LONDON! - Welcome to Bagdad!

"It is through terrorism that the people who have committed this terrible act express their values and it is right at this moment to express our values.

I think we all know what they are trying to do - they are trying to use the slaughter of innocent people to cow us and frighten us out of the things that we want to do, of trying to stop us going about our business as normal as we are entitled to do."
(Extract from this morning's speech by British PM Tony Blah)

SORRY TONY! But I must interject there, old chum!
Your little word-package about values (1st above paragraph), is quite awry, Truth-be-Known.
I could deconstruct that falacious "sentence" (I thought sentences were supposed to "make sense"?) along with all your others from the last ten years, but why bother? If the People of Britain cannot correctly analyse your bullshit, then what can a man say, but, you get what you ask for......

What network will broadcast the more obvious FACTS about why those driven to act thus...., act thus?

Time, Tony Blah...., Time, to reassess YOUR PROUD ENGLISH VALUES, before you go slandering and liabling whomever actually DID blow the grunt out of London, with cheap-yet-Wise-sounding-shite like "It is through terrorism that the people who have committed this terrible act express their values and it is right at this moment to express our values. "

And.., (interesting that MISTER christian Blah addresses the "Call of the Oppressed" a cheap name I give to the London bombings, in terms of VALUES, say-what?) for isn't it precisely THAT - VALUES?

Let us weigh-up whose VALUES are True Values, shall we?

Nah! Couldn't be bothered.......... Short of saying that today, old chum, the EVIDENCE is out there [ "I say....? Have you heard of the "Internet"? Wonderful device, capable of accessing ALL the evidence, if you know where to look (maxnodifference.blogspot.com will have this little missive posted soon-as...., and is a good-if-horrifying place to look!"), the EVIDENCE is out there..., out there saying that YOUR FUCKING VALUES, Good Old ENGLISH, POST-INDUSTRIAL-REVOLUTION values of EXCESSIVE CONSUMERISM .......... (Mammon in diguise!)


[ Ask an Englishmen WHY? an' 'e'll PROUDLY say: "BECAUSE WE CAN!!!!!!!" ]!

Good Old English VALUES, which, as you KNOW VERY WELL, depend to an enormously EXCESSIVE AND UNSUSTAINABLE degree on the resources, sweat, blood, Communities, GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT and LIVES of the remaining 96 or so percent of the world!
Naturally enough old sport, to the utter devastation of their Homelands, and future?!

Good Old English VALUES, which, as you KNOW VERY WELL, as do the billions who slave around the world to be ripped-off by your corporations 'forward-officers': MI-6, CIA, Mossad, et al, which have run-their-course, Tony, to put it politely.

Good Old English Values..., whence come your fighting words which seem to imply 'proud England will destroy everyone else's Values to maintain it's own, before England reconsiders the Merits or otherwise of your fucking proud English values, against the Scientific and Spiritual Values of those YOU accuse of being terrorists.

And on "terrorism"....., Whose PROUD nation set about dividing the larger Cultural and populated Region of the Middle East (why stop with the Middle East?!) in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, aye? Aye? AYE! For to 'satisfy' their own GREEDY cultural 'values'?

Aye? Aye?? AYE???!

Did anyone in "Pestminster", "Pistminster", (Pissed Minister? Ah But of course, Derek!) er, Westminster, ever-EVER bother to get a grasp of those FACTS of recent history, and of the various other anomolies in those pumped-up Anglican's 'values', beliefs, theories and general..., good old English ceaseless distractive, discursive thoughts?

Obviously, from the word-package above from PM Blah, post-bang-bang-time in London yesterday, HE HASN'T GOT A CLUE ABOUT history, and about why people are left NOTHING but to suicide with dynamite stapped to their tum-tums, after the PROUD, GREEDY, SLOTHFUL, AVARICIOUS, ENVIOUS, GLUTTONOUS and LUSTFUL English 'gentlemen' have been through!

They must not and should not succeed. When they try to intimidate us, we will not be intimidated.

When they seek to change out country or our way of life by these methods we will not be changed.

When they try to divide our people, or weaken our resolve we will not be divided, and our resolve will hold firm.

Any tyrant of the last seventeen hundred christian years could have, and probably DID, say that!

Mister Blah, er..., Blair! You and your peers across Europe and the western world generally, CANNOT prevent these 'situations' from stealing the thunder, glitter and limelight from your ponsy AND DATED English/western pretentious 'values' or... LIFESTYLES!

Don't fly, I would advise.....

I expect curry from now on, after screaming loudly (just last night, as it happens!?) in support of those 150 or so Righteous Britains who rampaged through the town near the Glastonbury G-8 Conference two days ago.

Already the filthy-rich pom-tourorrists are firing their occult nasties at me at a furious pace! But Australians also, are not known for their Spirituality are we? I felt some occult projection from good ol' Johnny How Hard this morning too? No wonder it's raining in Canberra!

Well, what should I expect from Australia's Grand-pooh-bear of the Anglophiliacs dark magic cult in Canberra?

Why..., it's entirely possible that Johnny Howard is a direct occult descendant from the black magic clan first established here by our infamous (pioneer English settler, one John Macarthur 1767-1834, ex-sergeant of the contingent of British army (to become known as the 'Rum Corps') personnel sent out from 1788CE, and who was responsible for the false and illegal arrest of one Governor William Bligh in 1808, in what is known as the "Rum Rebellion".
For Australia's descent into a materialistic and deceitful nation such as we have today, may be said to have begun then, via the evil mind and manipulations of that Macarthur rogue.
These age-old erroneous beliefs, of the 'golden calf tribes' out-of Israel ex-Egypt, are stoicly and blindly carried-on in the smooothe hands of one John Winston Howard. Australia's Prime Minister.
These age-old and erroneous beliefs - materialism - consumerism - Mammon - are the very 'values' British PM Tony Blah has said have been attacked, THEREFORE THEY MUST BE DEFENDED!(?)

"At all costs" Mr Blah?

One might be correct to assume that Britain's powerful, proud and militarised elites have chosen the M.A.D. Path of Mutually Assured Destruction.

Well, party-on clones, you've only got twenty years or so before the global environment collapses, thanks to the Enlightened Christian consumerism of HUH? WHICH NATION???

Oh! Of course...., England.

Ah! it's nice to know there are some utterly fucked social and Human values alive and deadly -IN ENGLAND! Like - ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET!!!!

Keep your deadly values Blair, and be assured of a M.A.D. finale to Human existence in your own life - if you're not pushed off-the-turret beforehand.

Fuck your English 'values'.

ENGLISH 'values'-small-'v' which have deprived billions of Arabs, Muslims, Africans, Indians, Americans, Aborigines AND their own of the basics for a healthy and happy life, to keep the pommie bastards BACK-HOME disgustingly wasteful and opulant.

REASSESS YOUR VALUES England, and maybe the shattered billons of the remaining 19-twentieths of Humanity will ease-up on bombing the delusions out of Englanders.

I can tell you this much Blair - Australia is fast becoming fucking sick of your arrogant 'colonialist' neuvo-rich tourorrists, and Europeans alike, with bad attitudes also. "Bringin' their shit white-supremacist values at the cost of True Australian Aboriginal Values!"

And...., speaking for Australia, I can tell you, "WE DON'T WANT YOU, OR THEM!", until you all can get an education on what Life is about, and about who they should be turning to and speed-learning from - the Aborigine (and western science!) - and on "HOW TO TREAT THE COMMON MOTHER - EARTH!"


"I think we all know what they are trying to do - they are trying to use the slaughter of innocent people to cow us and frighten us out of the things that we want to do, of trying to stop us going about our business as normal as we are entitled to do."

Mr Blair, at this point in Earth Time, Nations CANNOT just blunder-on, as you want England to be able to do, as you say you "....are entitled to do"!

This is the crux of the whole matter! Your values are unsustainable today, from Economic, Scientific, Environmental, religious, and Spiritual perspectives, modern English life costs the rest of us tooooooo much!


My own Darling Grandmother was one of you also, and a fine example of a Strong and Wise Woman She was. Adelaide is long floated-on now, but even at 112 years old, I bet you She'd see the Wisdom of these (censored) lines.

Tony Blair, and all culturally selfish Englanders! You insult Her, Adelaide Nichols, my Grandmother, Her Champion Son Allan Nichols, and thus you insult me, my Family and all my Brethren by speaking the utter tripe you do, especially about such Fundamental, yet criminally unexamined beliefs, values and ways-of-living as your own sophisticated ("false") social trends.

GET OVER IT ENGLAND! (While you're at it..., look-up "pragmatism")

Mr Blair, there's a shitload of very angry People in all nations of the world today. Most of the ones I mean are angry because they can read-and-write, and are very capable of comprehending fully, the data, statistics and general "Feelings" about what is causing the chaos such as blew the candles out of London's Olympic 'victory' this morning (our time).

Billions of them know now that YOUR, western, materialistic, consumerist CAPITALIST culture is utterly, utterly, utterly deadly to their own lives, not just to the lives of some unknowable future generations.

So... Tony Blair, I will continue to applaud the actions of those Freedom Fighters in all corners of the globe, who are Brave enough to assault tyrannical cultures such as yours head-on, tyrannical cultures like those of the 'modern' first, or 'western' world.
The expensive world you inhabit and so-bravely - from behind your body-guards - and phalanx of MI-5 moronic zombies - speak to represent and defend to the end.

Which "end" is that Tony, Armageddon?

If it brings an end to your brand of Christianity - BRING-IT-ON!!!!!!


Or I'll be sending in the "Warriors" to Teach you a little more..........

May the Perfect Existence Be Your Inspiration


ENGLAND! Get an education! GO!:

sinsofreligion.blogspot.com or