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Just stumbled on a chat page, or whatever..., "Godlike Productions" and liked it.  So I wrote and posted my 1st e-ssay to it, thus.....

Theosophical, Catholic, Freemason, Jewish et al mind control. They got me! 

Hi. Just joined GLP.

18 years on the roads of Australia, running from outlaw motorcycle gangs-through-Christians, only to find out by my own painful research, that I'm connected by family to dynastic elites of Freeemasonry, Catholicism and the Tudor kings of England and older, to ancient (allegedly) Wales.

I'm 57y/o now, and began to confirm suspicions held for decades that mum was messing wiff my head, fred, as recently as 2005, in finding the meanings of my name(s).

I have no doubts at all that I'm a puppet of all of the named cults and creeds, and have been victim of the same "mind control" since my secreted (from me) illegitimate conception and birth in 1954/55.

Having leaned toward political dissent, REALPolitik as-they-say, and toward the Righteousness of defying the mainstream laws, which upon the most simple inquiry, are known to be quite unlawful,I call myself an Outlaw.

Being honest, particularly in Australia, known to myself as "Astrayliar" is basically a crime, and to my way of being induced to think, is the first prerequisite of being any Genuine Outlaw.

But hohoho?! If any or all of the named cults were to try to deploy mind control on any one individual, in order to "build" a revolutionary leader, prophet, hero, etc etc etc, and considering that the mainstream operates and sustains quite unjust, insane, "illegal" laws, and ensuing systems of government and culture, including religions, this "outlaw" thing would be exactly what they would turn a person into, methinks.

So? Whichever path I choose, few choices though I have, and having been inculcated by one and all along my life's time line to be honest, added to by both the conspirators and their adversaries alike, running behind or ahead of me to bribe and seduce any I deal with into playing the game, by first denying to me, anything untoward against myself and the controls they impose on my mind and thus life, I'm rooted!

But HELLO? An informed inquiry into the likes of Jesus ben Joseph, (JC) exposes that he was also a puppet of either or both Jewish Rabbis and/or the Romans, to play the sacrificial role he was left no option but to play.

I guess the question is: Does this "western" predeliction toward controlling peoples' minds have any legitimate place?

I cannot see it as justifiable, and in my own unfortunate "false prophet" case, can only regard it as a heinous attempt to retain religious and economic power over the whole flock, extending of course to their psychotic desires for world domination.

It really should end.

This demands the end of all cults which believe this practice is for the good.

So goodbye Christianity, Judaism, Freemasonry, Theosophy, etc etc etc and et al.

But HEY! Who am I foolin'?

They, like the Euro-American banks and auto makers et al, are too big to fail. And obviously all regard themselves as right and fit to exist, so none will surrender to the facts, without a fierce war.

Aka Armageddon.

Shit happens, aye?

Anyone got any thoughts...?

I refuse to top myself, purely out of a DEFIANCE against this and their adversaries agendas, and while still chained to this mortal coil, do what I can to counter and expose their plottingsss, because I cannot see nor believe other than that this, my miserable fate, and thus the same or similar methods of control over the Common Folk of the world, is a warped, desperate and evil act by those cults.

That saying "...power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely"... applies in these types of situations, which also, in the extreme situation the globe is in today, tells us the we are all coming to the end of days, of time, of the world, as the doomsayers suggest.

Looking from some 20 years of complete exile, at the state of play in politics, law, social trends, down-sliding culture, and the increase in insane behaviour, promoted by the west, and craved for by increasing number of us, not to mention the explosion of recent decades of the abuse of the occult powers (referring back to the named cults and their errant tries to win an unwinnable war) the end of the world is both inevitable, and the only just thing the dominant paradigm and western clearly psychotic culture deserves.

The saddest thing is that it will also take out the Natural and usually gorgeous animals and critters, and that the wealthier arseholes who, like hypnotised zombies keep on keeping up the most pernicious culture ever seen, will be best fitted and placed to survive!

I reckon though, that should the big Armageddon occur, of a worldwide nuclear war, and some small numnber do survive, those of the materialist west will not last, before the culture shock either sends them all insane and cannibalistic, or the rude reality will simply be too much for them, and they will just die off.

Charleton Heston and "The Planet of the Apes" scenario, has a ring about it, methinks?

Can? an empowered Collective of True thinkers, People who reject the dominant paradigms of materialist excess, and choose to live the "rustic" life, the Honorable, considerate, "Environmentalist" Life, "Collectivise" and mount a serious ie., an effective challenge to the idiot zombies of the OCCUPY Movement's "1%", in reality a far larger 30-to-40% of the modern and the modernising world?

Again... such scenarios can only arrive at the thesis that Armageddon can be the only possible outcome, if only because the zombies of modernalia, being mindless and stubborn, will be the first to reach for the nuclear missiles to stomp the Righteous.

Being one who sees myself, and all of us, as but "one grain of sand on an infinite beach", in this rather large universe, and that no matter what we do, it's all a bit of fluff, trivial, and outside of being in the moment, so-as to enjoy our here-and-now, pointless, it is quite unreasonable and stupid to be worried that it might all, in our lifetime, come to an end.

Shit happens.....

Of course, it would be nice to stop the carnage.

But as the most of us have our selfish limits, and cannot break the hexes and spells thrown, draped, cast over our minds, by the above named megalo-maniacal cults, to be True Fearless Warriors against the machine etc., things cannot be otherwise.

Like a saying from Africa.... "It takes a Village to grow a child(-to-be-adult)".

This Wisdom is the antithesis to all messianic, Christian thinking (which isn't "thinking" at all. Merely belief.)

So too, is "...never put all your eggs in one basket!"

So, who's up for bashing Zionism???

If, therefore any of us are Human, that-is, "Man-The-Wise" then it becomes our Duty to DEFY this dark and quite quite stupid Christian culture, and it's financier, capitalism.

Apologies to this site's admin, if this, my first post, doesn't fit within your criteria.

Blue Meanie
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