Species Human Integrity Test - FAIL

130103 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction Species Human Integrity Test - FAIL Edition

History, as written of briefly on my recent blog "Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination", tells hard truths about the inherent flaw in our being on top of the tree of evolution, as it were.

The "arrogance factor" will, in fact already has, taken us over more than any mediated "fiscal cliff", where we are already on the irreversible downward slide to self-annihilation.

This reality has been caused as much by white, Christian, extreme "softcockery", where "the well intended" like gentle hearts campaigning for "political correctness" in dialogue, purely, overtly, to be easy on the ears of the overly wealthy and religiously indoctrinated females, have so toned-down both our ability & Vital Right to talk straight on subjects which their delicate little minds cannot deal truthfully with, that even facts are prevented from being aired.

So the most important issues humanity needs to discuss do not get the air they deserve.

Covertly, beneath the superficial delicacy of Catholic woemens' minds, thrives a massive subversion industry, however.

This involves more high-ranking government and private organisations than can be counted, and more are brought into existence by the day, from high-end authorities and power-corps, from Zionist governments, through religious schools and cult centres.

For longer than we realise, such orchestration of social and cultural integrity has been undermined, from the top down, and today, as for at least the last few centuries, we cannot trust any of the higher so-called “authorities”, be-they school principal offices and officers, religions, corporations, womenas' groups, mens' groups, and the likes of, of course, the anarchist and Outlaw gangstas.

We of the 21st century may read what may now be “romantic” 19th century novels, and Charles Dickens “Oliver” comes to mind, informing us, in fictional format, of the goings-on in the English poverty-striken underworld, where unscrupulous characters like “Fagan” control their little covens of pick-pockets, children discarded by an already out-of-control society and left on the streets to be kidnapped by Fagan's kind, then tuned by his criminal expertise to becoming expert theives.

What we tend not to ponder, or realise, is that such criminal organisations did exist and have always, back to before New Testament times.

And, the governments then and since, to today's, are locked into a “perpetual FAIL” situation, so cannot possibly do anything to re-mediate the lost characters, like the “Fagans” or his little entrepreneurs.

Therefore they are left to be beaten out of existence by larger crime gangs, or to grow to being multinational crime syndicates.

More than we may care to acknowledge have succeeded and grown to immense proportions, until, as said, they operate quite a ways above any national laws, and their operatives roam the planet at their mischievous leisure.

This is one more facet of the expansion of the most dominant species I refer to in my recent blog about “Amoebas to Empires to Self-Extermination”, in that such entities have accrued so much influence in local, domestic and global affairs that almost any major tries by those dangerous “well-intentioned” governments, and religions, etc (and we should be more, far more skeptical of all the western “non-governmental-organisations” or NGOs), are failures before they get off the drawing boards.

The crime networks have it in their creed to but subvert any attempts to make right the horrors of life on earth.

That's the gangs that have grown from nothing but local gangstas.

(Kinda like Jo Kennedy!)

They are very influential, no question.

But the older, more powerful dynastic organs, so big as to be larger and to actually own the world's most powerful nations and economies, are in essence, no different.

For Genuine Democratic Government, and ideals, and policies, etc, are their very enemies.

So once more, those, most powerful crime syndicates, the most dominant monarchies, and corporations, have it also in their creed to subvert all Genuine attempts to instil True Democratic Governance.

This is a situation no amount of “WikiLeaks”, Mike Moores, Cuba's, Hell's Angels, or JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Journalism, et al et al, can eradicate, or have the masses rise up against..

The “masses” are usually 1, realistic (read - “fatalistic”) about the chances of a Democratic Revolution saving the planet or their little village, from the henchmen of the tyrannies, and 2, are both too stupid, as-in uninformed – ie., badly educated - about the most important aspects of being Humans, in terms of being raised to know 1st, their own inner most light, whence all power and right-mindedness is founded, and of what the basic knowledge on maintaining good culture, thus good incorruptible government, etc., is.

Kurt Vonnegut wrote a charmer fiction which I cannot possibly remember the name of, about such futuristic scenarios of post-apocalypse world realities, where, with surviving locals scraping an existence out of the aftermath and remains, with politically savvy warriors trying to get them to fight for a new world of Justice, etc., the locals were found almost as soon as the disaster was passed, to be no different at all to how they were in the lead-up to the major breakdown of the global society, and were back in their shed and homes making whatever they could out of the detritus, merely for their own parochial entertainment.

So, it seems to me, that no matter what the new voices of today shout, and organise and effect, we are long passed being able to rescue the future, etc., peacefully.

Either, those growing numbers of us, and we are growing fast and into the largest ever counter-establishment RESISTANCE forces, increase in number enough to actually be a threat and force of our own to challenge and breakdown the walls of Jericho, or Babylon, or Rome, or the fucking Bank of England, etc., or aliens, or subterranean monsters, or some other unexpected event strikes the planet, so hard that the towers of Babel do shudder and collapse, or, we're all lost to that graph I posit in “Amoebas to Empires to Self-Extermination” of unavoidably exterminating the vast majority, if-not all, of us.

The last scenario, surely cannot kill off every member of the species?

Surely, there'll be decimated enclaves of survivors sprinkled across the habitable remains of mum eartha?

Whether they can go HARD, from the very start of the post-apocalyptic world, at introducing HARD, strict, but TRUE Laws in and across their groups and regions, is in the hands of the most powerful survivors.

But also, be sure that extremely warlike, upemselves upclubsters from the current most dominant strains of sub-humans, will survive, and show next to no Wisdom in how they strive to stay on top of the pile of shit their elites have made of the world.

So any Ethical attempts by lesser groups will soon enough destroyed by the lost tribes of the north.

And subhumans is what we all are at this stage.

If we were still Noble, Honorable, Dignified, Ethical, Intelligent and Wise, ie., not Jews, we'd still be Human Beings, and would not have allowed our leaders or masses to fall so far to the present subhuman condition,

So, if we are to preserve the better aspects of today's advanced “modern” world, there has to be something massive to hit us in the collective kisser, in order to break the spells the psychopaths on top force us all to subvert ourselves and our nations' people to being.

“The Game Changer”!

How about – a moon-sized comet to oooowh – just glance the earth, enough though to shatter all modern satellite comms, and send the futures' markets permanently to the trash-can of history?

A nuclear war? HhhhHHHHmmmm!!!???!!

A Revolution??? HAHAHAhohohohehehehe!!!


Nothing's gonna save us.

We have to, either give up and lose ourselves in whatever we can get a lift from, or, prepare ourselves for something REALLY REALLY HARD, BIG, SUDDEN, AND global.

Even setting the Pacific rim's “ring of fire” alight, and causing the most massive earthquakes ever, would not change things enough.

With the Atlantic trench fault and others across the Mediterranean, etc, going off, there would still be too many wealthy and militarised psychopaths in Brit-Eurapean castles bunkered in with everything they need to feed and wipe their ares with.

Stock markets would still trade. And...! I bet ya' shares and their traders would ROAR, and trading would break through the roofs with even the most cataclysmic event!

War seems to always benefit stock markets?

So? As in the “Amoebas to Empires to Self-Extermination”, I put it that it's in our genes, pretty-much to take ourselves to that big DOOM, because size fucks everything, becoming like the auto and banking industries, and modern western religions – too big to fail.

It forgets all about Wise sensible rational behaviour. The behemoth only knows behomothism, and nobody's gonna tell it to slow down, change direction or stop!

Ask Christine Laguarde? IMF CEO.

So..., if someone had it in their power to initiate that major BANG, enough to put an end to all the bullshit, enough to bring a real and final end to the disaster we know as the “Amoebas to Empires to Self-Extermination” evolved human failure, should they flick their switch?

Should that super-Samson-Golith-Clark-Kent-Beelzebub-Prince-of-Darkness flick their switch, and send us ALL into the abyss, into the volcano, into the oceans of waiting sharks?

Or, is he-they, so sadistic that he-they chooses to let the mass of subhuman idiots run their free world coarse and breed ever lesser beings, making for a worse and worse future, for everyone?

Not ! An easy question to answer.

But a fuckin' good one!!!

Personally, while I'm stuck without Trustworthy, Honorable, Intelligent and Wise company, I'm for the 1st option.

Especially if..., I'm a “Doctor Who” type character, who can simply switch on his Tardis, and fly off this once divine planet, leaving the masses of scumsuckers to their own fate.

I hope Mr Champion, my local night visitor Possum, drops in before I leave? He'd be welcome on board!

A couple of divine birds of prey which, who, loiter around my camps, can come as well.

Guess that means I'll have to take some Eucalypts and other local plants, aye?

I guess I'm saying that I'm over humanity. Especially the versions so degraded and mongrelised by whitearse, since 1808.

Another qvestion!

Can an Honorable Bloke, ever forgive the British invader types who sent his Ancestor Tribes to their extinction, because they were Immortals?


Because those same invaders are the elites who have totaled the whole planet, destroying along their ruthless psychopathic way, all the Pure, Divine, Spiritual Cultures, Peoples, and Nations.

“Amoebas to Empires to Self-Extermination”.

The game is up, sickos!


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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aka Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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