Derrlaw Outderr Junction Derr

120815  Derrlaw Outderr Junction Derr Edition.

I went over the last posted e-ssay overnight, and with other memories of two Kiwi twin brothers - Austin and Adrian - who ingratiated themselves upon me while in 338 Harrow Road hostel Paddington London UK, a slimey 3-storey terrace house set-up and occupied and run from behind the scenes by the warped and evil Catholic, Freemason and Theosophical Society, I saw more foolish gaffs in the shit I wrote the other day, about Facebook, and that social media trend, etc.

The 2 brothers have been but 2 of the myriad witches from the aforesaid cults, who have been either instructed by those cults, or are simply enjoying fucking with my mind, as that sort of rich white scum are want to do, and thus with whatever "liberty" I have, or should have a right to, since those "fun" but horribly naive 3 years in England from 1975-to-1978.

So, disgusted again with my being led to write as I did, both about the social media, about society in general, and of whatever "talents" (NOT!) I assume I possess,  After lying and thinking for hours in the bunk this mournin', I decided it's time I shut down this blog page.

I hope I can keep my stupid mind out of the affairs I have been seduced to follow and write about, by the whole cult-collective, who have been trying to build me to be their - their - (Oh! What fun they have with my little mind!) their puppet messiah, post-apocalypse leader, or whatever they can configure after each damning, insulting and correcting revelation I have, dig-up, expose.

FUCK YOU! You outright evil pieces of shit!

For all I've gleaned over the last 40 or so years, about human beings and our future on this, more likely my dream planet, in that it's all been a twisted and manipulated dream, so none or very little of it has ever been anything near to what might be "Reality", nevertheless.., the white, western imbeciles have trashed the planet, and if it is as I perceive it now, it cannot last for more than one generation before the biosphere, the ecology implodes for it being over-taxed by the insatiable scum the white fellas have been for some thousands of years.

With the added bonus - if we regard rightly, the end of white, Jewish and Christian people's rampant spread and insane over-consumption, of the unleashing of the occult powers across the globe, so that most all the "weather events", and tsunamis and earthquakes are only going to increase in number and strength, then we can rest assured (?) that the fabled "apocalypse" or the Jewish Armageddon is pretty-much a certainty.

Falling back to the Bible and it's last book, Revelation, it says somewhere that after the big dark, there'll only be 144,000 people left on earth.


Unless, any large percentage of them are whitearse.

With all the occult now alive in the majority, and the abilities to consciously transpose the conscious Soul from one body to the next, then there's gonna be lots of reborn witches in new bodies, alive on a trashed planet, methinks.

Those not of any metaphorical "144,000", are, one assumes, cast into Hell.  So it may be that with this ability to live forever, there comes no guarantee of the world into which they are reborn.

If this world, this planet does exist, as it is and, after the collapse of the environment and thus of the innumerable plant and animal species we depend upon for food, etc, , and if the witches can live on in other new bodies, they might well still be doomed to live on a really out of balance planet?

Dunno...?  Could be...?

But with that 144,000, surviving, one assumes the book means their survival on earth?

So either they are secure in the necessities away from the mad throngs of post-apocalypse mongrels and mutants, one pictures the mobs of mutants from the last scenes of the films "Lord of the Rings", or, perhaps those who live on but do not make it through the "purley gates" in that they have been judged and fail the "Rectitude Test", are not in fact reborn as humans but are reborn into the lower animal or occult realms, to be but what we, perhaps anthropocentrically perceive and believe to be lesser beings - rats, cockroaches, worms, snakes - there'll be plenty of snakes - if these scenarios are close to what is to come of the people alive when the big dark drops on the planet?

Hindu literature has a deep and I reckon accurate description of life here and in higher, and lower worlds, where souls go after qualifying here.

"Srimad Bhagavatum" or thereabouts.

Good guys go to higher, more Blissful worlds, on planets elsewhere in the universe.  I didn't read much of that book, but one can deduce to some extent, that the naughty bastards are reduced to painful lives and/or worlds.

But as most of my life has been a load of shit, with evil cunts fucking with my head from the day I was conceived - 16th July 1954 - when mummy gave my alleged great-grand-father a heart attack and death, when he caught her conceiving me to her extramarital lover, nothing I've learned or experienced since can be regarded as true, or as fact, etc.

So, this rave, hopefully my last, and everything before, has to be taken with large handfuls of salt, if only to keep away the vampires or ghosts or witches or whatever...

Nevertheless....., the scum who've been messing with my life, have been doing the unconscionable, as far as I'm concerned, and should not be forgiven in a hurry.

Personally, I refuse to ever forgive them, and reckon they should burn in Hell for eternity.

But HEY!  That's a bit strong, aye?  Besides, as Steve Greenhorn said around me about 30 years ago, when he was 1st brought up to speed as to what these occult scum were planning for me... "It's only Maxie!"

So I guess I should not look so maliciously on the myriad fucks who've played with my life, mind, body and Soul, for 57 years-plus?

Being about the last person on earth without their third eye open, makes me rather extraordinary, say what?

So, as per the many cults of history, who have seen it necessary to offer up sacrifices to not the gods, but to the dominant evil on earth, Christianity very much one of them, the cult, which sacrifices it's most talented, if Jesus ben Joseph (JC) was their most highly talented puppet, and the others who followed him, who were clearly not any run-of-the-mill religious faithfuls, but simply different to the flockers for their having awakened their Intellects - and we all know how much Christians loath and fear Intelligent people - then, whether I'm actually talented above the rest or not, it's hard to not see myself as this utterly perverted Jewish and Christian sacrifice.

Thanks cunts!

I hope you live forever, on the nuclear war ridden, trashed planet you and your selfish, warped lifestyles, or deathstyles have made!

So,  to all of the cults and their selfish followers who have played with and fucked my life, see ya, and


As it is, I will be doing all I can to begin the apocalypse, to erupt from December 21st 2012.

For myself, I hope I do not, which means enduring without opening my third eye, and perhaps on that date, finding a nice big cliff to jump off.

I expect I will have no say on which body I'm reborn into, so am leaving my future life's fate in the hands of no-one I can trust.

No doubt, knowing the malignant mindsets of today's cults, Christianity and the Jews perhaps the most, they will take idiotic glee in capturing my passing-over Soul, and throw it down for another bleak stay amongst gutless fucked up selfish pieces of shit like Astrayliarns, British, Eurapeans, et al, et al.

So be it!

As said, I hope I do not, that-is, I hope I am not forced, by these same fuckheads with uncontrollable wants to fuck with my mind, to go the bring on Armageddon.  Not for any sympathy with the lot of you, but purely because that cannot auger well for my own transference into my next series of lives.

But, as I have never really had a say nor control of my destiny in this shit of a life, I, of course, can not guarantee that I will not begin the apocalypse.

On the other hand, a completely impartial analysis of the world as it has been undone by the same cults of Jews, Christians, Freemasons etc., does, I say, determine that the vast majority of whites, but of all who have been lured to accept the outright fucked, evil ways of the modern, western lifestyles, deserve being cast into Eternal Hell.

So, rather than my own fate being more shit, if I start shaking the tectonic plates so much as to cause..., say, Japan, east coast Asia, south-east Asia, west coast America, Polynesia, Melanesia, Australia-Asia, etc etc etc, to go under, and if I am to cause major quakes underneath Rome (Oh! Pleeeease!!), Britain and Eurape etc., whatever "Gods" do exist, and thus who are Truly Just, unlike western perversions of "Justice", are as likely to reward me for destroying the malignant scum we whites have been and become?

Maaaaaybe!  Maaaaybve NOT?

But while the idiot witches of the world keep plying my soul with their cheap magic, Armageddon is a certainty, my karma irrelevant.