May New South Wales parliament and police be cursed forever and forever and forever.
I've just written a diary note on my first day back in Prictoria, after eleven Hellish years in Nimbin and surrounds in northern New South Wales, but will leave it off the blogpage, because it is DARK, and I KNOW NSW police Sergeant Peter Ellis and Peter Van der Wyk and his mentally ill sister Anne van der Wyk would just love to use it to incriminate me.
Besides, I do occasionally make valuable comments for the better-minded People of Australia and of this planet, so don't want to offend them.
Keep pedaling your dark face "Pedals". You can have Nimbin, seeing as you enjoy the corrupt side of life so much.


Police say bikie crackdown is paying off

Police say bikie crackdown is paying off
from the ABC news website

From a distance, I put it that the best “pay-off” from this draconian establishment stance against “Bikies”, is that the Biker Fraternity will become even more United and Evolve into a Genuine and Wise Force for Intelligent Political/Cultural Change.

Ride-On Bikers!
From Google news page, I read on India and China signing a pact leading-up to the Copenhagen Talks in December, and sent the south Indian online news site "Express Buzz", where the article is, the following;


From the "bush" in Australia, I recently blogged that "If Humanity were fully organized, we could stop having babies for five years to reduce the strain on the planet's environment and resources", and,
"A Properly Organized planet of Intelligent Human Beings, is the most-feared-enemy of organized megalomaniacs".
India and China, being the most populated, with Intelligent governments, would appear the best to make the moves we ALL must adopt.
"If the people are stupid, Democracy is dangerous, and if the people are dangerous, Democracy is stupid!"
Agrarian Socialism, employing the upsides of capitalism, is Humanity's next step and only viable forward approach.

I forgot to put which Organization I head;

"The Organization Organization".


Police warn bikies

Here's a reprint of an ABC news item following The Finks Motorcycle Club ride to Perth in Western Australia. My comments follow it.

Police warn bikies


Police in Perth have rejected suggestions their crack down on motorcycle gangs is overkill.
Police have conducted numerous roadblocks targeting Finks Motorcycle Club members who are on their way to Perth for a party this weekend.
About 80 members have arrived in Perth so far by road and plane but police expect that number will increase to about two-hundred.
A senior member of the Finks bikie gang has criticised the heavy police response to the gang's arrival in Perth.
The Sergeant at Arms of the Blacktown chapter of the gang, known as Ferret, says the operation is a waste of taxpayers money.
"It's overkill where else could that money be spent? hospitals school roads safety," he said.
"Why waste it on us?
"All they need is two coppers at a time, two is enough to pull us over."
Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Crime, Nick Anticich, won't reveal how many officers will be monitoring the bikies activities this weekend.
"It is about public safety," he said.
"These people have shown an abilty to conduct or engage in unlawful acts in the presence of police.
"Our position is to present a police presence to deter them from undertaking such activity."
He says the operation is not a waste of money.
"Cost is not a consideration this is about public safety," he said.
"The presence of police is to deter crimes occurring.
"The price we pay by allowing these people to commit crimes on the public of Western Australia is too expensive, too expensive in terms of the cost afterwards."

My Thinks:

Hmmm..., Funny that the ABC are doing such a wunnerful job of reporting the Western Australian coppers monitoring the Finks as they travel to meet and greet their Bro's in Perth, W.A.? (Albeit that the article reprinted above was scribed by an ABC staffer, no doubt with a university degree, and yet who can't even use their computer's “spellchecker” properly, insert commas and capitalize the first word of a sentence?)
But let's face it, The Finks are as likely NOT schooled at Christian Brothers College or Wesley or any other church-run-Grammar, nor would they have attended any upper-class University in Australia, or elsewhere on Earth, so would NOT have uni degrees in say, medicine, or law, or politics or some other upper-class well-bred ticket to cruise through a police road block un-harassed, like the never-arrested Eurapean tourists, who as often have a bag of marijuana or a few ecstasy tablets in their possession.
None of the Finks are likely to have rich upper management corporate executive daddies who can make a phone call to their Queen's Counselor mates to call the dogs off, when the dogs are told by the upper-class knobs inside the W.A. Parliament to harass them.
However, The Finks MIGHT have something that brings them together and Unites them against the upper class tyranny of MASSIVE multinational corporate corruption, enough to make them APPEAR a threat to the wine-drinkers of Western Australia, be-the tipplers of the “Labor side” or “Liberal”?
Maybe The Finks would, all things considered, simply PREFER to enjoy a Happy and Relaxing motorcycle ride across THEIR country, across the same Country they'd Happily Respect in the same way as their Country's Original Owners - The Aborigine - to party with their Associates, were the nation not controlled by tyrannical, genocidal upper-class megalomaniacs who determine that THEY can mistreat The True Fella People who are essentially powerless against their, THEIR church-schooled brands of totalitarianism.
True Fella People, that is, whose parents weren't schooled to be callous, Soul-less corporate class executives, parents who had no misgivings about graduating and working for a foreign corporation which specialized in thieving the Land from under Aborigine's feet, producing environmentally destructive stuff and oppressing the less-privileged classes.
Rich white parents - whose church schools ensured THEY weren't drafted to serve overseas in some other country's drugs-related war-zone, and put their lives on the line to keep Eurape's drug-trafficking routes flowing.
Nah! The Finks are just Human Beings! They'se not GODS like the snobs from Toorak or those wealthy suburbs in Adelaide and Perth!?
And, as likely, The Finks didn't have anything to do with running illegal immigration networks for the drop-out kids of wealthy Eurapean industrialists and bankers, and weren't born into property, and weren't lucky enough to have parents who owned massive swathes of real estate and holiday houses on any scenic shoreline you could imagine.
And, as likely, The Finks had to go out and WORK in a thing called A JOB, in some machinery or auto or other smelly polluting plant to afford to keep a roof over their heads.
Yeah..., it's interesting, and, I guess good, that THEIR ABC, that-is the upper-classes ABC, are covering the sensational events as a group of motorcyclists who, yes probably have a few criminal records for their need to gather funds for one thing or another, try to ride motorcycles (OOOW! THOSE NOISY, SCARY, DANGEROUS MACHINES!?!?) across their country of birth for a parlay and drinkee-poohs with some mates in Perth.
But, as they prefer to be “out there” in the fresh air, riding their bikes, I guess (Umm? I KNOW!!!) they are a whole lot more in touch with the environment, than the cloistered knobs in parliament in Adelaide, Perth or Canberra?
A bloke needs no church schooling to know that someone, SOMEONE, is going hell-for-leather at ensuring the planet's environment is trashed for everyone's kids in the future?
Just a dam shame that we who are “out there” are as much “out there” because the knobs need slaves to do the HARD YAKKA of an honest day's work, driving trucks, digging trenches, dodging bullets, paying taxes.
Little wonder the working classes need to get hammered at the end of the week!

Have a Good Ride, Finks!

As I once had on the back of my Gemini wagon "I'd Rather Be Ridin'!"

Pedophile ring inside Customs: inquiry. Should Australians be surprized?

Just scanned the Google news site, and spied Senator Steve Fielding's call for an inquiry into Australian Customs, over allegations of a "pedophilia ring" operating inside it, so I wrote a quicky to the Senator AND here it be...:

The article is on the SMH website:
and has the title:

Pedophile ring inside Customs: inquiry

Here's my email to Senator Fielding:

Can't argue with that!
Wrote to parliament some months ago about an illegal "European rich-kids easy-entry" scam operating via Nimbin NSW, which was overseen by "Customs" apparently. Howard & co & the NSW government AND coppers knew about it, and Howard used the "skilled immigration" policy as cover. But these things transcend party-politics. Nimbin and the NSW northern rivers region is overflowing with kids of wealthy European industrialists, who came here via this illegal network, keeping land and housing prices out of reach for non-private-schooled Aussies, so check your "Christian" brotherhoods for Egalitarianism and their supposed Democratic ideals, aye?
Because of this same filth, I've been homeless in the area for eleven years.
Last week I left the area, hopefully for ever and ever, amen!
Right now, I'm in the middle of NSW aiming to return to Victoria.
The immigration scam had been running for a few decades methinks, and managed by the "well-bred" supposed "hippies". HA!.
No evidence of pedophilia from my spot, but this adds to suggestions that Customs and probably most other government departments are disgustingly corrupt.
The illegal immigration scam would have continued but for my writing to Canberra, whence it was "quietly" shutdown.
Sadly, for your "religious" stance, much of it was organized and condoned by the Christian cults, in-the-main, from Europe, or, as I call it "Eurape".
Perhaps that's fitting if pedophilia is linked?


Email to the Liberal Party!

Carbon is a non issue.
Climate change is also.
THE f---ing ISSUE is lifestyle and over-consumption!
Opulence, materialism, inefficiency, uneconomy, all caused by corruption of the Laws on how to live right.
Reject ALL "ETS" spin, and carbon tax, carbon trading, etc.
Just make Proper, "the Laws" of How to Live on the Earth!
All the huff about carbon and ETS bills is the devil's work.


Last week I scribed an e-ssay on drugs and other war-inspiring things, and sent it to Nimbin Wave, who responded positively (below) and published it. They dug-up a few pics to add to my e-ssay, but I didn't know who they were of, so I asked. The “Wave” replied, and I wuz inspired to replyreply to their reply with this reply...!
I thought I'd post this reply to the replies and other replies to the blog because the last (top) reply was chunky and might be saying something worth the blokes who don't read my blog, reading(!?)

SENT: 19th October 2009, 1.45pm


Ol' Keef 'imself, aye!

and Ooh! "The Arssociation"......! Well.., I took your provided link to the /History.

Cheers, but I think I'm talking about another bunch of wealthy wafflers, although Keith Murdoch was at the forefront of the Brettonwoods Agreement, which, yes covered other issues than media, but as I recall, Brettonwoods covered media and that plan to rope in all the world's sources of information.

But the two are no doubt as much, the same beast.

Nevertheless, It WOULD be good if I was to bother properly informing myself, aye?

Memory has a bit to do wiff it too, but!

But being the burnt-out revolutionary-in-exile, and on limited voltage, means everything has to be minimal.

That the dinner at the Waldorf was for Dr HV "Doc" Evatt, shows me evermore how lacking I am in info.
Evatt wrote the book "Rum Rebellion" which revisited the Jan 26th 1808 deposing of Governor William Bligh by the rogue John Macarthur, from a legal perspective.
Mayhap you're familiar?
I've regarded that book, and thus Evatt as a key tome and key figure in Australia for a few years.
But this titbit from y'self, lifts me a little higher on the path of knowledge about how much the knobs have us all by the balls, and how much the ALP is a key part of Babylon (though I've known enough of that for a while, I have always fallen on their side, as opposed to the Australian Anglo-right-wing as fronted by the Howard, Costello, Menzies type.
This morning, I was induced to serf the 'net for the guff on WWF, after a press release emailed to me by the apparently "evil" Citizen's Electoral Council" or CEC Spokeman in Melbourne Craig Isherwood, and yesterdays article in The Australian by ex-Labor Minister in the Hawke government, Peter Walsh, who wrote that the "Climate Change" scare is a scam dreamt up by the "northern" elites, who include Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh and others. The Prince being a Founder of WWF.
Thus Isherwood and Walsh assert all our worries about the impending environmental disaster are bullshit!
I disagree, but am in a bit of "limbo" as to whether ANYTHING from our "environment organizations" can be trusted.
This, sadly, and perhaps quite annoyingly, brings much of the global "Greens" movement into question, and therefore my recent-past support for Bob Brown in Canberra?
As said, I am quite certain there is a serious environmental threat faced, and a manmade exacerbation of it induced by Human stupidity and over-consumption etc, and that we ALL have to reduce, recycle re-use, etc etc.
But as we're all subordinate to the honchos up each other in places like Canberra, Sydney, etc, any further blind support for ANY registered political organization becomes questionable.

Sorry for exposing my really stupid side! I guess, for decades, I've taken the approach, informed or not, that we have to vote, we have to think about these issues, each and everyone of us, and it is better we give SOMEONE in the halls of corruption-er-power our support.

But some months ago, even after spending the best part of the three years prior to Rudd and co's election pushing for their win, I scribed a blogpost about this latest federal "change of guard", in the Rudd government being a "one term government", and perhaps I'll get stuck into them for their softcock policies on various issues, marshalling my influences round-about, I could do significant harm to their hopes and expectations of being in for a decade, or longer.
Then, I think I wrote of placing my allegiance with Bob Brown's Greens, and have written a few pieces toward that since.

This latest wall of info, as in "The Association" "Evatt", WWF, etc etc, and a few related thoughts this morning, throws ME in the "too hard basket", leaving me with the "OVERTHROW!" feeling as being the best and only way to go.

WWF Australia chief executive Greg Bourne, ex-British Petroleum exec, in an ABC online news article this morning (http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/10/19/2717424.htm?section=business says "it is time the world weans itself off fossil fuels, otherwise the circumstances could be catastrophic.
If we end up with runaway climate change, we could be heading towards a five-to-six-degree temperature rise by the end of the century.
That is devastating for the economy. It is devastating for agriculture. It is devastating for our iconic landscapes, our biodiversity. It is truly frightening.
We can win but we have to get after it. We have to move faster and we have to create an industrial and agricultural revolution the like of which we have never seen."

As Bourne and WWF are from the same uptop, generally upemselves upclub mob, we have to ask "does he MEAN IT"?

If he does, it's hard to see him and them taking the mass of less-than-very-wealthy into consideration and compassion. I guarantee he's only talking with the survival of the "Our ten million" or so in mind, and the rest of the Human population, including you and me and him and her and the kids, BE DAMNED!

Personally, I'm OVER compassion! To me it seems like just ANOTHER piece of Roman "spin" to lure the dumbfuckers into the club of materialist pigs with the biggest weapons and insulated walls and roofs.

The end of thinks about this, is a total revolution. But that will only be managed by Murdoch and them lot, therefore the only solution comes down to a MASSIVE transformation of the whole fekking planet, where huge restructuring is brought-on, and it will not be by any peaceful means.

(But, who is doing my thinking? Am I but the think tink of the same upclub mobs who brought on the 1st and 2nd world wars, to modernize the aging and decrepit Eurape???)
[That's NOT a new question for myself, so don't be thinking I'm near the edge or such. I AM, but have been for decades, thanks to mummy and her aristocratic ancestors whose dynasties run the fekking planet today!]

These/those softcocks uptop in upemselvesville are welded, I mean really psychotically stuck-fast to their ponsy lifestyles, and make certain the majority who ?VOTE? for their breed are as well, usually by keeping them shit-scared of going without every opulent piece of crap available, as well as by keeping them mis-and-mal-informed and thus deeeeeeply deluded about being able to keep on living the ridiculous way they/we white arses do!

Omaxa bin Eartha

On Mon, 19/10/09, NIMBIN TELEVISION wrote:

Subject: Re: Sensationalism
To: "Omaxa bin Eartha"
Received: Monday, 19 October, 2009, 12:13 PM

Keith Murdoch is pictured and 'The Association' is what you were talking about in your story.
http://www.americanaustralian.org/ ------------------- http://www.americanaustralian.org/History/ ------------------- Sorry if you puke.
The dinner at the Waldorf is when the name was born, joining the two together, and there is no funky black dudes in the picture. Oh bummer!

On Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 5:15 PM, Omaxa bin Eartha wrote:

In response to your notifying me that the "sensationalist" article was Nimbin-Waved, RIPPA!
No complaints, but who was the bloke in uniform in the last pic, and why the shot of HV Evatt's whatever... gala thingee?
Is there a "Murdoch" in the photo?

As you liked that articulation..., 'ave-a-lookie at this-'un!

And then THIS-'un...!

Pheeww, brushing wiff deaf AGAIN, Maxee!?
The first of those two goes to a lot more than our war against illegal smokies, but DOES get there, while slamming everyone in Eurape for being whatever they are.
These two e-ssays are my persistence with this "Afghanistan war" issue qvestion, and it's REALLY being a case of "Eurape keeping the heroin trafficking going".

MISTaz Rupee "Whitewash" Murdoch and Italian PM "Slipperio" Berlusconi are a bit itchy about it, I can tell.


Omaxa bin Eartha

--- On Fri, 16/10/09, NIMBIN TELEVISION wrote:

Subject: Sensationalism
To: "Max No Difference"
Received: Friday, 16 October, 2009, 9:37 PM

I liked, I posted with a short headline and very minor editing. I hope you like the pictures that were put with it.
NIMBIN WAVE is made for widescreen, so you get big pictures.
If there is a youtube video that would help the non-readers understand the article more, then send the link to me and I'll slot it in. There are plenty to choose from.
Thanks for your contribution to the Cannabis debate.


Tax carbon to stop corruption

On The Australian" website,
an ex-Labor politician slams the Greens in their debate for people to change their ways.

Here's my comment, posted on the comments slot in "The Australian" website:

Being a "Green" for about 38 years, I've fallen for the "climate change" mantra for a while. But have also, for at least as long, regarded the issue as being Humanity's over-use of resources, and the waste etc of that.

It does seem that "climate change" is occurring, but the carbon issue is as, the article says, "a furphy".

No matter! Humans have to learn to live more efficiently, so as to not pollute and waste so much.

Our desired "modern" lifestyles are excessive and put unnecessary stress on the environment.

"Happiness" is not found in materialism or in consumption.

It is found in Good Relationships, which have nothing to do with our excessive consumption of resources etc.

Unbalanced lifestyles always destroy communities and the environment, and have their roots in corrupt beliefs and laws.

Beliefs and laws which have their roots in bad social customs as enforced upon us by errant business models, like in corporate greed and want for control of the society they provide their mostly unnecessary products to.

The "advertising industry" has much to answer for here.

We have to live more economically, that-is more efficiently, which comes down to living more in-tune with the NATURAL environment.

So there...!

School kids to hold climate conference

School kids to hold climate conference

This article on ninemsn.com.au tells us about “kids” doin'-it-themselves, in terms of reducing our over-consumption and thus our pollution and waste.
Good on 'em!
For what my thoughts are worth, I'm inclined to offer the suggestion for them “Make your own energy, kids!”
As I recently blogged, “12 and 24 volts are the new 240 volts” or such, what with technology refining products away from our old dependence upon 240 volt power.
“Local” is the new “grid power”, where we can, by being a bit industrious in Dad's shed, spend a bit of time and thinking to build the very easy-to-build equipment many of today's electrical appliances need for electrical power.
I hope the kids are prepared to learn how to use a soldering iron etc.


Italians, now Canadians accused of a false war in Afghanistan!?

United States admits tackling Italians over payments to the Taleban

October 17,2009.

Doing my pathetic best to get to the underbelly of the war in Afghanistan, the connections I assert exist between NATO forces and the Eurapean and north American heroin trade, and why the war should be called-off and why the world should change the global laws which make drugs like heroin illegal, I spy another article regarding the claims posted in yesterday's British news media, the “timesonline”, (and yes, I think the “timesonline” and it's print newspapers are owned by Rupert Murdoch, which puts a question-mark against my assertions that he and his elite mobs are doing what they can to keep heroin and other natural drugs illegal, because it is more profitable for their top-knobs), I follow-up by commenting, (whatever is worth reading), on today's timesonline article as titled above “United States admits tackling Italians over payments to the Taleban”.

The opening paragraph of today's “timesonline” article is thus:

“The US Government acknowledged for the first time yesterday that payment of protection money to the Taleban by Italian forces in Afghanistan was discussed by American officials and their Italian counterparts last year.”

Further into the timesonline report, it reads “Bruce Riedel who headed President Obama’s Afghanistan policy review this year but is no longer inside the Administration, told The Times that he heard allegations of the Italian payments during a trip to Paris in the last week of September (2008, I assume?). A businessman with close ties to the French Government told him that the Italians had been paying the Taleban “but had forgotten to tell us [the French]”, Mr Riedel said.”

It looks also that I incorrectly implicated Romano Prodi, Italy's PM before Berlusconi retook the office last year, for today's “Times” post says these payments or bribes occurred when Berlusconi was in government? But I can't be bothered checking to confirm if I'm right, or was wrong, or am wrong, or am generally close to being right in my accusations that Prodi is in the EXTREMELY DUBIOUS category. I maintain my position that most-all of Eurape's political class and financial elites are all mentally ill, mainly because they are today's officials of the world's most corrupt and most corrupting economies and governments.

Naturally enough all Italian officials are shouting-down these “Times” allegations, while the French Opposition, no doubt wanting every bit of publicity they can get, (as do ALL political opposition parties), are demanding an urgent explanation to parliament, etc.

The next paragraph is from the same “Times” article, which is what inspired me to jump on the wires this afternoon.

“Canada has also been forced to deny reports that its soldiers paid the enemy in Afghanistan to keep the peace. A foreign wire service quoted an Afghan Army source as saying that Canadian soldiers in Kandahar province, in the Taleban-strong south, had made payments to insurgents.”

(As with yesterday's blogpost of mine questioning the veracity of an article on the 'net from “The Australian” and “aap” news about Australians and our Cannabis usage, the words in that paragraph “A foreign wire service quoted....” is open to all manner of interpretations, and in this day of misinformation as via Murdochs media cartels and co, should be given the “WHAAH?!?” response. However...)

As I wrote in yesterday's post implicating Canada in the Euro-centred Afghanistan war and heroin trade affairs, today's “Times” article seems to verify my charges, albeit denied (as we would expect) by Canada.

The last paragraph of the Times article is thus:

“I haven’t heard of any type of payment that would be done by our troops in order to remain protected,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Chris Lemay, a spokesman with the Canadian Expeditionary Forces Command. “With the number of casualties we’ve been getting, had we paid these guys they wouldn’t be holding up their end of the bargain.”

Is it only myself who sees a serious flaw in the Lieutenant's last sentence?

To even suggest the Taliban, by not upholding their end of the (any) “bargain”, were or were not IN some sort of deal with the NATO forces, dilutes what we the readers are asked to believe; that NATO and their “allies” are actually at war against the Taliban?

I'm inclined to be thinking I'm loosing some element of my thinking and comprehending and expression skills, (I've slept poorly over the last 2000 nights!) because that last paragraph of mine is not well written, but I think, I think, the reader of this blog will understand what I'm getting at. I think?

If history were to be told accurately, and not with the “classified” rewriting etc., it has always suffered (by the “victors”), we might have a very DIFFERENT picture and story about who was behind Hitler's rise in the 1920s, '30s and '40s? This, my including Hitler and a question about the forces who lifted him to power, were I or anyone who might KNOW to divulge ALL the TRUE FACTS of the 20th century's wars, might very well bring down the powers who were behind the creation of the state of Israel, and thus, the stories about the “holocaust” which is said to have killed millions of Jews in the Nazi gas chambers, may well be found to have in some part, been a fabrication?

Personally, I accept that Jews were gassed in the death camps, and that it may have been 6 million or so.

This does not however, discount the possibility that those evil events against the “landless” yet extremely “savvy” Jews and their occult cults, was orchestrated so as to gain the worldwide reaction and sympathy for their Zionist hierarchy, more securely posited in Britain, and most every other nation and region on Earth, outside of Eurape.
Such extreme and clearly horrendous mass-killings are not beyond possibility, and are definitely not beyond possibility up there in the halls and back-rooms of 20th century world megalomania. Over the last fifty years we have seen several “holocaust” deniers sent to a torrid end for asserting that the holocaust never happened.

I do not say it never happened, but, and perhaps even more controversially, I suggest that it DID happen, but was PLANNED that way, for possibly more far-sighted benefits to the Jewish Peoples who came after?

I remember that, about ten years ago, while I was on the road, sending radical essays, then by fax and by snailmail, to Geraldine Doogue of the ABC, with one of them, written in that mode some might call “channeled”. In it, I recall writing that the two world wars of the 20th century were planned by and because the elites of Europe recognized that the changes in demography, population increase, development and “the modern age” etc, demanded a drastic move to clean-up what was by the 1910s, a crumbling European infrastructure. So wars were seen as the most “efficient” way to put in effect the changes they saw as necessary. Sewerage, and other utilities could not possibly have been updated with the designs and outdated city structures that existed across the European continent.

So, it is not impossible to consider this same line of thinking (and a line which, as callous as it appears to be, is NOT totally unreasonable), was used to bring into fruition the need for a Jewish state. Again, those who were at the forefront of such schemes, might well have considered the ensuing and ongoing carnage of post-1948 Palestinians, and of the Middle East in general, to this day, as necessary and justifiable.

I DO NOT in writing this, condone ANY slaughter of these suggested kinds. It, they, are all to be abhorred, as far as I'm concerned, even while I appear to be the CMO of the Global Forces against the Babylonian western world.

On that, this is NOT a very NICE world, to my mind. Evil is nearly everywhere. That some of the Human population has managed to live, for some number of generations, in an apparent “peace”, does NOT make this planet “Heaven”.

Purely because, for that few to live without violence, carnage and cultural or social chaos and destruction, SOMEWHERE there has had to be violence, carnage and cultural or social chaos and destruction laid upon some other population of Human Beings. And usually, as “history” can show us, that other number of People has been many times more than those who have for generations avoided the hurt.

This very point, whether we include the attempts at genocide by the old IMF, of the Australian Aborigines or not, is one MAJOR reason why I DO NOT LIKE Australian culture, and thus most Australians. The majority of us, especially those who delude themselves and others that they are “Christians”, live in disgusting delusions and denials about the REAL world, and with each little trinket and toy and drinkee-pooh they buy or consume or blithely waste, they are acting like the lowest kind of being any “Creator” could possibly bring into existence.

But, that's another story, to Hitler, and to the illegal state of Israel, and of the “war on drugs” and whether the Taliban are yet just another part of the torrid and basically evil story of Humans and their wayward track across time and the Mutha's surface.

Getting back to the Afghanistan war and the Taliban and their being paid to not chuck explosives at the western forces invading their Territories, I put it that the above rant by myself about planned carnage in Eurape etc (and let us not forget “Vietnam”, “Japan” “Korea”, “Africa” and most other parts of the world where the Eurapeans and Brits have expanded, plundered, genocided and colonized) can very well be of the same designs we read about and watch on the box news, whether in Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, central America, Georgia, New York and/or Alice Springs, etal etal etal.
As I just wrote above, from the ways things appear to have been on Earth for the last long-time, it is definitely NOT the Garden of Eden.

But I guess my point is that all the fightin'-and-a-bitin' is “old kings” bullshit, set in motion by mobs of battered, bruised and if not inbred, then certainly effected by fetal-alcohol syndrome warlords, who could see no other way, but to just keep on bashing their way to a comfortable few decades before the walls finally came down on them, AGAIN. By then, they'd be dead, and the baton would be passed on to the next generation of suckers. About all the knobs with the crowns and leaders' palaces could hope for is that their actions would contribute in some way to make the world a little better for those yet to be born....?

But, it has to be said that, few of them, of the last decades, show any GENUINE Will for that, and on-the-contrary, display an evil attitude which announces, with all their mealy-mouthed hyperbola, that they really don't give a shit........!

Berlusconi , from down here, down under, and his elite pricks up there in the velvet chairs, seem to fit that bill, to a tee.......


Revolution, Comrades and Kids! Revolution!

Fuck the white elite Christian scum!

Make heroin LEGAL, and Cannabis, and Cocaine, and stop the war on non-white Christians and non-white Eurapeans!

Finally, if “timesonline” IS owned by Rupert Murdoch, “my apologies” old man!

But don't tell ANYONE “you don't know where I'm comin' from.........!”

An Aborigine Fella down Canberra way told me a few years ago, that YOU Rupert, look like YOU could have a “touch of the tar” in ya'!?

Last thing YOU'd want to consider, I expect?

Makes y' wonder what you might be owing the Bleck Fellas down here, if it was TRUE, AYE?

Expect none of them'd wanna own ya though!



I bet Jim and Lachie have had a snort or forty, in their short times!

Wouldn't even be surprised if YOU have rolled-up a shiny-new one hundred pound note over the glass top coffee table, and stuck it up ya nose, on the odd occasion, MISTA Murdoch!

As for Ber-ber-Berlusconi …......!



A Call for Independent Inquiry into Australian news media

If you're after accuracy, avoid AAP! And “The Australian”! And most mainstream news services!
(OUCH! I just shot myself in the foot!)

Having little else to do but to scan (primarily) the Google news pages, I spied an article which gave a rap about Cannabis, titled “Aussies use more cannabis than Europeans - fact”.

Well, I read it, remembered next to none of it, and was brought to wonder about the veracity of the article, so I looked atop the screen and saw that it came to Google's news page from “The Australian” online news media link

But under the article's title, “Aussies use more cannabis than Europeans - fact” and date, October 16, 2009, the words told me “article from aap”. Aap being the acronym name of “Australian Associated Press”.
Here's a copy of the article, just to show what I mean:
AUSTRALIANS rank among the world's top cannabis users, a review of global data has confirmed.
It was estimated more than eight per cent of the population used marijuana at least once a year, and this rate was only matched by North America and our trans-Tasman neighbours.
"Australia, New Zealand and North America have traditionally been the countries which have among the highest rates (of cannabis use)," Professor Louisa Degenhardt of the University of NSW said.
"That has been something demonstrated repeatedly in surveys of young people and surveys of the general population."
Europe was next in terms of annual usage followed by the Middle East and Asia, while usage rates were rising across Africa but from a low base in some countries.
This was according to a major review of the global pool of research into marijuana consumption, conducted by the University of NSW's National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre in collaboration with the University of Queensland.
The paper, published in The Lancet, included a UN Office on Drugs and Crime estimate that cannabis was used by 166 million people, or 3.9 per cent of the global population aged 15 to 64 years, during 2006.
Prof Degenhardt said a different study in 2007 found 9.1 per cent of Australians aged 14 to 65 reported using cannabis in the past year - one of the highest usage rates in the world.
The paper states one in 10 users have "cannabis dependence syndrome" placing them at risk of chronic bronchitis, psychotic symptoms especially in those with a family history of mental disorders, and also poorer education outcomes in affected youth.
Other possibly linked health effects include respiratory cancer, depression, suicide or behavioural disorders in children whose mothers used cannabis while pregnant.
A person's heart attack risk increases almost five times during the hour after they used cannabis, another study shows.
Despite this, the paper concludes the health burden imposed by cannabis use on Australia was "probably modest" compared to the illness and injury caused by alcohol, tobacco and other illicit drugs.
"Cannabis use caused 0.2 per cent of total disease burden in Australia - a country with one of the highest reported rates of cannabis use," the paper said.
Alcohol accounted for 2.3 per cent of the nation's disease burden while tobacco came in at 7.8 per cent.

Well..., as I wrote above, I forgot most of what it said. So, I read it again, and was relieved that I was going at it from the usual “negative expectations” point of view. It is not a totally negative attack on Cannabis smoking after all. Phew! But it is replete with neg about supposed effects from smoking cannabis.

So..., seeing as I've started, bearing in mind my own comments a few weeks ago after being sent a positive report about some authority relaxing attitudes around Cannabis, my saying in response that they were likely given the word from the US Administration to begin to back-off the neg about the weed, the article, to my critical mind (but only mildly ill) for a media group like aap, whose first chairman was Rupert Murdoch's father, Keith Murdoch, a deep insider of the Brettonwoods bastards who conspired to take control of the whole world's media in the 1940s, and who have since, via the agency of Keith's boy Rupie and grandboy Jimpee now are the biggest media tyrants on the Mutha Terra, the article has to be questioned when it states that:

AUSTRALIANS rank among the world's top cannabis users, a review of global data has confirmed.
It was estimated more than eight per cent of the population used marijuana at least once a year, and this rate was only matched by North America and our trans-Tasman neighbours.
"Australia, New Zealand and North America have traditionally been the countries which have among the highest rates (of cannabis use)," Professor Louisa Degenhardt of the University of NSW said.

And that's just in the 1st three paragraphs?

Para one, “...among the world's top cannabis users,...”

This “survey” was carried out by some laboratory boffins at the Uni of NSW. Professor Louisa Degenhardt one of them, we assume? Can we ask whether the professor was paid to do the survey paper? And if so, by whom?

The article says nothing of the surely innumerable numbers of Moslems or Hindus, or those of other continents and islands on Mutha Terra who imbibe Cannabis and or Hashish on a religious, casual and or daily basis.

I've not been to Asia nor central Asia nor most other parts of the planet, but it would seem, that even while drug use and especially excessive soft drug or “cannabis” use is as likely not regarded favorably by most Hindus or Moslems, it's highly unlikely that Australians, north Americans and even the BIG-SSSmoekin' Kayways actually DO rank among “the world's top cannabis users”.

Even the article's title cannot be trusted, even while they use “fact” in it.
“Aussies use more cannabis than Europeans - fact”.

It has to be asked, “Where they comin' from?” there at “aap”.

If by “Cannabis” they mean the “GREEN” that is, the bush, or the hydro, as opposed to the Hashish, the cake, the brick, then OK, I can believe that. Hashish gets better undercover transhipment mile per kilo than the comparatively bulky plant's heads, so as it is grown and turned into Hash in north Africa, and in the Middle East, and in Pakistan and Afghanistan and India and north Queensland and umm..., NO! They don't make much hashsish in N.Q.! Hash goes the distance better, from those production regions of Central Asia, the Middle east and north Africa across the land-bridges into Eurape and Britain. You can probably hide the smell of hashish better than the green weed, especially of hydro, too?

In Australia, the sparse hectares of bushland, and spare bedrooms in suburban houses make growing and distributing the GREEN, straight heads of the Herb, unprocessed into hashish, easier and more viable for the market.

But ounce-for-ounce, no-one's gonna put that one over me, that Australians smoke more THC than Eurapeans!

So what is aap, via the brudderbond news censor and fabricator Murdoch's “The Australian” trying to do?

If we had as many bridges across the seas to Asia and beyond, most Aussie smokers would as likely smoke heaps more Hashish than QUOTE “cannabis” UNQUOTE!

This sort of confuse-us Murdochian SHIT is what befuddles the VERY SERIOUS debate about legalizing Cannabis, Hashish, Ganga, Weed, Pot, DOPE, and shoves a mass of nonsensical and deceptive rubbish onto the minds of our alcohol-soaked mainstreamer Mista-and-Missus Dummaz, so that, when Murdochian BULLSHIT media knocks on your cellphone and asks you to answer their survey about legalizing DRUGS LIKE DOPE little missus Prozac-and-liypo falls into auto non-think mode and remembers the neg-neg-and-MORE-cunning-neg in that article by reporter noname in “The Astraylean”, from the assumed AUTHORITATIVE “aap”, and answers NO NO NO AND MORE NOOOOOOO!

“What I'm worried about is the effect smoking Canofpiss will have on MY BAAAAYBEEE???!?!?!?!?@#$%^&*”

And, if “The Australian” newspaper and online media outlet is owned by Rupert Murdoch, well-known to be a friend of the very profitable global drugs cartels and of the disgustingly unethical drug laws which incarcerate so many basically innocent people, basically innocent LOWER-CLASS People, so that the evil-idle-bodied kids of the world's elite can profit from the illegal drugs' trade, "with just a phone call", and then, like the Murdochs, profit further from the sensationalism SENSATIONALISM SENSATIONALISM which arises from his US buddy GW Bush's “WAR ON DRUGS” and the ensuing wars in Afghanistan, now extended due to popular demand by the ferengi fondi into Pakistan, and wherever they can stretch their euros, dollars, hi-tech weapon's caches and OH! their military vehicles to truck out the opium from the so-called “war-zones”, why can they not provide the name of the reporter who supposedly wrote the article, and supposedly interviewed the supposed Professor Degenhardt of the nation's most corrupt city's rather LESS-THAN HOLY University of New South Wales???

And a ??? and a ???

I MEAN??? Come-ORN!?!?!

The article is written with a very adept hand I'd say, because it drops lines like “... another study shows...”, and “... a different study in 2007 found...” and “The paper, published in The Lancet, included a UN Office on Drugs and Crime estimate that cannabis was used by 166 million people, or 3.9 per cent of the global population aged 15 to 64 years, during 2006.”


So, which paper, published in The Lancet, of the “..another study shows..” and “..a different study found..” and the “..UN Office on Drugs and Crime estimate..” (well, the last one is in the 'paper' it seems) is being referred to?

I find it hard to do the sums myself to verify if 166 million equates to 3.9% of the global population aged 15-to-64, but I refuse to believe that that is all the people who smoke the Herb, out of our near 7 billion?

I find it intriguing that this article dropped on the same day that the British Timesonline put out the article (referred-to in another weblog post of mine from earlier today) telling the world that the Italians were bribing the Taleban (timesonline spelling) to not fire on their troopies!

Surely, as Afghanistan is said by all those who want a war on drugs, to be the biggest producer of opium for the world heroin black-market, another muddleheaded article about the OTHER illegal drug “cannabis”, is more than coincidence?

I'm suspicious that aap and euro-blah and co will say anything to diffuse our concentration and thus the possibility of asking the next question about whether opium was involved in the "Italian bribes" affair?

But..., I AM bored, pissed off I am prevented from smoking my preferred herb (Cannabis) because of idiotic laws enforced by idiots like Murdoch's uptop, upclub, upemselves and, AND seriously mentally ill friends in Eurape and the USA and, AND in Canada, another major beneficiary from the illegal cannabis market!

Then there's the upsidedownbrain clubs of the NSW parliament “Rum Club” and the Vatican's “Wrong Club” who keep me uptobeingREALLYPISSEDORF, because they don't smoke enough Intelliherb to be able to THINK MAN THINK FOR THEMSELVES, and try to force ME to do the political and religious thinking FOR THEM!?

Obviously, I haven't had a smoke for a few weeks.......

What may be extruded from this angriessay, is that we must NOT TRUST ANYTHING FROM MURDOCH'S MEDIA (aap is part-and-parcel of his global coven) NOR ANYONE IN MURDOCH'S PAY (think one Mr P Adams, doyen of Aunty ABC, THEIR ABC! who writes regular articles for a princely sum I bet in The Australian!?).

It is also correct to call our generally same-same softcock Prime Minister Rudd to open an inquiry into Australia's media cartels and whether they need to be smashed to little Local bits, where the PEOPLE can, without fear-or-favor, report the REALNews, and not the agenda-ridden shit which pours out of Murdoch's upper and lower level orifices!

Imagine how superdooper rich he and his boyz would suddenly NOT be if we went so far as to NATIONALIZE all the Land as well? They would really loose a “nice little earner” without his glossy pages on the speculative real estate market-rip-off-place, wouldn't they???

But they'd be terribly unhappy too, because the vast majority of Australians, including the Aborigines, WOULD BE HAPPY!


And YOU were going to manage the Revolution, Murdoch?!


And tell wee-Jimpy to crawl back up his Canary!




And Intelligent, DEMOCRATIC Media control laws. GLOBALLY!


British & European elites certifiably "mentally ill"

Italians bribed the Taleban all over Afghanistan, say officials
16/10/09. 2.20pm

Typing errors aside, and assuming there's credibility to the article and the accusations in it against the Italian forces in Afghanistan, the Timesonline must be given a “tick”, and perhaps a gold star for such a disclosure.

One side of the thinks department herein is not surprised about such claims against Italy, one of the other sides herein lets itself be SHOCKED!

With Italian Prime Minister Slipperio Berlusconi controlling so much of the Italian political class and media, there's a dangerous chance that history, at least from Italy's tomes, will manage to bury these charges and records, about Italy paying-off the Taliban to not shoot their precious little troops.

As Italy's last allegedly centre-left-wing PM Romano Prodi seems to have been in power while such bribes were being paid, we have a thoroughly dubious Italian parliament.

But what's new?

Prodi was President of the Eurapean Commission from September 1999 to October 2004, which to many a mind, places him in the EXTREMELY dubious category.

Berlusconi, as Wikipedia notes, “...is an Italian politician, entrepreneur, real estate and insurance tycoon, bank and media proprietor, sports team owner and songwriter (ARSOLE-A-MIO!). He is the longest-serving Prime Minister of the Italian Republic...”, so falls well within the walls of the same EXTREMELY dubious category.

But again, what's new?

The question that came to mind on first read of the timesonline article, was, “where does the opium/heroin enter the “bribery” equation?

I'd guess and say that Italy, like the rest of the Eurapean feudal states, including those of Britain of course, has an huge “illegal” heroin industry. Where do they get the amounts they need to keep the Italian junkies satiated?

A recent interview on Australia's national radio ABC, had one “in-the-know” interviewee state that only about ZERO-POINT-FIVE of one percent (0.5%) of the opium which is (known to be) grown in Afghanistan funds the Taliban.

So who is being funded by the remaining 99.5%?

Is it a matter of “funding”, or is it merely a game of MASSIVE profiteering by the BIG BOYZ of the global illegal drugs blackmarket.

Reliable sources inform that Britain runs a major chunk of the global heroin trade, as would the other states of Eurape - Italy included - of course. (There's good argument suggesting that Britain is but a branch-office of Rome's evil Catholic church!?)
But Britain's bad-old MI6 has been fingering the illegal drugs pie from Tasmania to Turkmanastan to any town starting with a “T” in south America for at least the last fifty years.

Remember that the USA's decrepit Central intelligence Agency (CIA) was invented by MI6 in the 1940s, and both of them have been organizing production of cocaine and marijuana, in central and south America, and shipping/flying/carting/and-kombi-vanning the sterff elsewhere for most of these 50 years?

As today, the world suffers a case of yes - possibly dwindling “white superiority”, centred not in Confederate southern states of the USA, but in the old-Eurape of..., umm? Eurape, who, along with the biggest banks, and the biggest “electron colliders”, the biggest number of nuclear reactors, the biggest real estate corporations, and the biggest links to BAD LAND LAWS across the globe (and soon to be opening a branch office on THE MOON!), we have in reality, in REALPolitik REALITY, little choice but to assume and conclude that old You-rapists of Rome, Pareee, den Hague, Berlinenenen and Londonium et al et al and etc, and not forgetting in the castles of Hungary, (possibly the most-smitten of Eurape's elite for having been justly dispossessed of all their land, by the Communists post-WW2), are ALSO the biggest illegal drug trade cabalists on my Mutha Eartha. On OUR Mutha Eartha.

So where did the bribery buck STOP?

As Romano Prodi has been the boss of the EXTREMELY DUBIOUS European Commission, and as he was Prime Minister of Italia uptil the 8th of May 2008, around the period these apparent bribes were being paid, let's take a gamble and suggest that the whole ferengi lot of them, up there in white, Christian, EXTREMELY DUBIOUS Eurape, Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Scandinavia AND - YEEEES, as far east as good old Muscovitch as well...., are swimming in refined opium and laundered drug money?

Just a guess, y'unnerstand!

So, who's gonna wash the planet clean of these pearly-white-liars?

Where DOES the money GO?

Is it, as Jimmy Casbolt, the MI6 Outlaw says, “to fund weapons development” to defend Earth against “aliens”?

Aliens, put to me by another dubious (perhaps in the EXTREME category) misinformant, who are camped on the dark side of the moon, slowly building-up there fleet and battalions for the ANY-DAY-NOW invasion of Mummy Eart?


What are we then, to make of the mission being put together by OH NO?!?!? THE CHINESE, to take a few of THEIR Mob to the Lunar lollypop???

Oh! Of course, they've been entwined in the global opium affair since ENGLAND, or to be a little more precise, since the BRITISH EAST INDIA COMPANY, now re-tagged as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), used Indian opium to destroy China in the mid-1800s, and earlier, methinks.

So, are the Chinese going to the moon to parlay with the “greys” on the dark side, to pay them their dues from the opium trade down here?

Are these qVestions relevant to the Italians buying-off the Taliban in Afghanistan?

Well..., it's a small world after all, aye?

Seeming to digress a little (apparently I do that!?), for as long as I've been accosted with these tales of aliens dancing around in my aura, and around in the Pentagon's and MI6's Thames-side bunkersvilles, it's been a qvestion, with decidedly DEUTSCHESSIEN twangs to the accent, as to where our innate and readily abused magical powers intercede with these fourth-dimensional aliens?

When we hear tales of aliens, we rarely, if-ever, hear the terms occult, parapsychology, witchcraft, joojoo, etc in the same spooky stories?

It surely has to be considered, that with the expansionist brutality and colonialist terrorism tactics as deployed by Britain in-the-main, but also by Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland AND Italy (Oh LOOK? THEY'RE ALL EURAPEAN!?!?!) over the last five hundred years, as they have had to resort to ever more drastic and rough-house methods of suppressing the Land owners and Defenders of their Euro-invaded Homelands, the occult has played a MAJOR role in that psychotic war-of-want for more real estate.

As the mind of the Humanidiot is capable of congering all manner of illusion OUT THERE in the earthly ether, where do the gods draw the line between twisting an innocent's mind to see ghosts, demons, angels and...., ALIENS?

As “Sam” in “Supernatural” is famous for coining it as “thought-forms”, where, if enough occultist idiots IMAGINE some demonic entity hard enough, and for long enough, it can be made manifest, firstly in the fourth dimension, but with demented dedication, even into the lower three dimension, where I remain imprisoned. That I have never actually SEEN a spook wiff mine own eyeyeyeyeyes...., - YET ! - !? is not important, methinks methinks.

What, here in this tangential e-ssay, is possibly fairly important, is that the rumors, as written in the credible book exposing the global drugs black-market and it's operators from (OH! Brit-Eurape), by Executive Intelligence Review, and Lyndon La Rouche, called “Drugs Inc., British bankers and Soviet Commissars” (or something), about the naughty side of MI6 having enlisted aliens to do EVEN MORE of their IMF-type dirty work (but the MI6 naughty-laddies made a bad blue, because the aliens took-over!), we HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO SUSPECT the majors in all black-markets will resort to BAD MAGIC to scare-the-hell out of anyone who refuses to comply and become a junkie or mule or dealer or pimp or banker. Or real estate agent.

So I cannot let it pass that it is highly likely that the global “Drugs Incorporated” mobs have built an enormous fabrication about aliens, and deploy the images everywhere, purely and simply to protect their mental illnesses of trading in illegally-acquired Land, and wrongly-outlawed natural drugs.

Like opium, and marijuana and cocaine, and Qava (Nope! Not yet!) and aspirin and all the others we've forgotten about, which used to grow in our neighborhood gardens!

Another Qvestion, with decided Freudian accentuations, is where do the global, multinational PHARMACEUTICAL corporations slip their little pinkies into this MASSIVE equation???



Oh my LORD? Where does it all end??? The Rat of Rome's Can-i-vats? Oxford's Zionists? Edinburgh's sporran?

Or...? Mayhap we must trace the steps all the way back to Egypt's pharaohs, and the naughty spells they forced down Moses and Aaron's yomkippor, before they hypnotized them to go for a long walk across the rosie sea and off in the desertssss?

No wonder Australia's Wise Aborigine don't care a hell-of-a-lot for this decidedly BIASED and full of bribery thing called “history”!

While USA's President Obama and his Mighty Warriors pent-up in Pentagon penthouses refuse to “go the full monty” on exposure of these Brit-Euro-centric MAFIOSO, de little not-very-much-at-all-illuminated Illuminati occultists and sycophantic people of Italia and gay Pareee and laughing London will keep opium illegal, middle-and-lower-class junkies in the gutter, marijuana outlawed for we Spiritual Human Beings, and Italian troops and diplomats bribing Taliban Warriors to not throw exploding-rocks at THEIR boyzz and gerrls.

It is well past time that “Oaksterdam”, Amsterdam, HongKongerdam and other dam sticks-in-the-mud-er-dam expanded over the dam wall and flooded the rest of the dry ground wiff some GOOD Weed!

And a bit of LEGAL OPIUM, COCAINE, and whatever is found by evidential science to be in FACT OK to imbibe......

Any of them are better choices and superior ways of getting off WHISKEY and TOBACCO, say what Dunghill?

How did the advert go? “When only the best will do”.


Any copper who fines or arrests a person for possessing a wee-bag of weed, should BE TOLD, to put their badge on the right-way-up, and to do the same wiff their BRWAIN!

Pathetic! Gutless! And definitely more threatening to ALL societies than the poor under-nourished, Bikers, who can't even afford FOUR wheels to travel 'round on.

Don't EVER let a copper or shrink (trained by hypnotized Christian clones' colleges) tell you you're “mentally ill”, dudes.

That label, applies exactly to the church-indoctrinated “north” of Britain and Eurape.
One last QVESSTION!!!

If all the “illegal” drugs were, by a mere “stroke of the pen” made LEGAL, how many “wars” would immediately end, and therefore, how much LESS pollution would be emitted into the Mutha Eartha's atmosphere and environment?

MISTa Barack Obama!? MISTer President?

When the people are stupid, Democracy is DANGEROUS!

When the people are dangerous, Democracy is stupid!

Ask mista(the-point) Beck-and-(Murdochs-)call, to take a holiday down Gitmo way, declare MARSHALL LAW and alert Eurape's fondi they are on notice, to put their feet back on the ground.

Pull all but Remedial Troops OUT of Central Asia, and send in a few battalions of ORGANIC horticulture teachers etc.


And build a BI-IG wall around Eurape! For ferengi's sake!

They have lost the plot, and are in-the-main certifiably mentally ill.



Cubbie Station must stay in Australian ownership!

Selling Cubbie Station to an overseas buyer might actually be illegal, unethical, and if it were to be re-instituted as a cotton farm, totally unacceptable environmentally.
Indeed, whether the massive property, with it's extra lots, is used to grow cotton or not, it is now very questionable if it can or should be used as a farm at all?
Surely, the $450 million price-tag is effected when government considers what rehabilitation to the inappropriately used land is necessary?
Cotton is NOT a viable crop in Australia, and should be classed as a weed, along with Radiata pines and all our state governments.
Now, were an AUSTRALIAN company or federal government to buy it, and rehabilitate it by planting INDUSTRIAL CANNABIS, we might have a very different ethical, legal and environmental situation?
JOBS JOBS JOBS! in new Hemp fibre and resin and plastics industries would abound, alround, and above ground! Unlike the NSW government!
When they're not struggling to scratch two coins together, could the "Laney Boyz" of Nimbin pool their resources?

Finks bikie ban a 'witch-hunt'?

Title of article downloaded from WAtoday.com.au
My Comments:
Ummm...., I don't know where the Finks are with other Biker clubs, such as the Hell's Angels, but, their arguments against the Western Australian government and attempts to ban them as Human Beings, seem to be in the same cylinder as those put by the rest of the Brothers-on-Big-Bikes.
It's blatantly clear that, as Sydney-based leader of the Finks, “Ferret” states, Australia's establishment governments are on a witch-hunt against Motorcycle Clubs.
Being one who is forced to live dangerously, thanks to the establishment, I'm inclined to say that, while not fully informed on all sides of any issues, just going on what I observe, and have observed over my 54 years, IF the Bikie Clubs are corrupt, then, firstly, it is ONLY because they are forced to be, by the bigger, more corrupt establishment forces.
This has evolved into being the case for, errrummm, about 5-to-10,000 years, since Kings and Queens put their own fluffy butts ahead of their “subjects” stomachs and needs for shelter.
The spoils of wealth are not easily let go, once you've built up a record of genocide and brutal arrogance over those from whom you stole it in the first place.
This is why the Australian-read-British-&-Eurapean establishment of the Johnette Howard, Menzies, and covens' kind so-long-ignored the plight of Australia's Aborigine.
But in the case of the Bikies, it's different, in that they are usually white, so are better able to “meld” into the establishment's version of society, in that the Bikies just have to get the rudiments of an education, wear the appropriate clothing etc, and they can get jobs, save a dollar, buy product, and housing, and hide their motorbikes from overt view, and no-one knows they are NOT totally agreeable to the views and dominant wishes of the self-absorbed establishment.
As seems to me to be the case, many Bikies have done time in the military services, and for that have been toughened-up.
Those who served during the mid-20th century, very often were sent to warzones, where death was often all-around. So when they returned home, to either re-integrate with their old society, or be shunned for putting their lives on the line for their nation etc., one, they rightly, and reasonably, got a bit angry, and angry at the Veteran's Services who repeatedly let them down in after-service care etc, and angry with the mainstream who knew and cared nothing about the terrors the vets faced O/S, and angry at the pussy establishment softs who were party to congering-up the conflicts in the first place, who twisted democracy around so much that everyone was convinced a mass of young men should be shipped-out to die in-the-end senseless deaths.
And two, for being as-much-as outcast from the really pretty-bloody shallow, egocentric, superficial, arrogant, society they defended, so that they are outlawed from getting jobs and educations and “inroads” to better circumstances, social levels etc., they are still Human Beings, who want, and like everyone, deserve, some sort of comfortable life, where they can marry, raise a family, have a happy-enough social life and be able to relax, here-and-there, in some economic, housing and community security.
I don't think I've known ANY “Bikers” who are afraid of “work”, nor who not would be ready-willing-and-able as the saying goes, to 1, get their hands dirty, meaning by picking-up a shovel, or some manual labour tool and getting stuck into digging whatever needs to be dug, etc (I'm finding I'm using words which can be taken to mean other than my intent, so bear with me), or, 2, be afraid of doing an honest, hard day's yakka?
Indeed, “shirkers” are aplenty in the spoiled-brats classes of the upperly-upemselves society. One way to clear a room out real quick in Toorak or Rose Bay etc., is to ask for volunteers to do an honest bit of manual labour!
Another aspect to being cast out from acquiring the popular accouterments of mainstream society, is that, while the toffs are the best trained to APPEAR squeaky-clean, as if they have never had a lurid, devious, corrupt, envious, malicious, or GREEDY thought, NOR ever any tendencies toward megalomania, that-is a lust for power over others, the opposite is clearly the case!
We see it every day in politics and in the arena of corporations!
Indeed! ALAS! HARK! Or is that FARK! Getting down to tin-tacks, let us peek into the private rooms of the private school teachers, principals AND PRIESTS!?!?!?!
If they, the teachers, principals and priests do not actually HAVE ambitious megalomaniacal tendencies, which demand, for “success”, to be ready willing and able to step on ANYONE to get to the top, they ARE instructed to instill something of that-or-those traits in their students.
Thus, we can see, in any corporation we can get passed security to peek into, from the lowest-youngest juniors in the fecking MAIL-ROOMS, to their next-up-the-tree, to the junior managers, middle managers and upper to the CEOs, whirlpools of quite unbalanced, vicious, false, that-is superficial, kissy-kissy liars, all ready to knife their boss, or co-worker, if it means getting MORE POWER!
Etcetera. And a company whore-er-car! Not to mention the rights-of-access to the amphetamines, ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine etceteRA which abound in their corporate parties and after hours snoggles!
Added to this, this which the blokes who gave something of themselves either in war-zones or in having to eat a bit of humble pie for, for not being able to read the employer's test papers, or the bank loan forms, or the instructions for a fancy product, those upper-class brats who swan it in the expensive nightclubs after a days bullshitting in the office, who in their day jobs, in multinational corporations or in some cushy public-service number, are the very ones who set-the-pace of totally unethical, environment-CRUSHING government and corporate policies.
Policies which, as we see day-on-day-on-day, keep the whole planet fast-tracking to ecological annihilation!
Yet, who are the first to object or throw in a classic “debating-club” subversive comment when some SERIOUS attempts are made by one or a group of Sincere and SHIT-NO! ETHICAL managers, consultants, middle-level managers or government representatives?
Oh Ho-ho-HOH! And which “brudderbond” Christian school did you win your lawyer's degree at/from?
Oooh! Christian Brothers! Oooh! Wesley! Ooooh! OXFORD!?
Just PICK A UNIVERSITY!!!! And therein you will find a mass of self-centred, greedy, upemselves fopps who find reading-writing-and-arithmatic TOO-EEEEZEEE! Darlinkxsssss.
Yet, with ALL THEIR HIGHLY TRAINED MONKEY SKILLS, can't see their way to making society a LITTLE bit more egalitarian, so that a war-damaged father's kids can get A CHANCE at an education, a bank loan, a good-paying job, where they don't have to lie-lie-lie-lie-lie-lie-lie, and lie-lie-lie-lie-lie-lie-lie, each minute of their junk-bonds office-day and ponse-club nights at the opera!?
And....., the smooth-skinned, well-shaven boffins, experts in lying to the voters, experts in cutting deals with genocidal corporations, experts in ripping-off the MAJORITY of voters, citizens and “subjects” (HOHOHO!) with unethical, and actually ILLEGAL taxes, in what we are fooled to call our “governments”, those who grew-up in those protected, false and opulent environments, label the battered and hard-done-by Bikers who speak straight, who DO work, “criminals”?
It is a Hard Road, for the People on the bottom,
Workers, Crims, Vets, Abos, and the conveniently forgotten.
People, were their “government and church elites” right-minded enough to enable them, who would live Economically, Honestly, low-FOOTPRINT-Sustainably, and who WOULD support and Vote for those who do their level-best to make government GOOD GOVERNMENT, so-as to eliminate the NEED for them, for their kiddies, for their Club mates to break a law defending some kind of Righteousness against a litany of tyrannical rorts, corporate and public service atrocities, here and in VIETNAM, AFGHANISTAN, or a remote Aboriginal camp.
Maybe that's why Bikers are being hunted like the evil Catholic church did the Earth-Loving Wiccan Priests and Priestesses of yor?
From where I park, when I'm allowed, it seems the Bikers under fire here in Australia, have an exact-same case for their defense as did Green Protesters at the “Kingsnorth” coal mine in England last year, who were found not guilty of trespass or such, because, the Jury (ALL PRAISE THAT JURY!!) found that the Protesters did far less damage to the planet than did/does the coal mine.
Were I barrister-for-the-defense, I'd seriously consider doing what the pricks in West Australia's government are doing, but without ANY need for twisting bullshit-&-spin, by going at the establishment AND THEIR PRIVATE SCHOOL CLUBS with the counter-charges (suitably embellished) of the “government being more of a threat to the planet” than any number of today's Motorcycle Clubs.
But I admit to getting a tad emotional about such affairs, old chumssssssss!

Rudd errs energy corps paddling fear.

Rudd Errs Energy Corps Paddling Fear.
My Comments on the ABC article titled
Power firms running ETS scare campaign: Rudd

Energy is free, if we take the right course.

Big energy is bound to drown, as the masses learn what they need to get their own volts.

240V suited the times & technology.

12V & 24V are allround more bouyant, with micro-technology's refined products.

Big corps are old king ideations, are anti-democratic, & unsustainable long-term.

Inhouse-made 12volts is the new 240 & hi-voltage cabling, in most domestic applications.

Big Energy isn't a service, it's greedy theft!

Like big government, all uneconomic lostplotters!

Eugenics, Climate Change, Hitler and Craig!

This post answers a release from the CEC. In an effort to be fair, I include the full text of the Citizen's Electoral Council's latest press release, purely to let you who might-by-fluke read my blogs, see why I comment below, as I have.

I've responded to the Melbourne CEC Fella, Craig Isherwood's emailed releases for a while now, in email-reply to him. But more than once, I've suggested that the CEC and myself, are probably on very different planes/plains philosophically.
Nevertheless, he often writes stuff I can agree with.
This time however, I wrote back with a less-than-agreeable commentary.

Here is Craig's Press Release, followed by my comments emailed back to him.

Goldman Sachs’ Turnbull dances to British carbon trading tune

The global warming scam has again flashed its “Made in Britain” label, in Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull’s sudden brinkmanship on the emissions trading scheme. During the Rudd Government, no issue has been more divisive in the parliamentary Liberal Party than Rudd’s CO2 emissions trading legislation, the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. Instead of waiting for his party to agree to a position, Turnbull blew up the situation on 2nd October, by publicly attacking Liberal MPs who don’t support an ETS as “reckless and irresponsible” and “anonymous smart-arses”, and issuing an ultimatum-of-sorts, that he wouldn’t “lead a party that is not as committed to effective action on climate change as I am”. What is being called Turnbull’s “brain snap” caught everyone by surprise, but what’s most telling, is its timing—immediately after he returned from two weeks in Britain.

Britain is the birthplace of both the “science” and the “politics” of climate change superstition. The so-called science was invented by the British oligarchy’s genocidal “eugenics” project, originally founded by Charles Darwin and Sir Thomas Huxley, and led for the decades of the 1930s-1960s by Sir Thomas’s grandson, Sir Julian Huxley. Eugenics was race science—purifying the British Empire of “undesirable” strains through population reduction, euthanasia and forced sterilisations. Post-WWII, Hitler’s genocide was recognised as bad PR for eugenics, so Julian Huxley repackaged it as “environmentalism”, and helped to found Prince Philip’s population reduction charity, the World Wildlife Fund, in 1961.

Sir Julian Huxley’s cousin, Sir Crispin Tickell, another avowed population reductionist, launched climate change as a political issue in 1987, when as science adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, he convinced Thatcher to issue a call at the United Nations for urgent international action to combat climate change. Thatcher’s call led to the establishment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), under Tickell’s supervision. Current British Tory leader David Cameron, with whom Turnbull fraternised on his visit, is firmly in the “Maggot Hatcher” tradition on climate change, and is said to be even more radical than Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the subject.

And, of course, Turnbull has his own, personal, motivation—Goldman Sachs. Turnbull made his fortune heading the Australian division of the giant Wall Street-City of London investment bank, which is now the world’s single biggest vested interest in an emissions trading scheme. The bank owns 10 per cent of Al Gore’s Chicago carbon exchange, and Gore’s three partners in his Generation Investment Management hedge fund in London, David Blood, Mark Ferguson and Peter Harris, are like Turnbull, all former Goldman Sachs executives.

In “The Great American Bubble Machine” published in the July edition of Rolling Stone magazine, author Matt Taibbi characterised Goldman Sachs as “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. …

“The formula is relatively simple: Goldman positions itself in the middle of a speculative bubble, selling investments they know are crap. … They’ve been pulling this same stunt over and over since the 1920s—and now they’re preparing to do it again, creating what may be the biggest and most audacious bubble yet. … the new game in town, the next bubble, is in carbon credits … a groundbreaking new commodities bubble, disguised as an ‘environmental plan,’ called cap-and-trade. The new carbon-credit market is a virtual repeat of the commodities-market casino that’s been kind to Goldman, except it has one delicious new wrinkle: If the plan goes forward as expected, the rise in prices will be government-mandated. Goldman won’t even have to rig the game. It will be rigged in advance.”

Turnbull’s recklessness underscores the City of London’s desperation to launch carbon trading, as their current financial system implodes. It is a vehicle for more globalisation, to block moves back to national sovereignty, and it provides a new financial infrastructure, a variation on classic British monetarism: reduce everything to a monetary value—“thin air” in the case of carbon trading—so it can be controlled by the money power.

For a brief history of the British role in the Eugenics/Environmental movement, click here to receive a free copy of the Aug./Sept. New Citizen, “Carbon Trading is Hitler-style Genocide”.

My response to the above press release from CEC.

Goldie-Locks Turnbull, Julian Huxley, Eugenics, World Wildlife Fund, Et Al.
by Max Earth.

Hi Craig!

Another revealing press release from CEC, and you're to be thanked for the info therein.

The points of recent history about Turnbull, Huxley, Goldman Sachs et al bring much of the current debacle-er-debate on carbon emissions and the ETS into perspective.

As you'd be aware, I'm NO friend of the Goldman-Sachs-type cabals of the north, so don't take this the wrong way.

America's 19th Philosopher/Economist Henry George was not a friend of those big money dynasties and financial institutions primarily of Britain and Eurape either.

So we can be assured what he said, even in the mid-to late 19th century, about the enormous flaws in the industrial revolution and the pollution it poured into the atmosphere, and the other parts of the planet's biosphere, is/are accurate observations.

Prince Philip is, yes, an uptop, upclub elite, and is literally wedded to the darker side of global politics. But, as with son Charles, he is not necessarily ALL dark, and as with the Huxley family, and even with Thatcher, they have seen the dangers of over industrialization, or the dangers that emits into the environment, and so, while being inside the Babylonian machine, they have done what they could, without being 'disappeared' by the “f---ing psychoes” therein, to establish some mechanisms which would try to reduce the rampant destruction their same mega-machinery causes.

Between a rock-and-a-hard-place, would be where they and many super-filthy-rotten-upemselves rich who see with their eyes, smell with their noses etc, are caught.

“Taking the blue pill” (a la “The Matrix” movie) is unavoidable for most born up there, but some, do what can be done to steer the ship of (the now global) state closer to being on a safe course.

Population has been seen for centuries as an eventual problem.

I agree, “eugenics” is horrible, and even in such a dysfunctional society as has evolved for the last what? 3000 years, 5000, or more, the pre-historical restraints of Tribes having self-control over the birth-rate, with safe extended family-growth dependent upon resources to sustain the Mob, is the better path.

But LO? Who are we kidding?

Does anyone think today's seriously mentally ill adult population, wherever we look, is capable of stopping procreation, even when faced with the scientific evidence and statistics about what the global over population is bringing-on?

That is not condoning eugenics. Eugenics is the upclub's best shot, demonic to my mind, of addressing the reality of too many of us, and should be condemned.

Your press release seems to imply that you think we do not have a global problem, now or ahead, of over population.

As well, the release seems also to imply that the over industrialized world is not a concern regarding pollution and the damage it IS doing to the environment, and thus, seems to suggest that Humanity CAN keep pumping out bad gases etc ad infinitum?

Come-ORN, mayte?

Y'know, on the ETS, carbon trading, Turnbull, the Libs and Labor's stance and policies, I agree! They're ALL lostplotters!

But..., and here comes another seeming apologia for the idiots up there, with such a dumb-as, hypnotized, materialistic population, the majority of whom, especially in Australia's mainstream city-centric fast-club, really don't give-a-... about whether the world is ruined, doomed or can be saved, just so long as they can get their jollies from one day to the next!

The fops in Canberra are also caught in the middle.

I'm really pissed-off with the lot of them, but...., perhaps it is better that they are there, than out in the forests of Vanuatu clear-felling old-growth forests, etc., as I was once told was how Turnbull made his pile?

I know you are terribly wrong to align eugenics, Hitler and the likes of Thatcher, and other dark-sided political machinations with today's “GreenPeace” AND the WWF-type attempts at cleaning-up the planet.

When I was in Austria in the 1970s, I spent an afternoon with a Chalet-owner, and others, in the Alps. That fella was around in Hitler's time, and spoke straight about the attempts Hitler made to reduce pollution, and other fairly sensible social policies.

Since then I found out that Hitler also funded government with Land Tax, a la Henry George's Economics, which may have contributed to his being demonized by the west, etc.

Now, being a “Communist Democrat”, my latest self-applied label, I guess someone could equate that, or me, with National Socialism a la nazism? I don't care.

I don't have any time for 99.999% of the political classes of the planet, but mere observation of what we've been told is history, and of today's scammozzle, gives me something to do.

As I've been brung-upto think about and write on these BIGGEST ISSUES, so I do, without fear, bias or favor, as best I can.

No matter which “side” we take, in today's entropic Human world, it's all a fucking mess, replete with distortions and perversions.

Finding the ACTUAL, Correct “Middle Road” as far as having political thoughts, beliefs and opinions is concerned, is near enough an impossibility what with the crap that each and every “side” enjoys thrusting up our whatevers.

Like I wrote in a recent commentary, the Aborigine don't care about “history”, and not because the white invaders have filled it with utter deceits.

Australia's Aborigine long ago FOUND the Right Ways to live, instituted the Essentials into their Law, and with strict-yet-minimum fuss made it so they could all live Happily within those Laws.

History, I'm sure they found yonks-ago, was always open to distortion and error.

With Good All-Round Laws Established, across all their Nations (the Australian continent's isolation from other cultures had most to do with this being possible), historical records were unnecessary and a pox to being at peace, in Happiness and Good Community “now”.

A “now” which lasted perhaps for 100,000 years!

Today, the Global Village, learning what it can from the Wisdom Cultures of the East, is trying to be “in the now” just like that True State of the Aborigine was, before 1788.

Well..., that's what I reckon.....

Don't brush ALL environmentalism aside, please. And don't injure your arguments by condemning attempts to slow global population growth.

They ARE both real and present dangers to the perpetual existence of what might yet re-attain to being a Fine Species.

Personally, I can't stand us as-a-rule, but SOMEONE'S got to grow and can the baked beans, aye?

However, your release's last lines, in green, with the title “Carbon Trading is Hitler-style Genocide” might be right.

Like I said above, to my mind, those who err-on-that-side are all lostplotters.

“Energy” and it's availability is being manipulated at our peril, and, should be free as the sunshine and rain.

Our problem is we are mostly deeply stupid mugs........


Omaxa bin Eartha

Wireless inventors given top honour

Spied on ABC's Science website:

I emailed the ABC Science editor with this shortie....

O Yaye! Yet another cause for applause to a (n ex-)government run science institute!

Like our old "Telecom", CSIRO's scientists and employees were brilliant in their inventive-and-R&D skills, and did not just the world a favor, but also the idea of government-owned organizations.

Yep! I'm just another (or perhaps the last) "pre-dawnist", with-wireless broadband, sick to death of the braindeaders who say capitalism is the only way for Humanity to Progress.

Like the Commonwealth and State banks, CSIRO, Telstra and the biotech lab Howard & coven sold, they should ALL be Resumed into government ownership!

Just like all OUR Land...

Telstra Blocking Dissident's Phhone

Here's ANOTHER phone-flung email to about ten media, left-wing political and other organizations, I shot-off 'tother day.
I guess it's best to say, that over the time I've realized often too late, that my information is wrong. Like, one which sticks in mind, is where I wrote about why aliens might be coming to Earth, and make mention of the possible threat to the ongoing existence of the universe, if nuclear warheads were deployed in outer space. On a FOXTEL payTV channel, a science doco tells about how tomorrow's intergalactic space-ships would be powered by having a huge "sail" in front of the capsule, which would be propelled forward by small nuclear explosions, enabling the craft to travel at superdooper-sonic speeds across the void.

Hmmm? That scenario was put together by space-scientists, who, oh giggle-giggle, are rather better informed about space, and nuclear explosions than mememe.

So, aside from this sinking my "theory" about aliens coming here to stop us going space-side with nuclear popguns, it also adds weight to destroying the garbage the Pope of Rome for one, as well as his 1.4 or so billion idiot Christian flockers have been led to believe, that I am the Je-that's-SUSS returned.


So, it's possible that the rave below is incorrect as well, and that Telstra is not messing wiff my teleheadphone. I can bear the ignomy of being WRONG. But there's little doubt that Telstra is nasty and has been to we Dissidents.


Since my last email, reporting IMF subversive threats to Humanity, Australia's telco "Telstra" through which I connect to the Next-G telephonic & Internet networks has severed my access.

Telstra's Lismore NSW shop is monitoring my phone location & transmits "blocking programming" preventing me from accessing my Yahoo mail & other internet sites via the phone.

It will be a test to see if this email is sent?

(As far as I can tell, it was. But As I don't receive any confirmation from my addressees, I'm left to assume ASIO, USA's National Security Agency, Britain's MI-pik-up-stix, let them through to their intended destinations. And ALSO, that they don't chase down those recipients and force them into penury, homelessness and eventual death, like they have sought to do to mememe over the decades since mummy murdered greatgrand-daddy.)

So..., please continue.....

The last federal extreme right-wing Aust government betrayed the People by privatizing the Telstra monopoly.

Since the sale, Telstra's share value on the Aust Stock Exchange has plummeted in line with its service quality & user security. Usage charges are higher & it is near impossible to determine what charges & rates are being applied.

Now, Dissidents like myself are exiled socially & electronicly, etc., & freedom of speech against global corporate tyranny is further silenced.

Politics & economics are taken from the "Demos", from the People, & placed in the unbalanced hands of the corrupt profit-centred & quite mentally-ill corporate moguls.

That the governments, local council, state & federal, & police defend & co-conspire to actively interfere in the lives of we who fight tyranny & who champion Intelligent Scientific Economic Government makes them, in my personal case, the ALP government & police force of New South Wales, & their 201 year old masters of corruption of Australian politics, the body-politic of the NSW parliament, in-the-main the IMF puppet "Rum Club" of the NSW Labor Party, all guilty of treason, against ALL Australians AND against Humanity-in-general.

This is not peculiar to Australia, but is global, & threatens all "Life on Earth".

If you are not Protesting on the streets in Organized Public Demonstrations against the insane policies of the evil IMF, YOU are also guilty of betraying the Mother Planet & ALL Her living & future progeny!

Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug & Work Law Reform.

Vehicle crawls passed spot slowly.

Here's another scribble I managed to punch into my mobile phone 'tother day, when I wuz in a different camp:

Vehicle crawls passed spot slowly.

At the time of 2.18am this morning, I was brought out of a very "heavy" sleep to hear a vehicle crawl slowly along the dirt road, which is about 30 metres to the south of the spot in the bush I camped at yesterday & last night.

As I was in such a drained physical & mental state, I struggled to even move my arm, grab my cellphone & type the above, 1st sentence. I don't think I even put my (reading) spectacles on.

My state was such that I could not care if the occupants of the vehicle were going to assault me, & fell back into unconsciousness.

I write "unconsciousness" rather than sleep, as it was clear I was being held under an occult "hex".

I am constantly being "called" to play the role of both a political & Spiritual "leader".

But I suffer 2 "sticking-points".

1 is that the concept is delusional.

The 2nd is that the evil of the megalomaniacs & of the yearning masses alike, all I say, rooted in the now common (western) ignorance of their own mentations, is/are debilitating & feed the actively demonic to disempower me.

On the 1st, I take very seriously any calls from the majority of Australian "Christians", because they are so bereft of the ESSENTIAL Intelligence & Wisdom needed to determine why they need a leader in the 1st place.

Perhaps 6 years ago, a Bungalung Aboriginal "Aunty", a very Strong & Wise Woman, aware of the deeper issues & failings of white beliefs, said "we (Australian Aborigine) don't believe in what the whites say you are".

Then, I had strong suspicions that I was being "set-up" by the Christian churchs & others of the white western elites, to be a "fall-guy", but was being so screwed around by my "betrayers" that I could not investigate my own case.

As well, my deranged mother had such a grip on my mind & soul that I could do nothing to get to the root of my "issues". But, some part of my psyche, KNEW what Aunty was refering to, AND that She, & Her Aboriginal Wisdom was Correct.

Being a victim of the desperate & in its ignorance, born solely of the false ideation of a "saviour", which is what has, over Rome's 1600 year sustained lie, caused the death of whitey's Intelligence & Wisdom, the idiots in the manipulative church have pummeled my Soul such that it has strong occult powers, that the stupid & demonic cult believes the world needs to destroy the threats which their own ignorance have made manifest.

When, in 2002, I had come to have some control of one element of these powers, the ability to effect the weather, some part or spirit inside me chose to use such power for the greater Good. This was done against the most destructive parts of white culture, which IS our agricultural practices.

This is what convinces the dumb-as majority that I am a or THE Superman they have been deluded to "believe" NOT "KNOW" the world needs.

If Humanity is to stop its own destruction it must let go of such absolutely demonic beliefs, & grasp the only saving concept of Personal Morality & Ethics, & AT ALL COSTS reject ALL, in modern terms, environmentally unsustainable behavior, as centred in the western religion-condoned & promoted unrestrained consumption of natural resources.

AT ALL COSTS, at this late stage, means using our OWN Intelligence, of the "Secret Service" & our Higher Mind kinds, to target those who blindly promote bad lifestyles, & then to the point of going to war against them, shut them down.

If this means a violent Revolt in our houses of parliament, then so be it!

But, it MUST be known, that the evil is not the person, it is the magic spell, the hypnotic trance which keeps "Christian" society over-consuming & making every excuse to not clean their own minds of these evil hexes.

The hard work is exorcising these deeply-embedded church-created spells from in our own heads.

The only thing any "messiah" will do is drape ANOTHER spell over the mass of insane Judeo-Christian hexes you already have in your mind, which is just more illusion, taking your consciousness yet FURTHER away from your True Self, Divine, All-Knowing Eternal & Holy Spirit.

Thus, the "church" is the enemy we must bury. For ever & ever.


All the worst practices are found in those cults & their cultural methods.

Perhaps the 2 worst are in western AGRIculture, & free-market advertizing, of product & politics.

Church schools are behind these, so become Humanity's enemy.

THIS...., is why I RESIST ALL calls to "lead".

I say again, like a True Fella Aborigine, I am a COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT, NOT a theocrat!

TO THE BARRICADES HUMANITY, or be destroyed by your own ignorance & greed!


Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug & Work Law Reform.


Australian State-Sponsored Terrorism Article and My Comments

Just to keep recipients of my last two emails informed about state-sponsored terrorism in Australia, I post you this article just copied from "The Australian" newspaper, of today, 12th October 2009.

Police chief denies bullying culture

October 12, 2009
Article from: Australian Associated Press

QUEENSLAND'S police minister and commissioner deny a culture of intimidation and bastardisation persists in the state's police service.

Their denials follow accusations raised by the families of two officers.

Whistleblower Sergeant Robbie Munn has been ordered off work for 18 months and told to see a psychiatrist after he campaigned against corruption at the Maroochydore police station on the Sunshine Coast.

Sgt Munn reported flaws in the promotion system and exposed cover-ups over the sexual assault by police of female detainees.

The other case involves the mysterious disappearance of Senior Sergeant Mick Isles, who went missing two days after returning to work following the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) clearing him of allegations of corruption.

Commissioner Bob Atkinson said at a Crime Stoppers conference on the Gold Coast today the police service had greatly improved the way it supported its officers.

"I reject that, I really do," he said, when asked whether there was a culture of intimidation in the service.

"We're not perfect as an organisation ... but I think the last two decades have seen an incredible change in the department, and I would hope the next 10 years sees further change.

"I think we've improved significantly in that regard in terms of the way we support people."

Mr Atkinson said the case of Sen Sgt Isles was most unusual.

"This is a very sad and tragic set of circumstances," he said.

"I don't think in our history since 1864 that we've ever had a situation where we've had one of our own members who is missing, and we fear the worst but hope for the best.

"For a senior sergeant of police not to be able to be found after over two weeks of searching and effort is tragic, particularly for his family."

The commissioner refused to discuss criticism levelled against the force by Sen Sgt Isles' family, but said he had been treated fairly.

"The allegations against him were serious and it's simply impossible for the CMC to ignore allegations like that and not investigate them," Mr Atkinson said.

"Tragically, and he was perfectly entitled to do this, Sen Sgt Isles chose not to cooperate with the CMC in terms of the investigation ... which probably took longer than it might have done otherwise."

Mr Atkinson said he was meeting with his deputies and police union representatives to examine the Sen Sgt Isles case.

But he declined to discuss the case of Sgt Munn.

"I can't give you the other side of that story, for personal and private reasons that are quite sensitive .. but I reject outright that this officer has in any way been bullied and picked on because he was a whistleblower," Mr Atkinson said.

Police Minister Neil Roberts said he was confident the service handles such matters appropriately.

"There are very stringent internal mechanisms to deal with people who have complaints of that nature, and if individual officers or members of the public have any concerns they also have the alternative of the independent investigative powers of the CMC," he said.
"So from my point of view I'm confident and satisfied those matters are dealt with appropriately."

If I can, (if I'm alive!) I'll watch Australia's media and forward any relevant articles for your perusal.

My comments: It is not a well-reported issue overseas, but Australia DOES suffer quite a lot from such behavior in our policing forces. There's no doubt we are an horrendously corrupt nation, from the wealthiest elites down to the beggared levels of society of the poorest regions and suburbs, right across Australia.
Usually the Australian media is of the "latte club", so "suck each others savaloys" in mediating and publishing such news events.
But to be fair to them, the Australian media tries it's best.
Clearly, to go the full monty and expose the seriousness of corruption and the brutality used to protect it in such areas of state control as the police forces, is fraught with danger to one's life, or that of one's family etc., and all nations, advanced western and developing, are replete with cases of reporters either being seriously bashed or assassinated for getting too close to the bone.
However, from where I am coming from, Australia maybe in a unique type of position, for having such an "abrupt" starting point at 26th January 1788. Prior to that date, the whole continent was occupied by the Aborigine. We have little of their pre-invasion stories, in terms of facts about what wars ensued over their lo-ong history, dating as you would know, some 100,000 years.
To some extent, this is OK, and concerning ourselves about what events helped form the Aborigine "Psychology" and their quite Profound Laws and social systems becomes irrelevant.
I think they would, in-the-main, agree.
This, because they had, by 1788 an extremely well established, and by all accounts, a well respected and abided by Social and Cultural System, so, in a Wiser way than most of the white, western world understand, "history" to them, even today, is a fruitless thing to brood over, and struggle to keep records of, etc.
But, in regard to the above article and the issues it addresses, the "abrupt" beginning of what we now call Australia, and the fairly good records of events which transpired since then, aside from the dynastic claims from Britain through the last 221 years, give us less ambiguous details and records.
The events of Australia's development are clear and can be brought together to display quite clearly which occurrences have brought the various "parties" such as our policing forces, and the many departments of government, and the citizenry to being what they and we now are.
Most people, coppers and the rest, do not want to be corrupt. But once one leaves the shelter of the child's nurturing, we are all forced to adopt whichever culture we are thrust into.
Dysfunction was the order from our earliest days, with all manner of desperation, and, I say with determination to expose the beginnings of our errant culture, with quite deliberate perversions and subversion of the original English laws which the first Governors and the more honorable settlers and officials sought to instil.
These subversions are all documented, and can be attributed to our past leaders in the societies which grew.
The problem becomes seemingly insurmountable today when a lack of Proper Education about our national history keeps the players under the hexes of passed eras, and thus unable to grasp the Courage to break those shackles of bad beliefs and theories on how to police, how to govern, etc.
Were we left to our own devices, it is as likely that Australia could blossom in all the right directions. However, every copper is hexed from above, and they above are hexed from even higher. Not as in European or other very old nations, by it's own ancient lineages of dynastic power, but from clearly definable entities.
Namely, the International Monetary Fund. The I.M.F.
If we were given the right and authority to become a fully Independent Republic, not under the warped influence of such as that overseas interest, I submit that Australia could grow into an honest corruption-free continent and collective of Islands.
I think there's not a copper here who would not prefer that, all things considered today.
There you go.....


Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien
aka Max Nichols Cook
aka Max No Difference, Max No Sense, Max No Point,

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.