Political Language and the lies of parliament

is DESIGNED...., to make
LIES sound TRUTHful
to give the APPEARance of
pure wind 

-George Orwell-

is DESIGNED...., to make
LIES sound TRUTHful
to give the APPEARance of
pure wind 

-George Orwell-

is DESIGNED...., to make
LIES sound TRUTHful
to give the APPEARance of
pure wind 

-George Orwell-

Phone & internet illegally cut-off by ASIO,

An MMS I sent this sunny morning to the following:

To: g.robertson@doughtystreet.co.uk
Cc: rmrb@peopledaily.com.cn, editor@guardianunlimited.co.uk, public@nytimes.com, yourviews@cnn.com, mailbox@actu.asn.au, mir@mir.it, john.ransley@bigpond.com, maxadiff@yahoo.com.au, vals@vals.org.au


Phone & internet illegally cut-off by ASIO, embedded within Telstra's retail stores & services.

ASIO, pro-British, pro-IMF Zionist church-bleached-puppets, actively subvert all Genuine REALPolitik individual's & organisations' efforts at installing egalitarian Democracy here, & are ideologically against the Australian Republic.

All Australia's police forces the same, & actively terrorise & silence political AND any anti-Christian Dissent in Astrayliar.

The still deeply racist white Australian culture is so because of Rome's - AND Freemasonry's continuing agenda of global domination-by-decimation, & by the demented Cecil Rhodes' planned genocide of all non-white Peoples.

All Australian 'authorities' & civil services - federal, state & local council - & the whole of our tourism industry, are fundamentally racist, anti-democratic, Zionist pro-foreign traitors.

But..., you DO get that when cult religion runs politics!




For The Greater Good,

Omaxa bin Eartha,

 OUTLAW for 
Work & 
Environmental LAW REFORM


apologies for strange text size or formatting..., spooks in the machine!

Leadership - Blowing Apart The Myths.


Leadership - Blowing Apart The Myths.

Being born and covertly raised to one day become a major leader, it has been ('Has-Been' - my middle name!) vital for myself to be awake to mythology and false assumptions, and to be ready to critique any thoughts and actions as they present.

'Worse-case-scenarios' is a phrase I've adopted when assessing (hypothetically) a plan for future implementation. It may be a business plan, or a strategic, civil or military plan, and the term is important in these areas, because it seems to be a propensity of egomania to assume 'MY' plan is best and cannot fail.

Most failed enterprises and failed political decisions occur purely because of an over-confidence in the initiator(s), and in that, their either refusal or simple lack of Intellect to discriminate between sound ideals and perceptions of a situation, and poor judgement.

But behind every so-called 'leader' lies a virtual army of advisors, promoters, sycophants, and voices with their own often secreted agenda.

With such an army behind them, the 'leader' has also, to deal rationally with whomever stands, or sits, above them, on the ladder of regional or global hierarchy.

From recent history, we are told that various 'leaders' were 'self-made men' or so.

Hitler, Stalin, even Vladimir Lenin, and Saddam Hussein.

Today, in northern Africa, we have revolutions against 'leaders', with claims they are tyrants and despots.

Colonel Gaddafi, ex-President Mubarak, the ousted Tunisian President, and a plethora of others all over the globe are branded as tyrannical despots for becoming, as they are seen to be, selfish and greedy accumulators of the People's wealth.

But this is only one side of the story for each of them. Hitler and Stalin et al, included.

'History' is a dangerous concept, mostly because it is usually written or recorded by the 'victors'.

Each person who attains to such a 'leadership' position, in the vast majority of cases, reaching back as far as we might like into 'history', has been nurtured by others, usually elders, to grow into the role.

With any upward achievement therefore, the 'chosen one' has to succumb to the demands or influences of those above them, who have, so-they-would-say, 'dedicated all their life to making the leader successful'.

This, and other over-influences from higher or more powerful persons or club of elites, have been what these types of leaders have to deal with.

Gaddafi, Mubarak and others are readily denigrated by their own populations and by foreign media alike, but never is there an honest and proper, that-is a full analysis of why and how they gained their positions.

Personally, I regard Muhamur Gaddafi pretty highly, mainly for his long stance against the ober-fuhrers of Britain and Eurape.

Knowing nothing about how Gaddafi got to power, nor about the colonist forces who claimed his and his People's territories as theirs to plunder as they wished uptil Libya's 'War of Independence', it nevertheless seems right to remember the Man he was when the need arose in Libya for their independence from the colonist tyrants of Eurape.

The same need applies to the innumerable 'leaders' who got where they are by leading revolutions against colonist tyranny.

Even the Cambodian 'Pol Pot' comes into this category.

And, it is imperative to remember where the defaming of such leaders comes from.

Today, we witness uprisings across the Arab world. But who have been the tyrannical colonists, and how much are they only too ready to slam those who broke their colonial stranglehold on whole nations of People?

Everything we see and hear through the mainstream western media, is slanted to their preferences, and thus far, in the latest 'Arab' uprisings, we have not seen any analysis of those deposed leaders' rise to power.

Why they were driven to take command, who was behind them, how serious the conditions for the People were, which drove these commanders to try to arrest the declining situation, and, how much 'other', secretive forces were at play?

Clearly, for well over 100 years, such regions have been under tremendous outside pressure to bow to the whitefaced blokes with the heavier artillery.

But well before any military actions began, in such as Libya, or, the Palestine, foreign, colonist secret agents were in amongst the People, doing their evil, by engaging the locals in political conversation, with a covert divisive agenda.

Agenda which, of the last century and more, have never held the well-being of the Locals as important or primary, over their own foreign nation's need for resources or for the colony's strategic location. (Dare we mention the western leaders' 'prestige'?)

Just across the Mediterranean from the dominant tyrannical global powers, in Africa, the People have for perhaps 3000 years had to acquiesce some sovereignty to the excessive demands from the militarily advanced Eurapeans.

No matter how well a Revolutionary 'Leader' such as Colonel Gaddafi, or Hosni Mubarak were, in winning national independence from the over-consuming megalomaniacs of Eurape etc, there have always been limits to how much they could 'Revolutionise' their own People and Lands.

The super-elites of Britain and Eurape, who've been orchestrating affairs globally for centuries, excel in containing damage or loss to their supply-bases or chains, and when things go as far as they do, and set the scene for a Revolution, they know the time has come when they have to concede that things change and they have to let go of their booty-supply, to some extent.

But usually, they never actually let go completely. Almost always there are backroom negotiations between the old guard's offshore diplomats and the new regime, on trade bases, or proposed future relationships.

One, perhaps the prime example of a colonial power 'keeping their powder dry', and waiting to re-assert themselves on a lost colony, is of Britain, then, regarded as principally England, and their psychotic desire to re-capture north America for themselves.

The Brit's lost the colonies of the to-be United States of America in the US War of Independence, in 1776.

Yet there is credible evidence to show that, as EIR's Drugs Inc., Boston Bankers and Soviet Commissars book tells, the Brits have been smarting since 1776 over that loss, and that they have been 'keeping their powder dry' for over 200 years, intent on winning the boundless resources and market back.

According to the Drugs Inc., book, this they succeeded in doing sometime around the 1970s, but not by military force, nor by a terrorist campaign of suicide bombers, but by the slow takeover of US commerce and industry.

Of course, they also used the same methods they deployed in China in the mid-1800s, of introducing heroin to the US troops while they were fighting in Vietnam, with the clear agenda of having the returned US troops becoming addicted and thus creating a demand-therefore-a-market for the pernicious drug, in the US.

A 'multi-pronged' attack on the United States, purely to win back the enormous market and thus the control of the People of the United States of America and, to regain their over-bloated British 'pride'.

So, today, centuries down the track since the Brits began the arts of subversion and covert control of their colonies, they have run a very tight regime of control, which reaches, as we all know down-here-down-on-the-bottom to Australia, but also spread themselves across Asia, still owning to a large degree, places like India, China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, et al. Not so much by being 'proxy-rulers', as being in charge of most economic developments, changes, reforms, or Progressive political advances.

Most people are not so interested nor inquisitive enough to delve into this type of history, either of their own nation, or of the world as a whole, so allowing our media and governments to get away with narrow perspectives of situations as they develop across the globe.

So, in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, Et Al, the Presidents have had to, behind closed doors, satisfy covert demands from either the old colonists or whichever power is the new order of the larger region, or whole globe.

Were any of these Nations truly independent from those more powerful global elites, I have no doubt their Leaders would've taken their Revolutions much farther than they did, to the point where market forces and foreign demands became insignificant.

Because for the last 140 years or so, the dominant global powers have had very set agenda for the planet, and, as they gained their posture by ruthless, totally unethical religious and political bullshit, backed-up by superior military power, they have grown in megalomanic-over-confidence, such that they have gone to enormous extents to ensure they remain 'in control', and that no True and Proper Reforms would ever be instituted in the lost regions.

Whether, in Gaddafi's case, he or his leadership group knew what was ahead for them and their People, before their Righteous Revolution, I don't know.

In pre-Revolution situations, seeing that far ahead is often pointless, and can more often serve to weaken any stance. Stances which manifest because of the immediate dire situation the People are in, and that come into being for the Peoples' and the recognised Leaders' recognition that something has to be done NOW!

But, the future always keeps coming at us, and forces us, or leaders, to assess their ability to take any Revolution that 'next step' further, to creating a Nation which is not subservient to foreign, unreasonable greedy, demanding powers.

Clearly, as said, the northern African nations have been debilitated for aeons by the conquering armies of Eurape, or, of Rome, and so it has been an enormous struggle for any of them, the People or any Leader who makes it to the top of the national pile (or pyramid!), to gain their Nation's True Independence.

In regard to the moment's Uprisings, you can be sure the monarchies and political-read-oligarchic elites of Eurape and Britain are deep in their war-room bunkers yabbering-on about the situation in 'Arabia', and what they can do to minimize damage or threats to their hegemony.

So it is, I'm sure, underground in Israel.

And, beyond the microphones and cameras of the mainstream media which report on the events, there will always be a clique of power-mongers, typically backed by an aggressive-compulsive military faction, who out-of-sight, demand certain restraints in the lost territories.

Restraints, such as limiting any Reforms so-as to not negatively effect the ex-powers' ability to continue, in another rebranded guise, to plunder, or to convert the Locals to their way of thinking and consuming, and/or into selling their resources offshore.

Today, 2011, some 30 years since the Libyan, Egyptian and Tunisian anti-colonialist Revolutions, two generations have been born and grown to having something near to, in the youth of them, a voice about and against the situation they witness day-to-day in their country.

Endless capitalist foreign influences have been pretty-much all they've known, outside of their own Cultural and parochial Traditions.

Foreign influences which depend solely on consumption and expansion to remain where they are. Foreign forces, whose civil and military commanders are not 'built' to consider the larger, long term aspects of 'life on earth', such as short-term over depletion of natural resources and supplies thus the deadly effects to the environment, such as the most sustainable form of government, or dangerous cultural beliefs and actions. Etc.

Instead, foreign leadership is taught to focus on their own People's demands and needs, which always, according to their scripted mandate, put the well-being of the Locals in such as Libya, Tunisia and Egypt Et Al well behind those of their own mobs.

And worse than that, for aeons these leaders of the major powers, have for whatever reason, usually peer influence or pressure, been forced to focus on the sustenance and well-being of a certain clique of their own class or Tribe, over-and-above the short and long term Good of the majority of their own People!

So this same tragic situation is translated down onto any of their colonies, such that their 'puppets' running their colonies, are forced to satisfy the foreigner's demands before their own People's needs.

This is pretty-much always why Revolutions occur, and are so deeply orchestrated by the colonists that they, as said above, have previously sent in their secret operatives to build foundations which will survive any Revolution.

Therefore, it is vitally important for everyone to take these points into their considerations about 'where-to-from-here', and about, especially about, how they will deal with their deposed Presidents.

As we have been informed, Presidents Mubarak and Gaddafi have been 'withdrawn' from their People for many years, and have sought to keep their places and palaces. But to do that they have had to satisfy those nearest to them. And that translates into being the land-owning elites, mostly dynasties, and the wealthiest merchants, etc.

Therefore, whatever Colonel Gaddafi might have recognised as Primary immediately after the Revolution he led, 30 years ago, he has always been constrained, or, in western military terms, 'contained', to stay within certain politico-economic boundaries, as set by the foreign forces.

These foreign constraints on their ability to take the Revolution to it's Fullest Potential, are more reasons why such leaders withdraw from being a part of the People's culture, and as often become somewhat 'reclusive', unseen by their People. It is also this type of necessary retirement from public life by such Leaders, which brews antipathy and forgetfulness amongst the People, of the Good they actually did for the People in decades passed.

So, as to how the world deals with the fallen 'dictators', these past scene-setting situations have to be remembered and weighed against the present expectations of today's Arabs.

However, such thoughts do not make-it, up to the powers-that-be in such as the horrendously self-serving and corrupt International Criminal Court in Den Hague, Holland.

Many cases exist of how they, the ICC., sought and succeeded to condemn and execute passed 'Revolutionary' leaders of poorer nations, while quite deliberately ignoring the FACTS about how they, the powers-that-be, in reality set-the-scene in the lesser nations for turmoil, disempowerment of that nation's leadership and of their People, breakdown of any Culture and Tradition which more than likely was too Honorable and Intelligent for the invaders to accept (for it being antithetical to their commercial, colonist megalomaniac designs and desires), division amongst the Locals, and so shattered any Balance in those pre-colonial regions, to the point that Revolution was the only way for the Locals to react.

As we will see, once some semblance of order has returned to north Africa, the Eurapeans will assume control of pursuing the ex-Presidents, having them arrested and charged with the usual 'war crimes' and/or 'crimes against humanity'.

Then they will be shuffled into facing that rotten bastion of colonial bitterness, the International Criminal Court, or one of the other courts Eurape deems as necessary to eliminate any Just opposition to their global tyranny.

And, sadly, the USA will chime-in, and assume the authority over those who had the Righteous Temerity to challenge the filthy 'old kings' hegemony and fought for their own nation's independence.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks being the latest victim(s) of an out-of-date, whitefaced Brit-Eurapean (including Scandinavian) psychotic Christian belief and injustice system.

Therefore, from the Highest Bastion of Authority, I make a call across the globe, to everyone in north Africa and the Middle East, to weigh these facts, these considerations, when they ponder the future for their newly 'liberated' nations, and, when they consider how they see-off those not-so-long-ago Heroes of their own People, Nations and Arabic and Islamic Cultures.

The same appeal goes to the US Administration and to the Pentagon as they consider whether Julian Assange should in fact be extradited from Svvveaydun (Sweden), with all it's gay bitches with serious misanthropy issues.

Apparently, wars are fought to establish or re-establish 'Peace'?

Clearly, this is a myth, because for well-over 1000 years, wars have been fought to feed one greedy and over-consumptive monarchy or another, and it's obese peers and subjects.

Coming after that, in later times, wars have been created, or the scene has been set, by foreign powers who want the local booty, for wars to start, so the foreign powers' corporations can make a few mill/bill/trill.

Take the 2003 war by the USA-British-and-allied forces against the Nation and the People of Iraq, for example.

Apart from the privatised US Military provisional service corporations making billions, the ones which profited most were the US and other 1st world 'contractor corporations' like 'Rinca', the world's largest manufacturer of cement, concrete, and OH HELLO Richard! (how's things, post-op?) Halliburton. Corporations who were in fact, right in there when the 'fucking psychoes' (unquote Colin Powell, then US Secretary for Defence, on the 'inner circle' of the GW Bush Administration) began planning the Iraq war.

But we cannot forget the tyrannical energy corporations' involvement in setting the scene in Iraq, for an invasion.

Another example coming to mind is the 1990s war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which was in fact set-up, to eventually kill some 300,000 Azers and Armenians, by the British/US energy consortia of BP, Texaco, Shell etc.

But of course, they contracted the job of dividing the locals, to the ever-sneaky bastards in MI6. MI6, who do the corporate dirty work.

But, the facts are, that pretty-much every nation is today, and in reality always have been, PRIVATE COMPANIES, owned by monarchs, and their never-seen wealthy dynastic peers, who pay those we know as 'politicians' the classic 30-pieces-of-silver to keep the Public dumbed-down and powerless against their ruthless, uncaring, inhumane maltreatment of the Peasants.

This is precisely why in Astrayliar, we have extreme right-wing, pro-offshore corporate interest political parties and (HA!) 'leaders', with about as much credibility, merit and talent as a Nimbin guttersnype, prepared to say ANYTHING to unsettle any Progressive governmentation and/or Genuine politico-economic reforms for the nation.

Same-same now across the world. The likes of ex-President Mubarak and Colonel Gaddafi Et Al, have constantly had to 'manage' or deal with these types, whether grumpy nationals or foreign media moguls with set cultural agendas that do not coincide with any Genuine National Economic Structures.

A line I heard from the ether a few months ago is:

Leaders - they make 'em, to break 'em!”

That came to mind just after our elected prime minister, Master Kevin Rudd, was unceremoniously deposed by his own party, and the Woman who was told to decapitate him, and replace him, (therefore....? Madame?) Julia Gillard, was heard to ruminate about 'who would want to be prime minister' ('Anyone want to be prime minister?' actually) when daggers are 'standard issue' equipment in the political shithole of Canberra.

So...., in regard to leadership, and the myths surrounding the concept, it's for everyone to stop and take a dive to the depths of thought, to divine exactly what such a position does, in this increasingly encrazed westernised world, and exactly how the Masses should look toward any appearing 'leader'.

Self-made leaders are pure myth. Therefore, are they, or any, actual 'leaders', the real-deal?

Always, leaders have to bow to basic unchanging Laws.

Every human being cannot disobey certain fundamental, natural laws.

We all have to have food and water, as we all have to defecate.

These are basic laws.

All the way up from the bathroom, through the kitchen, to the highest arena, there are laws manmade or natural, that everyone is subservient to.

This rule applies to how living beings exist amongst other living beings.

Darwinists would assert that the first law is, in relationships, 'only the fittest survive'.

But are they, therefore, invincible?

Not when the Great Mutha Eartha gets her pluck up!

And She, exists, remains extant or dies because she is blessed or cursed by the laws of thermo-dynamics, etc.

Down on Her surface, thermo-dynamics cause conditions for gravitational laws to manifest, to which we are all forced to comply.

So it goes on and down the tree of life to laws which all earth-bound living creatures have to obey.

Over the evolution of the Human Species, the innate recognition of the need to obey laws has risen, and thus, once Families and Tribes grew to a size where some limits were necessary, manmade laws were introduced, to maintain some order amongst them.

Once, before events such as the Torah's 'Fall from Eden', the unseen hand which ensured laws were obeyed, was god, or so I hypothesise.

The Laws of Nature, and god, were one and the same.

Each member of a Family or Tribe was made aware of these laws from their earliest years, and came to Know that those Laws MUST be obeyed, or disaster awaited them.

Beneath all of mankind's postulations and rantings, these laws remain constant.

With every advance by mankind, whether through technology or new application of resources, so too grew their personal pride, to the point where they believed they were either gods themselves, or were so smart they could ignore these fundamental laws.


Down falls another empire!

And, their leaders....

So.., my attempt here is to have all of us to 'get over' leaders, and do everything we can to return the Principle Leader of all life on Earth - the Law.

This means of course, there's a lot to do, firstly in dissembling the old, corrupt laws.

This means we have even more work to do, because it IS bloody hard work, even though it is the Best Work any Human Being can do, of expunging the bullshit from our minds about, well, just about everything we've come to like and be addicted to, such as untrue laws.

Particularly untrue ECONOMIC LAWS.

Their opposite, True Scientifically-provable Economic Laws which are known, are what we must learn hard to obey, for they are recognised as Perennial Laws, unchanging Laws, laws which, if disobeyed or ignored, will bring calamity upon us and upon our world, either now or in the future.

And HELLO!!! Anyone noticed how the whole world is sliding into complete disaster?


Deeply incorrect economic laws, forced upon all of Humanity by the International Monetary Fund!



an email to a sister.....


I guess you're back from the USA?

No doubt a good time was had by all?

Pity I couldn't fly with you, but the ute is carrying too much weight.

To that end, this comes asking if I can at least borrow about $1000 from someone?

Purpose?  To buy a 'sheet metal folding machine' big enough to make the panels I need for the ute's walls and roof, so I can move from living under tarpaulins, aging and leaky tarpaulins, to something that doesn't keep me windowless, miserable and paranoid each time a rain storm approaches.

There's a ripper online that costs about $2000 (click-on link above), in Brisbane, which is $1000 above my pension-affordability limit.

As these days I can live for weeks in the bush, thus attracting no outgoings, repayments would be high and over with quickly, if you guys could loan me the extra $1000 I need.

It will fit nicely into the shed I have in Lismore.

All attempts at lifting myself out of this perpetual shithole have failed, thwarted each time by whiteface Aussies, and others.

I expect I have too many enemies to be able to climb out from where I am. 

Therefore the best I can do, as everyone continuously lets-me-down and/or betrays me, is to secure what I've got - the ute - and 'endure' a fate no reasonable person would wish upon another, let alone upon their son or sibling.

For years now, I've been pushed to the brink, and have come close to committing a heinous crime, for things I had no say or action in.

I've given up on anyone finding Justice for me, and as I find I have had no personal life for most of my 55 years, thoughts of being re-integrated into any society have died.

I am comfortable with my own company, so all I need - I don't get to choose anything I want - are wheels and a dry flat bed.  The 'kitchen' in the ute is indeed a bonus!

As for friends, or HAHAHAHA  'family'................

Little wonder I've divined that the nuclear family model is dangerous!

Sorry if I've tested your patience, but I happening to be dying out here.........

Dying for Honor..........

your brother, Nick....,
Max Earth
aka Max N Cook
aka Omaxa bin Eartha

Outlaw,  for


& Environmental

Multiculturalism fails because we are failures

ABC online has an article by Chris Uhlmann about 'Multiculturalism' and it's apparent failure in Eurape and elsewhere, which I couldn't bother reading, but found effort enough to respond with this....!

Failed Multiculturalism, like racism, exists purely because an elite (and very fanatical religious) clique own most of the land, and they will NEVER let it go, justly or by sale, to people from other skin-groups or cultures whom they deem as lesser than themselves.
Multiculturalism has been a brave attempt to modernize our religions, but will become a weight around everyone's necks, without genuinely re-appraising how we distribute the land we all need to be healthy of body and mind.  Where we are all allowed to practice our own native culture without bigoted under-employed victims of bad land laws raging against our appearance, preferred clothing or private religious practices.
Multiculturalism fails because our anachronistic elites are stuck in the whiteface 19th century policies of deeeep ignorance, similar to that which still runs the Vatican.

From the last post....

... to continue....

These latest follies in Sydney are the most outrageous insults on all voters in NSW, but the voters have to see that these are just a continuance of games played by the scum in the Sydney bighouse.

Today we know more about the backroom skulduggery of our politicians and corporations than ever, or should I write THEIR politicians and corporations, and Australians do seem to be slow in picking-up-the-ball, and running with it, away from the pack of media hair-do's and spin.

The probably illegal manipulation of the Victorian 2010 state election by the two major parties, should alert enough of voters in NSW to seriously look elsewhere.

But, as usual, Australians are not known for their deep investigation, in affairs bigger than their DVD player or fridge.

Of course, if Aussies generally were motivated to 'get-it-right' politically, we'd be a Republic by now, with either NO state parliaments, or something closer to fifty states, and they'd all be pleasant little 'micro-democracies' running on Land Rent for their revenue.

Getting there, is the hard part.....

(I feel another Trojan coming-on....., and a copper sucking my dick!)

But, as said, the average punter from NSW is far more interested in their own backroom deals, so there's next to nothing they'll do to make the state or the nation a better one, like voting for the Greens, if it will interrupt corruption-events above them.

Nevertheless, it has to be said, that as the whole world and the whole environment are teetering on the edge, anyone who does not vote for a Green Re-Evaluation of our circumstances, is basically a traitor.

And still the 'rum club' bugs are in the machine trying to stop my commentaries from being published.  Further evidence that Australia is deeply corrupt and that anyone who dares to speak the facts about these government scumbags is targeted and silenced.

Vote for ANYONE but the ALP or the Liberal-National parties!


NSW 2011 elections? More hilarity coming our way!

Power sale inquiry condemns NSW Govt
from the ABC online website.

What can we believe in NSW politics?

The Premier's rough-house attempts over the last week or so, to squash an investigation into the ALP state government's flogging-off of NSW's electricity corporation and networks, by 'proroguing' parliament, has NSW revisit the debacles in Sydney of 1808, when low scum so mocked and debauched the processes of government so much that the state of NSW, and thus, the whole of Australia, HAVE NEVER RECOVERED!

However, be warned!  Premier Keneally's posture, while smacking of stances taken in the '1808 Rum Rebellion' against the legitimate government of William Bligh, knowing New South FAILS as I do, sounds more to me like the Premier is doing as she is told, and is trying to so destroy the ALP rum club's reputation, so that voters will be so outraged, yet will only be able to process the condition and events etc, enough to enthuse them to trash the ALP, by voting in their coin's 'flip-side' - the even darker tyrants from the right-right-super-right wing Liberal National parties!

It's hard to believe that Kenneally could be so trenchant, without some heinous plan up her/their sleeves.  

And, from here, the plan is more than likely to be where they are tossed into the sin-bin for a few election cycles, until the voters forget, then they stage a come-back with a campaign aimed at the new generation of voters.  The gullible, self-centred, egomaniacal, new generation of voters.

 Funny how the typesettings in here have just gone haywire?

Argh! we can always rely on Australian coppers to fuck us over!

Will Australians be driven to get up and PROTEST after the March 2011 NSW election farce is completed and exposed, demanding the end to our three tier system of misgovernment?


Not here, me darlinks!  We'se still gettin' off the boats, and the jumbo jets, and we're here to steal YOUR land!

All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen Fighting for a Just World!

From the Traveling 4x4 Tent of
King Commo
aka Countryzen bin Eartha
aka Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth

Outlaw, for
Education &


apologies for strange text size or formatting..., spooks in the machine!

Democracy is a lie without Land Re-Distribution!

Last week ABC Radio National's Late Night Live discussed 'Democracy' and the events across the Arab world of lateAs usual, some of it bit me, so I spat back with the following.......

'Democracy' is a massive lie without LAND RE-DISTRIBUTION.

Here, in Astrayliar, our elections are WHOLLY fraudulent, while we mark the ballot paper with 'pencil', then trust the officials with ballot-boxes made of WHAAH? 'cardboard', providing absolutely NO SECURITY.

For years 'Gladys' has listened to Adams swoon over how quaint the ('HB' pencil!) voting process is.

Never does he question this 'holy grail' of our racist, 'most sinful', most unsustainable, heaviest 'enviro-footprint', irretrievably corrupt, culturally & religiously bigoted, pro-FOREIGN, 99% selfish, electorate & the most-open-to-corruption ballot?


He's totally GAWN to St Joey's on-the-face-of-it 'mushy', 'compassionate', but underneath devious, pro-Rome, agenda-ridden, mythmaking, landgrabbing witch-nuns!

What 'Democracy' would let the world's most perverse, heinous mob of lying offshore witches, live & make 'TAX FREE' billions (on zero-ethic land-speculation) by assuming 'ownership' of ONE-SEVENTH of it's land?


How naive are you to trust our AEC officials (Australian Electoral Commission, the church-run upclubsters in charge of seeing that Australia gets through elections without their corruption being exposed!), ALL selected from CHURCH schools running on complete fabrication & totally false or corrupt agendas, to never tamper with the numbers!?!

That our elections are as insecure as they are, shows how low our national 'intellectual base' is.

A nation of utter idiots, with not a skeric of Courage, Honor, Integrity or even 'common sense', but instead blind yabbering (NEVER a shortage of opinions though!) sheep, grazing mindlessly from 1 30-piece-of-silver pay-off paypacket to the next, gaga to the Apocalypse their mental tauper is guarantee-ing!

How stupid are voters that they accept the most dubious, yet regular '52-48' & 'hung parliament' results poll-after-poll?


Will it take bombing electoral booths HERE before YOU & Joe Public get-off-yer-fat-cells & end this filth?

You have to see the corrosive effects on your, & on your
commentariats' clarity-of-mind, when you all make mileage by analyzing politics in another region, from this basket-case of a false political culture!

Truly Adams, YOU, being 'el Doyaneski' of Aunty Josephine's ABC, along with all board-members, execs & sir CEO Scotty, would be lynched, if we came to our collective-senses & Revolted.

But her Vat-of-silver is deep, after 5 centuries of Euraping everyone elses' metals & other resources, ain't it!

And what fool would 'take the reins' with such a low, bigoted population & media?

NAH! Better to die in a gutter than try lead such a demented shithole people!


What does 'Christian' mean?


What is Christianity?

A vat-of-lead where we dunk our head at elections!

ANYWHERE..., you have a 'Christian-Democracy', you have bad magic dunking heads in that vat of leaden oxymorons.

But, for your Double Pay, you ain't NEVER going to 'go there', are you Agent (de) Rupert?

(Edit-in - Last August, on the day of the vote for federal parliament, in the afternoon, a report was read on the ABC news bulletin about 'ballot tampering' in an election booth in Western Australia.  I may have missed consequent news bulletins, but I did not hear that article again, nor was it mentioned on any of the other news services I monitor at any time afterwards.  

That silence, indicates very clearly to myself, that there indeed was an AEC 'volunteer' messing with the democratic voting process.  

It also says that the 'establishment', including the ABC, are right-in-there, in the manipulation of our vote.

So if anyone in Astrayliar deludes themselves that we live in a 'democracy', I say... "THINK AGAIN!"

We are being done over by China, with their cheap product-dumping, and by the west, who purport to be looking after our best interests, but behind our cardboard backs, is rigging elections at a level quite possibly worse than elections in Afghanistan!

White, Christian, middle-class (or is that MUDDLE-class?) godlessly-materialistic Australians are toooo far sunk in their squishy lounge-chairs to actually DO anything Honorable, such as marching on all state parliament houses and deposing the irascible tyrants.

Today, the vote in Australia is but an evil fraud and is tricking the majority into giving away their own and their progenys' future.

I'm inclined to think nowadays, that the idiots in Sydney's 'rum club' parliament are responsible for this heinous national condition, and that, next month, nothing will change post the 2011 NSW election, without both sides of the completely corrupt coin of state being evicted from politics altogether.

But NSW is a seriously, if-not demonically buggered state (watch any copper!), with no-one earning over say $60k a year game, selfless enough, nor willing for the Greater Good, to make a noise about how bent NSW-therefore-the-whole-of-Australia is.  

And anyone earning less than $60k a year, is also so bent that they ignore those larger, 'macro' issues, and just get back to their trades of ripping anyone they can off.

Well done AEC!  You and your churchies, have really done us down, haven't ya'!?

But never will we hear any accurate accusations coming from the houses of the political classes will we, Julia?

....end of..... edit-in)

Max Earth,
Outlaw for 
Education & 

NB: Apologies for poor formatting.
Scribed in catholojude exile on mobile phone.


New Internationalist and The Revolution

I received a New Internationalist ad via email today, which had a little chunk of 'anti-bigoil' info (see below).

So I replied to NI's Brian Suchansuch with.....,

Hi Brian!

Thanks for your prompts to subscribe.

I was an avid subscriber/reader in the 1980s, and still hold high NI as a 'forefront mag', even with the plethora of new similar mags and websites of today.

I'd subscribe, but I'se been on-the-road (of political exile) for goin'-on 16 years, so hold no fixed address for postage etc.

Now, I scan via a wireless broadband stick in my ute.

Being in the forefront of political-that-is REALPolitik Outlaw Journalism , I assume the task of doing things like organising and commenting on the world of politics, for others to take the lead from, or as a guide from an impartial position.

While I'll never denigrate the likes of N.I., we, as one species, must be close to that 'critical mass' where enough of us, in all nations and regions, have read enough to know the threats to the important issues, and the answers to getting passed them.

We could read all our lives, yet achieve nothing. 

So there has to be a time when enough of us read enough, know enough and realise the moment when we have to act enough to stop the blithe carnage by such as the bigoil corp who gets away with spending $19mill just to cover their deceits about global warming.

Obviously $19mill is nothing compared to the funds they spend covering-up the other tragedies - not just the marketing verbage - their industry inflicts upon the environment hour by hour, globally!

Egypt might be one such critical moment.  It would be more likely as that, were the combined strength and influence of the first world's Environmental Movements to join forces globally, to combine with the People of Egypt Et Al, Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen et al, along with all 'Reasonable', thinking People and groups around the planet, to take the issue as in Egypt, that necessary step further, of forcing the serious, major global reform issues onto all parliamentary tables.

From my own 20 year or more research, the issue is about Land Distribution, and cleaning-up taxation and finance systems to suit a scientific taxation basis.

Were The People in control of how their land is distributed, ruthless scoundrels like BP (Biggest Polluters?) Shell, Texaco, and every other plunderer would not be able to get away with their brutal behavior.

This and related issues 'go to' the very issues the likes of the Egyptian People are having now to confront.  By themselves, or with Arabic and Islamic support, they will still be very limited in regard to their success in demanding THE most basic yet most important issues underlying all the surface issues.

However, most of the first world is less than enamored with Land Reform, because it uncovers their own secreted profiteering from the least productive, least secure and least ethical means.

Therefore, as NI, and I, and an increasing amount of People worldwide are, Dissenting from the mainstream lie, then we have a Duty, to the Egyptians as well, to foster Reform wherever we can reach.

One of my 'missions' as it were, has been to bring disparit groups together, to recognise their similarities, and to work together against their common 'enemy'.

Due to my own life's line, the three groups I happen to harmonise most with are, my bloodlines from Australia's Aborigine, from Environmentalists, and from Bikers, but more widely, Outlaws.  Not just opportunistic crims, but those who choose to dissent from the mainstream delusion, and fight 'Babylon' ideologically, however they can.

Most of us feel there have been enough reports, consultancies, commissions into the many and varied affairs of running a clean and healthy state (and planet), and that, across all social classes, cults and groups - clubs, gangs, etc., the call is simply to organise and unite.

Surely, were the real world to organise globally co-ordinated protests, involving lower class-through middle to upper echelons, especially in media, a swift, peaceful 'show of Strength' globally, on one day, or over one week, would shatter the delusions of those in power, and inspire everyone to jump on the train?

So, thanks for the subscribe link, and...,

Keep-up the Great Work!

All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen Fighting for a Just World!

From the Traveling 4x4 Tent of
King Commo
aka Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and


apologies for strange text size or formatting..., spooks in the machine!

Egypt. Africa. The Middle East....?


All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen Fighting for a Just World!

Egypt. Africa. The Middle East....?

Firstly, All Strength to The Egyptian Peoples!

Congratulations to The Egyptian People!

May Your Wise Men be Supported Without Fear!

Interesting Days!

Perhaps as an escape from my own personal malaise, I tune into world media for info on 'bigcrisis', then open my channels to download whatever seems Reasonable.

But watching from afar, tuning into just one issue or event means missing the details and intricacies of each locale etc.

So, really, I have no idea of how parochial people are in their thoughts, and how much they can be bothered, or are able, to dedicate their time to the essential 'Reform Talk', and resultant actions following any key political decision.

Seems the word 'reform' is popular these days, from Rio de Janeiro across developed and undeveloped nations to Sydney Astrayliar.

Egypt's events of the last 20 days, and the deposition of their 30 year dictator, Hosni Mubarak, has sparked excitement as said, from the upper echelons down through impoverished quarters around Cairo, Tunis, Damascus, and further afield through central and eastern Eurape.

The first question is 'How long will Egypt be in limbo?'

There are a few good reasons for Egyptians to 'kick-back' for a few days, since the cause of their recent celebrations.

One is the pure joy they are feeling.

Two, there has to be a 'recovery period', for everyone in Egypt, to, in relaxed and more formal, ceremonial ways, 'expunge' all the toxins, the cultural toxins which have belaboured their minds after decades (7,000 years!) of oppression.

As if a sort of post trauma, psycho-therapeutic session, for each and all to let-out and thus let-go of their own built-up apprehensions, anxieties, anticipations they were forced to take-on in daily life under the Mubarak regime.

In this sort of national case, it's fundamental to recognise the effects on our personal character and the behaviour it adopts when under such prolonged political pressure.

Because 'politics' is the surface dialogue which goes on over the more deeply and viciously divided debate of 'economics'.

So a majority of Egyptians, and no doubt Peoples of Egypt's neighbour-nations, who have been less-than-wealthy, will be weighing-up events and prospects for the future, to see what is in each proposed reform, for them.

Wherever, people are forced to focus on attainable immediate concerns such as food and a roof, and as population increases, the focus becomes a war, from minute to minute in-and-against one's own neighbourhood, to in-and-against the city business districts, offices, warehouses, factories highways, shipping ports and off to foreign warzones etc., the priorities are 1st, 'find food!' etc. 2nd, once attained, 'why bother with national politics?'

Depending upon where one stands on the economic ladder, they will lean to more striking issues when more than their own welfare stares them in the face daily. So if the reported 40% of Egyptians live in poverty is close to fact, then the effect of 'sympathy' from their own People will boost their 'presence' by some 20 or 30% more, to around 60%-to-70% in favor of national political reforms.

But exactly how much political reforms are 'carried' by whatever transpires as the new Egyptian Parliament, depends upon by how much the People can Organise themselves from here forward. And not just to see themselves through the promised elections in the next six months.

If anyone in Egypt is thinking that short-term way, then they will, come 5, 6, 10 years, look back to this month with deep disappointment.

It's probably close to the mark to say that Egyptians have yet to fully grasp the depth and potential breadth of what they have done over the last 20 days.

They do have the option of going with the military, who seem quietly brilliant in how they have handled the last three weeks, which will mean that over a few months, Egyptian politics will simmer-down, and, before too long, if nothing else happens in the region politically, the Military will proceed to implement conditions for the future.

But how close to, or how REAL the Administration decides meritorious, certain reforms are, is the fundamental question.

Egypt's Military has been a long ally of the USA Military, it is known. Other major players from East and west have big enough bearings on Egypt and the region, including the whole of Africa. So, no matter how influential the younger, more 'pro-reform' members of the military are, even if the Heads of the Military were also pro-reform, they cannot change a thing without the consent of the bigger players.

However, the 21st century is undoubtedly a time of change, hopefully of 'correction', and most all major nation players are aware of it, secure or not in that knowledge.

So everywhere today governments are giving time to this latest crisis, where the People have actually succeeded initially and against brutal and powerful odds, to unseat the leader of a large, yet socially and economically unequal nation.

And perhaps what also needs global Recognition and celebration, is the low amount of violence and casualty of the whole affair?

Tunisia, the same!

Well done, all of you! Even the deposed leaders and administrations really deserve compliment, for allowing these corrections to be instrumented with minimal loss of life, etc.

But the Revolution is not over yet, in Egypt, Tunisia, or in Sydney Australia!

No matter which side of the political debate one is on, after attaining to a certain level of involvement, influence and power, less-parochial politics seems always to intercede and assume quiet control of events, reforms and the future for any new party or government.

Always, the powers-that-be, will make every effort to either retain some semblance of control, or if dwelling in 'opposition', take advantage of wider events, or media events, to increase their own reach and thus grip on the levers of power.

And this cannot help but involve ignoring some demands, for the preservation of their own little club, party or ideological global force.

And, it seems, that once a political person climbs out of the party mail-room and into a party meeting room, they are told in no uncertain terms, where they must place their allegiance, which is to the preservation and growth of their own elites' club.

Once politics grows beyond any local group to being economically powerful or sought-after, they will be leaned upon by the bigger mob up the street, and as the day's political wars are principally funded by any-and-all-economic, wealth accrual, certain 'policy aspirations' have to be denied, so-as to keep an important money-stream flowing.

The 'legalisation of Marijuana, Cocaine and Opium/heroin', perhaps at the top of everyone's list?

Therefore, while illegal drugs have been major sources of funding for most all sides of the last 300 years of (British) political debates, and both sides of the legalisation argument have sound points for changing the laws, all, quietly agree that legalisation makes 'fund-raising' descend to a lower level again.

Not that most insist on Ethical restraints - most people will do anything if reason or force convinces them it's necessary, as long as they are not forced onto the frontline and certain death or serious injury.

For a whole nation to foresee benefits from reform 10, 20, 200 years from now, is near-as impossible, as most of us, after a few decades, cannot keep up their Resistance, and have a right to retire somewhat.

But this doesn't mean they stop thinking and talking about necessary reforms, near and far.

Always, the question looms - 'By how far must we, and can we, Reform our nation's economic base?'

Pondering such issues as 'how United can Egyptians be, on fundamental Egalitarian ECONOMIC Reforms?' when reports say that they are forming small local groups to discuss the issues?

Again, from down-here-down-under, no idea!

Always watching for how the enemy is acting, and planning their own survival, I ask, 'is the administration letting things be peaceful, hoping the ferment will evaporate?'

Once the joy wanes, and people have no option but to get back to the mill, how effective will any calls for PROTEST be from here forward?

It's easy to imagine Egyptians 'blowing' in exasperation when another call comes in to march to the Square again, and everyone knows the fanatics with the most to lose, the merchants, the tourrorism operators, the land speculators/developers, pro-foreign bankers and politicians and their sycophantic do-anythings will be going hard at subverting the Revolution to secure their greedy futures, by keeping the current wholly corrupt and pro-offshore economic structures afloat.

All the while that Egyptians fail to move soundly toward forming a Strong and Meritorious political party of Reform, whether Military, Social, or Economic, the anti-reformists will be manipulating as much as they can to return Egypt to that, for them profitable, status quo.

So Egyptians, civil and military, have to keep the Reform Ball rolling, by setting down definitive 'aspirations' for economic reforms beginning as soon as possible, and, while the momentum and populace are yet to become exhausted, make realistic political options available for popular open public discussion on the local levels.

Hippies and stoners float through life because they can, saying that everything works out in the end.

Not so.

For 80 million Egyptians to get it right from 2011 forward, requires concerted dedication to their nation.

It would seem appropriate that each local 'council' of thinkers on their real and present issues, would have by now organised their own 'liaison officers' who cross between local groups to keep as many as possible aware of meeting resolutions, progress, sticking-points and of where the Collective shall meet from here, and grow into.

Most all such meetings and growing movements are plagued by differing opinions, and on by how much we should pursue one reform or another. Etc.

When the rubber hits the road, party and national funding are paramount, so it is imperative that these are secured early, and so that they are never in need of question, debate or dissent again.

But this field, economics and accountancy, are full of divisive arguments, and the higher up the social and political ladder one goes, the more forceful, brutal and persuasive the arguments become.

In Egypt, it appears that the Military has a secure grip for the moment, which may mean they are not averse to open political debates, nor to the potential of such, growing to become a national forum.

Prior to these few weeks, open political debate would surely have been out-of-the-question to most Egyptians?

So now, if the Military are condoning discourse, then it is probably proper that the Military ensure that the debates are not swayed too far to either side, or that they degenerate onto violence.

This infers that perhaps the Egyptian Military partake of the organisation of public political debates?

Local. Council. Multi-council. Rural. Regional, and it may well be the Military are best fitted to impartially organise meetings to elect local representatives who express the will of the Locals best from each group, so they receive local popular and official accreditation to step one level of Community Meetings higher, upto the broader forum, as Local Representatives of the People's Will, and as Wise and Intelligent Voices for, and Listeners to, the larger pan-north-African-and-Middle-Eastern Debate.

But the Military will have to be REALPolitik about it, which may require that they consider what amount of 'political'-slash-ECONOMIC 'Wisdom' the People have, and need, to be able to make informed and intelligent contributions and decisions, and consider how much the People know about the bottomline reforms, if they are serious about their Revolution and about where they want Egypt to travel from 2011 into the future??

Should therefore, the Military be running the Education system?

As at the moment, no 'leading light' or group has formed across Egypt to consolidate the Momentum, which leaves the Movement open, to some extent, to be fought-for, won and claimed by any ambitious personality or party, once more the call would seem to be to the Military to at least monitor states of decision-making progress across the nation, and, using I suggest, the state media, broadcast the events and results of and from these local popular meetings, broadcasts, discussions and votes.

But maybe Twitter, Facebook, etc are as much as a movement needs today?

As the People seem to have embraced the Soldiers, it's not too hard an ask to have the military be represented in public meetings, both from effecting their professional disciplines into the People, so that the People, where they lack the training, can organise and facilitate their own Councils, but also calling the military to be the overt, fearless face of Justice, by recognising the bottomline economic issues, and their irrefutable Laws, and by ensuring that these Laws underpinning ALL Land Laws, or Laws of Land Distribution, can be discussed out-in-the-open without one fearing the bighouse thugs bearing down on you or your family.

However, as said, Egypt's military does not act alone. It has to respect the official wishes of all nations in the immediate regions, and across the Mediterranean, in the Levant and over in the USA and China.

But, perhaps most regrettably, Egypt has to respect Israel, which brings in another huge and complex set of factors.

Israel, you can be sure, is well into 'damage control and mediate' mode, probably not anywhere near sure of what they should or could do in the weeks ahead.

There can be no doubt that a war forum has been called by Israel's cabinet, discussing 'worst case scenarios'.

I bet 'Armageddon' was not far from a few lips?

For a leader such as Mubarak to have stayed in power for 30 years in a region as hostile and delicate as that area is, surely has to mean that he, or his global overlords in the Pentagon and in Germany, et al, have made a pact with agreements which he was to have never challenged?

As the neighbourhood is pretty-much the global centre of 'testy' political issues, economic issues, and the results of 1000 of years of religious corruption, all floating around the central issue of Equitable Land Distribution, a tinderbox it is, and for the region to have kept a few lids on a few Pandora's Boxes, means that someone is acquiescing power along very political/economic and national border lines.

But it's difficult to integrate today's techno-revolution into the key political traumas, events and records of that north African, Arabian, Islamist, Jewish region because it basically means 'ALL CHANGE!' to how we see the world, from here forward.

The time-honored, typical responses by rulers, of trotting-out the soldiers to massacre a few hundred or more to silence the objections to absolute power are almost impossible now.

Even 'aggressive compulsive' Israel looks and thinks about Egypt's events with some dismay. Not only do they shake a little from thinking about the ramifications if the whole Arab and/or Islamic worlds were to join the Egyptians' Reforms, but there is another side to their nerves......

1stly, the credibility of the foundations of Israel, while in terms of their right and inheritance, reasonable, but as to how rightly they perform their regional, national and commercial finances, is an issue, metaphorically, the card, which Egypt and all of Arabia and Islam really has up their sleeve in the ever-on war between the ideologies of Israel, it's Christian benefactors of the west, and non-Judeo-Christian nations.

Land Reform!

This is the line over which many will not step, because it requires, a highly-attuned mind, capable of discerning fact from fiction, strong support all around, the Dedication of the People to never surrender to the opposition, and Recognition that there is no Justice without That Justice.

Are Egyptians Wise enough, desperate enough, Sincere enough, Collectively Strong enough, and with Allies enough, from within even Israel, but within Egypt's Military and her allies, and from their neighbour-nations all the way south to the Soweto Et Al, to have the Strongest United Africa and Middle East, to knock-off the dwindling powers-that-be regionally and globally, so that Egypt can implement those most basic and Primary Laws of Proper Land Distribution?

Alone..., surely impossible!?

But, if time permits, why should not they be enabled to reach out beyond their borders, beyond their region, to Strengthen their Cause?

Leaders like President Gaddafi next door in Libya, need only worry about a violent popular Revolution there if he cannot see the opportunity for a Greater Africa to be ignited from the events in Egypt, and that he and other regional leaders have now an enormous opportunity to make the greatest progressive leaps for all of the non-white, non-Roman worlds.

Events like the Public Strength across Egypt of the last 21 days, has to be (argh!?!?) capitalised upon by every one around them before the energy is dispelled.

Without widespread activism across Africa, the Middle East and further through Eurape, Britain and east nations, to compliment the Righteous actions of the Egyptians, the intensity will fizzle-out, and the necessary global reforms will fall further into the background.

But a worse effect from Humanity's failure to grasp the Momentum of today's Egypt will be the local and global oligarchies' reactions, of increased oppression, less opportunity to speak openly on crucial political matters, and further dumbing-down of the education systems, of media, and of acceptance into a secure job, house, social life etc.

So, in order to maximise the opportunity, talks across north Africa, the Middle East, Arabia and beyond, have also to be able to expand back to where these terrible 'economic exclusion zones', commonly known as 'national borders' have no effect on the issues.

'Where and what is the Military, therefore?'


Finally, another point the Egyptians may have on their side, basically against the ideological oppressor, Israel, is by voting-in land reform laws which align with and compliment the Ancient Hebrew Land Laws as put in 'Leviticus 25' of the Old Testament.

As most of the Islamic world already respects the Ancients determinations about 'usury' or of 'charging interest on borrowed money', then surely that is well toward a fulfilment of Abrahamic Law, which determines ultimately, that Land Rent is the Proper source of Government Revenue.

So if Egypt and Her neighbours are enabled to recognise these points and thus introduce the Proper Land Laws, Proper Taxation Evaluation, Land Rent and Government Revenue, Israel would be weakened at her knees, from a blatant sense of 'guilt' - HYPOCRITS!!! Saducees! Pharisees!!! for being the centre of the Abrahamic Faith, yet for failing to adhere to the most important Scriptural Law!

OH SHAME! Israel!!

What then, were such a dream to break through into the 3D holodeck called 'Earth 2011'? Without doubt, it would have to succeed across the holodeck 'Eurape 2011' first!

And what does the Brass of the Pentagon have to say?

What possible advantage to them, them right at the top of the pile, could there be in supporting any such full-blown modernisation and reform in the Egyptian corner?

Is the debate actually between 'Honor' and 'purpose'?

It cannot be denied, that, in times of uncertainty and foreboding, it is far far more Intelligent, sane and secure, to side with the People, and to deploy one's advantage for the People, than for wealth or power.

As the plenitude of slaves forced into brainlessness turn their minds back to the mill, and to keeping a roof over their heads, the igniting thrill of the change dims in their minds and hearts, and is absorbed up the power tree back into the hands of the civil servants.

Another media-ticket wins our attention, as does the grog and drugs on Friday night, and soon enough, all things are as expected - on the hypnotically-slow fast-track to total annihilation.

Egypt's Revolution is not Egypt's, unless Egyptians can muster the Dedication to a larger Revolution, reaching across immediate and distant borders, not alone to fellow Islamists, Arabs or another sect, skin-type, Outlaw or Freedom Fighter, but to the Wisdom within all of us, so a Global Momentum can begin to roll, stopping for no-one, no monarch, Pharaoh, or President, until the world has been rolled-clean of the tyranny of inequitable Land Distribution.

Surely, if Egyptians can, in future, say they took THE First Steps, and that they led us all to that hazy, smoky, distant Dream of Freedom, of REAL, Economic and Religious Freedom, then Egypt 2011 will be a Marker in History never forgotten!

All Praise the Mighty Egypt!!!

May all of us Celebrate and Support Egypt's First Step!!

All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen Fighting for a Just World!

From the Traveling 4x4 Tent of
King Commo
aka Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and