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This goes out to the Great American “Stand-Up” Comedian, Louis CK. He'd unnerstand these sentiments.

 I don't think it is illegal to be a misogynist?

 Question: Why do women want, and have babies?

Answer 1: Because you're never big enough, blokes!

Answer 2: Because it's wrong – and dangerous - to have sex with elephants!

Women want to enjoy excruciating pain, when they have sex. They want to writhe and scream in unforgettable agony, during intercourse.

They want to have that “OH MY GOD, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!! experience, when they have sex.

And that “OH MY GOD, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!” feeling is the best, strongest, and in fact the most exhilarating physical experience (for them), during childbirth.

That's one of two reasons why they believe they have made it in the “adult”, “big girl” “grown-up” stakes, once they've been through childbirth.

The other reason is of course, because they, being essentially sexually-driven beings, little different to males, for their own ignorance, or for their matriarchs also being the same, of the last.., oooowh – 204 (in Astrayliar), 500, 1600 years in the Judeo-Christian realms - ie., poorly raised, and poorly educated as to what being a women (again, as with males) actually involves, and requires be engendered – Intellect and Wisdom - and have been deceived to believe that making it as a grown-up, mature, adult female, is found by becoming a mother.

But, of course, motherhood is nothing without 1st having that “OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!! (POOOOSSSHHH!!!) OH MY GOD!!! IT'S THE END OF THE (POOOOSSSHHH!!!) AAAGH!!! WORLD!!!” childbirthing sssstttre-e-e-etch, of all things inside their womb.

This is also why they lie to men about not wanting babies.

Always, they actually do. But not so they can be tied down by a ruggie for the next 15 years.

Simply, and completely unthinkingly, because they need the most powerful sensation they know they will ever experience, of a four-to-six-inch diameter pulsing head, passing through their a-hem.


So! When testosterone-maxing-out adolescent and 20-something males start thinking of both “sex” and of “gettin' married”, and definitely when they start thinking that they'd like to have kids.....


One, the “... I like the idea of being a dad” syndrome, is as likely some female who has the hots for your genes – it's a primal thing, you know - (or Catholic priest!) has cast a hex on your mind, whence, if successful she, the female, will most likely change completely toward you, once she's dropped a ruggie or 2, leave you hanging, and with all her mates, organise to divorce you and settle for everything you love in house, furniture, bed, car, motorbike, guns, pets, gold watch, etc. AND! THA FRIDGE!!??@#$%!!??

And/or, she'll “do-the-black-widow” on yer, and after sex loses it's OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! thrill for her, she'll ….consume.... everything of you.

Every muscle, every tendon, every braincell, every bone, every nerve, every sane and balanced thought! EVERY THING!

Including of course.., your Soul..., if you still have one after a series of years living under her hex and bullshit.

ME? a Sworn Misogynist!?

I Guess so!

This, is part-and-parcel of the rise-and-rise of the female gender in western society, and is directly allied to their secret plot to claim, or, if we are “The Da Vinci Code” fans, their secret plot to reclaim the earth for their matriarchal agenda.

This, the exact same as the huge rise in woemen employed in real estate, of the last 40 or so years, and, according to research I did in the 1990s, is linked to the inexorable rise in land prices since about 1970-72.

The trick is, Men do the hard yakka saving for and paying the mortgage. Women work too, yes, but never as often in similar or as brutal employment as men. Women, relying on their female comrades in real estate over-pricing and sweet-talking males into paying more than is conscionable for the house-land package. Women divorce the blokes, and clean-up in court by winning the over-priced property, coming out near-as millionaires, sitting on easy street forever and forever thereafter. This, it has to be stressed, occurs most with church-educated men and women.

(Funny, aye, that my mum got into real estate in the 1960s! Her, a “good” [HAHAHA!] little Catholic convent girl! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Funny aye!?@#$%^!?? Floggin' our Aborigine Ancestors' Land for ten quid-an-acre!!! Warrandyte, I recall.)

(However, I do hold suspicions that one Rupert Murdoch had his hands in this (artificial) rise in land prices, because newspapers started more than before to advertise real estate, property sales, right around the 1st years he started his Australian and British media empire expansion from the late 1960s-on. And since then real estate has been the mainstay “cash-cow” for now-dying newspapers.)

Why do men do most of the driving of family and passenger vehicles?

So women can place all the blame on the men when there's an accident, or when they're late, or, when the car breaks down.

However...! Don't let down your guard, blokes!

For if an argument comes out of talking to them about this, and she says “OK! I'll do the driving!” BEWARE!!! She's as likely setting the scene for her to have an accident, whence she can blame YOU, for not being the responsible man she thought she was getting hooked up with!!!

Just the same as, “but you said you loved me?!?!?!#%^!?!!?!

Don't let them trap you into saying you love them!

In other words, the custom in western society, of “boyfriend-girlfriend” leading to monogamism, marriage, the nuclear family catastrophe, with it's TOTALLY unsustainable nuclear family and home death pledge (mortgage) situation, is nothing more than a trap, by two parties – 1. women, and 2, the banks.

Same same as having the inculturation of men being responsible for knowing about mechanics.

Have any men noticed that when women make it into positions of power, be it as prime minister, or CEO, or school principals, etc etc., nothing gets any better! All that happens is the corruption starts to be - more discretely – pilfered off into women's hands!

NO! Prove it to be otherwise, Madam?

This does not condone males as the better PMs, CEOs or school principals, et al, but in fact says that the whole situation is rooted, culturally, and psychologically, for both genders, and we all need to make deep and cutting changes to these, perhaps, fundamental attitudes and customary beliefs.

Added to this is the fear the authorities have instilled in men of being accused of sexual harassment, rape, bullying, or even sexist insults, when as often (not saying these don't happen), the woman/women crying victim has set the male up, intimidated and provoked him, and falls back on the “I'm an innocent women!” scenario, or, plays on the gullibility of the arresting coppers, by making out she's a lady.

An honest woman!?

HA! Never has there been an honest woman, especially in Australia since 1808!

So? Why wouldn't an Honest Bloke, like humble me, be a misogynist???


If women can't laugh at them thus, at themselves, they are dysfunctional, most usually, with an excess of feminist pride!

Women are ever ready to deny they are egoists. Yet only through their paranoia-induced quick wit, and their deeply ingrained ability to lie their way through sticky situations, do they convince others this is so.

And, they are the 1st to scream, if a male accuses them of being egomaniacs, all-of-a-sudden, inventing all manner of counter-accusations against the male.

I'm not the only male who has experienced this from deceiving females when I get too close to the truth about their lies.

The truth is that egomania is a mental disorder, as prevalent in men, yes, but women do get away with it much much more, and for that, get the unjustified upper hand. Especially in the courts.

We all are deeply damaged, from 1000s of years of BAD, BAD, REAL BAD culture.

Culture which 1st and foremost, forces us to believe the primary lies that sustain these outright evil “Christian” religions' and their dogma of bullshit about That Man, Yeshua ben Joseph.

A Man, born to a harlot, (NOT, a “virgin”). If not a harlot, Jesus' mother was definitely a Jewish witch, and, herself more than likely, so, in her defense, under the spell and power of the temple rabbis, and Jesus was heartlessly conceived – out of wedlock in an extramarital affair - born to play a sacrificed patsy, witch priest for the dying and threatened Hebrew cult.

It is no coincidence that the mythical Magi of Britain's “Camelot” fable, “Merlin” was born out of wedlock to a witch! It seems that having a child grow through the trauma of lies from his mother, and her plying him with her covert witchcraft, makes for a stronger more powerful magician, as Merlin, and one other witch (!?!) of today, are reputed to be.

But for Yeshua, a Hebrew cult run, controlled by an ancient family dynasty descended from King David, which had a desperate desire to retain power, and in fact, expand it, via Rome.

Whether it was part of the Temple's plan for Yeshua to DEFY their intentions, or not, he saw their plan and acted against it, for Honesty, and Honor was primary to him.

Has any of us known any woman with that level of Integrity and Honor?

However, with these deceptions driven into the minds of the majority western “Christians'” flock, since the 4th century Councils of Nicea, mainly, truth becomes an anathema.

But, the original deceits thereafter serve worst to justify lies and thus corruption right across society. That's exactly why the Catholic church slots in the “confession” trick, and the “forgiveness” bribe.

So much for the short piece on misogynist jokes!

Watch 'em, Men! Woemen AND Christians!

Why do woemen have vagina’s?

They've got to have somewhere to hide their cunning!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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