A shorty to L.A. Times' Eric Bailey on his online article

Cries for reform of California government come from all sides

And what about from the Middle, Eric?


'Frisco sporned the Greatest Economist, perhaps the Greatest Philosopher and other Changes we've known, the Greatest Musicians have sung about the Issue, and still the Great State of California dances around the..., I SAY THE Issshooo?

Land Tax for Government Revenue!

President Obama said the other week "The big game is over", meaning we can all, Intelligently get down to the business of making the Planet run Properly.

Why do Californians want to keep selling themselves short, and consequently send their Great State broke?

Even the nastiest fellas on Earth are on side with Henry George's Land Reform Policies and Wisdom, so why isn't the Californian Legislature?

I mean.... "COME--ON!"


Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien
aka Max Nichols Cook
aka Max No Difference

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform.

Reforests of Godolonia,



"...IF YOU DARE...!?"






29 St Georges Road, Toorak, Melbourne

This mansion has been VACANT SINCE 1991

Link to The Age, 14th July 2009

In another blatant case of "CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY" we have a huge house and block of land remaining vacant for 18 years, in the midst of filthy rich white people, while hundreds of thousands of their own country folk are driven out of house and home, by the very same economic system the neighbors live-off and blindly, arrogantly support!

Should we cheer The Age newspaper for putting this article in it's pages?

Probably not, but let's give the paper Cred for "going there", if only to take a photo.

According to The Age's article:

A drive around the city's priciest suburb reveals land banking is long established among the rich.

Ghost mansions and land banks are sometimes held by those planning a tennis court or swimming pool. Other people are waiting for their children to grow up. Many are speculating that the price of Toorak land will only rise.

"Some of the houses we look after, they don't even want to rent them," Mr Savas said. "They don't want the hassle of a tenant."

Such properties tend to cluster around the stately homes of prominent Melbourne identities and businessmen — the kind of resident who does not want a block of flats built next door or a nosy neighbour, and has the money to buy any adjacent property that comes onto the market.

At a white mansion in Irving Road, next door to trucking magnate Lindsay Fox, the curtains are drawn and the mailbox slot is taped over. Years of junk mail is wedged in piles in the fence.

Behind the mansion are several vacant sprawling house blocks, where weeds have replaced homes demolished years ago.

A house in Albany Road, next door to one of Australia's richest men, Solomon Lew, was bulldozed after being bought for $4.8 million in 1992. Rumour has it Mr Lew wanted a tennis court, but today, the block has only a free-standing carport and a car with a protective cover that reads "Bentley".

Land speculation explains the history of a grassy knoll in Irving Road. It has changed hands every few years and not been built on. It was last bought by Christiana Bertocchii for $3.7 million in 2007.

Well..., having been homeless for about 13 years, resigning myself in about 1996, due in part to the evil digging-in of the right-wing Liberal governments in Canberra and Melbourne, to living in a ute with a steel frame and tarps over the top, since 1998 in warmer climes, knowing that the current housing, credit, employment and other crises were soon to strike us all, and having shouted from the deserts and forests that "Land Reform is Essential for All", I today, find the article in my old home town newspaper as quite refreshing.

Thanks must go straight to a Super-Human bunch of Melbournians ensconced in Hardware Lane in the city, now calling themselves PROSPER AUSTRALIA,, link: http://www.prosper.org.au/ for having me see and read it on their website.

The Age, being Melbourne's premier newspaper, now THE mainstream rag, but once, way back in the 1890s under the considerate ownership of Philanthropist "David Syme", a newspaper which actually WENT to the, these type of Issues, Issues which shall forever remain fundamental to Good Governance, and thus, to Good Culture and Good Human Beings.

Regardless of what the Right-Minded Folk at Prosper Australia, or at their affiliated Schools and Organizations world-around think, I've gone feral since my days trying to help them, and fearlessly Call to All those of my Rebellious Brothers, Sisters and Families in Victoria to make an assault on the gates of this articled mansion, and without tooo much fury, open them and the doors of the mansion so that Melbourne's homeless FAMILIES firstly, can in an orderly fashion, take occupation of that property.

Let it be known, that any attempts to prevent this from happening, will be a criminal act, whether by the real estate agents "Kay and Burton", by their security firms, OR by the Victoria Police.

Kay and Burton's director Ross Savas, I am inclined to believe, privately disagrees with such properties being kept out of use, especially when homeless numbers are rising well beyond the point of charities being able to assist.

He, no doubt, is under the hammer from those higher-up the realtor pyramid, in Australia and from Britain and Eurape, so I guess, must object publicly.

However...., is he Australian? Is he a Human Being? Has he a mind, and a heart, enough to both feel, and to DO THE MATHS in regard to striking a blow against the evils which seem to be over-running our Nation and Mother Earth?

What right does the mansion owner, one Mr Hu, who no doubt lives overseas, have to lock-up any property from those in need of this basic Human Need - A ROOF - while he and his cronies galavant around the globe, in rude, crude and callous disregard?

NONE! Put simply.

It is PRECISELY this type of LAND OWNER arrogance, which fueled the recent global financial crisis GFC, and it's precurser the US sub-prime mortgage meltdown and crisis and the following banking collapses right through the western hemisphere.

Waiting for the world's LAWYERS to get off their fat-cells, and MAKE RIGHT the obvious BAD LAND LAWS is like waiting for Jeesuss to pour us all a double scotch and coke.

So, "who ya gonna call?" when the bank forecloses on ANOTHER hundred or so mortgagees, sending them off into the homeless night?

Whose side are our POLICE forces on, when the majority of us, in Australia, the USA, Britain and Eurape, indeed, everywhere, are being pushed out of any secure tenure, home and a safe place to bring-up the next generations? BY THEM!!!???


The Strong and fearless who would go to 29 St George's Road Toorak and join forces to open those gates and doors for homeless Melbourne Families HAVE THE TRUE LAW ON THEIR SIDE.

But where-o-where can they find a LAWYER who knows their stuff in regard to effecting the Right and Proper Laws, in vital matters such as these?




Surely you all know that there's a MASS of Righteous Dudes, up there where you dwell, and down here where we are shunted, who would Stand-with you, if you decided to DO THE RIGHT THING, for Australians, for the British, Europeans and every other Mob of People suffering the rorts and deprivations of an archaic and ethically DEAD legal structure.

Even within the police forces, everywhere, there are a mass of Righteous Officers who are beside themselves waiting for something as simple as a mansion take-over in upclub Toorak, to spark the CHANGE! which the world's most Powerful Man in Washington KNOWS is ESSENTIAL, to stop the decline of the planet's environment and it's children.

They also know that such a simple event, backed by the Best Legal Minds, and the Best Police Officers, could CHANGE the course of history without one shot being fired, without the loss of one human life, and without the further unnecessary suffering of anymore children. Even, without any heart attacks for real estate agents, their wives and share holders.

ENOUGH! Is really, what EVERYONE ON EARTH is whispering to themselves.

Even Mr Hu, would agree, were he know that such a CHANGE could be effected in one of his no doubt many mansions scattered across the globe.

He may be an arsehole, but he is obviously not stupid, and would be right to take advantage of such a move, by attending an occupied 29 St George's Road Toorak, with a food hamper or forty, and with the power company techies to reconnect the essentials.

Come On Mister Hu. You know what's Right. You KNOW that something simple like this could make right a world close to drowning in corruption and utterly stupid and utterly unnecessary injustices!

Think what your children and grand-children will think of you, if they know you were in fact, A Righteous Dude, in your supporting those Angels who go there, and respectfully TARE-DOWN the corro from the gates?

For a worldwide Correction to our otherwise unavoidable destruction, all it would take is Mr Hu attending and telling the police to not interfere with the course of Justice. Global Justice, Mr Hu?

Simple, True, Noble, Honorable and what a Party you would be holding?

As well, Mr Hu, you would have Protection of The Angels.



Indian Students Under Attack In Australia

Indian Students Under Attack In Australia
by Omaxa bin Eartha
13th July 2009

It's sad there's so much media about the poor Indian student's being harassed and sometimes bashed in Australia, sad that they hide their feelings toward Aussies.

Feelings which often, exposed to Shaman, tell another story about how Indians, and many other ex-British colonials, really look upon we yes, shallow-cultured Aussies, we, yes, especially in New South Wales, but as well elsewhere in Oz, who come not from long and distinguished ancestry like many Indians do, and we yes, who, to many “races” or ethnic groups who have in the past been trampled-upon by our skin-type British Ancestry, are little more than the dregs of British society, sent out here because our oppressed British ancestors were so deprived of Justice back in Blighty, that we know little more than crime and brutality.

My dear old and quite insane mother, in the 1960s and later, developed a few connections with India, having been guided to become a Yoga teacher back then. She did offer to take me when I was in my teens, but I declined once I realized she was using it as a form of blackmail to have me pass my school exams. From my being 10 or so years old, I've had some awareness, let's say, of India, and of it's more “mystical” aspects, as found in Yoga, and related beliefs and practices.

Thus, as well as my studying the rudiments of Hindu Philosophy from 1986 through to 1996, in learning the “Eastern” and, I have to say “Truer” teachings for Meditation, and upholding an “exiled” interest and respect for it since, I'm fairly well aware of what happens in Indian people's heads when they think about yer av'rage Aussie.

Another less deep connection with Indians for meself was from 1998 for a few years. I did meet, though didn't get to know, a bunch of pretty-bloody nice and Intelligent Ananda Marga monks and nuns, stayed at a few of their ashrams and houses here and there, and found out only about 5 years ago, that when I was a very suicidal 15 or 16 years old, my Dad (step-Dad really) saved my bacon from mum's psychotic catholic 'mission', by taking me to sit with a youngish Ananda Marga monk for about an hour, in St Kilda, Melbourne. For about 35 years I had no idea that this was in fact to play such an important part in my life. This, because, since then, I have slowly realized that that then youngish AM monk actually hypnotized me, and he has been playing with my Soul ever since.

This might rightly be regarded as a rather offensive thing for the monk to do, but..., having also become lately aware that I've been the target of myriad occultists all my life, he has to be one of the more Ethical, or safer and thus preferred 'spooks' to have “run my mind” for me.

Now, to the Indian bashings beat-up (?)

It must be obvious to Aussies that most of the overseas students who come here to take advantage of our 'developed' education facilities, come from relatively wealthy families back home, be it India, China, or any of the many “less developed” nations. In places like India, with over one billion people, and with what I've gleaned, is a society where it is naivity-in-the-extreme to wander around like a born-again, that-is hypnotized Christian “do-gooder” trying to help other people. This is probably a silly thing to do, because poverty is rampant there, and economic security and protection is not available as it is here and in Britain, what with our luxurious unemployment benefits and government pensions, so one often, in places like India, is forced to be preoccupied with getting something, anything to eat. Also, Australians are far-far fewer, in land a fair bit bigger than India, even though our arable land ain't huge.

I might be saying that Aussies are naïve, compared to Indians, who are confronted with about every imaginable problem Humanity can face, from a very young age, so Indians know better than we, that there is little Sound Reason to consider beyond your own abilities, the plight of others.

All our “western” Christian “values” of caring for others, are, it has to be said and supported, “Honorable”. I think I remain of the same opinion as have held for many years, in regard to the things we trust Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) said, such as “Love Thine Enemy” etc. (Pity I can't hold to that one?)

But, it must be said, that a lot of Indians come here, and with either preconceived opinions about us, that as I say above, we are a rough lot with no culture, thus to them, we have no morals, and care little for others more than by how much we can fleece them (but “Oh my goodness me, have you ever done business with an Indian????”), or, they find out quick how stupid many of us are in terms of racism, and that we are really not qualified to look down on them, because of their silly-bloody-accents-say-what, or, their toasty skin-color.

As well, Australians have to admit, that we ARE very stupid in terms of skin-colour and other cultures, from the old-school snobby upper-class British pricks right through our pro-white authorities (when did we shun the “white-Australia policy”, and officially realize that Aborigines ARE Humans???), and down to our very-stra-ange “rednecks” in the lower classes.

I say “very-stra-ange” because...., a shitload of Australia's rednecks are in fact MAGPIES!? Magpie being the colloquial term for a person with both white and Aborigine blood (bit-o'-white, bit-o'-bleck!), whose mixture is often traceable back many decades to the terror of British convicts running rampant and encouraged to do so, across the country to pillage and rape the natives, in order to destroy them and their links to their Country. Utterly shameful antecedents for any of today's Magpies to admit to or to even privately deal with, especially because it brings-up such raw, shattering and ragesome emotions. Emotions NO-ONE in Australian society, especially NOT in our so-called “mental health services” is qualified to deal with, and who usually run a mile from “going-there”. Truth be known, Australia's mental health services, especially up-top in the Psychiatric services “professions” are an utterly disgusting SHAM, who should be cast onto the street to die in the gutter. Like some coppers....

Further to the average magpies' despair, is that since those fucking rotten days, the Full Blood Aborigine determined to shun any mixed blood people. So the poor bastards are locked in the suppressed inner jail-cell of having to totally ignore their own history, with NO Family to turn to.

Of course, I'm a Magpie too, and Proud of it. But I do not mix in the typically white and bigoted society which has controlled opinions and “LAND OWNERSHIP” since we fell from ANY Grace in 1808, with the Rum Rebellion removing all egalitarian non-racist edicts and thus practices from our government authorities.

So, in regard to the Indians we are currently bashing, this would go-to both sides of the issue, and offer sympathy to the rich little toasty-skins from India who don't give a goodness me for our own racially shunned Folk, Our Aborigine, but also goes to the other side of the isshoooo, which is that, the Indian kids, from wealthy stock back in curry-land, don't give a reverse-razoo about Aussies, and even less about our bashed and suicidal Aborigine, or the bottomline Issue of Land Rights etc.

Every one of them, I'd guess-a-hazard, are only interested in what we can give them in terms of their gaining a degree from our schools, so they can return to India, or Pakistan, or wherever, as lawyers or architects or ACCOUNTANTS. Why? So they can disregard THEIR impoverished Daliks or bottomline Noclass poor, and instead ride the wave of being able to boast about having an Aussie education, and a degree in making squillions of Rupees, to – and here's ANOTHER good reason to have a bitch about the Indian kiddies – live in near total disregard for the environment, ever-lusting to climb the tree-or-pyramid of opulent social class and one day own their own BMW, with a “condo” looking over the heads and living tragedies of their own billion of poor folk on the streets of Mumbai or Delhi.

Finally, there's another isshooo which cannot be ignored, which goes again into psychology, and our hidden opinions. If a Wise man looks into the eyes of some, not all, of these type, be-they from India, Africa, Arabia, or so, he sometimes sees a seething rage hiding inside, a rage of generations-old bitterness at we white-Australians, whose ancestors – from the UK or Eurape – colonialised THEIR Native Land in what where once closer to any Garden of Eden, than any white-arse has as Native to it, enjoyed.

Underneath, I have seen a hidden joy in successful Indians and other “racial groups” when they see one or many of us impoverished in our own country.

“REVENGE!” is what they're swimming in, in their hearts.

Now, happening to be quite erudite at expressing these truths, doesn't make me the only one who understands that this sort of VERY UNDERSTANDABLE thing is going-on in the heads of People from the trashed world's of ex-colonial BRITAIN, and Eurape. Lots of uneducated and lower-class Aussies see this also, but haven't dedicated their minds and keyboard skills to elucidating them quite so. Say what? Old Chum?

Therefore, I strongly advise all sides in this Isshooo, and a very important issshooo it is (got a tissssshooo?), that it is passed time to say “ENOUGH!” We ALL have to stop hiding our feelings on these matters, and get down to those things that batter-er-matter.

I vehemently OBJECT to bloody “darkies” cumin' 'ere an' takin' th' piss of usss, while they'se takin' a degree..., ONE OF OUR DEGREES in how to live like a whitey in opulence an' disregard for the “Battler”, or the Aborigine, or the poorest beggars in Mumbai or Delhi or Madras!

As I said years ago, EVERYONE WHO COMES TO AUSTRALIA, whether a tourrorist or student or bloody rice-merchant, but especially if they come under the guise of “student” or such, with the sole (hidden) longterm desire of winning a “permanent resident's visa” in “God's Own”...., must be put through a test.

NOT a fucking Driberal-type test of knowing who-the-fuck-Don-Bradman-was (Respects to his Family – you KNOW what I'm saying!).

But a Test of Actual Integrity, which has them PROVE that they have EVERYONE'S BEST INTERESTS in mind and heart, by spending serious, sincere time BACK HOME learning about a few things like – Australian Aborigine Culture, including something of their languages, of their Spiritual Beliefs and Wisdom, and of how they have Survived for both 100,000 years with eff-all, and for 221 years of British invasion, plunder, rape and cultural obliteration!

All newcomers to Australia, especially the wealthier ones, but also the poor and not-always-so-bloody-poor “boaties” (boat-people) who brave the Christmas Island route, have, from here forward, to PROVE that they are not comin' 'ere just to be as big-a-scumbag as our, or Britain's, Eurapes' or Americas' spoiled white brats are.

Either here or back in Japaty-ville.

But that they DO possess some of the Integrity of their own Ancient Ancestors, who Knew what was Important to Living an “Honorable Life” (Oh my goodness!? Howmuchisit???), and who knew that the opulent and irreligious life is not a life at all, if it only contributes to the destruction of the environment, destruction of the Better Aspects of ANY society, of the Community and/or of the Family and Person.

All the street protests by settled Aussie-Indians, and their skin-mates, are bullshit, as far as I'm concerned, when those who happen to have an Aussie passport, have the same narrow opinions when in their own homes.

I'd like to visit India, Pakistan, all..., SHIT...., ANY nation outside of this one. Why? Not because I'm one of those white supremacist tourrorists who wanna be able to say “Yeahsss Darling! I've been to Bali, and India, and Katmandu et al darling...! And, oh, the People are so cute!” Etc.

Indian Culture is Brilliant! Arabian Culture is Brilliant! African Culture is Brilliant! And Wise! And I once Dreamt of “hundreds and hundreds of little Villages sprinkled across our (Australian) terrain, brimming with the different Indigenous Cultures of the world....” and-on and-on....

But, I'm sorry Jack Japaty, because YOU now live and work in Canberra or Sydney, and lower yourselves to our “western” level of ignoble opulence and arrogance, and can laugh at those of us who are still victims to the evil bastards of London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, and Canberra, doesn't mean the average Aussie Lout or Larrikin is stupid, or uncultured or racist because they see the Truth behind the “timid” Indian student on the train......

Everyone's jumping on the popularist bandwagon of “STREET PROTEST! STREET PROTEST!” From Tehran to fucking Sydney, and so are CNN, BBC, FOX, Sky News and the rest of the Brettonwoods suckholes eveready to throw in a few agitators. Great iphoney reports abound, say what!?

Give me a break Jack! Japaty and Straw!

If you can't get-off the freight train of supernatural self-interest, and Talk True, that is, why you're REALLY here, the Theosophical Fall-Guy, will. But not in fancy words and placards, and 30-pieces of mates protesting one fraudulent issshoo after another.....

There's a slightly BIGGER Issshooo to address here on Earth, and nothing you uppity-mouths with a degree and shiny job are doing, is going anywhere near helping it. The FACT is, you are doing everything possible to keep the hurting Masses from getting all Planet Eartha's governments to address what we ALL have to do.

Get on the EarthRight Train Jack and Jacinta, or The Big Fella will push you off....



Crisis! What Crisis? Or, "How to Save the Savior, by GETTING OFF MY BACK!"

Crisis! What Crisis?
11th July 2009.

So. Humanity finds itself in a crisis?

Indeed, in several crises happening at once.

As if all the worst things that could happen to this self-inflated species have all been brought to bear, in one single, small point in Earth time.

In perhaps 200 years, over the era called the “industrial revolution”, but closer to a period covering about 6000 earth years, since the lost tribes of Israel first began writing their opinions and records, in fact since that mob of Hebrew wanderers were first captured and hypnotised by some long-passed witch, shaman, “wicked priest”, perhaps Adam Kadman, perhaps his reputed wife Eve, perhaps a clever-fella they called “Yehovah”, a planet which has existed with innumerable Human and other Intelligent species relatively harmoniously, and survived all manner of climactic changes for some millions, if not billions of years, is now threatened with the most widespread extinction.

About the only event which apparently does not threaten Earth, is it's own explosion into space, into millions of rock and liquid asteroids, and clouds of cosmic dust. I expect the hynotised idiots of 'western' real estate would even at that prospect, try to figure out how to capitalize on flogging the bigger remaining pieces to those they hope might survive!

Certainly, we know they have plans for the moon!

And worse than the calamities we can expect in the coming decades, an whole majority of this most stupid species of hypnotised tall shadows, have been conned by that same endarkened Hebrew-cum-Roman-cum-British-Eurapean mob to look to one person – one fella – to save the lot of them?

It seems that they have been fooled to believe that he or she (as it happens, its a male), has to be lied to and maltreated all his life, and at the same time plied with massive amounts of occult power to bring him up to the level of super human status, so that he can stop all of the troubles Humanity faces?

Stop all of these coming troubles with a mere wave of his witch's wand, in order to save them?

The fella they choose, is expected to lay down his own Holy Spirit, as Jesus called it, and his own life, and forget all of the insults and damaging lies and maltreatment he has received, and forgive them, even to the point of respecting them and caring for their selfish lives enough to protect them from the things which they have fabricated, invented, cungered and dreamt-up?

It doesn't take much for any rational, reasonable, thinking Human Being, or even for any highly trained monkey, to process that expectation of billions of people, to realise and correctly conclude with astonishment, that of those who do such things and expect such things from any one such human or superhuman, so that he would save their smelly little arseholes from annihilation, that they are all utterly insane. Crazy. Absolutely ignorant fruitloops. Dangerous and totally braindead morons!

Also, anyone who was capable of thinking, which it is obvious those who expect one person to save billions are not capable of, would relatively quickly come to another correct conclusion, that that mass of selfish, cowardly and really stupid people, should themselves be exterminated as soon as possible!

This last conclusion would be arrived-at by considering all the evidence of the day, and, as the above scenario, this delusion of “billions wanting one fella to save them” is an actual reality, add to that body of evidence, the contributing facts of what is causing the “end-of-the-world” threats to the planet and to her multiple life forms.

The “contributing facts” being that in-the-main, the irrational excessive and uncontrolled behavior, expressed in so-called “traditions” and “customs” of the most powerful and thus influential mobs, the very same mobs who are waiting for a saviour to stop the world's climate going too hot or too cold, and to stop the world's totally corrupt economic regime and imagined “aliens” from outer space from destroying their selfish myopic nuclear family homelife, are what are together threatening all life on Earth!?

If, as rumors suggest, the fella writing this piece, the fella animating these thoughts, is the one chosen, by the above methods of lies and insult and a punishing life, then he has a message for Humanity.


As the saying goes “Be careful what you wish for!” Because if your wishes ask too much of the cosmos, of the Gods, and of the Powers that can be extruded from the Human Soul, and thus are NOT totally Perfect, thus, totally in Tune with the whole of existence, with the One Supreme Causation, they are as a “house of cards”, and, when the crunch comes, they will all come tumbling down upon your silly heads.

This, going by the sum-total of the Evidence, appears to be what those waiting for a single messiah have built around their shallow souls. For in their weakness and hypnotic trances, of giving that unfortunate “chosen one” such a bad time, they have totally failed to weigh-up or include what damage they have done to him, and thus what reaction he might well unavoidably have, in return.

If, as seems to be the case, he has been trained to consider everything important to sustaining the Highest, most Honorable life on Earth, the life which ensures the Perennial, ongoing existence of as many species as possible, for he has come to know that life for humans relies completely upon the protected and sustained life of almost every other life form on Earth, from the most basic, single-cell organisms, through the most simple bio-chemical structures, through viruses and bacteria, through all mineral, vegetable and animal life forms, through invertibrates, vertibrates and on up to this self-appointed supreme being self-titled “Homo Sapiens” “man, the Wise” then, on bringing all the evidence together, evidence which details that “man, the Wise” is now leading the charge of exterminating more species than have ever been driven to extinction on the planet, he, that poor unfortunate single person, who is ashamed to be a part of that mob “man, the Wise”, in being True, Honest and selflessly Honorable, Dutiful to the last, has NO CHOICE but to determine that “man, the Wise”, the species, needs-must itself, be exterminated!

Even of it means his own elimination.

All Things Considered, this is the sum-total conclusion, from the evidence.

To the depths of his heart and Soul he must travel, beyond all thought of his own existence. Beyond all motions of the cosmic influences, which come together in his singular physical, mental and psychic being, known as the “Greatest Great Lord of the Victorious Peoples”. Beyond any presumptions of the God within his own Soul, or Self. For even to those immaterial, immortal depths, clings this want to preserve one's own existence, one's own “Life”, and thus, to preserve all, as tallied above, as are necessary for that to be so.

Beyond the folly of prayer, beyond the delusion of talking with God, beyond even the most Divine form, Language, travels the Purity, Within, until It, neither male or female, is One with Everyness. One with nothing. One with All.

Once There, why return? For once There, all is Found, and One lacks Nothing, so why return to a world of loss, suffering, with-ever-less-than Completion?

Life, on this petty delusion called by some “Earth”, is experienced by that poor unfortunate chosen “fall guy” as none but loss, theft, deceit and ratlike struggle. With each day of seeming “joy”, three days of loss, maltreatment and further pain follow as sure as the sun rises each morning.

Not just threefold pain for his body and mind. For deeper than they, he still has a Soul, a Soul which wants, without greed, without irrational insatiable asking, just the most basic elements even the Devil himself recognises as right and necessary for existence to be sustainable, endurable, and in the last, somewhat enjoyable.

But alas! The Devil, Satan, is not idiotic down on this fallen earth. It is his minions who are. For he/she too sees the delusion and thus the discordance of what is asked for by the many on Earth, and as he/she is as well an angry spirit, he/she attacks the irrational calls of the many, and wills ceaseless suffering upon those who selfishly beggar the realm. Some say, “his realm”.

Therefore, those who foolishly demand, through either this utter falsity called “love” the word employed by an errant cult to lure the many to their own destruction, through avarice and insatiable desire, for the word “love” derives from the Sanskrit language, the ancient language from before today's era where dark minds have won the reins of social trends, unto utter corruption, and the word “love” in Sanskrit means “desire”. But “desire” of that language probably in fact meant “desire for Oneness” and not for “oneness” with a sports car or a sexy woman, but with the Oneness of Brahman.

Therefore, those who foolishly demand, through either this utter falsity called “love”, or from blind ignorance, often called “faith”, that one human, made by their evil into a superman, should save their little delusion-of-a-world, have received their reward.

And that reward is in their knowing that they even to this minute, are giving to their progeny, nothing but disease, suffering and a future of degradation and war.

So indeed large one, “Careful what you wish for....” For in this endarked age, the trend so boldly shouted from the rooftops, radios, film, TV, media and billboards, and even from inside those so-called “houses of god”, is for wishes unreasonable, thus, which are attained only with attachments we in the end will ALL terminally regret.

Of those who are born in 100, 200, 300, a 1000 years, beyond the tumult we are about to experience, there will be no “history” no “herstory” no academia, no advertising agencies, no feminine, or masculine religion, and because of the coming extermination of the billions of the now's errant minds, their Joy will be fuller and Truer than the craving masses of today will have ever known.

This, is what praying to the crucifix brings the Earth.

Any who believe and follow those who admit their ignorance by openly awaiting one who is supposed to know, is a fool, and should be either avoided, or exterminated.

“If you see the Buddha on the road, kill him!”

In consideration of the billions who do NOT prescribe to the cowardly, hypnotised and lazy mind's faith in a cult of death, the chosen one would Work to save them, by Working to expedite the destruction of the errant softheaded cults of “we are superior, for we are inferior, to the one who will save us”. Always, you will find they are to your face, selfless and peaceloving, but behind your back, the most selfish and warlike, thus are complete and dangerous hypocrits. Worst of all, most of them do not realise that of themselves.

“Only an Enlightened Person will recognise an Enlightened Person!”

Never trust a stupid person to point out an Intelligent person. So, never trust a Christian to know who the so-called Christ is!


Lastly, I know there are a plenitude of good folk who prescribe to the faiths of the cross, and who have placed their faith in the chosen bloke to save the world.

All I'm saying in the above article is, once more, be careful what you wish for.

Because these issues, about any saviour, are issues which MUST be gone-into, as I say, to the depths of our own Soul, and this is NOT possible while we do not take that Greatest of ALL Leaps, and surrender the activity of the mind to the Ultimate Silence of what we call God.

This, most-often, when coming from the Intellectual darkness of today's “fallen” materialistic western world, is NOT anymore a Natural thing or Process, although the fortunate few unadulterated children have this capacity in themselves, but it has to be “learnt”. Or, perhaps more specifically, it is not what we must learn, but what we must “unlearn”, to be able to find once more that Purity of Soul, where Silence is Natural, and Genuine Communion with the Supreme Inner Light is Ever Ours. Ever Us!

So “unlearn” what we have had pumped into our nubile, gullible, spellbound minds, and this itself is a Process we must “learn” to perform.

True Philosophy, still extant in some “Eastern Schools” of Asia, is the Teacher I found, which Guided me through the warzone in my own head, and helped me fight those very powerful and vicious spells from the “western” schools of thought. Indeed, after a while, with Dedication, one finds that the words “thought” and “thinking” are totally wrong when it comes to the way the western schools have us employ our mental faculties. Most all of what we westerners call thoughts, are but hypnotic “spells”, which is why we so often find we cannot stop doing the things we KNOW are either unsustainable, like maintaining an over-consumptive lifestyle, lusting after opulance, smoking, drinking alcohol, (they don't call the high-octane alcoholic drinks “spirits” for nothing!) stealing, or believing what is just total bullshit.

That “activity of mind” is what feeds false beliefs, sustains false beliefs and purpetuates longer term deterioration of Good Culture. If Christians cannot see that, and that it is their own blind faith in centralised authority, both religious and political, then, I am sorry for you, and more so for your progeny of the next century and-on.

On “religious and political authority”, it is essential that the People of Earth get thinking HARD about “politics” as we know it in the western, developed, essentially Christian (Judeo-Christian) first world, because one of the most trumpeted mantras from our political class, is that “religion and politics must be kept seperate”.

I fully agree with this, in our “scientific age”. For “religion” of the western schools, is primarily mythology and outright deceit, bad magic draped over the heads of the masses for the advantage of the elite upper-class, usually “white”, Brit-Eurapean few. Next-to-never, does Christianity Guide it's flockers through the mental miasma of “spells” the church itself has laid upon us, so that we may enter ourselves, in this life, in this world, into the Hallowed “Kingdom of God”.

That's why it's written that Jeshua ben Joseph said, of the Hebrews and others who opposed his Teachings “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do!” That's old-times talk which translated into today's language means “Forgive them Lord, for the idiots have been hypnotised!”

While “politics”, also drowning us in bullshit, is but the shopfront of what is yet to become recognised and respected as “Economic Science”. A future “parliament”, in a Rightminded world, would have nothing of what we see today. Science determines the Facts, and Facts do not need to be debated ad nauseum, once they are established as Facts. Facts enable us to get to THE Issues, having moved beyond the theory, opinions and usually prejudicial, partial and self-interested “party” beliefs. Beliefs of an hypnotised mob of self-interested pratts. (I'll forgive them as they swing from the light-poles....)

“Politics”, even with what I have trumpeted as “the most Intelligent politicians Australia and the USA have seen”, is still very much a “con”. A “con” forced upon us to keep us all divided, for one thing. But “politics” of this era, is but the distraction from the hard economic facts everyone has to know, before they can be expected to vote in the Correct POLICIES. NOT the Correct POLITICIANS, but the Correct POLICIES. Economic Policies....

As ex-President Bill Clinton Rightly observed back whenever, “It's the ECONOMY, stupid!”

AND...., as I've been harping-on about since I was Guided to it in about 1988, Economics is about the Human-to-Human Relationship on a finite Earth, BUT UNDERNEATH ALL THAT, Economics is REALLY about the Human Relationship with THE LAND!

You don't find many LANDLESS politicians, do you? Just like, in the west, you don't find many senior religious clerics who are not very comfortably accommodated on a very comfortable piece of LAND.

So, “politics” is “economics-small-e”.

“Economics-big-E” is “Us and the Land”, which is why right-wing politicians, like one “Tony Abbott” of the federal Liberal party, prefer “politics” or the distractive (thus open to all manner of smooth-talking), 'debate' of “politics”, over “Economics”. Because Economics, Proper Economics, is very-much a Science. DO NOT BELIEVE those who tell you that our stock and shares markets rely on “confidence”. (Ask yourself where the word “con” comes from? Do your Maths, kiddies.....) Stock markets rely on deception, keeping us from going-to the hard Economic FACTS.

This line, that “religion and politics must be kept seperate”, as it comes at us from the political classes of such as Australia, Eurape, Britain and the USA, is yet another case of baldfaced hypocracy, because those who plug that line, in politics (and in the heirarchy of mainstream religions), are 99% of the time themselves totally immersed (read-”lost”) in the religious, cult dogma of the schools, colleges and universities they were indoctrinated at.

Next to none of the Judeo-Christian religions are Impartial, when it comes to retaining power over the chained masses. This is why I am an Outlaw, and a Motorcycle Outlaw.

It was not religion which brought “Freedom” and Peace to my Soul, but the Hard Roads of Deep, Inward-investigating Philosophy, and the Freedom, found in riding motorcycles.

True Philosophy is far removed from Religion as the west has come to know it, and is far-far above both Judaism and Catholo-Christianity, for Philosophy Inspires, Educes (“draws out from within”) and Awakens the Intellect, where-as the western religious cults rely totally on hypnotism to cement-over the Intellectual faculty, so-as to seduce and fool the recipient, the “follower”, that they are “saved”. And the priests are usually the most hypnotised. Sadly, even the so-called “Gnostic” cults of the western schools also rely on occult entrapment to lure and fool followers.

The Freemasons railed against the darkness of Catholic entrapment in the 13th, 14th centuries and on, but were brought by the war between catholic and freemason, or catholic and protestant, to fall to the same malpractices of building a flock by those same anti-Intellectual powers. I question if the Freemasons of the early days were quite near the “Enlightenment” it seems the old Yeshua ben Joseph had Attained-to. Clearly sex is not all one needs to awaken the Inner Powers, and those Inner Powers found through a lot of sex are not all we need to be Gods.

So, break those nasty hypnotic cult spells, stop waiting for a messiah, and by EarthRight Living YOURSELF, be your own Messiah, and be a part of the Solution.

And who's going to murmur “the “final” Solution?

Ooop? There's those nasty Catholic Theosophists again!

Theoretical sophistry, indeed!

Aum Rama Satanis Aum.


Is Australia having a Coup de Tah, while the PM is O/S?

Regulator Samuel criticises growing power of banks
Headline from

My comment:

Now, just as we were giving-up on Australia's political-and-economic independence, Graeme Samuel of the ACCC goes and fires an arrow of Hope-big-H, by telling the world, particularly the Americans, that "Cartel behavior here will land the execs in jail"!

Naturally, the 1st thought to drop-out of my thinks-room is "Well, that puts our big 4 banks' CEOs out of commission for a few years!" Or something along those lines.....

Then I hear the T-room squeezing "NAH! it must be a hoax!"

If it, that is, if Graeme Samuel is not pulling a swifty on us all, then can we say GOODBYE to the petroleum cartel magnates, the media magnates, the grocery chain/supermarket magnates, the mining magnates, pharmaceutical magnates, et al et al, and their very cozy cartellian behaviors......??

Holy Merlin? What magic trick has Samuels been holding up his sleeve to be able to drop this one on us, and not get himself disappeared asap???

I mean, ALL STRENGTH TO HIS ARMIES, for so doing, and may his counterparts world-around be with him ALL THE WAY in the courtrooms, in the boardrooms, in the war offices and in the trenches, because, if, even after I wrote yesterday or this morning, that the IMF and it's 500-to-800 year old cartellian behavior are finally dead, the soon to be Hallowed Graeme Samuel Esq., will need a few billion Very Strong Hands, armed from fingertips-to-lumber-vertibrae and ready for battle TONIGHT, if the usual hawkish "northern" elitist response is to be expected!

Like, "THAT... IS A WOW!!!"

Forget Knighthoods, forget Sainthoods, forget Victoria Crosses, the Man, (it's not 1st of April is it???) deserves to go to the top of the nation's hegemony, if he can hold to his statement.

Is our Governor-General open for a visit?

Is it mere coincidence that our Prime Minister is.... WHERE IS RUDD???

HERE OR OVERSEAS, treading water with the global knobs of the G8 and/or G20?

What better time to have an Australian Coup?

NAH? I'm dreaming again.....

Must be.... I'll wake up soon and it'll all be same-old-same-old bullshit and corruption as usual...., and I'll still be sleeping under plastic tarpaulins....

I wonder if the NSW cops will steal my ute in THIS dream....?


Omaxa bin Eartha
for Global Reform of Everything


“People's Bank”, “Unemployment Rates”, “GFC easing, but 'Far From Over'”, “World Food Supply”, “Energy Consumption”, “Homeless

“People's Bank”, “Unemployment Rates”, “GFC easing, but 'Far From Over'”, “World Food Supply”, “Energy Consumption”, “Homelessness” & other stuff...

Comments from economic academics this week saying that a “People's Bank” is an idea our federal government should consider, were met with little enthusiasm by the federal government, by our media, and oh golly – by the four major Australian banks.

4 “Australian” banks which all have the support from the world's majors, most all based in Eurape, if-not in that grand old tax-haven and tax-dodge fortress, Switzerland.

The big brother of our media, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Aunty ABC, dutifully slipped the newsy item into their programming, with nary a sod of old dirt turned to check our passed national record in regard to “public banks”.

As I ain't bothered researching further than into my memories on the matter, I will say that most of Australia's attempts to provide money at an affordable price to the average Aussie Battler have begun with Right-minded, even-handed enthusiasm by the now pretty-much deceased generations of responsible “Public” Civil Servants, and even by a significant number of our politicians, by the also pretty-much deceased generations of fairminded media and financial commentators, and by the general slob-in-the-street.

I was a, THE “Mad Max” of motorcycle couriers in the 1980s, when Victoria was cast to the devil and recession by the collapse of the “Pyramid Building Society” which took a lot of Geelongian punters down the gurgler with it, and as well brought-on a wider recession.

John Cain's Labor government was thrown to the media wolves of Britain's elite. Cain himself was shuffled out of office, as being responsible for the shaking recession, was replaced by Joan Kirner, who could not stop the ALP slide out of government later in the decade.

Melbourne was brought into world class city status in their years in government, and retains that level of Quality for the Progressive Policies and Work their forward-thinking pollies and public servants instilled in the 1980s.

Thankfully, today Victoria has the next generation of good governors in the chair, under John Brumby's Premiership, but they didn't get their without a revolution in their own and in Victoria's approach during the dark, darker-nay-perhaps-darkest years of the Liberal-fascist Jeff Kennett.

When I wasn't playing wiff the traffic on my courier bike, I was driving taxis around Melbourne. Something I did when I needed a break from the breakneckery of giving city and suburban cars drivers heart-attacks as I raced passed their right elbows at twice the speed of their rear-view mirrors. Often I reflect with my ghosts about those days, and those two jobs, and wish I could still do either, because I still believe that they were two of the best jobs going – fast or slow – er.

Taxi driving was great mainly because one could have a good, to-the-point conversation with your passengers, which, while often a load of crap, was made great when an intelligent or thoughtful person jumped-in. Even better when they were off to the airport, or further.

But the short trips had their benefits, especially in the busy hours in town. Ah! That blessed flagfall!

But to the point of taxi-driving and our banks, in the months around and after the Kirner government was booted out, I happened to have informative chats with enough Workers in town, in the cab, to get a handle on what had happened.

“Bad management” be damned! The fingerprints of the pro-Anglo Melbourne Club and their underhanded “accountancy consultant” corporations were all over the collapses of the late 1980s in Melbourne and Geelong.

After the guillotine had fallen on Cain and his Mob, an inquiry unambiguously cleared the Victorian Cain Labor government of 'bad management', and as I recall, made clear mention of KPMG Peat Marwick, auditors, to the fegging English monarch no-less, as having been less than complete in advising the Vic ALP about how to handle the money matters of the State.

Now, in 2009, I know a bit more about Australian politrix, and having found myself in the centre of the cross between “right-and-left wings” of politics, find, too late for mememe, that most of our political fiascos are actually more rooted in our differing-yet-BOTH-erring religious cults – Protestantism-versus-Catholicism!

So it was no coincidence that the Catholic Victorian ALP was slimed out of government by – oh! the pro-Anglo Liberal Kennett mob, with the able underhandy-work assistance of Britain's world-beating MI6 super-secrecy-and-subversion bureau.

This got us a fascist and obviously propagandist Kennett government who for some “fascinating” reason, took-out a pile of public schools, selling the real estate to their speculator/developer mates, and other useful public ventures and institutions, and even introduced the evil concept of having real estate agents (for god's sake?) sponsoring underfunded government schools.

For a very frightening few years in the early 1990s, Victoria was being sold right down the Yarra, straight out Port Phillip heads and into the undercurrents of turmoil of the stormy Bass Strait.

All very well for the hypnotized egomaniacs, most private-schooled egomaniacs, from both the protestant and catholic indoctrination centres-er-schools. Scotch College, Christian Brothers “Parade”, Caulfield Grammar to name but three.

And goodbye to the public-(read 'government')-owned State Bank of Victoria, followed soon after by the privatization of the Commonwealth Bank, and-on and-on, until now Australia's banks are all owned, in reality, by Britain and Eurape.

All part of the longterm plans of the tall-shadows in the International Monetary Fund, IMF, ex-British East India Company. Ex-the most ruthless moguls on Earth from Brit-Eurape, who, since 1788, but more effectively since 26th January 1808 and the infamous and still incumbant “Rum Club” illegal military coup de ta, still own and run Australia.

Democracy be damned! So, on another news item of today, it should be noted that Rio Tinto mining has always been a big player in the BEIC-cum-IMF game of owning Australia, and the whole planet, and thus let all Aussies salute the Chinese authorities for arresting the boss of Rio Tinto in China, on charges of spying.

But alas! What are we to make of Australia's political musical chairs, when Labor and Liberal State and federal ex-politicians leave politrix to land VERY comfortable jobs in oh, Britain's and Eurape's largest corporations?

Perhaps this says SOMETHING about why Deputy PM Gillard and was it our finance Minister let the clearly quite PUBLIC-Minded Economists suggestions FOR a People's Bank slip through to the keeper......

Is it..., is ANYTHING..., worth thinking about or working for......?

“Other Stuff” Rave, part two....

“Unemployment Rates”, “GFC easing, but 'Far From Over'”, “World Food Supply”, “Energy Consumption”, “Homelessness”.....

Unemployment in Australia will rise, if the USA's figures are any guide. Thus homelessness will increase also, while the IMF real estate lobby still have the ears and frightened imaginations of the world's governments. Such, that “figures” thus mainstream, “Babylonian” media propaganda are manipulated to fool the majority that the GFC is passed it's worst, when in fact, the GFC is only really getting better for those on the top of the global economic pyramid.

In Australia, this is, the “top four banks”....., everyone above annual $250,000 salaries, our hallowed political class, real estate moguls, and accompanying sychophants.

Oh! and anyone in corporate management in the “energy (and mining) sector(s)”.....

Before I camped where I am, 2 nights ago, I was driving aimlessly west on the Bruxner Highway, north-west of Tenterfield, in northern NSW, and in the headlights saw a frightening plackard nailed to a few telegraph poles. It was a characature of a clenched fist with the word “FIGHT” on it. So, I stopped and shon the lights onto to one of them.

“FIGHT the powerlines!” was the message. Self explanatory, and looked like the poster-posters were, in typical rural NSW fashion ready to get vicious, against the construction of those big, ugly electricity power transmission towers and wires.

“Yeah! Fuckin' oath!” I grumped to my dashlights. I'd gone only a few metres when I thought that it was as likely the bloke/blokes who went to the trouble of designing, having printed and posting those plakards are the local rural large landowners who don't want their dreamy-delicious 10k acres of deforested land being disviewed by metal martians and 25kva wires.....

Nevertheless, irony strikes everywhere in Australia, and it struck this deeep Greenie for being onside with the bighouse land grabber mob.....

As I wandered back east, after stopping for a rest, my last smoke and a wee vodka, I thought I thought about my last email to Australia's Super-Green Senator Bob Brown, and blogpost, which you'll find in here somewhere.

The email was about the REALPolitik alternative energy scenario of people making their own solar panels, in their own shed, thus, giving themselves FREE ENERGY, forever.

As I am not able to confirm whether one CAN make their own solar panels, thus all of this is speculation, I nevertheless was free to discursively wander in my thinks room about what a REALPolitik planet would be like, if the rebels who posted the “FIGHT the powerlines” and every local community really got their shit together and brought in a Truly Democratic form of government.

One little question which bubbled in was “How much of our work-a-day efforts and time and earnings are exherted for-to afford the (electrical) energy we need and consume?”

I have no idea what the answer is, even in general terms. But IF! Everyone was able to make and acquire FOR FREE, sufficient electricity for their own needs, wants and reasonable desires, THEMSELVES, such that urban and rural electricity “grids” were not necessary, it does seem reasonable to speculate that a fair bit of our outgoings in effort, time, employment and money would be significantly reduced.

So, logically, would the need for the terrible polluting coal-fired power stations and their dirty-dirty-very-bloody-dirty coal mines be eliminated altogether.

Oh!? To Get Her!

Then..., ALAS! What of this “nuclear power” thingo????

If my tyres were in better tred, I might well be inspired to Maralinger for a while.......

Wonder if the wireless broadband fascists inside my Telsra stick reach out there...?

“World Food Supply”

Why do I have to eat so much......?

Can't have Woolworth's upper management out of a job, aye...?

And how would they pay their electrickery bills....?

How to get DEMOCRACY into Government......

In these times of irony, it ironbars me that there are three main catagories of yet-to-be, “Logical Allies”.

Aborigine. Greenie. Biker.

Irony ironbars me thrice over here, for as-it-'appens, I belong to all three of these yet-to-be Allies.

One, is that I am part Aborigine, of the Gurnai Clan from south Gippsland in Victoria, although I've had to uncover the brutal facts about that alone, what with my own (half) family denying it all our lives, and I carry no Knowledge of Gurnai Law, Culture or Traditions.

Two is that I've been a Greenie, once called “Conservationists” since I was flung amongst them when I was a juvenile 15 or so years old. (Blimey? That's almost 40 years!)

And three, I've had several and still ongoing love-affairs with motorcycles since about the same age, and was Blessed-enough to be introduced to a rugged-as-fuck small band of ex-Hell's Angels and others when I was 17 or 18, soon after I rebuilt and began riding my first motorbike, a BSA B50SS 500cc single cylinder unit construction monster, for those who wanna know.

Now, well the reader might ask “How do these 3 Mobs Align?”

Well, firstly, as it's all goin'-off in MY mind, anything is possible.....

Secondly, all three have always been marginalized by mainstream dumb-as-doggy-doo society.
Western society. And if we strip-away the hooplah and sychophancy, not just Bikers, but still, all three are marginalized by the pontificating majority to this day.

Three, all three are, by the Science, all to be found to be “On-The-Money” in terms of their being Quite Correct in their respective “View” of the world.

A, by the Science, the Aborigine, the Australian Aborigine, are beyond doubt Godly in their Wisdom, in how they structure their societies, in their Traditions, Laws, Customs and Respect etc., and in how they would Live their Lives, were the white-bottomed bureaucrat religious cultists to get out of the way and let them.

B, by the Science, Greenies are being proven beyond doubt more each day, that their political attitude and policy-direction is Quite Correct, and is the Direction most Humans agree, we all should be going. Even up in the top storeys of global political power, a la, in the USA President's Whitehouse backyard.

And...., C, the Motorcycle Outlaw, at least the Men (Returned Servicemen) who began to Rebel against the society they went to war to defend and who on return, Rebelled against the direction it was heading, and who thus chose motorcycles for transport over cages, and remain to this day Seriously Resistant to the utterly ridiculous “trends-and-products” the white, western, mainstream over-consumption technocratic culture pumps-out, flogs the braindead “Christian”-type sociopath.

Yes, there are many anomolies herein my argument, and plenty of irony, iron-agers, iron-horses and a few potential ironbars waiting for me.

But all three are regarded by the mainstream deadheads as dickheads, because none of them are entranced by the beads-and-trinkets dropped in our begging bowls by London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Tokyo and the rest of the pompus, ethics-free, plastic society trendsetters.

Trendsetters who are so fucking hypnotized by this utterly evil fraudulance we now take for granted in “technology”, “mortgages”, “false religion”, “western medicine”, “free market capitalizing on the weak” “centralized government and populations” etcetera...., etcetera...., ETCETERA!

All three of these I suggest are REALPolitik Allies, also, because, while some of us will mock the suggestion in regard to our nasty, dirty, evil Bikers, in their own Cultures, while Greenies may not yet have any Genuinely distinct “Culture” per se, they have something which the most influential culture of western materialism blatantly and “blasphemously” lack – Ethics. Real Honest, Deep and Sincere Ethics. Ethics which treat others with the Proper Respect. Ethics which treat the Great Spirit and everything, on the Mother Earth, and beyond, with the Respect they and it Deserve.

Now, yes, a part of me is now rolling on the floor laughing at THAT one, in regard to Bikers, if we are to go by the record and reputation they have acquired, especially around the arrival lounges of Sydney airport, etc. And the most of us will never know what was behind the fight and death as occurred there recently.

But we are not right in concluding that it was merely another intergang frachar, for the Bikers as most know them, are but a part of a much larger war, and while they do go to the darker side and take on the fight, fearless of whether they as individuals live or die, they do so from a much Higher “Call to Arms” let's say, a Call to Duty, of defending their own, or their Turf, or some Principles we may never know or know of. Principles which, perhaps in youth, thus in some degree of naivity, had them “sign-up” and go fearlessly and Honorably – THAT IS ETHICALLY – to war.

And today, 2009, as the whole planet seems to be uncontrollably lurching toward an era of war, where Humanity will be at war with either itself, our neighbour, with bloody extraterrestrials or with the environment to survive, the Aborigine, the Greenie and the Biker are very aware that things have to change, EVERYWHERE, if the species is to survive, and if we are to make the world even slightly better than the ceaseless march of western progress has offered us all over the passed 1600 years.

ALL of us, Whitey, Black, Red, Golden and Tanned.


I have, to some degree “known” a few of the “older” Bikers over my life, and know that they too love clean air, Righteousness, Justice, a Good Laugh, AND, the chance to kick-back and be Peaceful-yes-Peaceful.

While many of them are set in their ways in regard to having a beer with a coon, or with a fucking hippy, once they, like an Aborigine, and like a Greenhair, can see that the “other” does have some Merit in their Ways, Customs and Beliefs, some Genuine either Grassroots or Intelligent Ethics in how they go about their business, they usually will support the other.

But that's only my opinion.

In the Australian political arena, we see several genuine attempts in the latest ALP guard of honor in Canberra, to Do The Right Thing by the Public, and to institute Good Governance nationwide.

However, in regard to those issues I go into, again, see my email-cum-blogpost to Bob Brown which attacks the environmentally unsustainable reality of the current “workforce” system, regime, scenario, the current generations of all-three levels of governance in Australia are all hamstrung, mainly it seems, by the technocrats of global finance and industry. Many of whom, it must be said, (which must temper our view of calling on the oft' ex-military Bikers), are stoic “technocrats” within all ranks and branches of the world's military.

However, yet again, most People in the three groups I suggest should be Allies, know well that something HAS to happen, if only to help, or prompt, the mainstream political class, and the mainstream voters to REALLYPolitik effect CHANGE in our world, so, our coming generations of gigglebrained, spoiled, arrogant little brats don't have to be chillingly cold, evil-to-survive adults and parents.

Finally, I know a lot of Greenies are somewhat less interested in everyone's welfare, even though they try to live sustainably, etc. I know the “Green” Movement, as we know it today, grew out-of the upper class academics and intellectuals, often those spoiled enough by daddies own middle-upper-class upbringing and corporate income, (too often enhanced through the buying-and-selling of “stolen” Black Fella's land) to not have to go daily to the mill to keep a roof over their heads and french wine-and-cheeses on the table. I also know they often can't help but look down their toffy noses at the rest of us, even though they know just how to sound “of the people”.

I guess I've met a few Aborigine who look down on most everyone else also, so there's a lot of reconcilliation needed if as I “Dream” these three Groups of oh Human Beings, would themselves “Do The Right Thing” for their own, and for the other Mob's own.

It's a very different world today, aye, Fella, Dude, Toff?

The Black Fella will tell ya, 'cause they been Knowing the Truth for a lot longer than those lost sheep Christians, and all their universities and books-books-books. “We don' need another LEADER. We just need the Knowledge. About the Land. About the Great Spirit. And about our True Selves.

We got them, Honor comes Naturally. Integrity comes Naturally. Ethics come Naturally. Justice comes True.

Lo-ongtime before that “Socrates” and that “Plato” fella spoke about Democracy, Aborigine Lived It, to the Full.

And they didn't even have the wheel!

Just as well, I s'pose?



Thoughts on Green Politics, or, I'll Put You In Government Yet, Bob Brown!

Thoughts on Green Politics, or, I'll Put You In Government Yet, Bob Brown!
by Omaxa bin Eartha

G'day Mayte!

The obvious antidote to our current farce called “politics” on Earth is to go Local, and of course, to “GO GREEN!”

Thus, I fire an Arrow of Righteousness at the Australian Greens, in my new war to put the bloody Greenies into government.

Having been enwisened that solar panels can be made by any handyman in their back shed, I'm inspired to tackle the rort of all sacred cows that we have to rely on the big fellas of corporate finance for our necessities for survival in a power-hungry society.

I would like to see Greens in Government, globally, and see that this should rightly be attained by working from the local, decentralized level.

When it becomes known that such otherwise overly expensive “comforts” such as electrical energy can be made for us by the local fella who has a shed and a bit of ingenuity, it begs the question of why we fall to relying so much on fegging K-mart and Supercheap and other low-quality product-suppliers to rip-us-off in our noble attempts to go Green, or to do the right thing, etc.

Knowing the “way of things” as I do, where, if you want to buck the trend, before long some ace-in-the-hole will put the screws on you to conform to the big-house way of thinking and maintaining the corruption, it's easy to understand why the poor blighter with feg-all education resigns themself to playing the game according to the demands of the utterly rotten and totally ignorant, hypnotized “Rum Club” of brutes, rugby-players-on-grog and bent coppers.

I have little to do with anybody in Australian society these days, but I DO KNOW that even the least intelligent of them, perhaps the majority in NSW, want, deep in their beggared hearts, to “do the right thing”, for the planet and for the Land they actually really love.

But without a college, read private school education, and thus no brotherhood-type connections, they have few choices but to ascribe to the mainstream dogma and marketing con of going to a multinational store to buy, when they can afford it, a few items like, in energy terms, a solar panel, and the ancillaries.

So, how does the Green Heart Fight the hegemony of IMF-type pyramid Uneconomics?

Fearlessly, I say, the Layman and those who would Support and Represent them in parliament, must go to where the rubber-rubs-the-road, and expose the rorts of all our accepted economic “traditions”.

As I wrote in my last letter to Senator Bob Brown, about home-made solar panels, I extend that same thesis (which had the Federal government drop the solar energy rebate system they were giving) by putting it to the Australian, thus to the GLOBAL GREEN MOVEMENT, to go full tilt at disillusioning the global population of this falsity of corporate, mill-type employment, so we might have the necessities for a relatively and Righteously Comfortable lifestyle.

In every local community, you know there are at least a few “nutty” Professors who have a solid grip and understanding on things like electricity and how to produce it. And how often are they excommunicated by the clever-little-farts who live further-up-the-hill, because they shun fashion or trend or accepted social “norms”?

So-the-fuck-what if they laugh funny, or have a twitch, or even dribble a bit?

Most of those local weirdos are a wealth of knowledge on the things that we cannot do without, but that we can only seemingly possess while we are fortunate enough to have rich parents or such.

So it is with things like a local community being self-sufficient in energy terms. In both human resource terms, and in energy resource terms, everything we need is available in our own neighborhood. So with the right and intelligent research and application of LOCAL resources, ALL communities can reduce both their pollution from environmentally BAD energy producers and cost of supply of CLEAN, GREEN ENERGY.

As this so-called Global Financial Crisis (GFC) deepens, where it appears inevitable that more of us will become unemployed, and many permanently unemployed, it stands to reason that many of us will have more time on our hands.

Therefore, let us convert our downtime into productive time, by forming local “Community Workshops” where we can all learn the basics, and if we want, the intricacies of electricity generation, through a government-sponsored series of educative and productive classes on making our own solar panels, wind generators, steam engines and whatever saves us from being moronic polluters and unsustainable consumers.

Any Responsible and Righteous Government would KNOW this is the Right Thing to do, just like The Greens Know it.

In Australia, by far the Majority know that today's commerce-based society is but a rort, and that, given the time, they would live a very different lifestyle. A very different AND GREEN Lifestyle.

But what with the pressures from the landlord, or the bank, or the dumb-as social trends, they are disempowered to Live Right.

A Righteous Government, would do EVERYTHING, to make it possible for the Common Person, the Common Voter, to access the necessities of Righteous Living.







Omaxa bin Eartha

A Change of Policy for Omaxa bin Eartha

I wrote the following on the 3rd July, but some occult screw-brain wouldn't let me post it on my blogsite. Today, (7-7-09, at 8.07pm AEST), after watching President Obama's seminal speech in Russia, I suspect he was making it so, so-as to not pre-empt the Jolly-Bloody-Wonderful things he had to say in Russcovitch. But, Mr Mushroom here, is left guessingkovitch..........

A Change of Policy for Omaxa bin Eartha
3rd July 2009.

Nothing to do with tomorrow being the most Auspicious Day for the United States of America, (and Happy 4th July, America!), rather I'm driven by this morning's news and by a series of uncovered facts of the last few weeks, facts about my own warzone-of-a-life, and where the source of my 54 years of battles have their origins. But they are here, beside the point.

This morning I dug-out the laptop, prompted by the news of the US troops in Afghanistan, and the impending conflict they expect in routing the Taliban.

As my Comrade, Osama bin Laden knows, I've been a fairly staunch supporter of the “Dissident” Taliban over the last few years, in their Resistance to the “western” incursion onto their Turf, and the less-than-Noble attempts by the white-bottomed west to wipe-out Islamic Beliefs, be-it Talibani, or the Palestinian Hamas, or those of the demonized Saddam Hussien.

A war I was fighting on my own “front”, for a few decades, as-it-happens, was to Resist the “calls” from our/my own People to stand-up and enter-the-fray of Australian domestic politics. As my Resistance grew, so I became more aware that it was not the political call I was fighting against, but a, or 'the' call from our religious 'factions'. Their call was for me-little-me to be their leader. Say no more.

A few years ago I was contacted (I've forgotten how our communications began) by a bloke from England, who claimed to be an ex-MI6 agent, and was now fighting them and their erroneous actions and policies around the globe.

The information he made available to me was on first reading, fairly unbelievable, and very gruesome, then quite challenging, and were I to accept it all, bloody frightening.

Today, some three years down-the-track, I've processed most of it, and accept that first, he was being honest, and wasn't the loop-de-loop most people think these kind of story-tellers are, and second, that the stuff he imparted was quite right.

Without going into the gory stuff, I'll reiterate the bits which concern the U.S., advance into Afghanistan.

Before we made contact, I was following the “troubles” in Northern Ireland, and with the aid of a cafe internet facility, I flung-off ongoing commentaries about the couple of “deals” the IRA and the British (read 'English') government and army were trying to agree on.

Perhaps it was my hammering out a missive or two “telling” Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams to not agree to the British proposals on a treaty, which inspired James (Casbolt) to write to me. No matter, for that was where the rather telling, and fairly crucial info began dropping into my inbox.

Info which told me that pretty-much all of the world's so-called “terrorist” organizations were either set-up to begin with by Britain's MI6, or by their 1947-48 offshoot, the USA's CIA. Or, where an underground organization had risen to broad attention in the world, the secret scum of MI6 or the CIA had infiltrated and 'turned' them, as-it-were.

So it was, with the Taliban. Why, is perhaps another story, and involves fears of a supposed invasion of Earth by nasty green-and-grumpy beings from another extra-terrestrial world, who had more sophisticated weaponry than Humanity had in the 1930s and 1940s, so it was discerned that the only way we could protect ourselves from the E.T. Invasion was to feign a mass of wars around the world, in order to improve our firepower.

Maybe. Maybe not. I haven't ever seen aliens, but I'm not privy to the fourth dimension, which I think is their 'portal' into our world, so I cannay say whether this is actually the case, or whether, as I prefer to believe, aliens and most all of the 4th Dimensional stuff, are but manifestations of manipulated minds. Our minds.

The “rifts” between the Judeo-Christian 'west' and most all of the Islamic world were pretty grim uptil January 2008, with the inception in America of Barack Obama, or, with the ousting of the fundamentalist GW Bush administration, I reckon we'd all agree?

In the days of the Bush/Cheney administration, I was not a pleasant commentator on the two of them. Today, as I see “GW” has grown tremendously, in general intellect, and thus in his becoming more of a Human, I kinda “warm” to him. But the various errors he and his freaking “advisers” made in their 8 years in office, cannot be passed-over lightly, and indeed, some 'recompense' may yet be the right-and-proper thing to have happen. But what I see and know about the issues they were confronted with in those tumultuous eight years, is still now, minimal, so, one is wrong to condemn them, and Donald Rumsfeld and co, on the days leading up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

“Unknown unknowns” indeed Donald!?

How closely related 2003's Iraq problems were/are to today's Afghanistan problem, I dunno. But a few things stand-out.

One is that the US administration of the Bush era was enormously 'endarkened' compared to today's Obama administration. Endarkened by a truckload of secretive, slimy and spooky stuff, stuff which had been brewing in the minds of your Average American for centuries. Stuff which had grown directly out of an even longer 16-or-so centuries of underhanded “dumbing-down” of the People of the 'western' world, by the mob I've longtime called the “golden calf tribe”, ex-Israel.

Any familiar with the “Old Testament” of today's Christian Bible would understand my meaning.

Powerful stuff, that slime, powerful enough to drive a people to their own extinction, as I assert the Judeo-Christian world is currently doing with it's rampant over-use of resources, causing, I say, global environmental warming and meltdown, and extinction from Earth, of more of our fellow species than ever before.

I have no doubt that it was the Profound Insight of the “end-game of this erring behavior”, by Islam's Mohammad in the 7th century, which led Him and His followers away to begin Islam.

After a war or forty, many eyes were opened in the 'west' and right around the world during the depths of the “Get Saddam” (and the oil) desert storm, and thankfully, different approaches were enabled, by both the US forces in Iraq, and by some of the Resistance Fighters therein.

It is clear to some, that the “surge” toward the end of the Iraq campaign, was not what enabled a scaling-down of the carnage, but an 'opening-of-the-eyes' on both sides which allowed them to come a bit closer together, and finally, as happened this week, Iraq was officially “given-back” (humph!?) to the Iraqis.

Praise Allah!

In 2007, over in the USA, the same eye-opening operations were being performed amongst the hitherto blinded US citizens, to the point that they “saw the Light” and voted-in President Obama and his Team.

“CHANGE!” You bewdy!

As usual, for the first few months many were on-guard about whether it was in fact, merely yet another “change-of-the-guard”, orchestrated by the seemingly evil Illuminati and their dumb-as-supporters. We are yet Wise, to remain a wee-bit guarded on the same point.

However, while there is still a healthy bit of skepticism about that in the US, as much coming from those who have been scared right away from any notions fostered in “Communism”, scared away by the terrible and ignorance-based “anti-Communist era” driven by Senator Joe McCarthy, and while it may be so that Obama is a part of the big plans of the Illuminati, the last few years have seen significant changes even up-there in the houses and boardrooms of the global elite, where they too, have come to see “the errors of their ways” as-it-were, and with the possible death of life on Earth, caused in-the-main by their erring beliefs, many of them, perhaps most of them, are wanting, to “make amends”.

Thus far, from what we get in THEIR BBC, CNN, et al media, it does appear they are actually DOING SOMETHING, and something Right.

As we have been told for eons, everything is known by the “Great Spirit”, and all things have their place. So it seems to be with the various cataclysms during Humanity's Earthly Sojourn, and so it may well be with such events as the Iraqi invasion, with the changes which brought the war to an end, and with the up-scaling of a western presence in today's Afghanistan.

So, it may be that I actually DO have something valuable to say/type/scribble on global political, religious and social issues? It is however, as a disclaimer, more than likely that I am “directed” by an unseen hand, to say/type/scribble the stuff I do.

NEVERTHELESS!!! While I stand stolidly behind the things I said in support of the anti-western Forces in the past, I now also stand stolidly behind this:

As the US Military Forces are under much improved Guidance, from top-down, right through the ranks, Intelligent Guidance, now in 2009, and as the CHANGE which issued-in President Obama and Co in the USA was not stopped at the border between differing Ideologies, such that even in Iran, a more open eyed approach is possible in the Towers-of-Islamic Power, where it is likely that the current Supreme Leader of Iran will not seek to take Iran further to the fundamentalist politic, but in full awareness of the New Day Era, we may call “the 21st Century”, Iran and the west are enabled to live side-by-side more Peacefully, the Call goes out to the Taliban in Afghanistan, that we have come to the time, to the era, where we all can Talk, and Laugh, and sit-down and smoke-up Peacefully, because both sides now recognize the, I say THE Issues, the facts, the Knowledge we all need to Co-exist perpetually.

The Administration of the New Day USA are more capable than ever of Listening, and so of Talking and Mutually dealing with whatever problems Afghannis face.

When it comes down to it, as far as I am concerned, the era of ruthless colonialism by the militarily superior 'west' has come to an end. As far as I'm concerned, this should bring in an era of “Evidence-Based” Laws, which are Attained-to by True Science, not by partial, special-interest groups and corporations and upper-class frauds.

As I'm not the “Master of the World”, I cannot issue edicts in that regard.

But it would be my Will that the most pernicious laws are done away with as soon as possible, especially when those laws are behind the cause of mass-starvation, war, carnage, rape, pillage and expensive marijuana, et al.

While the 'west' enforces erroneous laws against the legal use of Opium, and thus creates a ridiculously lucrative market for their trade and social elites and, AND their one-in-the-same black marketeers, thus forcing opium's production farms ever further from the media and legal spotlights into remote places like Afghanistan, the poor Afghannis, and others, have no choice but to grow it, and then face and Fight the shopfront forces of western military incursions.

Western military incursions which to this day, have been in there to ensure the farms, refinement factories, routes and mules are able to keep the supply going back to their bosses – the “princelings” of the world's upper classes, whether in China or Eurape or South America or North America or Myanmar or Buck' Palace.

“What the Buck?!?!?!”

Where does the buck STOP? Madame?

When “swine flu” flew out of Mexico those few months ago, President Obama said he and the USA would tackle the virus using “the best science possible”.

I said/typed/scribbled then, that if he/they can employ the best science possible to a trumped-up pharmaceutical corporation bonanza virus which has effected, not killed, over 77,000 people worldwide thus far (that's a WOW!), then he and his drug authorities should surely be able to employ the best science possible to put an end to ruining the lives of the rather larger numbers of people inordinately effected by BAD DRUG LAWS!

Bad drug laws which effect ALL the People of Afghanistan, which effect the how many million Inmates in US prisons, which effect and KILL squillions of stressed-out People in nearly every pocket and corner of the world.

Bad drug laws which are NOT cited when the British and their elite global buddies purport that a war needs to happen somewhere far from the front door of the palace, castle, manor and local police station.

So, while there are Pentagons and Whitehalls and Reichstags full of “known unknowns, unknown knowns, and unknown we-re not gonna tell ya's” 'cause it will bring both the houses-read-castles-of-cards and the aliens down on everyone's heads, things will remain very unfair warzones.

Fair enough, being “the global mushroom”.

However...., the evidence suggests strongly that the planet CANNOT endure another Iraq, be-it in Iran, North Korea or Afghanistan. And, possibly, just possibly, neither can the general notion of “Life” on Earth, or those we call Human Beings.

If the “drugs black market” is to bolster the global defenses against superduper-intergalactic invaders, then now is the time to get every major player together and weigh the evidence.

In my humble place, I reckon that our best defense is more environmentally, to ORGANIZE ourselves, from Washingmachinetown to Kandahar, and from yay-to-nay, in such ways that we are stripped of all our pretensions and errant imaginings, so as one planet, we are most powerfully pointed in our focus, in our own minds, and Hearts and delusions.

Most everyone in the world knows that the Taliban cannot beat the US forces by military force, even though the Afghannis have sent the British, Eurapean and Russian forces packing over the decades-cum-centuries. Must be something in the camel milk? Argh! That “Afghanni Black”!!! A Righteous Smoke that!

Most everyone also knows we cannot go back to the narrow-minded battles of the British East India Company and it's invasions of central Asia two, three, four hundred years ago.

And most everyone knows that those wars against the Indigenous Indus and other Peoples were not to bolster global defenses against extra-terrestrial aliens, but were outright psychotic expansionist ventures by the then, and now, richest corporation on Earth. The British East India Company. Now, it goes by the name the “International Monetary Fund”, or the I.M.F.

Most everyone now knows also that the IMF were/are the head-creamers of profits from the recent and ongoing global financial crisis (GFC) or as I prefer, the global everything meltdown (GEM), and that they were the party responsible in-the-first-place, for the GFC/GEM. The party who have lost significant control of the big banks in the USA and Eurape and every-where-else, as well as control of other rather relevant institutions like the private insurance, private health corporations and auto-manufacturing-type industries, etc.

So, as I put four hard years uptil November 2007, into informing the USA of the desperate need for CHANGE in it's government, I put it that the New Day Mob in the USA have the Power, Right and Authority to make Right the rules which brought the Taliban into existence on the first place, thus bringing the Righteous Taliban Fighters Onside, by offering not violence-more-violence, but by offering Afghanistan the Proper Medicine of Reason and Logic, Education and Assistance, so they themselves can begin the process of Instituting into their Religious Councils and governing bodies, Good, Evidence-based drug laws, and decentralized, localized laws for Good Governance of the Land.

Without outside, pernicious, profit-centred subversive interference.

Any “New Day”, cannot be more of the same outdated, archaic, parochial nationalism. Today, we, and OUR Common Laws, have all got to “Go Global”.

With the best of intentions, which as often pave the road to Hell, drug, religious, tax and land laws cannot endure in any one nation or relatively small group of nations alone.

It's been a long fight, and the IMF and the Taliban have been in there for the best reasons as well, so lets ALL Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk TOGETHER, aye?

Come-on...., no more ill-winds.


Yabbadabbadooo, aye?

It came to mind after the President's speech on 7-7-09, that it is all very well to say that the USA is ready-willing-and-able to party with Russia, but what about those Golden-skins of the Orient – China?

It's well known that I have NO quarrel with Beijing, or in fact with any of the Beautiful People of that region, meaning also the Islamic Wega of western China, but as the “big game” as Obama put it in his Russian delivery, “is over”, and as he and company have always to be careful of showing ALL of their cards, are we Wise to await a rising of tension between NOT-Russia, but China and the USA?

Any fool such as a commentator on FOX who might play that card, simply to appeal to the dickheads of the all-american-way, is really playing with fire, because, even while the feared Illuminati may still hold sway in global politrix, things ARE different, in post January 2008 Planet Earth politics, whether the Illuminati are pulling the strings or themselves or NOT.

China of today, is not totally a nation evolved out of Eurapean ignorance and hypnotism. China, perhaps via it's old propaganda mechanisms, held it's own for eons as the Middle Kingdom. And, even while I suggest, today, China has fallen to some degree under the, hypnotic or forced, spell of western ideology, it's leadership is still, perhaps inimitably Chinese, in it's own Wisdom. Wise enough to know that western influence has been erroneous but...., for the global balance, necessary, as well as having a time limit on that western ideology's currency.

To this, as I've been loose and tonight enjoyed a few vodkas, let me make this comment on China, after hearing President Obama's speech in Russia.

We all know that the western incursions into China over the past 200 years have brought massive changes to the “Middle Kingdom”. I put it that the 60 million or so who died in China from the famines after Mao Ze Dong's Communist Reforms, were caused by erroneous political pressures brought upon China by Britain.

Today, it is more than ironic that (as I think I heard) Eurape's biggest bank is HSBC, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. This may be indicative of the massive potential extant in large undeveloped populations, as the Orient has been in the last 150 years, which may say something about what the world may expect from a “rising Africa” in the coming years and decades. Although Africa is not as large. But HSBC is still very much in the hands of the British elite, as far as I am aware....

Nevertheless, in regard to China versus the “west......, while we have it repeated ad nauseum that China is a “one party, Communist” state, it is Wise to remember that most of it's current Ideologies, ie., Communist ideologies, have been imposed by the British, over the past 150 years.

Personally, and, as Scientifically as I can be, politically, I am still Communist. That I call myself a Spiritual Communist is almost irrelevent today, as most all “ideology” is up for review.

But with regard to China, and it's integration into global political and social balance, and with it's vehement offensives against the likes of Tibet and the Islamic “Wega” Peoples, I cannot help but err on the side of caution.

If, as I have written in the above piece about the US incursion into Afghanistan and against the Taliban, we are at a time where we must put down our ideologies and Walk Together, in Intelligent Consideration of ALL Traditions, of ALL Personal Beliefs, and of all Fundamental facts, then China must face this also, and be prepared to lay down it's ideology, which may not be it's own Indigenous Ideology, to the point where it is prepared to give Autonomy to those Rebellious Rascals in western China – the Wega – and, real estate and resources taking second place, in places like Tibet also, to the Decentralised Sovereignty of the Tibetan People..

Personally, I do not agree with ideology which places emphasis on personal property, but I do see it's relevance in helping an individual attain to their own Sovereignty. This is perhaps more important in these days, these long periods of a species lost – long lost from that mythological-yet-not-untrue “Garden of Eden”.

It must be said that the Biblical “Garden of Eden”, is a story about we whiteskins, for today, there is ample evidence that the rest of the world was still there, Dwelling in their Inner and Territorial Bliss of the Garden of Eden, until the lost sheep of Judaism and the cult of the cross went-a-wandering for more and new territories.

Today, post the Obama speech in Russia, only 30 years ago called the “evil empire” by a previous American President, emphasised by Obama's saying today that the “big game” is over, we must regard China, and North Korea, and Myanmar, Iran, and all who have Resisted and still Resist colonialist IMF-type hegemonic delusion, as Good Neighbours, wanting, as much as the Best of us, to Live in whatever they Perceive as Wise and True Peace, without forcing our own terribly ignorant AND DEAD, Judeo-Christian beliefs upon them.

Domesticly, here in Australia, this means that the time has come for the Australian Policing forces to place all of it's (racist) policies under complete review in regard to how they look at and treat the Aborigine.

Indeed, it is time the coppers put down their weapons, and their egoistic, 201 year old whitefella spells, and Humbly asked to Aborigine to Teach them how to behave.

Further to policing policies, it is well-passed the time for us to place under a Full Review, the totally ignorant ideologies which have us place people into the disgusting detentional centres we call “prisons”. Detention centres which we ALL know only do damage to the inturnee, and further the need and disfunctional want to commit more defiant crime.

What's more, even the most stupid, most uninterested copper, KNOWS, that the real criminals are those who live off the (unethical) profits of the unbalanced socio-economic system which advocates prisons in the first place.

Fortunately, concomitant with the inception in the United States of America of the most Intelligent President and Administratiion for at least 60 years, Australia has placed Intelligence over brutality, in our federal governmentation. While hurdles ever arise against Intelligent governance, in today's governing authorities, the signs are there that the feds, at least, are prepared to go the distance in making right this new nation. So it is in the “New World” New Day politics of the Americas – north and south.

This runs in time with the global recognition that such plunderous and outdated bodies as the International Montary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and the Euro-centric global banking systems have run their course, (which might-well have been the implication behind Obama's “big game is over” line) that they are from here forward into the future none but a pernicious drag on Human Progress, IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE........

Thus, “A Change of Policy for Omaxa bin Eartha”.

I now give Praise to the Taliban, to all the Islamic Resistance Fighters, from the Phillipines to the United Kingdom, (in remembrance on this day, the anniversary of the London bombings of 7th July 2005), and say that, in time with President Obama's seminal speech in Russia today, we may begin the Process of Appeasement of Our Differences, and begin to put down our weapons, that we may Talk the Talk of Righteousness, and Walk Together, the Walk of Making Peace, in Our Time.

The International Monetary Fund, the IMF, is dead.
Long Live the New Day IMF, the International Movement of Friends.

Or some such similar Dream.......

But a Dream without a bunch of Oxfordian hypnotic delusions.......

AUM and Jingi Walla.......


Origins of "Meredith" name

Today, Sunday 5th July, I had little to do, so I delved once more into my "family" mythology, and came across the word "mare" as in the old Welsh name of my step father Allan Meredith. On the website, i "Maredudd" is apparently the old Welsh spelling of today's Welsh surname of "Meredith", which is said to mean "Great Chief" or "Great Lord".
I once found an interpretation to mean "he who came from over the sea". This seems possible, as "mare" is latin for "sea", as-in "marine", "maritime" etc.
"Dudd" may be an old English spelling for "Dad", or "father", but has also been interpreted to mean "Chief" and "Lord".
"Maredudd" was a name of an old Welsh King, was used by ancestors of the (Catholic) Tudor Kings of England, ie., ancestors of King Henry 8th, and was resurrected by a conspirator in 19th century upper-class Oxford, English academia, one Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who used "Owen Meredith" (a modernized name of one of his aristocratic ancestors "Owain Maredudd") as a pseudonym as an author of a few very influential books. Books which inspired several leading personages of the years from then until today, one being "Madame Helene Blavatsky" who was behind the secretive and dubious "Theosophical Society", another apparently being "Adolf Hitler" and his mentors and counterparts who began the evil "nazi" movement, as well as the "aryan" (white superiority) ideology.
A floundering attempt was also made by the Theosophical Society to fabricate the "New Age" phenomenon called the "Aquarius Movement", in San Fransisco, USA, in the 1960s, and later in 1973 in Australia, and which still lingers in a few gentle (Catholic) hearts in the Australian country village of Nimbin, in northern New South Wales.
Today, a man in Australia carries the surname "Meredith", and is reputed to be of that old Welsh royal bloodline, dating back to the 4th century BC, with one or more "King Arthur" in there from before 1st century AD, and from the latter half of the 1st millennium AD.
However, it has been confirmed that indeed, he is not a Meredith at all, but is the illegitimate son of an Irishman called "O'Brien".
Added to the "myth", this Australian "Meredith's" mother has been deceiving the world that she and thus this "Meredith", are actually directly descended from the 1st century Aramaic Hebrew Prophet, "Jeshua ben Joseph", who was later called "Jesus Christ", and, along the line taken by many, one including Dan Brown in his "The Da Vinci Code" novel, that Jesus Christ, or, Jeshua ben Joseph survived the mythological crucifixion, escaped to Britain, and sired a number of children to Mary Magdeline. Much confabulation has prevailed, in part that, Meredith's mother is supposed to be descended from the "Sutherland" clan of Scotland, which is where the connection to Jeshua ben Joseph or JC enters. It is however possible, that descendants of Jesus do live amongst us today.
Since the 1800s, there has been a move afoot, by Catholics and Theosophists, ex-Oxford England, to "build" a Catholic messiah, with the Australian "Meredith" being "the one", and to reinstate him as the returned Christ, although he rejects these attempts as a massive, fraudulent Catholic conspiracy.
"Maredudd", while having been absorbed into the Welsh language, is of Latin origins, as described above, which adds weight to the fraudulence of a Catholic "conspiracy theory" around the concept of a returned Jesus Christ.
The Catholics, in collusion with the Theosophical Society, have spent millions of dollars and an inestimable number of hours "selling" this conspiracy to the world, especially to the "Christian world", and have employed every possible "device" including abuse of the "occult" powers (hypnotism) in order to bring this fraudulence to fruition.
Today's "Meredith" as mentioned above, lived in exile in and around Nimbin from February 1998 until early 2009, until he completed his deconstruction of the myths fabricated about him behind his back, and now has nothing to do with the village, the Aquarius Movement or any of the Catholic myths created to make him the returned Jesus Christ.
It appears very likely, that even the current British monarch Elizabeth 2nd, had been taken-in by this century-and-a-half old tale, because of her recent change to the laws of England, which had until her announcement, held that only a member of the Church of England could ascend to the throne of England, and not a Catholic. Her 2009 change to those laws, have made it possible for a Catholic to once again be the British monarch.