Sorry Guv...., follow-up.....

A follow-up: another focus of immense "Potential" Benefit in the coming reining-in of our (cultural) habits, and addressing the under-the-table drugs blackmarket, is that the profits, ranging as much as being 3 to 4 times larger than the "above-the-table" economy, profits which really cannot be spent, be made legally possessed.

In an Indigenous sense, if done "In the Right Spirit" such an "Amnesty" could well bring the banks to heal, if, as it feels, the Jews run much of the banking also.

The wealth, while much must be unreal, as-in "debt", and resources already at hand, no longer needed for "security", are free to be given to Legitimate and Urgent Endeavours, easing a crisis here-and-there, and the B.B.B-in-a-Merc's Conscience.

Sorry Guv, you're under arrest!

Monday 1st May 2006
Nimbin, N.S.W. Australia
Let it be Known, that ARREST WARRANTS are in the process of being drawn-up, for the Peaceable Apprehension of the following Personages:
Chairman; Jardine Matheson corporation, Mr Henry Keswick
Chairman; Barclay's Bank corporation, Mr Matthew W. Barrett,
Group Chairman; Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Sir John Bond
Etcetera....., Etcetera......,

and, Let it be Known, that ARREST WARRANTS are in the process of being drawn-up, for the Peaceable Apprehension of the following Personages:
Prime Minister of Britain, Mr Tony Blair,
Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth (Windsor) II of England,
British High Commissioner to Australia; (the Right Honourable) Mrs., Helen Liddell,
Etcetera, Etcetera.......,

and, Let it be Known, that ARREST WARRANTS are in the process of being drawn-up, for the Peaceable Apprehension of the following Personages:
President of Soviet Russia, Mr Vladimir Putin,
President of the People's Republic of Communist China; Mr Hu Jintao,
President of the United States of America, Mr George W. Bush,
Vice-President of the United States of America, Mr Richard Cheney,
U.S. Secretary of State, Mr Donald Rumsfeld,
Etcetera, Etcetera........,

and, Let it be Known, that ARREST WARRANTS are in the process of being drawn-up, for the Peaceable Apprehension of the following Personages:
United States Senator, Mr Edward Kennedy,
Etcetera, Etcetera.......

These Warrants are issued so-as those named may answer questions in front of a Legal Court, and in public, in regard to the allegations made in the 1986 book "Dope Inc., Boston Bankers and Soviet Commissars".

Allegations of involvement by the aforesaid Defendents, shall include issues as below, to whit the Defendents above-named shall be required to Speak Honestly on;

-Global control and corruption of the Highest Laws;
and thus, the
-Global control and corruption of the Highest Laws, to effect control of the global BLACK-MARKET in production, distribution, sales and consumption of the Medicinal Herb Marijuana, also known as Cannabis, Ganga, Pot, Weed, etcetera, etcetera, and,
-to effect control of the global BLACK-MARKET in production, refinement, distribution, sales and consumption of the Medicinal, "Opium", and it's refined product Heroin.

-Fostering Familial, Social/Community breakdown, and near-total personal psychosis across whole Cultures, regions, continents and islands;

-Manipulation of international and Sovereign national laws to introduce "prohibition" of important Medicinal Herbs and amphetamines, to, breakdown whole Cultures, etcetera,

-Deliberate denial of FACTS in Regard to Aborigine, and Aborigine Sovereignty, in; Australia, China, India, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iran, Africa.......,
Etcetera, Etcetera......,

Charges will be laid against the aforenamed Defendents alleging that the irreverent behaviour of the institutes and organisations they head, has encouraged and increased worldwide social, personal abandonment of Ethical, Sustainable Values, leading to the environmental breakdown, which now threatens the whole Planet.

It will be Argued in the Affirmative that -
- the prohibition of the Herb "Marijuana", or "Cannabis", is illegal,
and, it will be Argued in the Affirmative that -
any charges laid regarding the possession and/or consumption of ANY Cannabis-derivative product, are invalid until,

further investigations are carried-out by Global Policing Inc., including the New South Wales Police Service, and it's fellow-State and Territory Policing Services and Forces, as to the Scientific, Evidence-based invalidity of all current "Drug Laws", structured as all current "Drug Laws" are, to support social, cultural and personal breakdown, globally,

-structured as all current "Drug Laws" are, to support inherantly corrupt, anachronistic and today, in 2006C.E., unsustainable religious, governmental and business institutions, and/or "institutional models".

Questions will also be asked regarding the Defendent's knowledge of, and the defendent organisations' involvement in past wars, dating-back to the "Reformation" of the 16th Century, and further back if necessary, upto this day,

Questions will also be asked regarding the defendant organisation's involvement in the Cultural breakdown of the region of "The Middle East", over the past 120 years....,

Etcetera, Etcetera........,

Further NOTICEs will be posted as Proceeding Proceed.

Max Nichols Meredith
Global Justice Minister

P.S: As it is, we waste time attributing "blame" to one or another character, and unaccountably as the whole planet is SERIOUSLY faced with annihilation.
So, NO BLAME, needs-must apply.
"Amnesty" seems the appropriate word, in regard to enabling those who currently feel most guilty, or with most to lose, or such, to let go of...., fears.
The "trade" effects such bad attitudes (inherent in the "illegal Drugs" culture) across the Earth, perhaps by the drugs being disrespected incorrectly, and by being illegal, that the rampant degrading effects are felt right-across atmospheres, if-I-might.
If drugs were no longer hidden in so-called "legitimate products transportation" across nations and continents, what effect to levels of transport necessary might there arise? Hmmm?
With the threatened end of the planet, the "modern" western materialist culture cannot/willnot be maintainable, sooo, "drugs" per se, for many Sound Reasons, may well be the "Medicine" Humanity can keep-on growing, cheap and taxfree etcetera, with minimal side-effects, ETCETERA........, to get through the psychological WAR we westerners have coming, inside our own minds, hearts and Souls........ or not.


"Three Rocks" and "Extra-Terrestrials"!

Diary Notes, written 10-51AM, Saturday 22nd April 2006., and expanded-upon Sunday 23rd April 2006.

At about 7-00PM on Thursday night 20th April 2006, for the first time in my life, I, that is "my eyes", perceived an "Airborne Higher-Intelligence Life Form", which may qualify as an "Alien spaceship".

I saw it for perhaps 3 to 4 seconds, in the sky above Canberra, but I saw no "ship" as-it-were, just a small as-if-distant cluster of "glows" of light.

Memory of the sight returns "3 circles" grouped, connecting, side-by-side, with the central one larger in diameter, travelling in direction perpendicular to their common axis. They were more "glows" than solid rings.

It's speed, decelleration, constancy of glow and controlled curve in it's path before it was hid by trees, make for serious reason to Accept, that there are Other Intelligent Lives being Lived, now here on and around Earth, but back "whence they came" also, in outer space.

I ruminate, that, on the "law of averages" 60% are of the Light, and at least 50% of the remainder would be of the Light also, and try to think Reasonably about such an Aim.

"Welcome, Lords from Afar!"

Praise Be!

Meditating upon this phenomenon, has me conclude that my Politics, which have evolved to become determinedly against the "dominant Christian materialist paradigm" (and world-reknown for that!), to the latest point of being determinedly FOR the Ways of Aborigine, are True, enough for at least one Mob of Extra-Terrestrial Beings, to themselves "Human Beings" I suspect, to show themselves at last, to my own eyes, mind and heart.

Smacks of egocentrism I concede, but it cannot be waved aside, as I, that same morning, performed a Most Revolutionary, Symbolic Act against the global "powers-that-be", by driving to the "British High Commission" in Commonwealth Ave, Canberra, parking opposite the guardhouse/entry (adjacent to the side of the "People's Republic of Communist China" Embassy), walking to the guard and told him I was going to go around the front of the British High Commission property and throw three rocks onto the roof.

After a five minute tirade to the guard, expressing in a very loud and angry voice, my utter disgust with the same powers, of Britain, China and Russia principly, for the way they are destroying billions of Human lives, and the whole planetary environment with their blackmarket of global drugs cartels etc, etc, etc.

I then drove back to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, where I'd been staying for two weeks or so, selected three "quarter-brick" sized rocks from the rubble, drove back, parked away from the High Commission, walked-then-I-did, all-by-myself, obeying the "WALK" signs at the traffic lights, back to the front of the High Commission buildings, and was about to start "firing", when I was spoken-to by the "Protective Services" guard on duty inside the Commission's three-metre high fence.

Thereafter ensued about an hour-and-a-half of lucid, concise rantings by myself, to firstly one Sergeant of the Protective Services guarding the Commission, then, after taking him and two other constables over the way to my van (to see my driver's licence) to two other, plain-clothed "officers".

After the chat, I gave them a copy of my recent article on Aborigine Sovereignty in Australia, and we went away quite happy about it all.


Obviously, such an action, clearly NOT that of a madman, demands some kind of follow-up, from myself.

My sword is my voice, be-it vocally or in writing.

I prefer the latter.

The British High Commissioner Knows very well that there is an ARREST WARRANT in the making for her, as Representative of Aunty HRH, and as representative of the apparent "Prime Minister" of Britain, Mr Tony Blair and his government, as does the Embassy of the U.S.A., know the same is coming for their President Mr George Bush, et al.

Superficial to a large degree, I am well aware. At least that is the way I expect them to regard these attempts at Justice.

But it does depend upon how I scribe the warrants.

If I lay the charges that no-one else (it seems) is able, against the offending parties of Britain, Russia, China, Australia, and others, and on the other side of the fence of offences, the United States of America, et al, of;

-"consorting to commit large-scale crimes against the well-being of one or a number of Peoples, Nations and their Lands....,"

-"by corrupting national laws and legal systems to suit their own 'agenda of global dominance' according in-part, to the delusional edicts of one Cecil Rhodes and his Secret (global) Society, out-of Oxford, England, amongst a labrynth of other, essentially British-run global cartels and their corporate officers",

-"by corrupting otherwise Sovereign national laws and legal systems to suit their own 'agenda of global dominance' over some seven-eighths of Humanity, with a firm agenda of destroying "Local Culture", to be replaced with delusional and dangerously flawed 'British, Judeo-Christian' ideology and culture, by maladaption and corruption of the Laws of all Sovereign Nations, namely-in-part; Britain, France, Germany, Italy, United States of America, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, et al.....,"

(a complete list would include most all Nations on Earth, and especially most-all so-called "third-world nations"),

"...detailing Scientific Research Data and Verified Evidence proving that, 'the imposed laws are based upon seriously flawed ideology and NOT upon Verifiable Scientific Evidence', nor upon any Divined Wisdom, detailing also 'the effects of the illegal laws upon the well-being of the society into which they have been drafted'....,"

....quoting also the various documented proofs of their crimes, a la the numerous references found in "Dope Inc., Boston Bankers and Soviet Commissars" by the Editors of "Executive Intelligence Review", (published by New Benjamin Franklin House, 1986), the offending parties-er-governments-er-nasty-little-global corporations, might be induced to sit-up, as-it-were, and even to "Listen-Hard" to the charges,

AND, more importantly at this perilous point for the planet, to "LISTEN HARD" to the Option.... NOTE: 'OPTION' SINGULAR, which I Hope, in the coming period, to elucidate and invoke.

I accept, but will no longer tolerate, how hard it is for them to "LISTEN", what with all of old Cecil's bad magic spells-and-charisma bouncing around in their almost wholly hypnotised bodies, brains, minds, hearts and Souls.............! Something we have the seriously awry Judeo-Christian indoctrination schools and universities to thank for.....


I speak, it seems, for the well being of the Planet in general, and definitely NOT for Human Beings alone.

Time's a comin', to be sure, for the big change.

Democracy is so immature (or better; 'corrupted') in Australia and in the "west" generally, and yet is being instituted everywhere else on Earth, based upon ignorance and fraudulant underlying beliefs, by the institutors, the elite.

These are the so-called "Democrats" who are also right behind the push for a "Messiah" to appear.

It amazes me that no-one has spoken out, about the fundamental flaw in the Judeo-Christian belief that we, Human Beings, can have anything like "True Democracy" i.e., "Rule (or Power) by the People", while there is a totally antagonistic and contradictive "ideology" ridiculously asserting that we must await a "Spiritual Leader", the Messiah, to give us Peace..., to make us all gods, or such-like?

Truth be Known, the Messiah is Pure Knowledge, or Our True Self.

The Messiah is the Message, Folks. NOT the Patsy (Bless the poor bastard!)any church or occultist (false) lords can construct.

It is sublimely ironic that the character necessary to survive the enemies of Justice, enough to get the Knowledge on Perrenial Economics - Land Rent for Government Revenue - out to the Mass of Humanity, had to be as tough as a Hell's Angel, the same type of character most feared, despised and condemned by the so-called "Messiannist" Christians. Ain't 'ignorance' such a giggle?!

Christianity is a tomb for your Soul, so I suggest to any who want for a Better, that-is an "Enduring-and-Just Life on Earth", through which only, may we Attain to True Peace on Earth, that they abandon as many of their deeply indoctrinated Ju-Christ cult beliefs and dogma, for the "Minimalist Life", away from the current materialist (Mammom-ist) deathstyles of bank-debt and death-pledges, and promptly familiarise their Hearts, Minds and Souls with the Aborigine Way of "Treading Lightly on God's Earth".

"Three rocks" and a "spaceship" may be signs enough to accept that THE Change has Begun.

Symbolism, so often used to an aggressor's advantage in war, has been employed by the white (British) invaders to Australia in most every way possible.

Unfortunately one filthy-rich, thus quite deluded Cecil Rhodes of Oxford England, has used it and every other dubious means for instituting "British"-ness over the Australian Aborigine, and others, from the current "hotspots" of Papua New Guinea, Bougainville Islands and the Solomon Islands, to the slow genocide being played-out across Africa.

"Rhodesia" now "Zimbabwe" is a classic and hubristicly overt example of the delusions and disasters which Rhodes and his queer little English "secret occultist society" sought to afflict upon the whole, once Beautifully Natural Planet.

So, as the BIG FELLA in Australia, and as the BIG FELLA in the Isles of Britain, coming as I do from Ancient and True Stock (my Grandfather Australian Aborigine "Donald Sutherland Willis", Ruler of the Southern Lands, by name, and "Max Nichols Meredith", my name, Greatest Great Chief of the Victorious Peoples of Ancient Britain I Call Britain to Act Justly, by conceding Sovereignty to the Australian Aborigine.


In contemplation of the matter, amidst urgings by Christians to steal the symbols employed against Australians-black-and-white - the Sword in particular, adorning the statue of King George V on the front step of the Canberra Aboriginal Tent Embassy - so-as to symbolically disempower the bastards, I came to the conclusion, not beyond adjustment, that I see no Good in stealing anything from the thieves, for there is bound to be an abreaction, just as there have been following most-every "Revolution" in history.

I have, for some reason, all my life very-much-liked "swords" and well-made knives etc., but I'm still inclined to the belief that the Best one could do, Symbolically and Ceremonially, is to have the Symbols of Power of the British Empire, i.e., King George's Sword, Mace and Orb, taken down Peaceably by BOTH Parties involved, ie., the British Regent, and the Australian Aborigine People's Most Regarded Representative, and transferred from Britain to Australia, for once, and for All.

I suggest that in the same ceremony the Sword, should be snapped-in-two, as a Symbol of the end to the division and thus any need for weapons of war, any more. But I am open to different opinions on the snapping-of-the-sword.

The Ceremony befitting such a Just Act, of Britain Acting as their Great Lord Wills it, is for their most senior Representative, be-it the High Commissioner, the Prime Minister or Aunty HRH Elizabeth Windsor Herself, to come to the Aborigine Tent Embassy in King George Terrace, Canberra, opposite the Old Parliament House, and in a Fitting and Proper Ceremony, hand to the Australian Aborigine, the "Orb, Mace and Sword" which now symbolicly adorn the Statue of King George V of England.

I, Max Nichols Meredith, on Behalf of All Aborigine of Australia and of the Earth, will accept these Symbols of British Rule, in a fitting and Proper, Peaceful Ceremony only, as a sign that We, as One Human Race, have Matured to the point where such symbols, such weapons, of authority and oppression, may be laid aside, so that we all may Speak, Clearly and True, and so that we may all Listen, Clearly and True, to the Word awaiting Humanity in the long-lost "Holy Grail" of the Two Path Knowledge of the "Great Ancestor True Fella Spirit", Father and Lord of all Life, and of the Knowledge of Land, Land Use, Land Distribution and Occupation.

A Letter to "Executive Intelligence Review"

I wrote and emailed this to Executive Intelligence Review , publishers of the 1986 book "Dope Inc., Boston Bankers and Soviet Commissars" yesterday, seeking updated information on the global dirt-bags who're keeping my Medicine, Marijuana, illegal and therefore, so expensive.

Obviously(?), my MAIN want was for more info, so that I may proceed with a bunch of ARREST WARRANTS to be issued to the top-dogs involved in this sordid and utterly unjustifiable global business of firstly making illegal, then "cornering" the global drugs marketplace.

If there's ANYONE (including dumb-as parents!) who STILL in this day and age of info-knowledge-and-Truth, slams the taking, the "Imbibing", of Marijuana, Cocaine, Opium, and other NATURAL drugs, Natural drugs which have been Most Beneficial Customs of several SOLID and Perennial Cultures for ages-and-ages-and-ages-and-eons-and-eons, then I suggest to you that you take a fact-finding journey into the TRUE histories of, especially Marijuana, and get-it-right in your alcohol-soaked brains, before you condemn them.

Can any alcohol-drinking Catholic/Christian/Jew say for certain, based on FACT, that my ol' Mate, Jesus ben Joseph, or "Jesus Christ" to the dumbed-down, NEVER-EVER inhaled the Hashish smoke from an Hooka-or-Hash-pipe?

What about our own "never-ever-ever" "Rhodes-ian" Prime Miniture?

Here's the letter to EIR:


My name's Max Nichols Meredith, otherwise known globally and on the web "blogosphere" as "Max No Difference". I address the most dire issues facing Humanity; global warming, drugs, political and religious corruption, etc.

Thus far, over the last eight to ten years, I've been quite "successful" if-I-may, in getting to the People, of Australia and of the rest, "the guff" on the numerous fraudulances we face, day-to-day.

Ironic it is however, that so often I'm the last to know what's going on in these aforementioned murky climes of corruption etc. Oh what a muddied world we exist in?!

Ne'ertheless, undetered, I plod-on.....

About three or four months ago, while "existing" in a small but significant village of northern New South Wales Australia, called "Nimbin" (the local "Bunjulung" Aboriginal word meaning "Wise Man", the "Nimbinji" tribe were a more ancient whole tribe of "Clever Fellas", Wise Peoples) I was at last given a copy of your excellent expose "Dope Inc., Boston Bankers and Soviet Commissars" the 1986 print.

So! Ziss explains vhy everyone is so.... hmmmm, "the way they are nowadays"?!

Being a "self-medicator" of the Cannabis-kind, and being a poor pensioner, I have an interest in the price of my medicine, Cannabis, or Marijuana, and have for years advocated the legalisation of it.

Along the way, it became clear to me, merely through observation and analysis, that all "prohibited" drugs are falaciously so, and for the harm the criminalising of their use creates right through society, from production to end-user, it has been roaringly clear that they should all be legalised.

Any dangerous increase in their abuse, I say, would be short-lived, if the Proper legal and remedial approaches were taken post-legalisation.

However, since reading the "Dope Inc.," book, and having sorted my brwain out as to the implications and ramifications, from the commendable history EIR have written, I, as usual, feel once more, or still, quite out-of-date.

Being an angry dissident, and for want of something Good to do for this god-forsaken world, I hope in the coming days, to issue to the Australian Policing Services "Discussion papers" on the idea of writing and issuing warrants for the arrest of those your book deems as most responsible for the dirty-dirty business of the international drugs trade.

The last month, since I came to Australia's national capital "Canberra", has been occupied with drafting Progressive documents regarding the future of our Aborigine Peoples, and the priority they see of "Sovereignty", something our right-wing "white supremacist" parliament cannot confront, and has denied them from 1788.

Everyone in Australia is handtied, from my Comrades in the Unions (please forgive my "Red-Raggedness") through the religions, and politics of all colours, on the abject plight of our Aborigine (I have Aborigine "Blood"), and so too, are the Aborigine.

Well! I shall soon put an end to that, thank-you!

After much contemplation.............., it becomes evident that the very same issues and criminals your Dope Inc., book exposes, are as much the barricade the Aborigine is thwarted by. Of course, the evidence seems to show that most all serious, that is Genuine Human Progress, is thwarted by the same-same elitist bas..kets.


Have EIR released an update on Dope Inc., since 1986? Are you game to?

While I see, from EIR's website, there are an uncountable number of issues which have significant bearing on the planet's ability to overcome millennia of awry social development, it does seem to me, that this one issue, of the massive and global corruption caused by the centuries-old drugs trade, can now be addressed, and perhaps even overcome.

My "Connections" reach far-and-wide, and High as well, from the global policing services, through global religions (rightly or not?), global politics of both or ALL persuasions, and a large percentage of the global population of Common Peoples, be-they post-colonial invaders like our whiteys, or the planet's Aborigine (Alas? Who isn't an Aborigine of Earth? ??? May I speak to them?)

It must be said that the reason I'm so well-known, is that I broke the worldwide silence on the San Fransiscan "Henry George", and his treatise on LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE.

That...., "LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE" is the Basis upon which I found all my Human Justice Work, but clearly there are other issues which must be cleared-up before that can be "Progressed", so-to-say.

So how can we get an update on "Dope Inc.," please, for I deem that the time has come to Clean-up my Home Planet, and that this is where I shall focus, for the interim.

For the ground-work I've done over the last ten-plus years, attracting the attention of all-of-the-bas...kets, from HRH Elizabeth Windsor, through Her patsy Tony Blair, to my selection Vlad Putin, and China's leadership Et Al, not-to-mention our own Australian (some say Astray-lian) Labor Party (ALP), and the poor-old Christians, and for my "Symphathetic Sensativity" with them, I know they are all eagerly awaiting my delivery of the appropriate "Arrest Warrants".

So, if you would, please email me with the information about whatever "UPDATES" on Dope Inc., are available, and where I might lay-my-hands upon a copy.

Yours for Justice!

Max Nichols Meredith
aka Max No Difference

Then perhaps I may be able to return to my much-loved Australian Deserts!

PS: You may view more of my irreverent opinions on my blogsites:

WARNING: Some of the language used therein, may offend.

Max No Difference


Arrest the Planet!

Seeing as the world has gone crazy over prohibited drugs, and has been doing so for at least a few centuries, if-not-longer, is it not time, Humanity got itself together and put a stop to this sordid trade?

A BIG ASK! you whisper........

As per Lyndon LaRoache's 1986 book "Dope Inc., Boston Bankers and Soviet Commissars", the world is run by the cartel of our richest dynasties, from HRH QEII, to the "Princelings" of "Communist" China's Leadership and "ruling class", plus any unscrupulous rich sucker inbetween.

The principle means of income and control used by them is the illegal drugs routes and markets, and is why I pay too frigging-much for my Medicine, Marijuana.

And is probably why America went to Afghanistan a few years ago, and what Russia was doing there in the first place - protecting the huge Afghanni Opium poppy fields.

Most people would respond to the above Call, as being beyond any chance of success, and beyond anyone's ability to clean-it-up.

Clearly it would take some "Superman" or Woman to succeed, or a collective of SuperHumans.

Seeing as I'm just a poor homeless pensioner "Magpie" (half-British descent, half-Australian Aborigine, bit-o'-white-bit-o'-black) it might seem like just more crystal dreaming.

However, as I manage to maintain some concern for the future of Life on Earth,
and from observing the general down-hill climb we're so eagerly taking to destruction, investigations convince me that this very situation of massive global drugs cartellian corruption, is at the seat of many other troubles we seem to be going through - globally.

If one were to be invited into the upper-crust's world, in no-matter which nation, we would see the drugs the majority cannot afford and can only painfully, aggressively acquire, are commonly used as if it were de riguer everywhere.

Indeed, everywhere you find rich folks, you find these, to-the-rest-of-us illegal drugs, being used almost openly.

This is but part of a "culture" of abuse, which the super-wealthy seem to assume it is their right to partake-of, and, were the drugs LEGAL, I may not be so against such a phenomena.

However, this abuse-abuse-abuse merely "because you can....!" psychosis, is also induced, by those who profit most from it, in all areas of daily life, in the "free-world" and the not-so-free.

Thus we have abuse of precious resources like "oil" and other energy resources, which contribute toooo much to the degradation and pollution of the whole planet, leading, as we have recently been told by "Science" to a serious situation of "THA END OF THA WORLD!!!!" through global warming etc.

This all seems to add-up, in the minds of the spoiled-rotten, to a case for the "party-til-the-pole-shift" attitude we find so prevalent in most all the planet's cities, and especially in the neuvo-riche who've hypnotized granny into giving them their inheritance early.

I'm in Canberra, Australia's Crapital, lately, and see the same-same mentality, or mental illness racing around town in all the latest and fanciest vehicles - "foreign" of course DARLINKK, and feel a despair creeping over me, for, without some serious, like very serious policing of these abberant "Zoomies", to the rather vicious point of having to enforce large-scale relocations of them, and the population of less-well-off plebs, to rural "agrarian socialist" farming networks, the whole fucking planet is doomed.

So, rather than arresting everyone in Canberra, and charging them all, Aussie and foreign diplomat - and their kiddies - for generally being psychoes, and, perhaps as was just done in Honiera, the Capital of the Solomon Islands, where the politicians were arrested for "running an unlawful society" (Beautiful!), and for the fact that most of the global mafia bosses, a la QE II of England, Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin and the Senior Committee Members of the Chinese Communist Party, and all their brudderbond networking sychophants, strategically located in every place of influence on Earth, are aware of the terminal nature of these dynastic, centuries-old capers, and for the fact that we now have available the information to indict those most guilty, lets do it!

I've just emailed the authors of the aforementioned book "Dope Inc.," Executive Intelligence Review, for an update.

If they respond positively and with detail, I see no reason why I cannot begin to draw up Arrest Warrants for those most culpable.

EIR's 1986 book named about everyone who was anyone in bigtime global drug-running, and includes most all of the big "western" banks such as "Barclays", "National Westminster", and the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank.

The list goes on and on....


As I'm the patsy whose credited with Saving the Werled from those dispicable motorcyclists the "Hell's Angels", and from a few million extremist religious nutters, it seems I've got the goods to go the next step, and arrest these top-drug-pushers, and to have them brought-in to answer a few HARD questions.

Last time I made mention of this global cock-up, by threatening to throw THREE WHOLE ROCKS onto the roof of the British High Commission here in Canberra, whereafter I entertained the apprehending "Protective Services" officers ("we work for 'the company' said the sergeant?! NOT EVEN COPPERS ANYMORE?!) with a 90 minute tirade on this disssssgussting global situation, the stock market hit a minor slump!


Afterwards, I lept into the Spiritual Realm whence I "sensate" on any particular person's feelings, and I am of NO doubt whatsoever, that Elizabeth of Windsor, Tony Blair, Vlad Putin, Hu Jintao, and George of the Bush, Dick of de Cheney as well as any other notables whom I bothered to cunjure, have no objection to my doing what I herein suggested needs-must be done.

So...., while I'm also at the forefront of the, THE Socio-politico-religious (R)-Evolution here in Australia (why I popped into Cantbearrya), and have the ears and hearts of a majority of Aussies, black white red(neck) and Magpie, etc., and not forgetting the Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus and Nobeliefers, I'd like to put it to the Australian governments on all three levels, to their military and policing forces, and to those who go under the tax-dodge name of "religions", as well to the Common Hoon, that it's time we Arrested the decline.

I would like to impress however, to those who are likely to be in the "firing-line" of my Arrow's of Justice, that from where I see things, Somewhere Up High I'm told, I see that this anachronistic thing called "blame" is only necessary to ascertain the crux of the issues, whence we might be able to Peaceably Resolve them, and that in any Path to Genuine Justice and Resolution, no-one is really to blame. Aye?

As in the South African "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" of the 1990s (?), we must all realise the importance of the so-called "guilty" parties "confessing" to their sins.

I actually believe that Justice does come with some amount of "penance", and that those who have committed a crime, should "do some time" as-it-were.

But surely, even the nastiest crim can see the Beauty experienced once they have expunged the deceptions for their hearts of the crimes, which, when it comes down to it, they or we have had little choice but to commit.

So, short of the whole mob of scum-runners "coming-out" and fronting at the International High Court for their Just Deserts, I'd like to issue a Call to everyone and anyone who is a little bit sick of the big game, for their seeing the horrendous damage it has been and continues to do to Humanity - your Brothers and Sisters - think hard and in an "Elevated" way on becoming a Whistleblower against "The Firm".

If these things, these Acts of Justice, can be begun without malice, or without any illgotten beliefs in the need for "blame", I am firm in my belief that the whole blackmarket of global illegal drugs can be brought Peaceably to "above-the-table status", and Greed, and most other psychoses (sins) akin to such erroneous beliefs that "the end is nigh" can be gotten over quickly.

Morality and Ethics may even have a chance to re-enter the international or "Foreign Policies" arena of that once "Great" Britain, say what, Tony Blah?

Surely, it is obvious that other Political, and Social Reforms of an Huge Measure, will become feasible, and imperative, once this/these issues are Properly Addressed.

Things like one of my quiet "penchants" of "getting the monkey off the backs" of MY People - white, British, African, Asian, Magpie and Aborigine, will be the first step toward an Human Planet, for the first time since before the Fall.

The "monkey", to be clear, is the insane global banking system, run and fabricated as much by the same clubs who've been drugging the world for about the last five squillion years.

The immense amount of money made underground in drugs, and which the likes of the late Kerry pack-'em-and-mull-'em Packer (Australia's richest person, til he passed-over) had no choice but to throw away in casinos, and on trivial pursuits of all manner, would then be legitimised, and may then be turned toward Productive, Planet-Saving Ventures, making it possible for People to NOT HAVE TO work like dogs in massive, heartless factories, producing junk that only adds to the burden Mother Earth already has to carry.

All Strength to Your Arms, Whistleblowers, and Would-Be Human Beings!

Let's DO IT!

May the Perfect Stone, Be Your Inspiration


PS: Don't be worried about the Extra-Terrestrials either. I have a "feeling" they too, are all for the GREEN Light on this, and on the ensuing reduction of consumption of energy and nuclear-type resources, to sustain an unsustainable psychosis. Yep! E.T., I hazard-a-guess, is a Greenie!


500 Aborigine Nations! Australia, 21st Century

500 Aborigine Nations!
21st Century C.E.

by Max Nichols Meredith

This whole article, and the ideas in it, are best approached with a Light Heart, Brothers and Sisters, so, while this may seem to make my concerns superficial or frivolous, I suggest that, while there’s a place in your Hearts for a Better “Fair Go” than the tyrant-up-top offers, embrace these suggestions from me, and treat the whole Process, as an Hypothetical, from puttin’ down th’ bottle, to taking Your OWN Aborigine Nation’s Charter, Constitution, Treatise, whatever, to Canberra, for Presentation to Parliament, as an Hypothetical.

Talk and write in Revolutionary terms, if you feel the need. True Talkin’ is frighteningly revolutionary to whitey, say what Mr British High Commissioner, but make it clear enough that you work in the sense that this is something to do, in trying to stop the rot.

I’ve been talking True to a few coppers and politicians and churchies for a while, and they’re quite happy to listen nowadays, seeing as they are starting to see that their ways are terminal, for everyone.

This document, also, is an Edict, an Instruction, to the policing forces of Australia to not interfere with any Aborigines attempts to Call-Up their Peoples, for this Idea.

Indeed, I ask for all Commissioners to begin work on how they can Assist the Aborigine in this Essential Work.

Aside from the many other things WRONG with our policing forces, such as that they EXIST, “redneckery” has got to go.

Wake-up, Senior Sergeant Dude.

Stand-Up, Aborigine, We’ve all got Work to do, now we Know Who the True Human Beings are!

Australia, the last piece of real estate on Earth yet to be overwhelmed by the tyranny of western “Values” of rip-and-plunder every-possible-thing from the True Owners of conquered Lands, has in some part come to see that there is ONE Fundamental Issue it’s whole population must face – the current plight of the Indigenous Peoples, The Australian Aborigine.

From this, come other Issues of little-less importance:

- “Aboriginal Sovereignty”, which encompasses the Aborigine’s True and Complete Freedom to pursue WHICHEVER Lifestyle they now deem as Best for them,

- the Aborigine’s True and Complete Freedom to pursue WHICHEVER Religious, Philosophical (really a western manifestation not needed in True Aboriginal Culture to the degree of white hyperbola) or Spiritual Way, Path, System of Belief which THEY choose,

- Recognition by non-Aborigines of all Nations, that Australian Aborigines are Human Beings.

This point however, demands expansion.

Since the earliest days of “white”, or western invasion to Australia, the invading governments and authorities so-called, and their occupying foreign populations, have struggled with the preferred beliefs about whether the Black-Fella is-or-is-not a Human Being.

21st century “western science” seems now to have arrived at the conclusion that on this planet, there is in fact NO distinction, no “genetic” difference what-so-ever between different “races”, as described “white”, or “black”, et al. The only difference is the colour of the skin, made-so by much playing in the Sun, I reckon, by the Peoples who slowly-slowly traversed the globe and settled in sunnier climates like Africa and Australia, etc. (However, that doesn’t answer why the northern “Inuit” are often darker-skinned than whitey. Hmmmm?)

Ne’ertheless, we are the same in Essence, be-it the physical “genetic” Essence, or the Spiritual Essence.

It has been the height-of-ignoro-hubris, a la Australia’s white Prime Miniture John Howard’s “white supremacist” ideology, to refuse to face-up to our Sameness, and that mob’s most erroneous conclusion that the Aborigine is NOT a Human Being.

Most “white” Australians today, at last, 218 years after we/they first came, agree with such science, but are left struggling with the Cultural variances, and about how we all might SOON meld into a Balanced Nation.

In the Light of Reason, it can be seen that the invading culture, mainly from Britain and Europe, is severely detrimental to the well-being of the Lands (including all water, fire and atmospheric systems) of this continent. Thus, of course, the same introduced culture is deadly to the Human Beings who have inhabited the continent for many, many more centuries than the last two of whitey.

Further analysis arrives at the facts about the rest of the invading, occupying culture(s), and that much if-not-most of the foundings of that culture are quite awry, quite unsound and indeed wholly dangerous to the furtherance of Life-on-Earth.

Many Indigenous Peoples over the globe, in their own languages, call their own Peoples, including much of their neighbouring mobs “Human Beings”.

In their own Cultures, they stand Tall and True if-I-may, in that they live in Total Harmony with their Lands, and with that of the neighbours, and with their neighbours Right to remain and in their own way, OWN the Lands.

History Australians have not been taught tells the facts about how Asian Peoples from quite some way north of Australia have, for centuries (if-not-…) traded with our Aborigines, and over extended periods.

That such trade was able to continue between the different Cultures and Tribes for so long, makes it a necessity for us to recognise that of the two mobs, one would have been stronger in the senses of physique, weapons and numbers, yet sought not to conquer or degrade the Status of the trading partners –Australian Aborigine.

This clearly (to me) infers that there was a Recognition between the two-or-many groups, that because the other Mob were Honourable in Trade and Relations, and that they were not a culture which sought in-the-main, or-at-all, to degrade it’s own People or their Lands, and were thus Self-Sustaining, Wholistic and Harmonious, and that neither sought to destroy the other, they were rightly called “Human Beings”.

Now, today, things are much different, aren’t they, Judaism?

There is no Fair and Balanced Trade between Nations anywhere on Earth.

The “western” either Anglo-European or American approaches (seated I say in ancient Judaic occultist darkness) are so unbalanced, so discordant, so aggressive, so far removed from ANY True Classification of what it takes to be a True Human Being, that, and this is the Basis of this Document, “white”, “western”, predominantly Jewish and Christian Peoples who partake of the “white” “western” socio-economic models, and as-well of their religious practices, ARE NOT themselves HUMAN BEINGS.

(But of course, their past monarchs regarded themselves as John Howard does of himself. Gods, above all men.)

No-one believes that now, Johnny.

Therefore, a True investigation into the Ways of Australian Aborigine uncovers an Actual Superiority Innate in the Aborigine far-and-away above the “white” “western” invader Peoples, but more definitively far-and-away above the invader’s-culture.

This is not dreamt-up delusions akin to Zionism, or to the plan Cecil Rhodes wrote in his will about the reinstatement of the British Empire, “…across all continents and islands of Earth, a white race…..” (paraphrased) etcetera etcetera, The detailed document of Rhodes’ delusional British supremacist desires from his grave is easily found. I found it in the 1986 publication called “Dope Inc.,” by the Lyndon LaRoache (US Senator) mob.

From this line of Reasoning (as I prefer to see it), in consideration of the current general condition of the Australian Aborigine, and in consideration of the FACT that the white invader cult has been the whole-and-sole cause of the degradation of Aborigine, to what Howard wants whites to believe, that Black Fellas are not Human Beings, arises the Call, to not alone Australia’s “Black Fellas” but all of them/us across the Planet, to as far as possible, REFUSE TO RECOGNISE WHITES AS HUMAN BEINGS.

Heavy, and heady stuff, no doubt.

Most importantly, this arises not from any parochial, racist, bigoted, knowledge-less beliefs or idle speculations as once daily spewed-forth from the likes of the white supremacist “Melbourne Club” in Victoria, or from any ponsey pratts in Oxford or Cambridge, with more time than an HONEST upbringing to conjure-up all manner of deeply-flawed “philosophy” and “ideology” etc.


Those who follow the current generally-termed “white, western” religion, lifestyles or cultures, ARE NOT HUMAN BEINGS.

No, they are not Gods either. Or, if they are, they are evil ones, for they must then deliberately regard all others as inferior and worthy only of oppression and ultimately destruction. Similar to the will of Cecil Rhodes, and that mob from the northern hemisphere………

This, in consideration of the refusal by Australia’s parliamentarians, not just the Liberal rightwing government, to Genuinely Address and Remedy the plight of our Aborigine, makes it by-no-means radical, or extreme, for me to Call all Aborigines to refuse to recognise ANY laws of “white” “western” “Australians”.

HOWEVER, all you “Big Fellas”, “Big Fish” out there in the small ponds of local Tribes must take this with all the Seriousness and Sincerity a “True Fella” Aborigine would, and hereafter NOT incite any kind of attack on the “white” or their/our culture, other than by means Known as Lawful to All.


That old Aborigine “Jesus ben Joseph” (J.C.) knew it and said it on these issues when He said “….Forgive ‘em Lord, for they hain’t got a clue, ‘bout what they do….”

Nevertheless, it is thus irrefutably True that “white” “western” ideology has NO PLACE in Aboriginal Australia, and for that, Aborigines here are NOT BOUND to obey white law.

The True Aborigine did NOT, contrary to the Howardian psychosis, live by the laws of the “Canine”, or other lower-order Beings.

So there is no reason what-so-ever that the Aborigine should or would live under the laws of a tribe of invaders whose morals and ethos, whose intelligence and understanding are so low as to want for and firmly believe that another mob of any Being can be ignored and starved to extinction.

On the contrary, The Aborigine are by Law, by Factual Scientific Inquiry and by the Wisdom of God, the True Human Beings in Australia.

Thus, they are Superior.

Thus, they are the Ones to whom the rest of us must bow. At least in surrendering our fallacious and deadly white, western ideologies about “….who-the-fuck-do-we-think-we-are???”

However…., let us not get ahead of the Gods.

Black Fella goes crazy watching what’s happening to himself, herself, and their People. Underneath they/we all know we, white and Black, are seriously “damaged” as I put it, and that we are all, a long way from the Way of the True Human Being.

Also, let me add that I Truly Believe that there was once, longer ago than 218 years, mu-uch longer ago….., an Whole Nation/group-of-Nations in Britain who were True Human Beings, who once had the Law, and who Lived by it with the Utmost Respect and Reverence, and All-round Harmony.

Optimistically I am prepared to believe that there may still be Alive in Britain, or out in the “empire”, in the British diaspora, a Clan of True Human Beings.

For a True Human Being is NOT just one fella here or there. He/She are not, if their Tribe is not. But occasionally, just once in a million, one or two True Fellas are reborn.


Today, Australian Aborigine has a, THE, Chance to solve all the planet’s “problems” (situations), by combining the current Knowledge on what essentially are “foreign” laws and customs, etc., with their own Deep Traditions and Wise Ways of Living.

Uptil 1788, there were Alive and Beautiful about 500 Aboriginal Nations here on the Australian Continent, and by the above Reason and logic, they must’ve been fairly Wise and Balanced to co-exist for as long as they have over the tens-of-thousands, if-not-hundreds-of-thousands of years.

Even I, the big dispassionate, weep at these kind of tragedy.

How many there are in any tangible form, i.e., in population, alive today, I know not. Perhaps only two hundred are left.

But, they/we are still spread across the Land from Mallacoota to the Bungle-Bungles, and amidst the ongoing evil sustained by JOHN WINSTON FUCKING DOG HOWARD and coven, one or two manages to Get-Up and do themselves Right, by doing their People Right.

The next step, Black Fella, is to Recognise YOUR OWN AUTONOMY, YOUR OWN NATIONAL SOVERIEGNTY, as was before the white darkness descended upon You, and then…….., do this……..

Call a Meeting of all your mob, young and old, leader and follower, Elder and exiled, jailed and drunk, and put it to the meeting that it is now time to rebuild your Group into however-near-to-it-you-can, the Model of Aborigine Law and Government your People once Knew, Understood, Respected and Wholly Lived-by.

Most Aborigine knows the name of the Nation they come from, so this is where you begin.

In this Work, it is important to recognise (how can we not?) that we have lost much, and that we cannot Hope, all of us, to reconstruct the Eden, Aborigine once Knew. Besides, most such attempts would be folly. (Fo-lee! NOT Gary Foley!)

So we need to share our Collectives, be-it Wisdom or material resources.

Where does this lead us? OK.

I’m the new-kid-on-the-block at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra. The “Johnny-come-lately”. I don’t see myself staying there, but you never know?

The Land where the Tent Embassy has existed for 34 years had become degraded, due to slack occupation. Much I reckon, by subversive whites as much as from the broken Black Fellas.

NO BLAME. I came by chance, just after the Aboriginal Tent Embassy Committee had asked everyone to “vacate” the site, and many “skips” had been filled and removed by then, by the few who were there to help.

I’ve listened to the few since, about how things are in terms of the Tent Embassy and it’s future, and there is amongst them a consensus, that this place, the Aboriginal Tent Embassy King George Terrace, Canberra, has to become the Place where all Australia’s Aborigine People can come, not just to doss, and keep-the-numbers-up, or merely (not unimportant) to ruminate over the massive walls stopping survival, etc., but to Coalesce once more, as One Continent of True Fellas, with "Guests" (whitey). The “Guests” is a joke.

I’ve listened to talk about the anger within “factions” and between some, and can tell there’s also TOO MUCH fighting between the males and females over gender issues and Respect for the “other sex”, and about what each of them perceive the Canberra Tent Embassy is for, and it sounds that the rifts go deep.

With Due Respect to those who Hold to the Mean, or who hold to the True Fella Ways, it does sound to me (the “N-K-O-T-B”), something like the "Big Fishes from out there in the small ponds.....", no doubt, doing what they can best perceive as the Best. For them….

Well, everyone’s got their opinions on Law, on what’s True, and what’s Best for………. Everyone.


I write again: This whole essay, article, and the ideas in it, are best approached with a Light Heart, Brothers and Sisters, so, while this may seem to make my concerns superficial or frivolous, I suggest that, while there’s a place in your Hearts for a Better “Fair Go” than the tyrant up-top offers, embrace these suggestions from me, and treat the whole Process, from puttin’ down th’ bottle, to taking Your own Nation’s Charter, Constitution, Treatise, whatever, to Canberra for Presentation to Parliament, as an Hypothetical.

Talk and write in Revolutionary terms, if you feel the need. True Talkin’ is frighteningly revolutionary to whitey, say what Mr British High Commissioner, but make it clear enough that you work in the sense that this is something to do, in trying to stop the rot.

I’ve been talking True to a few coppers and politicians and churchies for a while, and they’re quite happy to listen nowadays, seeing as they are starting to see that their ways are terminal, for everyone.

This document, also, is an Edict, an Instruction, to the policing forces of Australia to not interfere with any Aborigines attempts to Call-Up their Peoples, for this Idea.

Indeed, I ask for all Commissioners to begin work on how they can Assist the Aborigine in this Essential Work.

Aside from the many other things WRONG with our policing forces, such as that they EXIST, “redneckery” has got to go.

Wake-up, Senior Sergeant Dude.

Stand-Up, Aborigine, We’ve all got Work to do, now we Know Who the True Human Beings are!

Start with the front yard, aye?

Tryin' to be True,

Max N. Meredith

Canberra, for a few hours.....



Stanhope defends stance over tent embassy
ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope has denied charges of "political correctness" levelled by Prime Minister John Howard.
Mr Howard has criticised Mr Stanhope's defence of the Aboriginal tent embassy in Canberra in the face of plans to replace it with an educational centre.
Mr Stanhope says he is disturbed that support for reconciliation can be interpreted as political correctness.
"I think there's a live debate we can have about what's politically correct but we're not," he said.
"I find it passing strange and it has to be said that I can be accused of being politically correct for simply wishing to support reconciliation and the right of people around Australia to a fair go."

Legal lobby rejects lawyer immunity abolition plan
The Law Council of Australia (LCA) has rejected a proposal to abolish immunity for lawyers from being sued by their clients.
Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls will ask his state counterparts to consider the proposal at a meeting in Darwin tomorrow.
LCA president John North says the High Court made the right decision last year when it supported the protection of barristers and solicitors from being sued for negligence.
He says the immunity for lawyers against civil claims is necessary to ensure the justice system operates effectively.
"The lawyer is a person to who owes a higher duty to the court," he said.
"They are in a different position to other professional witnesses. They are part and parcel to the system and therefore advocate's immunity is a necessary thing to have."
Mr Hulls says lawyers need to be made accountable to their clients.
"From my point of view, the starting point should be that a client should be able to sue for lost caused by an advocate's negligence," he said.
"So we will be having a general discussion about advocate's immunity. I believe that it should be abolished but it may be that there are some compromises that can be reached along the way."

Labor calls for probe into AFP's 'psychic consultation' reports
Labor's homeland security spokesman Arch Bevis says the Federal Government should conduct a public investigation into reports an Australian Federal Police (AFP) officer consulted a psychic during a key investigation.
Newspaper reports claim the senior officer was suspended after allegedly disclosing classified information to a clairvoyant about a threat to assassinate Prime Minister John Howard.
The AFP has confirmed it is conducting an internal investigation into the alleged security breach.
Mr Bevis says while the use of psychics is on one level humorous, it is a very serious matter.
"It's obviously not part of standard operating procedure to consult a psychic about death threats to senior figures in Australia and the Government really needs to have an open investigation into this so the public need to have their confidence in the AFP maintained by knowing what's happened here," he said.
"You cannot have a situation where our premier crime-fighting organisation is acting in this way and expect the public just to sit back and wear it.
"This really is a B-grade movie script that's been played out in real life and one of the most serious incidents that the AFP could look into a threat against the head of government."

Hicks in solitary confinement: lawyer
A lawyer for Australian Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks says he has learned that his client has had his conditions at the prison camp altered for no reason.
Joshua Dratel understands Hicks is back in solitary confinement.
Mr Dratel, a civilian lawyer, is in Adelaide to meet potential witnesses in the Australian's case and some of his client's supporters.
He says there is no legitimate reason for keeping his client under those conditions.
"They have not provided any explanation and certainly there is not any disciplinary or security interest involved," he said.
"It's a mystery in terms of any specific reason but we think that it's part of the arbitrary and punitive nature of the way that they treat David."
Mr Dratel says the process under which changes at the jail are made is arbitrary.
"All the things that become routine are no longer available," he said.
"Certain psychological aspects of it such as solitary confinement, lack of sunlight are extremely important in keeping one's psyche in order."
A decision is still pending on Hicks's application for British citizenship, which could potentially see him freed.

Labor urges Downer, Vaile to quit
The Federal Opposition says evidence given to the Cole inquiry by the Foreign Affairs Minister and the Trade Minister shows the men are not fit to hold office.
Alexander Downer gave testimony yesterday to the inquiry into $290 million of sanction-breaking payments made by wheat exporter AWB to the regime of Saddam Hussein.
Like Mark Vaile, who appeared before the inquiry on Monday, he said he did not remember reading a series of diplomatic cables relating to allegations against AWB.
Mr Downer also said his department's ability to investigate AWB was limited.
But Labor's foreign affairs spokesman, Kevin Rudd, says Mr Downer and Mr Vaile have been neglectful.
"Mr Downer read none of the cables which were relevant to this scandal, he set up no systems in his department to honour his obligations ... and as a consequence this $300 million scandal unfolded," he said.
"That's why Mr Downer and Mr Vaile are no longer fit to hold office as Cabinet ministers in this government."
Prime Minister John Howard has provided a written statement to the inquiry.
He will find out today if he will be called to give evidence in person.
AWB challenge
Meanwhile, AWB has asked the Cole inquiry to return a draft apology by former managing director Andrew Lindberg.
AWB has told the Federal Court in Melbourne the documents are covered by legal professional privilege and should not have been given to the commission.
AWB says a decision could affect access to thousands of other documents.
The hearing has been adjourned until April 24.
In other developments:
An international relations academic says the Federal Government had an obligation to ensure Australian companies did not breach United Nations sanctions on Iraq.


Who wants to Talk “DRUGS!”?
Bush Tries to Rally Senior Interest in Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Saying It's 'A Good Deal'
"It doesn't cost a dime to look and you're going to save money," said Bush, who is hosting another Medicare prescription drug event on Wednesday at Northern Virginia Community College in suburban Washington.
Democrats opposed to the program (the new Medicare prescription drug benefit) claim the plan was written by lobbyists and will cost nearly double what the president first claimed $700 billion during the next decade compared with early estimates of $400 billion over 10 years.
"As seniors around the country know, a drug program written by the special interests and for the special interests is fundamentally flawed," said Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. "It's the wrong prescription for Medicare, and seniors deserve better."
Bush is working to turn the nation's attention to his domestic agenda as his presidency continues to be dogged by ongoing violence in Iraq and persistent questions surrounding the White House's role in the leaking of sensitive prewar intelligence.
Bush's job approval rating is stuck in the 30s, which is not helping the GOP as it works to retain control of Congress in this year's midterm elections.

Jus tripping through this last article, has one think “?” “Faaark!?”
“….Democrats opposed to the program (the new Medicare prescription drug benefit) claim the plan was written by lobbyists and will cost nearly double….”

Jus’ like the foray into Australia’s health care system, and the U.S. pharmaceuticals-rah-rah-rah take-over of much of our health, young G.W. Bush, with his dumb-ya-alexer’ pharmaceutical pills like “Zyprexa” (or “Olanzapine”) from his own family’s pharma-corporation “Eli-Lily”, “lobbyists” are hard-at-it in the USA to win more already severely dumbed-down American’s minds.

Can we, the Authorities, The People, (including the meeeeedear!) manage our way through the current “virulent” (?) global crisis/crises of:
-Republican fundamentalist materialist (read-‘mammon’) consumer-christianity, (bad magical drugs) set to “wipe-out” Life-on-Earth, through either the Jewish “Mutually Assured Destruction” “M.A.D.” policies of right-wing Israeli “self defence” (?), or via their terminal-overconsumption of the air, an’ water, an’ fire, an’ oil,
-“Global” “Democrats”, principally Britain, China and their inbetween-man Vlad Putin, drugging the U.S.A., and other strategic nations with heroin, Marijuana etc., to ruin the western materialist delusions of “where-to-find-Happiness”,
-GW Bush’s apparent awakening to Earth’s need to GO GREEN! I.e., Getting the US off the dark horse of capitalist-mammon-ism (“SSSsslipping-back-in-the-field”),
-China’s Head-of-State, Wen Jiabao, after his recent visit to Astraylia, said something about having eventually to “get-off the energy-train” of western materialist consumerism-read “END-OF-PLANET!” ideology and it’s (plural) political sewerage, like our blessed-lil- Prime Miniture, Joh-[Freudian-typo]-bob-menzies-in-disguise-Winston Howard’s policies to:

HUMAN BEINGS (he’s a god remember!),
-the “immunity” given to outright and utter-utter-utter liars-read-lawyers,
-the increasing shattering of all Human Communities by BAD political policies, materialistic ideologies-on-the-run from near-totally endarkened minds with tooooo much unearned wealth-thus-military-might, and a christian crusade to act-out,.
-the quite unbelievable stretching-out-with-extensions…., of the hiding of the RELEVANT FACTS surrounding and behind the current newsy-bits of the now globally infamous “AWB” kickbacks,

-the highly likely LINKS between the AWB funny-money business, our politicians, Liberal and Labor, Britain’s, China’s the utterly erroneous mainstream “western” approach to the Earth’s Natural resources like Iraqi oil, and the concomitant defence-by-attack-needs for uranium, and the MAIN GAME of massive global drugs prohibition-thus-marketplace?
AND…………. Mr David Hicks’ totally illegal incarceration in CUBA?

Yes! I reckon we can…..