And Off We Go – For An Agonizing 7 Bullshit Election Campaign Months

130131 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction And Off We Go – For An Agonizing 7 Bullshit Election Campaign Months Edition

Corr?!#$%^!? When I red that our Matriarch PM Gillard announced this year's federal election date – of September 14th - I winced.

SEVEN MONTHS?” (Actually I screamed “NINE MONTHS?” until someone on radio did the maths?!$%^!? Hyuk!)

Then I heard Madame Matriarchal's explanations, and thought “What a Good and Honorable idea!” Well, “Oooops! Fair enough!”

Reasons put about it, “to stomp on any Rudd-rebellion ahead of time”, and the dropposition's reactionary-scared-rabbit-responses like “it's a trick!” fell back in the ditch whence they were issued.

But my 1st holler was because we all know how shitful election campaigns are, so an whole 7 months seemed like 7 months of Murdoch-typed Hell.

And so they will likely turn out to be!

But, if there's any light in the torch still, it might be a strong divergence from the usual frantic “WHO CAN SCREAM THE LOUDEST BULLSHIT PROMISES?” we get in short election lobby campaigns, where neither side is let time to actually explain their policies, promises, over-estimates, etc?

And..., they'll have to be very clever, because without good accounting, they'll blow their election campaign budgets before they reach the post, sending themselves and their sponsors further down the tube.

THAT's.... a good idea!!!

And, there's no doubt, that short election campaigns are deliberate maneuvers by the two party offshore cabal to keep said explanations to the most minimal possible, leaving punters the usual “what-tha-fuck!” hands-in-the-air, and cross which ever box the pencil lands on, come their trek down to the polling booth day.

So, contrary to earlier thoughts that Madame Her is playing but another version of PM-for-the-offshore-tyrants, Julia Gillard might be showing promise of doing somethings Noble, and even Worthwhile for our utterly fucked democratic political structure?

Might be!

I'd guess we'll know in but a few weeks as to whether this long 7 month pre-election battle is, or is going to be for the better debate, policy assortment, deliverable better-than-ever government, or not?

But, because I now type on what is one of the worst keyboards ever designed, I'll not go into the various considerations on the next 7 months.

Other things will keep other-thinging, like Madame Gina Iron Ore of Western Astrayliar looking for other holes in the ground to sink her inheritance into, and all the states will keep sinking below the water table debt-level, floods and fires will hold the sad-sad-poor environment-destroying Australia media headlines, and SES media mouthpieces will have the highest media profiles since Moses struck out against the Pharaoh.

But none of the election-spin-rabid politicians will go near the crucial issue of the global crunch coming at us like a bullet-train, the issue of China avenging all us whitefaced IMF scum for 140 years of unconscionable invasion, the Chinese invasion of the USA happening NOW, the “decades of war” by an evermore resource-frantic Britain, Eurape and the USA into Africa, etc., etc. Or..., the fact that the world's spoiled rotten middle-upper classholes have taken over and with completely crazymind psychoses exploding wherever they can feast their feisty 3rd eyes, and with them, are rooting everything.

Or the un-asked qvestions of what is happening in Aborigine Australia, that stops them-us from being oppressed in 3rd world poverty and racist exclusion, etc.

Well, it's ALL about the LAND, Bloke!

And you know what a good little gutless, zombie Awstrayliarn does?


A bit sad really, considering the Great Gough Whitlam, and a wannabe Noble RJ Hawke, and the later Hopeful Honourable Kevin Rudd, all took the matter to higher level than any whitefaced anglophile right wing zombie mouthpieces had done, all to be shot down by Gina Rhino's dad, and other BHP-Billiton, Rio Tinto-type offshore mining and plunder IMF/Chinese interests!?

So..., will 7 months of election bullshit and false unsupportable promises from two offshore tyrant dumb-as-dogshit mainstream racist whitefaced political parties open room for some Noble, Honorable, Ethical (HELLO MI6!!!) debate and factual, evidence-based conclusions on which policies are in fact what the general Aussie idiot should vote for?

Have to wait, at least a couple of weeks, to see, aye?

However...., I..., don't...., think so!

Perhaps a few earthquakes around the pacific rim could shake the cobwebs from the heads of the “We're OK!” upclub middle-upper-classhole polies and punters?

In an interview the other day, a Chinese diplomat laughingly said that “ ...if war broke out, we could finish-off Japan in about 30 minutes,!”

That made me laugh! Not that I'm against the Japanese! I quite like and respect them, for many pre-western reasons and for their adept adoption of and advances to technology, etc.

And who can knock the good ol' 4x4 TOYOTA.., mayte!?!?!

But, may the 1st missile land on the Toshiba dick who designed this keyboard!

Better though, for the two nations to shake on it, get over their ancient antagonisms, and bomb Britain! Or France! Or..,

One big one right down there on the Thames, that big concrete fortress with MI6 inside!

Wouldn't the Human world be dancing in the streets!!!

I can feel a ZAP coming, once I jump this online!

(I sent MI6 a mischievous email last night, in the subject box I wrote “Ethics”. I gave an email address as “sniff@kingarthur.com.en” [shouldabin “.uk”] and my comment was “hahahahahahahhohohohohohohehehehehehe”. In the “your role?” or such box, I wrote “Your boss, apparently”.

So..., we vill zee if zay haff had a cup ov char, a pill, and a short lie down zis morningk, before replying? Zay know who I am!!!)

Then..., on similar matters...., there's the rising concerns, in a lot of a lot of a lot of people's minds, about the dramatically increasing need for all governments, and churches, I mean corporations, to enshrine “Whistleblower Protection Laws” in their constitutions!?!?!?!

And, ever striving to instil HOPE in us, Julian Assange is sick of squatting in the Ecuadorian embassy, so says he'll stand for the Australian Senate this September!

With the usual sneeking and conniving that goes on in the upper political classhole war offices pre-elections, this'll have 'em open another secret “THIS IS HOW WE'LL FUCK 'IM!” folder, with teams of private school, that-is “secret agenda” graduates brain-storming themselves with litres of lube, f'sure!

Getting out of Blighty 1st, still seems a conundrum for Assange.

Though I reckon throwing a few facts-laden missives at the Zionist Brutish, Svaaaaaydish and Untied States establishments (TYPO!TYPO!TYPO!), as I put in a passed blogpost, about forcing the US administration to define exactly WHO, the “enemy of the enemy” is, in regard to laying accusations against Julian Assange, and against other Righteous Whistleblowers, like Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning, Jeremy Hammond, even the former CIA agent Kiriakou, would 1, extend the bullshit beyond reason, even if it made it to any real court, and a missive about some basic truths on Australia's virtual imprisonment by the two major nations, in their utterly corrupted international laws, 2, should free Assange to face the evil empire lackies here.

But, what do I know???

If I still voted, I'd definitely give ya' a “TICK” Julian!

And, I reckon a sizey number of Aussies in whichever electorate you stand in, would too!

Got to be 99% of us are sick to death of the same-old whitefaced trash the two/three majors have been drowning us in.

Other parties, mainly the Greens, apparently losing the support from the agenda-bottoms of the gay community since Senator Bob Brown retired, should be able to gain ground, methinks, somewhat hopefully, but I think they have to do something to grow beyond anti-female sentiment in places like Queensland, what with Senator Christine Milne leading them now.

The issues of “environment” seem to have fallen down the list, although it still rates in the guise of “climate change” as top concern of those surveyed.

But the whole game of political life, and of which issues are the top of the list in voting-moments is becoming more mixed and confused now, possibly deliberately by the world's elite, who are as happy to see the 3rd world war, with nuclear weapons, begin, as either side of the false political fence win here, there, or in France.

Green affairs should be at the forefront of voter's mind though, and an increased publicity effort by a collective of pro-environmental product manufacturers, from housing designers, to auto makers, to fuel options like FUCKING WATER, have gotto make it into the news, if the Greens want to not do a Democrats.

But, me, being a deep, deeeeep Green, still reckon someone should take the bull by the horns and go the full mantra of voicing Socialist Communities Options, of “Community Housing”, to eliminate the over-consumption that western mememe nuclear-housing culture is, and also to combine that housing, familial, community, sustainable option with Agrarian Farming, Village, and of course, Organic production rural re-alignmentssss.

That of course, has therefore to take on this evil of opening-up rural lands to re-distribution, so that across the nation, small self-sufficient ORGANIC agrarian communities, connected by light rail networks, become acceptable, by the pathetically wasteful farmers.

But mainly, by the criminal councilors who profit from Buddha-knows what, in the present evil speculative mal-distribution of resources and land.

Can the Greens muster the Troops for such a Mission.... Mr Phelps?

Only with an enlightened civilian population aware of the untenable designs the bighouse landowners insist on keeping to themselves, can any nation correct it's downward life-trend.

O! That's what voting is for???!

Contrary to what the offshore media moguls say, I suspect our few Independents are secure in NSW and farfarfar north Who'sland-Queensland.

But even Big Hat Bob way up the Gulf would agree that environmental ishoooes, have to play a part, from here to Armageddon.

So, can he, and his other Amigos, show strong yet subtle support for their, effectively, partners in holding the boat afloat – the Greens, without pissing-off their tradishional farfarfar north Queenslander blokes, and rural New South Fails Outlaws?

As it's 7 months, maybe they can muster a few other-electorate thinkers, like them, with Intelligences and thus, with Consciences, and with Guts, to stand with them elsewhere, as Independents?

As this game is going, we should see an increase in voter support for Independent MPs, what with the innumerable major failures and exposures of rampant corruption across the two/three bighouse parties?

And, as Intelligence is the mainstay of the species, or was before real estate agents crawled out of the swamps, sustainable living doth does rise also as fundamental to good peoples, societies and nations.

So Independents being less roped to the machine, are naturally freer to think in more natural ways, so being there to keep the major corporate parties on course to eliminate anti-planet products, fashions, autos and trends, can only mean support for the larger collective, being the Greens.

Whatever keeps the rurals of Queensland from voting for the Greens, perhaps the gay lobby, they should nevertheless be at least half-smart enough to discern that a healthy land, agri-sector and sustainable communities, is/are good for their whatever they like most?

But, what do I know?

Perhaps they just like FUCKING THINGS!!!

But, when it's weighed, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, the best possible result from 7 months of BLAH, should be that we realise that politics is 99% bullshit, that if we had True Land Laws in place, GLOBALLY, we wouldn't need politicians and the shit they talk each cycle.

But Armageddon's gonna get here before the punters wake up and climb down from their memememego machines.....

And..., just to remind y'all, of what a REAL machine would look like, I repost thisss.....

And..., this is what you're voting for....

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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