My comments on WSWS article "China media on war footing"

My comment on WSWS article "China media on war footing"
Jan 29 (2 days ago)

Wealth needs resources.

Its ever the same.

All inheritors of wealth, since Babylonian, Ancient Israeli & Roman times, advocate sending slave-classes to war, so they can keep living in excess.

This is clearly an illness of the mind, "inherited" & culturally instilled, like a social trend or a fashion, by economic elites, who unnerstandably want the best for their progeny.

But in their own deceptions from all their earned or unearned riches, they make tragically bad choices, especially on where to send their kids for education. Ie., the undeniably evil "private" (a cover word for "secret agenda"), church, cult, occult, schools.

But this wealth-rooted psychopathology is kept under the rug, & deliberately unrecognised, mainly because the very same unearned wealth inheritors become the medico's, medical industry CEOs & board members, psychologists, psychiatrists, government departmental heads, advisors, lobbyists, university sponsor-financiers, politicians AND...., media managers.

So this, their wealth-psychopathy, is the "mental-block" stopping them from seeing that they suffer from perhaps the planet's greatest threat, their wealth-psychopathy!

"Avarice" & "greed" have become old & have lost their impact.

My "wealth-psychopathy" term & the like, apply and appeal to the modern mental sciences' followers and "professionals", and will become dated too, especially because this very condition occupies the heads of the above inheritance groups, who, by it's occupation, & theirs, cannot face it, I mean REALLY face it in themselves, nor in the majority, to go anywhere near expunging, "exorcising", purging it from their own minds.

It is not a madness exclusive to the "Judeo-Christian superiorist" mindset. For China's same wealth inheritance generations have fallen as well.

These personal insanities always bloom because the dicks know they have powerful national, or, like the NATO military alliance, regional military forces who, but slaves, exist to defend their very own enemies - their own most wealthy - rich-mad-&-dangerous - inheritors of unearned wealth!

Modern China is, in fact, still doing the bidding, in wealth & war, of the western world's ancient stupidly-rich dynasties.

Heinous "western" elite plans from the 19thC & earlier are being finalized in China's 2nd generation inheritor-class reckoning on war.

The Chinese "princelings" wealth-inheritance generations, free to globe-trot and associate with their class-equals everywhere, are under the same trances, and most, not only from new superpower China, but from all aspiring (ie., insatiably crazymind) middle and upper classes of all nations, are so self-absorbed as to not see, or, only "semi-consciously", are "persuaded" by back-of-mind puppet-masters, to deliberately ignore the bigger picture, the plans and dark dark darkest ramifications of this evolutionary species and technology-fueled development.

Stupid dreaming, such intentions, to be sure.

Of a certainty, and so very Catholic-witch of them, ".....paving the road to Hell"!

But the human, for our natural long term evolution, & for the psychoses that excesses of wealth always breeds into us, always does the same.

But this time, we have gone as far as possible, in unplundered territories and in maximum possible "WMD" carnage capabilities, short of plunder and pillage of the remaining 3rd world regions like Africa, being effected now 1st by France in Mali, and soon to be joined by Germany, Britain & the USA.

And without the most shocking global "game-changer", the elite, world-over completely off-the-path of actually Being Human, ie., "Wise", Self-restrained in all thoughts & desire, knowing the eternal worth of True Law, & warring only to protect True Law, being absolutely and irreparably insane, crazymind fuckheads, will take the world to the end of the current 100,000 year epoch.

Due to the phenomenal excess of resources-extraction, flippant misuse, waste and over-consumption, never before reached, these same crazymind rich fools may also be destroying all life on the planet, but less then 200 years ago, still, outside of nuthouse Judeo-Christian whiteguy lands, Heavenly.

Sounds horribly religious prophesy I know.

But it's really just simple observation and deduction.

Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination.

Or, just a simple bloke "DOING TH' MATH!"


1: Shut all "private" religion-run schools.

2: Learn to be Happy! By living like the Aborigine did before Moses got itchy feet & the "golden calf tribe" that-is, the inheritance generations, lost the plot!

3: Install One Land Law globally.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

Maturity Affectations And Being A Traitor

130128 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction Maturity Affectations And Being A Traitor Edition

Being perpetually at war with ignorance, what the Great Buddha called “man's greatest enemy”, and having all my time to myself, outside of caring who is haunting my soul from one moment to the next, which, for me to do anything outside of fighting immature witches, means I have to assume something of a “split personality”, I choose, maybe, to ponder issues of the psyche, of the soul, of the mind, and it's uses, purposes, possibilities, potentials and capabilities. And it's tautologies!

So, with one side of my conscious mind, I'm forever warring with demons, while the other side of my consciousness, tries, not by any means always successfully, to do practical, constructive and, hohoho, enjoyable things.

For years, in the warring side of “life”, again “hohoho!”, I've been invading other people's mentalities accusing them - only when they immorally invade my space - of being mentally ill, immature, unintelligent, zombies, sewer rats (sorry rats!) and the rest of those types of insults.

As far as I'm convinced, my allegations and accusations are mostly on-the-mark, correct, and are supported by huge banks of evidence, in such as the science proving their mainstream modern western Judeo-Christian lives are the planets greatest environmental enemy, included in Buddha's conclusion, that the mainstream westerners' lifestyles, are almost totally ignorant, or ignorance-based.

For they have, for some long time, blindly, that-is, without any discerning inquiring as to the Integrity, Morality, Ethics and Worthiness of the lifestyles they choose and consume, accepted that having the excess of every and any material thing they can so easily lay their greedy insatiable hands and eyes upon, is “good”.

Whereas the scientific, but perhaps most especially, the deeper, religious, Spiritual Wisdom conclusions make it clear, in all true religious scripture, teachings and doctrine, that hungering after material wealth, as Australia is drowning herself in, is the enemy of Happiness.

I write it this way, because it is clear to the Wise, that once you start on that path of seeking after material wealth, especially for some “mysterious” “inner” satiation from it, soon enough, you become addicted to expecting that material stuff, is the source of your pleasure, of your happiness.

And there's the rub! For it always is in fact, an expectation. Never happening to the point where you are genuinely, deep inside, for any prolonged period, satisfied.

Always, you cling to whatever material thing it is you're deriving happiness from, knowing that as soon as you let it go, or put it away, the happiness goes too.

You might, afterwards, while it's in the garage, or bathroom (!?!), think about it, letting the mind excite itself with the memories, but rarely is it more than a reflection of what's passed, or an anticipation.

Most of us don't recognise this as what's going on in the mind, when we fascinate over something we've longed to and finally possessed.

And, the worst outcome possible, is that rather than you possessing the products, the products in fact come to possess you, your mind, in that you cannot think outside the materialism square, and more than is healthy of your focus, becomes centred wholly around doing things to increase your possessions.


The roaringly blatant example being the number of hours in the day, in the week, in the year, in your lifetime, that are spent solely orientated around making more money, to afford these inanimate things, and, what is in fact the property to house, not your simple, minimal-requirement person, but the shit you slave to the man to afford.

But..., anyone with half a brain also knows that the pleasure soon enough wears-off, be-it because the product you saved for and hungered and dreamed after, grows old, so loses the “BRAND NEW!” shine it 1st had, so the visual and tactile sensations grow dimmer.

But, as with most manufactured goods of the last 30 or 40 years, they wear out, so do not perform like a new one, which has them lose their ability to make us happy by possessing them, for failing performance, reliability, etc.

This should make it clear that material products, or the ideas of them in our head, do not make us anywhere near permanently happy, because things wear out, and new ones are needed, either for renewed performance measures, or for the shallow thrills dying, contrary to how the advertising and marketing industry has fooled and seduced us to think is the root of all happiness.

Breaking down the psychology of the hunger for happiness through acquisition of material shit, we should be able to recognise when we're being sold a lemon?

Because, well before anyone alive today was born, the art of cunningly tricking us into believing that wasting money on material goods is a smart thing, was honed to perfection.

So, all of us can be sure that when we were kiddies playing with the toys m&d or “friends” (hohoho?) bought and gave us, we were being seduced into the mind game of believing these little “dinky toys”, for males, the “matchbox” model cars, trucks, speed boats, motorbikes (well! Perhaps some things were leading us in the right direction!?), etcetera etcetera, were in fact entrancing our little minds to hungering for the REAL TOYS, the real working versions of these toys, when we grew up.

The exact same patterns of seduction control females' minds, with the “dolls” and the range of fashion accessories the market make available for them.

In fact, there's really very few products that westernized adults desire, which haven't had their preparatory precursors in toys, when we were but bubbas.

None of these type of products contribute at all to making the grown person “mature”. While seeming and believing to own them, we're actually being held in an immature, childlike state, which extends through every thing we come to claim as “ours”.

Even, and especially the biggest “possession” we may have title to - “land”.


My thinking time lets me explore these types of occupations the “free-to-deceive-as-many-as-possible” society and culture allow us to become obsessed with, not simply to find reason to call you all idiots, “IDIOTS!!!” But because it's my little role in life, to break open and expose the fuckwittery that's not just seducing us to being fuckwits, but what we're doing, and through which delusional beliefs and pastimes we're ruining the environment, the fundamental fabric of society, culture, community, etc. To deduce where we, as a species, are going so wrong.

This is but one example of evidence for my case that the mainstream folks-fucks-flocks are ignorant and even dangerous to life on earth.

So, letting the mind ruminate over these types of “conundra”, one has to see that the questions about how mature people are, in this clearly fast-failing culture, when the vast majority of us are following advertising agencies recommendations to drown our intelligence and souls in junk products, etc., have to be addressed.

What, therefore, is “Maturity”?

This is hard to answer, mainly because with proper inquiry, one comes to see that I also, have been victim of this pernicious and terminally insatiable, immature culture.

So I'm surrounded by immature beliefs, thoughts, ideas and expectations, forced into me by the culture.

But...? Maturity should be easily recognised in how we act in the world. How we go about earning what we need to be happy, satisfied, and I guess, productive.

Of course, it also goes to how we socialise.

Do we seek, find and keep the company of others who dedicate themselves to obviously stupid, idiotic, juvenile ways, pastimes, careers, aspirations, or means of making more money for their own greedy selves? More wealth with less or no conscience, no consideration of the damage they and their beliefs, and the businesses they profit from do to the larger ecology?

Or do we look for others who keep house with intelligent, ethical thoughts, with proven practices which improve 1st, our ability to deduce what's truly best for us and our world, that-is, which improve our intellects, so we can be useful in life?

But perhaps primarily, and so most of all, do we look to associate with others who seek, but find, how they can be happy, without huge this and ginormous that?

As is the white western, perhaps predominantly “British” way, words and meanings are twisted to suit the users' agendas.

And so it seems to be with words like “mature”?

Because, “mature” is usually ascribed to a person being able to think and talk in ways that appear to be “adult”, or not childish.

And from my experience, in Australian society, that most often refers to speaking with others about issues not, to their parochial concerns, of the greatest importance, such as political revolution, or the wisdom necessary to deduce what is best in terms of any political structure, but, is where a person can deal with situations of their own parochial financial security, ignoring the larger issues which really should, in my mind, be put first. Aka “political revolution”.

That's one thing.

But, rather than “mature” meaning Intelligent, or Wise, it means more, I think, how to hold a conversation, and when to say this, or not that, or make a joke, or to criticise, or not, etc.

These are learned mannerisms, and usually are some form or other of “cover” of what we might be thinking at the time.

When kids are around the big people having a chat, they often famously say things which challenge the thread of the adults' conversation.

Naively, a kid can ask a question that brings up issues of the ethics, whether or not the kid even knows what “ethics” is, on what the adults are talking about.

Because today, and probably for centuries, most adult conversations are, as I wrote above, focused around lesser, parochial issues, mainly of how to remain financially secure, in a totally corrupt and thus insecure society.

And in these lesser conversations, and all that surrounds the issues being discussed, what may be called “sacrifices” are accepted as having to be made, for any smaller plan or deal to work, to be successful.

And typically, the larger, Ethical factors and issues are what are “sacrificed” by the adults, so-as to ensure their little, financial, business, enjoyment, or outright criminal venture succeeds.

Hence we have utterly evil industries making all manner of unsustainable, anti-ecology and even personally deadly products that fools consume at life-threatening rates.

“Fast-foods” but one example. And, on food, so much take-away food is guaranteed to shorten our lifespan considerably, that a wise government, that-is, a wise deomcratic polity, would outlaw - errrrhum - BAN the vast range of foods sold in take-away food shops. Need I mention alcohol and cigarettes????

So, in terms of “maturity”, these few examples of what we so-called “mature” people consume, show clearly that “maturity” is dangerously low in predominance, across most “modern” “advanced” (HAHAHAHAHA!!!) 1st world nations.

If a kid, or any person, throws into an “adult” conversation for example, a question as to the moral veracity of one plan of action or another, the adults are liable to call them immature, or say “O! Grow up!” rahrahrah!

As things go, it's entirely unnerstandable for this to be how things are played out, because the culture, the big, immature mainstream culture, is orientated completely around completely disregarding those bigger, ethical issues and considerations.

So “adults” have to do what they can to 1, survive themselves in a rat race, and 2, to do whatever, to ensure their family and/or tribe is safe too.

But this does not make comments about the ethos of their designs, plans, schemes or intentions immature.

Indeed, it may well show them to be far and away a long way above the moral, ethical, therefore the Intellectual level of conversation, in terms of “maturity”?

Sure, kids might see the simple contradiction of adults planning a nuclear war! But, the scheming crazymind adult would argue, in the most eloquent “growed-up” terms, “they will not know nor und-d-derstand all the intricacies” behind why the adults have been brought to see that there is no option but to go at the enemy with long-range intercontinental ballistic nuclear warhead missile KATOOSHKAS! Of mass destruction!

OR, back down on street level, why one mob of adults have to scam something, any way they can?

So, “maturity” may well not be the exclusive province of “adults”.

As I wrote, often, these are learned mannerisms, adopted so we might be able to hold our own in big people conversations. But they do not necessarily contribute toward being mature?

Diving a bit deeper in this thread, I might put it that “maturity” is in fact, where we stick with facts, with everything that influences our thoughts and actions, so includes whether we must not do one thing or another thing for our or the groups security.

Maturity” seems then to mean, that if something thought or done does any damage at all, to our own beings, body and soul, but also, to the wider world, then we are bound to do what we can to find satisfaction in some other, more ethical way.

Leaping out of the western mindset, it becomes Beautifully obvious that this is how the True Fella Beck Fella Aborigines of the world, saw things like “maturity”, in that they live/lived entirely within nature's parameters, doing no damage to peoples' abilities to happily survive, perennially, therefore doing no damage to the world around them.

One might correctly deduce from these lines of thinking that, unless humans live like the Bleck Fellas did, before the wonky white wankers of colonialist expansion and invasion spread out across the planet, and began trashing everything on it, they, nor we who so blithely, inconsiderately partake of the western consumer culture, cannot consider ourselves in any way, as being “mature”?

Aaaannnd! We might well ask, “How mature are the rich white, western, private school-educated idiots who live the high-life in outrageous opulence!?”

Should any of them be given a say, any authority or right to vote, if they cannot possibly “mature”?


This, brings me, in my spare flooded-in hours, to ponder just how much our “officials” in government and or private church cults, and corporations, have the right to direct public events and outcomes, if they are found to be not mature, in that they do not take into consideration, all things, and actions, in their decision-making?

Clearly, for an Economic Scientist, for an Ethicist, for a Philosopher, for a Wiseman of the Law, anyone and everyone who profits from institutionalized corrupt laws, be-they coppers, government employees, politicians, religious, corporate and national leaders, et al, (who may be excused for not being taught to recognise the perils of such corruptions, to the longer term securities of the nation), is nevertheless, guilty of being traitors to the broader public interest, and to the planet, our only habitat.

But, the problem underlying any arrests of these traitors, is that the vast majority of the common folks-fucks-flockers, who throng and survive under their corrupted laws, are also themselves steeped so deeply in the exact-same corruptions, to the degree that they are unquestionably mentally ill, that any attempt to enact JUSTICE, in such as arresting the chief protagonists of said traitorous behaviour, is bound to be hounded to Hell by the mainstream mob.

This does not, however, make the truth of how traitorous our society, our leaders, our mayors and the rest are, wrong!

But it does explain why I'm ostracized and exiled by pretty-much everyone I have cause to speak to in Australia!

Therefore, following a piece I wrote to the blog 'tother day, about how the US government should deal with their several legal and cultural ishoooozzz, led by the topical “GUNZZZZ!?#$%^?!” debate, and about reducing to nil, their concerns that too many high powered weapons are in the hands of The People, the US government are bound, by their edicts of maintaining good government, to arrest all council mayors, county and state governors, and any who ignore the basic facts of Economic Science, and it's factual conclusions that the Land Rent should be the Principle Revenue collected to fund government.

Once this act is effected, errant government officials, if they cannot bring themselves to admit their failings, that Land Rent for Government Revenue is the Most Honest Tax, and that it needs-must be introduced and permanently enshrined across all government worldwide, forthwith, needs-must themselves be replaced by Economic Scientists who can, with the simplest, cleanest, most honorable “stroke-of-the-pen”, correct all local to federal laws about land usage and rent.

Then, lets talk about “maturity”..., whiteface!

Then.... let's talk about who really is “mentally ill”, Queenslander!? Copper!? MI6!!!???



Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

And Off We Go – For An Agonizing 7 Bullshit Election Campaign Months

130131 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction And Off We Go – For An Agonizing 7 Bullshit Election Campaign Months Edition

Corr?!#$%^!? When I red that our Matriarch PM Gillard announced this year's federal election date – of September 14th - I winced.

SEVEN MONTHS?” (Actually I screamed “NINE MONTHS?” until someone on radio did the maths?!$%^!? Hyuk!)

Then I heard Madame Matriarchal's explanations, and thought “What a Good and Honorable idea!” Well, “Oooops! Fair enough!”

Reasons put about it, “to stomp on any Rudd-rebellion ahead of time”, and the dropposition's reactionary-scared-rabbit-responses like “it's a trick!” fell back in the ditch whence they were issued.

But my 1st holler was because we all know how shitful election campaigns are, so an whole 7 months seemed like 7 months of Murdoch-typed Hell.

And so they will likely turn out to be!

But, if there's any light in the torch still, it might be a strong divergence from the usual frantic “WHO CAN SCREAM THE LOUDEST BULLSHIT PROMISES?” we get in short election lobby campaigns, where neither side is let time to actually explain their policies, promises, over-estimates, etc?

And..., they'll have to be very clever, because without good accounting, they'll blow their election campaign budgets before they reach the post, sending themselves and their sponsors further down the tube.

THAT's.... a good idea!!!

And, there's no doubt, that short election campaigns are deliberate maneuvers by the two party offshore cabal to keep said explanations to the most minimal possible, leaving punters the usual “what-tha-fuck!” hands-in-the-air, and cross which ever box the pencil lands on, come their trek down to the polling booth day.

So, contrary to earlier thoughts that Madame Her is playing but another version of PM-for-the-offshore-tyrants, Julia Gillard might be showing promise of doing somethings Noble, and even Worthwhile for our utterly fucked democratic political structure?

Might be!

I'd guess we'll know in but a few weeks as to whether this long 7 month pre-election battle is, or is going to be for the better debate, policy assortment, deliverable better-than-ever government, or not?

But, because I now type on what is one of the worst keyboards ever designed, I'll not go into the various considerations on the next 7 months.

Other things will keep other-thinging, like Madame Gina Iron Ore of Western Astrayliar looking for other holes in the ground to sink her inheritance into, and all the states will keep sinking below the water table debt-level, floods and fires will hold the sad-sad-poor environment-destroying Australia media headlines, and SES media mouthpieces will have the highest media profiles since Moses struck out against the Pharaoh.

But none of the election-spin-rabid politicians will go near the crucial issue of the global crunch coming at us like a bullet-train, the issue of China avenging all us whitefaced IMF scum for 140 years of unconscionable invasion, the Chinese invasion of the USA happening NOW, the “decades of war” by an evermore resource-frantic Britain, Eurape and the USA into Africa, etc., etc. Or..., the fact that the world's spoiled rotten middle-upper classholes have taken over and with completely crazymind psychoses exploding wherever they can feast their feisty 3rd eyes, and with them, are rooting everything.

Or the un-asked qvestions of what is happening in Aborigine Australia, that stops them-us from being oppressed in 3rd world poverty and racist exclusion, etc.

Well, it's ALL about the LAND, Bloke!

And you know what a good little gutless, zombie Awstrayliarn does?


A bit sad really, considering the Great Gough Whitlam, and a wannabe Noble RJ Hawke, and the later Hopeful Honourable Kevin Rudd, all took the matter to higher level than any whitefaced anglophile right wing zombie mouthpieces had done, all to be shot down by Gina Rhino's dad, and other BHP-Billiton, Rio Tinto-type offshore mining and plunder IMF/Chinese interests!?

So..., will 7 months of election bullshit and false unsupportable promises from two offshore tyrant dumb-as-dogshit mainstream racist whitefaced political parties open room for some Noble, Honorable, Ethical (HELLO MI6!!!) debate and factual, evidence-based conclusions on which policies are in fact what the general Aussie idiot should vote for?

Have to wait, at least a couple of weeks, to see, aye?

However...., I..., don't...., think so!

Perhaps a few earthquakes around the pacific rim could shake the cobwebs from the heads of the “We're OK!” upclub middle-upper-classhole polies and punters?

In an interview the other day, a Chinese diplomat laughingly said that “ ...if war broke out, we could finish-off Japan in about 30 minutes,!”

That made me laugh! Not that I'm against the Japanese! I quite like and respect them, for many pre-western reasons and for their adept adoption of and advances to technology, etc.

And who can knock the good ol' 4x4 TOYOTA.., mayte!?!?!

But, may the 1st missile land on the Toshiba dick who designed this keyboard!

Better though, for the two nations to shake on it, get over their ancient antagonisms, and bomb Britain! Or France! Or..,

One big one right down there on the Thames, that big concrete fortress with MI6 inside!

Wouldn't the Human world be dancing in the streets!!!

I can feel a ZAP coming, once I jump this online!

(I sent MI6 a mischievous email last night, in the subject box I wrote “Ethics”. I gave an email address as “sniff@kingarthur.com.en” [shouldabin “.uk”] and my comment was “hahahahahahahhohohohohohohehehehehehe”. In the “your role?” or such box, I wrote “Your boss, apparently”.

So..., we vill zee if zay haff had a cup ov char, a pill, and a short lie down zis morningk, before replying? Zay know who I am!!!)

Then..., on similar matters...., there's the rising concerns, in a lot of a lot of a lot of people's minds, about the dramatically increasing need for all governments, and churches, I mean corporations, to enshrine “Whistleblower Protection Laws” in their constitutions!?!?!?!

And, ever striving to instil HOPE in us, Julian Assange is sick of squatting in the Ecuadorian embassy, so says he'll stand for the Australian Senate this September!

With the usual sneeking and conniving that goes on in the upper political classhole war offices pre-elections, this'll have 'em open another secret “THIS IS HOW WE'LL FUCK 'IM!” folder, with teams of private school, that-is “secret agenda” graduates brain-storming themselves with litres of lube, f'sure!

Getting out of Blighty 1st, still seems a conundrum for Assange.

Though I reckon throwing a few facts-laden missives at the Zionist Brutish, Svaaaaaydish and Untied States establishments (TYPO!TYPO!TYPO!), as I put in a passed blogpost, about forcing the US administration to define exactly WHO, the “enemy of the enemy” is, in regard to laying accusations against Julian Assange, and against other Righteous Whistleblowers, like Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning, Jeremy Hammond, even the former CIA agent Kiriakou, would 1, extend the bullshit beyond reason, even if it made it to any real court, and a missive about some basic truths on Australia's virtual imprisonment by the two major nations, in their utterly corrupted international laws, 2, should free Assange to face the evil empire lackies here.

But, what do I know???

If I still voted, I'd definitely give ya' a “TICK” Julian!

And, I reckon a sizey number of Aussies in whichever electorate you stand in, would too!

Got to be 99% of us are sick to death of the same-old whitefaced trash the two/three majors have been drowning us in.

Other parties, mainly the Greens, apparently losing the support from the agenda-bottoms of the gay community since Senator Bob Brown retired, should be able to gain ground, methinks, somewhat hopefully, but I think they have to do something to grow beyond anti-female sentiment in places like Queensland, what with Senator Christine Milne leading them now.

The issues of “environment” seem to have fallen down the list, although it still rates in the guise of “climate change” as top concern of those surveyed.

But the whole game of political life, and of which issues are the top of the list in voting-moments is becoming more mixed and confused now, possibly deliberately by the world's elite, who are as happy to see the 3rd world war, with nuclear weapons, begin, as either side of the false political fence win here, there, or in France.

Green affairs should be at the forefront of voter's mind though, and an increased publicity effort by a collective of pro-environmental product manufacturers, from housing designers, to auto makers, to fuel options like FUCKING WATER, have gotto make it into the news, if the Greens want to not do a Democrats.

But, me, being a deep, deeeeep Green, still reckon someone should take the bull by the horns and go the full mantra of voicing Socialist Communities Options, of “Community Housing”, to eliminate the over-consumption that western mememe nuclear-housing culture is, and also to combine that housing, familial, community, sustainable option with Agrarian Farming, Village, and of course, Organic production rural re-alignmentssss.

That of course, has therefore to take on this evil of opening-up rural lands to re-distribution, so that across the nation, small self-sufficient ORGANIC agrarian communities, connected by light rail networks, become acceptable, by the pathetically wasteful farmers.

But mainly, by the criminal councilors who profit from Buddha-knows what, in the present evil speculative mal-distribution of resources and land.

Can the Greens muster the Troops for such a Mission.... Mr Phelps?

Only with an enlightened civilian population aware of the untenable designs the bighouse landowners insist on keeping to themselves, can any nation correct it's downward life-trend.

O! That's what voting is for???!

Contrary to what the offshore media moguls say, I suspect our few Independents are secure in NSW and farfarfar north Who'sland-Queensland.

But even Big Hat Bob way up the Gulf would agree that environmental ishoooes, have to play a part, from here to Armageddon.

So, can he, and his other Amigos, show strong yet subtle support for their, effectively, partners in holding the boat afloat – the Greens, without pissing-off their tradishional farfarfar north Queenslander blokes, and rural New South Fails Outlaws?

As it's 7 months, maybe they can muster a few other-electorate thinkers, like them, with Intelligences and thus, with Consciences, and with Guts, to stand with them elsewhere, as Independents?

As this game is going, we should see an increase in voter support for Independent MPs, what with the innumerable major failures and exposures of rampant corruption across the two/three bighouse parties?

And, as Intelligence is the mainstay of the species, or was before real estate agents crawled out of the swamps, sustainable living doth does rise also as fundamental to good peoples, societies and nations.

So Independents being less roped to the machine, are naturally freer to think in more natural ways, so being there to keep the major corporate parties on course to eliminate anti-planet products, fashions, autos and trends, can only mean support for the larger collective, being the Greens.

Whatever keeps the rurals of Queensland from voting for the Greens, perhaps the gay lobby, they should nevertheless be at least half-smart enough to discern that a healthy land, agri-sector and sustainable communities, is/are good for their whatever they like most?

But, what do I know?

Perhaps they just like FUCKING THINGS!!!

But, when it's weighed, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, the best possible result from 7 months of BLAH, should be that we realise that politics is 99% bullshit, that if we had True Land Laws in place, GLOBALLY, we wouldn't need politicians and the shit they talk each cycle.

But Armageddon's gonna get here before the punters wake up and climb down from their memememego machines.....

And..., just to remind y'all, of what a REAL machine would look like, I repost thisss.....

And..., this is what you're voting for....

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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My Comments To Some USA REALMedia Websites, and to the US Ambassador

130127 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction My Comments To Some USA REALMedia Websites, and to the US Ambassador Edition

Scanning alternative news webpages, I found one which discussed the recent 2012/13 US Presidential election. I red it, then threw my shit at the screen, via the keyboard. But this time I sent my thoughts to one of the other blokes, or femme's..., about their apparent worries of the currency of the elections, the process, and the length of terms, etc.
I find myself apologising to me and to the ether more and more now, about my worrisome “preacher” and “all-fucking-knowing” style.

Sorry! Shit I'm sorry!!!

Here 'tis, nevertheless....

Politics, elections, leaders & other gross criminal deceits
Jan 25

To "Ice cream cone":

Hard Economic & REALPolitikal Science discerns we don't need, & with a properly educated Demos, don't want anything near to the fashioned government/opposition the planet is plagued by, or the election cycles we now, & for millennia have had.

These are structured for a minority, perhaps 30-to-40% of any population, maximum, most of whom are either secure in any situation, or are so blind-dumb-distracted to never possibly realise the massive fraud the so-called "democratic election" system is.

The other 70-to-60% never get a look in. Their votes don't count, & as often, right across the 1st world, AREN'T counted, are the silent majority who must endure any way they can, which is perpetually crime-orientated.

You, me, 18 years homeless, ride in the limo of 1st world (comparative) opulence, yet still have no voice or power to correct the centuries-nay-millennia-old agenda of the few ruling dynastic elite families.

"The journey's not over" ever.

Obama unnerstands the elite you me Jo (Citizen) & he are in endless "negotiations" with, for just some semblance of "justice".

And Obama knows, as he bleeds over it, the 0.1% of OCCUPY's "1%" are of a totally different mindset - of totally another galaxy - to you-me-him-&-the-99%, and simply cannot ever "be real" on a street level to feel for us, thus to humble themselves to let the True Laws divined by Economic Science to be enshrined worldwide.

Good that some, like you, ponder these issues, but economics is Science.

Not, as the elite want us to believe, popular opinion.


This one went to the opinion-writer of “Strewth”, in Murdoch's The Australian paper, online o' course, about the new Queensland based political party led by big-hat Bob Katter, from north Queensland, and the sticky stuff they're getting themselves in, on “gays” issues, which is what I address here. But they're talking inflammatory on other issues too, which I forget right now, but are topical for the mainstream dicks and thingees to raise a not-so-crucial fuss about.

Whether or not they are important points worth canning Katter's KAP over, it's more than likely they are being highlighted and getting into such as Murdoch-the-offshore-media-mogul's news pages because Katter, as I write below, has every chance of being a valid, for a change, threat to the two party bullshit that is Astrayliarn politrix.

Katter's Australia Party mis-speaks
Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 9:57 PM
To: strewth@theaustralian.com.au

KAP candidates' "gay" blunders just hide new-age BS against honest AND ethically-considered free speech.

On "gays" issues, media is in crisis and in this case, because of rampant church-school extremist-liberalism, of agenda-ridden clergy warping the sexual preferences of their students, played-on as-oft' for said students A, natural predilection for honesty in intimate relationships, rarely found in hetro relationships, especially in "courting" Australian females, & B, for some %age of (male) students being sexually unattractive to females, in this culture of men having to be huge, handsome, stupid footballers.

Too much, thinking Aussie males, awake to the base-ness of our yobbo culture, so wanting to put the Intellect before both beauty and macho, are made lonely and misogynist for the predominance of psychologically, thus sexually sick women.

What does a poor softcock do?

Find a bloke!

That said, I'm for all reasons, hetro.

At 58 y/o, I've thought about all issues in and around sex, & put simple natural laws ahead of testicular, AND intimate-friendship desires.

I reckon I unnerstand why some males go gay, as put, above.

But loose desires are well known to bring painful consequences.

So if we cannot resist their temptation, our soul is in disarray.

.'. (like that? .'. is my idea maybe, for an SMS therefore”!), we must do other, "psycho-spiritual" Work.

Mainly, I say, for it is my preferred path, the hardest, yet most beneficial work of not fashionable, tertiary-ed-system, or fad-cult teaching, but the hard-yards of Meditation Philosophy. Buddhist, or Hindu "Raja Yoga”.

But that's another story....

My point (!) is, that the worsening "white, middle-upper-class, Catholic" PC culture, makes simple, clearly thought-out truths, like a person's well-founded, well-reasoned objections to stuff like "male" on male sex, out to be bigoted "homophobia", etc.

To an honest wise culture, surely anal sex cannot be blithely accepted to the level of inducing kids into it?

Nor, in such a same and sane culture, we cannot be condemned for telling others, that we find all that the trend-setter-liberals let be promoted, about homosexuality, does in fact reduce the integrity and balance of the society and culture we might want to bring kids up in?

It's obvious that the furore, hyped by this unwise, "PC" media "bitch-wagon", which condemns not-so-much "macho" Aussies for talking straight, wise and simple of their natural antipathies to unnatural sexual satisfaction, has our media both afraid of the snitchy little boy-bitches, and of the really quite idiotic mainstreamer with same-same cowardice of talking straight and true about self-control in sexuality and desire.

It's also obvious, that extremist gay fanatics have taken-over our media, our culture, our politics and killed clear-minded political (and cultural) deductions and their honest expression.

But, ex-federal Senator Bob Brown remains, to me, one of, if-not Australia's Most Honorable Statesmen.

Bob Katter is a Rare Beast today, for his clear and forthright, simple expression of just such social issues as this trumped-up "gay rights" BS.

It's wrong that he and KAP are hobbled by our generally bloody tragic PC media from talking straight and true, as he does on all serious political, thus economic and cultural issues, and that narrow, shallow unsubstantiated theories, ie., "opinions" force him and KAP to either censor or drop candidates.

The number of issues brought to headlines of his party candidates, smack (to me) of the usual offshore smear campaigns engineered against any tall figure who threatens the tyrannical hegemony.

Perhaps said KAP candidates aren't elucidating their wholly valid concerns in an "educated", ie., "church-school" manner, to penetrate the far more biased mentalities of the ponses in high places, who can initiate anti-KAP propaganda, solely to sink Katter's Righteous politic?

But that makes their point(s), NOT any less valid.

I too, have "issues" with homosexuals being overly influential in any kids indoctrination, education and maturation.

But I definitely see too, the terrible effects on kids of too macho an upbringing.

In today's disgustingly extreme biases across our 3 political tiers, we need strong, forthright Reps, supported by strong, forthright candidates, "members" voices, and voters.

Bob (Katter) and his NQ Drovers, et al, should be allowed to play the necessary "balancing role", free of nancy-boy bitchings from the "sweet-latte" urban cowboy society.

Sure, give 'em, the KAP Mob, a bit of a scrub-up, lingo-wise, but don't silence 'em!


Just Defiance
Gunai Aborigine Outlaw


This'n, went to another USA alternative web-news-page on Julian Assange and the whole Wikileaks/Whisteblowers affair inflaming passions and news editor morning briefings worldwide.


Since the 2 Swedish females (possibly innocently, for Swedish police under a much higher authority, by one snippet of evidence - Australia's ABC TV "Four Corners", "Sex, Lies & Julian Assange" July 2012), may have begun the campaign to nobble Julian Assange, through his current restraint in the Ecuador Embassy, to the very last movie to be made about Assange-&-or-Wikileaks, it's a case of that same-old chestnut of "dilution-by-delay" of the far more important issues Assange/WikiLeaks, US Army PFC Manning, J. Hammond and endless numbers of other Whistleblowers have had the Ethos and Fortitude to address.

Now, every paid subversive, finally in Hollywood, has had time to hone anti-Assange/WikiLeaks cases and propaganda.

But more to the more crucial issue at hand, which Julian Assange continues to put ahead of his own unjustifiable penalisation, Zionist global agencies, media and as always eventually unHollywood, have had time to hone their anti-whistleblower cases and propaganda.

Zion is powerful, and sinks truth and opposition in any number of ways.

It's most successful, most effective means is it's creation of "Hollywood", built to promote the most anti-democratic superman/spiderman/top gun/batman et al et al et al "superhero" mythology.

Outrageously impossible stories and super-characters, turned into myths covertly and in no-less than quite sinister ways, for their "polito-economic", totally undemocratic goal of re-centralising power back to the 0.1% global elite. No small percentage of the 0.1%, being Jews.

All done discretely-with-thrills to scare, lull-and-seduce the movie-consuming-masses into believing in a religious - their wholly FALSE religious - superhero-Jesus, THE ONLY SON OF GOD, "returned from Heaven" to do the hard yards the retarded softflockers “doanwannadooo-STOMPSTOMP!!!”

(Softflockers, Intellectually-retarded by the very same cult(s) "lost tribe" stopgap religious deceptions, and many-centuries-old murdering of each flockers natural and superior faculties of observation, deduction and conclusion. Their higher, divine, Intellect.)

And..., to fund cult-Israel, in hidden fact, as the planetary, religio-political, or "theocratic nation" "superhero", superior to all other nations and cult-cultures.

A! HeLLO? "NOT!!!

As we all see and know now, by the utterly criminal global economic system, as said, Zion and it's false, deadly methods are powerful, and sink truth and opposition in any number of ways.

Assange wants “the Demos”, “the People”, to be the voice of Justice.

Always, it's a fine line between Courage & naivety. Between Wisdom & egomania.

Assange, like us all, had/has bits of both, the weaknesses always vulnerable to subverting and exploitation.

But he knew the dangers to himself, as against the dangers to humanity and to the arable planet, from those "1%" corporate-military-industrial-complex psychos ("Cmicos") he & WikiLeaks have exposed, and Assange chose to put the Common interests of everyone 1st.

That he fronted media with strength, was him playing their game of ego, so-as to stay in the game.

Hollywood appeals to their mainstream zombie "movie-goners", who have had their Intellects, Courage, Rightmindedness stolen (in the baptismal!), so hunger for some sensorial satiation in whatever fiction-with-fireworks they can "safely" reach and afford.

In Sweden, he fell into a trap and is against his will, thrust forth into this BS spotlight.

“No charges”? From Sweden? Yet “extradition”?

Throwing pro-elite, pro-Cmico comments to these type of web news opinion pages shows the ignorance Assange knew in his home of Queensland Australia, & the destruction of all good things and basic freedoms it brings.

Precisely why he fights.

That the mockers can’t see or unnerstand that, shows how much they and their arrogant, me-1st, ignorance are part of the problem, and in that, their cowardice, are the reason tyranny, aka Bush-Cheney corporate military-industrial complex can commit war crime atrocities.

Julian Assange isn't "grandstanding".

Now, he's been distracted, so fights for his own, but still primarily, for YOUR Freedoms.

I laugh at his detractors, thinking how sad and inadequate they'd be quickly exposed as, were they in the same situation.

To all from below who so readily use words to bring down the Genuine Intellectual Warriors, we need only ask if they could do better!

There they scamper, straight back up their drain-pipes....!

Lucky you've got "Facebook friends", you, the woeful!

Just Defiance
Gunai Aborigine Outlaw


The Verge dot com article with my comments

I now have my doubts as to the “rightmindedness” of what I wrote in this, and the following comment to the same web page.

I do NOT actually think kids, as I've written about here, DO have what it takes to make the mature and important decisions in life, especially when taking on BIG BIG REALLY BIG issues.

But I have NO FAITH in many adults, 'specially in this end of the world, nor in the “northern end”, of course, whatwith the whiteguy whitefaces ooop nooort, going gangies at rooting everything on the planet!

I had been harassed by a few youngsters the day I wrote this, and think they were playing Harry Potter wiff my bwrayn, infecting me wiff their smarty-pants opinions while I wrote it. If so, then they have made their case for any say in life that much less valid, and make me despise them even more.

So NGRFGUGUGR-OFF-ya-punks! Hohoho...!

However, I plonk those thoughts up here, for openness, and to show I ain't afraid to admit that I ain't all that smart, as the dumb and Catholic freaks want me to believe I am.

But, there could be some worthy points, for adults as well as the lil' shits to think about....?

Can’t help but believe the upcoming generations, more savvy than any previous generation, of these types of perversions of civil, military and religious “law”, and to the destruction the leading governments, corporations and even religions’ military forces are doing to their planet and thus future, are angrier than any of us have been, on a worldwide scale.

We big people know well how fast the youth and even smaller children learn the in-and-outs of the new techno-age of computers and internet, leaving most of us in the dirt.

So, simple maths would I think deduce that the increased world population brings also an increase in kids-to-young adults with SERIOUS anger issues against those they can now identify as the REAL enemy.

Not, as most older folks were maltrained to believe, to dislike other skin groups, or religious groups or nationalities, but, the new gen’s know better that the most filthy threats to their own worlds are in fact from their/our very own societies.

Not, either, from other neighborhood gangsters or such.

But.., from the real divide-and-conquer culprits – the elite “political” in reality, the “corporate” class/classes.

With the advantage of learning early who the real enemy of good and intelligent and free culture is, youth have a huge headstart, when it comes to choosing sides, for their own good.

Also, I do believe, as a lot of studies confirm, that children do not discriminate naturally. They are neutral when it comes to sharing and to being “communal”.

Bigotry, political biases racism, nationalism, etc etc, are learned, so often hammered into them by lesser minded adults, be-they parents from backward regions, suburbs, nations, or from which ever fast-talking preacher gets their attention on TV, radio, or on the street where mum and dad take them.

I reckon a larger percentage than ever of youth are learning that they have to follow the larger issues.

Adults traditionally, for complex reasons, have held stoically to the attitude that youth, or children are incapable of deducing the sound argument from the shonky, are incapable of accumulating complex amounts of information then arriving at a wise solution/answer/way to react.

It is as I say, all in “culture and parenting”, with parents limited most by the culture they grow up in.

That, as we all know, stymies their own intellectual development, only to, unless they’re given every opportunity to break the shackles banks, mortgages, income sources, social sets, place on them, passing the same crusty beliefs attitudes and expectations on the kids.

If the culture is unsound, which almost every aspect of western modern hi-tech-reliant (read “addicted”) culture is, (classic “Judeo-Christian lost tribes syndrome”) sorry to the geeks, kids, not completely washed of their natural leanings toward the “Communal”, will, do and must kick-up, break the furniture, or molotov a cop car here and there.

I’m 58 this year, and know that all gen’s since my youth, including of course, my gen, and as my Dad of 92 y/o, had to remind me occasionally, his generation, in his youth, rebelled.

It’s always the same.

So now, kids seeing a more dangerous future for the insane out-of-control “psychos” controlling “drones” and G4S’s and politics and spies and corporations, are more able to obtain the stuff they can “deploy” against the clearly crazy powers, in the simple and retailed computers and ancillary equipment, jump online, download the mass of software to skirt around the walls and blocks most older numbnuts get stuck at.

Added to this, is the “gang mentality” accelerating exponentially globally, which gives most kids no choice but to “sign-up” to one tough guy gang or another.

While lots of these are focused on gang warfare and getting the better of the dudes in the next suburb, within all of them are the geeks, knowing the future is techno, who are ready to show their ganstas how to get cyber-savvy. not for cruising porn, but to do as much damage to the man, as possible. Both for laughs, but also for their awareness of the real serious business of the things that DO so heavily influence their own lives, ’burbs, culcha, and freedoms.

Mainly the man and his bad bad really bad laws, which send them to prison and a life of revolving door recidivism, crime, street war, perpetually-broken associations etc.

So…, methinks the rise of the cyber punk, with purpose, is gonna happen faster than any establishment force can check.

WikiLeaks, with Whistleblowers of Conscience everywhere, inspire youth to break the shackles of cultural crustations and parenting paranoias, but not as so much before, for their own profit, or merely to let off pent-up resentments and psychological disorders so common in our seriously screwed illogical, unreasonable culture, but for what’s innate in them as youth – sharing. Or, for their restricted ability to share.

Without the debilitating bigotry of workplaces and pubs of old, kids should – hesitation there – be aware that they can be highly intelligent, enough to discriminate the best from the corrupt.

And, with the tools readily available, they can get involved, with the guys they KNOW rare the Good Guys – WikiLeaks, Cyberpunks, Et Al.



a crusty old

JUST DEFIANCE on 01.18.13 10:11p

Adding…., qvestion is…, can youth & youngens organise themselves.

Resistance Movements have sections – literature/propaganda, physical fitness & martial arts disciplines, survival regimes in food health, self-medication, mind-maintenance, mobility – solitary & group, threat assessment, planning, identifying, defensive, offensive, tactics, conferencing, etc, etc.

The basic, & vital “egoless” stuff, crucial esp in war, to success short & longterm.

From now on, these have to be part of youth maturation processes, but not in opposition to the next ‘burbs’ ‘Hoodies etc, or the “straights”, or those from other national or cultural groups, all-in-one, as whole generations.

Jesus ain’t comin’ back for Christmess kiddies.

Its up to “you”.

“Them”, seein’ as only big people read this.

But can kids do all these group actions to build that global generational force of resistance against – “big brutha”?

JUST DEFIANCE on 01.20.13 5:24p



Funny, how, after putting these and other comments to the 'net, up to yesserday, at the various O/S news web pages, my “Google news” was mysteriously reset from how I'd customised it, with alerts for “Whistleblowers” and “Outlaws” and the couple of website names, back to the normal settings.

My internet connectivity on the smartphone and on the lappie has crashed, and the TV mini on the phone don't work either.

Reckon it's the phone shop's churchie-girls assistants, I had to deal with.

But, hey! What should I expect, not just from them, but from the US Embassy, and others, when I blog post things like

Guns are for war against the rich!
Buy as many and as big as you can!”

Words I remain in agreement with. But, do I have to stress, to whomever plays wiff their willy to hex me and the 'net connections, etc, that in one of these pieces, I put strong and clearly a most ethical, legal and in fact indisputable way for the paranoid US and other fucking psycho western alliance governments to avoid both further mass killings and to appease the anger of the masses, by getting their upperclasshole heads in order, and correcting the turmoil and the rotten laws, by restraining the REAL criminals who're making the world and the Righteous who take up arms against tyranny, as messed-up and angry as it's all become since Adam ate the Apple Or since Cane killed Able. Or since Aaron snaked the Pharoah. or..., shall I go ONNNN!?!?!?!?!

Which,brings me to a point of the validity of the American Ambassador in Canberra, Australia! MISTA Bleich, I recall, his name, from the July 2012 ABC TV “Four Corners” Documentary titled, “Sex, Lies, and Julian Assange” I watched last night.

Good Sir, politics has gone way off the rails these last 6,000 years or so, speaking from an Aborigine Outlaw point of view, I'm sure you'd agree?

That your fine nation, the United States of America, is the most powerful, sadly, for I really like so much of what your People have done and do, does not place it highest in terms of Ethics.

Power has been won over time through quite ruthless acts, which the whole world knows now put the future of life on earth in serious jeopardy.

For all the expansion and dominance the US has gained, it has lost far too much of what is fundamental and crucial to the “good life” which your own Magnificent and Inspiring Constitution says is everyone's right.

I know well how easy it can be to lose sight of what underlies “the good life” when scooped-up in the high levels of diplomacy and bullshit, that you're floating in, and I believe you do not agree that such bullshit is absolutely necessary, nor that it is really any good for the species, for the planet, and for whatever you hold in yourself as the highest.

However...., following a short reply you gave to the camera on the aforementioned “Four Corners” Documentary about our, indeed the Free World's Courageous Julian Assange, I ask that you act to make right the error in your suggesting that the fears Mr Assange has about the US wanting to extradite him from Sweden, if he is forced to go there to answer non-issue questions, were “...made up” by his own defense.

That Documentary, as well as now mountains of irrefutable evidence showing that indeed the US and Swedish prosecutors in the case, are acting well outside of what is crucial to the species' survival, from here into the future - Truth, Ethics, Rightmindedness, Justice, Honor, Integrity shall I go ONNNN? Shows also that Mr Assange and his lawyers are not inventing fears and suspected intentions by your secret services and administration to extradite him to the USA.

But, that you were, in that short interview, able to disregard the basics of what it actually means to be a Human Being, by saying what you must have known was untrue, says to my critical, harsh, yes, but critical mind, that your talents may be well suited to private corporate business meetings, but in this tumultuous time we suffer now, even little Australia must insist on the highest levels of the aforesaid Qualities that make a person, a Human, in the Representative Diplomat from the Mighty and Grand United States of America.

So..., next time you chat with your Great President Obama, please, make it known that he really must send us not a businessman, but a Person refined in the High Arts of Ethics, Philosophy and Economic Science, who is sensitive to the very same Fundamental Issues our Julian Assange dares to bring to the fore of the world's political debates.

Truth, Ethics, Rightmindedness, Justice, Honor, Integrity, and, of course, the Courage to speak the facts.

Thank you MISTA Bleich.

Enjoy your trip home!

O! By the way, while Mr Assange, United States Military Private First Class Bradley Manning, and other Honorable Whistleblowers of this world are persecuted by your administration for daring to disclose the facts, I remain, a self-admitted “enemy of the state” of the United States of America. But not, of it's People.

When you speak with your Mister President next, please give him and his fine family my Regards. For, in an Higher Life, we are close friends.


Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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An'...., a quiet “Sorry!” to an ex-friend I suspect is not so far away these days, “for havin' to have known me.”

Wish I could, Cobber! But, I'm rooted, really. With everything that makes up what and who I am, even at 58, I reckon I have the “social” skills, at least, and perhaps maturity, of about a 12 year old.
Don't be hurtin', Missuz. It's just a life. There's plenty more to go for us all, methinks. And maybe I'se gunna get a better one next time, for all the shit in this'n?”

You's gunna shine Ma'am, forever. No qvestion.

Maybe we'll meet then, an' you can teach me how to ride a motorbike?

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

aka Max Earth


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