Metro boss attacks armed officers plan


Apparently, the Victorian state Lib/Nat opposition is promising armed officers at every railway station, if they win the next election?


Better to put them to work solving the underlying ECONOMIC crime, which brings people to act-out in public areas like suburban trains?

The Lib/Nat's proposition does NOTHING toward making THE LAWS Right, so Right that people are allowed to live without the stress-induced need to act criminally?

MORE! Cynical election promises from the right-wing of Official Global Tyranny, Inc., profiteers from weapons manufacturers, insane drug laws and wars, and with racism behind every policy!

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha
Outlaw, for GLOBAL
Education and


Howard's gun buyback slashed firearm suicides



Good to see, uh?

“Australian researchers have found there has been nearly an 80 per cent drop in firearm suicides since former prime minister John Howard's gun buyback was introduced in 1997.

The figures equate to around 200 lives each year.”

As soon as I saw this headline, the question shot-up in me: "What's this say about the number of people, male adults I assume, there must have been before the gun buy-back, and since, who are living such depressed lives that makes suicide so luring?"

Without dissecting the stats - not my specialty - there seem to be, lurking behind the report, indications that a large number of, men, are at the end-of-their-tether, or, ready to go beyond the tether of bodily life? Obviously, we must ask the same for women AND children? But, as per the report, it seems the number is criminally large, more so if we include female suicides, nationwide?

Once more, to my sceptical self, this would send signals to all of us, that something....., is not right with the Australian culture, way of life?

To decrease the number of murders etc, cannot be canned, but perhaps the ridiculous laws (LAWS?) forcing us to endure the misery, whether personal depression and lack of education to deal adequately with the stuff of mind, or political or cult oppression from above, perhaps there's something wrong when a government 1stly, fails so badly to prevent the economic causes for so many suicides, and 2ndly that some vague medico-sponsored LAW (LAW?) stops those who are stuck and cannot, with a clear head, find an “out”? Suicide should not be a crime, or whatever offense it's called?

But most, we'd find, of potential and successful suicide victims, are in fact murdered by a system which so unethically fails them, by not providing the community and nation with policies and laws which ensure the economic foundations are Correct, and Scientific, Equitable AND therefore, JUST!

The same can be said about the number of people who drink themselves into oblivion, day-by-day. OR who find life too hard to get off the addictive drugs, habits, consumption items, real estate speculation, which sooner or later, consume them!

AND..., the Great Mutha Eartha!

Perhaps leaving the guns within the community might have enabled quick relief for the end-of-tether Men, from a society, culture, economy and thus government which have gone right off the deep end from sanity and Balanced management of each and every human life?

Not aiming my arrows at persons, but at systems and the halls which uphold the evil laws. Evil laws that drive so many to jump, before their time, off the twig.

Besides, most of us know that Howard and coven bought back the guns to disarm a nation that was, and is drawing closer to a violent uprising against the cult-political classes?

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha
Outlaw, for GLOBAL
Education and



Who's Going to Build the First World-Class Mu-Fu Motorcycle?


I've had dreams about the future, and see the time when few if any product, here, motorcycles, in ORGANISED societies, communities, villages or Communes/Collectives, are NOT designed and made without more than one function inherent in the design.

Dreams of THE Most Practical society.

I have a fictional story on file, still being written (time? o time?) about future groups getting it together, and in one or two of the fictions, the below-oriented motorcycles are being produced by post-apocalypse Collectives.

Jus' a dream, y'unnerstand! But for a dreamer like me, a nice one.....

Function -
- big enough to ride long way, easily, comfortably, safely, ENJOYABLY!
- frame, tanks, TYRES?, etc, made from "bio-fibres" hemp polycarbonates etc
- lubricants from hemp oil, etc
- no pollution
- no fuel consumption (hydrogen?)
- 120 volt Inverter (promoting a global downvolt from 240V)
- air compressor
- fluid(s) pump
- wheel-run belt drive for stationary machinery
- towbar & ball (& lights socket)
- high voltage/amperage battery charger
- brackets & arms to connect two bikes together - side-by-side, powered by just one motor - good for 160kph! (both motors running)
- MIG welder
- roof-rack
- serviceable by owner

The MIG welder and the roof-rack are jokes, and some others are still in the ether of dreamy ideas, like having brackets on the frames, so that two bikes can be hooked together, side-by-side, as a "tandem", with dream-dream, linked throttles to harmonize the two engines, and the option of just running one motor at-a-time?

Maybe China can leap into the 22nd century by manufacturing the Perrrfect Mu-Fu Motorcycle, chopped Harley-style?

Wonder what Willie-G has to say, or draw, about that?

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha
Outlaw, for
Education and


29/08/10 Diary Notes....

Longtime since I copied the rare quips, thoughts and notes I pen into my diary, but here's a couple or 3...

“Leaders - they make 'em to break 'em!”

“Call the London School of Economic Science and Philosophy to give “psychological” Advice and video or audio “piped” lessons in Meditation to the trapped Chilean Miners?”

South Africa Strikes?

Yes, Worker wages are too low.

For now, at least a 7% increase is right.

But look beneath the common need to keep up with inflation, via wage rises, to see it's, and so many other economic issues' cause.

Global Land Reform is Known as the main ingredient in any relief from the overall war to survive at national, community, family and individual, economic AND Spiritual levels.

The whole current market system is speculative, based on hypothesis and opinion or, unsubstantiated theory ("confidence"?), never the blindly refuted Science of Economics, where wages do not have to keep rising to cater for inflation, a process which forces us to focus too much to be healthy, on that lesser aspect of “Life”, day to day.

The Spiritual basis of Inquiry into Econo-Science opens us to see the intimate relationship between Economics, it's Science, and the “unwritten Science” underpinning the Balanced functioning of the Natural Local and Global Ecosystem(s).


The most Vital “link” connecting the Human Economy with the Enviro-Economy is the Balancing System of the Economic, Land Rent, for Government Revenue.

Simply - Land Tax.

All unnecessary (un)economic demands, particularly taxation, are removed from society.

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha
Outlaw, for
Education and



Carbon price? What's a “carbon price”?


As opinion polls report in this morning's media that voters, in the electorates held by our 3 Amigo independent federal MPs, el Katter, el Oakeshott and el Windsor, all prefer a coalition minority government, the question arises once more about the level of knowledge, political knowledge and REALPolitikal knowledge there is, or is not in Australia?

Thus, what Wisdom, Intellect and Honor lives, in any city, region, country town and village across our wide increasingly green land?

How long must Australians be insulted by the agenda-ridden, OFFSHORE agenda-ridden baloney of the 3 main political parties?

Because it's terrifyingly clear that we have been divided as a nation, into eight parochial states, all of whom promote anachronistic and severely damaging colonialist superiority-complexia, and as well into two stubbornly stupid political teams.

Leaping into the fantastical, I've wondered for decades, what a planet full Wise and Intelligent Beings, of the likes of Doctor Spock of Star Trek, would look like, and thus how they would manage their relationship with their planet?

Sure, Star Trek throws in the occasional naughty character from Spock's Vulcan home-planet, but one struggles to imagine the rifts and extreme differences we are subject to in our own planet's media and political arena, in an intelligent species like those of Spockie?

Back onto the ground of Earth, this begs debate, or discussion, or quite deliberate policies from all our politicians, that would endeavour above and beyond ALL other concerns, to educe the Intellectual faculties from within each and every persons' Soul?

That, in this tumultuous day-and-age, so many people, all of whom, you can be certain, think themselves' Intelligent, can be so ignorant, myopic and selfish, when ALL the verifiable evidence points the other way on how we SHOULD think and work and play and sustain the local and global environment, tells the world that we ARE irrevocably DOOMED, while the supporters of doom-laden agricultural practices and “modern” lifestyles, as defended and marketed by the Lib/Nat coalition, ignore the facts and push for stupidity and corrupted behaviour and policies in our government?

If, the caretaker Prime Minister Julia Gillard, is serious about her “Education Revolution” from her “Education” portfolio days, surely that is based on giving the students, from an earlier age than most would accept as of value, a serious and FACTUAL POLITICAL Education.

Or, from here, a REALPolitikal Education!

That so many Australians are at ease with the last Lib/Nat government of Johnette Howard setting the immigration-bar at “Who is Don Bradman?” type questions for potential immigrants, and would re-elect such, quite deliberate, dumbing-down approaches for government policy, indicates we need much more than an “education revolution”.

Perhaps, before a voter can qualify to tick the boxes, they should go through an examination of their knowledge on political history and on events from the last 202, 222 and 2,222 years, which have changed the course of history, and which have been for the longest-term “Greater Good”.

Needless to say, the latter part of the quiz would be full of questions about how much they know on Aboriginal Culture, Society, Politics (as-much-as-it-NEEDED-to-exist, pre-1788) and management of the Mother Earth.

For it's blatantly clear, that the deeply erroneous policies of the last Lib/Nat federal government, welded as they were to the massively awry policies of the pathological American regime of G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney, played major roles in intensifying the world economic and other political corruptions, and brought about the unwinnable “war on terrorism”, the corruption-increasing “war on drugs” and other covert “wars” by these evil regimes against individuals and communities world-around!

IFF..., these reports of opinion polls can be TRUSTED...., that voters in the 3 aforementioned electorates are willing to accept a federal Lib/Nat combination (NOT AGAIN!) shows us clearly that they are totally ignorant of the FACTS, such as that the error-laden policies of the Howard government and covens, policies of wars-against-the-Community, drove so many to fighting murderous wars over a couple of naturally-growing plants, namely Marijuana, Coca and Opium, and to the mass-slaughter of millions of Iraqis, Afghanis, and other good, peace-loving, Wise Intelligent and Honorable members of the same Human race, in just the last 10 years, and that these false and illegal wars on terrorism were catalysts for the recent Global Financial Crisis, indicates clearly that these “voters” do not qualify to vote!

The same assumption, accurate assumption, I assert (!), about just how stupid the 3 electorates' voters are, applies Australia-wide, and thus puts both the whole electoral process in question, and threatens all future life on Earth!

So..., I urge the punters of the 3 Amigos' electorates to ED-UP, and I urge the lot of us to PROTEST for a Labor-Greens federal government, so that the latest version 2-point-2 Prime Minister Julia Gillard acquires the Mandate to put some “meat-on-the-bones” of her promise of an “Education Revolution”.

Buddha Knows..., the new day world desperately needs it!

And, a large lot of us know that while the general level of political knowledge remains as low as it is across Australia, we are shooting at the moon, with spud-guns, expecting any possibility of the much talked about “stable government”.


Go-on!? Ya' prigs in the mainstream keep-'em-dumb media, plagiarise and profit from THAT ONE!?

I'll still see ya' in Hell!

Countryzen bin Eartha
Outlaw, for
GLOBAL Land, Tax, Housing, Cult, Drug, Work, Environmental AND EDUCATION


Bikie spy infiltrated police HQ?


“A bikie informant inside the NSW Police Force has allegedly leaked sensitive information about several criminal investigations, risking the safety of undercover police agents.
Fairfax says the infiltration of state and federal drug inquiries by the Comanchero bikie gang has been described as one of the worst cases of alleged corruption in the NSW Police in recent years.”
“ ...one of the worst cases of alleged corruption in the NSW Police in recent years”!?
(excerpt from above Yahoo news item)

Well, I'll be! “...has been described as....”

mmMMmm?! That's precise! And WHO might have described it so...?

“..worse cases of ALLEGED corruption....”, may be translated to mean “unsubstantiated”, and it may also be assumed to have come from enemies of those who REJECT the dominant paradigm of gross, mass, endemic corruption - that-is, enemies of Bikers.

That the whole tenor of New South Wales' politics and policing has been CORRUPTION for quite a lot longer than motorcyclists have had iron horses to ride, “...one of the worst cases of alleged corruption ...” may, or DOES include the 1808 “Rum Rebellion”, and most every other act of state-sponsored terrorism that has happened since.

That the NSW police have been the bovver-boys of the nation's massively corrupt wealthy and offshore moguls since 1788, is conveniently overlooked when these allegations are made and make the news.

It's said that “today's media have very short memories”, meaning that when it is convenient for THEM, to catch the listeners'/watchers'/readers' interest, thus the chance that the consumer will be spellbound by the advertising garbage that supports the 4th estate, reflections on “worse case corruption” from more than one election-cycle before, are ignored.

Obviously there are “agenda” aplenty throughout media, which are super-glued to the agenda of our (Australian?) offshore economic elites. Elites who, at-the-end-of-smoko, don't care at all about the lower classes, where most Bikers rise-up from.

Everything possible is done by the elites to stymie attempts by the lower, previous-to-modern media-technology voiceless classes, from being not only “heard” but from having the chance to effectively challenge the hegemony of those rulers.

The internet (WikiLeaks!) and particularly the “bloggosphere” have infiltrated those once “sacred” to the uptops arenas, and so makes it possible for some from “downstairs” to be heard.

But, let's not be foolish! As this report of alleged corruption in the NSW police force (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) shows, the mainstream media, by no coincidence lap-lickers of the major, global, and here, OFFSHORE landowners, are ever-ready to report against the interests of the lower classes, and against the interests of the “Forgotten Classes”. ABORIGINES! Et Al!

It's well worth remembering, or taking it on board, that if not for the tenacity of lower-class Outlaws from the mainstream cultural and media malaise, significant events such as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's “Apology” may well have not been given to the Aborigines and the “Forgotten and Stolen Generations”.

AND...., it's well worth remembering, or taking it on board, that if not for the tenacity of lower-class 19th and early 20th century Outlaws from the mainstream cultural and media malaise, Outlaws we now know as “Left-wing Unionists”, about 95% of Australians would not have the comfortable and relaxed lifestyles they now enjoy!

AND...., it's well worth remembering, or taking it on board, that if not for the tenacity of lower-class Outlaws from the mainstream cultural and media malaise, little or none of what all the developed world take for granted, and as their RIGHT to consume and enjoy, would never have come into being.

Here, in my usual radical way, I mean..... (DAA-DUMM!!!) the ancient Hebrews, who, led by one old timer leader of slaves, by-name “Moses”, rebelled against the Egyptian mainstream and spoke-out about the abject conditions they were forced, to slave amongst.

Time does 'orrible fings, however, such that today, those Hebrews, or, their descendants, have attained to the upper most echelons of the global society, and threaten the rest of us with nuclear war? (Is that a flawed argument therefore???)

It cannot be emphasised enough, that if the world was left totally in the hands of the global elites, and if no Lower Class Outlaws organised their Peoples to Rebel against the massive disparities enshrined into culture by the elites, elites whom the massively corrupt policing and military forces of the whole world protect, a disorder of unfathomable, immense, disgusting proportions would have overwhelmed the planet by now!

So..., when the mainstream media slaps the internet or print media or your loungeroom window to THEIR brand of “the world” with “allegations” that some Lower, or Working Class Lads have been brave enough to infiltrate an already massively corrupt police or political force, to try to ReBalance the social, economic and cultural books, perhaps the Wise, Intelligent and Honorable response is to read-between-the-lines, as they say, and question who any such Outlaws are infiltrating, and beyond exposing police-spies, why?

Clearly, the uptops, the most powerful criminal organisations, are acting and spinning the media-line, to protect their own massively corrupt AND TOTALLY UNSUSTAINABLE lifestyles and passed deeds.

The 1808 illegal take-over of Australia's fledgling government of Governor William Bligh, one VITAL case-in-point!

But OH LORDY-LORDY, don't ever expect our media, from ABC to Yahoo to Sky, to go there, with any sincerity or intensity!

“Oh Darlinx! I'm a little busy sipping my latte, and fiddling with my real estate portfolios!”

Proof of the veracity of these words, I predict, can be seen on THEIR window to THEIR world, on the ABC next Monday night, when the hallowed “4-Corners” airs it's program about “Bikie Gangs”.

As I write this last paragraph, I wince a bit, because I DO have great respect for the likes of 4-Corners, and other ABC (mainstream) media investigative programs and reporters and journalists.

But..., while they often do place their reporters close to the frontlines, whether in war-zones or on the roughest of streets, and into the most demonic of corporate covens, there is always “a line”, that they are instructed NOT to cross.

And that line always has the biggest crims, the richest peoples on Earth (G'Day Uncle!?) escape serious investigation, exposure and conviction.

Of the 100% of our population, only about one percent of us are prepared to challenge those who “draw the line”.

Therefore, all of us should Salute those Genuine, Selfless Heroes, the 1%ers, who risk, and sometimes KNOW, they face life terms in jail, by acting against the massively and most dangerously corrupt upper classes, and their filthy-rotten cult, policing and military forces.

This, an Ode, to one Christopher Hudson, currently serving a long term in maximum security jail in Victoria, for acting against the corporate, catholic, property and religious corruption in Australia.

Countryzen bin Eartha
Outlaw, for
GLOBAL Land, Tax, Housing, Cult, Drug, Work & Environmental



Bob Katter first off-the-mark with a SERIOUS policy for Australia!


Good on yer Bob!

McGinty might call you “mad-as-a-cut-snake”, but at least the suggestion of redefining the states' borders is PROGRESSIVE!

I think we need to go much further than your suggestion, however, by abandoning the size of our states altogether. 500-plus states is closer to the new day's (er- it's the 21st century Bob!) demands.

Nevertheless, right now, throwing such challenges into the mix might be what we need to shake-up and shake-out the old order of self-satisfied politicians, state and federal?

Bob Katter and myself are undoubtedly polls-apart politically, but at-the-end-of-smoko, there might be more similarities than disagreeances?

The Daily Show deserves a Nobel Peace Prize!

I receive The Daily Show videos via email. Great viewing!

As I'm offline most of the time, I end up with an inbox with 5-to-10 each time I sign in. This week they excelled, with a couple of comedy sketches about the Murdoch media empire's culpability of being terrorists.

So I wrote them this....:

Fox is terrorist media HQ!

Excellent media, John Stewart/Daily Show!

Thank you for mailing me these most poignant and hilarious video excerpts of the Daily Show.

In recent times, the Fijian military government closed the Murdoch newspaper there for it's acting not in the interest of Fijians.

In June 2010, in Australia, as you would know, our elected Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, was removed from the chair, and by no other means than by the manipulation of opinion polls and the media “Sky news”, thus manipulation of the (unfortunately quite stupid) Australian voters/publics minds, by, I charge, the Murdoch media.

Consequently, since those evil events happened just weeks before the scheduled federal election, the election was turned into a farce, and we came out the other side with a “hung parliament” and now, we sit in “caretaker government” mode, with strong possibilities that the nation will have to return to the polls within the year.

On the “up-side”, it might, just might force us, and the few powerbroker independent politicians to bring about the changes the process needs? But, as we are in the grip of those offshore tyrants, I doubt it, without an Australian coup de ta, or indeed a full-blown, bloody revolution!

Hardly an “up”?

I watched the events at the time, sadly on Sky news, and heard the language the reporters used as it happened. It cannot be denied that an agenda was afoot in the Sky studios, and as with many of his tabloid newspapers, the agenda is, and more often than not always has been, fiercely against the seriously more balanced policies of the ALP (Australian Labor Party) government.

I'm not saying I agree with the ALP. They, to my mind, are now a long way from standing for the best policies.

Nevertheless, indeed, again I say it cannot be denied that our good governance has been dragged to tyranny by no less than these megalomaniacs, and that they MUST be removed from their unelected positions of rude, tyrannical power over the people!

I have written and posted on my weblog (www.maxearth.blogspot.com) my thoughts on this affair, and that Murdoch, well.., at least the younger, James, should be indicted for interfering with and perverting the political processes here (and elsewhere).

In the “soft” arena of politics and economics and media, it cannot be denied that Rupert and James Murdoch are guilty of using the language of terrorism to corrupt our, and Fiji's, and of course America's politics to their warped super-deluded elitist ends.

I urge your Top Shelf Satire shows to go there, and investigate the depths and breadth of Murdoch's games against Democracy and thus against the well-being of the majority of Australians, Fijians and Americans.

Not that you're not already.

Well done, Champions!

If any such things as “decency” and “a Just world” ever existed, then the Murdoch media, including their 30 pieces-of-silver media personalities and reporters, are pathologically intent on ensuring they don't exist now and never will in the future.

I maintain that the two Murdoch's should be investigated by British, U.S., and Australian policing services, and, therefore, Interpol, et al, for their and their media staffs' parts in terrorism of the people, on a scale never before seen.

Your fearless reportage will help our failing species rid itself of these types of dangerous spoiled brats.

Again: Well done, Champions!

If I had my way, I'd Grace all of your tremendous team with Nobel Peace Prizes!

After a life of torment, I'm now an Atheist. Nevertheless, I have no hesitation, in light of the Brilliance of shows like yours, in saying “God Bless America!”

Thank You!

LNL miles out!

Here's a couple of emails I sent ABC Radio National "Late Night Live"'s Philip Adams, on the two LNL programs of Monday and Tuesday this week, about Australia's farcical 21st August federal election:

LNL miles out! (after Monday night's show)

4 corners - major global grief on way, but adams & chums make no mention of it, in postmortum of 2010 election travesty!
Hope y're all saving y 30 p.o.s.?
Stay as insular as y are, cause there'll be more than a hung parliament b4 2 long, & paid pundit windbaggery wont save ya.
Must be a pleasant little latte dreamworld down there in the nations deepest shithole - Sydney?
Q: Should Arbib neck himself b4 I neck myself?
Pity if he does, I thought I liked what I saw of him on Q&A weeks ago, til I heard he's from SUSSEX STREET!
"Yes, the water's fine!  Lets altogether swim over nearer the waterfall & look over the top! And how nice of the AMF SAS lads to make it rain in Pakistan? O SHIT?! We're in the SAME river!?!"
Bring y floaties?


Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Land, Tax, Housing, Cult, Drug, Work & Environmental LAW REFORM.

And, after feeling I'd been over-the-top, I wrote:

Spose I best say "sorry" to the big fella 4 last nites brusk MMS?
Parliament's going nowhere from here forward!
Oakshot's near the mark, with calling 4 some form of "consensus" multipartisan government?
You & coy know our chances of THAT!
Tony of the Habit has the dark eyes of totally untrustable witch-preists, & both ALP & Lib/Nats are light years from Australian Patriotism!
Its sewer-pipes all the way down now, & more than my 1%ers are SICK OF THIS SHIT!
I take the rap 4 stirring the possum that ousted Rudd, & am NOT proud of it.
He was downed by the OFFSHORE media & pollsters covens 4 his/ALP's V. Good policies & directions, 1 being stopping non-citizens from buying & owning our (ABORIGINAL) land!
I maintain he/they dropped their ETS cause they realised it was useless without including AGRICULTURE.
Getting that right does NOT suit offshore 5th reich speculators, & rich Eurapean Zionist wheaties-eaters, a la fucking Murdoch's cabalszzz!
21/08 was bullshit!
We're all so dumb-fucking-comfy no-one dares question whether the election was rigged!
"OH! The AEC is beyond question!"
If it could happen in the USA, it could happen here.
We're all (well..., 99% of us) softcocks, dumb-as, unquestioning, braindead, SELFISH  cowards.
If you & the likes of THEIR latte ABC DON'T get off the middle-of-the-road gutless mediocrity, & demand our polies GET REAL, its a national cultural, social, economic IMPLOSION dead-ahead!
AND, I'll be pushing it HARD!
If we stay pussying around, avoiding the REALPolitik Issues, like 4-corners GLOBAL forecasts, we really-fucking-DO face major anarchistic mayhem, WITH large puddles of blood everywhere!
If Aunty, SBS, AND Local Public Media are not given licence, immunity & protection from the day's litigation-averse crap, Armies of the Streets will go sick, blood will gush across the 'burbs & the bush in coming years, if not months!
A la 4-corner's item, it'll be global, & next-to-NO-going-back!

Cops, media, corporate uptops, bighouse snobs, farmers, clergy & polies, male & female, will be swinging from the lamposts & trees.
And I haven't even STARTED REALLY Stirring-the-Possum yet!
While I see Good Grunt in the 3 Amigo Independents, we can't have national management on such a small footing!
And they'd agree, I reckon?
You & K. O'brien, Ulman, & yeah, OK! the girls, have to get OFF the sweet-latte merry-go-round, & must assume the mandate (LONG-LIVE-THE-PROTEST!!!) to counter the Murdoch-ian tyranny of ? Howard-1996 (yeah, Packer!), Rudd-2010, & all in-between & whatever's in Tiny Habit's devious little puppet-mind from now-forward!
Borrowing from my regal motto:
"Sans Peur!"
Without Fear!
Better to have the Masses Voting & Marching on-your-side, than dancing on your heads!

Aye, Greece?
It IS NOT about "leadership"!
Rudd, Gillard, Wong, Faulkner, Garrett, LATHAM!, Bob Brown ET AL, ET AL, ALL Know this (methinks?!), & possibly even Turnbull.
Call-in the 3 Amigos, el Windsor, el Katter & el Oakshot to hammer this & other NO-SHIT "Henry Tax Review" recommendations, WITH Rudd, Brown & Ken Henry too.
Off-air pls?
I don't mean to sideline Julia, but Habit is a no-brainer, so, as they're both now (hehehe) carrying begging-bowls, its not for either (major party) to be included.
They, &-or their spin-sters are addicted to grabbing-&-stabbing, & want-want-want cred-&-control.
"The big game" has to stop, or we'll ALL be soup!
Yeah, you also work (30 p.o.s?) 4 Murdoch.
But even you, Mr Doyan, Know WHAT, not WHO, comes 1st!
Jes' rrrolls-off-the-tongue, don't it?
I can see El Grande Papa Fidel (Castro!) smilin' from 'ere...., to ear!
DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, leave it for the mob to decide!
Sans Peur!
Like Mr Katter said to Kerry O, "If we don't correct the imbalance (on-&-of the LAND), we may lose it!" (paraphrased).


Omaxa bin Eartha,
Outlaw for GLOBAL Land, Tax, Housing, Cult, Drug, Work & Environmental LAW REFORM.

PS: Tah for the Tuesday LNL acknowledging of yeserday's brusk MMS, to wit I began writing this'n.

NB: Apologies for minimal formatting.
Scribed in catholojude exile on my mobile phone.


Now, the Monday after the Saturday before...


Oh boy? Haven't the last weeks been challenging?

About every kind of distraction, mis-step, exaggeration and allegation have been aired by both sides of the “traditional” political debate, all so one might “win” over the other at Saturday's federal election poll.

“The House of Daggers ” might be the more appropriate name for the House of Representatives in Canberra, and I'm referring farther back than the removal of Kevin Rudd in June this year.

For any voter in Australia to take our federal parliament seriously, makes a joke of the voter, surely?

Surely, surely, surely?

Was there ever a day or political term since federation in 1901 where candidates and political leaders haven't operated under threat of being stabbed in the back?

As long as I've known that we have things called government, and parliament, there've been reports of skulduggery behind the scenes in Canberra, or in Melbourne's Spring Street, or, though to me in Melbourne, the far-away place of MacQuarie Street Sydney.

But alas! So 'tis in America, Eurape, and most every other political region, and they, being much much older than wee Australia, seem to excel such that they wrote the rules book on betrayal?

However, diverging for a minute, from the political shamozzle, what has been a deeper, and far more tormenting challenge for myself over the last few months, is that I've finally uncovered the details - I cannot call them “facts” - about who I am.

“Heir Apparent” apparently, to the Thrones of Britain!

Why? Why? Why wasn't I told???

And what does this have to do with the farce of Australian politics???

I'll come to that.

Intrigue. Mystery. Mythology. And false prophesy!

Researching via my only outside link beyond radio and mobile phone small-screen TV, the internet has slowly offered up some facts, I hope, about my own family's names, and the links to the most powerful Houses of Britain, thus, of the world.

I guess it's been 4, 5, or 6 years since I 1st searched the 'net for the meaning of my own name(s).

“Max Nichols Meredith” means, “Greatest, Victorious Peoples, Great Lord” or thereabouts!?!

WHAAA???? What were my parents thinking in 1955, that they named me thus?

Further looking-looking-looking uncovered that my brother, older than me by 5 years, was named “Donald Walter Meredith”, which, as best I now recall, means “Ruler, of the army of the Great Lord”!? Little wonder he prefers Dad's adopting father's surname of “Cook”!

With no information from my immediate family, other than deceit-upon-deceit, upon-deceit-upon-deceit, 1st about my Dad's family history, and nothing about mum's, for 50 years I've been left at the mercy of the world of shadows, the world of witchcraft. “Mercy” which for some unknown reason, has been necessary, so-as, it seems, to make me so victimised that my own occult powers were raised and “concentrated” to be of extreme strength. Strength enough to enable me to both survive against all-comers in the occult world, and to so impress those who “see” that they are convinced that, through my Dad's family line, I am the blood-descendent of the Ancient “King Arthur” of that dreamy mythological place of “Camelot”.

That by itself, were I told in earlier years, much earlier years, may well have had me think rather differently of myself, such that I might have had some “self-esteem”, enough to conquer the demons which now inhabit my “aura” and Soul. Demons which have burrowed so deeply into my Soul that I feel unable to exorcise them. And worse, these demons are expert at frightening away every person who comes near me. As well, demons which can mess so much with my own mind that I regard all people who come near as evil enemies.

Surely, upon the assumption that I AM the aforementioned “Heir Apparent”, this is a most horrible dilemma?

Now, at 55.4 years old, with still no honesty from anyone, isolated from all social life, from any “friendships”, and vulnerable to a continent over-run by “northern demons” in the white-skins from the northern hemisphere, I try to absorb the information I've dug out from the 'net, about who and what and why I am that heir to the most powerful thrones on Earth.

I get the feeling that others who know this dilemma of mine laugh loud at me, and mock me for not taking the leap through the “psychic door” and awaken fully my third eye, to claim my inheritance?

Even while any witch is now able, through clairaudience and clairvoyance to hear and see my thoughts and actions, and as well make havoc inside my mind, I feel sure they cannot comprehend the situation from where I stand.

Events of the last 11 years at least, in Australian politics, have turned often immediately after I have spoken my thoughts to persons “connected” to that arena, and/or very soon after I posted my thoughts onto my weblog (maxearth.blogspot.com).

It is now clear to me that there have been other spirits in me, guiding my thoughts and actions, such that nothing I have thought or said or written has been, as-it-were, “mine”.

Good eclectic tutelage at the Melbourne School of Philosophy between 1986 and 1996 helped me settle with such acceptances, such “beliefs”, that “I am not the body, I am not the mind” so I was able to not attach egoistic pride to thinking my thoughts are my own, nor of my own making.

This approach derives, as far as is necessary, from the Wise Hindu Scriptures of the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and, the Mahabarata, and are confirmed by the other Wisdom Texts of the Orient, such as, the Taoist, Buddhist, and Zoroastrianism, Et Al, literature.

These conclusions run in total opposition to the teachings of Christianity, and expose Christian thinking as quite wrong.

This Knowledge is vital to establishing the Truth, about the Human Soul, and about what we are.

But to Christians, this is heresy, because Christianity deems that the only connection Humans can possibly have with “God”, or “the First Principle”, the “Original Spirit”, is through another Human Being, Jesus Christ.

“The only Son of God”, they purport.

Clearly something else is at play in this dogma, which in fact robs us of our own Spiritual Sovereignty, and places all religious authority on that other person. A person who lived and died some 2000 years ago!

Forcing people as Christianity has done, to surrender our own personal, Spiritual Authority to the authority of the cult of Christianity, as said, robs us of the right to think Wisely, for we are made to defer all our “Godliness” which may be interpreted as our Wisdom, to it, and to have “faith” in the cult as being the sole Authority on all matters Spiritual.

Relating this to our worldly concerns, it is clear that, as said, something else is at play here?

Observing the world as it has evolved through linear time, through records of history, and through the “game” of life as we now know it, shows us that this erroneous Christian dogma is clearly dangerously wrong, and is in fact, behind the troubles we now face, be-it on a daily basis, and/or, in the “macro”, global arena. An arena of chaos and complete species and environmental degradation.

Now, to make my own little world of me-me-mine worse, the other side of my family, allegedly descended from the Sutherland Clan of Scotland, seem to believe they/we/I are/am descended through centuries of covert and skulduggerous warring, from the Prophet Jesus ben Joseph,or, Jesus Christ!

So, this and my Father's lineage back to the Catholic Kings of England and Wales, allegedly through the Tudor Kings, and thus their ancestors, traceable apparently back to the 2nd century BC King Arthur of Wales, and we may assume that they want us to believe back to the fabled “Camelot”, mean that I am the end-product of Arthur's Mentor “Merlin”, and the Hebrew Kings David, and Abraham, et al?

Firstly, this myth, of BOTH lines from ancient royalty, has to be subject to scrutiny, because it is common knowledge that such regal houses are replete with controversy about the bloodlines of most all such “high-born” families.

From what I can discern, “bloodlines” are vital to upholding any such myths.

Yet, this being so, I myself am disqualified from that myth that I am the Heir Apparent to those thrones, because the claim is that I am a direct descendent of JC, and of King Arthur, through unbroken bloodlines.

Whereas, my own “divinations” if-I-may, confirm that I myself am a bastard, the illegitimate child of mum and her extramarital lover, one “Boxer O'Brien”.

So Allan Nichols Meredith, the Man I have been deceived to believe is my genetic father, is not at all. Therefore I am not a blood-relative of those Catholic Kings Henry Tudor of old England, and before them, the Kings of ancient Wales.

This is a very recent case of the skulduggery which has plagued it seems, all regal thrones and families from time immemorial.

It is hubris in the extreme to try and pass-off such a fabricated myth as fact, about what I am, and about any Genuine bloodline relationship with and to the “only Son of God”, Jesus ben Joseph.

What's more, I am certain that I and my mum, have no genetic link to the Sutherlands. Instead, I lean to the hidden story that my Great Grandparents on mum's side were in fact from the Immortal Gunai Aboriginal Tribe of Gippsland, Victoria, and were massacred in the 1890s, by the British pioneers of that region, some of whom have had to be Sutherlands, and possibly even the man purported to be my Great Grand father, John Thomas Willis himself was involved!

So, relating to today's Australian political events, of the passed 11 years at least, and any suggestions that I am the messiah, the “anointed one”, who is, according to the myth, Jesus Christ returned to save mankind, we all must take a long moment to put Christianity in the dock to be interrogated, deconstructed and exposed for what it is.

If we look back through Australian, and most all “western” politics, they have evolved to being “debates” which as often have descended into ruthless wars, around two differing opinions, both based on this flawed Christian “faith” and it's quite untrue dogma.

Today, our and British, and other western politics have been in essence, debates/wars between the two divisions of that original, or early “Jewish”, Catholic versus Protestant faith.

Australia's Labor party has been Catholic-centred, and the other side, the “Liberals” have in essence, been Protestant. Just how close the Freemasons are to the Protestant cults, I haven't deduced. But behind all the hoopla and ceremony, they may well be one and the same?

But if both Catholic and Protestant are based on untrue beliefs, which rob the individual of their own Spiritual Sovereignty, and thus disable our Right and Divine ability to think Wisely and Aright for ourselves, on vital Community issues of “politics” and, although forced far into the background, “economics”, PLUS, therefore, how Humans and Humanity in general relate to all other forms of life on Earth (and beyond?), that-is, to the environment, what credibility does either side of today's political debate have?

“NONE!” I say!

Therefore, it must be asked, what authority have I, in political affairs, if I am not “progressed” beyond the myth and faith of either of these false dogmas, where I am no more than a puppet of the cults, and of my family?

Agenda-ridden and clearly dangerously deceitful dogmas?

Well, on first glance, the honest response is “NONE!”

However, if I AM “progressed” beyond the myth and faith of false dogmas, and have gone with the utmost sincerity further into finding something of the Divine Spirit within myself, through the Highest Method and Philosophical Path of Meditation, AND IF I HAVE ATTAINED to some Knowledge of That Divinity, by-which I am saying that I have not, even for all the Meditation and Practices, Communed completely with the First Principle (G-O-D), ( I can't fly, walk on water, see or walk through walls, or cast spells on fig trees, etc), I may have SOME Authority to speak on matters-politic, but am not by any measure the only one who can do so.

So, on political affairs of today, and of the recent months and years, where, under the sway of “mad witches” of both the Catholic church and Freemasons, I have been positioned to influence our political affairs, more for the benefit of those cult powers, than for the Best Possible national economic and Spiritual well-being, the people of this Land must firstly LEAVE ME ALONE, and 2ndly, take a serious, that-is a VERY SERIOUS look at themselves, with the highest determination to exorcise the demons of the dangerously false beliefs of those foreign, Eurapean/Levantine cults.

For it is only then, there, that we, as one nation made of millions of individual Souls, all with enormous potential, can divine the FACTS about what is best for us, for our nation, and for all who come after us in the future.

Because of the “conspiracy” to make me an evil foreign regime's messiah, which has been in action for over a century, and possibly for some 16 centuries (which DOES NOT make it right, proper, legal or True!), I have always been guided to follow a path of seeking Wisdom, or, in the least, to develop the persona which would fool others to think I am Wise.

My own life, as far back as I remember, has been one of deep personal torment and searching. I used to come home after social events, and weigh the events and my behaviour, and see all my stupidities and failings in social skills etc. This didn't help in the self-esteem department, to-be-sure.

My physiognomy came to suit well the cults' agenda, for, with mums Aboriginal genes (!?!) and O'Brien's Iorish characteristics, I had, a face which appeared, as society judges, wise. I also have no doubt that they were able to orchestrate a punch-on-the-nose or such, to add a touch, whereever they thought was necessary.

It's amazing, and quite shallow, if you ask me, that the face can determine what people think of you, in that they regard you as being naturally wise, or stupid or other.

This again, seems to me to be very much a part of this western world's “Aryan” fascination with faces, and with any other physical attributes a person is graced, or cursed with. Our days' fashion industry relies on these traits, and most of us know how shallow and false that massively financially profitable industry is, and makes everyone.

But, when I was driven, by one means or another, to attend the School of Philosophy, I found it an huge battle inside, because the Teachings of the School went gently, but directly into having us face the demons in our own mind. This fierce battle within, had me leave and re-join the School 3 times.

Then, Christianity was the dominant cult and mindset, which never encouraged people to look inside, but rather, seduced us to criticise other people, all-the-while never questioning our own beliefs, and had us assume WE, or, our hypnotic Christian faith were right, and the other bloke wrong.


Apparently, I achieved some level of success in this business, but looking back now, it's painfully clear that I had yet an enormous amount of exorcising to do. For then, I had no idea about the “plan” of my deranged mother, her Sutherland family of Scotland, and her Catholic convent.

Neither did I have a clue about the possibilities of witchcraft, or that a teenage witch, by name David Edney, had deployed witchcraft upon me, by befriending me in my mid teen years, only to hex me for the rest of my life, with his Freemason and envious evil curses.

And neither did I have a clue about the agenda of one “Dada Parahamsa” (I think is his name) the monk of the Ananda Marga Indian cult, whom Dad took me to when I was about 16 years old, who also entered my Soul and thereafter, along with the multiple of other spirits, has sent me up or down one road or another, so that I would be completely under the sway of these puppet masters.

Nevertheless, the School of Philosophy was of great assistance in helping me better understand myself. But, once more, then, from 1986 to 1996, when I was attending the School, very few within the Christian culture were engaged in the magical arts, and so the School was Teaching from a “base” level without the open third eye in most of the Tutors.

This is said to have much Merit, for as the Upanishads warns, “Pin your faith to natural knowledge, stumble through the darkness of the blind. Pin your faith to supernatural knowledge, stumble through a darkness deeper still”. Etc.

Natural knowledge, to me, is the arts of Science and Economics. Supernatural knowledge is obviously magic, where nothing is set in stone, and can be warped out of any real condition, thus taking the magician, unless they are fully aware of those outside influences and how to avoid them, down dark and dangerous paths.

Guided again, about 30 years ago now, before I found the School, by unseen witches, I came across a book about magic, called “Magic - white and black” by Franz Hartmann. In it's pages is a chart and an explanation about how magic effects negatively a person's ability to employ their Intellect.

The chart shows that the more one employs magic to think, the less the Intellect is operating. For whatever reason, I remembered this, and, whether by the influence of those spirits in me or not, I avoided taking an interest in magic, or in the occult arts.

But I was wrong, for I should have taught myself, or sought some teaching on the Magical Arts, just so as to be aware of what dangers prevail in the world and in the hidden world of shadows. But that was just one part of what I should have been aware of. If I had some idea of what was possible, I might have realised that my mind had been occupied by the aforesaid witches and that they were playing some wild and potentially dangerous games with me.

The “false messiah” game, principle among them.

Well...., I now think it's a bit late for myself to overcome these demons, and so, am, as many know, plagued with the curses and powers of innumerable modern witches, most of whom have dangerously little self-knowledge, enough to know and exorcise their own demons, typically some other person's devilish puppetry and want to have power over them.

Indeed, methinks that all magic is deeply entwined with the exercising of magic by another person, such that, anyone who thinks they are a free spirit in terms of witchcraft, are in fact puppets of someone else.

Since about 1999, when I discerned from an ABC news TV interview with a NSW police detective, (who, from memory, resembled the current police Commander of NSW Lismore Police station, one Comm Bruce “Always” Lyons, who was behind my being terrorised, assaulted, and falsely charged with firing a rifle at 5 NSW pathological liars on the same day, in the same hour he was parleying with the visiting Pope Benedictus 16 on 16 July 2008) that the cops were using magic, and I maintain, against the people, an huge change has come over the world.

Then, I had next to no idea of who was messing with my mind, or that I was a puppet of the Catholics. (For decades, I had my suspicions that mum was up to something, but nothing could be extracted from her devious little mind.)

Catholics who had the most influence over both the ABC, and over the Australian Labor Party (ALP). But the day after that 7pm ABC news bulletin, I drove down to the ABC's television studios in Elsternwick, a southern suburb of Melbourne, and asked to speak to one of the news team.

I told her that the cops were using magic. She thanked me and I left. This was in the months before the 1999 Victorian state election, where the Liberal party, led by the then fascist Jeff Kennett, were doing quite irresponsible things to the people and to the general culture of the state.

Following that day, the reporter had obviously taken my warning seriously and spread the word among the ABC faithful, and thus through the embattled Victorian ALP and thence across the population.

Everyone not megalomaniacly aligned with the far-right-wing Liberal party, was living in fear that our lovely and, previous to the Kennett regime, well-managed little corner of the world was under threat of an evil most 'orrible. The coming election on wha? December 3rd 1999 looked like we faced the end of any sane government.

But, as fortune and a lot of secret backroom Catholic chatter would have it, Kennett and coven were ousted by the voters, by a slim margin, but enough to wrest government from the witches of darkness, and into the ALP's rather more responsible hands.

The True Believers in the ABC and their political arm of the ALP went Hell-for-leather at informing the Victorian populace of what was going on, and we were SAVED!!!

Argh! Thank Jesus!!!

Well, that's what the conspirators behind my thinking would have and did have many Australians believe.

Another event, which helped the ALP win against Diablos, was:

I was living out of my '78 Holden Gemini wagon, and roaming the nation as the witches would push me. I'd developed my writing talents and was employing them in the general political arena. Then, before the internet was anywhere near as accessible as it is now, I would go to which ever public library I was near, and jump on a computer to scribe whatever I found relevant, mainly to programs on the ABC's Radio National.

Then! A favourite of mine was ABC's female anchor Geraldine Doogue, who hosted “Life Matters”, a daily which was pretty good at going to current social issues.

So I'd either respond by fax or email to the ABC to whatever was worth responding to on the programs from the libraries, then get back on the road.

But one day......(DAA-DUM?!?!?!) not long before the feared 1999 Vic state election, I was in the library in Ringwood, a Melbourne outer eastern suburb, waiting for a free computer. I was reading the newspapers. As I sat there, a bloke appeared from nowhere (DAA-DUM!?!?!??!) dressed in brand new “bib-and-brace” overalls, new steel toe-cap boots, and a 45 year old's moustache.

I acknowledged him with a nod, as-you-do. He dropped one of the day's newspapers down right in my face, on the low table, so that it was facing my way.

I can't recall what the headline read, but it alluded to the upcoming election. I recall he was looking skeptically at me, as if he didn't really have any FAITH in anything I might say or suggest in regard to the headline and the feared doom for the ALP and for the Workers.

Over the previous months, even while I was out of Victoria being driven around the country, I was following the pre-election media, and, was observing the characters of the two partys' leaders - Kennett and one humble little fella, with terribly sad eyebrows, ALPs John Brumby.

It had become clear to myself that the ALP had no hope against the full-blown egomaniac Kennett and his far-right-wing brand of tyrants, while the humble and demure (?) Brumby was leading them.

So, when the Worker in new boots looked askingly of me, to give my thoughts on the election troubles, I leaned back like a wisened old fool, and said “Get rid of Brumby, I reckon!”

I smiled, and looked again at the paper. When I looked up again, the Worker had VANISHED!?!?


I don't know how close to the election that was, but it was a couple of weeks I think, before the Victorian Labor Party campaign launch, and not at all long until December 3rd (or 6th?) election.

But Jolly-Ho! I jumped in shock when the news reported that at the ALP/Brumby campaign launch, as John Brumby was delivering his campaign's opening speech to the assembled faithful in a Melbourne hall, the hall filled with Unionists, many in work outfits, a large number of the Unionists attending, from the “left-wing unions”, in unison, all stood up and walked out!

Brumby was doomed! Well..., he was dumped, no doubt after an encrazed argument or forty behind the stage and behind ACTU closed doors. Without delay, the ALP and Unions had foisted one little known, but tall, Catholic college-bred Steve Bracks, into the chair and spotlight.


The ALP gained government, with the support of three independents, and the rest is history, and Kennett and coven's political careers were soup.

Not that his treasurer, Alan Stockdale, had any cares, for he walked from one nice-little-earner to another one at the HSBC bank I think. The HSBC being (now) Eurapes largest bank, and, for decades, the main transactor for the ILLEGAL global heroin market.

So..., there's a story I've been wanting to put to paper, or computer, for 10 years.

This, and other incidents where I've been guided to influence politics here, appear to some as meaning I am fitted with every possible thing and talent the long-awaited natural leader possesses, or is possessed of.

Yet, referring back to the earlier line, that “I am not the body. I am not the mind”, tells me, and should tell everyone else, that I am, not any hero, or superman or natural leader, as Christianity would have the world believe.

I wuz a puppet! A nice good and it seems something of a tough puppet, but a puppet nevertheless.

So..., returning to the points made at the start of this tome, about the recent tumultuous months prior to the 2010 federal election...,

If I can be turned into the puppet I was, then so can any of us, politicians especially, for that arena is where the hard economics of global and national agenda are most fought out.

Magic and the use or abuse of the occult has been at play behind the scenes globally forever, for once, lo-ong ago, it was part-and-parcel of Kings' powers.

If we venture back through the mists and myths of time, back to the fabled Camelot, King Arthur was mentored by the magician Merlin.

So, back just 2000 years, was Jesus ben Joseph, a puppet of his Mentor Rabbis, one of them being “John the Baptist”. As were the priests of the Temple in Jerusalem, which is why Jews today say about Jesus, “He was a good Jewish boy”, doing exactly what his puppet-masters asked of him.

Were we to delve into the histories and biographies of most all “Kings” and Monarchs and Emperors, from any nation, we would, I think, find the same thing. (Hitler? Stalin?)

So, the same applies today to our political “leaders”, and we will find that they are not “leaders” at all, but mere followers of some other magician's agenda.

This applies on both sides of our political divide, therefore, if Australia wants to “move forward”, we must break, shatter, obliterate the old stereotypes of leadership, because it is in this so-called “Christian” nation, no more than a game played by offshore tyrants to maintain their ruthless grip on us as slaves, and on our resources to keep them in the spoiled rotten upper, or first world class.

As the result has been a “hung parliament” where voices NOT from the two “false leader” parties have now to be listened to by the so-called government, we have that chance.

Last night I watched ABC's special post-election 7.30 Report, with Kerry O'Brien (no close relation, I guess) interviewing three federal parliamentary independents - Tony Windsor, Bob Catter, and Rob Oakeshot.

And what a refreshing interview it/they were (all on together). None of them had the tired old stereotypical party lines and responses, and clearly there was a fresh and straight-forward, Intelligent manor about them.

Bob Catter said something about the old two-party structure being on the way out.

And he's right. Now we have WHA? 7 or 8 Greens in the Senate, and enough other independents to finally, if they can agree on this need, break the mould, and force the two majors, the two OFFSHORE mobs of the Protestant Liberals and the Catholic ALP, to do what is right for the whole bloody nation, rather than always have their policies and us fit into the slavish and slim agendas of Eurapean and British banks-er-monarchs-er-capitalists-er-cults.

So, after hitting the sack on Saturday cursing the universe for jailing me on this prison island with a population of morons and selfish sewer rats, as we draw nearer the final result, when all votes are counted, I still curse the universe for jailing me on this prison island with a population of morons and selfish sewer rats, but am actually lifted a millimetre or two because we have neither offshore mob in total control of the media and subversion, and the “hung parliament” offers more hope than either major could.

It might spell the end of the draconian Liberal “leader” (?) Tony Abbott's “obstructionist” “kill the other mob at the nation's cost” political folly, indeed TYRANNY, and, with hope that the aforenamed independents, being all from rural electorates, are well aware of the environmental troubles we ALL face, and the unsustainable political, economic and cultural structures and (deliberate OFFSHORE) disorganisation of the national demographic and industries, take on the Greening of Australia and the co-relative decentralisation of the population, as paramount to a more secure nation and, world?

So..., voters in Australia might at last be able to take our federal parliament seriously, and instead, make jokes of our passed selves, surely?

“OH Such WISE words, King Trooly Rooted!”

Ha! Yeah!

If you were thrown out from house, home, friends, society and a “life” like this hombre, yet had done nothing but DISSENT and heresy to earn it, you'd be easily as able to craft such wooss words as well!

Get over it Christians!

Jesus died 1970 years ago!


And a good PUBLIC Education!! (With Yoga, Philosophy, Ethics, Meditation and a Vegetarian diet included!) (and courses on motorbike riding and maintenance as well!!!)

Wisdom! Intelligence! Honor!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha
GLOBAL Land, Tax, Housing, Cult, Drug, Work & Environmental

aka King Trooly Rooted
Heir Apparent,
to the Royal Thrones of
England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales


1st day of the aftermath.


“Hang 'em all!” came the call from the rafters.

So we did!

Australia's 1st “hung parliament” for WHAA!? 60 years?

But is it for the good, or another sign that things, politics, economics, culture, are all in decline?

Skeptic, I go with the decline option.

Comments thus far, from 10am Sunday morning and forward, on “ABC 24” and media through Google news page, indicate that the old model of two parties being the only voices, powers and influences, is waning.

That the Liberal/Nationals gained enough seats to near equal Labor, confirms with me, a Deep Green and Deep Left-wing Outlaw, that Australia is well behind on the road to where a nation should be for Sound, Sustainable AND JUST, Government.

That Australians were swayed by the lowest, least intelligent Lib/Nat campaign probably tells us something, and something which portends an abject future.

But I cynically deem it a sign that we are, as said above, in decline, and are descending further into the shithole sewer than we've been for as long as I've taken an interest in politics. But I've been blinded by Catholic witchcraft since conception.

Being the bloke actor Mel Gibson played in the Hollywood film “Conspiracy Theory”, I guess it's almost my duty to be suspicious, but I find, and even thought about it before yesterday's poll, that there are haunting similarities to the recent British elections, in which they too came out the other side of the election with a hung parliament.

Taking that suspicion to it's conclusion, might well forecast a Liberal/National/GREENS coalition here, similar to Britain, which resulted in a Conservatives/Lib-Dems coalition.

Meself, I hope not. But as I inspire as much negative reaction as any other, from Murdoch and other media, and from the political right, not to mention the real, global power-brokers of Rome, London, Saudi Arabia and Scotland, my saying so is likely to bring-it-on.

Hope not?

Whatever the formation of parliament as time passes, I reckon we can expect a “suited shitfight” centred in Canberra, with the danger that NO constructive policies are passed. That can only result in general decline, and, as Barry Cassidy put it at around 11:00am this morning on ABC-24, we'll be forced to another federal election in little more than one year from now.

The two ways to look at that are that 1, we are on the slide as a nation, perhaps not so far into the future ending with some weird sort of civil war.

2, a positive spin might be that it inspires the brave of us (WHO?! WHERE!?) to bring on what I see as inevitable, some, again, weird form of “Democratic Revolution” by the less well-off masses, where all the accepted and old-kings models of (centralist) government decline so much that regional/local anarchy of sorts, is the result.

But that's got to be decades away, surely?

Surely, as the election results tell, most Australians are complacent, self-interested, politically-ignorant conservatives, who will abuse democracy until the end by voting in softcock materialistic and capitalistic governments.

Softcock materialistic and capitalistic governments..., which cannot be sustained, no matter what.

But, the global forecasts, if they can be trusted (can anyone be trusted in this magical 21C?) predict that the USA's economy will implode in the very near future, perhaps following Eurape, or exacerbating Eurape's present trauma, taking down the rest of us with them, when they can no longer afford their/our opulent cultures.

So anarchy, or, if it's worth considering at this “end times” point in linear time, ORGANISED Revolution, may indeed be just around the corner for Australia.

I hope so! But looking at the whole globe's REALPolitik and REALEnvironment state, I do believe, and, as whiteskins have turned me into a misanthrope (and a misogynist!), do hope, for the total extermination of the whiteskins of the species.

Whichever “parties” form federal government here, or there, in Britain, USA, Iran or Israel, et al, we are all “for it” soon enough.

Which, when weighed, makes all the media and hyperbola and OUTRIGHT BULLSHIT and denial, nothing more than fuel to the firey furnace of Hell we're all destined for.

At least my mum is destined for........

Many wise and better-informed-than-I pundits and star-gazer forecasters firmly believe we are at the “end of days”, and that this whole “thing” called “life on Earth” is in fact, an illusion. And our real fight is to shatter the earthly illusion, the illusion set-up millennia ago by witches, who might today be recognised as of old Egypt, Israel and/or Rome.

And..., the illusion which is being played out no further away from each of us than in our own mind.

I tend to agree with that explanation. So I am inclined to stick with my two or more decade-long stance of



DEFY! DEFY!! DEFY!!! all and any attempts to steal another's Soul, as the deranged “lost flockers” of Catholicism, and my insane mother have done to me, since my own body's conception.

Soon enough, supermarkets will be but a joke, money useless, nuclear family homes known as the disaster areas they are, motor vehicles and their fuels long-ago burned to rust by the roadside, and NO order across the world to enable the presently accepted traditional employment in factories and offices, farms HAAA! and today's totally destructive industries - primary, secondary and tertiary - no bank savings, mortgages, air travel, nor even the “cafe lifestyle” enjoyed by so many spoiled of the shithole.

Gangs WILL rule (OK!). Hospitals and schools etc., office blocks and occupiable high-rise and city office towers will be fortresses occupied by the strongest and best-armed, and the falsities of the world's upper classes will be tickets to untreatable insanity.

Upper class “professionals” and media and economic tycoons will be looked back on as the fraudsters and thieves they are, and they and the western church clergy hunted to agonising death for sport, and retribution.

I wonder what “policies” the sporty Tony Abbott and coven of dogs will be able to conger as effective in THAT world?



From the Traveling 4x4 Tent of
Omaxa bin Eartha

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PS: While quite anti ex-PM Kevin Rudd's apparent Christian faith, I offer him my humble congratulations for keeping his seat yesterday. Condolences to Maxine McKew, and those other clear heads, who fought the good fight, but failed to read aright, the tea-leaves.

As time moves forward, it might become clear to voters, that the only REALPoliticians and "Leaders", are those who stand, speak and fight to rid the world of this utter delusional tyranny of free market capitalism, and who go to the barricades for a GLOBAL Green, Socialist, Agrarian, Military, Union, Democratic system of LOCAL Governmentation .

But, as we are, the worst economic, social and cultural depression the world's ever seen will precede such Ideals, and soon, and lasting perhaps, for centuries?

All-in-all, the 2010 federal Australian election has been an utter, utter, utter farce, and a failure by us all to even begin to Properly and Honorably Govern ourselves!


The Big Day!


Over the last decade Australia has been brought up to speed about the non-less-than tyranny of the state government of New South Wales, and how much (will we ever actually know?) the NSW ALP right has with messed progressive politics across the whole continent (and islands).

From my personal situation, where I've been victim to the NSW “Rum Club's” skulduggery since I was driven out of my home state of Victoria in 1998, it is clear the effects on myself and on the nation have been horrific.

To me, the state of New South Wales is in a disastrous and parlous condition. But I must be wary of any propensity to make “value judgements”, which has one compare another lifestyle to one's own, on the assumption that one's own is superior and the right way to live.

NSW's history is really one of struggle against many odds, as any new nation, new settled and inhabited nation faces.

Added to any expected domestic struggle, the governing bodies here (in NSW) have had to deal with the quite ruthless British East India Company, who in commerce and trade, ruled, as well as the insanity which was unleashed in 1808 by the illegal coup de ta of John Macarthur and coy, which corrupted the most important laws from England.

Land laws primarily.

I was raised in a very pleasant eastern suburb of Melbourne, and as well, was kept quite ignorant of the numerous sordid realities that were extant across the state, the nation and the world.

Even by my 30s and 40s, I knew next to nothing about how corrupt, even the sweet Victorian state was.

Guided from the shadows as-it-were, to become something of a puppet monarch - surely a joke in a modern world - when such affairs of social and cultural corruption made the news, I had no inclination to inquire about them, and just stumbled along like a blind man with my own pastimes.

Life in a leafy suburb, as a kid and young adult schooled in public schools which gave the students no facts about the nation's history, in regard to Aboriginal genocide, and other fundamental REALPolitik matters, was easy enough and one was left to assume that everyone lived this lovely way.

Even in my teens, our neighbour Bill Dean (not the ex-GG) travelled overseas working for the Red Cross, and on returning home, over dinner he told us of the tragic state of the people in places like Biafra, and other Asian and African regions. Even with those sad tales, my Intellect was not active enough, if at all, to collate the info and the fact that my/our way of life was exceptional.

So when I moved to northern NSW in 1998, I was struck by the way a lot of people lived.

Having been turned into a Greenie early, combined with my Father's practical tutelage on making something out of whatever was at hand, I enjoyed the idea of living the “rustic” lifestyle.

But some aspects of that belief that fell away when I arrived up north and saw how so many NSWelshers were living in absolutely abject conditions.

Many had no roof under which to maintain their lives. More than is known, live without any housing, along creeks and rivers, and many lived in sheds and structures which were abominable, under criminal-minded landlords' often crazed attitudes.

This shocked me, and changed and hardened my beliefs.

But, as I had ensconced myself around Nimbin, it felt natural to go further into politics and into what is wrong, and what can be done to make the lot of the average Battler better.

Little did I know of my ancestral lines and the secret reputation which preceded me.

And little did I know how much the NSW ALP had designs on making me something of a “commander”, as a NSW police Inspector called me in about 2004.

Now, sent to the edge of despair by the same tyrants from Sydney, it's clear that, after warring to get the Rudd ALP party into federal government, the NSW ALP has been behind most of the deprivation which keeps far too many NSWelshers caught in crime and an ongoing struggle just to keep a roof over their families heads, and food on the table, etc.

So, it is surely time that the people of NSW stood-up and ejected the offshore and domestic underworld from all positions of influence and power.

However, they would be very wrong to condemn the federal ALP today, by voting for the classical opposition to Labor.

NSW goes to a state election next year, so I urge NSWelshers to hold their fire today, keep in mind the high cumulative intelligence of the federal ALP government and cabinet, and that they would do things rather more efficiently and morally than the NSW ALP club has forced them to do thus far.

Yes, I trumpet for the Greens, and stand by that. But we are some way from having the federal Greens in any position of experience to govern in their own right. Something I think they would admit as well.

As well..., would the Greens want to govern yet, what with the impending economic and other calamities the whole planet faces?

So, I put it to all “Traditional Labor Voters” to hold your fire against Labor today, and keep your powder dry for the 2011 NSW state election.

Many of us, from NSW and the other states, relish the chance to see the old NSW mafia executed, and, as Tony Abbott likes saying about “work-choices”, dead, buried and cremated.

Never mind that bodies are either buried or cremated, not both. But that's how poor a handle the Liberal leader has on language.

An excusable mistake by Abbott, to-be-sure, but like all of his/their policies, it is contradiction after contradiction.

As I've written before, all good government and enduring politics rests on Sound, Perennially-focused, Environmental Laws.

The federal ALP have been doing their very best to make us a more environmentally aware and light-footprint nation, and, if they retain government after today, are our best political party to lead us forward to some semblance of a better future.

However, they can only do this if they have the Greens in coalition with them.

Personally, I'd prefer the Greens, or, a Deep Green agenda in our policies, but as it is, with the ALP, a renewed, “post Rum Club” ALP, sharing government with the Greens, is our best vote.

So, may the Buddha of Rightmindedness be with us all, today and forward into the future.

From the Traveling 4x4 Tent of
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GLOBAL Land, Tax, Housing, Cult, Drug, Work & Environmental



Barnie and the Nats left in the barnyard?

Is Canberra 2010 smelling the end of the Nationals?

Comment on SMH article: “Barnaby throws the book at Greens

How surprising that National party's Senator Barnaby Joyce is crowing about the Greens?

Thus far, in pre-election and polling evaluations on media, the one's I've watched or heard have made no mention of the health or otherwise of the Nationals?

Once the reports inform us that Labor is leading, or that the coalition is, the commentary most often goes straight over to how well the Greens are doing, by-passing totally any talk about the health or otherwise of the Nationals.

In some electorates they still hold influence and support, but in many, I think many think the National's time as a useful political party has passed.

Senator Bob Brown relishes the line that “the Greens are more popular in rural electorates than the Nats”.

So, are Barney and his rurals being left in the barnyard, wiff nought but a bucket of diesel and fertiliser to frow around?

“Senator Joyce told a Rural Press Club breakfast in Brisbane on Thursday that there were secret deals between the Greens and Labor that could see the reintroduction of death duties, a 50 per cent top marginal tax rate and an end to coal mining, live cattle exports, rodeos and fishing.”

I threw my copy of the black Biblic book into a billabong near Barmah last year, so cannot anymore refer to it's hollowed pages, but something tells me that in the old books of that Toric tome, “death duties, or taxes” are regarded as quite rightly collected, Righteous and Holy.

Perhaps “Leviticus” is where to look?

Were we the People educated in Honest and Scientifically Divined Economics, we would NOT find “death duties” as evil nor as offensive, nor as any plague on our wallets and pleasant inheritances etc.

Were our economies, anywhere on Earth, Just and Proper, “death duties” would be known by all tax-payers as a simple and most Just way of keeping the books balanced, and the society perennially in the black. Part of ….keeping the books balanced, and the society perennially in the black.

So Barny, being a white-skin as he is, and being schooled in a fancy church school as he probably was, should check his cult's big black book before he opens his anti-anything-that-might-be-JUST mouth.

His squeal about “...a 50 per cent top marginal tax rate” is the usual uptop, upclub, upemselves me-first whinge, which once again, shows his disdain for the Working Classes, and his ignorance on making the world a better place for everyone, even the top earners, by lessening the lower classes need for crime to get by, thus the current need to break-and-enter the houses of the rich.

And, as if to expose himself and his ignorance of the current most important issue - climate change - Barnie speaks as if the world will end, if a Greens-Guided government did the world's best thing, and put an end to coal mining?

This also exposes just how much the LAND OWNING and shipping-owning upper classes care nothing for the future environment, refuse to understand that coal is a fuel of the past, and that the rural political classes of Astrayliar are more interested in making mega-dollars from the lives of people to come!

Get a Soul! Barnie!

And..., if by devilry, the coalition won, HE'D be Deputy PM?!?!??!

Further to the exposure of the Nat's collective ignorance and paucity of Wisdom and Intellect, Barnaby Joyce cries-out that the Greens will put an end to “live cattle exporting”, even while other nations are stopping the practice anyway.

But....? Would that be such a tragedy? As more and more evidence pours in through all ventricles, that the beef industry is bad-bad-REALLY-BAD vibes for the planet's soils and air and downstream waters, for our own health, and for the methane/oxygen balance, and for many other fings..., does Barnaby Nat want us to keep making his rural lazy-arsed “farmers” (HAA!) rich while everything else is gassed to cow-fart-hell?

These bastards will say anything for power!

Rodeos and fishing?


Would that, a ban on rodeos, mean I'd have to move out from my ute's tray, Barnie? (it's a Holden.... Rodeo! Hahahahaha!)


“OH! They're only FISH! And THEY don't VOTE!!!”

As the federal leader of the National party, Barnie Joyce's attacks on Wisdom, Intelligence and Honor of Green policies, surely spells the end of that 19th century “squatter's party”?

Perhaps a shame, more so, perhaps, since Barnie scammed his way into Canberra by telling voters he advocated something called “zonal taxation”, which, to my critical eye-er-ear, sounds delightfully like the Ground Rent tax which the Henry Tax Review recommended?

Funny that I, at least, have heard and read NOTHING about “zonal taxation” since that fateful election of Mr Joyce.


Will Barnie even hold his seat, after Saturday?

Oh! Half Senate....!


“He said he also feared for the future of Australia's $500 million rice industry, which exports to more than 70 countries, including many poor African nations.
Senator Joyce said the Labor government was unwilling to release the plan for the Murray-Darling Basin because of the Greens deal.
"If you take the capacity to feed 20 million people out of the top of the chain then there's someone on the bottom of the chain that doesn't get fed - somebody you haven't seen, some person living in Kenya, some person living in southern Sudan who doesn't get fed because you made the decision that you weren't going to grow rice," he said.
"So how many people do we want to starve to death because of this decision?
"What is the appropriate moral bounce? Is it appropriate that 10,000 people starve to death or maybe 20,000?"


Putting the Murray Darling basin into fallow until we can clean-up our deeply errant farming (HAAA!) practices, NOW, may well stop the profitable output of exported foodstuffs, and so a relatively paltry number of people overseas will have to scavenge food elsewhere. Not the best for them, and such a scenario is painful to me, as I have enormous admiration for the victims of colonialism in the horn of Africa, etc.

However, typical of Australian farmers (HAAA!) Barnie seems then to be advocating that our farmers (HAAA!) just keep on fucking the Basin?

Perhaps he believes we will one day be able to live off SALT?

Recent figures stated that Australian agriculture feeds 60 million people.


Now, that's a WOW!

And there are, worldwide.... 7 BILLION?


About zero-point-eight of one percent of the world's population!

(I might be wrong there?)


Not even three times our own population?

The comparatively SMALL figure of 60,000,000 feeds, next to the total population of our Mother, of some 7,000,000,000 mouths, tells me that much of the passed trumpeting from our rural politicians and farmers (HAA!!) that we NEED the rice industry and the wheat industry and the meat industry and the canola.., and the.... lamb and the... pineapple industries etc etc., to “FEED THE WORLD” (unquote, Jeff Kennett in a 1990's pre-election spin, about rural Victoria) because the world is dependent upon our utterly pathetic, inefficient, polluting and unsustainable food industry and farmers (HAA!), even while we watch our rivers dry-up, our once - not long ago! - magnificently fertile plains such as - what's it's name again? OH! The Murray-Darling Basin - go irreversibly saline, our life-sustaining forests wood-chipped for Japan's gunpowder industry and Sveedun's IKEA, our Great Barrier Reef (YOURS BARNIE!!? QUEENSLAND'S!!!???) under threat from our (or from Queensland's) onshore farming (HAA!) practices, tells me that much of the passed trumpeting from our rural politicians and farmers (HAA!!) said today, would have radicals not unlike m'self scream “TREASON!!!”

Treason both for deceiving the rest of us about how fan-fuckin-tastic our farmers (HAAAA!!!!) are, about how good they are at growing food (HAA!), about how much we are responsible for keeping the poor bastards fed who have had THEIR land stolen from them by the likes of Barnie's bighouse colonialist buddies, and so have nowhere to grow their own, as they had since Eden, and “TREASON!!” because NOTHING they, our farmers (HAAAAA!) have done over the last 200 years has done anything whatsoever for the ongoing health and well being of the habitat.

Indeed? Our soils and their ability to keep producing, are in the worst condition they've ever been in!

So..., YEAH! Barnie! The world NEEDS us, aye, like Uranus needs YOUR brand of a false economy.

And like Australia needs the Nationals party.........

Sad I'm shooting at the Joyce, aye? I liked him once. But today, I don't think I like any white skin.

I can thank Australia's farmers (HAAAA!), and church cults, for that.

And apiarists....

And coppers. And NSW politicians. And the pope. And blonds. And the Theosophical Society of secretive, demonic witches. And me mum.


Vote GREEN, or die!

Oh! And


Countryzen bin Eartha

Latham, Rudd, Gillard, ALP, Greens, and 1.5 days to go!

1.5 days to go

Point 1. There's obviously something I'm unaware of behind the media's ongoing denigration and maltreatment of the ex-leader of the federal ALP, Mark Latham?

Last night ABC's “The Chaser”, yes a “no-holes-barred” comedy show about the day's news items etc, extracted more from the Man's Soul by shooting more shit at him.

Politicians of both stripes, and media of public and commercial channels have lately shot more than a few slanderous/libelous comments at Latham, which, I maintain are both undeserved, and liable to be responded to with charges of defamation. At least, I believe they should be, by Mark.

Australians are a beggared lot, probably a continuation from our convict past.

The “tall poppy syndrome” is a favourite pastime of ours, where we shoot anyone down either or both because most of us are disgustingly stupid, and thus to defend our pathetic and low-minded egoism we are impelled to bring-down anyone who shows a higher level of achievement, Intellect or Social Conscience, and who employs any or all of their talents by speaking-up publicly, usually for the greater good of the masses.

The second, is that, most of us also, while of a beggared moral level, are smart enough to know that, especially in the political and public arenas, most everyone who stands-up and attempts to make a name for themselves, are doing so, not because they are the real-deal and would go to the barricades in defence of the People, but because they in fact “have tickets on themselves” and think or have been seduced to think they are really-fuckin' fantastic, good enough to lead the people, or nation, or footy team, etc., while the truth, seen by the cynics, is closer to their being puppets of some other megalomaniac or “club” who need a fall-guy frontman.

The public are, in this, usually wise, and see a fool coming from miles away, and as well see that by far the majority of “contenders” are idiots with tickets-on, and will fall over soon enough. This is why contenders often get a hard time, so as to give them the chance to prove themselves. Or not!

From the beginning of the 2004 federal election campaign, I observed Mark Latham being interviewed on TV. I was impressed by his straight-forward attitude, his 'no softcock' responses, and his readiness to confront issues which no ALP nor other politician was prepared to go near.

Few care to remember that campaign opinion polls indicated he, and the ALP, held a popularity rating of near 60% before the “pancreatitis event”! Yes, much was merely because Howard was pissing people right off, but it cannot be denied, Latham was impressing the voters, and inspired us more than a lot.

As the 2004 campaign progressed, he excelled in his readiness to take-on issues such as funding of private and public schools, again, as almost every other Australian federal politician bends-over for their old school priest's “advice”, and who all knew well which side their bread was buttered on thanks to the assistance given to their careers by their old school brudderbonds, none of them were prepared to take on this actually very important issue.

Mark Latham not only addressed this anomaly, but came up with a very sound plan to redistribute government funding in education to where it was needed most - public schools.

This remains a thorny issue today, and anyone anywhere near our houses of parliament who tries to bring it to the fore, usually gets something like a phone call late at night from the henchmen of the church cabals, threatening them with forced exile, poverty, NO MORE employment, ceaseless defamation and the unending, strong want to suicide.

This, a loose description I admit, of church bullying, DOES happen, and, for those outside the clubs of church schools, it must be said, that across the world, there are thousands-upon-thousands of good, healthy, intelligent and extremely capable individuals who have been exiled from society, from a, from ANY job, from family, from friends, from even a house they can call home, by the church they had “issues” with, because they sought to speak out about them, or who sought to speak out about the disparities dominating western societies, disparities in fact constructed and maintained by the enormously deep church corruption, both of religious “truths”, AND, more importantly, of ECONOMIC truths and issues.

In fact, in fact, the truth be known, the main cause of today's personal, local, national and global failings and corruption can be traced right back to how our churches, in collusion with the world's wealthiest elites, warped economic and Spiritual FACTS to suit their own existence.

The farce we witness and have to vote on today - politics - is also a manifestation of horrendously corrupt and indeed malicious, warlike Catholic, Jewish and other “Christian” religious cults.

So too, is the current concept of “leadership” a warping of the deeper truths about our own Soul, which the Prophet J.C., tried to elucidate, or, "light up", in the minds and hearts of Palestinians 1970 or so years ago.

The Roman church took his (JC's) reputation, and crucifixion by his rabbinical "puppet masters", turned him into a hero, and dropped totally, everything JC said about finding god in our selves, so that we can be free of the need for invariably, inevitably corrupt religion.

So far, almost everything in history points to the fact that western leadership models, as per the centrist corruption by Rome and beyond, will always "lead us into the ditch", as He is said to have said. Yet not one “church” of the Christian genre, seeks at all to go there, and to enlighten the flockers about the God Within, et al.

Is it, therefore, any wonder we, the world, are mindlessly being “lead” toward complete meltdown, and decimation of both the species and the global habitat?

Like the more recent axing of Kevin Rudd, who was doing a damn fine job of bringing the people with him in addressing the fundamental disparities of our economy, with his valiant attempts to keep AUSTRALIA'S mining profits from offshore hands and bank accounts, etc., I put it that the ongoing shit-canning of Mark Latham is based not in his shitty pancreas, nor even in the BRITISH (???) Saachi and Saachi spin doctors of the ALP's campaigns, but in his frank, honest and Intelligent tries at making Australia a better governed-thus-functioning nation.

Better government which would have wound-in the excessive, errant and deeply corrupt religions of Eurape, and made them pay their way, rather than letting them keep-on stealing our land, our Souls, our (Aborigines') Wisdom, Integrity and Honour, etc, at our own population's expense.

So, the ongoing defamation of Mark Latham by our current politicians and media is quite out of place, out of order, and should, by Mark, be taken to the courts, so he can be returned to a place of being respected for his gallant try to make us better people.

But along with the media and even his passed-comrades of the ALP, Mark should do what he can to bring the religions to book, because I reckon that his ongoing defamation has it's roots, like Ruddie's, in the warped bastards in high religious places.


If Rudd's mining tax succeeded, it would have had flow-on demands on the churches, to actually, for the first time, pay their legitimate way.

Last time I heard, our British and Eurapean churches have titles to some ONE-SEVENTH of Australian land.


This, they extract rents, massively inflated rents from, speculate on, and buy and sell as it suits their accounts departments. The last thing the Eurapean cults need, is "tax-free" status!

Were a mining tax to be implemented, a “resources rent tax”, the miners would merely be paying the proper rent for their rights (privileges) to extract our minerals etc. Rent, which in fact belongs in our Public Purse, not in foreign PRIVATE pockets.

Taking this REALPolitik issue, of “PAYING THE ECONOMIC RENT” all the Rightful way, would also have the religions pay the rent, instead of being exempt from taxes on the false premise that religions are non-profit organisations, who deal with issues of the Soul, and not “temporal” matters, so shouldn't have to pay tax.


That one-seventh of OUR land (Aborigine Land, actually, of course!) in the hands of the churches, more than keeps them afloat. Also, recently it struck me that that one-seventh of Australia's land mass might very well be very close to our seven major cities, where rents are always the highest, so, always pay the best.

So we have to be wary when we hear of those foreign churches crying poor, because I guarantee you, they have no qualms about decapitating a “tall poppy” if that Noble Person goes near instituting a JUST national economic system, chiefly, as per the report tabled by Dr Ken Henry in December last year, by introducing a “national land tax”.

This might explain why the 30 pieces of silver mobs in our exclusive (private school educated) media houses and government and political halls have been so ready to shit-on the Honorable likes of Mark Latham, and, Kevin Rudd.

It's a bit sad though, that Mark has entered the dark halls of Channel Nine, as a television reporter.

Personally, I don't reckon he's employing his phenomenal talents anywhere NEAR as best he could there.

“Don't waste them, Mark!”

Besides, YOU certainly DO NOT have to lower yourself to that level, where you are forced to appear to be begging the bastards in Canberra for their comments. (Condescending scum!)

So, to show the world that “The Chaser” crew, and all other private schooled egomaniacs (Chaser:- bloody funny and on the money egomaniacs it must be added!) that they are not sycophants and arse-lickers of their school priests, and that the current ALP are not bending over for church profits, priests and private profit-centred agenda, I shout that they ALL both get-off lambasting Latham, and Rudd, and even offer some form of honorable apology to the two of them.

Two feisty Warriors, who, were either of them given an honorable chance, either after the 2004 and June 2010 debacles, might very well now have Australia significantly closer to where we should be, as a Republic, with our own (Aboriginal) Spiritual Knowledge and Beliefs, and with a hugely more efficient and thus more Equitable and Honorable Economy and TWO-TIER system of government?

As the big Julia says “Move Forward!” dudes!

Or media personalities like ABC's Richard Stubbs and Terry Ladler might have much more to prepare the listener/watcher for with “something's going on here?!” when the Collingwood Eurapean church of St Joseph's burned down a few years ago??

Or was that the Yarra tunnel event, Stubbsie?

Lastly on Mark Latham, “I hope he's not working at Channel Nine for the money? If he is, it is as likely because no-one will employ him because of the defamation campaign being sent against him.” The demonic church in action again!

Surely there is SOMEONE in Australia with Integrity who is not afraid of the pedophilia cults and the Law Society, and who has a suitably complimentary job for Mark and his ample talents?

Clearly they do not exist in any of the major political parties, here or elsewhere!

Perhaps, like the Righteous Soul, Peter Garrett, both Latham AND Ruddie, have more to offer the People of Australia and of the world, by aligning themselves with the Greens?

Then, there's Ms Penny Wong?

Stirring the possum there, say what?

After it's all said and done-over, all politics, and government, have at their hearts, Environmental Law.

If human society ignores Environmental Laws, we destroy ourselves.

That the likes of the Liberal and National parties totally ignore this FACT, and that the ALP struggles with it, even while the aforementioned Warriors Garrett, Latham, Rudd and Wong, et al, see something like it clearly, indicates to us that we are being “lead” by fools, dangerous fools, dangerous pro-FORIEGN fools, and that this Saturday, Australians' have possibly our last chance to dispel the myths finally, and at last get on with being a nation of Wise, Intelligent, and Honorable Human Beings.

Something like how it wuz before 1788! Or 1808! Take your pick.

Wisdom! Intelligence! Honor!

The only way!

Oh! And,


From the Travelin' 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha ("C--t" for short!)
aka “King Trooly Rooted”