in-popularity Donald Rumsfeld happened to be in the Pentagon at that early hour, to assume organization of the "rescue efforts", thereby redeeming his "reputation", and how come so many credible witnesses AND VIDEO of both the World Trade Center and Pentagon fly-ins tell very different stories to those the world was told to accept?????

And "Building seven? Building ten???

If I were Mr McCain, or one of his advisers, I'd be keeping my head VERY low, as these so-called "protesters" exercise their rights on Washington's streets!

Further to those protests, to those "rent-a-protests", it would be intriguing I am surrrre, to know how many of those marching on the streets, are in the employ of America's pharmaceutical corporations, seeking to kill-off any Just Healthcare for Americans, by hoping to unseat President Obama? The exceptionally Intelligent and Socially Considerate Barack Obama? The exceptionally Intelligent and Socially Considerate BLACK Barack Obama?

Or, perhaps the same should be asked about those marching, who are in the real estate industry, or in the stock markets industries, insurance industries, tobacco industry, etc, etc, ETCETERA!??????? Industries, many of which are led by multinational "OFFSHORE" corporations, based OH! LOOKIE THERE! in EURAPE!?!?!?!?

Is it not a little befuddling and ironic that the many who now protest against a very American President, who apparently vote Republican, might very likely be doing the bidding of FOREIGN, monarchist, or anti-Republic employers?

Gorr-blimey America! You are a complex nation, ain't ya?

But shit you make nice motorbikes!


Re: "Fortune" online magazine article on Pot.


(Passed-onto me by Nimbin's HEMP Embassy)

Goodonyer, Hempers!

I guess one should throw a salute Fortune's way as well, but that's not easy for this anti-capitalist.

Legalizing pot is like Socialism to Americans.

All thanks to capitalism and the freedom to say what you want about anything.

If advertising spin doctors, or their "right" to talk bullshit was curtailed or banned, capitalism would collapse overnight. And pot would as likely be legalized soon after....?


Another case against free marketeering and wealth-making, where Ely Lily et al, or their founders, et al, were driven to make a buck however they could.

Snake oil!

Snake oil sellers will not only spruke and falsely promote their own product, but, as they get richer from the gullible, they make it their business to shitcan any opposition. ESPECIALLY if the competitor's product WORKS BETTER!

Through this means, through corrupted agenda, most all rational debate is warped to become hyperbolic hot-air, just adding to confusing the debate and the public, making Balanced, Right-minded decisions impossible.

The self-interested powers-that-are, predominantly ex-Eurape and Britain, (think: MI6!) have made an art of confusing the issues with hyper-bullshit for centuries (Aborigines are not Human?!), and with the funds to keep doing it, make nations like the USA and Austraylia melting-pots of irrationality.

Added to these factors has been the freemason, protestant and catholic domination of the business of hypnotizing their flockers into believing anything that will make them feel loved, or secure or not lost.

Some people will do ANYTHING to feel like they are "a part of the group" (Nimbin, a classic example), and accepting bullshit is primary for Christianity and for capitalism and for looking down on Nature as a source of a Good High.

As most white people on Earth (Eurape, Catholicism, Mormons, NSW, and-on and-on) are sucked in by the errant use of hypnotism, and the accompanying bullshit over the top of it, most white Humans are mentally ill. “Not of their own mind”.

Mental illness of the Christian and capitalist and anti-pot kinds, singularly, and together, only serve to add to the dysfunctionality behind someone's desperate want to belong.

It's like fertile women becoming fanatical about having "a baybeee!" In this day and age, more and more are becoming psychotic about proving to everyone around them that they "are a woman" because they can conceive and give birth. The booming industry of IVF etc., is more proof. Another typical white fella case of believing their genitals are what make them Human, over their capacity to think Intelligently. Or rather, such demanding bitches prove by their rant that they have missed the boat in terms of Awakening their Intelligence. Another case typical of whitearse.

But back to pot and the Fortune article...... sort-of......

The 1950s USA anti-Communist campaigns led by the fanatical and unhinged Joe McCarthy put the fear of god up the majority of Americans, helped along by his armies of right-wing henchmen (fanatical Christians!!!) who terrorized any they found who preferred a more egalitarian society, which recognized that not everyone "gets the breaks" and so is liable to fall into poverty, and thus, should be helped.

Rings a bell for most underclass Folk in Rum corp New South Fails-er-Wales, I'm sure!

It's typical of the powers-that-be in America (i.e., the powers-that-be of the uptop upclub upemselves arseholes running the elite banks and financial drug-running cabals in "BRIT-EURAPE") for such callous attitudes to prevail in America. while it professes to be that chimera, a "Christian nation". "Christianity" a cult whose ethos is supposed to be that the fallen should be helped out of their woes by their neighbors.

But that's comment on Socialism's enemies there.

But good-on-'em at Fortune. It's nice to see the rich kids of Wall Street offering a balanced article about the demon weed for a change.

At a guess, I'd say that President Obama and his Fellow Intellects have put the word out to stop the shitcanning, and perhaps even to begin the counter-campaign of relaxing the hyperbole against Pot.

Don't expect anything from the sycophants of Can(t)berr(y)a tooo soon though....

And while the seriously mentally ill ex-copper old guard rum-club catholic NSW Labor right and their protestant bum-chums in the conservatives run the corruption in Sydney, NSW has no hope!

And..., while Britain's income from exporting Scotch whisky amounts to some 75% of all British exports' income, SERIOUS drug law reform ANYWHERE remains a sick joke.

“Tell me WHO-OO-OO, is Mister Brown!?” Unquote, Bob Marley.


Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien
aka Max Nichols Cook
aka Max No Difference, Max No Sense, Max No Point,

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.

Reforests of Godolonia,



"...IF YOU DARE...!?"


GLOBAL Computer & Internet Organization?

Scribed 13/09/09

I bought my first new laptop with a wireless broadband stick for the internet, late last year.

What a Boon Technology like this is to mememe, and it seems apparent, to the world.

As I've accustomized myself with what's available from the 'net, I've grabbed whatever I'm told I need, and other stuff to use in my trade of REALPolitik Outlaw Journalism.

Often, too often for my liking, I'm asked to REGISTER with the mob whose software I'm downloading and running, which is fair enough. But it gets to the point where I'm out of willpower to keep up with all the requirements.

Understandable, as I'm without any first hand support, social chat or friendly (free) advice, apart from a crazy-busy but very proficient techie at the local small computer business, and a bit of help comes from the seller, Richie-rich Smiths.

Like banking has evolved from local companies (yes most often set-up by British and Eurapean banking experts whenever they've conquered ANOTHER SOVEREIGN NATION), into a small clique of upper echelon GLOBAL moguls, in reality owning the monetary “chassis” of the planet, and setting the agenda for how wealthy we're allowed to be, is the same happening with the larger/largest corporations of the computer, software and internet provider companies and services, where they are in fact a small clique of moguls - in the “private”-sector, Bill Gates the obvious 1st example - who determine WHAT we run on our computers, how much it eventually costs, and whether we are guaranteed any longterm uncensored support and security?

It's probable these are rhetorical questions?

However, as I'm a bit of an “organization” freak, it seems that with all the required registrations, subscriptions and such, with necessary and accompanying passwords, statistics, ONGOING updates and upgrades, etc, it is near impossible to maintain organization of one's computer and internet accounts and facilities, either without more expenses, or without learning evermore.

Bad organization ends quick in falling and failing performance.

It seems from my icehole of isolation, that the future involves total, GLOBAL, society-wide education/reorientation around internet “language” etc.

I also ask myself what effect this might have on our usual methods of communication, where, after an induction period of perhaps half-a-generation into familiarizing the society with the integration of realtime society and the virtual society (including business, public services, and other organizational use), it may be that we will speak so differently that many Foundational Values Fundamental to a Stable and Organized Society/Planet, will be lost.

There are multiple cases awaiting an open courtroom for all national governments to take a Step Foward by Unifying, simplifying, streamlining the facilities and services available on the 'net.

I don't mean making the 'net “government-run”, or controlled, but that I reckon it's time, as the internet has exploded into nearly every (western) fella's office, study or bedroom, for our globe's governments, preferably those who have the Honor to resist the IMF's pressure to keep everything under THEIR control, to be pro-active in setting the standards for the future of this booming facility. A facility which seems already to have become an indispensable item in the 1st world, and beyond. A facility which, I, a “Ludite-by-exile-and-Dissent”, think may yet be the best thing since sliced bread, for the important work of stopping a world gone wrong, from going toooo much more wrong.

As proponents of the “anti-Obama” protests against his extremely Logical attempts to give the 10%-and-increasing-percentage of Americans who are without health insurance, health coverage, chanting (REALMeaning...) that they prefer selfish, ruthless, demonic and blatant rip-off “free market capitalist” health insurance and usually bloody-minded medicine/medical product corporations, to “a-fair-crack-of-the-whip” for all Americans' health-care requirements, requirements which MIGHT include Health (self-help) EDUCATION, under his government-backed healthcare proposals, I expect the “free marketeer junkies” who just CANNOT get over the 1950s anti-Socialist purges by Joe McCarthy, a dark shaman of the old order, will jump on their sponsored pulpits and wave curses all over my Soul.

As the saying goes, “...the road to Hell is paved with good intentions..”, (I say “....with CATHOLIC intentions”) and, I say I say, so it is with unrestrained, “market-driven” “innovation” which seems to finance a hefty slice of the computer, internet and software “industries”.

Now, “innovation” is not Satan. But it isn't always “God” either, because innovation can do terrible things to Wise Traditions, Customs and Cultures. To stabilize the runaway inventions markets, it would be Reasonable to establish just WHAT Everyone ACTUALLY NEEDS, before all other desires, fancies, temptations.

I reckon I could Guarantee that the world would be a much Happier, Stable, Harmonious, JUST and Balanced place, were everyones' basic NEEDS provided for, in the most efficient way.

If so, our psychotic, desperate cravings for ANOTHER NEW PRODUCT would diminish, perhaps enough to eliminate the stress our manufacture manufacture manufacture world is putting on the planet's environment!

A few weeks ago I stumbled INto a porn website, voluntarily, and was made lustful by the luscious bOObs et al on display. Thanks Girls!

But I stayed tOO long, and the thinking factory uptop began it's critique.

It struck me as tragic, that anyone, but women mainly of course (as men are born and made into randy brutes these days/decades), have little choice but to “open 'em” to the mass audience, always I put it, simply to afford to eat and occupy secure accommodation, etc., and to partake of their own society, however, wherever it exists.

Sure! The dead religion of Judeo-Christianity has done horrific damage to the libido of western males and females, by demonizing everything about sex, and therefore there's 'well-intended' arguments for porn mags, shows and websites to refire our flagging “id”, so we may awaken our higher mental powers on the road to our True Super High (Spiritual) Self. (But that's another Philosophical story and Path for the Species generally).

Such an awakening is Imperative for the Species worldwide, if we are to Grow to the point of being able to defend ourselves from the tyranny of our western cults and political “Darth Vaders”. The ones who have used the higher powers to subvert and tyrannize the world for centuries and longer (than we know).

The Darth Vaders' who will, if nothing Honorable is done, take over the 'net, and our ability to communicate.

Therefore....., as the public medium of “Linux” Open Source is proving to be GOOD-GOOD-REALGOOD, and as some Australian authorities have made it policy to employ such software wherever they can, it stands to Reason Bill!, that an Open Source of Standards and facility requirements and registries needs to be established - GLOBALLY.

At this stage in my thinks about the idea, or about the burdens confronting computer and 'net users, and about what effects await the planet, the planet which should, as a Priority, be ORGANIZING itself, I hain't Divined the “program script” yet.

Butbutbut...., As ORGANIZATION is our priority, LOCALLY-TO-GLOBALLY, and as the computernet is taking-over most all our habits, operations and governmentations, the same computernet which is weighing/slowing ORGANIZED PROGRESS down, with it's propensity to demand more delay and distraction of our time and catagorizings, there does seem to be an urgency of action needed here.

“Standardization” seems to be the call?

The argument I most recently heard put on uncle BBC yesterday, by a senior manager of a multinational finance corp (“Pacific someone” ?), that “...the market is the best instrument to use to regulate itself...” is clearly bloody ludicrous. Markets are wonderful things, to-be-sure, but they are abysmal failures at “regulating themselves” as we witness again-and-again wherever a financial catastrophe surfaces (Bear Sterns, Lehmans, Citibank, RBS, Bank of America, AIG, and-on-and-on!).

Totally subverted is the People's ability to employ Reason and Ugh! WISDOM in determining the best methods to regulate that which needs regulation.

Private interest is such a false tenet in the arenas of commerce, finance and especially, in governmentation, for it is not structured, although it could be, to take into consideration the broader, unrelated (to company success) issues which determine the ability of the whole population to partake of “the market” or not.

As a Missive into the hearts of extreme right wing organizations who shitcan any regulatory moves by central or local governments, they are way behind in their thinking when they continue to bash the authority's attempts to institute regulation across their nations.

If nothing else, their ignorance is ironical, because wherever we see governments become tyrannical, as the idiots call President Obama's attempts to give ALL Americans health cover (no wonder I drink, smoke and swear!), an impartial inquiry will always find that those apparently, and often actual tyrannical governments, have already been subverted BY THE BIGBOYS of....... the marketplace?

The United States of America, perhaps the PRIME example!

Big tobacco, big oil, big pharmaceuticals, big alcohol, have been corrupting the Natural and Honorable regulation process of American Government for centuries! What's more, those corporate entities are, in most cases these last fifty-plus years, offshore institutes!

The Brit-Euro IMF, in the main.

As I ponder, I KNOW the likes of Bill Gates agrees with me. But he's American.

So, with NO desire to stymie commerce, or the ability of individuals to “make an honest buck” (quite the opposite, in fact), I put it that this modern phenomenon of electronic communications and development, our computers and internet, has to be regulated by the bodies built to do that thing called “Governing”, just like a mechanical device fitted to some engines to prevent them from over-revving and thus self-destructing.

The prevention of self-destruction, is exactly what Government should be about.

In regard to the booming internet and peripherals industries, it is unavoidable, if no Impartial Governing is implemented, that the industries will become more restricted and censored, the more “private, profit-driven, and too often myopic market-leaders” take control.

Perhaps, off-the-top-of-my biocomputer, an ALL-GOVERNMENTS (Democratic, of course) Good Ideas Regulator Standards Board is the Call, to ensure the smoothest possible operation and access to what the computernet can offer the world?

Possibly, this may also do the world and environment a favor, by minimizing superfluous and short-lived “invention”, if they are required to put their ideas to the Board for approval.

Similar concepts are vital to ensuring pharmaceutical corporations do not pump-out dangerous drugs. “Speed limits” on our roads are for the same preventative purpose for ensuring some element of safety to all.

Along the same lines of thought, surely there is Intelligence (Ugh! The enemy of megalomaniacs!) in calling on the globe's governments (NOT the IMF, thank-yee!), to determine “Hardware Standards” in product design.

Cross-company, cross-globe standards which align the various “extras” each electronic product uses, so they can continue to be used when one item fails and is replaced bu a different brand.

What a major leap forward it was (hoho) when the mobile phone corps agreed on cross-product battery charger interchangeability! On THAT, why not same-same with BATTERIES?

This, of course, can reach well beyond the cell phone arena, and I say I say, SHOULD!

In the 1960s, the now defunct British motorcycle makers, Triumph-Norton-BSA attempted an extremely Rational idea of standardizing the mechanical parts across all their motorcycles. The attempt failed, sadly, and I have NO DOUBT that private interest had everything to do with the failure.

The idea was Brilliant, for it did a very simple and simplifying thing, where, in one example, the “piston” in a 250cc single cylinder motor was the same as the two pistons in a 500cc twin cylinder motor, and in the 750 triple cylinder motor.

That's the only “bit” I can draw to mind at the moment, but other pieces were designed with the same interchangeability.

Totally Logical. Perhaps the Ideal in efficient productivity, AND, in spare parts availability, saving retailers and repair-shops the ridiculous need as we have today, of stocking mountains of spare parts to cater for the in REALITY insane marketplace where each manufacturer designs products, each with it's own peculiar parts.

Standardizing such components is, in the final wash-up, the Best thing Earthlings like we Humans can possibly do, in “product terms”, if we are SERIOUS about minimizing waste and environmental carnage.

This is an Idea All the President's Men and Women in the USA are obliged to implement into their newly acquired American auto-industries, and in other industries, and as this e-ssay goes-to, the computer-cell-phone-internet marketplace corporations and industries.

I suggest that the main reason corporations insist on having THEIR OWN designs and spare parts in their products, is so that the buyer/customer is forced to stay with that brand.

All this breeds, in the long-run, is diffusion, distraction, unnecessary expense and unsustainable WASTE.

NOT exactly what a scattered global population needs in this era of the Global Everything Meltdown, for, for one thing, the most important thing we need NOW, is to be quite a lot more ORGANIZED, and wars against threats are usually only won through efficient communications.

Ever-increasing numbers of products with inbuilt obsolescence and short lifespans, with different and inharmonious elements in their cross-functionality does not help us in any way other than to speed our demise.

Personally, I don't give a damn about Humanity's survival - each day I'm awake, and each night I go to sleep expecting to be assaulted by one idiot tyrant or another, and have lived that way for over a decade - but as I have the ability to purchase (thanks to Our Righteous UNIONISTS passed insistence on government social support mechanisms like unemployment benefits and the pension) and employ the modern-day “beads-and-trinkets” of computernet stuff in my fated past-time of REALPolitik OUTLAW Journalism, it seems Logical to do so, if only because it is my (and EVERYONE'S) Duty.

All-in-all, the above suggestions for the streamlining of our rising dependence upon electronicalisms (AND motorbike bits!) are in demand URGENTLY, WORLD-ROUND.

As well, of course (Duty, remember, Duty) for MAJOR Reforms in Land, Tax, Cult, Drug and Work Law.

Perhaps our biggest hurdle, is positing all the lawyers on the bottom of the ocean first?

China, Germany, Japan and the USA, being our biggest production-houses, (well..., the USA has slipped somewhat, to being one of the biggest IMPORTERS of product, what-with it's manufacturing sector drying-up) could in next to no time, co-operate and clean-up our world of product waste and alignments, so that all others can follow suit.

Again, while industry input is crucial, these Reforms must be Divined and implemented by a Consensus of Global Governments, to be effective.

Lastly, in the 1800s, the American Philosopher-Economist Mr Henry George, Wisely Divined, that “monopolies naturally accrue to being controlled by government” (paraphrased). In regard to computernet and autos etc, this I think, need only apply to the Standards in each industry.

Today, being closer-than-ever to being that somewhat dreamy “Global Village”, “Standards monopoly”, sounding a bit dangerous I know, mayhap be the bottom-line the Earth needs, to minimize waste of time, energy, expense and resources?

As the saying goes, “DO YOUR MATHS!” or be damning us all.

But I don' know if'n I'd want a Daiwooooo piston in me Harley? Hyuk-hyuk!


Organized tyranny?

Just emailed the following to 71 email addresses round the planet!


But DON'T tell the American (REALRead: Eurapean!) real estate, private health insurance and medical corporations, or the hypnotized "anti-Intelligent US Healthcare" protesters in Washingmachinetown!?!?

Wisely Organized, Planet Earth's Human population could, COULD stop having babies for FIVE YEARS, in order to reduce global overpopulation and thus annihilation!


For more on the subject of DELIBERATE, tyrannical DISorganization here on Earth, flicklick to my blogsite: www.maxearth.blogspot.com


Omaxa bin Eartha
et al


Lehman Bros and Deliberate DISorganization

Lehman's September 2008 collapse.

Last year's global financial crisis GFC has been attributed to bad organization in the Lehman company, across it's several departments and types of fund management sector branches.

Blame was also attributed to the US administration under President GW Bush and VP Dick Cheney, for having too little cross-departmental co-ordination and thus co-operation.
With the power to influence the world's economic balance almost however they wished, their Intellects became corrupted to believing chaos was good for their plans of domination. Serious delusion prevailed, when disorganization was implemented within their own departments.

This manufactured chaos is an old indeed CLASSIC subversive trick by MI6, CIA et al and our ruthless global elites. Whitehall has made it their business to “disorganize” whichever government they have dealt with, over the last several hundred years.

Thus, I put it, that the upper-hyper-market elites knew exactly what they were doing last year - “profit at all costs” was their unspoken mantra, a la '“end-of-the-world” scenarios where their upclub mobs, the “surviving 10 million”, fatalistic beliefs of the last US administration and their white Euro-influences in Wall Street', etc., had surrendered to the evidence which seems to say we have trashed the planet, there is NO HOPE, so let's PARTY over all Values and Ethics.

Soul-less Souls believing “WE CAN DO ANYTHING!” “we rule so can make and bend the rules to suit ourselves” mobs.

Knowing exactly what you're doing, doesn't make it GOOD.

They took the approach, that if it is impossible to change Humanity from destroying to repairing the planet, the proper analysis of the future, is that “all-is-lost”, and that it will become (as it always has been) 'survival-of-the-fittest' .

To them, the 'fittest' were they, and their economic and military might, as far as they could see it.

They may still be “the fittest”, in terms of ruining the world. We witness this in their taunts to forcefully assert their ideated superiority, a la August '09's Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Greame Samuel's “heavy fines for cartels” announcement, which was promptly followed with a taunt from a couple of multinational mega-corps, when Woolies/Caltex and another petro-corp ran blatant cartelian-looking discount offers.

Another example of the hubristic mockery of Australian Environmentalists' attempts at teaching the People to Respect their Country, was Repco's (auto product retailer) northern NSW car rally last week.

The “bad-comms” and “disorg” at Lehman's, bad-comms and disorg which were-and-still-are rife across all of the (western) world's banking systems, and throughout the last US administration, were full-blown weapons-of-subversion, for the off-shore mob of extreme-right-upemselves Brit-Euro elites, to keep creaming from the chaos.

In the game of winning in the upper echelons of global power, two plays are required. One is to ensure extremely “tight” security and organization within your own entity, political party, corporation, military force, football team, et al. The second is to do everything that can be done, without getting found-out, to disrupt, confuse, distract and disorganize any opposition.

In the first, the Prime factor in large orgs, for efficiency-thus-success, is the logical “economies-of-scale” concept, as waste is costly and will defeat you (and your Habitat) if not kept to minimums.

In the second, obviously “economies of scale” become one's enemy, if it is employed by the opposition, so it becomes imperative to disrupt, confuse, distract and disorganize the enemy as much as possible and where-and-whenever one can.

Such is “western society” today, by “disruption, confusion, distraction and disorganization” having us all splinter-off to either nations, ideological factions, new, competing companies, and, if subversion is successful, into the smallest sustainable groups possible - the “nuclear family housing model”, short, that-is of NO families, to where the individual (6.5 billion) lives without any group, and so without any group strength and support.

Clearly, individuals on our global scale of 6.5 billion (mmm..., 4 billion adults and near-adults), acting alone on the finite planet is the worst version of anarchy one could imagine.

But even with this chimera of the nuclear “family” of 2-point-2 adults per accommodation facility, our most dangerous inefficiencies overwhelm us, as exampled in almost every suburban area in the modern world.

Again, this maximum division of Community has been used to maximum effect, not by the genuine Community or national leaders, most of whom once at that level, are disempowered by megacorp incorp, ending in being spin-doctors for them, but by the leaders in global finance.

By a huge margin, the leader in THIS field of global domination for over 200 years has been the International Monetary Fund, the IMF.

The IMF once-upon-a-time called itself the British East India Company. The BEIC “company” was amongst the first to see the profits available in selling Opium to the west, as far back as the 17th century, and became the richest organization on Earth by the late 1700s, by trading opium.

In 1783, the BEIC actually bought the English government, er..., the ENGLISH PARLIAMENT out of bankruptcy with money from their enormous opium ventures in central Asia. A purchase which included BEIC gaining control over all the British government departments and services, including the mighty British military and naval forces. The parliament was broke from waging and losing it's war against the Rebels of the USA, who won independence from Britain in their 1776 War of Independence.

It's worth noting that in the 100 or so years after BEIC took over parliament, their plans and incursions into China and central Asia took-off in earnest. BEIC deployed the British Military and Naval forces to invade, decimate and conquer the world. The whole face of Asian Society was changed forever, and for the worse. Sustainable and oft' Ancient Local Agrarian Communities from today's Pakistan, east to the eastern Chinese coast were wiped off the map, so that the most damaging examples of enslavement and environmentally devastating broad-acre monocrop farming could mass-produce opium for export to Eurape.

Today's Afghanistan is the last enclave of that lucrative, and most perniciously corrupt “industry”.

This should make it clear enough WHAT the present engagement by NATO military forces in Afghanistan is in fact, all about.

It is also interesting that none have divined that, if the white invaders into Afghanistan were Genuine about stopping the global opium/heroin trade and markets, all they would have to do is to remove all laws making opium illegal. Naturally, the same types of unscientific, profit-driven laws should be removed from the Herb marijuana, and the natural medicant “Cocaine” et al as well.

With the literal “stroke of the pen”, enormous savings would be made in most all areas of Law Enforcement, in Afghanistan and right across the world.

A recent interview on ABC Radio had the credible interviewee tell the listener that only about ZERO-POINT-FIVE OF ONE PERCENT (0.5%) of moneys made from the Afghanistanni opium production and trade, is made by the fiendishly evil “Taliban”, whom the zionist west is so intent on invading and destroying.

Another more recent radio chat told us that by-far-the-majority of the income made from opium poppies in Afghanistan goes straight to the higher, more powerful, (international, Brit-Euro) money managers. Lloyds of London. Barclays Bank. Credit Suisse. Bank of England, Israel, Luxemborg, and others, with clear inferences that the Afghanni President, Hamid Karzai, was the regional manager. But the next-in-line, for the three centuries of foreign administration of central Asia.

Nevertheless, 221 years ago, when England's “First Fleet” arrived in Botany Bay and proclaimed “the Great Southern Land” of Australia for Britain, it was in fact proclaiming the successful invasion and capture of Australia and Her Peoples, by AND FOR the BEIC. Then-and-now, the world's biggest and richest opium dealer.

As the privately-owned BEIC deployed the British military to invade, subvert and conquere India, China, and most points in between and on either side, they deployed the ratbag British military to cause chaos in Australia, both in their deliberate attempts of genocide against the Australian Aborigine, but also in BEIC's attempts to subvert any Ethical or Honorable designs by the British Crown to establish a “New World” run on actual “Just Laws” in Australia. Just Laws which held as a Priority, Respectful Treatment of the Aborigine and of their Lands. Indeed, analysis of the intentions for Australia by the English Crown, may well find that a very different model was sought, to what finally became of us “Antipodeans”. Properly instituted, and not subverted by BEIC's agent “Sgt John Macarthur” and his “Rum Corp” mob, Australia might well have become the first Socialist Democracy in the known world.

That the Aborigine and most pre-western Peoples had thousands-of-years-ago Divined that “Socialist Democracy” is the Natural and Most Proper, indeed “Most Godly” system by which to manage and govern their Tribes and Nations, is something our uptop upclub upemselves cheezey bleached-brained super-white inbred blimbos from THA NORTH refuse to recognize and Honor.

Thus for 221 years, 201 years since the most destructive legal move occurred here, Australians and their Aborigine and Native-born Land have been owned, as slaves and chattels, by the BEIC, or today's IMF.

There are suggestions that the BEIC was run by a cabal of Catholics. In 17th, 18th and 19th century Britain, there were serious plans by the dethroned Catholics of Britain to reclaim the throne which Henry the 8th had changed to the Anglicanism, after arguing with Rome over a divorce issue. As most are aware, the war between Catholicism and Protestantism still rages. In Australia no less, and right to the top of the class-political tree/pyramid. Labor is Catholic and the Liberals are essentially Protestant, with occasional variances like Tony Abbott filling in the wrong membership form.
The USA has the same cult division, with the Democrats having it's most support from the Catholic mobs, which says something (?) about the predominance of the Italian AND IRISH mafia in America from the early 20th century til now, and the “heritage” of the Democrats brimming with Catholics?

Republicans in the US have their own “Liberationist” aura and intentions distinctly Protestant, as in George W Bush's administration of unrestrained hubris, or further into “cult” behavior in the Freemasons, who are behind the fiction-based “Mormon” church and as well, are very-much mixed in the cement of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), started in the late 1940s by OH! The British Overseas Secret Intelligence Organization, MI6.

As Australia was “up-for-grabs” in the late 18th century, as Eurape, in London (Canterbury), Dublin, Rome et al were still reeling from the possible loss of north America (SHOCK-HORROR! “TO AMERICANS?”), many of whom were not interested in Eurapean cultism, it's not at all unreasonable to suggest that, while today, online, THEIR (Catholic) Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC pays tribute to a traitorous rogue, John Macarthur, John Macarthur was in the pay, or heavenly browny-points-pocket of the Catholics, seeking to create mayhem in the Anglican Crown's new back yard? But thus far, I have not established for a fact, cult involvement.

Brutal economics was the reality-name of trade in the last couple of millennia for all from Eurape and Britain, where, once acquiring enough booty and thus power, they made their own rules, and subverted anyone else's to suit their own purposes.

The economic “restructuring” we have seen on world financial stages of the last year, since “Lehman's” went belly-up, was the inevitable after-effect from such ideological and scientifically errant-in-the-extreme monetary policies. Policies of..., no-less than the IMF.

Thus, last years “meltdown”.

It is not until we have superseded these theoretical and horrendously unbalanced-read-CORRUPT economic policies and laws, with Scientific Economic Laws, (Scientific Economic Laws which the BEIC/IMF have near-totally exterminated from any government or parliamentary debate and policy), so that we are without this errant and aged belief system, which runs on imagination and not Science, not Divined Law, and definitely not on Intellect, that the path is cleared for Proper Laws to percolate to the top of the legal miasma, brought forward by Ethical People who Recognize, Understand and Honor that “we (all) have a Duty to do what we can, to minimize the carnage”.

“Not just for 'our 10 million', but for All of Us.”

Proper Laws, become our Governor.

All Things Considered, the most effective Step for all governments to take, is to harmonize with Knowledge of Root Laws, disseminate them free to all, and organize economic policy “wonks” - council, department and corporate heads, et al, locally-to-globally, operating as a sub-internet, along these Principles.

“ROOT” Scientific Economic Laws about Human-to-the-Land relationships.

In internet comms; interactive for the Public, online viewing of council and federal department meetings and governmentation debates, decisions, etc.

Almost too idealistic!

The market runs Beautifully on Honest, Scientific Economic Laws.

Just like the jet-airliner runs well on Scientific aerodynamic, chemical, metallurgical and an ORGANIZED combination - THAT IS “AN ORGANIZED Combination..” of other Scientific Laws.


It is corrupt laws which keep us all disorganized and susceptible to personal, social and Habitat collapse.

On the other hand, Organized Humanity could very-near stop having babies for five years, to reduce the over-population?

If Earth's idiots could do that, what Reparative Successes await us in terms of rescuing the planet's Environment?

DO YOUR MATHS!ssssssss.......

If you want your kids and theirs, to live......