Our ABC of People Smuggling

Our ABC of People Smuggling
by Max Earth
Saturday 30th May 2009.

In Australia, it is a sin of the worst kind to fight for the PLANET before for one's own egomaniarse, which is why so many of us are ready, willing and able to be traitors in how we abuse the land, and Her Peoples.
Wanting something to bitch about, today I picked on "Our ABC" media corporation, because it has been selling Australians (and ME) out for decades. Just like several supposed "Hippies" in Nimbin, New South Wales....

Having been suspicious that the ABC corporation was involved in my “unwalled capture” of the last eleven to fifteen years, for about ten years, I recently unearthed an illegal immigration scam, which had been happening for a few years, perhaps for upto 30 years, in the Nimbin northern NSW region.

As I was tired of the ABC taking my suggestions and making money out of them, via television programs (Seachange, etc), this time I went straight to the federal Department Minister via email, elucidating the evidence about rich Europeans getting easy-entry into Australia via our rotten Customs and Immigration department, the thoroughly corrupt locals of the 'hippy' “Rainbow region”, “Multiple Occupancy” communities and the NSW police.

The result being that, hush-hush, the federal government announced a reduction in “skilled immigration”.


However, I suspect that several staff at the ABC were only too eager to have those few articles drop off the radar, and mainly because the ABC had themselves innumerable times, used the Nimbin easy-entry route to “God's Own” country.

As Nimbin may have been closed as a Eurapean richkids queue-jumping portal, will the quality of ABC journalism go down, for not being able to offer 30 pieces of silver to connected upper-class British journos? 30-pieces of silver to stay silent about their major secret Catholic fraud.

There's not a prominent ABC radio or TV journalist who doesn't know about this immigration network, and as likely know someone who has won permanent residence..., and a cush job at the ABC via it.

What does this make of our supposedly elite Australian journalists, if they, like the many capitalizing in Nimbin off the rich-Euro-touro industry, are selling the nation short to their upper-class Brit-Euro mates, at the expense of all Aussies who are drowning in debt just trying to live in a house, in the country of their birth?

Traitors! That's one charge against them.

Treason, against their own Nation and People.

Do we notice how “all smiles” they are?

It is also made obvious why the ABC does not address the vital economic issues of Land Rights and Ownership, and the mathematical, scientific, economic FACTS about distribution. Their ""business reports" are mainline farce! They are under the control of their Brit-Eurapean whiteskin mates, to keep all Australia's land for them.

Philip Adams!

Geraldine Doogue!

Norman Swann!

Robin Williams!

Mark Scott!


As the most important issues to Humanity today are still swept aside by the editors high-up in the halls of media power, such as immigration, leading to questions of the veracity of international borders etc; Human Rights, on the only planet we have; honest and ethical economics and land distribution for the survival of the whole species, and-on, and-on...., it becomes clear that “Our ABC” is not ours at all, but an agent of totally racist, uncaring and alien rich Eurapean and British brats. Many, worryingly, are also Catholics..., and there are now plenty of catholics living in the lantana and marijuana around Nimbin....., I can assure you.

As to how many of them are legal immigrants....? But they'll be alright once the ABC finds a nice-little-earner ”skilled” slot for them.

Clearly, an Australian educated in one of our government schools will never make the grade for Aunty. But surely, the ABC struggles to employ technicians and reporters indoctrinated in their own pro-Roman Australian private schools?

I suppose, the Aussies can't pay the Customs and Immigration $100,000 for a cheap resident's visa, and they surely don't have that ….very good for radio... exotic “twang” in their strine accents, aye?

As for that “je neu se pa”!

Bugger orff!

Will any Australians stand-up against our precious up-club ABC media latte corporation and have them answer the allegations of being traitors to us all?

(Of course, Kerry Packer's Channel Nine was clean as a convent, right?)

It is tragic that so many Australians including senior ABC personalities, are only too eager to act as traitors by agreeing to aid-and-abet illegal immigrants from the wealthy world, whose only wish is to take for a relatively low price, what most Aussies struggle to afford, serving themselves and to make it more impossible for Native Australians to secure a piece of land and thus any chance at a balanced and uplifting life for their progeny.

These revealing and shattering facts about the voices we hear and love each day on “Our ABC” make it very hard for Australians to have ANY respect for “authority” and for those who say to our faces, ie., on-screen and radio, that we can trust them to tell us the facts.....

“What has the Minister for Telecommunications to say about THIS....?”


Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien
aka Max Nichols Cook
aka Max No Difference

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform.

Reforests of Godolonia,



"...IF YOU DARE...!?"


Catholicism-nay-Christianity is Medieval

Catholicism-nay-Christianity is Medieval.
by Omaxa bin Eartha
Saturday 23rd May 2009.

Being the expected messiah, as well as the expected anti-christ, PLUS thus far I have recently been led to believe my dear old and seriously mentally ill mother and her seriously medieval nuns of St Joseph's convent in Melbourne Australia, think, or have convinced themselves and the wider christian world, that I am of the blood of Jesus (which I place no importance on, mainly because most all of the attention on myself as a savior is fabricated bullshit, involving gross deceptions, multiple murders and attempted murders in order to sustain an untrue myth) I nevertheless reckon I'm qualified to write and speak on the disasters which have arisen and now threaten most all life on Earth, arisen because of those who subscribe to both a returned christ, and to the anti-christ.

I was reading Bigpond news yesterday and came across an article which was headlined “Irish authorities ignored child abuse”.

Here it is:

Irish authorities ignored child abuse
Thursday, May 21, 2009 » 06:56pm

Thousands of children living in Irish Catholic-run institutions were subjected to decades of horrific abuse while authorities did nothing, a report reveals.

The long-awaited report, released in Dublin on Wednesday, outlined the terror of rampant sexual abuse, rapes and beatings inflicted on thousands of children over a 60-year period by priests, nuns and lay staff.

But it said while complaints were made, government and church officials did nothing to stop the abuse, choosing instead to punish children who complained or transfer pedophiles and other perpetrators to new institutions.

The findings were based on a nine-year inquiry by the Commission to Inquire Into Child Abuse which heard evidence from 2,500 men and women who used to live at Catholic reform schools, workhouses, orphanages and other children's homes.

But some victims said while the 2,500-page report vindicates their claims about the widespread abuse they suffered, they were disappointed at the report's failure to name perpetrators or recommended any charges.

'It didn't go far enough, it didn't give us justice,' spokesman John Kelly, who spent two years in care, told reporters.

'We need to see those who committed the abuse, who are alive, prosecuted.

'This inquiry is deeply flawed, it's incomplete and many might call it a whitewash.'
Several of the 100 institutions investigated by the commission were run by the Sisters of Mercy and Christian Brothers.

Many abuse victims fled Ireland as soon as they were old enough to start a new life in Britain, Australia and the United States.

One of the report's shocking findings was that sexual abuse was 'endemic in boys' institutions', where children were subjected to improper touching, fondling and violent rapes.

'Nevertheless, each instance of sexual abuse was treated in isolation and in secrecy by the authorities and there was no attempt to address the underlying systemic nature of the problem,' it said.

'The management did not listen or believe children when they complained ... At best, the abusers were moved, but nothing was done about the harm done to the child.

'At worst, the child was blamed and seen as corrupted by the sexual activity, and was punished severely.'

Girls were also preyed on by male employees and visitors, but they were more likely to suffer 'pervasive, severe, arbitrary and unpredictable' corporal punishment.

The report said the Department of Education knew 'violence and beatings were endemic' within the institutions.

'Children lived with the daily terror of not knowing where the next beating was coming from,' it said, adding they were regularly belittled, ridiculed, criticised and humiliated.

Girls and boys also endured poor standards of care, often going hungry while wearing threadbare or wet clothes.

The report made 21 recommendations for the Irish government, including building a permanent memorial to victims as well as providing them with counselling and improving Ireland's child protection services.

The head of the Catholic church in Ireland, Cardinal Sean Brady, said he was 'profoundly sorry and deeply ashamed that children suffered in such awful ways in these institutions'.

Christian Brothers spokesman Reverend Edmund Garvey said the religious congregation was 'deeply sorry' for the hurt caused to so many children.

'In advance, the Christian Brothers apologise openly and unreservedly to all those who have been hurt either directly or indirectly as a result of the deplorable actions of some Brothers, or by the inaction or inappropriate action of the congregation as a whole,' he said.

The Sisters of Mercy also apologised, saying: 'We accept that many who spent their childhoods in our orphanages or industrial schools were hurt and damaged while in our care.'

Now, these are very serious crimes, none of which I doubt, and they beg the question; “What, were the agenda behind such wide-scale abuses?”

Did they come from higher-up in the cult hierarchy, with some utterly perverted aim?

As said in my opening paragraph about the unsubstantiated rumors about me-the-messiah, I can see a link between these malpractices by the church in Ireland and the malpractices which I have endured via the agency of my mother for her agenda ridden and deeply stupid convent, an Irish catholic convent.

We all know well that the catholic church and the protestant have been seriously into abusing their victims, be-they orphaned children or local parishioners. But rarely if ever do we hear anyone taking the scenario further into “why?” this cult-wide horror occurs.

From my own experience, I KNOW that the church has, for perhaps 1700 years, perhaps just for one hundred years, known that the Messiah concept is false, indeed, that the Messiah concept is an evil fraud upon Humanity. I have waxed long to myself about how the church and those who stood to gain from the fabrication of a messiah might have discussed the issue between themselves.

Surely, anyone can see that after say, 1600 years of “waiting for Jesus”, and after 1600 years of building up a global force based on a load of shit, or “shite” as this goes to the fecking Iorish, which told the masses to quietly and passively accept their lot, and place ALL their faith and a lot of their time, money AND LAND in what the priest told them, a hell-of-a-lot was riding on some messiah thing actually happening? Surely it is well within Reason to come to the conclusion that the church had tooo much to lose, if the FACTS about Jeshua ben Joseph (J.C.) came out, and if the FACTS about any purported messiah returning were exposed?

With so much invested in bullshit, the church elders I guarantee would have employed every force they could, to protect their precious myths against exposure.

But which “forces” would they have employed?

Well, as everyone in Australia has been dumbed-down by the very same religious scum, so-as to maintain domination over them, so the masses would not revolt against the coupled tyranny of bad cult beliefs and brutal and demonic super-elite's political agenda, agenda such as making-out that Australia is a christian nation, thus all it's property “really” belongs to Rome, until relatively recently many of us had no idea how the occult, that is witchcraft, supernatural or “magic” power was being deployed against us.

But oh-yes-indeedy Janelle, the occult was very much being used on our unwitting minds.

As with all cultures, a number of people have their third-eye open, and most of them, who are not mere puppets to a puppet master, can see a fraud a mile away. But, most of those who are awake to the occult or fourth dimension, who see the reality behind such pernicious myths of a returned Jesus coming to your church SOON, realize that it is very dangerous to speak-out against the fraud, for the church has been utterly ruthless in keeping the truth hidden, and should they hear that someone with some knowledge about these matters is talking about it, they will silence or kill them realquik.

But this is why the Irish catholic church was abusing children. Not only because the clergy were seriously perverted themselves, but because the punitive church was trying desperately to awaken the occult powers in the victims, both so the priests etc could manipulate them remotely, but, I put it, so that they might find one who they can totally manipulate into believing they are Jesus returned.

As the black book tells us, Jesus had extraordinary powers, which have always been referred to as “miracles”. Ho-ho-ho! What it also only briefly touches on, is that Jeshua as a youngster was to be found in the Temple, having elevated conversations with the Rabbis, who, it says, were astounded at his Wisdom.

What the black book does not tell us, is that JC was but a puppet to either one elder priest, or indeed to a whole coven of them, with the agenda of....., well, what exactly?

I've heard more than once the saying that Jesus was “...just a good little Jewish boy...”, from Jews, Woody Allen one, and a Rabbi from the "Brni Brith" Jewish sect another. It is a relatively common saying amongst Jews. What it is saying to we ignorant christians, is that Jeshua was hypnotized by the Rabbis to perform exactly as he did. Exactly why they were doing this I can't say, of course, but considering the events of the day in Judea, with the Romans invading, taking over and threatening the Hebrew cult, Culture and Peoples, it is most likely that the worried Rabbis, no doubt themselves rather masterly in the occult or Kabbalistic magic, were able to divine how things would go in the future, and how to effect the guaranteed survival of their ways.

To occult masters, “time” is not anything like how we of the white western world see it. In the de-scaled world and mind of the occultist, time is all one, and with the right mental talents, the past, present and future do not exist as separate from each other. “Time travel” is one way of naming a deeper reality, where with our mind's eye open we are able to bring into our present view, events of the past and of the future. So talented Rabbis could easily see which path they should take in effecting the survival of Judaism. Therefore it is easy to see that they understood the Roman invasion, and that this method of ensuring Judaism's survival was how it had to be done.

So “Jesus”, the “... good little Jewish boy....” was built to play the role of “patsy” for the Hebrews.

Jesus was made into a good little Jewish boy by none other than the persistent employment of the occult powers of suasion upon his mind, by the Rabbis. And haven't the Jewish peoples had a wonderful time of it since. Not without great tragedies, it must be said...., but looking at the world of super-wealth and power on Earth today (banking and finance, mining, real estate etc), the Jews are as often way up there enjoying the fruits of their labors with the richest peoples. It is also not a coincidence that the Jews have long been the religious guides for many royal houses and courts throughout the now dominant global forces of Britain and Eurape, and thus, the beneficiaries of such positions. This all stemming from their very clever little plot to send a disciple of Jeshua's, Peter, to Rome to start a branch office. Must therefore we ask how the early pre-Nicean followers of Jeshua, persecuted in events like being “..thrown to the lions...” were able to endure and to even placate the ravenous lions against having them for supper?

“It wuz a MIRACLE from GOD!!!” Like hell it wuz a miracle from God!

Paul Hogan, the Australian actor who starred as “Crocodile Dundee” in the movie of the same name, showed us well how a man can win against a beast and by the powers of the mind alone, subdue it to it's knees.

I speak to animals, and sometimes one knows they understand. This is not a fervent imagination as the deniers of magic would retort, but merely, or super-specially, the power to link with other life forms on the level of the mind, above the levels of sound and sight, to which the dumb-as-a-NSW-copper...., er.., christian masses would make-out.

This is a magic power, exactly the same power as used by the demonic catholic cult for some 1700 years, to either suppress someone, have them do or believe what the magician/occultist wants, to send them insane (“insanity”: loss of control of one's own mind, usually by or to another person), to change events to suit a plan or such, etc.

So, in regard to any returned messiah, in regard to most any of the errant religious, economic or political beliefs and theories which have become accepted dogma today, and in regard to “why?” the catholic and other churches have been guilty of abusing children in their orphanages etc., it is quite clear that the occult has been behind much-if-not-all of it.

The occult, of course, with a deadly serious agenda. Power.

Now, there is a type of magician who is regarded as “a natural”, in that their occult powers apparently are awakened without any special effort on or of their own behalf. We generally call them “White Witches”.

Others, who have the powers awake, may not necessarily be “White” as the term implies. They can be of a benign nature, and, blessed with an easy life, have no drive to be aggressive or evil. Many do not even know they have the extraordinary powers, and thus, don't try to increase them.

But, some, who find they have “unusual” occult powers, can become fascinated by it, and go to extraordinary efforts to increase them. Again, for power, egomaniacal power, usually over others.

In times passed, each Tribe had a “Shaman” or “Witch Doctor” who worked with expertize in the occult realms, and whose primary job it was to maintain the necessary balance between the Human, Earthly Realm, and the higher, fourth dimensional realm, and it's Creatures, lower and Higher than Humans, and Gods, of the occult worlds.

In times of balance, well before the Jewish/Christian colonialist expansion from about the 1400s-on, well before Moses and obviously before Adam Kadman fell out of his Tree, Humans were attuned to the Spiritual, occult realms, knew how to live, breed, forage and enjoy the worlds, without upsetting the “balance” between themselves, their Tribes and the other phenomena of the other worlds.

Wisdom would have been their on-hand guide in the Sojourn of life. The three divisions of time were not. All time was one. The Present. The world was a magic place, and in the main, for the Peoples, Peace and Joy reigned.

There was not the need or danger to awaken their child's occult powers.

As with the Wiser Tribes of Earth, uptil recent Judeo-christian degradations, the Australian Aborigine, the Africans, north and south American Indians, Subcontinental Indians, “Middle-Eastern” Arabs, Chinese and the rest, there were definite “roles” for each member of the Tribe or Nation, from the very young to Elder States-Persons. Initiation into adulthood was the most important part of a person's Growth, and was treated with the utmost Sincerity and Respect by all.

But in what we generally refer to as “the western world”, “the 1st world” or “the Judeo-Christian world”, sometime between then and the today of this Earth year we tag as 2009CE, the plot was lost by the powers-that-be, in the Human realm.

Shaman of Local and small National Tribes were driven to extinction by the marauding Roman Empire's armies, made so by the definite intentions of Rome itself. These intentions, which now pave the road to Hell, were that the Roman pagan cult of Osiris, which held the reins in the old Roman Empire, should have not only control of the Earthly realms, but also of the occult realms.

The Osiris cult, in the 3rd century CE was losing ground to the “cleaner” Hebrew cult brought there by “Saint Peter”, which was fast growing in Rome, and could no longer be ignored.

Early Christianity was a progressive belief system, and was still part of the Hebrew mob, a mob whose Rabbis had a more elevated view of the world. More elevated in that it was able to Divine a better relationship with the Supreme Powers of the Universe. Thus, it was able to employ the occult in more powerful ways.

Power had come to be abused by the hierarchy of Rome to the point where injustice ruled. Wherever the occult is abused, degradation of the society and of the culture is the only result, making for chaos and wide-spread suffering. Thus, people were seeking after a better way for society to function.

In the early days of this new and successful cult, it's Teachings were Gnostic, as opposed to the opposite system which demanded subjugation to the high priests and corrupted beliefs.

Gnosticism is the Path to Inner Enlightenment, where the Adherent is Guided into finding their own Superior Powers, thus, by Proper Religious Practices, one was in Full Communion with this ethereal Spirit, we now know as “God”. There was no need for high priests living elsewhere. The Local Shaman or Priest knew the Path for their People, and was able to be the Guide and Counsel to them. As with all organizations, as they grow, they cannot help but become forced to comply with the more brutal political powers of the day. So Christianity or the Hebrew cult followers of Jeshua ben Joseph, while growing in the Roman Empire, still had to acquiesce to the dominance of the Roman religious and political hierarchy, until it was eventually subsumed into a newer version of paganism. We read history of these days which tells us that it was the other way around, where Rome became “Christian”.

Alas, with the discoveries in the 20th century of texts and Scriptures like the “Dead Sea Scrolls” and others, which tell a very different story of what Jeshua was actually Teaching, we know Jeshua was NOT Teaching that we are powerless and sinners, but that we are “all the same”, indeed, the same in-Essence, as the Superior Light of God, and that, with the Proper Disciplines, Self Disciplines, we are able to be One with God. Attaining to That State, we are thence Qualified to access God's very-much-more Superior Powers.

However Power, I think, was not what Jeshua was about, other than to have superior power over the dangers of the world which then, and now, prevail. Power, which was not ours to employ for our own benefit or excitement, but for the betterment of the Group. For without a Healthy Group, the individuals in that Group cannot be free, or in any sense, Genuinely Happy and Contented with their Life.

This is simple Logic, Attained to by Reason, which is only found through Right-mindedness.

Right-mindedness is where the person lives not in contradiction to the Earthly and Cosmic Balance.

This is not a commercial “winner”, as commerce, even in the past, depends upon the customer being unsatisfied with their lot, thus are or must be, ever-desirous of MORE! More of this-and-that. More material comforts and thrills. More esteem from others who prescribe to materialism, and thus apparently, giving the person greater self-esteem. A self-esteem which grows out of the WRONG belief that Happiness can be bought and found in either a material possession (which invariably come actually to “possess” the person), or by becoming part of a group with the same principles.

Self-esteem depends muchly upon feeling “secure”

I've called the adherents to such materialism, as grew out of this mixture of religious and political chaos and interfusion, the “golden calf tribe”.

Such Spiritually poor people and nations have either lost the plot of finding Inner Peace, or are forced to abandon their Methods and Practices to whichever political power wins the day.

So it was in the 3rd and 4th centuries after ben Joseph. So it has been, perhaps forever, but certainly since the 4th century “Councils of Nicea”, which under the auspice of Emperor Constantine, came to place the political objectives of Rome above the Spiritual objectives of True Religion, or of the True Religious person.

From what I've gleaned over the years, political power was important in ancient Rome especially, because, I wax, the masters of that European universe, and as well, many below them, knew that the world was ever in flux, and that chaos and degradation of (perhaps inflated egoistic) self-beliefs were the groups, and the individuals greatest enemy.

A Nation, Tribe or Group may well, with the Right Guidance, Attain to God's Peace in their own Hearts and in their social culture, to the point where military might and power were known to be a wrong path, which in the end would fail the lot of them. However, this was a ludicrous road or path to follow and live-by, while one was never able to be secure in those beliefs and cultural practices, while a hostile neighbor-nation or warlord, envious of, threatened by, or merely after the group's land, gold, diamonds, pretty women and general wealth, was readying themselves across the border, to invade, plunder and destroy their ways and themselves.

As it was in those old days, whence grew the consideration, by the Emperors and Senators et al, that their duty was to bring order to the world. Their own world or republic or kingdom, no matter how powerful it's armies might have become, could not attain to any Genuine peace, while such external threats remained. Hostility toward such threats was more out of self-defence than from a morbid hatred of “the other”.

Thus it came about that, with Rome's accrued military power, the rulers believed they should subdue, conquer and bring their brand of order to the whole world. For that was the only way they could guarantee security, and thus ultimately Peace for their own Peoples.

Noble intentions, one might say.

Yes. But....,

The Laws of Nature are Laws of their own, and rarely, if ever, are the laws of man Higher and Better. Simple Natural Laws as prevail in what we call “economies-of-scale” will always come to dominate over man-made laws and beliefs, and this is what has interceded in Rome's ancient plan to win control of the whole planet. For the variances of life on Earth are such that no single authority can hope to maintain order constantly, or for any extended length of time over such a broad spectrum of a diverse Human world.

There are Natural Laws which men can recognize and Respectfully obey. These may be called Laws of God, but again, while there's a bunch of “lost” and desperate men hungering for that which they cannot describe, but know they have lost, across the way, intent on invading, it is near impossible for any power, be they the Local Council of Elders, or the Holey Roming Empire, to keep the people, all the people, happy to live according to those High Laws.

Why the elders of Rome could not see this, is a moot point. Power, as we hear, corrupts. And absolute power, corrupts absolutely. So it was in old Rome, where their “...shadows grew taller than their Souls...”,and they were thus deluded into believing that they could conquer and thereafter manage the whole Human population on Earth.


This is the essence behind why the Roman church became what is has been for around 1600 years. Well before Nicolo Machiavelli scribed “The Prince” in about the 14th century CE, dealing with the necessary approach of the Principality's Ruler (or Prince) to keeping the Principality secure, the Romans recognized that deception, combined with constant pressure in the form, wherever necessary, of brute force, was essential for the fulfillment of their master plan.

I think that they failed to understand that Life on Earth was not quite so conquerable, and that wherever they sought to dominate, there would always be some measure of resistance from those they want to subjugate. Not only stubborn and unintelligent resistance, but Clear, very Awake, Intellectually and Philosophically Sound Resistance.

Alas! Mohamed!

Alas! William Wallace!

Alas! Oliver Cromwell!

Alas! Me?

Me, because I've come to see through the scheming of my quite insane mother and her medieval convent nuns, guided I suspect by one “Irish” Archbishop Daniel Mannix of the Melbourne diocese in the 1930s.

Because I've come to see that they, mum and the nuns, have been in my head, with the deluded deployment of their really quite astray and intelligence-free Catholic occult powers, in order to make manifest, the subject of the cults long advertised rumors that “JESUS IS COMING BACK!” whence we, the moronic lost sheep of Judeo-Christianity, can relax all of our own inner conflicts about how we ignobly live, because we'll all be alright and “SAVED!” when Jesus gets here!

Getting, at last (pant-pant!) back to the article I wuz inspired to write this on, about the Irish catholics seriously abusing children, while they have always steered me away from investigating or playing with the, my, own inner occult powers, I suspect so that they could maintain control over me, and keep me as their returned puppet, they have also inflicted constant and often quite vicious occult forces upon my mind and Soul.

This is the hidden side of the abuse they committed against those poor Irish kids, because it's quite clear to me, that such occult force, trauma and physical and psychological pain effects one's nerve-centres, glands (“Chakras” in Hindi or perhaps Sanskrit, the ancient language of the far-advanced “eastern” Religious worlds of India, Tibet, et al) to the point where one's own occult powers are awakened.

And what would a returned Jesuss be, if he/she, could not perform “MIRACLES!”?

Miracles enough to counter and conquer Rome's enemies here and in the 4th dimension.

As I've so brashly stated that I'm the returned Gee(that's)SUSS, surely you will know I'm making a mockery of the church and it's deceptions-nay-CRIMES-AGAINST-HUMANITY. I utterly reject any such notion of 1, a messiah, and 2, that I am herrim, but want emphatically to make it clear that such an idea has been “toyed-with” by the errant cults of the “Land of Tall Shadows” of Britain and Eurape for probably around 1600 years.

Thus I put-it that they have been deploying, mal-employing (?) the occult upon the minds of their captured nubiles, hoping that one of them will have the perceived, or dreamt-up qualities fitting the concept of a messiah.

We know, as the saying goes, mental asylums are full of Jesus's. Quite deluded, by-far-the-most-of-them, no doubt. But alas? Their perceived insanity is what exactly, if it is not a state of mind where they have lost control of their mind, as said, to the manipulations of some other person's mis-or-mal-employment of the occult?

Most all such manipulations are done for nefarious purposes, and no less nefarious have been the errant abuses performed by the clergy of Ireland's catholic preists, nuns, clerics and spell-bound practitioners.

In light of this, assuming these pages have any merit, it can no longer be ignored, that today's church has been exposed as a danger to the Human race, and indeed to all life on Earth, because this concept of a grand leader, ONE BLOKE, ruling over all of Humanity, is a terribly deceptive means of grabbing total control over all people, by an errant and deeply deluded cult, but especially over all their own Land, and it's bounteous riches.

Humanity is way-passed the time for a 21st century Inquisition into the teachings, practices and secretive behavour of ALL purportedly CHRISTIAN cults, methinks.

Today, we have more than enough evidence proving that catholicism is a fraud.

But why stop at catholicism?!

After years of my own inquiries and studies into the veracity of religion in general, it is clear that catholicism is not the only errant cult seeking to “own the world”.

I mentioned the Great William Wallace of 14th century Scotland, as being an opponent of such fraudulent catholic centrism, who was an early “Father” of today's Freemasons.

He, and the Great Robert the Bruce may well have been True and Correct Adherents of the Gnostic Teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph, but there can be no doubt that they, or their cult too, have “lost the plot”. For what we see as opposing catholicism in today's Protestant cults, is but a much-lowered set of Principles to those of the Elders of Religious Purity, a la, ben Joseph, Moses, Buddha, Lao Tze, and perhaps Most Profoundly, the Australian Aborigine.

It is quite likely no coincidence that I also have Australian Aborigine “Blood”, that the catholics were involved in the slaughter of my great grandparents in South Gippland, Victoria, Australia in the 1890s, and the capture or stealing of my Grandfather “Donald Sutherland “Willis”, and his so-called “siblings” Alf and Ivy “Willis” as young children, their removal and settlement in Melbourne, the further “stealing” of my mother “Adrienne Helen 'Willis'” from her father (Donald Sutherland Willis), and her incarceration in St Joseph's convent in Melbourne, thus eventually, my illegitimate birth to her and her extramarital lover “Boxer O'Brien”, and the horrors I have endured for 54 unexplained years.

I say this, because as I have been “built” by these nuns, no doubt with the direct involvement and ongoing influence of the Scottish “Sutherland” clan (hence Donald “Sutherland” Willis, Sutherland being Grandpa Don Willis's mother's maiden name, as best as I can determine, having been told nothing true about any of my mother's family history), the errant and megalomaniacal catholics, in-bed with the probably Protestant Sutherland Scots, I firmly believe, were so intent upon being able to claim Australia as a “Christian” nation, that this would have been secured if they could fool the world into believing that GeeSUSS had returned to the world with Australian Aborigine Blood (big-”B”,' cause THEY ARE the Royal Peoples of Planet Earth, I assert! If so, then they could have claimed that Aborigine Australia was a part of “Christ's people!” Thus..., tah-dummm! Australia's LAND, belongs to the Brit-Eurapean peoples and their church.

No way Hozay!

Australia, if it has such a phenomenon we call “religion” is indisputably of the Aborigine Way.

So, I say again, the world MUST DEMAND a 21st century, Scientific, Evidence-based Inquisition into all religions that have grown out of the “northern peoples” of Earth, in Europe and Britain.

With the most serious wars of the last several centuries on Earth having been fought between the two psychotic Judeo-Christian cults – Catholicism and Protestantism – (the state of “Israel” and the ongoing shitfight in the Middle East, being a fabrication of Britain's “Zionist” Protestants being behind the “Nazi” phenomenon!), while they are free to dominate global affairs, arrogantly (ie., an arrogance only surpassed by their ignorance) assuming for themselves their “superiority” over “niggers” and “slant-eyes” Et Al, Humanity will be ever-thrust deeper/lower into it's own premature destruction.

May I remind MISTER Carl Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedictus 16, that he and his errant cult in Truth, have NO RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY over any other peoples OR THEIR LAND, than his own in Europe, and that it is way passed time for him to come forth and answer questions about the Veracity, in today's Evidence-based Scientific court, of the totally corrupt cult known to the world as “Catholicism”.

As I say, Protestantism must also come under the same scrutiny, and also Judaism.

Not because I have been so offended by their stupidity and brutal behavior toward myself, but that this near destroyed Human world may actually do something toward minimizing our collective demise.

For it is not alone politics (WESTERN, that-is Judeo-Christian politics!) and it's inherent failures, fraudulences and outright crimes which so threaten life on Earth, but the underlying CULTURE which has it's foundations in ancient, outdated and now known to be false “religions”, or “cults”.


Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw, for
GLOBAL Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform.
Reforests of Godolonia
Uluruba (Australia)


Internet a criminal fraud on the public

To: The Telecommunications and Internet Ombudsman

My name is Max Nichols Cook, known also as "Omaxa bin Eartha".

For simplicity, let us use Max Cook in any communications.

After owning a laptop for about ten months, with a Telstra Wireless Broadband USB "stick" connection, after several years using public internet and computing facilities, I have come to the conclusion that this whole "internet" system of communication is fraught with criminal deceptions. Most all commercial criminal deceptions.

As our nation is riddled-indeed-completely-disemboweled by corruption, one should be able to accept that in this falling economic perversion we call Australia, corruption and criminal deception, both in culture and commerce have the nation in it's apparently unrelenting grip, and that there is nothing any of us can do to clean-it-up, nor to even avoid it.

Dealing with the "telco's" being no exception.

Unfortunately for myself, I was raised to address the REALPolitik issues of our times, to get to the bottom of "why?" Humanity is as morally and ethically abject as it has become.

I have done over thirty years of research into this general area of inquiry, focusing upon not-so-much "corruption" as-it-were, but on what constitutes Good Government.

The answers I have uncovered are both Enlightening and destroying to the Soul.

Further to this now seemingly rather pointless life of mine, I have uncovered a, THE...., "Classic" conspiracy. Not a theory, (though Mel Gibson played myself in a spoof Hollywood movie called "Conspiracy Theory"), but hard cold brutal fact.

Near-totally disspiriting to my Will, is the added trauma I must now deal with, unassisted and ignored (to the point of complete denial and avoidance by all around me), that my mother, Adrienne Helen Cook-nee-Willis, directed by the nuns of the convent she was taken to at age 9, has been manipulating myself for my whole life, so-as to make a false leader...., a false messiah out of me!

This is not relevant to your office anymore than to set the scene about myself, so you may assess the veracity of my complaints. Also, I must say that as this farcical deception and delusion of the catholic church has been known to that church's western opposition, ie., the Freemasons for an unknown number of years, so I have been the target of their secretive organizations, British Overseas Secret Intelligence or MI6, for one, in their attempts do destroy this myth of a messiah. Having done the miles and the maths, I am, ironically left with few options but to agree or 'side' with the masons, albeit leading to my own demise and premature death. In short, I think (with evidence to prove this conspiracy exists), "Jesus" and any returned messiah is an enormous fraud upon the minds, hearts and Souls of everyone on Earth, so everything possible must be done to dispell the myth.

Not for my own sake, but for the improvement of the whole of the species.

No doubt you will not be used to such lengthy letters of complaint. I am sorry about that.

But if your office and officers have any integrity, then you and they will recognize it is your duty to investigate, without fear or favor, my complaints. Complaints which ask you, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, to have such criminal interference in my life and work stop.

Failure by yourselves on this account, will only add fuel to the fire of corruption and thence to the further destruction of all that is Good here, in my life and world.

There is no doubt that our current "telcos" and ancilliary industries are committing clear and unambiguous crimes of gross deception and theft from the public and commercial users of the internet. (But why stop at the "internet"?)

Prices of hard-and-software and usage contracts here in Australia are exhorbitant in the extreme, when compared to prices of the same overseas. Quality of service is nothing short of that of passed eras where no controls and checks were put upon commercial traders, with no requirement for them to act with honesty. Traders who, once capturing a market, or a consumer with either a cheap product or a "maliable" contract ("maliable", where prices, charges and fees are arbitrarily increased as the provider sees they can get away with it), feel free to do as they wish in commercial, profit-centred affairs and dealings.

Unfortunately, being the small outpost that Australia is, of the British and European elites, your office is only so-equipped, only-so-empowered, to deal with these requests. This will not deter me, for I am in the process of bringing to court cases of police, governmental and religious corruption and of crimes by and against the general public here in Australia.

Nevertheless, it is the duty of your office and department to ensure Justice is done, not merely "seen to be done". This applies to all upholders of law, yet we are all witness to the appalling state of ignorance which prevails across this continent, and across this planet, in our policing forces and security officers.

So...., apologies for the length of this letter.

COMPLAINT: Telstra in regard to the internet, deliberately keeps prices charges and fees undefined and unfixed, keeping the user in the dark about how much it costs us to "connect", and download etc.

Clearly, if one is not of the same "club" which ascribes to corruption as the general public in Australia do, one has little hope of leading a Happy life.

The New South Wales police force and other Australian security offices (ASIO, the Federal Police, and the police forces of the other states and territories) actively protect this and other types of corruption, denying facts and perverting the coarse of justice in every pocket and courthouse they can.

This, particularly in NSW, has after 201 years (since the illegal deposition of Governor William Bligh) so totally "beggared" the residents of the state (and consequently, of the whole nation) that most all accept the general immorality and endemic corruption by actively participating in it. This means the general commercial dealers and their employees work with complete knowledge and awareness of the fraud they and their corporation or company are perpetrating upon the people. THEIR people!

The question of "treason" in these types of affairs, is well worth asking?

If one is unable to discern that prices in any retail outlet in Australia are heavily inflated, that the "shop assistants" are fully aware of this, and care not in the least about whether the buyer is getting "quality and fair prices", and that purchasing almost anything today comes with the hidden caveat that there will be no quality after sales service without a ridiculous unqualifiable fee, then one is living an ignorant and thus dangerous delusion.

My complaint herein goes to the FACT that the sellers to myself of this Toshiba L300 laptop - DICK SMITH ELECTRONICS - did tamper with, or did knowingly allow another party to tamper with, the electronics of this Toshiba laptop in the hours before I collected it from their Lismore retail outlet, such that certain hidden software was installed so-as to be able to monitor from a remote device, my "keyboard" strokes etc.

I have asked a few retailers and computer service technicians what a "SimHID" piece of software is, with all of them saying they do not know. This "SimHID" is a piece of software, from a description window which came-up on screen, which monitors keyboard activity and it seems transmits the information to a remote receiver.

Complaint 2: Being new to the ownership of hardware and software, as in the laptop, I'm somewhat unfamiliar with how the services and commercial manufacturers do things.

I have used "YAHOO" for a few years, with no complaints generally. But recently, perhaps after some serious "blogging" in regard to the serious corruption of both the catholic church and the State (of New South Wales, in this case), I received emails from Yahoo telling me that access to some of my content was being "limited", without explanation.

This seems an infringement on my Rights, etc. I'm sorry I cannot find the Yahoo emails telling me of this. I must have deleted them?

Another disturbing event occurred this morning. I was reviewing some earlier emails and attached Microsoft Corp "WORD" documents, only to find that these are inaccessible because I have chosen to use OpenOffice software for text documents, and have not bought the Microsoft software, after the initial "Trial" period for MS Office expired.

I do not think I am being extreme by asserting that such commercial behavior by Microsoft is in fact "blackmail", and surely should be made illegal. In effect, it is saying that Microsoft now owns my emails and contents "creations" which I've either written or sent in a Microsoft program.

These now inaccessible documents are important to my "Investigative Journalist" trade, and I believe no matter how big a corporation may be, it has no right to limit my access to my own property. Property which in this case includes my literature products.

This, and the inummerable other scams upon the public by commercial "middlemen" of telecommunications, are criminal acts against the good of the society. It is the responsibility of the Telecommunications & Internet Ombudsman to bring them to account.

As to the TIO resolving any of these, MY problems with "authority", I feel I already know the email I will receive in response - "Thanks, but can't help."

If this turns out to be the case, thanks but see you later. Regardless of your response to my inquiries, I ask that this email be tendered to the Federal Government and their ongoing Reviews of such as the Telecommuunications and Internet "industries".

There is NO doubt, that capitalism as we witness it in these fields, is fraught with dangerous failings, when it comes to the smooth-running, efficiency, improvement and well-being of society.

As the world enters what appears very likely to be a VERY DEEP economic depression, such scams and outright fraudulances upon the people will be exposed for what they are, no matter how rich and powerful the corporation or individuals may be.

While I, having done the research, science and maths on what Humanity can expect in the next century, believe that Humanty is near to it's own self-inflicted extinction, in perhaps not decades but in years, I am happy to accept the possibility that we do not destroy the planet. Thus, should we survive into the longer term future, I put it that everyone then will see a very different version of "commerce", consumerism, capitalism and governmentation to what we loosely call "Democracy" "free markets", "finance", "commerce", etc.

From what we witness today, of guaranteed global self-destruction, one is left little or no hope for the coming generations of western, over-consuming idiots, while authorities such as yours sit on their/your hands and cater more for their/your own comforts, while giggle-brained agents of disaster - private corporations, political parties, government authorities, policing forces, military, secret services and social groups are free to reak havoc wherever they are commissioned by the likes of MI6, CIA, ASIO, et al.

Indeed, the future generations, I put it, after the current generations have passed-on, will rarely delve into "history" as we know it, because the most of them will only too clearly see that we, of this erupting era of the 20th and 21st centuries, are/were quite insane.

This may be one reason the religious cliche "...the end of history..." is applied to our times.....

As an Outlaw, with Reason my Primary Guide, I can only say "May it be so!"


Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien
aka Max Nichols Cook
aka Max No Difference

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform.

Reforests of Godolonia,
Uluruba, (Australia)



"...IF YOU DARE...!?"

as usual, the pricks left me in the dark until I had committed myself to looking even more stupid than the cunts of this cuntry like to. The SimHID is not a nasty.....

TO: TOSHIBA Head Office email

TOSHIBA Satellite L300 Laptop.

Bought it new from DICK SMITH ELECTRONICS, Lismore NSW Australia.

Have problems with several programs pre-installed and added by myself.

Found software named "SimHID" in system. I have uninstalled it.

Can TOSHIBA tell me if it - SimHID - is standard software. If so or not, can you tell me what it does, and whether I should reinstall it?

I am under scrutiny by British and Australian Secret Intelligence agencies (MI6, ASIO etc), & suspect (KNOW of) their covert interference.

I'm a Good-Guy against tyranny.

Please help...

Thank you,

Omaxa bin Eartha
website: www.maxearth.blogspot.com


Letter to the L.A. Times, USA newspaper

"G'Day!" as they say in Austraylia! (I've started to call Australia "Wrongwaylia" lately.)

Sorry for being a right royal pain, but your article as titled above has me retort with the tired old rant about exactly what citizens and subjects should pay their taxes for, and thus where they should have a bountyful "chest" (as in "Community Chest") available to fund the processes of governmentation and good culture.

A while ago a humble bloke from Philadelphia went west and took-up journalism in San Francisco, where-upon he set about discovering and elucidating the relationship a Right-minded Humanity would have with it's Great Mother Earth.

Surely, in these straitened times, and particularly in California, the name of the fellow, Henry George should be brought to the fore in the issues you mention in your articles without fear of reprisal, disappearance, et al?

As he did his best work out of San Francisco, California, in the 19th century, and to many millions, if-not now billions, he is the greatest political economist the world has seen, as the calls and mantras of "YES WE CAN!" and "CHANGE!" etc brought perhaps the most Progressive and certainly the most Intelligent Federal Administration to power in Washington last year 2008, as the ruthless speculative moguls and sycophants of Wall Street and overly large finance houses of the globe have to some extent been exposed, as the nation's economy hemorages, surely it is no longer dangerous to overtly, Righteously and Proudly march for the econo-political Corrections that Henry George divined and explained in his books?

COME-ON, CALIFORNIA! You're letting the planet down! WE NEED YOU!

Land Rent for Government Revenue!

Thanks Michael!

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien
aka Max Nichols Cook
aka Max No Difference

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform.

Reforests of Godolonia,
Uluruba, (Australia)



"...IF YOU DARE...!?"


ABC censoring drug law reform events!

I wuz stunned again, read nothing revolutionary on the ABC online site, so flung 'em this gritty......

SEEE wad 'appenss....?

TO: http://www.abc.net.au/news/contact/feedback.htm

Hi! Great site!

An advocate for many fundamental changes to Australian and international laws, especially regarding land, tax, cult and drug laws, seeing the effect upon society from bad drug laws, ie., marijuana AND opium prohibition, and bans on other natural drugs, I think the viewer is being manipulated when your ABC news lets pass Governor Schwartzeneggar's call for better drug laws, combined with President Obama's try at a fresh approach to the "war on drugs".

I suggest that the reason we don't legalize harmless drugs is because of the black market, here and world-round, run for the rich-kids of the first world, and errant underworld militia.

Mexico's tragic drug-war and the obvious and terminal imbalances in both the US and Mexico, which have arisen out of the most disgusting prohibitions of the last 70-odd years have to be addressed by the Boss, President Obama, with "...the best science possible..." as he put it to the swine virus.

I reckon he and the rather-more enlightened US Administration, with California's Guv, can take-on all the opposition, be-they Mexico's mobs, or the US Military, with Intelligent approaches toward the best resolution possible.

Dissolution of these ridiculous drug laws.

As Aunty is ridden with Catholics, and as the Catholics also happen to have a grand hand in the illegal marijuana industry here and into Eurape, and elsewhere, is it possible we have a deadlock in ABC online and other news services following the drugs war debate?

Surely not, Geraldine?


Omaxa bin Eartha



"Best Science Possible" for Marijuana Law

President Obama's "best science possible" or BSP (spoken while referring to stopping 'swine virus'), if applied to DRUG LAWS, removes all obstacles from path to legalization of Pot, 'cause the BSP determines all current drug laws are unscientific, fraudulent and criminal.

The BSP finds that Education is the best cure for bad beliefs-thus-habits about drugs, taxes, cults and land laws.

More delays to legalization (of not only Pot) costs lives, families, chances for kids, and a future for mentally and physically healthy Communities.


and EVIDENCE-BASED Tax Laws, and cult Laws, and Land Laws!


OH! Bama! For the Health of it....

I wuz stoned, read some Google news an' this fell out.

It was a Washingmachinetown Post article, looking a bit in-th'-neg, so I thought I'd do a bit of advisoring..... Then I changed my mind and blogged it. That way noone will read it and see how much of an idiot I am.....

Obama got in because most all of us see the need for Change, in everything. Health care very much so.

It's a slow & hard learning process, from the dreams we had, to how much has to change, in the end for the better, or, for the best we can achieve.

We're stubborn critters, and education is impeded by cultural flaws, in laws basically.

Progress is made when the Good Laws are allowed to work, with clear minds understanding them. Getting that through to a sick populace means MAJOR access to health care is vital.

If Obama has a "Full Picture" of what's needed, he's way ahead of the corporate pharma, and most all other industrial CEOs.

But I submit he's not on top of it, for no one could be, and is doing the ground work for every one to be up to speed.

Democracy demands an Intelligent People.

Maybe ending the Judeo-Christian cults of dumbingthemdown is the Self powering wave for America to ride thru what's coming.

If he was too specific at this point, the elite would revolt.

We're out of time in big things, but the elite are trying to get to grips... with themselves.

They KNOW they have a lot to fear if life on Earth really goes arse-up, and breaking their Babylonian magic spells shouldn't happen too fast, 'cause it has a bad effect.

They run the Babylmachine, and asking them, even with the Science and the Evidence, to get on the train to fullblown Green, Social Agrarian Lifestyles, EVERYWHERE, means taking care to not make cement plans, balancing the uplift of Education with the downshift in lifestyles.




Every Church and Cop in Australia is a Failure!

Following yesterday's blog about the Pope's visit and speech to Jordan....

Every Church and Cop in Australia is a Failure!

I wonder if senior police in Australia ever get together and have an honest 'chinwag' about whether their work is generally successful, or not?

Personally, I doubt it. It would clearly demand tooo much of what they are dead scared of – HONESTY, in terms of having to state the OBVIOUS - “We have failed on almost every level and account!”

This is clearly never going to happen, at least in Australia, and especially not in New South Fails, er Wales, because since 26th January 1808, INTEGRITY, etc, have been banished from the whole population, to the extent that they, the policing forces, are incapable of doing any worthwhile thing toward SAVING the Planet's environment from those they protect, and for once NOT, looking after their own pearly-white backsides.

As the Science pours-in from every reputable Scientific Institute on Earth, telling humanity that in essence, we, that-is, the elites of the world – US – we opulent and spoiled white-skins of the west, have ruined the planet, one wonders whether ANY members of the world's police (AND Military) forces are capable or in the least interested in facing the fact that they and their force are abject, nay evil failures?

Clearly the armies of guntotin' forces who have been protecting the elite of military, business, governance and social affairs for at least 16 centuries (well, 'guntotin' for about 2 centuries), are the planet's hex, for they have protected and condoned the most destructive military, social, financial and governing beliefs and mechanisms ever, thus making it impossible for thinking citizens, who on occasion want nothing more than to HELP their society, to express their Wisdom to the masses.

So, the quality of politics, and thus Community, is reduced to the anti-intellectual level of gutter pigs, ergo..., brutal, macho, anti-intellectual force.

Now, on the head Catholic's publicity campaign to the losers of the Middle East::- “losers” is how I believe the elite forces in Britain and Eurape see the Arab and Islamic Cultures and People.

'Publicity campaign' because I believe the “west” as it were, Britain and Eurape in essence, but the United States of America must be included, and therefore it's little brother Astraylia, is/are waking-up to the FACT that their awry and insane cultures, whether British, French, German, Roman or American, et al, are indeed awry, to the extent that they are the ones responsible for setting the cat amongst the Peaceful pigeons of the world, ie., amongst the Wise, Balanced, Harmonious Aborigine Cultures of pre-christian, pre-colonialist land-grab insanity.

So they send the elite's spokesman, Pope Benedictus 16, out to those regions to mollify, the likely backlash which is coming to them.

It must be said that Benedictus spoke of corruption and “ideological manipulation” as being responsible, for the strife we are now all embroiled in, responsible for the degradation of religion in general.

Well done!

However..., with his noble attempt at getting to the crux of the doom, he has left himself and the whole Christian world open to inquiry as to where exactly the corruption has it's roots.

If Pope Benedictus and the Catholic world are serious about remedying the specie's troubles and impending extinction, then are he and they strong-of-mind enough to expose the underlying corruption of the Teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph, or Jesus, as occurred in the 4th century Rome-led “Councils of Nicea”,which terminally perverted the Truth JC was trying to teach, and thus corrupted the cultures of first Britain and Eurape, then of the whole world?

Are they prepared to address the fact that what grew out of Roman Emperor Constantine's political takeover of the original cult following of Jeshua ben Joseph -- the holy Roman Empire --, so seriously massacred all Humanity's chances of Living a Holy Life, in a Spiritual world?

Can they address the facts surrounding the errant empire, facts of their power-Souls-and-land grab, and the denigration of each person's inherent Spirituality?

Can they address the fact that the religious powers of the west, mainly Catholicism and Protestantism, have so lost the plot that the Peoples under their draconian governance and advice are further from any Spiritual Reality than ever, and are set on an irreversible course to planetary annihilation?

And, can the policing and military commanders of the western world face the facts, the EVIDENCE, that says they are the ones responsible for Law and Order failures which now determine that the whole of the Earth is doomed?


Religious desperation.

Ancient masters, passing from life-to-life, hypnotizing masses of Souls, chaining minds and men (AND women) to anti-intellectual behavior, like the “scratched record”, like “soap opera” re-runs, mindless, they repeat the same destructive thoughts and activities day-on-day, decade-on-decade, giving only to the destruction of the only planet, the only True Mother Humanity has.

Surely, with Benedictus's stating that religion has become corrupted by politics, a Full and Proper Inquiry must be held into Jewish and Christian dogma?

Ahum....? Christianity has been terminally corrupted for 1700 years. By ROME!

What happens, therefore, to the legitimacy of Rome, of the Vatican, if they DO THE MATH, and seek to rectify 1700 years of the fundamentally corrupt Catholicism-read-Christianity-in-general?

What, of the cults of churches and synagogues of 'Christianity and Judaism, would we recognize, if the necessary root-and-branch CORRECTIONS were properly embraced and implemented into all monopolist religious cults?

Short of nuking Rome, and perhaps Eurape, perhaps all bishops, priests and the pontiff, should, as penance for being hypnotized fools, be ordered to deconstruct the walls and structures of 1st, the Vatican, then all other “sovereign” church property, by hand, brick-by-brick?

Great opportunity awaits in such a task for the clergy of an horribly corrupt belief system, to at the same time Practice the Art of Still Mind Meditation, at-once deconstructing the deadly flaws and outright lies entwined in their minds and cult beliefs.

The True Irony of a deconstructed and Rectified western church and it's erroneous belief system of religious centralization, is that, done Properly, the cults, as we know them, would cease to exist.

As “God” would have it!

As “western” Humans are generally fearful, cowardly and stubborn, preferring “the devil we know...,” how would we, Humanity, effect any such reparations without the assistance of Honorable Military and Police forces?

If the saying “As above, so below” has any credence, then clearly, the troubles which keep the masses afraid to stand-up and be prepared to die for an Honorable Society, have their origins in the higher powers, be-they of this world or of the Astral and Higher Realms.

The very realms the clergy of the world are charged with keeping Humanity in Harmonious Communion with?

There can be no doubt, that as a race, as a species blessed with obvious superior talents to the rest of the animal Kingdom, Humanity has FAILED.

Where should the Inquisition begin.....?

Prognosticating as I am want to do, Reason and Logic states that we must begin at the most Local level, in our own Souls, and seek with “...all our, Mind, all our Heart, all our Soul AND with all our Might...” to delete all unsubstantiable theories, opinions and beliefs about exactly WHAT we are here to do, how we are supposed to Live, and how we all are able to Commune with the Most Superior Power of the God Within.

But this is disabled by the terror of errant cops, courts and legal institutions forcing errant laws-thus-demands upon our mind, time, society and the Land we need, enforced by the most seriously errant cults of western thought and wealth-oriented activity.

Well done whitey!

To rectify corrupt religion, we must ensure the enforcers of culture, the police and military, have been purged of their own chaotic feudal, myopic and corrupting delusions.

So, I ask again..., I wonder if senior police in Australia ever get together and have an honest 'chinwag' about whether their work is generally successful, or not?

As I am forced, again by errant and apparently irreparably corrupt New South Welsh society and police to leave the northern rivers region of NSW I've struggled in for eleven years, I ask all their Police and Military and religious Commanders to stop pressuring me to do the work THEY are charged with doing, which is to keep Law and Order in the People and in the Lands.

That police, their 'society' and my own criminal and dangerously deluded mother, in warped collusion with her out-of-date convent nuns, insist on making my life unbearable, purely and simply because you are obviously all lost sheep, thus know NOT where to look for Solace, for Freedom, for Justice and for a more Peaceful world, it is clear my life is as good as over, wasted, destroyed, by religious and legal corruption, therefore I hold little hope of having Australians and the plague of Brit-Eurapean 1st world tourorrists (here as much to snap-up a real estate bargain) leaving me alone so I might try to repair my Soul.

Thanks again, blimbo's.....

Because of YOUR intellectual failings, I am now unable to find a private place to live, where curious cats will not be evil idiots and come from afar to plague my Soul with your perverted and dangerously corrupt abuse of your supernatural powers.

In the end, it is far better that each of us arrest our curiosity with the world around us, for one, it will be gone soon, and two, it is the wrong way if we are seeking to be free of this disastrous man-made world of mass mental illness.

And in the end, it is far better to dissolve our own delusions, than to have someone else totally destroy everything we need to survive and grow closer to Inner Purity. For that is what white, western religious corruption is bringing down on the heads of all life on Earth, and is what the devil will do while we remain entranced with right-wing racist, superiorist, capitalist delusions of mememe-first.

Rather than assaulting me for my own failings, and for the insanity you prescribe to, which runs western society, in-no-small-measure managed and manipulated by the themselves deeply insane Judaic and Christian cult 'professions' of “psychology and psychiatry”, better that People find Courage and Integrity in themselves enough to be prepared to “...MAN THE BARRICADES...!”, to the death wherever necessary, to STOP THE ROT of their own world.

Occasionally in New South Fails, we witness rebellion against the dominant tyranny, be-it as seen in the “Star Hotel” episode Jimmy Barnes sings so Heartfully about, or even the violence displayed toward police in places like “Macquarie Fields” et al. Typically, the rebels are rounded-up and disarmed of their Righteousness by the bent law-keepers, and any fermentation of Righteous Indignation amongst the masses is nipped in the bud.

But, not seeking to start a revolt against the structures, these rebellions fail because we are Spiritually busted, and do not know how a Wise and Strong Society, thus the persons within it, SHOULD Act.

Were Australians not dumbed-down so much, by corrupt government and religion, and were not made so selfish, thus ignorant of their own Duties to their own Peoples and to their own Lands, serious, Righteous and Truly Just Law and Religion could be given the Places they belong in our Hearts and Minds, thus in the streets, fields and forests of Australia.

While the officers enlisted to “Keep the Peace” cannot organize themselves and their communities into being Disciplined and Organized, based on Good Laws, we are all doomed.

“Good on yer, occifer!”


Good on yer, Christian, Catholic, Protestant and Jew.

The “Chosen Tribe” indeed!

One word summarizes the performance of all Australian authorities of the last 201 years -- pathetic!

Yes indeed.., Every Church and Cop in Australia is a Failure!

More..., they are destined to be cast into Hell for their miscreant attitudes and behavior.

"Hoo-ray!" Sing the Righteous......

But, if we wait, Hell will come to our own world REAL SOON!

So...? How can the People help to reduce the decline of the Human worlds?

Tell every police and military officer you see, they are "PATHETIC!"

Sorry, Commander Lyons, of Lismore police, for Speaking the Truth.

Sorry New South Fails, for Talking True about YOU.


Omaxa bin Eartha.

King of Outlaws, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform.
Reforests of Godolonia,




for Earth's REALPolitik and Poetry!


Pope Benedictus's Jordan Speech.

Pope's Jordan Speech.
Sunday 10th May '09.

A quotable quote of Pope Benedictus XVI from today's speech to Jordanians says that “ideological manipulation has corrupted religion” (paraphrased).

Well, I'll be!

He even used the word “politics” in the same paragraph!

As a prime suspect in the game of falsifying dogma to win the planet's real estate, a suspect in the sense that many major idiots believe that I am the returned Jesussss, I..., I..., mememe, you know JE-SUSS, think it's worth asking the great little fella who assumes the title of Pope, whether he's inquired into the history of the HARK!!! Catholic religion, for any discrepancies in dogma, scripture, general texts and records?

At least 20 years ago, I read an article in the Melbourne Age titled; “The Biggest Corporate Takeover In History”. (I still have the page buried in my archives).

As it happens, it was about this very subject of corruption of religion, and went in enough detail, into how the heathen pagans of the old Roman Empire assumed the relatively new cult of followers and Teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph into their pagan Roman culture, in the 4th century AD.

With “modifications”.

Lots and lots of modifications.... and rebrandings, and adaptations, and disappearances, and banishings, and 1700 years of war, carnage, mass slaughter, pedophilia, finally taking out the grand prize of FUCKING THE PLANET!!!

(And the catholic flocks of Eurape all roared “YAAAAY!” and “WEEEE!” and “YAVOLLE!” none having a clue what a planet was!)

Now, as the planet lurches toward extinction, caused principally by this very same rapacious Romano-Eurapean cult which calls itself Catholic, including all the split-off “Christian” branches, what has Benedictus to say about the corruption which made the church what it is today?

What has he to say about the FACT that the most corrupt religious teachings on Earth are CATHOLIC?

What has he to say about the FACT that JESUS AIN'T COMIN' BACK, purely and simply because such “superhero” phenomena are fabrications in the minds of the desperate and dateless, agenda-ridden clerics of quote “ancient Rome”, and desperate and imaginative-though-brain-dead Jewish comicbook writers of the late 1930s? Clerics very much corrupted to pervert the good little Jewish boy's teachings to the maximum advantage of the wealthy Romans, and Hebrews, and Spanish, and French. Probably a German and a Scot or two as well....?

What also, has he to say about the FACT that an awry clan of desperate housewives without houses or husbands (the nuns of St Joseph's Convent in Collingwood in Melbourne Victoria, Australia) used magic steeped in religious ignorance, making it very BAD magic, to manipulate the Holy Spirit of...... OH! ME, to force me to sacrifice my life to save an irreparably corrupt catholic church, performing as their puppet messiah, to 'save' an unsaveable, irreparably corrupt and destroyed planet, but mainly to save an irreparably corrupt and self-destructive minority of white, wealthy, over-consumptive spoiled, GUTLESS anti-intellectual brats? By their sick abuse of the occult trying to twist my mind into believing I was the returned Jesus?

What the FUCK has the big little ex-brown-shirt Ratzinger got to say about THAT type of religious corruption?????

AND...., what is he planning on DOING ABOUT IT?

Apart from totaling my life, apart from the heinous lies spread by mentally ill priests about that Jesus fella, and about me, about the parts the catholic and christian churches have had in rooting every other Peaceful, Wise, Intelligent and OH! SUSTAINABLE Culture and People on Earth over the last 1600 years, what has the little ex-nazi prick got to say about the FACT that he is now responsible for the crimes of Catholicism and Christianity in-general, reaching back over the last 1600 years?

What about his role in fabricating events so that a “Messenger from God” would appear, “like a MIRACLE” to the faithful fuckhead flockers, and that he and his hypnotized idiot sycophant priests and bishops have been instructing their flockers to abuse the powers of GOD, the occult powers, to cast hexes over my own Soul, so that their disgusting and evil plan may be effected?

And what about the convent blackmailing my mother into sacrificing me to their altar of deceit, so she may avoid justice and a jail-term for her murderous crime?

If there is ONE LINE from the black bible of the consumption cult we should take note of, I reckon (after all..., I AM THE KING!!! So I MUST BE RIGHT! RIGHT?) it should be the one, reputed to be JC's; “....but they who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, SHALL NEVER BE FORGIVEN!!!!!!!!”

Now, as I, or my Holy Spirit has been blasphemed against for fifty-four years and about ten months, since my conception, by my own family, and definitely by the nuns of genocide in Collingwood, that is, they and all there-after have blasphemed against my Holy Spirit, “...Who Art the Same as Thou...” etc., I do believe I have True and Solid Grounds to cast the lot of them down to the fiery furnaces of Hell.


Why? You have blasphemed against my Holy Spirit, haven't you!

OH Goodie! To Hell with all of them, say what Lord?

AMEN, He Said.

As I am still alive, by some cosmic misfortune, and as I have continued to defy white christian bullshit and utter evil, as I am destitute, with NO FAMILY, no friends, no security, wealth or even modest comforts to die in, is it not about time the big little prick of Rome found some True Humility, and with it, possibly some HONESTY, and confessed to the world that the catholic church is irreparably corrupt, that Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien-ben Eartha IS NOT THE MESSIAH and therefore, for all the shite the ignorant beasts of catholicism, christianity and Judaism – Irish, British, Eurapean and Astray-lia, have put me through – FOR FIFTY FIVE YEARS – I, little I, Max Earth, deserves a reprieve and rest from the terrorism and occult attacks I have faced from the IRREPARABLY CORRUPT New South Wales People and the DEMONICLY CORRUPT NSW Police Force for eleven years?

After giving-up on my own half-family to help me, as they are selfish gutless bastards, although themselves entrapped by this evil cults delusion of building a messiah, I do not think it is wrong to ask the Vatican to compensate me for the damage to my life, and as a Man who believes in the after-life, for the damage the idiots of this fallen world have done to my next incarnation.

How about it Carl, me boy? Talking as one Human Being to another? Umm..., you are Human aren't you?

RESPECT? WHAH! YOU, want ME..., to show some RESPECT?!

If, my mother has an inheritance which descends from that Great Man hisself, Jesus, as I think she believes, then, one, it is a handsome sum, what-with the interest it's accrued over 1960 years, and two, she's WRONG as well as senile, demented and seriously insane to think I will, after five decades of her brand of psychic torture, mockery, deafness to my questions, concede to her evil management of my Soul any further. She IS seriously insane, and I want nothing to do with her or the rest of that family.

So I wander off into the desert to die a paupers death, aye Carl? That's how the church gets rid of dissenters isn't it, Rat?

Good on yer Aussie...................

Death to religion. There is no “God” as catholics would fool us to believe!

Oooop!? SORRY! Tch-tch! Talking True AGAIN!

So..., what is the big little fella going to do about CORRUPTION?


How does he rate on the "TRUTH-O-METER"!?




"Right then, s'pose we should boil him in oil, say what William Wallace?"

Never again yours,


Mr President! The "...Best Science Possible...", is NOT Partial!

The "...Best Science Possible...", is NOT Partial!
by Omaxa bin Eartha.
Mardi Graft Sunday
3rd May 2009.

President Barack Obama will use, quote;“...the best science possible...” to prevent the spread of the pandemic swine virus.

As he should, and as he should in all he does!

Therefore, the “best science possible” concludes beyond doubt that the “Best Science Possible”, when applied with Pure, Economic Math, is the only way to Remedy ALL of the planet's health, social, energy, transportation, legal, military, population, economic and religious crises.

But, entwined with the FACT that the “Best Science Possible” Divines that Root and Branch LAND REFORM is the Bottomline Reform that the whole Earth needs, is the Divination that Root and Branch DRUG LAW REFORMS are imperative, urgently needed, and fundamental in minimizing local and global social-thus-the Soul's corruption.

In the residual aura of the 2009 May One May Day, which for decades Honorably Calls for Economic and Social Justice around the world, the Call goes to the United States of America's Departments of Justice, Foreign Affairs, Defence, Treasury, and Administration, to “'''Fearlessly GO...” via The “Best (Economic) Science Possible”, to Perennially Resolving EVERYONE'S Bottomline Issues -

FOOD and a ROOF!

A Garden...., Laughter and Love!

Whatever “Love” is...

AS WELL....!!!....!!!

If the “best possible science” is good enough to apply to a threatening biological viral situation (a virus born of the white, Judeo-Christian elitists of Humanity ignoring the “All Things Considered” Math and Science of Human-to-Human, Humans-to-LAND “Best Scientifically Possible” Relationships, then it is an aberation, a failure and a corruption of the U.S. President and Administration to not apply the B.S.P. (“Best Science Possible”) to local, national and global DRUG LAWS.

This, because, The “Best Science Possible”, is NOT Partial!

To work it has to be full, Universal, across all parameters of Law and Rectitude and Justice, Culture and Tradition. Without it, there is no Reason for People to be Honorable, thus, there is no Reason to Live Just Lives.

CEASE! Mexico's drug wars!!!


SMOKE!!! The Peace Pipe, with the Best Justice Possible for and from Nimbin's Mardi Graft, for and from struggling Afghanii's left few choices but to grow Opium, and for and from the Presidents of the United Democratic States of the Republics of Earth!



Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform.
Reforests of Godolonia,