MY COMMENT on Infowars article: “Hurricane Isaac Exploited by US Military....” by Kurt Nimmo.

120830 MY COMMENT on Infowars article: “Hurricane Isaac Exploited by US Military....” by Kurt Nimmo.
(1770 words) by Omaxa bin Eartha.

Yeah, everyone's got be wary of any excuses by big government to deploy the armed services onto so-called “civilian” streets and 'burbs.

That applies if civilian 'burbs are functioning as they are idealised to.

The problem is that, especially in the USA, the suburbs, and their centres, the bigger cities, are very much not working, functioning in anything near peaceful, orderly, lawful ways.

A free market is Humanity's Natural means of distributing and acquiring necessary product, and must be guarded, by the polity at any cost.

This gives credence to the “right to bear arms” debate and act in the US Constitution, purely so-as to defend the natural order of Human society against attempts to create an imbalance, which is exactly what excessive, unregulated capitalism has done.

From down-here-down-the-shithole of a heinously imbalanced social and class structure in Astrayliar, it is nevertheless obvious that American society is in-the-extreme imbalanced, in terms of access to the fundamentals we all need, and, as in a supposedly intelligent species and society, have a fundamental right to.

This has grown from centuries-old corruptions, by “lost-tribe” elders who grew wealthy with their brutal powers, over the Balanced American Aborigines, stole their wealth, their lands, and stubbornly, as if made intellectually dysfunctional (“shell-shocked”) by the wars and times they lived in and through, not to mention the already longtime astray, deeply decaying and corrupt Brit-Eurapean cultures and nations they emigrated from, lost the Golden Mean of how to ensure enduring and sustainable cultures and societies.

So, unchecked, and even celebrated by their descendents, this twisted foundation, which has basically completely ignored all the high-art words and language contained in the US Constitution, has grown exponentially throughout US, and allied western culture and society, such that now, every US suburb, but especially every US city centre, the bastion of corporate extremes and greed, are totally dysfunctional.

Therefore, while there may still be some semblance of “neighborliness” extant in some or most US suburbs, even down on the local mainstreet, business as usual, is nothing but ruthless profiteering, and “the devil may care” attitude to the majority of consumers, ie., the majority of US citizens.

Therefore, as this epidemic permeates the whole fabric of US and now the global society and dominant culture, Wise and essentially “for the good of the People” government, has 1st to “get real” enough to recognise these flaws, these fatal flaws if left unchecked, “by whatever means”, and 2nd has to face them with a Wise, tempered mind, and the Courageous Will we ask and expect from military service personnel.

Added to the widespread imbalances and inequities now global, are the resultant threats to the environment by our stubbornness and fear of changing to the extent untempered western, not-level free market playing field economics has fallen.

It is all very well intentioned, but extremely naïve and idealistic to expect such disorder now ingrained deep into the individualistic psyche and general mindset of such as the 1st world peoples, to sort itself out without any strong, determined, and perhaps sadly, forceful directorship.

As the most of we white, western, lost tribe, Judeo-Christians have had our “Manliness” or natural readiness to Stand as our Peoples' Defenders and fire-up the Warrior in us, Man and Woman, stolen from us by the softcock Catholo-Christian “faith” in someone else doing the hard work of keeping the Culture pure and the society stable, we can no longer rely on the Locals, the Jo Av'rage, to Selflessly Collectivise, to Unite down at the local village level to RESIST any “alien” incursions into any (of course, now long lost) Pure Culture.

Therefore it becomes the Duty of the Government, and as Unity or Strength in Numbers naturally amasses, naturally concentrates into such as national government, it becomes the national government's responsibility to assess such threats, such warnings, such evidence, and, by whatever means, deploy the necessary powers, and force, to dispel whatever threats are found.

So, the US civilian streets and suburbs, and even homes are surveyed and even occupied by the national military.

This, as well, is an idealistic scenario, or description of things.

That the US is being turned into something more overtly, a military state, is by dint of the fact that tyrannical entities, powers, forces have taken over the offices and administrations of US governance.

Not, condonable, nor how it should be.

Corporate militarism, powered by psychotic greed, run by oligarchs, is winning.

Military owned by the civilian, is how it should be, such that when corporate power threatens civilian mainstreet trading and private homes, the military should be there to defend the civilian population from itself, and defend the means by which they maintain good culture and safe communities.

If local, state and larger control is lost to corporate greed, megalomania, as most all wealth-orientated corporate ideals and executives become, then someone at least as large in the sense of power, has to assert itself, themselves.

This, once more, is where the military should be ready to step in.

However, as President Eisenhower warned after WW2, your biggest threat to come, was the US military-industrial complex.

The combination of military power, with corporate psycho-pathologies.

As mentioned in the early paragraphs here, the foundations of US culture were set in stones of brutality, by the 1st pioneers and settlers. This, again, has it inheritance from the long lost warring culture of the British and Eurapean “old world”.

So, tragically, contending also with the Brit-Euro ongoing bruised colonial egoism from losing the US to it's own Independence from 1776-on, the methods of raising and maintaining a military force in the US has been kept at, and in general reduced to training by dumbing-down brutality.

This, instilled in recruits, who climb the ranks-ladder, to become military leaders, who direct ongoing training in every level of service, sets-in-stone the vicious attitudes which are now strengthened with such as the utterly ignorant and severely fucked-up CIA “MK Ultra”-type of explorations into methods of individual and group, or mass mind control.

So, now, producing mindless, callous robots, machines, soldiers without ethics, without morals, without the ability to speak, dissent, and unite when they, with what they should have, a clear, rightly disciplined, guided and focused intelligence, discern awry commands, orders, laws, and expectations.

Try alerting the mass of soldiers deployed across US suburbs to that? By far the majority of them are but zombies.

Or, try the same on returned ex-service personnel from Iraq, Afghanistan, et al, who now suffer being labeled as mentally ill, post-war?

More than likely, they would agree, and fist a wall or such.

But with the insecurities inherent in the US capitalist society, people realise they have to do anything to be fed and housed, so they will become robots and kill their own People.

As size of a population makes it impossible for each or any individual to correct what is clearly a deeply awry culture, whether in military direction or civil, the soldiers have little or no options but to obey.

“Jump 1st and ask 'How high sir?' on the way up”.

So, I see the worry of this painted picture by Kurt Nimmo, and by another related article I read on OccupyCorporatism, or whatever the choice website is called.

But, being from a military family, albeit that our Australian military stinks in my opinion, when civilian culture is guided to being so undisciplined, as the general western world has become, and worst, is inviting and forcing the rest of the world to follow, undisciplined by the corporate, business, free market, capitalist, executives on top of the pool, all of whom, it must be stressed, bribed to betray the Masses by the exclusive church cults and their indoctrination camps called “private schools, colleges and universities”, who profit the most from the corrupt, inequitable distribution of the people across the land, then any government has, at such a critical and extreme moment in time, but one choice, to invoke martial law.

That it has become where the government is using the military to oppress it's own people, is the worst most tragic scenario possible.

And, as the masses are so hypnotised by the likes of Glenn Beck and Fox type right wing propaganda and advertising and marketing, makes it a lose-lose situation, because the polity is so disempowered, diffused, divided and confused about what and how they should “Man-Up!” and dispel the threats.

Now, the only way they can react, is to blame to central government.

To be sure, the central government has long been victim to bad ideologies and forces, and do not seem able to claw their way out of the shithole the ruthless corporate crapitalists have dropped the US people in.

Unless, they can deploy their national guard and military throughout local, state and larger government administration, and take control of mainstreet, with the primary objective of reclaiming control of the laws of distribution.

But, not merely of produce, foods, fuels, etc., but of the distribution of the Peoples across the land.

This is rooted in Proper Land Laws, as expounded and Defined by America's own, Henry George.

Purely giving them their own patches to produce their own essentials, with the necessary revenues going to local government so-as to deliver and maintain the essential services and utilities every person and community needs.

When it comes down to it, successful corporations, exactly the same as successful military forces, AND civilian communities, survive, prosper and sustain themselves, by the bottomline law of “economies of scale”.

Another “hippie-type” term for the same is “Collectivisation”.

So, it becomes the Mission of All American Citizens to convince the US military to take over local and state government administration with the primary objective of correcting the Laws of Distribution, of the People upon the Lands.

That is what a national military force should be all about, 1st and foremost.

If America wants the best for itself, and therefore to be looked upon with Respect by the rest of the world, then you have to use this seemingly adverse situation to your best, Collective, Advantage.


Then, let the market be free, and the People with it.

Win-Win, for the People, and for the Government.

Simple, really.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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Racism Origins Inherent In Real Estate

120827 Truelaw Outlaw Junction Racism Origins Inherent In Real Estate Edition

After some 18 years of being excommunicated from Australian society, by my own deranged family (excluding Dad), and by all my ex-mates and friendships, due to insane and evil big cult agendas, and thus being 18 years homeless, I recently found cause to link two important REALPolitik issues, and here they are in one e-ssay.

Being more than pissed-off with the lying egomaniacal female bitches who seem to predominate in the real estate industry nowadays, who just love putting one over more Intelligent, more Honorable males , this article is not a good way to endear my self with their gender or industry.

But, I am quite openly, a “Sworn Misogynist”.

Therefore, I remain, IN DEFIANCE, Dissenting from the mainstream shite that is Astrayliarn culture, an Outlaw, and a homeless one at that.

Although over the years I have, usually after the fact, been aware that many women in real estate are more than reasonable, and have tried to help me out of the hexes my own mother and her warped cult have cast upon my soul, it is clearly impossible for any of them to overpower the darkness of the other “interested” parties who take such delight in deploying their dark and ignorant crafts whenever someone with genuine want to “save me” comes close.

So, Defiant of most all who hex me, then try to convince me they are here to help, I DEFY! And remain marginalised, homeless, with no want now, for a social group.

This is, however, pretty-much a necessity in a nation and world as corrupt and criminal as ours is/are. Innumerable stories and myths abound of those who tried to bring Justice to their quarter only to find the scum on top of the pool have killed their loved ones. Indeed, my own family has suffered this very fate, over some 120 years. And I could speculate and say that some number of friends I've known, have fallen to the same twisted maniacal cults who use my fate to their advantage.


So here is the e-ssay on perhaps the two most important issues today, which may well be underneath most all the fracas and wars and degradations clouding the world.

Racism Origins Inherent In Real Estate

Anyone who partakes in the speculative buying and selling of land in Australia is fundamentally supporting racism.

Even we who buy, sell, own land are in effect racist, here, against the land's True Owners - Bleck Fellas.

So the nation, from top down, govt, church, finance, banking, business, farming, industry and occupants of all and any residences are consciously or not, in effect, either condoning or supporting racism.

All racism against non-whites originates in-the-main, in colonialist expansion onto Aborigine lands.

Racism is propaganda started by the colonisers, to breed hatred and de-humanisation of the original owners amongst the expanding people's first “missionary” pioneers - aka the invading military and the first waves of settlers.

Without racism Australia and all colonised lands would not have a “real estate” industry.

So “real estate” as we know it in real estate agencies and corporations, and as we (have next to no choice but to) identify with it's market and product, is fundamentally a, indeed THE bastion of racism.

So for racism to exist, “real estate” must also. And vice-a-versa.

That real estate exists, and is the bedrock of this era's completely corrupt western economic system, means that, no matter what we say, Christians, Jews, Freemasons, and all who buy land, or even rent it from other than the Aborigine, or, from a central government, (as the Aborigines are not selfish People, and in their Wisdom understand therefore that evil and ignorant, selfish and unjustifiably proud white scum are here to stay, they know the most honest, equitable thus Just way to share and most economically use land, is by Common Ownership, and thus, by the Peoples' Government collecting the Land Value Taxation), are root and branch, racists.

So, we have 2 choices;

  • Truly Democratic Government, 1st by Australia becoming our own fully Sovereign, Independent Democratic Republic, Genuine "level-playing-field" Economics, Equal Human Rights, fundamentally Just land ownership in equitable demographic distribution, no racism and no real estate speculative industries.
  • In totem, a Wise, low-crime, mentally, physically AND environmentally healthy society and combination of cultures, or

  • as it is now, totalitarianism, extremely limited and reducing rights for the vast majority, no True Justice in law, uncertain and ever-failing economics, culture and society, ie., ever-increasing govt, business and cultural corruption, crime, social dislocation and degradation, rising bigotry, racism, also a primary and major cause of war, and real estate.

As the current social, cult-based, economic “system” is so unbalanced, and is increasingly unbalanced in favour of an elite of race-based, white immigrant, western cult memberships, whose “faiths” or religious beliefs are all essentially unfounded and proven to be false, and divisive, and warmongering, which survive and prosper by pure force, and by no Reason, Ethic or Morality, and as this “real estate” based economy is now global, the call must be for all governments to act decisively to rid the planet of this pernicious falsity, known as the “real estate industry”, along with it's divisive, exclusivist cults and with their pathological drive to own the planet's lands, over the Original and True Owners, and over all “Native” Peoples born in the nation, in the region, in the valleys and hills where they live or would choose to live, close to their Ancestors' Spirits.

But that's setting down an agenda, and an edict.

This e-ssay seeks 1st simply to bring to our attention the unrecognised, and un-admitted fact that we have “racism” purely because of other falsities, the principle falsity being “real estate”.

So to eliminate “racism” as false as it is in reality, Humanity has the obligation to, in the very least “Correct” the crude, rude and quite uncalled for tenets upon which the “real estate” industry and market has grown.

And that is, false, racist, exclusivist rights and elitist cult-centred mal-distribution of all the lands, and the seas, and the waters, etc.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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Gough For God Of The Australian Republic!

120826 Truelaw Outlaw Junction Gough For God Edition

1st, let it be clear that these are my opinions about Gough Whitlam and Coy, and that I doubt he agrees with them.  Comments about elevating Him to God status probably irk him to the core.  Sorry Great One!  Those words are fairly-much tongue-on-cheek, aye!

In light of a new book on the ALP Whitlam government, and it's fall in 1975, which gives us not known information about the dealings and business of and behind Gough Whitlam and Coy, we're right if we're brought to ask “where does Labor Australia stand today, in relation to the 65 or so years of chaos inflicted on the Peoples of the Middle East?”

Zion has not been a friend of the non-Jewish Peoples of the world, whether Australian Aborigines or Palestinian Aborigines, and has taken over all Democratic Movements over time, until today, one cannot look at the Australian Labor Party nor most any so-called “left-wing” parties and organisations, and not see welded-on Zionist associations and, frighteningly, seriously questionable, if not outright flawed, ideological allegiances.

Yet, in the 1970s, in it's rise from some 23 years in defunct opposition, the ALP's Gough Whitlam and His Comrades, most all of them highly astute, dedicated to Justice, and Intelligent politicians, not gloss-brained sycophants of the “occupying foreign power” Britain has always been, and still is today, were blocked from doing the right thing for this relatively nubile, and, as I keep stressing, extremely dumbed-down polity, dumbed-down by some 200 years of foreign cult influences, from Rome, “Lambeth” England, Scottish Freemasonry, all but “branch offices of Zionist Israel”, because in their Wisdom and True Dissent from the heinously corrupt white, Brit-Euro orthodoxy, attempted to implement the Reforms all Nations should.

Even taking it as far as being open to finance, from the Saddam Hussien anti-Zionist Iraqi regime, once the awry Fraser Liberal Party Opposition blocked supply.

This, methinks, was purely an attempt, yes, a Brave and Noble attempt, to lift Australia up and away from the endemic, centuries old institutionalised British corruption.

Yet, oh HELLO!?#$%^!? Who was there, ready to misuse the 4th estate of our offshore-owned media houses to destroy Whitlam and Coy's reputation forever, but the more recently exposed Australian-born Zionist-Illuminati Rupert the fuck Murdoch!


Whatwith Murdoch media houses here doing everything possible to destroy the ALP again, in the last 2010 federal election, and the ongoing destruction of the ALP elected PM Rudd, and it's ongoing campaigns to defame the current ALP government, in-bed with the Rhodesian, (not to be confused with the southern African nation, now known as Zimbabwe, previously named “Rhodesia” after the same rather stupid, racist, colonialist and plunderous white English bastard, Cecil Rhodes) extreme right-wing, racist, Zionist Australian Liberal Party (classic Orwellian “double-speak” abuse of the word “liberal”), fronted by Tiny Habit, who cannot stop his Zionist Rhodes scholar mind from telling porkies, it is a sign of the terror which lurks in the halls of parliament that today's ALP cannot go anywhere near to talking Honestly about the deeply stupid and deadly Zionist plans for this massive piece of real estate, and/or that the “north” (-ern hemisphere) is utterly, utterly insane, and therefore is a region, (meaning more specifically, racist, colonist, Zionist, CRAPitalist, white, western Eurape, Britain, et al) we should break away from, and henceforth have absolutely nothing to do with.

With the “Arab Spring” still extending it's Revolutionary fervour across Syria, extending into Lebanon, and yet, expected to “blossom” further throughout the very inequitable Mid-East, sponsored by the apparently CRAPitalist US secret service, the CIA, which all together has Israel more than a bit nervous that this Arab Spring might turn out to be but a ploy to spark enough Mid-East violence such that it engulfs the Zionist pigs as well, a slow fuse to ignite Armageddon against, not the anti-Semite, anti-Jewish forces and non-Jews, but against the Zionists themselves, one could be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that the fucking dog-rotten-psycho-pathological extreme-right-wing “fucking psychos” within the CIA and up into the US government administration and defence/military departments, which came to a head during the GW Bush era, who twisted facts, created fictions, turned international law on it's head, in order to invade the Mid-East mainly for it's oil, but also to inflict such chaos as to make a permanent environment for their massive, massive arms industries and trade, have come to their senses, covertly, and realise that the world's real-and-present enemy is not Islam, not Iran, not Al Queieiaieo-o-o-o-oda, not the Taliban, not all the non-western, non-Christian, non-Jewish, non-Zionist infidels, but that the world's real-and-present enemy is in fact Christian, Jewish, Freemason, white-supremacist, aka racist, colonialist, CRAPitalist Zionist-pig-fanatics, who run the world! (?)

And who run the CIA! And MI6! And Mossat! And Russia's FSB!



But try waking up the sleepy, big-balled, white baptised egomaniacs here, such that they get on the Australian - astray lyin' - streets and march out all Zionist traces from retail, from government, from religion and thus from existence?


Gough For God!” I Chant!

And so say all the True Fellas, who have always known that Communism, aka Agrarian Socialism, is what God, and Gough knew, know and intend for the species, and for the Global Terra Firma.

Before or after Armageddon!

As I tweeted, the revelations in this new book, by one Jennifer Hocking (?) on Gough's time in the 1970s, gives Australia all we need to call Prince Charles of Buckingham Palace, to “...sign zee papers ol' man!” And release Australia from Britain's evil spell, to becoming our very own Independent Democratic Agrarian Socialist Republic.

Oh! With the kind consent and signature also, of mummy-dear, HRH 'Liz'beth!

Not that it or anything matters much, as the fuse of Armageddon is burning closer to the explosive KATOOSHKA, by the second.

Can secular Israel put the fuse out, by declaring Zion to be an illegal and dangerous cult?

Be nice to think so.

But HEY! The general raging spread of the insane Zionist virus is passed containment, since set-off at least 1600 years ago in Rome, and having highly volatile occult mind-fuel poured on it over the last 150 years, so, as the majority of the spoiled Catholic world can no longer control her “love” read- ”uncontrollable desires” for MORE BABIES!!#$%^! there's too many of us.

So Armageddon, nuclear and all, is pretty-much an unavoidable necessity, for the big cleansing, methinks.

Obviously, it's gonna take lots and lots of illumined minds, from the bottom of the human pool to the scum on top, to instigate the containment and correction this lurching planet needs.

While they're all thinking about it, and trying to sober-up so they can think about it...., I'm for Armageddon, asap.

Bring. It. Be!


So. Mote. It. On!


Oh, be nice to read this book earlier referred to, by one Ms Hocking - Hosking - whatever. Having next to no chance of doing so, I nevertheless extend my thanks to her for bringing the guff to us.

Never know? Might be 'nough to 'spire a Revalaish... Revalashing... Revalooshun!

Perhaps in public school edamication?

Certainly do wiff some out in the bush!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth

Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor

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The Trials Of Modern Free Market CRAPitalism

120821 Truelaw Outlaw Junction The Trials Of Modern Free Market CRAPitalism Edition

And a HOHOHO, and a HOHOHO!!!!!!!!

Last week, the day before my Most Honorable Step Father, Allan Nichols Meredith jumped off the twig and Ascended beyond this life, I posted comments saying I was shutting down this blog.

His passing left me no option but to post my Obituary to Him the day after on this blog, and as seen, the bullshit oozing from my sister about the Obituary, prompted me to post further comments going to our family and the lies I've been subjected to lifelong.

Clearly, it's a female conspiracy to kill off all the males.


Nevertheless...., on other issues, no doubt brought upon the honest workers of the world by errant white, Catholic female insatiabilities, I've jumped onto the lapbox to go to the issue of the deranged and deeply astray modern free market of CRAPitalism.

If a bloke sees aright, and goes to what might be regarded as “sacrificial lengths” to avoid becoming but a zombie of CRAPitalism, and thus does his, their best to not partake of the buy-buy-buy, then throw away world of material product procurement, usage, and disposal, incorrectly labelled “goods”, brought down upon us in-the-main by a long string of useless idiots across the whole gamut of industries involved in our ability to purchase the end product deemed necessary or desirable, and instead, engages one's own abilities, talents and skills to manufacture the makeable things necessary to get-by-and-get-away from the idiots, perhaps the biggest battle is to find product that is of any value, quality, enough to last beyond the 12th night after the end of the warranty.

Online shopping has many merits, one being we are not paying crapitalist retailers over-pricing, so they can afford to pay the most unethical rents they pay to unscrupulous landowners/developers/real estate agencies, etc.

But the general range of product on online outlets, the same as the range of product sold in retail stores, is of ever-lower quality.

Online, it's close to impossible to verify the brand's information, specifications, in regard to any grade of quality.

As with product sold in retail stores, company buyers seek out the cheapest product, so-as to make themselves the greatest mark-up, between the wholesale and retail prices.

As China is the place to go for cheap shit, and as every retail store has to pay exorbitant rents or land prices, totally unjustifiable, yet no social justice organisation, religion or political party has the balls to go there, it becomes necessary for the businesses to source their product from wherever they can get it cheapest.

This has it's woes in the education of the corporate executive, as well as in the sycophantic church-schoolies who grease their ways into jobs in corporation buying departments, who really have no ethical instruction, no ethical fortitude, so bow low to whatever enables them to win the praises of the super-unethical corporate executives.

Thus, the bottomline issue of “profit”, brought to the unethical fore by their ignorance and stupidity about why crapitalism has gone off the rails, becomes the primary driver in all aspects of the marketplace.

Few, if any of them have the balls or the brains to establish the causes of Armageddon and the simple ways for society, for nations to avoid it - LAND RENT FOR GOVERNMENT REVENUE.

It's Pure, Holy-everrrn, Economic Science, and has the crucial stabilizing factors all free markets need to operate on, so that everyone is a winner, as they say. Corporations, and the buying, consuming public.

But OH SHIT NO!!! Never ask a corporate trouser-climber to dare even think about being ethical!?!#$%^&*?!?

Thanks Christianity, Judaism, Freemasonry, for producing those offices-full of selfish zombies!

But, the issue....,

I need a product. I search on the internet. Many shops offer specials suiting my budget. But there's no easy, or non-costly way for me to compare not the prices, but the quality of each product offered.

One shop, or online marketeer, has the product on special, say $48.00.


But, knowing it's from China (one does not have to ask), and that there are many varying grades of product quality from China, one cannot know, and certainly cannot trust the store's assistants, what sort of quality the product is made to.

So, using price as a determinant, I check for the product in a slightly higher cost-bracket.

However, “special” or not, there is no guarantee that the next retailer is not sourcing the same shit quality product, perhaps from a different supplier/factory, and is asking $30, $40, $60 more.

So, online shopping, perhaps for known product, from known, reputable suppliers, is great, and done right, that is wisely, is a more efficient way to procure goods and services.

However, whether a “do-it-yourself” addict or cheapskate, or wise-arse, or merely an overly wealthy zombie - aka, 95% of white people - who just wants wants wants stuff and does not give a shit about price or quality, just as long as it feeds the ego, we are all victims of this disgusting cheap-source, maximum mark-up, no crossable-quality-checking-possible marketplace.

And doesn't the environment know it!

So, I still want a product. In this case, a welding jacket. One shop has one for $48, but, as said, it's bound to be the cheapest quality going. One fleck of a red-hot iron filing and it's “1st hole!”. Dirt sticks and threads snap on the 1st strain. The bright finish at purchase is dull to grubby and worn out in but a few days of hard use.


I look elsewhere.

Next store. Same zero quality, zero assurance that their product is genuinely made with what I tend to regard as “American Care” to make a product that really does last - for decades!

Price? Oh, this one's only $104.00!

Ummm...? Quality...???

Yes-yes, we at Stupidshit go to extra care to ensure we only purchase product that meets our stringent quality assurance requirements”.

OK. I look elsewhere, having bought from that Stupidshit shop before.

I go to a retailer whom I knew, 30 years ago, sold average or above average products.

Nuh! It's all shit! Cheap as they can get away with.

In fact, I must be the only one who is actually in the shop to buy stuff. Everyone else is a stooge, doing the shops bidding by being there to have me think they're customers, so I can buy shit, and get back to the shed to find - IT'S SHIT!


So? Coles-Myer-K-Mart! Woolworths! Mitre-10! Big-W! TradeTools! Supercheap! Autobarn! RahRahRahRetail!

There's not a retail outlet in the fucking country that sells quality product!

Oh, there's David Jones! For 4 times the rightful price! “Oh but the service is excellent!?#$%^&!!”

Of course, ignored and laughed at by all retail shop assistants, is the fact that one has to travel evermore expensive distances from one store to the next, merely to compare the quality. Using the phone has costs to it also, especially if the only phone is a cell-phone.

AND!?!?$%^??? If the product does shit itself, one has to drive back to the fucking shop to get a replacement or refund, costing fuel, vehicle wear, and time.

Do the retailers ever compensate us for that????


Nah! CRAPitalism is the darkness of destruction.


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth

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My Family

Further to the drama called "my family".......,
Saturday, 18 August 2012 1:27 PM
Didn't expect a less distancing reply.
All grist to the "plausible deniability" mill, in the sad need to defend an hienous, 120 year-old-plus Catholic, "Zionist" plan.
After over 7 years of investigation and absolutely agonising research, added-to the endless trail of unexplained mis-&-maltreatment over decades, as oft' from very "high" authorities, & the seriousness of the mad plan, now, by my defiance, gone or going very very wrong, it is clear to me that it is impossible for anyone or force to dissolve, resolve or "absolve" the situation I unwittingly, naively, trustingly, (oh what a fool!) allowed to develop around me.
Sorry to say to you, who I know tried very hard to lift me free of "this hexed life" - England 1975, "Shanti" Indian restaurant, Johnston St Fitzroy, late '80s (?) on "god" & stuff - "....its all shit, Nick!", taking me in as a boarder ".... Oh Nick! You're allowed to be lost!" etc, etc, after clear lies from mum, & innumerable deceits by gold-digger women, Teresa the worst, who went to insane & evil lengths to ruin me, even after I gave more and more, asking nothing, and "fit-ups" galore before & since, by Catholic women, all trust of your gender is dead in me.
And still, like ravenous rats, they gleefully hunt, haunt & insinuate fault after me.
I understand your reply, but as said, trust is dead now, of women, but of all people, particularly of all western authorities.
Dad gave me Principles, of the Highest Order.
1st among them is Honesty. Another is "Check your facts!"
I am here, because I am wedded to His Rectitude. Not popular in our utterly corrupt nation and culture.
"Death before dishonor!" (Bitches!) I blogged to the ADF, as they have added their brutality to my life, on, upon my own investigations, establishing that they'd bastardised Don's army mate, Curiton, turning him into an animal, & possibly Don, & run pedophile rings, AND win promotions for it!
So be it. To me, I will Stand True to Dad 'til I join Him on the other side.
As I Stand True to Pop Willis. For they both guided me to seeing hidden tragic facts of their, & our histories, hidden from me, for altogether warped & pernicious purposes.
If my adherance to the facts forces you to desert me, thats sad, but so be it.
I will never betray my Honor-bound Duty to them, the two Most Righteous Men in my family.
Thanks at least for recognising the "heart" which came through from my deepest chasms of soul, in the obituary.
Now, can you spare another $1000? (Ambit claim, y'unnerstand!)
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Omaxa bin Eartha
for Global Land & Tax Reform


"Only the Truth will set you free"

I've read your tribute a couple of times. There are lots of truly wonderful sentiments and observations of Dad in there, but I disagree so completely with the rest of it that I can't help you to submit it anywhere. I'm appalled to see that you've put it online. What you've implied about Mum is deeply deeply offensive. I have suggested before that if you have doubts about your parentage you should settle them once and for all by having the DNA tests. It wouldn't even need Dad's DNA - comparison of yours with Don's and/or mine would be sufficient.

Meanwhile despite your cruel act I am obliged to inform you that Dad's funeral will be on Thursday at 2.30pm at Le Pine Funeral Parlour, 1048 Whitehorse Rd Box Hill. I'm sad to say I really hope you don't come.


On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 6:23 PM, Omaxa bin Eartha <maxadiff@yahoo.com.au> wrote:
Sent this to The Age, but phone credit stops my calling the Herald.  perhaps you can do it?
 Of course, being typically long, it may not be published.  "Death notices" attract a sizey fee. But "Obits" are different, I was just told on phone by The Age telephonist.

I hope the information in it is near enough to correct?

120816 Obituary To A Great Warrior - ALLAN NICHOLS COOK-MEREDITH
20th March 1921 - 16th August 2012

It's always been for others to write obituaries.

Today, it's my turn.

Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith, my Most Honorable Step-Father, passed over this morning at 4.00am, “very peacefully” it's said, in the Doncaster hospice he recently chose to see out his last days in.

After 91 years, He is on his way, up and forever to His Blissful Heaven.

And, while it is right and natural to grieve, and to weep tears, it is so, that this kind of Man, is now Free, of the torments, deprivations and suffering of the physical, human, earthly life.

So it is more important that we, who mourn, remember Him, Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith, for the Joy He selflessly gave us, and that He has become freed at last from woe, and is allowed, unfettered, to Enjoy The Bliss we all want, and go to extraordinary lengths to usually fruitlessly find. He, has Bliss now. as He so Deserves.

Born Allan Nichols Meredith, to Clarence Meredith and Adelaide Nichols on 20th March 1921, and after a rail accident in around 1924, which left his Father Clarence Meredith less a leg, he was adopted by his Virtuous Mother's loving husband to be, the Wise and Caring, Walter Cook, when she remarried to Walter.

He spent time in England with his mother prior to their settling back in Western Australia with his Step-Father, where as a youth, Allan attended Perth Modern school. Even then, his teachers noted his above average Intellect and Talents.

Before he was 20 years old he enlisted with the Australian Infantry Forces, and served in the Middle East, during the 2nd world war, and Greece, then also served reputably back in Australia as a weapons instructor and other military skills, joining the newly created 1st Australian Paratroop Battalion, Australia's first paramilitary unit, in which he rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant 2nd Class, (Sergeant Major) Royal Australian Engineers.

He met his wife to be, Adrienne Helen Willis, while still in service, back in Australia, and courted her by, among his many other talents, taking her riding on his Ariel Red Hunter 500cc motorcycle.

They shared productive lives together and brought three children into the world, Wendy Dianne, Donald Walter, and myself, Max Nichols.

A stern man, he was also the most Honest person I have ever known, and with that exuded a Nobility suited perfectly to his names, “Allan” which means “Noble”, “Nichols”, his mother's maiden name, which means “Victorious Peoples” and Meredith, which means “Great Lord”. “Meredith”, the same, as the Tudor Kings of ancient Wales and mid-2nd millennium England.

Allan Meredith was also more Intelligent than most would be able to discern, simply because he was as well, entirely Humble.

However, he was never one to retreat from a fight, when he saw injustice or untruths playing out.

As a consequence, nary a day passed through his whole 91 years, when he was not at odds with the tyranny of the day, of the times, and of the dominant cults of our nation and world.

This often left him with few friends, but those who knew and truly understood him, remained his Comrades til the last.

The medals and awards given him by the military, run far short of the Honours He Truly Deserves, for his unending opposition to ignorance and tyranny.

Indeed, to myself at least, He, Allan Nichols Meredith, was our, Australia's Greatest, Most Noble, Most Virtuous Outlaw.

He taught me Dignity, Honesty, Honor, Courage and a plethora of other Qualities hard to find today, in any nation or people.

He also taught me all the primary ingredients I know, prize and cherish in critical thinking, REALpolitik discernment, and seeking after one's own Intelligence, 1st and foremost.

When I'd bother him with pesky questions, his response was most often, “THINK MAN, THINK!”

I followed that advice and am never alone for it's benefits.

He also taught me the essentials of writing, both with the hand, and with the mind.

And, He also taught me how to really ride motorcycles.

But as well, he guided me with Wisdom and Kindness for the portending torrents of unknowns and frightening scenarios I was yet to face and do battle with, and prepared me for a violent and debauched world, instilling the Vital Virtues in me like no other could.

After a long, Noble and Most Honorable Life, fighting the wars few are able, nor brave enough to engage in, nor Meritorious enough to Stand True amongst 'til their last breath, as He did, Allan Nichols Meredith Rests In Eternal Peace, and will be Remembered, and will be Remembered, and will be Remembered, for more generations to come, than any other.

I, could never be, indeed, no-one could ever be, The Great Man He was, 'though those who knew Him, know, but for His Righteous Humility, He could himself have been so much more.

Thank You Dad, for everything You gave!

All Praise Him, Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith.

My, indeed our, Most Noble Father.

See ya' on the other side Dad!

Your Son, lesser, Your Step-Son,

Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien