Gough For God Of The Australian Republic!

120826 Truelaw Outlaw Junction Gough For God Edition

1st, let it be clear that these are my opinions about Gough Whitlam and Coy, and that I doubt he agrees with them.  Comments about elevating Him to God status probably irk him to the core.  Sorry Great One!  Those words are fairly-much tongue-on-cheek, aye!

In light of a new book on the ALP Whitlam government, and it's fall in 1975, which gives us not known information about the dealings and business of and behind Gough Whitlam and Coy, we're right if we're brought to ask “where does Labor Australia stand today, in relation to the 65 or so years of chaos inflicted on the Peoples of the Middle East?”

Zion has not been a friend of the non-Jewish Peoples of the world, whether Australian Aborigines or Palestinian Aborigines, and has taken over all Democratic Movements over time, until today, one cannot look at the Australian Labor Party nor most any so-called “left-wing” parties and organisations, and not see welded-on Zionist associations and, frighteningly, seriously questionable, if not outright flawed, ideological allegiances.

Yet, in the 1970s, in it's rise from some 23 years in defunct opposition, the ALP's Gough Whitlam and His Comrades, most all of them highly astute, dedicated to Justice, and Intelligent politicians, not gloss-brained sycophants of the “occupying foreign power” Britain has always been, and still is today, were blocked from doing the right thing for this relatively nubile, and, as I keep stressing, extremely dumbed-down polity, dumbed-down by some 200 years of foreign cult influences, from Rome, “Lambeth” England, Scottish Freemasonry, all but “branch offices of Zionist Israel”, because in their Wisdom and True Dissent from the heinously corrupt white, Brit-Euro orthodoxy, attempted to implement the Reforms all Nations should.

Even taking it as far as being open to finance, from the Saddam Hussien anti-Zionist Iraqi regime, once the awry Fraser Liberal Party Opposition blocked supply.

This, methinks, was purely an attempt, yes, a Brave and Noble attempt, to lift Australia up and away from the endemic, centuries old institutionalised British corruption.

Yet, oh HELLO!?#$%^!? Who was there, ready to misuse the 4th estate of our offshore-owned media houses to destroy Whitlam and Coy's reputation forever, but the more recently exposed Australian-born Zionist-Illuminati Rupert the fuck Murdoch!


Whatwith Murdoch media houses here doing everything possible to destroy the ALP again, in the last 2010 federal election, and the ongoing destruction of the ALP elected PM Rudd, and it's ongoing campaigns to defame the current ALP government, in-bed with the Rhodesian, (not to be confused with the southern African nation, now known as Zimbabwe, previously named “Rhodesia” after the same rather stupid, racist, colonialist and plunderous white English bastard, Cecil Rhodes) extreme right-wing, racist, Zionist Australian Liberal Party (classic Orwellian “double-speak” abuse of the word “liberal”), fronted by Tiny Habit, who cannot stop his Zionist Rhodes scholar mind from telling porkies, it is a sign of the terror which lurks in the halls of parliament that today's ALP cannot go anywhere near to talking Honestly about the deeply stupid and deadly Zionist plans for this massive piece of real estate, and/or that the “north” (-ern hemisphere) is utterly, utterly insane, and therefore is a region, (meaning more specifically, racist, colonist, Zionist, CRAPitalist, white, western Eurape, Britain, et al) we should break away from, and henceforth have absolutely nothing to do with.

With the “Arab Spring” still extending it's Revolutionary fervour across Syria, extending into Lebanon, and yet, expected to “blossom” further throughout the very inequitable Mid-East, sponsored by the apparently CRAPitalist US secret service, the CIA, which all together has Israel more than a bit nervous that this Arab Spring might turn out to be but a ploy to spark enough Mid-East violence such that it engulfs the Zionist pigs as well, a slow fuse to ignite Armageddon against, not the anti-Semite, anti-Jewish forces and non-Jews, but against the Zionists themselves, one could be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that the fucking dog-rotten-psycho-pathological extreme-right-wing “fucking psychos” within the CIA and up into the US government administration and defence/military departments, which came to a head during the GW Bush era, who twisted facts, created fictions, turned international law on it's head, in order to invade the Mid-East mainly for it's oil, but also to inflict such chaos as to make a permanent environment for their massive, massive arms industries and trade, have come to their senses, covertly, and realise that the world's real-and-present enemy is not Islam, not Iran, not Al Queieiaieo-o-o-o-oda, not the Taliban, not all the non-western, non-Christian, non-Jewish, non-Zionist infidels, but that the world's real-and-present enemy is in fact Christian, Jewish, Freemason, white-supremacist, aka racist, colonialist, CRAPitalist Zionist-pig-fanatics, who run the world! (?)

And who run the CIA! And MI6! And Mossat! And Russia's FSB!



But try waking up the sleepy, big-balled, white baptised egomaniacs here, such that they get on the Australian - astray lyin' - streets and march out all Zionist traces from retail, from government, from religion and thus from existence?


Gough For God!” I Chant!

And so say all the True Fellas, who have always known that Communism, aka Agrarian Socialism, is what God, and Gough knew, know and intend for the species, and for the Global Terra Firma.

Before or after Armageddon!

As I tweeted, the revelations in this new book, by one Jennifer Hocking (?) on Gough's time in the 1970s, gives Australia all we need to call Prince Charles of Buckingham Palace, to “...sign zee papers ol' man!” And release Australia from Britain's evil spell, to becoming our very own Independent Democratic Agrarian Socialist Republic.

Oh! With the kind consent and signature also, of mummy-dear, HRH 'Liz'beth!

Not that it or anything matters much, as the fuse of Armageddon is burning closer to the explosive KATOOSHKA, by the second.

Can secular Israel put the fuse out, by declaring Zion to be an illegal and dangerous cult?

Be nice to think so.

But HEY! The general raging spread of the insane Zionist virus is passed containment, since set-off at least 1600 years ago in Rome, and having highly volatile occult mind-fuel poured on it over the last 150 years, so, as the majority of the spoiled Catholic world can no longer control her “love” read- ”uncontrollable desires” for MORE BABIES!!#$%^! there's too many of us.

So Armageddon, nuclear and all, is pretty-much an unavoidable necessity, for the big cleansing, methinks.

Obviously, it's gonna take lots and lots of illumined minds, from the bottom of the human pool to the scum on top, to instigate the containment and correction this lurching planet needs.

While they're all thinking about it, and trying to sober-up so they can think about it...., I'm for Armageddon, asap.

Bring. It. Be!


So. Mote. It. On!


Oh, be nice to read this book earlier referred to, by one Ms Hocking - Hosking - whatever. Having next to no chance of doing so, I nevertheless extend my thanks to her for bringing the guff to us.

Never know? Might be 'nough to 'spire a Revalaish... Revalashing... Revalooshun!

Perhaps in public school edamication?

Certainly do wiff some out in the bush!

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