Back to Mother England, the Aussie's Revenge!

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Back to Mother England, the Aussie's Revenge!

First Linton Crosby went, and now John Howard's favourite pollster, Mark Textor, is on his way to London to help with the English Michael Howard's Conservative Party election campaign!

Observing this, from the Radical Left in Australia, after a bit of shuddering-of-the-bones, I saw the Light of this latest "Australian Team" to tour England!

"The Revenge of the Colonies!"

After 217 years of a long-perfected English corruption, ruling us like 19th century Anglican boys reform schools, with England's excellent lessons in how to be absolute arseholes to Spiritually Advanced Peoples (ALL Aborigines), on how to hoodwink their 'own' People again and again and again...... and again....., at the polls, with an endless barrage of utter lies, incorrect information, incorrect facts and figures, on-the-run projections, spun forecasts and extraordinary bullshit about opposing parties, after failing to contain corruption through England's penny-pinching in the colony's first 100 years, yet extracting every possible resource, after 200-plus years of invading and trampling upon the delicate surface soils with sheep and cattle, after importing toxic crops with decimating thirsts for our somewhat limited water resources, after 90% of the Island's Rainforests GAWN-mayte! and after nine years of the VERY SAME-SAME TYRANNY and golden-calf-tribe corruption of mind heart and Soul by Australia's "Liberal" 1950's 'christian' John Howard, is he trying to redeem himself by sending the same-same clones, moronic-zombies-all, masters-of-spin of the rape-rape-rape-the-whole-fucking-planet mob who spun the Australian public into utter political, electoral confusion and a period of totalitarian government as we have never seen?

For England's, Ireland's, Scotland's and Wales' People, I Sinerely Hope NOT.

But, for the trashed Island of Australia your aristocrat's ancestors leave us, and leave the whole planet.........., "Thanks England for all that!"

Now, to show our 'gratitude'......., here's 'our' Linton and Mark to so-smoothly, soooo-convincingly, soooooo-HAPpily woo you into giving your "Patch" of Land (via higher interest rates on mortgages, and on "Life" in general), y'know, your Loal Community Square, or Village Centre, your own backyard if they can swing the banks into a recession again, and more-more-more taxes and hidden imposts (after promising each election to NOT!) beit in Belfast, Birmingham, Bannockburn or, for that matter, Bondi!

Things are going arse-up-in-a-hurry here politically.

Old hard "Ethics-free" commerial development and deforestastion are back on full-tilt, with Urban and Rural People about to become near-as totally seperated from the processes of government, and their own Lands, when our Liberal PM John Howard gets control of the Upper House (Senate) of federal parliament from July 1st. ("Half-Senate" election with each House of Reps "General" election).

Yeah, I should give you quotes, and references.......... sorry.

Take 'em! These products of your filthy and rotten Anglo-Christian class-structure education system, But do so at your own Long-term peril.................

But.... we ALL may only have twenty years left on a habitable planet anyway......, thanks to Lynton, Mark, John and your Liberal Mr Howard's blind christian crusading predecessors.

Have 'em, and your Karma.

See you all on the other side. I'll be waiting in the valley.......

Why do the "Travellers" cause a problem around Britain?

Rotten Land Laws!

What do the Windsors have to say about the woe of the world, BAD WESTERN CULTURE, rooted in BAD LAND LAWS???

Damn your consumerism England.

Can I not love my (deceased) Grandmother for her Englishness, and thus my own?

You, like America, have been hoodwinked by the commercial world for too long. Get back to True Culture. Even if it means going Robin Hood.

Otherwise, your consumptive-karma will return from the colonies via the verbal flatulance of Crosby and Texatus (Texaco?), or whatever his name was, in proportion to the carnage your establishment inflicts to this day and beyond on Astraylya.

Love, from the Top o' The World!

Nimbin HEMP Bar.....,






Get over ANZAC stomping

Get over ANZAC stomping
Byron Bay (Boring Burbs)
22 March '05

This year April the 25th marks 90 years since Australia's biggest military fuck-up/failure - "Gallipolli" in 1915.

With most-all veterans of "Gallipolli" now passed-on to (hopefully) a Better Heaven, I SCREAM OUT from the frustration of a deeply concerned Sociologist (Distinction), Social Psychologist (Doctorate), Seer, Philosopher and Interpreter-of-History (Honours, all at School of Hard Knocks, Australia), that it is time to "Finish Off" as our Aborigines call-it, and END the 'industrialised' grief juggernaut of "Anzac Day" and the now global tourropackaged "Celebrations".


For the last twenty years at least, Anzac Day and all it's peripheral PURCHASABLE frills, flags and fairy-floss, have been incorporated into a 'tourrorism' juggernaut, which has grown quite unnaturally, quite artificially, (that-is COMMERCIALLY) out-of that pathetic exercise in British power-tripping over it's colonies, in Turkey on April 25th 1915.

(Zo?! It vuss all dat Thomus Cookess fault, ayyyye?

Britain takes any allegations of failed-responsibility and blame against itself, in it's monolithic stride.

Not unlike the spell-bound religious evangelist who 'listens' then retreats to doctrine and dogma to justify their abberance, and the slaughter that usually follows flawed international policy decisions, Westminster, perhaps more run by the 'civil services' than we care to recognise, blunders along, relying almost wholly on the 'blah' of the masters of rhetoric and spin, like Tony "Bo" Blaaaah.

Britain takes any allegations against itself, in it's monolithic stride - as with it's failures in the near-terminally divided continent of Africa and the way Brit-Europe basicly conspired to divide-and-plunder Africa as much as they could before Africans woke-up and United to Rightly Assert themselves on their own Land (yet to occur), Britain's level of power and control over 'it's' colonies has been so great that, one, it maintains control of it's colonies by all manner of manipulation, skullduggery and blatant deceit, to the perverse extent that it, like the current US Administration, two, London simply ignores the facts and the "Calls", and blithely, blindly, psychoticly stumbles-on.

Nevermind any negative reactions from such minor 'customers' like the People of Australia.

In Australia's Hard Road to Self-Sufficiency, which must necessarily be a Road AWAY from England and all her social, political, religious and cultural psychoses, and, if to ANYWHERE Safe, Australia's "Road" will (yet to be mapped) only lead into it's Heart, away from crass mass-marketed theft and from ALL 'colonialist' attachments and cultural handbrakes oozing out of a declining, crumbling exposed delusion called the 'british empire'.

For decades and still now, my heart and eyes weep on Anzac Day for whatever reason (nothing to do with it being my parents wedding Anniversary!), and I try to maintain a Natural and High Respect for ALL War Veterans, at least the cannon-fodder who served, died, or survived the 'pointy-end' of war.

However, the boofy-blah which oozes out of all institutions involved in Anzac Day Celebrations, but especially from those shell-shocked, oft'-alcoholic, pharma-drugged dumb-fuck redneck veterans, makes me callously denounce everyone who flies into Gallipooli on the VERY-fucking 'Tourrotrendy' (and commercial bonanza) 'Gallipolli trip' each April 25th, as enemies of all who fought and died to help all who live after, to Live a step closer to a Respectful, Respectable and Spiritual Life.

The Anzac industry of 25/4 is today an utter disgracing of those poor, ignorant Australian and New Zealand 'patsies', soldiers conned by sweet-fanny-England to dance to their unceremonial deaths on the beach in Turkey 90 years ago.

To strike, the Truth be known, a lasting blow against the Antipodes' climb to Self-Confidence and thus to severing the 'one-way', pro-Anglo ties with a dying, over-consumptive and dementia-infested English 'establishment'.

Many Australians I say, now see what effects the whole 'memorial of defeat' of Anzac Day et al, does, and has done to our identity globally, to our Growth as a Nation, and thus, to our personal feelings, beliefs, and opinions for or against war, and for or against our Collective Ability to "Move-On" as the 'neo-cons' of Washington HAVE to keep saying-and-doing, toward True National Identity and Progress.

We all WANT a Better Nation, yet too often, we fail to Correctly identify the 'enemies' of that Betterment.

As with most-everything the English Landlords say-and-do (Ireland?), through MI-5 domesticly and MI-6 globally, they smear the facts with more-and-plenty of bad-old British Bullshit, such that any who look at whatever phenomenon arises, can only see the 'rendered' image - exactly like Tony Blair's blah!, thus preventing all from seeing-it-as-it-truly-is.

The masses rarely see the True shape of any political, religious or cultural monsters until the monsters are tearing their house (read "Community and Culture") down around them, and pack-raping mothers, daughters, girls and boys.

Typically by then it's too late - yet another Tribe wiped-out.

And on marches the monster of aristocratic over-consumption, born-in-and-crawling-incessantly-from the deep and deeply-distraught history of the 'Adamic golden-calf-tribes' out-of 'Judea'.

While Australia remains commercially addicted to such memorials of failure and death, all sincerity is obliterated from such Ceremonies, and our 'failure-rhymes-with-Astraylya' self-defeating psychosis grows, courtesy of the ghosts of a clinicly-dead England.

An England suffering dementia since Rome invaded, and which for centuries, since 'imperialism' took-hold in western Europe and Buck-Palace, the colonies have paid-paid-paid through the nose, to supply her a 'life-support-system' via the 'hospice' of our supplying resources and cannon-fodder.

Anzac Day 2005, should be the day we Celebrate our Severance from ol' Blighty forever, for in it we should recognise how we had been woefully 'done-over' by arsehole aristocrats from a debourched delusion called England.

Anzac Day 2005 and-on, should be the Day Australians and Kiwis announce to the world we are NOT going to fight any more imperialist battles for arrogant arseholes to keep their opulant and planet-killing habits-nay-addictions afloat.

Kinda puts Iraq in question doesn't it?

Daily we are worn down by our Prime Criminal John Winston Howard, about the involvement in the USA colonialism of Iraq.

Like fucking teethless sucker-fish, our media 'plays-the-game'.

Consequently passed events, ("....let the dead bury the dead!" Yeshua ben Joseph, circa 40 A.D.) miserable, dower, disasterous and inhumane events like that terrible deceit against good Aussies and Kiwis 90 years ago, are regurgetated annually to fill the daily front-pages, news broadcasts and voter's minds with what was basicaly "a fucking-poor-show, say-what?". A fucking-well-designed-show today, designed to distract us from all and any 'negatives' which may wake-us-up to the utter rort England perpetrated against the Australian Infantry Forces in 1915.

But where should we lay the line? The majority of Australians would gladly revisit the travesties colonialist England perpetrated against this continent's Indigenous Aborigines, if it meant 'making-straight' our road to the future.

Then there's the corruptions to our political system as perpetrated by that false-icon of Australian history; John MacArthur, famed most for his development of the Australian sheep industry in the first half of the 19th century, and after some reinvestigation into the official history, ilfamed for his (now known to be MOST dubious!?) role in the illegal arrest of the then Govenor of New South Wales, William Bligh, and the accompanying 'Rum Rebellion".

Ours is a history of wars, no doubt about it.

This, via such Anzac Day type celebrations, is where we will stay, and we may never Progress beyond self-destruction.

But....., Who cares?

We're all going to be feeding the wild daisys come the second decade of this once potentially Luminous 3rd Millennium.


Aliens? The Possibilities are endless...

Come across an article in the guardianunlimited "Observer" e-paper site:


and was wrung to write the following.... and sent it to the article's author, Mary Riddell.

I recommend reading the article first.


I wonder if the then 'directors' of Hollywood, cottoned-on to the public reaction to Orsen Welles 1938 (?) radio broadcast, of the abridged version of HG Wells' 1890s something book....?

I've come to believe I guess, the Jews, Allah Bless them, ran Hollywood in that era, as well as other significant 'industries' lets say, corporations and religious sects lusting after control of as many of the public as they could.

The old 'common enemy' is always trotted-out in times of power-struggles, and, perhaps as the world was now interacting globally on a scale as never-before, the concept of an enemy FROM OUTTA SPAYCE! was perceived as ideal to further their power/control-grabbing beliefs.

I can't deny the possibility of aliens, Aum Bless Them, for I have no 'eye' to the transcendent realms, and Realms, where I am quite content to believe there are Higher Beings than we of the Earthy realm.

This seems to be Qualifiable enough for me when found in Scripture of many Deeper, Higher Religions and Philosophies.

"Malkuth" is the Jewish word for Earth, is it not?

On a different yet significant 'arena', we cannot openly admit to 'parapsychology', it seems, but many suspect, and know it is an active participant in effecting our beliefs, by means devious and well-hidden from the many in the most 'alien-afflicted' western nations, principally the USA and Britain.

I am yet to be convinced that parapsychology wasn't rampant in the USA intelligence force's 'research units' from the demise of Nazi Germany and Hitlers undoubted abuse of it on the German People upto 1945 ,and religious 'groups' who brushed the Haight-Ashbury 'Event' in the USA.

India contributed there, and in the main, positively, I believe, through the 1960s, but Christian fanatics were touched by the same spells as the fundamentalist Jews of "post-fall" eras, until today, as expressed in the last thirty, forty years of Christian fundamentalism.

So I put it that parapsychology was employed by the powers-that-be in the USA, thence across the western nations, to so distort gullible, psychicly-vulnerable 'candidates', by hypnosis, to believe thoroughly and convincingly that they were abducted, or saw this or that flying spoon.

We all know how able the 'post-Brettonwoods' global media is at manipulating the reader's minds toward the apocalyptic crash of 'materialism' - the source of their power over the masses - and so we can also be sure there will be some sludge willing to take the pieces of silver to fabricate any shit about the most bizarre things. Exaggeration is encouraged, etc.

If the big-fellas saw the potential of the alien enemy to further their rise, they'd throw every possible dollar (-making idea) at it.

Cinema was the big mass media medium of the late forties, early fifties, and Hollywood may have learnt much from the Hitlerian occultism and tactics of using the medium of cinema to 'transfix' the minds of the viewers to believe and do anything..........

I've heard, unverified, that the US Administration is so militaristic because they reckon there's a bunch of aliens amassing on the dark side of the moon, ready to attack Earth.

Funny how only they 'know', having been there of course?

May be so, but it a great scare-tactic, either way, aye?

Up at that end of power, there's a hell-of-a-lot-of-spells around, and looking at Bush's eyes, I'd reckon he's had no choice, and no idea (but he can only be learning) that he's been 'snapped' by some 'Chaney-like' puppet-master character, or any one of a squillion Jews, Christian-fundles, CIA, or corporate psychoes, from the Freemasons, Opus Dei, Baptists, Jews, and/or escaped Nazis, first to 'get into his mind' and assert parapsychological control.

But surely with Bush, its also 'a family affair'?

Stuck in my tolerable beliefs brainbasket is the one that all the spooky spirits, the alien lizards', trolls, goblins, even Lepricorns (Gard Lov 'Em!) etc, are but fabrications of past puppetmasters, in the astral realm. I can accept that these entities, created by powerful and often lurid imaginations can remain in the ether, and 'assume' a life of their own, or an existence of their own, but in higher or lower visual and percevable realms.

I can also tolerate that they may be able to 'occupy' Human minds, and assert mental psychological power over them, but again, "It's all in the mind you know!?", so there is the matter of the power of belief, which may assert that we are maker's of our own reality.

Hmmphf! A hackneyed phrase, yes, however.....

Power of the Human mind, and it's ability to create it's own destiny, but first by facing the issue that the obtaining of an open third eye often comes at the price of handing over one's parapsychological automony to the bloke who 'suaded you into bed with his 'friendly, but 'evil eye' in the first place.

But, the dumbed-down masses of the hyper-materialistic USA, have been peeled-open to being vulnerable to suggestion like-never-before.

And by an incessant torrent of propoganda from all quarters about the threat, thus the need to improve our space-games technology and earthly weapons.

All the guff about their trying to communicate with Humans is tenable, but what stops them I couldn't guess. Well.... There's tooo many options......

Especially as I'm the "Full Ten Percent", so miss 90% of the fun.

Bummer, aye?

Argh$*^%^^&* The Struggle!

I guess I just don't believe in the nasty ones.

Whoever is messing us over, I reckon its all about real estate.

The only salve, is Land Rent for Government Revenue, because as Bill Clinton said, "It's the Economy, stupid.!"


Don't forget Hussien's earlier sponsors

Just tried to send this to the "Arab News.com" website, to no avail. But I copy-pasted di'nie....

These "move-on" advocates need to admit things go wrong.

Leaving events, errors behind, leaves extremely relevent facts behind, like, about, the fact that Mr Hussien was as much a puppet of the west, or western secret services representing the western oil-hungry powers et al, for 20 years or more.

How he was helped up the ladder of tyranny by the west, essentially 'set-up' to later become an enemy worth blowing the hell out of, is 'forgotten' by the 'move-on' spinners, and more and more by the mainstream western media.

Oil is an economy in itself. If Arabs and Muslems want their Land back, develop Hydrogen fuel technology to stabalise the 'lust' for petrochemicals.

Hemp, Cannabis Indica, for plastics, etc.

GO GREEN Arabia, Islam, Counter them with the Knowledge.

(Land Rent for Government Revenue.)

Of Course, sayeth Levi-ticus......


Letter to UK PM Tony Blair

I just read an article on the UK.gov website, and then I found the "send the British PM an email" link, and this is what fell-out.............

Legalise Cannabis, Mr Blair.

Save yourself, and the Planet on the way!

Ask the coppers what they think of the pluses-V-minuses of drug prohibition.

Ask also, what the coppers think of the illegal prohibition on access to Arable Land for All, for-to live on. If you will....

Get out of Northern Ireland, if-you please, and drop sanctions on Zimbabwe, bloke!

There's a more Advanced World than that living in the memories of conservative Blighty, and it's NOT hi-tech and development-development-developDAMN your expansionism!


With a Little Spirit, Tony, with a Little Spirit.



Settle the economic imbalances festering from BAD LAND LAWS, Isles-wide, and the United Kingdom's People's demands for material-junk-products will immediately begin to diminish. Thus, your economy will be less dependent upon the colonies for provision of goods. Goods that are mostly junk today. Absolutely unnecesary junk.

Say "ello" to Lizzie for me will you, Allah Love Her.

MORE! www.maxnodifference.blogspot.com


Cartels? I'll give you Cartels!

"Cartel charges expected
Simon Bowers
Tuesday March 8, 2005
The Guardian

The Serious Fraud Office has said it expects to bring fraud charges by October after its long-running investigation into a suspected multi-million-pound price-fixing cartel that targeted the NHS in the late 1990s.

The investigation is thought to be one of the biggest and longest carried out by the SFO. The alleged cartel is suspected of charging the NHS excessive prices for commonly prescribed drugs, including penicillin-based products."


"The six firms are wholesaler Kent Pharmaceuticals; Generics UK, a division of German firm Merck; the British arm of Indian company Ranbaxy; Norton Healthcare, a subsidiary of US group Ivax; and Regent-GM. A second tier of suspect companies includes Lagap, now a division of Novartis."

the above from: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/story/0,3604,1432602,00.html

Well! If that's been exposed in old Blighty, what's been going on in the Antipodes?

Do the six named 'firms' operate in Australia?

Probably under other names, I'd guess.

Have our Coppers got their own Serious Fraud Office operating?

How much will the British, Israeli and Russian (wait-for-it!) coppers cooperate with us and each other?

That recent ACCC "cartelian behaviour" investigation, surely threatens to uncover more than the establishment could continue to handle 'on-the-run' via slippery John and coven.

In another article, not too far removed from the above scenario, Israeli bankers and diplomats are cited, if-not-indicted on massive fraud charges involving Russian corporate elites: "Self-exiled media mogul Vladimir Gusinsky and Yukos co-owner Leonid Nevzlin..."

The article is from today's The Moscow Times.com.


A quick serf of the www.smh.com.au, www.abc.net.au , and http://www.guardian.co.uk/ websites, had nothing about this,

So I'll give it a day or two.

The latter referred-to article might have more to it than first appearances.

I mean that of the last how many years, have we heard little else but reports of the military-occupation crises and resultant tradegies, with little-or-nothing reaching our shores about the shadey-side of Israeli finance and corporate business, etc.

Cartels, etc.

Clearly, cartels of that dimension are global, and as slack-ol' Australia is as loose with it's debt as it is, that exact same-breed of global cartels cannot not be operating here, smiling as they take your employment, earnings, taxes, resources, Souls and Land.

How much of a 'lax' attitude toward this kind of behaviour permeats Australia generally, from the local milk bar to federal parliament?

Certainly, the attitude exists as-if-generically across Australia's diverse social groups, but this is surely a Good Healthy, rugged-if-I-may Australian cynicism against the crims-up-the-top in parliament-and-sponsors-incorporated?

Once, not so long ago, if you wanted to set-up a big-nasty cartel, the first people you'd 'sort' would be the coppers, via the local clergy.

That Serious Fraud Office in Britain may be doing the Commendable Work that their predecessors were too entranced by the ancient power-structures to interupt.

All Strength to Their Arms!

In the Moscow Times article on Israeli fraudsters, the Israeli police are active. One assumes with Russian policing authorities.

The size of the alleged dirty-business makes it newsy, and worthy of more attention here too, again, because these mobs are global so MUST be operating here.

But that this sort of crime can be operating in and out of Israel while the world is almost totally focused on the military chaos in and immediately surrounding Israel, has got to have a bloke, that is a REAL Bloke-Big-B, ask about why we rarely-if-ever hear of these things in Australia.

Because our parliamentarians are so friendly with the global corporate elites, may we ask where the line is drawn between their public duties and the interests of the stinking-rich? The overseas, foriegn, stinking-rich.

What I'm getting to, is that sort of question the "Canberra Press Gallery" are afraid of popping - cartelian behaviour - as exists between the two major parties in parliament -ALP and the Liberal/National coalition, as it exists right through the 'industry' of Canberra, from suppliers of parliamentary-poo-paper, through to most all Members of the House of Reps and the Senate.

Obviously the reason the Gallery says nought is that they are... oh-derrr!? being paid to piper the tune the corporate/parliament/media cartels want them to.

And with the debt these creme-de-la-media-elite are most-likely running-on in their daily-fidgeting and 'latte-ing', DAMNED if they're gonna let the FACTS have them lose their 'nice-little-earners'!

So? Whose gonna break the consortia?

Whose gonna start reporting and investigating the corporate world of Israel, especially the big-ticket-item fraudsters, and their influence-read-darkmail across the globe - darkmail all-over-the-place, even, right into your Headroom?

Were the major-players in defrauding the Public to be brought before the courts, and other influences combined and excited downward trends in global finance, we'd be massively relieved of a shotload of unwanted, unnecessary psychotic stresses upon planet and person.

But as many again and more may replace them, if globally, the local arena as-it-were, were not kept in economic order.

Essential provisions would run-out in cities first, where corruption isn't connected through transportation, food suppliers, to the econo-graphically safe 'establishment' quarters.

So decentralisation into rural areas would be the best option.

But the first thing to remove must be the ownership of the Land, where some may prevent emigrants from the cities from occupying a patch in rural regions, and from sustaining themselves and whichever group formed around them.

For the first time in history, the Police Services of the World recognise that their Proper Duty is to protect the masses from exclusive Landlordalism, the root of economic problems.

I Call them to Enact that Demand of the Masses.

This is a "Dream-Case Scenario" I'll admit for free, where the ivory towers crumble and we are left to look honestly at ourselves etc.

It might happen. The doomsayers say-so more and more lately, yes?

If it doesn't, I'll be pissed-off. With the media primarily.

If it does happen, there'll be no excuse for the "Right-minded" Authorities to fail to introduce (?) that old HARD LOVE and enact decentralisation policies across the globe, or across your window-box - depending on how 'Connected" you are.

Australia's media is failing us, there's no doubt.

In a Court of Law, most people paid by Murdoch and his filthy-ilk to repress important news, FACTS etc, would be tried and convicted of treason against Humanity etc, should these accusations of mine, get legs.......

Time to get your eyes off the warzones, and focus, regularly, on the shonks dealing under the cover and profit of media-distractions like the wars we are bombed with every news broadcast.

Iraq? Haliberton?

I'm also aware of how the media presents whatever they want to lift or depress us, the ABC also, so one can be given a falsely optimistic perspective of whatever progress is or might be happening globally.

Its good to hear the perceived good news, albeit that it should not have to exist as such, because it comes only, out of the bad news of the epoch - this Warring World Period.

You who accept the silver pieces to report the distractions, should think HARD on the opportunities which exist for you, and for your world, were you to GET SOME ATTITUDE on the Land Reform Agenda, you know I Advocate, and thus with a bit of Courage, address the newsy-bits which may bring this to a better graduated, lets-say, head, and final dispelling of the toxins.

The Russian Government's heavy treatment of Yukos last year, was seen here as one, yes, a complex case, but also portrayed as the actions of a ruthless and vicious Russian Government dictatorship by the western media.

Actions which apparently affronted Democracy out-of-existence in Russia.

But LO! Yukos was PUTRID!

So will Vlad Putin get an apology from the detractors?

Will those intrepid investigative reporters follow the trails of corruption back into the penthouse offices of Tel Aviv, Zurich, London, Tokyo, Washington and Riad, etcetera.

Or are they too deep in their respective cartelatte's behaviour?


As a last punch, (well..., a 'swing'!), where would an investigation into these mobster-cartelia lead and what would it uncover on the suppression of FACTS about Cannabis, Opuim, Cocaine, and other currently prohibited Medicinals our luscious Mother Earth so Naturally provides us all with?


Like the weather, things change. The moguls of Earth's media may have to adjust their forecasts, which the advances in......., media.


Oh! Media cartels? 'Brettonwoods' is given illegal licence because of suitable and similarly anachronistic accepted truths like the 'double jeopardy' laws, born some 800 tyranical years ago.

Today's policing services have rather better investigative methods, and records are slightly easier to access across county-lines than in 800-fucking-year-old England, aye?

The Coppers might well also be less manipulable and thence less corruptible.

I'd give them licence right here-and-now to open inquiries into the Brettonwoods mobsters, and whomever else up there in moguland, might be found to be dabbling in the odd-bit-of-cartellianism. Or is that capitalism?

Get REAL Kiddies............

Whomever I'm e-ssaying this to.................

Tell yer boss I said so...........



Trainride through Timelessness

I could say that from my first trip to Alice Springs, in '71, at about 16 years old, I had ideas of a railway line 'up-the-guts' of this Sacred Land - Australia.

But for about twenty-years-at-least, and after four trips to the Centre, two to Darwin - one on my Yammie 650, in about 1998, and one in a small Holden wagon for the 1999-2000 New Year, etc., with a trip from Alice to Adelaide in the famous "Ghan", I've yearned for the nation to wake-up to the logic and eventual advantages of a rail line from north to south, a la Darwin to Adelaide.

Once when I wuz "langering" (?) in the caravan park north of Port Augusta, watching the kilometre-long-plus container-trains creeping, slipping, nudging and eventually sliding north or north-west across the vastness, to Perth or Alice (Darwin's end wasn't a reality then), I has a "Vision" if-you-like, about the containers being set-up as two-storeys of high-class but MOBILE hotel rooms, with the most Beautiful variation of HUGE scenes through either floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides of the "Rooms", or on outdoor "patios". Restaurants and bars, nightclubs and even gardens could easily be developed and maintained in parts of the train. Whatever...

I reckon the possibilities are endless in "design-concepts-on-rails", for one-or-six-week-long journeys through and around the "Timeless Land", equipped-of-course, with the necessary attendants, services and facilities.

I expect I can safely assume the recipients of this e-ssay have been "Out There" to our glorious deserts, and watched a freight-train dissappear into the sandy scrublands.................., seen colour-filled sunrises and sunsets across those wide horizons "......so flat they look round".

If a train was designed in the mobile Hotel format, I lay-odds there would be a market overseas for the filthy rich to enjoy at a ve-ery leisurely pace, that gentle meander across the spectacular floral and geological variations Australia has in it's Heartlands.

Personally, I have a 'thing', a really BIG thing, against almost everything about tourorrism as I call it, for it's rapacious, short-term, shallow-as-fuck 'culture'.

But, this is one reason why I offer this proposal to your government Authorities. I'm an internationalist, I guess, meaning that "everyone must be welcome everywhere".

However, rather than just focusing on the profit-motive as why one 'gets into tourism', Australia has a Duty to Humanity to "give them a clue!", at least the overseas visitors who come here in some wonder about where they really want to live.

Some come in awe and respect, some just lust. The latter are the pricks I aim these arrows at.............

Most tourorrists from overseas are fairly weathly. In this material realm, there's nothing wrong with that. Many no doubt, are "Workers" who come here for all of the above awe etc, like the rich, and may be, may be, are a little more respectful of Australia as it is, for whatever reasons. If only because they haven't been spellbond by any exhorbitant, and-likely-unethically-acquired inheritance, which seem to make the young trippers from Richy-Rich's college smell of superiority complexes REAL BAD.

Now what's the Adel-win railway got to do with that?

If Australia belongs to any Human group, it is first, the Aborigines. But being a 'native', as-in born here, and considering the global crisis of mal-distribution of Human Beings, we surely must be entering the Age of what may Most Properly be called "Free Land" Globally, an age where a majority of "Empowered" Souls found the Truth in a concomitant "Factual Period", with Proper Knowledge on such simple systems of accountability as Land Rent for Government Revenue - worldwide, and rose against the spreading tyranny of predator-materialism.

This suggests changes of Huge proportions. The Idea, Rings with Beauty once grasped in mind, even just partially. Many rich and poor folk-alike are struck by the rapidity of change these last ten decades-four generations has seen, and are left worryng about the world they have as-good-as created for their own progeny, their own beloved grandkids etc.

Many are feeling a 'void' in their Soul, all things considered.

As I wrote earlier, I "rail" against the 'attitude' which too-often comes from the wealthy trippers to Australia from the upper-classes of Britain and Europe, as much as they come from the same classes of almost every nation today. They are all corrupt. Except Australia, of course...........?

Well........, once-upon-a-while-ago, before the white trippers came here, there existed an Attitude-Wise-A amongst the Aborigine, from Tassie to T.I. From Rottnest Island to Byron Bubbles.

In the venacular a Black Fella calls it, "Talking True".

Last time I was in Alice, I was Privileged to drive a "Full-Blood" Aboriginal Man across Alice Springs, when I wuz a cabbie there. Boy! Often seems a waste of time talking to anyone else since then. I learnt that Full-Blood Aborigines still Lived the Law, and just did not lie.

This, once-upon-a-while-ago, wuz how all Australians Lived. True.

Travelling widely, as those Noble Nomads were prone-to, Dad, Mum, heaps-o'-kids, babes, Granny, Granny, Granny, Granny, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa AND THE GREAT GRANDPARENTS!, would "Do-The-Nomad" into other Aboriginal nations, whereupon, over a short hundred thousand years-or-two, they Established Traditions about EVERYTHING they did (seems-to-me), but when they'd meet other Tribes, there'd be certain Rituals and Customs gone through, in paying their Respects to the "Owners" "Guardians" of the patch they were walkin'-about...in.

The Home-dune Mob would similarly offer their Welcome (or NOT!) to the Nomads, and then they'd all settle-down to a right-old Knees-up, for days-at-a-time, I believe.

This sort of "Passing-Wave" the Ancients gave each other, is the very opposite of today's western cult of travel-to-check-out-the-Land-prices, smile as-you-rip-them-off, and say you've made some "REALLY GOOD FRIENDS" you "met outside the real estate agency".

I've never seen any real Aboriginal Welcome Ceremony, but I think they're a little bit Deeper than that. In the Depth, they do, I put-it, actually Commune with each other, in the Fullest Possible Sense.

I reckon that it is in the Ceremonies where they 'move' closer to each other's Soul, thus come to the right Attitude to Share between each other.

These Emanate out to the material world, expressed in things like Law. "Lore" is another term, and "The Dreaming" also fits I think.

Living the Law, is Being the Law. Living True is what Humanity has lost, in large part, and in Australia, being way-out there in the deserts, it's easy to Live thus. "Black Fella's been doin' it forever!"

As Humanity lerches forward to global meltdown, Hope needs-must exist in such places, for they are farthest from the chaos.

For this, and for the Due Respect the Aborigines of this Island-continent Deserve, means that this Land, and it's Guardian Peoples, should be given the Greatest Respect from all immigrants and visitors.

I, being Maxtreme, ambit that the yobbo tourorists be made to go through a "SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP!" Course on entering Australia, where they are held in detention until they can meditate without thinking ONE thought!!!!!!!

And for these little teenies, we could give them a week-long trip through the outback, in a nice rail-tel, RAMMED, 24-7, 1000 WATTS with Black-Aussie Rappers "Givin'-it-them!", er, with all manner of media on the trains for them to gain a Better insight into "WHAT THE FUCK THEY ACTUALLY ARE, George, Yokim, Johannes, Jarques, Vlad.

Hmmmm, got a little possessed there....

Australian Aborigines, their Land, their Culture and much else about them, deserve the Highest Respect from all others. Firstly from other Australians.

Secondly from those I label tourorrists.

To them I say, "Welcome! But get some Attitude Dudes!" You're living in a brain-blitzing environment, culture, in Britain and Europe, if you're wealthy.

Don't treat Australians or our real estate with the blithe disrespect so common to the egotripping rich-kids.

Also I say, Come through the timeless door, from Darwin into the Heart of the Land, and dwell out there for a time to get the feel of the outback, and of the reality of you and it and Abo's and Chinese and Aliens.

Naturally I will go so far as to suggest opportunities to stop out there for a month, two, could be included in the trainride into understanding Australia, it's Guardians Wisdom, and something about Human Beings, in this new century and-on into the future, and how to cruise through the Universe no-fuss.

Economic Science should be fundamental to Political Science, and would become recognised as such, if I wuz boss, and today can be translated across to all Cultures, Aborigine and Eurocrat-alike.

Its becoming clear to more people today that much of the culture which sends these latest real estate tourorrists over here, is BAD CULTURE, because it is at the top-of-the-tree in matters of incredible inheritances from not-so-ancient 'colonialist days', and the thus-assumed right to keep plundering whomever can be smiled into losing their Homelands, no regard to the cost to the environment in their prefered machinery of travel; airplanes, and usually no regard to the negative effects their desires exact upon the traveled-through places.

As the world tussles with "Going Green", Australia, the real estate heaven of the planet, is potentially the most progressive nation on Earth, in several important ways - Economically, politically, religiously, and Personally, has through such "Fortuitous" mechanisms as the Darwin-Alice-Adelaide Railway the chance to Welcome International travellers and Aussies-alike with a Beautiful Lesson in Respect.

"On the Train..........."

Hyuk! Crystal Dreaming, I think they call it?

...........may be continued......

Unedited Middle-East Rave 25/02/05

It would be a Strong Israel government/military which did not react to the latest suicide bombing with a further breaking of the truce, as much as it is recognised, or real, since the New Palestinian Authority returned to the Peacetalk Table with Israel.

We must Live with Hope, which seems to infer "Tolerance".

Ha! "I should say so, here in 'the tropics'?"


Are the Elder generations of Israel forgetting the Fine Work done with Communes there over the twentieth century?

What do i know?

What system of recompense was paid by the tenants to support the infrastructure of those Communes. I only remember Good stories from those who had stayed in them over the last twenty-thirty years, and believe the same was so for earlier times.

I don't like suggesting the following, for, for some, it 'puts-the-mockers' on its development.

But, is it not obvious that Palestine V Israel is a regional infraction, or one of a series of aftershocks, from the quake of the European re-invasion of the Middle-East, in the early twentieth century? And also of the 1947-on enslaught.

That's my 'spin" on-it...............

Down-here-down-under, it looks a bit like the old problems........, "situations"........, in the Middle-East are surprise, surprise... corruption-centred.

Local warlord territorial borders no doubt exist 'within-and-across' the borders recognised by the 'western' and Israreli powers in the M.E. Territories perhaps made-up of warlord-type-control-freaks over the whole existence of the residents and businesses therein.

Here, I'm talking about the repurcussion particularly, of the "Israel-Factor" upon the whole area, but want to stress that as far as I am concerned, after decades of 'watching', the evidnece is fully "out there!" for most-all the world to see.

"The current structure is unsustainable, both in the M.E., and across the globe."

Mesopotamia, called the "Cradle of Civilisation", now suffering some end-of-the-world-Armageddon-type situation, Jerusalem, the Centre of the three BIG "Faiths", (h'yeah, the rest KNEW, an' didn't need the "Fallen" Faith-trip) strugg-strugg-struggling to "Move Forward", Cultures whence came the Writers of The Old Testements, the Diviners of Levitiicus 25, Et Al, have taken their eye off the Big-Ball!

The Planet is vastly different to how we ALL knew it twenty, thrity, fifty, years, two, five, twenty centuries ago!

The tyrannical techno-news networks oozing out of the US and other 'sources' have done-we-Freedom-Fighters a Favour, and the tyant America has dragged the lot of us 'west' if-you-like, but I assert, "if only to thrust-upon us the Liberty they themselves have oft'-falsely purported to represent; those REALLY important Cultural Foundation-Stones such as Freedom of Speech, Equal Rights, etc."

One could draw-a-long-bow and say that the Yanks have gone the way they have simply to stay in the ball-park of responsible government and influence, amidst the global, but in United State's own internal problems, I mean BIG problems of 200 to 300 to 400 years of what amounts to an amazing ongoing competition, conflict, conflagration, subversive corruption, battle-thence-major warzone called the United States of America.

With all the powers at hand, up-top of the major eight global nations let's say, tis understandable they lose the plot here and there. Pressure is incessant.

Any decision unfavourable to one or a number of warlords would as likely attract fanatical-read-blind, or short-sighted, parocial reactions from the likes of Hamas, or Al Asqa, and whichever faction within or 'behind'.

Its easy down-here-down-under to plot, but I've been doing it for decades, and so far, the cards are stacked well, if-I-might.........

.....may be continued....

Cannabis Laws, Land Laws and Justice, I think?

Lately, I've been hammering my thinking juices on the legitimacy of Cannabis prohibition, and the Role our policing services have, and perhaps should have, in ensuring the Laws ARE legitimate.

(ALL Laws should be under a Vigilant Police Administration's watch, for we now know too many laws are constructed to support a corrupt elite, whose opulance and disregard makes the copper's life as hard as it often is, especially in ................ cities.

This isn't to say the lawmaking powers should be divested away from the judiciary and government, but that they themselves should-nay-must come under Impartial DEMOCRATICALLY-BASED scrutiny, the processes of which must be kept incorruptible by the broadest Community infrastructure. which demands the co-operation of Local Police and Local Government, against the fundamental injustice perpetrated against the poor by the rich - LANDOWNERS. Speculators most of them.

On the surface, there's a load of lower-class losers fighting amongst themselves for the spoils of crime, essentially crimes encouraged, prefered by the upper-class - "keep them fighting amongst themselves. Stops them figting US!"

The coppers have been conditioned, by an earlier corrupt police-elite, to respond to the lowest end of the chain of degradation of the Soul of any who must commit crime to "Score", by locking-up the "Luckless".

In these "Progressive Times", it would be not unreasonable to suggest that it should be the Police force's AND the Army's First Duty to Arrest the perpetrators of the age-old, and largest crimes of stealing the Land from the majority. Big-time-crims perhaps best represented by our parliamentarians, Federal and State, and not a few Local Councillors toooo.

But we cannot ignore Good Old Prince Charles of the House of England in regard to culpability, or some other offence in keeping the People oppressed, by not speaking out about this "Horrabilis Millenniumus-just-passed-us's, deviation from Good Land Laws of an earlier more Honourable, more Regal Era.

If Charles is Worth his Title, he would "Sign-Up" with Progressive Policing for the legalisation of Cannabis, Globally.

If I were top cop, I'd be giving the working classes a break, let 'em do what they must, within the bounds of the law, and I ight stir the possum and GIVE them some LAND!

But thats a seperate matter, essentially one which introduces the question of the Legitimacy and Sustainability of the suburban structures surrounding cities. And of the Legitimacy and Sustainability of the cities themselves!?

If the Workers, the Crims and the Forgotten of the plagued city 'cannon-fodder populations' were offered the chance to occupy a viable, arable piece of Land, in rural areas, with government instruction and financial assistance, around suitable villages and small towns, everyone, with the appropriate psychological therapies, throughout, would Benefit. It would be the coppers Rightful Duty to Support such concepts, if only for easier policing.

But thats a conjunctioanl issue, well-within however, the necessary preview of the Australian State Police forces.

I delve into that aspect of police work, as a scene for the Call to the State Police forces and services to Speak-Out about the illegitimacy of the western, global legislation(s) condemning Cannabis as a dangerous drug.

The police, deal with the carnage of crime, driven by stimulants, primarily alcohol, legal alcohol, and are forced by bent higher-up, 'connected' lawmakers to keep coming-down on the most Spiritual, relaxing, PASSIFYING drug - Herb - that Allah could have given Humanity - Cannabis.

Higher-up bent lawmakers either deceived by corrupt 'reports' about the good-V-ill of drugs, toys, weapons, medicines, etc, or are being paid-off by the numerous numbers of 'marijuana mafioso' networks slipping around the globe.

They are also out of touch socially to the pluses of smoking, let alone the medicinal applications.

But if the coppers are having to enforce the current laws simply to rein-in these gangs and underground operations, operations with wide and devious connections, who can make it hell for coppers if they aren't bent their way, they can only hope to succeed if they can offer the People who would lose a lovely-lil'-earner, ie., the mafia themselves, an economic solution to prison and a significant loss of income.

But Cannabis Law is the call here, and I again say its time the coppers of Australia, spoke out about the waste of time 'prohibition' is, in regard to the weighed evidence on the 'Benefits-V-the damage' smoking marijuana does to individuals and to the Community as-a-whole.

Zilch,. negligable damage.

A deep Psycho-therapeutic Panacea.

These are very hard times psychologically for a larger number of People than ever, at once.

The unsustainable structure of the global pharmaceuticals industries should be seen as a sign that we must turn to the simplest, and, 'toxins' of 'tar' etc, and-all, Natural Medicines.

After over thirty years of my smoking (and of causing all sorts of Good Political Trouble), Cannabis remains the Medicine of my choice to handle the tough life, and to maintain the Struggle for Global Human Justice through the Global Democratic Inception of


But that's getting underneath the reason why People, Good, Honest, Hard Working People, deprived of the essential patch of land, resort to smoking a Herb, many, many Spiritual Saints, Gurus, Prophets and Saviours have smoked, to help Commune with that which makes sense of it all, Truthfully and Peacefully.

Coppers are fully aware of these points and facts, and, as generational change passes through, we may wish some more realistic, pragmatic and honest attitudes from the high branches of our improving police forces, are heard, and adopted.

We know now that the larger percentage of laws today, in the west, have been subverted away from some seemingly extinct Regal Laws, where the Land was for All the Monarch's Protectorate, and not fenced-off from the Common Person's hoe and shovel.

As HRH Prince Charles flits through Austrayler, it's fitting to mention Regal Laws, for I know Bonny Prince Charlie is highly cognisant of the Reforms I Advocate: LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE.

If the western policing forces do have Honourable intentions for the People they now protect, then Law Reforms in regard to Cannabis prohibition must be Advocated by the coppers.

But I reckon they'd be Wise, and would win the Hearts of the People, the Majority of the whole Global Population, for everandeverandever, for to become Active Defenders of those who firstly suffer most under the current corrupt economic system(s), a la the Strugglers of "Macquarie Fields" south-west of Sydney, locally demonstrating their grievances these last three/four days, give them instruction and up-to-dating on the wider Progressive Reforms the coppers support globally and secondly, be ready to engage in "Planning and Development" of Communities, from villages to cities, away from crim-mills to functioning agrarian localities, away from corporate-product-town-designs around Ford's and GMs pollution making methods of profit, to People Friendly Town Circles or squares, for the oldies..

But you know I advocate the near-total deconstruction of 'cities' as they exist.




the second having quite some 'weight' behind it, as I see thongs.

There, I mean the comments by NZ PM Helen Clark about the failure of 'prohibition' and that there is a need for a mature approach to reforms. (my abbreviation):

"The new Prime Minister, Helen Clark, has decided to give Labour MPs a free vote leave to act according to their conscience; but she left me in no doubt that that if they take their cue from her, they will opt for reform.
Prohibition, she says, simply does not work; and some alternative must be found to a law that drags so many citizens through the courts and leaves them with a criminal record. Now that things are beginning to move in Wellington, with a Bill possibly put to the vote before the end of the year, it is clear that whatever is done about cannabis in New Zealand could be instructive for the rest of the world."

The red words are worthy of attention, coming as they do from the NZ PM.

Now, The BBC article is from 2000, and takes informed opinion from a selection of involved Community Workers

"The most compelling reason to decriminalise cannabis is to dismantle the huge alternative economy it supports. It's a black market on a massive scale. In the cities, they grow pot in everything from warehouses to wardrobes. But out in the countryside, hundreds of acres of the weed is cultivated commercially" seems to be the opinion of a Bloke who should know, "Nick Pataka, who runs the drug rehab programme in West Auckland, is a former drug dealer and gang boss who knows the murky cannabis business inside out."

is another exerpt from the BBC article, and sounds reasonable-to-true, to me. Besides, who'd argue with Him!?

Selling Abo-Land aye?

"Jenness Warin" of the so-called "Centre for Independent Studies" has spent some four years with the Arnhem Land Aborigines sweet-talking them into making their Land even more vulnerable to Land speculation and theft by white-arse possessionists.

Well...., that's the impression I got listening to her being grilled by Julie McCrossen on "Life Matters" ABC RN this morning.

Ever since the "CIS" popped-up in political commentary, I've been suspicious.

The earlier spokespersons for CIS like Hugh White, were 'upbeat' modern-sounding spin-doctors, who for some unexposed reason quickly gained favour and influence with the then new Australian federal Liberal government.

"Libs Love Sophistry", incorporated.......

These 'experts' seemed too confidently to explode from an envigorated academia-in-business in the mid-nineties, the same timezone when the over-confident Jeff Kennett steered-low Prictoria, from the couple of well-known universities across Australia, who appeared quite confident in their spin, about right-wing economics.

This latest spokesperson on Aboriginal Land Ownership issues, from the obviously right-wing-read-landocratic CIS, Jenness Warin, is notably a female, NOT to put ANY misogynism in it.

But a female with a smile is often able to smoooze the 'customer', in this case the Arnhem Aborigines, into things they wouldn't do if a hard-nosed blue-suited short-back-and-sides real estate agent tried to put one over them.

Madame Warin comes with dangerous policies for the whole Aboriginal Peoples, it seems to be, in seeking to counter their ancient approach to Land, of a more Communal aspect, if it is not the Fundamental of Aboriginal "Policy" as it may be said to have/still exist in their own interpretation of Land Law.

The CIS crew exude a confidence that must make one wary.

Sophistry, Aborigine.

You're ancients would walk-away from someone like her, I suspect.

I'm sorry that the Aborgine cannot get themselves together, to form a "Think-Tank" of similar proportions to such as the CIS, and to push-push-push to get the airtime.

Even with the 'rifts' within the Aborigine Peoples across Australia (based, I suggest, on corruption of Thinking into the no-less-than-'perverse' whitemans way), they surely are not so far removed from those Fine Traditions, Secure Traditions, in regard to Relationship with other Humans, other Tribes and with their Mother the Land, to abandon them to a massively corrupt western real-estate-based, speculative market system?

The influences upon us all, white city-dweller and Arnhem Aborigine alike, all seek to take us away from the Best Way to live, purely because they lose profit-and-control over the Masses - us.

Its not to say they should not share their Land.

But for your People's sake, take a breather, Arnhem Aborigine!