No fists but a fair fight

I don't wanna condone that State National party bloke who took to our honourubble minister in the house last week.

I do wanna take issss-ue, with parliament (and I mean the federalgarten) being a slap-happy business meeting on-going place for Labor and Liberal (mainly), where "at the end of the day... mayte" our differences are diluted down to the point where Labor and Liberal are on the same side.

This hit me again 'tother day, from a news item saying I think via a piece of transcript, that, y'know, "lets keep the Peace in the House"..

Well, thats orright for them, sitting nice and comfortably, but they are supposed to be in there fighting for the issues.

Masses of Australian and neighbour-country folk are about to descend into such a shithole of a life-style, as neverbeforehasbeenwitnessed, the ramifications upon the whole Australian society will be toooo large for authorities to handle, that it's beyond time our representatives addressed THE ISSUES, and even have a tart word for each other occassionally.

Oh but yeah.... ya' got it passed the Canberra press gallery, right?

Well, Mark Latham tucked-passed the hounds and lickers, to threw a few pungeant punches, and Senator John Faulkner has added to the obvious, with True Talking, by early accounts.


So how do we dismantle the ALP?

What about the State fiefdoms?

And every hyped-up caffienne-fueled local ALP Branch?

Take a breath of clear air dudes!

Meanwhile, once big Kim's performed the part of being fullofvigor and ready like a hungreeeattackdog forliberalblood, some True Lefties, Greens, Democrats and even Family First (which bank?) might join hands and jump-upanddown on the floor of the House and tell 'em all to shaaaaaaaauduppp!

"The world's falling apart? Do we want to correct some of our fuck-ups?"

Its a media decision attheendoftheday, to spruke for some chunky issue to bight into, like catholic churches not owning their churches and chapels and cathedrals. That could be upto one seventh of the Australian Landmass suddenly becoming owned by the People of the church.


Or whaddabout an arrow into the Land Tax thingee.....?

Labor has got to decide if it, it's members want to lie down as the flood washes over them and every other culture, hmmm, and get-up cleansed by the Spiritual Rain of Land Rent, or fails to see that things have changed so much recently, our idealised worlds of friday nights down the pub - are gone.

Rednecks? Illuminadi? Monsters?

Greens, Democrats, and the rest. You're really all on the distant left of Howard and his dated bluff of having ALL THE POWER behind him, and are too shit-buggerbumfuckme frightened of REALLY saying so.

EVERYONE's got to realise the establishment have been fucking with you're heads for centuries.

The Truth is, parliament is a furphy. Just a better one than the bastards would have in, if the workers didn't Stand-True one hundred years-plus ago.

The last place things should be "going along swimmingly" is in our federal houses of parliament!

It should be a warzone while John Howard's clubbb is using perfected lawyertwistdoctoring to screw all and any chance of a more Just and Peaceful world - out of the world, with his/their "way of seeing things" - and - management of the press.


Get on the train of perpetual change. In the environment, politics, law and power.

In a Perfect world, come next Monday, the banks would hand over all their title deeds of their mortgagees to the Local Council to Administer and enjoy the Benefit of by just collecting the Land Tax, plus one percent costs.

The Council officers would simply fire-up their computers and upload the accounting software to accommodate - then go down the Local HEMP bar, or such, and todays federal and state politicians would be rightlyfully employed as accountants. Well, perhaps auditors.... In the Perfect world.

Everyone could take a Grand Holiday because "TIME" has been put into its rightful place - out of the Equation.

Maybe ALP House of Reps benchers should start attacking their party's own weaknesses in the house, to implode, suck-in the rest of "the left" and reexplode as a new star of all party revolutionaries?

What say you old Chum, Kimberley?



Weather Wars on the march


Weather wars are upon us, globally.

Watching global events a lot of the lasty ten years or so, I detect 'phenomena' which have over time proved to be not totally Natural.

We acknowledge the impact our miscreant culture is having upon the weather patterns locally and globally, and serious, qualifiable studies have confirmed the global environment is expected to collapse upon the less protected in about twenty years.

Alas! For a media moment... I don't have a tv but if ABC RN has tapered-off in focusing on the likely impending end of any social-cultural Balance, globally, then I expect it's off the mainstream agenda......

Nevertheless..., we need not wait twenty years for weather disruptions to bring big-time catastrophes, for the psycho's of the world, and that may well be half the western civilisation of so-called "Christians", are, perhaps unknowingly, contributing to the abnormal weather events the Carribean and southern USA has experienced this season, as well as to the many disruptions to rainfalls in Africa, etc.

But the unknowing must be ready for yet another steep learning-curve in regard to psycho-tropical phenomena, in respect to the baddies messin' with the weather.

I look today at the nasa,ghcc (Google) website (30 frames) of the Atlantic weather patterns, and see a "high" has been, is being generated in the middle of the north-Atlantic. This is extending east across north Africa, and is joining with the longtime generated high around the middle-east. (Israel has been playing with it for a few years, and the last Iraq invasion had lots of agreeable weather for the invasion, Ho-hummm...

But the Hurricanes into the Carribean etc this season, as with all, come out of Africa across the geo-graphically-westerly equatorial winds, up the north-eastern side of south America and through the Carribean. Or, if there's a high off the coast of south America, they travel up the centre of the Atlantic, threatening the east coast of the USA.

I think the big "high"s in north and south Atlantic are being generated by psychic-heat generated by the big baddies of the world.

At this stage I deduce it's a branch of trippers behind the major US Administrations goin' sick before the towers of babel fall across the US and the globe generally.

It is fair for them to do what they can to protect the highly populated eastern states, "And who is shooting at Florida?", me-asks-meself, but, they've definitely been tryng to wipe-out Cuba of the last couple of years, erring in thought as they do in believing the Cubans are their enemy.

But it is a game of power, and of controlling it, in our propensities to abuse, and in aiming it at others, be they Human or Alien.

Cultural or political.

It's not uncommon knowledge now. There's a lot of good connections to trustworthy info, to which I am allowed but ten percent. Hmphfff!

The high pressure-zone being generated in the southern Atlantic will, or has been having an effect on Australia's weather, which may be where the latest rain has come from, combined with my appealling to the Goddess of Venu, of Water, of the vessels... But this may have larger weather effects not so good. Expect MORE floods in Africa....

New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina etc, was, as I've blogged back then, NOT a Natural event, and they keep coming.....

This has got to be, as far as I can figure, a bunch at least, of Illuminadi-type psychos taken warped pleasure in destroying the failed experiment of the US of A, and any other who threatens their beliefs and evil heads.

Short of having three-hundred million Americans marching on every military base not supporting total revolution of the power-structures of US, western capitalism, the rather pensive Moral Majority of the United States Christian Right-Centre-and-Left Need answer the Call from their Master, of walking in His Shoes by shunning the Cause of the power-crazy members of our own Communities, and by The Popular Will, of their God, dismantle by desertion, the capitalo-political bullll-shit of western free-markets.

Otherwise, while they, the Dick Cheneys and covens of the world are allowed the political/economic power they can only abuse, their "We can do anything!" egomania will, through our cowardly western do-nothing attitude, keep growing into worse environmental disruptions.

Disruptions? See-ya' later!!!

I Call All Christians Globally to Live As He, Jeshua ben Joseph Demands, as All True Religions Enable.

Make Straight the Road, especially the descendants of Billy Grahames fervour, though Fervour-Large-F it has, in Truth, been.

Economicly through "Economies-of-Scale" is also Sustainability on a Community, Societal, State-by-State and national/global level(s).

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

In your Actions rests the balance of which weather event wipes-you-out.

Your Best, most Needed, Most Powerful Action is to move forward in your Lifestyle.

Dee-eep Green America, Go Dee-eep Green...... or the Magi might sit back anbd watch the Illumnadi wipe out your very-own neighbourhood planet.

Remove them from power in the US Administration, or get real wet.


Kerry Packers helicopters?

Hey Kerry Packer!? Get a warm glow in ya' tummy, and round-up, service and dispatch YOUR fleet, and those of your filthy mates, of HELICOPTERS to Pakistanishmir!

With fuels and crews - der....?

Or throw a ten million dollar spree at supplying any spare Australian, New Zealand and other Army choppers with fuel and crew to get over there.

I'm sure y' could organise a fiddle with Army Q-Stores?

But maybe you're afraid of warm inner glows....?

I'd dare you if it max any difference.



How much can a koala bear?

Nimbin is Special, for God's Sake.

Don't come in here with you're eyes fixed on either a rude unearned profit by speculating on the True Value that exudes, pumps out of the OASIS CAFE, 80 CULLEN STREET NIMBIN, as the Heart and Soul of a majority of True-Thinking and Loving Nimbinites, or to subvert a Possibly-Popular Movement, away from rude western, materialism.

You with a rude determination to devalue the Hearth that it is to a lot of Good Souls?

Get away with you.

Either turn YOUR place into a public venue, or take what it has cost you so far.

Or do as another letter writter in the Good Times says, and Embrace our Culture, Heart and Soul.

Otherwise, you might be looking the wrong way, when the wall crumbles.......




Unassailable Values - Howards enemy

What chance of John Howard, Australia's Prime Miniture, plaguarising "Unassailable Values" into his bullshit blah?

Either, out of paranoid defence of his own 'quicksand values' Ethics, Science-and-Truth-free values, he would splutter "There's no such thing!"

OR, he would take the term on like a midget in a debating team using every rhetorical talent and trick to persuade us that HIS values ARE the Highest, unassailable values, and playing the media so-much as to kill-off any Genuine, Truth-Seeking inquiry into the VALUES our Austranglican pilfering upper-class are and will kill the planet to uphold!

Capitalism is "Market- creaming"

"Free market capitalism" is merely the label for the 'way' the global elites - IN EVERY NATION - cream-off illegitimate profits from the masses' contributions and consumerist spending addictions.

ALL government members/ministers, and their encouraging sychophantic cronies, of all nations are by one means or another benificiaries of scandelous behaviour behind the scenes, exactly like the "United Nations-Oil-for-food" scandal/scheming. etc.

How well buried are the government's, and the opposition's, "Swiss bank accounts"?
Or some similar means of secreting the massive amounts many of them end up-with by the end of their 'career'?

"Income Tax" was 'introduced' as-it-were, in England (? serf-check) in the late 18th Century, to pay for whichever war the aristocracy were in. Of course, the reality was as much that the war was and has been for, in some parts of the western world, millennia, against the wider, poorer masses of their own population. Income tax, I think, has been with us since, wars or not.

War, as it happens, is the best way to 'cream-off', both plunder from invaded lands AND funds raised and monies collected DOMESTICLY, in their own nation.

This is because war creates excessive, hurried, surprising-leading-to-panic inducing events calling for 'quick responses', (usually of the military type), qick financing, and thus the greatest opportunity for poor, 'loose' financial and material accountability. Conditions most suitable for pilfering.

Domesticly, political leaders, parties and their elite 'private' contacts do this to a massive extent. In Truth, this is what sustains them in their opulant lifestyles, and by all manner of mental manipulation is the tangible end of how they maintain power over the People. In other words, the "elites" of Planet Earth are there and maintain their upper-class status (against their own less wealthy People) through an ancient lineage of corruption. Dynastic corruption.

Today, the 'war effort' is sustained almost wholly by People's excessive consumption.

If Australians REALLY want to STOP the war, which actually interprets as a war driven by warped oligarchal elites to keep their power over the largest possible mass - of their own national population - then we must STOP CONSUMING!

On this line of thinking, IT IS ALL ROTTEN!

Just what Mr Mark Latham ex-leader of the Australian Labor Party - is saying