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Saturday, 18 August 2012 1:27 PM
Didn't expect a less distancing reply.
All grist to the "plausible deniability" mill, in the sad need to defend an hienous, 120 year-old-plus Catholic, "Zionist" plan.
After over 7 years of investigation and absolutely agonising research, added-to the endless trail of unexplained mis-&-maltreatment over decades, as oft' from very "high" authorities, & the seriousness of the mad plan, now, by my defiance, gone or going very very wrong, it is clear to me that it is impossible for anyone or force to dissolve, resolve or "absolve" the situation I unwittingly, naively, trustingly, (oh what a fool!) allowed to develop around me.
Sorry to say to you, who I know tried very hard to lift me free of "this hexed life" - England 1975, "Shanti" Indian restaurant, Johnston St Fitzroy, late '80s (?) on "god" & stuff - "....its all shit, Nick!", taking me in as a boarder ".... Oh Nick! You're allowed to be lost!" etc, etc, after clear lies from mum, & innumerable deceits by gold-digger women, Teresa the worst, who went to insane & evil lengths to ruin me, even after I gave more and more, asking nothing, and "fit-ups" galore before & since, by Catholic women, all trust of your gender is dead in me.
And still, like ravenous rats, they gleefully hunt, haunt & insinuate fault after me.
I understand your reply, but as said, trust is dead now, of women, but of all people, particularly of all western authorities.
Dad gave me Principles, of the Highest Order.
1st among them is Honesty. Another is "Check your facts!"
I am here, because I am wedded to His Rectitude. Not popular in our utterly corrupt nation and culture.
"Death before dishonor!" (Bitches!) I blogged to the ADF, as they have added their brutality to my life, on, upon my own investigations, establishing that they'd bastardised Don's army mate, Curiton, turning him into an animal, & possibly Don, & run pedophile rings, AND win promotions for it!
So be it. To me, I will Stand True to Dad 'til I join Him on the other side.
As I Stand True to Pop Willis. For they both guided me to seeing hidden tragic facts of their, & our histories, hidden from me, for altogether warped & pernicious purposes.
If my adherance to the facts forces you to desert me, thats sad, but so be it.
I will never betray my Honor-bound Duty to them, the two Most Righteous Men in my family.
Thanks at least for recognising the "heart" which came through from my deepest chasms of soul, in the obituary.
Now, can you spare another $1000? (Ambit claim, y'unnerstand!)
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