NIM-FM racist content

30th September ‘06

To the Station Committee
Nim-FM Radio
Nimbin. N.S.W. 2480

Listening to the famous and commendable “HEMP Hours” Show yesterday 29th September, I found the content of one sound track, played at around 1:40PM, to be quite unbalanced in it’s content.

This, I believe a Martin Jansen compilation, is basically, a racist soundtrack.

To the extent of the whole compilation of “news” sound bites, with music backing the politician’s exerpts, being nothing more than a re-broadcasting of our very rightwing federal government and it’s racist cronies.

There is near-to no balancing etc, of opinions or statements made, from the Aborigine, or from the “left” of politics, as much as they exist.

I’ve known Martin for some six years, both in NIM-FM and about town, and gladly offer credit to him for the work he has done and does at NIM-FM.

However, there has always been a clear divide between his opinions and those propitious to Genuine Community Radio, in my opinion. For Martin to retreat to the “sarcasm as an art form” excuse to avoid accurate criticism of his re-plugging rightwing media propaganda, might hold-weight if there was ANY meaningful, practical, positive, ALTERNATIVE material in his compilations.

There is not even any art, in this compilation.

Also, as Martin is still rather an immigrant, with unavoidable, understandable concerns about whether his/our “white” kind are right to stay on Australian soil without Properly Addressing AND RESOLVING the Primary Issue of Aborigine Sovereignty IN THEIR (The Aborigine’s) OWN LAND.

And as I am quite aware, as I have been since first arriving in Nimbin in 1998, that racism is alive and well in this town/region/state/nation/planet, and that Martin has long complied with the dominant rightwing corruption to survive and find a piece of (ABORIGINE) Land in this Rainbow Region, I put-it to the Committee that they ask Martin to refrain from using NIM-FM Station equipment and the Station’s airwaves to compile and broadcast his rightwing propaganda. For, I do not believe Martin is capable of putting an unbiased view across, and I also believe he has no right to make such “comment” about these PRIMARY ISSUES of Our ABORIGINE, PRIMARY ISSUES for everyone in Australia and worldwide.

AT LEAST, not before someone from the Committee, or a delegate of the NIM-FM Committee, “vets” ALL his product BEFORE PUTTING IT TO AIR to assert it’s relevance to the broader charter of Community Radio in general and to the general political attitude which Nimbin Village determines is what we the Villagers, and of Radio NIM-FM, are here for.

If nothing else, I would say that is “LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE”. (Open of course to interpretation…….)

NIM-FM is not another medium for Australia’s ‘shock-jocks’, is it?

It appears unbalanced that Martin can use the Station’s facilities so much, yet little of his product is for the station?

It also appears unbalanced in the “brusk” attitude he portrays in the station, especially when he’s at the equipment, making his own shows, (while also complaining about the equipment?), and his unco-operative attitude.

The last two paragraphs however, do not pertain to the complaint underlying this letter to the Station Committee, but the Committee may find them useful in making a decision on Martin’s unregulated broadcast material.

The sound track/compilation referred-to, I ask, be NOT PLAYED AGAIN ON NIM-FM RADIO, until a panel of Committee members determines the extent of racism contained therein, and whether, in their considered opinions, it be aired here any further.

I would like to feel welcome in NIM-FM. It’s said I have much to contribute. I have Aborigine blood in my veins. I am a Warrior for Aborigine Justice, no more or less than I am a Warrior for Global Human Justice, for no matter which “race”, skin-colour, cult or creed think that they themselves deserve to be call “Human” above the dispossessed.

So I make complaint against the broadcasting of the mentioned track, and ask that it be reviewed by the Committee, so that Martin is prevented from making any more racist product with NIM-FM equipment and for NIM-FM broadcasts.

Yours for the Best,

Max Nichols Meredith
aka Max No Difference

NOTE: This case was taken to the NIM FM Committee, where it was exposed as a witchhunt by the blatant and paranoia-driven 'team' of subversives within the station, against me-and-my-demons. Nobody tells me anythingk! Achtung!
Queers and nazis, most of them. And that's the women!?


Ode to Don Chipp

Nimbin, Uluruba.
7th September 2006.

May He, Don Chipp, Rest in Exaltation.

Many suggest he and his “Keep the bastards Honest!” Democrats failed.


Justice says, “Slowly, slowly”, and without that small-but-Giant Spirit which has manifest as the Democrats in Australia over 30 years or so, ALL Hope may well have been lost.

Don Chipp must have known in his career, about the horror of the global, British-run prohibited drugs blackmarket, and on reflection, (from my own political investigations), he must’ve struggled deeply with the covert oppression by “the bastards” who have also very-much and very brutally run Australia with “agencies” such as the “Ku Klux Klan”, and other poorly politically educated thugs for 214 years.

Since 1792 to be more precise.

Today, as many underworld recruitment agencies ie., “middle-management” for British-Bovver-Boys Inc., etc., come from, are recruited by covert right-wing rich students and teachers in church-run private schools.

The media and polies go on about “global terrorism”, yet WHO is prepared to tackle the MORE threatening-to-social-stability REALITY of institutionalised DOMESTIC TERRORISM, employed to protect the long-chain of “localised” corruption, in most every nation the poms have plundered?

NOT the London MIRROR, you can be certain, aye Andrew Penman? There y’are…., y’famous!

This, local or domestic terrorism, by the same bastards Don Chipp Honourably challenged, the fegging white supremacist BRITISH, is what stopped Mr Chipp and today’s Democrats from making the bastards honest.

But it’s not over yet, Great Don!

Rest In Peace, Comrade.