What is long-term Best, post Tsunami?

So...., what IS Best for the striken nations around the Bay of Bangal?

Cricketers do fund-raisers for tsunami victims.

Banks, locals, business groups form and collect donations.

Of banks, and their high-finance-type, any-such offers can only be seen (cynically-yet-correctly) as 'publicity stunts'.

Of individuals and smaller business-type Aussies, "Good on you!", you are still Humans, although you live-by inhuman customs and vote-in criminal governments.

("I piss-on public-toilet-seats......., AND I VOTE!" Good-on-yerr, ozzee!)

That large corporations 'offer' assistance, because they make a lot of capital from such 'benelovent' (NOT) publicity, AND as with the really evil empires like the Haliburton brand, they are right now building publicity and government credits to 'win' contracts to rebuild wiped-out villages-upto-cities in the effected regions, hoping, to make it like them, an "Ethics-free zone".

Infrastructure, from bricks-and-mortar (yesterday's corporatised 'pre-formed' cement slabs, slaying employment) through whole city-sized - region-sized systems of sewerage, drainage, telephonics, electrical and electronic.

With such huge infrastructure componentry, it is assumed by all the corporate, Christian-clones throughout the United Nations, all "NGOs" and advisory organisations, that the modern western concepts in buildings, and accompanying city-town-or-village infrastructure "are all there is!" ON THE WHOLE PLANET, to ply-into "redesigning", rebuilding a whole series of almost completely un-western cities and smaller communities.

The "end game" of corporate USA being a globe covered solely with more and more States of American materialistic insanity, and total loss of local Asian Native, Indigenous and National Culture, or an "Updated Version" thereof.

Hard words on America, but they're gettin' used to me.

At this point, such an inevitable process of fucking Local Asian Cultures and Traditions, all in the name of Judeo-Christian "g-c-t" (golden-calf-tribe) cult-power ("chosen-tribe" cultural psychosis read "spells") is merely seen by those rotten-fucking USA corporations as "MORE profits", and global superiority.

By 'winning' (through outright, top-level graft and corruption) infrastructure-rebuilding projects (as much beginning with the 'clean-up'), they hope to 'cement' (literally) almost every over-priced, environmentally unsound piece-of-shit 'beads-and-trinketry' aspect of the high-technologised, low quality, planned-for obselescence materials and equipment, from toys-to-toilets of the corporate west permanently into the effected regions.

I warn all South-East Asian Nations to think HARD about this!

Keep such projects, wherever possible, out of 'western' corporate hands!

Look, rather, to how, with a heavily parred-down Plan, YOU can Validate and "Update" (rather than 'modernise') YOUR OWN CULTURE(S), and NOT the profit-margins, share market values and guaranteed (rorted) contracts of the utterly self-interested and materialistic U.S.A., and other white-guys corporations.

But first, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India and their unfortunate neighbours, must clean-up.

My heart goes-out to all who have suffered loss of loved-ones, and loss of beloved homes and neighbourhoods.

Clearly, many if not most People will have to be relocated while the innumerable "rebuilds" are going-on.

Can intra-national "refugee camps" cater for the numbers?

It's possible several million People are now desperately displaced across the region.

Many are walking out.

How far must they roam, can they roam, like lost gypsies, to where and what?

And clean water? Shelter? Food? Clothing? Medical treatment? Schooling?

I suggest this is almost insurmountable and maybe, while the "Refs" are bound to their Home nations or localities, bringing -on a disaster (of disease, crime, and social breakdown) of a size not seen in centuries.

It would be typical of Howard and Costello etc., (I say "etc", instead of the usual more respectful "et al", or "Et Al", because they are not Being Human, but merely Lifeless though animated puppets, where Being Human is Being True), to 'advise' the effected Asians on "How to get on with it", and doubtless most profitably for their corporate covenous bum-chums.

But I bet they'll give FUCK-ALL in Genuine, Egoless Aid and Assistance.


Can you not see and HEAR, the 'scales', stuck-fast over their ears, eyes minds, hearts and consciousness?

Not that our Driberal/Trational federal government has any Conscience, nor does it have any True Intellect or "Christian Compassion" (indeed their lack of Compassion is yet another bald-faced example of their deceit, disrespect for the Teachings of Yeshua ben Joseph, utter hypocracy and anti-Christian behaviour BEHIND THE SCENES!)

Y'know..., in the MENS toilets, in the high society clubs, golf courses, boardrooms, CEOs and clergy offices. Then there's the Christian school-tie network, the Masons network, the this-and-that networks permeating most-all big-decision-making?

Ironic Asia!

I'm feeling in my water that 26/12/04, or 12/26 as it may become known, is going to be a "wake-up call" to the whole South-and-South East Asian region, in a way, yet vastly different to the "T-T' event of "9/11", and further afield, in political and perhaps cultural shifts world-wide.

Whatever you do Asia, do NOT invite infrastructure reconstruction and reinvention from any Judeo-Christian nation or corporation.

(Yeah! SHIT I'm Hopeful!?)

And DEFINITELY NOT from any Judeo-Christian religious cult!

The first thing all effected (and neighbouring) nations should do, in my humble opinion, is to temporarily suspend your relevent regional international border restrictions, if not temporarily suspend borders as they exist, in Administration - by Decree - allowing the smoothest passage out of danger, for the effected.

Neighbouring nations with the Wisdom (forget here!) and space (come here!) outside of those hit, must Agree to suspend migration restrictions (at least, in consideration of the poorest) with these nations, and offer space at first to relocate-rehabilitate and organise the many, then treat, feed house, clothe and school them (Adults also), to relieve the tsunamied nation's expected five-to-fifty-year burden now upon them. Even if it means Harmonising them into our Peoples and Land for five year-stretches.

Then....!? There's the possibilities of ocean currents dragging the rotting corpses into other coastlines, with what effects to presently unaffected nations? I hear the Oceans have healthy appetites, however...........

On this/these migration points, it is so that the Australian Government's migration policies are disgustingly English (read dated read backward read biased as fuck), inappropriate today and anywhere on Earth, and are so anti-Asian, that with all Howards, Downers and the other spoiled-squwarkers huff-and-puffery, rhetorical shit and outright treasonous deceptions, should be totally ignored.

Naturally, with this first disaster of many to come (!) on this scale, Howard will not like opening Australia's borders, with OUR BOATS "Doin' a Dunkirk" with Aceh's, or Thailand's displaced.

But what do Aussies think?

Would you open your hearts, and your village to establish an "Emergency Camp" nearby, for how many?

Logistics experts chime-in here, and talk incessantly like a carried-away-Christian, with every reason why Haliburton and McDunnies should "manage" the relief.

Does Australia, especially the hardy, NOT-so egomaniacal "Bush-Folk" Grazier, Nomad and all in between, Aborigines definitely Included, need to call-in "Halibust-your-arse"-and-coven to be themself, and love their striken Neighbours when they are in a hole?

FUCK-OFF John Howard!

Open Australia's fucking borders, you spellbound frontal-arse.

Love, Johnny LOVE,

Max No Difference


Handling post-tsunami aftermath?

First noted Tuesday 28th December,

On the post-tsunami (25th December) situation

The scale of the event and aftermath may uncover that such a rescue operation, to be effective, must approach any long-term reparations in the light that the event brings with it a different 'dynamic'.

We are accepting that global weather patterns are "hardening", becoming more extreme, and tension is mounting as to the liklihood of worse weather everywhere in the years, decades to come.

Can we insure against such events striking asunder, major western cities?

........Millions of people made abject, but yes, perhaps better educated in issues of sanitation etc., so may better survive shortages etc.

But if more Floridas or Sumateran Acts-of-Allah occur, hitting west-coast USA., or Japan, or any other big western centre, making large western populations homeless and possessionless, and worse case, making pre-event high-demographic centres post-event uninhabitable, a hard pragmatic plan needs putting together.

Of course, the same applies to all nations potentially threatened by our Wrathful Gods.

Again, worse-case for Australia (being my home, and perhaps the guinea-pig for Advancing and Mediating Global Politics for 21C), were a tsunami to be generated somewhere in the Pacific and rock-on-in, to Brisbane-Sunshine-Gold Coast, a big one could disrupt well-over a million residents. Plus their businesses, food, shelter etc., supplies.

How would governments respond?

Pause here and throw-in the worse-worse case scenario of not an Act of Allah, but of any brand of psycho, parking and exploding a nuclear device in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Canberra etc? (Well...., Canberra? Hmmm......)

Of coarse there's the longer-term scenario of global warming lifting sea-levels, swamping innumerable villages, towns and cities, Third World and first, definitely claiming 'traditionally'-owned valuable real estate around every coastline. ("Traditional" as-in-an illegally imposed legal-and-social system only 1000 years or so old, and less than 220 years old in Australia can be called 'traditional', as against the True Traditions of Aborigine - 20, 40, 60, 150 thousand years old???

Beyond the relative ease of planning longterm for global warming, what 'contingency plans' do the UN and any government have, in anticipation of such events?

None of any coherence or Balance, you can be sure.

"Policies-on-the-run", our Liberal government.

Obviously as we (Humanity) struggle through 21C, if the last GW scenario should occur, all coastal land will be inundated, as-good-as permanently.

It is inconceivable that any rehabilitation and relocation program - large-scale - could be effective and affordable, both by government and individuals/families, under the current, near-totally-biased system of Land Tenure.

Biased that-is, against any straight, REAL-POLITIK, Wholly Compassionate (indeed, the MOST Compassionate) "Adjustments" catering Best for All, but Best for the dispossessed post-major-catastrophe.

Large areas of privately-owned acreage on still habitable (and arable) Land, near-or-on the "new" coastlines, will have to be surrendered or appropriated to accommodate those affected, unless any natural residential, and thus business and industrial (employment) drift inland occured.

But global warming and sea-level rises may happen so slowly that any necessary migration from lost coastlines could be absorbed by the (un)economy running now.

But should issues of Pacific Islands et al, dissappearing, become one of permanently relocating whole nations, at some stage, Land Tenure imbalances, disparities and questions of Reform, must arise.

Australia is real estate Heaven, low demographics, much beautiful, sustainable, arable and habitable Land.

Therefore it must face the basic inequities of the current Land Tenure system, in consideration of our regional neighbours, and how it can help both the fallen victims of any such future local disasters, and its own People, by considering at-least, these suggestions for handling future natural catastrophes and subsequent disruptions to every regional person's life.

Australia is the last continent of "unclaimed" real estate on the big-ball. We've led the world in political progress, and in Political Progress, while I do not ignore the tragic relationship between Aborigines and we white invaders.

Australia is perhaps made-up of two cultural opposites (and much in between) - western materialism - Judeo-Christian capitalism, and the still Alive Aboriginal Way - of Harmony with People, Gods, and the Land (where "Land" means all Her Ceatures, Waters, Terrain and Atmosphere, not even seperate from the Cosmos).

I cannot deny that Australia is NOT the rightful property of HRH 'Liz'beth Two, nor in any consequence of, is it the property of any 'white' or other invader-immigrant, and do not deny that if any Human or Mob of Humans has Legitimate "Claim" to Ownership and thus Authority over Her soil, it IS the Aborigine.

While there is the denial of these and other basic Facts, and the refusal by J Howard etc., to offer any apology or recognition of the blatant fact that they-themselves now profit and live off the earlier theft of the Aboriginal People's Mother - Their Land, and profit and live off the most gruesome destruction, deaths, tears and blood of the Original Peoples, Nazist bigotry against blacks is given the OK.

This, J Howard's selective ignorance, is part of his-or-an 'establishment agenda', to keep the Indigenies on the back-foot, in the self-perpetuating fear that the slightest hint of admission of past crimes would cause the 'establishment', to be threatened with collapse and thence to warlike, covertly and viciously divide the Australian People, purely, (like 1914 Sarejevo, Yugoslavia), to distract us from facing these necessary Democratic, Transcultural, Economic and Land Tenure Reforms.

Howard's (and coven's) actions in this regard, no matter how convoluted they make it, are crimes.

Out of Respect of the Aborigine, I can only write on this issue - "Population Redistribution and Land Tenure Reform" - as my postulations being a "Best-Shot" at how to "Conciliatorily" Govern for Them, for Their Home, Their Country, Their Land, and for all who may settle in the future.

Would we not do Justice for/to All, by seeking and building a Society-Community-Nation and Planet along the lines of How our Virtuous and Wisest Ancestors would want us All to Live? ALL THINGS CONSIDERED.......

Pre-invasion Black-Fella would, in very different language, symbolism, form and Appreciation, have in their heart Understood and Concurred with the 'western' method of economic accountability and sustainability when employed to pay expenses of Government from the Land Rent, a Method of revenue collection and redistribution which would perfectly suit the relocation and rehabilitation of the worst-effected victims of the Sumateran Tsunami, should longer-term accommodation and rehab' be necessary.

In recent years, Aborigines living on the Gulf of Carpentaria in the dip of Australia's north coast, found a boat full of Asian refugees coming ashore.

So, in typical Aboriginal Hospitality, they took them in and made them Welcome, until the 'authorities' came, barated the Locals and imprisoned the Refs.

The Aborigines up there, also had the attitude that the white-bastards have treated them as refugees for 215 years, so they can only empathise with the boaties.

So I wouldn't expect any argument from Australia's Aborigine to the idea of bringing any displaced tsunami refugees, from the third world, like - the really poor, over here for a bit of Real Australian R&R, beit for three months, or three years.

Or for any other negotiable period where they can be Deeply Rehabilitated, and learn some relevent skills and customs (NOT MACDUNNIES!!!) to help them attain their own economic independence, and, even to the degree where they can confidently return willingly to their Native Land and Tribes, equipped to Truly help their own Mobs.

As I have put to Israel's President Ariel Sharon, and several other Middle-Eastern leaders, the very notion of "international borders", especially in the divisive way the 'western colonial-and-crusadorial invaders' laid them out, are a dangerously dated means of Land management, principally because the current speculative structure (of Land management) most debilitates Local Communities - the grassroots and foundation of all nations.

Aborigine is perhaps saying the same thing, in probably a far Superior, more Wholistic Way, when they call the Land "Mother".

White man has, in 216 years, tried hard to wipe such Wisdom from the hearts of non-whites (of all Lands).

Fortunately, True Culture Aborigine survives, to the extent that so too, does their Law. This is so, everywhere.

No matter how hard the crude technology of western war machines have tried, they have yet to kill the Spirit Implicit in those ancient True Traditional Communities, and their Democratic Socialism of Lore. Yes many have gone, but that some do still Live, is what's important.

And to-be-sure, Aborigine will always react negatively to mention of the dynastic trendsetters of inequitable, illegal Land domination, as upheld by our traitorous pasturalists, graziers and broad-acre farming corporates, conglomerates, consortia, conspirators and covens.

J Howard's bum-chums.

But, it's been happening since Adam-the-Ape, and is a 'global' situation now.

Aboriginal People all-over have suffered from the white, 'chosen' Judeo-Christian 'golden-calf-tribe' expansionism, often to extinction, since the first Celtic Jock McMonkey Warlords set-off out of Caucasia way-back-before-time-or-Temple.

I too, am a victim, albeit that I'm Celtic meself!

A victim in being descended from an (assumedly) involuntary English (wi' We-elsh r-r-roots, Gwynlith) convict (George Meredith)sent to Fremantle W.A. in 1854.

But I'm not complaining anymore than for to voice the angst of all hard-done-by ancestors and their living descendents.

But returning to the first question: "Can we insure against such events striking asunder major western cities?"

It leaves few other options than a major rethink on Land Tenure policy, and I have no doubt that a full-scale plan can be made, ready for a big hit, and that one can be made manifest now in relation to the estimated 100,000 deaths, decay, and desperation as happening this minute-moment-in-Nature, across south-east Asia.

As I put in an earlier weblog on this site, in my opinion all the Nations, Tribes and Clans Indigenous to any part of the whole of east-south-east Asia would Serve their Whole Populations Best by forming a Trans-Asian "United States of Asia", or of Eurasia as the case may be.

Thus with Democratic Co-operation, Invoke Land Reforms, but of a better-accounted-for format than the disasters of China's Maoist Reforms, or the watered-down Reforms introduced by Mahatma Gandhi in India.

This would enable international, or inter-Asian-state co-operation, coping and efficiency when these (expected) Natural disasters happen.

I place emphasis on international co-operation because it is far more effective and is phenomenally stronger, considering the "deep attachment" usually more "localised" parochial, land-read-warlords have to 'territory', or even to their precious quarter-acre.

However, such disaster plans within nations are, on this scale-of-relief, where major cities are threatened, feasible, and I put-it, today, a necessity.

If the United Nations continue to ignore these HARD FACTS on LAND TENURE, they further expose their teetering relationship with landocratic corruption (the MOST untenable and dangerous corruption) as being more powerful than the Human and "Cosmic" Call for "A Fair Go", even to the Forgotten Third World Victims of this latest "Wake-Up Call", in the form of an angry couple of tectonic plates under the Sea of Bengal.



This is an edited version of an earlier posted and emailed e-ssay addressing the untenable "plastics" industries ruining the planet, and the Alternative of Hemp and Marijuana as a possibly-even "Heaven-sent" salve for a great many of the current, apparent, disruptions-to-life, as exude from the oil and minerals juggernauts, etc.

It has an extra piece added to the conclusion, which though I say-so-myself, is a bit-of-a-pearler, and is worth re-reading for the possible Inspiration the reader may get.

This e-ssay began as a comment on a newspaper headline in the Sydney Morning Herald or The Australian on Wednesday 14th July '04, which said plastics corporations are bearing the brunt of the anti-plastic-bags campaigns raging here in Australia.
Typically, the e-ssay ended with my warping toward the FUNDAMENTAL issues of "plastics per se", which quite overwhelm the polluting-bags situation......
I've also converted it or incorporated it into an e-ssay around the campaign for legalisation of Cannabis, as an industrial, medicinal, psycho-therapeutic product, which, as I attempt to say herein, may very well be a significant panacea or Positive Shift to a more Wholistic Planet Overall.
Lastly, I give a plug for Macro-Justice, Land Rent-style.


About 4 years ago, I remember re-firing the anti-plaky-bags campaign of the when? early '90s, in reflecting on the question of charging (in supermarkets etc) for them, in an article in a one-off pocket magazine for the Nimbin Environment Centre.
Since then, the national campaign has soared, I feel, what with the media, government and manufacturing industry's attention on the perceived problem of plaky-bag pollution in/on the environment.

That's Good, I guess.....


It begs the more important and stark question of the downers of the ho-ho! gi-normously, gargantuously bigger problem of the plastics-industry in general, and the phenomenal amounts of pollution it creates over all? .......the Planet......

This begs asking the further question of whether the "plaky-bags" attention is but a distraction from the REAL issue of "macro-plastics-pollution"?

"Too big to tackle", aye?

Well, this is Politics-BIG-P: -

On the side of "over-consumption" of plastic-and-oil products (etc.,), stand(s) the psychopathic thief: the very centralising "factor" inherent throughout private corporate business models of such DEADLY industries - oil as well (haha!? Oil? Well?), and the psychopathic and paranoid need to keep 'safe' (from the Community) the inherited wealth, the unearned income (psychotically guarded) which goes to the progeny of such corporate 'players'.

Or in other words, government for the physically/militaristically strongest people - the 'selfish dynastic establishment', against the majority 80 percent of the Human population.

On the side of "Perennial Sustainability and a Balanced Planet" - in prudent words alone - (ie., not using "seductive" language, by force or sinister manipulation) :- we have, "The People".
The Majority - perhaps, in fact, 98 percent of us.

Such industries; plastics, oil, pharmaceuticals, mining, technology in general, (technology having most of it's roots in military weapons development), have carried us far, but bluntly, they haven't grown to such sizes by being Altruistic or Wholistic, or with anymore than an overgrown ability to create - yes - and collect, or personally accrue, material wealth.

All grew from individuals, becoming small teams - inventors - eeking-out a living.

Bill Gates gained his enormous wealth through the same process, though rocketed forth because of particular 'windows-of-opportunity" (sorry!) although he, I don't put in the same "downer" category of the DEADLY industries.

It's not a question of restricting the right to earn wealth, but that of simple, Ethical Limits.

Our technological boom, again from such industrial, financial might, to research discover and improve, has also taken us far.


However, in such "free markets"(?), especially when ENORMOUS profits are available, "EXCESS", to the point of being planetarily DEADLY, must be expected to stick its ugly head in almost all areas of big business and industry.

Thus, at some stage, moderating Governmentation is necessary.

But, keeping a "forward-looking" focus, an Industrial Cannabis or Hemp-based industry, or series-of, would have far-less restrictions in regard to environmental laws.

("H.E.M.P." is also the acronym for the HEMP or "Help End Marijuana Prohibition" Party, who stood candidates in the 2004 Australian Federal election in the electorate of "PAGE", around the Nimbin culdera in northern-east NSW, Australia, and won 24,000 votes in the "half senate" vote, by our honourable Local, Michael Balderstone.)

Were the facts about Cannabis to "break-through" the (neoprene) mental bubbles that surround the CEOs, board, financiers, profit-rapists, politicians, etc., ie., those "in-the-pockets-of" the plastics, oil, uranium, coal, etc., industries, it may thus be accepted as viable AND TENABLE, on a scale similar to today's plastics and pharmaceuticals, no matter how large the Cannabis Corporation may grow.
According, in the first stages of Reform, to the corporate laws of the day.

("Can I work at the plant????")

However, such legal, political-nay-Cultural Reforms, I venture to say, mayhap be expected to succeed only when done in parallel with equally-proportioned, Cultural and Economic Reforms, in many other areas of life.
Perhaps in all other areas?

But, either way, re-introducing Hemp back into the Global Community in stages, beginning with Drug Law Reform alone, or at-once, in conjunction with the far-greater updating of Global Politico-Economic Laws - the prefered option today - the single act of adopting Hemp over plastics, oil etc., would have a powerful effect on reducing the need for the day's complex corporate and business-in general laws. I venture-to-say....

Need I mention the probable Attitudinal changes such lifting Reforms would Inspire?

This plastics-oil situation is obviously HUGE, and possessed of many factors.

If you close such industries - BANG! - tomorrow - UNEMPLOYED???!

Loose minds go into over-think and spew-forth incessant fear-based rumours and theories, as to the woes.

A Balanced mind, sees beyond the mental crap, and visualises Simple Solutions, though difficult to embrace with mere words.

Sadly, Attaining to the so-called "Simple Solutions" means divining "Best Practice" in all social and economic classes, as they exist.

This, in capitalism, necessitates identifying "corporate psychopathy", by breaking-down to the individual level, the psychopathic influences effecting them, thence where that person(s) influences and exert power over the group, company, industry and consequently, much of the economically powerful levels of society.

"Where lies the heart" of the unWise investor in industries of Planetary death?

Undoubtedly a corrupted state of heart brought upon them in no small part by their "carefree" unearned inheritance/opulence and the self-interested "peers" who come with it - shareholder, corporate board-member, CEO, sycophantic politician, academic, lawyer, doctor, professor, chemist, physicist, pharmacist. (All, it must be said, products of the 'mill-of-materialism' of a church education system gravely astray.)

So, "Where lies the heart" of the upholders of such filthy cultures, but for an exceedingly untenable, excessively "comfortable and relaxed" life?

At no matter what cost to WHAT???

Oh, Mother Earth and all Human Life on it!

To dispel these DEADLY lifestyles - cult-ures (materialism) - demands placing the transgressor's lives and thinking under the spotlight - picked apart, in public.

"Privacy"? Fuck it! They use privacy to deceive.

Who of them (those who 'steer' the national, planetary ship), profits most, in maintaining and "growing" such untenable industries?

CEOs, yes. Financiers, yes. Shareholders, yes.

Banks, etc., viable enterprises most, as an industry, but the next question is "Who chooses what to finance over what not to?" (When it's not the church....)

The board, their peers, their "Lifestyle".

Tenable or not?

The question becomes a dangerous one; "Have they the right to such opulent, unsustainable lifestyles?", while today, such over-consumption of unacceptable products of oil and plastic (keeping the focus on them, while aware that these questions can be applied to several other, unrelated industries) is known and seen by the majority of Human Beings - I venture to say - as fucked!

(Hmmm? It's a windy day in the desert?!?!)

So!? - Tenable or not....?


No-one is above the Law.

This however, asks us to widen our view to a "horizon-less future", by honing-in on some simple "True-facts" as they say, about WHICH Laws to Abide by, or "In".

Economic Facts, and, Personal Spiritual Facts.

Industrial Hemp, and medicinal and recreational Cannabis production and availability on any scale, "of a Certainty", would bring with it no blockage to the Effulgence of larger, much called-for Economic Facts, and, Personal Spiritual Facts.

These Facts are also Law, which NO-ONE is above. This is the Lore, and the Law of the Land.

The same Law which aligns with Aboriginal Approaches to LAND TENURE.


[Edit 23rd December 2004:] Today, it would seem that such a lifestyle on a global ‘mainstream’ scale is fantastical, unless a major shift in consciousness, on a massive scale takes place in the most, or over-industrialised western nations. Perhaps the Biblical Sword will swing and change their deceived Christian attitudes, for they themselves are clearly reluctant to break the ‘born-again’ spells keeping the US and Australia especially, so materialistic, or mammonic.

It’s also not too far stretched to say however, indeed, it may be Fact, that the larger proportion of Human Beings do still live a rudimentary, Agrarian, and thus perhaps more Environmentally Sound Indigenous lifestyle, so it could therefore be said that the global ‘mainstream’, as-in "the majority", DOES live within the Laws of Sustainability, in their Lore.

If so, its because of a combination of holding to known Traditions, Ancient proven Ways of satisfactorily and successfully weaving one’s life in with That of the Environment, with That of the Universe, and the crude earthly facts of being deprived of economic opportunities and freedom to seek after and partake of any better quality of Life, of being deprived of economic opportunities tempting us to be duped into partaking of the unsound technological revolution that’s exuding out-of the ‘modern’ and proudly decadent west.

Ancient Ways, which are that of Family, the Tribe and Community, including the world around, within and beyond, which are Means, Paths, Laws for weaving oneself into the ever-greater web of the Universe.

Ancient ways more each day proven to be most Wholistic, and thus Balanced, Transcendent and Peace-Inspiring.

For any number of People to change from the modern barge of western ‘technologisation’, to recognising the Human and Spiritual or Transcendent Truths contained in that ‘Luditish’ Agrarian Lifestyle, requires a biggish shift in looking at life.

In my forty years investigating mind altering drugs, of safe kinds, Cannabis, Marijuana, Ganga, is a Herb ideally suited to float the crisis-bearer across the field of mind, full of materialistic spells, in to, up to the state necessary for addressing and adopting the massive Economic, Social and Personal, Spiritual changes Humanity has soon to meet, face and Solve.

That Marijuana is a relaxant of what I’d loosely call a "Cosmic Order", where it enables the meeting of larger and oft’ Spiritual thoughts passively and warmly, that Natural Organically-grown Marijuana has medicinal properties chemical pharmacists dream about manufacturing in laboratories, that Industrial Hemp has so many Environmentally Sound properties as a plant and raw material to replace the many massive industrial polluters, that I could sit here and type ‘til dusk about the properties of Cannabis, indicates to me that Marijuana and its Industrial Hemp sister-plant is almost a necessity for the Human population in the 21st Century..

It’s also evident that a very large proportion of Cannabis smokers are Politically, Environmentally and to a generally significant degree Spiritually awake, in the sense that they are or have left the decadence of the western lifestyle ‘dream’ models (materialism) behind for the more rustic, exertive "Life-on-the-Land", in rural "Bush" regions, whether in the village, on a farmlet, bush block or functioning farm, having seen through the ever-thicker veil of advertised deceit which packages most everything the west wants us to buy-buy-buy.

By far the majority of them are conscious of the Economic options we all have soon to look at, both Locally and Globally, and I’d guess-a-hazard and say most smokers and imbibers are Politically Progressive to at least agreeing a new era is upon us, and that some medication as Cannabis might be Perfectly Valuable during any shifts in the dominant Social, Economic and Cosmic paradigms.

Indeed, I’d go further and put-it that most Progressives of today and of recent decades have had the political and other pernicious "scales fall from their eyes" through the partaking of a good Marijuana joint, somewhere back in the shady-rooms or feral-filled-forests of their socially and politically formative years.

So, there’s no option if Humanity is going to Progress above war.


(But NOW! would be Better!)


True Progressives would Advocate to

because they know


Written by Max No Difference

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When do we need Leaders?

We only need a Leader, when the Path is not clear.

The Path, is


L.R. for G.R. is Leader-less Democracy.

The Democracy of Eden.

Democracy is a Sublime Ideal, but is dangerous, and will have Society ever-teetering on tyranny, if the People are stupid, that is if the People are ignorant of the Primary Law of "Edenic" Economics:



Taiwan and Thailand

Trying to take all the rubbish I wrote 'tother day in the previous blog-cum-email-blitz to my eighty-or-so recipients, titled "The Situation Surrounding Taiwan" the one which inspired this, it's kind'a-clear that the west has been longtime trying to "get-in" to Asia.

Whether for Virtuous reasons like to Bring Humanity Together, even through the medium of highly questionable religion - Christianity - or because they're just a rapacious-pack-o' dowgs, using religion as a 'shop-front' to fuck with the larger percentage of, in their limited opinion, useless, dispensable (non-white) Human Beings, the incursion out-of-Europe engulfing planet Earth is seen in places as mentioned - Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, The Philippines and Australia, but also is incaptured in the now-extremely-creole cultures of Thailand, Cambodia, Malaya, and others in the south and western Asian regions.

The 'west' came to Asia on two fronts, run by two powers. USA came througt the eastern-most as-mentioned islands, and the British through India, Thailand, Hong Kong etc.

The westernisation of Asia is regarded, especially by both the Occident and the Orient's most opulant ruling classes, as 'de riguore', and they are very active in protecting it.

Again, a couple of big bombs on Japan, and the following atmosphere, left Japan little choice, back in 1945.

But how long is it expected that de riguore will remain so? Are the wealthy so certain of having complete control of every dissenting group? A joke, to-be-sure.

Nevertheless, this blog-email is to look at Thailiand, in-the-main, but may perhaps expand on Hong Kong statements I threw in earlier.

It may be a strange irony that western methods of accountability have both exposed and brought with them enormous levels of corruption.

One wonders if, in Indigenous nations, uneffected by whitey, there existed, quite harmoniously with the environment, with the BIG Law, Lore, Etc, laws of trade and inter-relationship, which by western standards are corrupt, yet have existed for tens of thousands of years in Natural Balance, perhaps made more possible and Liberal for the lack of official laws restricting or penalising productivity or light-footprint-living.

But I'm probably dreaming, because war and feudal conflict has been the way for yonks, aye? Not to mention the abject poverty and inhumane treatment which has undoubtedly been common for ages, at times in all cultures.

But as one of the perceived enemies today is corruption, and the better states are trying to restrain that possibly natural phenomenon (trade-incites-corruption? Or, corruption is implicit in trade), we can see that all nations are in-it-pretty-deep, and that this is encouraged and bribed-for by the top what? 20%.

Well, there's a shitload of lower-class people who are also convinced the opulant materialistic way is the way. Totally, in other words, 'captured' by the magical hype of the TV adverts and billboards etc, etc, etc, McEtcetera.

Conscious of it or not, there's an whole-'nother world of corruption going on through-out the lower class - the lower 80%, once more, as de riguore, as accepted as the way things are, can't be changed, accept, accept.

Nevertheless, support has been given to the most corrupt power-brokers in each nation, with conditions of having to adopt the invader's system of accounting, and it's 'request' of claiming the majority of the most valuable mining or agri-rich territories, if not the sweat and labour of the masses of 'darkies' or niggers or hummmm.

This is no less the case in the Indo-Chinese, South East Asian countries, perhaps Thailand more than others.

1516: Portugese envoy to Thai Court. 1611: British factory established.

Longtime ago now.

So the western creep has sunk deep into the psyche of the Indo-Chinese Peoples WEST-SOU'-WEST of "Oh HELLO!" China.


The Best Way to appease the contentious forces within the whole Indo-Chinese continent, peninsula and islands, from East of Japan to west of Saudi Arabia, to end on a ludicrius note, is for all the Tribes, Peoples, Races and Nations on the same chunk of real estate - Asia - to form One Federation of Democratic Asian Republics, just to tickle the markets.........

So the whole of Asia, not just Taiwan, to avoid future inter-nation tension and conflict needs to re-evaluate their relationship with everything they have adopted from the principally American consumerist-materialist culture, and make some hard decisions about what they want to become culturally, in the coming decades, decades which will one way or the other set the direction for the next several centuries, I'd suggest.

Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Malaya.

India, Pakistan, Gulf Nations, Afghanistan, istan-istan-istan, Himalayan Nations, Mongolia, North Korea, South as well, of course, and the rest, Laos, China.........

Sorting the good aspects and legacies of the west from the bad bits, shouldn't break the stock markets too much, only so much as to make an honest bunch of the wholly unethical western pieces of shit, which might cause some significant parring of the wider economic 100 richest families rorts written into law in most done-over nations. In most Nations......

Any Shaman would look at the Asian (or any) westernisation as a case of western magi doin' their thing, and would also see most of it as utterly fuckin' evil, but would never say it so, like me. But I'm an uninitiated layman?

Technology has two purposes. One is to bring us all together.

But the dark side is that it makes us more materialistic, more addicted to technology itself, forgetting altogether it's real purpose - (but to give Humanity Victory over the forces of darkness............., Luke! Yep! the ones who're developing them!)), thus cannot so easily raise our selves beyond the lowliness of the materialistic, insane world.

It has become a cultural thing of huge proportions, and yet it'd be easy for the Eastern, Asian National leaders to wave away any concerns herein raised.

But those Leaders I have observed over the last thirty casual years, appear to me to be saying "there lives quite confident and deep, in all Asian People, upto the top, an awareness of the generic occidental approach to life and inter-relationship, and that while the west remains so invasive in it's want to conquere the infidel (ie., "US"), we remain ever-vigilant as to the underside of the beast".

Clearly the west has impinged tremendously over the last century, and now the upper echelons of all non-western nations are totally dependant on Microsoft, IBM, Westinghouse, GE, etcetera-and-on, OH! Not forgetting good-ol' Haliburton. Sssetera.

And the profit-centred, car and petro-fueled transport systems and economies the nations in question are forced - but also spellbound - into accepting.

One loose Prophet says that, if you confront the puppet-master face-on, you'll dispell their trickery.

A Collective of "One Asia", might on one hand have Israel push it's big red button, because "It wants to be the chosen tribe, poo-pooh!", and so if'n it can't be then no-one will.

Where the fuck's that 'good little Jewish boy', NOW, just when you need him? Him?

But a Collective........, including Islam, might, if Rising from within ALL Nations, have Ariel Sharon only too happy to drop-in for a chat.

Corr!@#$%^ it's hard doing this on a cafe laptop...........


The Situation Surrounding Taiwan

I've not put pen to paper on the issue of Taiwan's political call for independence from mainland China, for I've felt, that it's not for me, a whitey, to offer advice in matters of their policy differences.

Now, after a report about Taiwan's collective of opposition parties having a win in the latest referendum, against the pro-independence government, - things change. (The referendum put up by pro-independence President Chen Shui-bian, asked the people in Taiwan if they agree that China should dismantle its missiles aimed at Taiwan and that it publicly renounce the use of force against Taiwan.)

For me to write on Taiwan and 'it's issues', has me delve into the "political and para-psychologic histories" of the last half century. Histories of China and Taiwan, but also of Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong, although there are differences, to my mind, with the case of Hong Kong.

To be sure, the 'western' economic juggernaut has been pushing east for centuries, if-not-longer. As best I know it has rarely succeeded in really penetrating the larger eastern "Cultures", until the 20th Century, the British Opium wars one known exception.

Foundational footwork was done throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century by American and other western interests, but the heavy artillery arrived at the end of the second world war, with the American nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The catalyst for the nuclear age we are staggering through now, the packaged war-crimes of two bombs on Japan in 1945, was also the ‘breacher’ of the cultural barricades which stood between those ancient and oft' Profound Oriental Cultures, and the insatiable capitalist marketing and it’s fanatical pushers of mass-consumerism, pushers of western ‘occulture’.

Since then, Japan specifically, which explains its being the second largest economy on Earth, but as well, what became South Korea, and Taiwan, have been literally 'bombarded' with western (American) materialist consumerism advertising and marketing propaganda.

Attached to this, were heavy western economic policy demands, overtly to bring the "East" into line with the accountability and auditory practices that western market/governmental accountability enables and institutes - corruption is best addressed through Accountability--- and Attitude.

Attitude is Best made Good with a “Mission” of Super-Human Empowerment, only when based on the Highest Wholisto-Philosophical Socio-Economic Policies.

Typically of the ‘victors’, the covert purpose of these demands, was material profit and occult power, domination over the ‘evil’ Orientals, their land and their immense resources.

Without a Zero to die in, the Japanese had to accede, but not without deep cultural power-groups being in on the discussions with General Macarthur and his WW2 advisors for the "two Instruments of Surrender". These were as likely earlier incarnations of the day's "Yakuza" and kin, or the Japanese mafia as incarnate in the aristocracy.

Oh! The Philippines is the other regional pacific-rim nation seduced by the 20th Century capitalist power-house of the USA. (One may, perhaps correctly, interpret “capitalist power house” to read as “occult power house”.
For more than we know, our ‘erring’ towards materialism, is but our being ‘snapped’, entranced, hypnotised to BUY-BUY-BUY! We, on-the-surface, increase our material possessions, but are in-fact, paying, usually ‘through-the-nose’, for the whole fraternity of western, dark occulturalists to possess US!

All these Nations;- Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, have, for whatever reason and in whatever way, been made to accept what the USA market model preferred of them, first by America setting them up in manufacturing industries, long term for self-sufficiency, short-term for (foreign corporate) investor profiteering, after we've bombed the crap out of them.

Today, “Iraq versus Haliburton” is the same scenario all over again.
It could yet be argued that the acceptance by these (island'?) countries of the American accents, language, dollar, life-style aspirations, was freedom of choice, the 'classic' call-sign of western materialism. But it is clear that Japan in the least, made a bad carrier move, and were left with fuck-all choice - “sign the two Instruments of Surrender under US General Macarthur” in September 1945.

Following this was the 'instruction' by the Americans of how to build an economic and industrial system, infrastructure and national economy, primarily so it could become accessible to the American ever-expansionist, ever-consumptive commodity market-players.

Thus the Yanks have been manipulating the Japanese culture to it's most-profitable-ends since. Japan and the other 'satellite' nations rimming the Great woe, China, the largest bastion of a "Collective" life, of Community Living (must be said - haven't been, out-of-touch, this is my preferred per-view), of Indigenous Philosophical and pragmatic government, now lead in high-technology, still a 'mill' for America, but most threateningly, a ‘mill’ by-which to infect the less-'developed' half of the world -East-Asia.

These points, to me, are factual enough, if less-than well-said.
(The threat of US) imperial-materialism rode-in on a wave of something else. More than two atomic bombs, a bashing and an offer Nippon could not refuse…..

Since the 2nd ‘world war’, the West, and of course, the losers, said nothing about the occult practices Nazism used in seducing the German Peoples to go-a-bit-sick, as happened.

I’d wager, the main reason why the winners - USA, UK, France et al, ie., the ‘western alliance’, have never emphasised the utter evilness, the evil nature of what Hitler’s witches were doing to European People’s minds with occultism, is because this would’ve led, that much sooner, to the fact that the holy-feggin’-holy western powers of Judaism and Rome, Paris, Washington, London, Cape Town and-on, and-on…, had and have also been at-it FULL-BORE!

Allah Save Me! I’ve just thought of “Tibet”. Millions of good westerners donate to the “FREE TIBET” Cause, yet Hitler had covens-full of Tibetan Occultist (Tantric) Monks surrounding him constantly when he was in power? How does the Dalai Lama respond to such quandaries? He wont “Talk True” in any detail on THAT, I’ll wager. And what about the “Nine Unknown Men”?

So? The last fifty years have been dramatic, if-I-may…

I’ll wager also that there’s still today, a few ex-Nazi Hitler Youth Brown Shirts, now in their evening years, still under one of Hitler’s, or Goebel’s or Himmler’s dark magic spells, and still loose amongst the People, corporations, political elites, and their children, apprentices and the moronic zombies of the wider society.

But as we now know, these psychos have been messin’ with our heads for eons. In the East, in the South, in the North, and most successfully, in-the wwwest. The white-arse west.

That old Battle Royale - the Ongoing Call of Humanity - G.V.E. Good versus evil.
If there weren’t no Good in the world, you wouldn’t be “gleanin’-mah-meanin’” - as you imbibe this shit.

If there weren’t any evil in the world, I wouldn’t have to bash your synapses with this shit until you shit me!

If the victorious allies weren’t already adept in the occult dark-arts at the end of WW2, they sure learnt fast for U.S. General Douglas MacArthur and his covenous mob to do their thing on Japan, The Philippines and for that matter, Australia, after WW2.

The result today is a self-perpetuating, self-breeding, occult phenomenon operating on at least three levels - the physical, psychological and astral, through the infected minds of billions of not only Christians, Jews and secular westerners, but innumerable 3rd Worlders, and-Easterners as well.

So China gets angry not because Taiwan wants independence - enough to be sucked-right-into the vortex of western, Judeo-Christian (‘golden-calf-tribe’), selfish capitalist counter-Community materialism, but because Taiwan is, like Japan, South Korea, The Philippines and Australia, little more than an ‘agent’ for western religions psychopathic occult warlords.

Warlords who have long-lost their independence-of-mind, and are slavishly following the commands of some rather Superior powers, some, it would seem, not of this Earthly world, although there’s little doubt they’ve been here for a lifetime or forty.

Waxing lyrical a while, I assume that while we are subject to these extra-ordinary powers, there will always be wars and tragedies going on, on Earth.

But I might hold to some doubts about whether the ‘game’ they and we are playing, or the ‘play’ in which we are all but involuntary actors, is the only game in town.

Until a “Critical Mass” of People everywhere, are Properly Educated on these issues, and on the raw economic facts of Land Distribution Equity - Planet-wide - Spiritual Progress, that is that which has People, en mass Elevate their hearts, minds and Souls up, to beyond the trivial, senseless, irrational, emotion-based affairs of the Human ‘personality’, we remain beholden-as-slaves to the utterly corrupted, seemingly irreparably-bitter hearts and minds of the psychic-stirrers of church and state and private land-ownership.

Finally, it appears to me to be that until the People of Taiwan, and Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, AND Australia, wake-up to the utter deceit of the western marketed consumerist model, to the utterly evil methods employed to seduce us (along with the rest of the frigging planet "HELLO!?) into it's bottomless and satisfaction-free pit, to the psychological-and-psychic mess which drives the capitalist to flog their usually toxic-produce, and to the ignorance we so tenaciously cling to in our white, western, Judeo-Christian 'golden-calf-tribe' materialistic lives, in which we blindly support nothing-less-than planetary destruction, that these powers are NOT destined to control and screw us forever, that we have the right to independence of mind , heart and Soul, we're fucked.............

We have the Power. Do we have the Education to Educe It, and to overcome the darkness?

Put your Power toward Global Human Justice, by Advocating LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE, and you'll be astounded at the increase in your own personal Power and Will, to overcome the worst beliefs. Even those stupid ones about that Messiah idea, the spellbound Christians keep harping on about......

Unless of course you're talking about the Gnostic Messiah.........?

Now, where's He hiding?

NOTE: Just scanned the news online to be reminded of North Korea and thus thoughts of it's place in this western Pacific power-play.

Without ruminating in the right frame of mind and in the right wayside-stop, this is another delicate subject, and is riddled with mysterious factors on all sides - China, Korea, Japan and Russia all have interests in this little 'kingdom', for various reasons.

Yes, it is an occult regime running it, but that DOES NOT imply evil runs the show.

America, most of Europe, Britain and other first-world nations and regions are in essence, run by occultist regimes. Australia's Liberal/National Parties are the no different, and no less sinister.........

However, right here-and-now it's a bit too chunky to throw straight on the (key)board.........

time for a splifffffff....

Thursday 16th December.

Taiwan, and Japan, South Korea, The Philippines and Hong Kong, have few options other than to deeply and Progressively address just exactly WHAT they are defending in their aggressive rhetoric and militarist actions – ATTITUDE dudes!

They are defending NOT the Well-Being or the “Common Weal” of their Peoples, nor much-at-all of their Asian Culture, but, as if drowning in ignorance, the defensive power-players of these’westernised’ Asian nations (Taiwan and Japan, but also The Philippines and South Korea) posture aggressive defence of a dangerously flawed western consumerist ideology, at MOST a mere 2000 violent years old, NOT anything to do with their own Tried-and-True, ancient Spiritual Cultures, as existed in these places before the Americans, British, French, German, Portugese, Spanish, ie., white, Judeo-Christian plunderous colonialists sailed in.

For Taiwan and Japan, what with Nippon’s renewed (western) militarist agenda, to take serious and useful steps to feel secure, their Peoples, from the wealthy aristocracies to their Indigenous fringe-dwellers, must correct, where needed, their thinking and thus living, by facing the fact that western capitalist consumerism is their, and their Culture’s greatest threat.

Address that Taiwan, and China will build Solid foundations along it’s nearest coastline to you, not for missile launch-pads, but for bridges.

But Taiwan, and those other psychically ‘snapped’ or ‘captured’ nations, must break the spells of post-WW2 America, as Hong Kong needs-must break the spells of the British, spells which are contained in, “possessed” if-you-like, in all or nearly all aspects of the wares, services, weapons-indeed-culture you import from those western sub-cults of the ‘golden-calf-tribe’, ex-ancient-Israel.

This is the rude root of the situation surrounding Taiwan.

How anyone in Taiwan, or Japan et al, and in Shanghai for that matter, addresses this….?

Well, in Taiwan, I’d say turn to your Spiritual Roots, be-it Tao or Buddha – whichever, Falan Dafa perhaps, and maybe Shinto – is possessed of these Truths. Truths, one SHOULD today find spoken of openly in the Temple – IF THE SCHOOL IS TRUE?

That is that LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE (LR for GR) is the Politico-Economic Truth in the Earthly Realm, whence, applied by Government, the People are released from the most debilitating material burden, the exaggerated price of Land.

PLUS, everyone is freed from the utter and outright-yet-legitimised THEFT in over ninety percent (90%) of taxes, excises, duties and tariffs etc.

This “Release” is not only for the labouring physical body, for Work, in an LR for GR society (as much through a psychological Upliftment) becomes les a chore full of hypocracies and ethical contradictions, full of psychopathic tendencies, phobias, fixations, obsessions and life-wide over-consumptions, all to counter, or to compensate the Soul-less life in a near-totally materialistic-that-is-anti-Spiritual world.

In an LR for GR Society, Work, being ever-toward Environmental Sustainability, Ethical Local/Global and Personal Balance, for the Spiritually-challenged, becomes a highly pleasurable less-taxing means to free one’s Soul from the chains of psychic and physical/material insecurity and terror.

These chains broken – a New Era of Co-Existence and Mutual Enthusiasm dawns, the Rising Sun shining in All hearts, the folly of cross-strait, regional or global militarism melts into Shared Understanding, Conciliation and Beautifully Simple – plough-shares.

Ah! The Simple and True Agrarian Life!

Very much how Tao and Buddha like us to Live.

SHIT! I’m Optimistic!

From this questions arise about “What of the ‘invader’ western culture(s), should the Orient keep?”

I’d say there is much worthy of the Oriental Sagasic “Nod”.

But of any part, I’d keep it simple and say two “Tenets” from Christendom and it’s emanations of the Greatest Value, are from Jesus ben Joseph Himself:

1) “Love Thine Enemy” and

2) “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do….!”

So-ho-ho! Taiwan! and Japan, South Korea, The Philippines and Hong Kong, Merry Satanmass and a barrel of noodles to you all, but Advice from the Top says, “LISTEN-UP!”


If we need a Prime Minister at all?

The conservative, anti-democratic position against Common Rule is maintained on an ageless belief, always promoted by the monarchic and dynastic Warlords, that the Masses are incapable of organising themselves into Balanced, Self-Sustaining Economic Communities and Self-Governing Democracy.

That belief goes back to beyond ancient-ancient Egypt, and is still strong in the King James mindset of John Howard and co., today.

Upto 3-and-4 centuries ago, that assessment was closer to correct, for the basic "3-Rs" were not yet widespread and are necessary for a Local Economy to trade and partake of any larger, regional and national-International trade.

Thanks to Left-wing groups of the last 400 years, the "3-Rs" have spread well through Working-class Peoples in the 1st and 3rd world regions, empowering them tremendously.

Thanks FROM all of Them, myself included, to Old Guttenburg, and his mates.

The Offer of a Just Method of Governmentation via incorruptible Valuation and Collection of Land Rent, PLUS a Genuine Opportunity to Contribute to the Just Human Social Politico-Economic World, without having to have a string of letters after one's name, gives Inspiration to the Broken, to the Bitter, and as easily to the guilt-ridden wealthy.

There IS an Answer! ("Land Rent for Government Revenue" is known in all Nations now.)

Even the slowest can Imbibe and Quaff in that "Realisation".

Enabling Local Co-op Communities to interact with larger business networks.

Where needed, while NOT inviting open slather on International trade, for most, in my view, is for it's own ruthless sake and crass-iconism, but where trade is ethically valid, even few of the disabled are excluded from the earning of their own wealth, and their choice of an Ethical, Sustainable and Happy Life.

(Business models for engaging with large-again, upto international business, models of economy and accountability for Local Co-operative Communities, exist in those similar to what grew out of the Melbourne inner suburban Councils collectivizing in the early 1990s, for huge savings in bulk-buying, by the instant weight of a group of large [spending] organisations - economies-of-scale.)

All the records to now, show an unavoidable need for centralised government.

But government is about accountability as much as provision "for the Good of All", and accountants and accuracy through smaller-scales like the "Extended Family" have been impossibly scarce 'til very recently. Bringing everyone up-to-speed so we, even the Forgotten, are Educated and emancipated enough to run our own patch - beit a "Trash-Town" in the slums of Rio or Dehli, a Local street Community, Community Multiple Occupancy, Local Council or Whole Nation, is what we and the Christian beomith crusaders have been tasked with for 2000 years.

Too often the barrier to small "unconventional" business enterprises, like the "Collectives" of People who live in Trash-Town slums being barred from even meagre financing for legitimate projects, is the archaic 'centralised' governments and their covens of centralised power - the theo-aristocracy.

No-one gets into the barrel of gold called 'international trade' without some sacrifice - and that is usually the representative's Love and Devotion to their own Community and People.

In my opinion, Local Communities are Wise to avoid international trade, for it is a vortex NOT designed for you to 'win' from. The richer it makes you, the deeper into the whirlpool you step.

But it is sometimes practical and healthy. Only however, when one or a Community seeks to satisfy "needs" not satisfied locally.

Otherwise trade and materialistic imbalances occur, which threaten local-local trade and social relationship.

Trinketry grows and international trade peaks when only freighting cheap, trivial, crass products and 'gene-weakening luxuries'. All marketed as much by those, or mates of those who profit most from the trade and transportation - shareholders in global shipping, freight, transport corporations.

Middle-men 99% of them.

Shareholders in-no-small-proportion also, in OH! media, and mining, weapons, casinos and movies.... etc.

Because of the fundamental rort of land speculation etc., these 'middlemen' phenomena have grown to come to tax every local Community on the planet, of 50% to 70% of their legitimate earnings, and of their Spiritual and Community Wealth.

This is all part of the War Perpetual, between the empowered individual ego versus the Common Weal of the Whole Community.

Between Satan-the-selfish-materialist and God-the-Whole-Human-Community.

Satan-the-selfish-materialist would have all of us consumed in calculating our income and tax and profit-margins - small business forms, BAS forms, GST forms, ABN forms - all to avoid giving us the time to Learn and Think and Collectivate on Land Rent and the Philosophy of Harmonious Living.

God-the-Whole-Human-Community on the contrary, would Liberate us from specious centralisation, empowering us through Factual and Complete Education, and Equitable Access to Arable Local Land and Local Control, to the point of a larger "Committee of Councillors" sufficiently empowered to directly direct the Prime Minister as to how he governs the nation.

If we need a PM at all?

The same stigma, that Workers cannot organise themselves Honestly, played as an ancient, and NOW, utterly untrue, pro-establishment rumour against the ALP on October 9th 2004 in Australia's federal election.

The ruthless and conscience-free Liberal/Nationals pulled-out all stops - "Greens are Communists!", and less than subtle one-punch-liners lying about Unions and Labor Et Al.

Not to mention fear-mongering about 'terrorism'.

Local, Working Class, and the Forgotten, given a Good Law, which applies across the nation and across the planet, "for the Good of All", better-than-ever enabling them to function, wheel-and-deal, and grow on the assured security of Land Rent, can and will Happily grasp the concept(s) of how to live Life once free of the age-old personal and social burdens - the economic chains of inequitable distribution of access to Land.

An Agrarian Community Life is a state of mind far indeed from the most recent invention of the western materialist consumer life.

An adjustment of how one views "Life", if moving closer to an Wholistic - even religious of an Eastern Manner, Life, catapults one closer if-not-into states of quite-simply-acquired Happiness - "Hmmm?! Think I'll just sit on the veranda a little longer..."

Happiness IS! Bad economic management at government levels, is what puts 'steel walls' between us and the Beautiful views from the verandas.

Agrarianism could be, could occupy 70% of the increased population (through immigration from the 3rd world), working on local sustainability and enterprise models, and done Collectively, Co-operatively, could give everyone 30%-to-70% more time - to Relax - even to the point of Dwelling in the Bliss of the Silent Mind.

Some say "That's True Peace!"

But there's lots of Work for everyone to do - Justice-type-Work mainly, including forgiving ourselves and our ancestors, for us All to reach that 'stage'.

AUM.............. I Hope?


150th Anniversary of the EUREKA STOCKADE

150th Anniversary of the EUREKA STOCKADE

A Co-ordinated Advance on all Local, State and Federal Government Chambers, with "Sit-Ins" and Vocal Demands for LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE nationally.

Get stoned or pissed later with fellow pseudo-lutionaries and leave to pick-up the kids.

Bewdy Ozeee?

I guess it doesn't matter if it Happens or not, but it'd be fucking nice if it DID happen.

Co-ordinated Capitalists? Oxymoron.......


Max No Difference