Truelaw Outlaw Junction Hoodies Of Notting Hill Class War August 2011 Edition

120811 Truelaw Outlaw Junction Hoodies Of Notting Hill Class War August 2011 Edition

Gang of 16 attacked lone shopkeeper and robbed diners at Michelin-starred Ledbury restaurant in four-hour rampage
The Guardian UK 8th August 2012.

Being somewhere somehow involved in a riot that happened on the other side of the planet, a year ago, when the English Hoodies went sick across that nation, reading that some 16 of them were given jail sentences of upto 9 years, I guess it's not beyond me to comment.

YO! THE HOODIES!” For one.

2ndly, the sentences are what we've come to expect from the English.

From well before they saw a cheap way to destroy all Indigenous Integrity, primarily to steal the land, by flooding the Great Southern Land of Uluruba with the lowest mongrels on earth, aka, Britain's unwanted and lowest-classes of criminals, many for trivial crimes, like the famous “loaf of bread” scenarios, which brought the harshest convictions of transportation to Australia, complete with further utter inhumane degradation of imprisonment on their rotting prison hulks off the cold and bitter English coast, then during the voyage, and the slavery all were subjected to on arrival, the English have excelled in being absolute bastard Christian hypocrites in how they maltreat their own.

So for English courts to throw these youth into the slammer for 5-to-9 years, for their Righteous reaction to the disgusting arrogance of the pom's upperclassholes, “....while the chauffeur sat outside in the Bentley...” no doubt after decades-nay-centuries of oppressed Human Beings' appeals for some equity in the “Commonwealth” (HA!), no-one expected the judges would give them prawn sandwiches and champagne.

Wiff any luk, such reactions to the unconscionable classhole divisions that are at the very heart of all the planet's troubles now, and unto Armageddon, including Armageddon, will recur across Blighty – again and again – and again until the snobs-class get a clue, and introduce elected reps to their ponsy House of Lords at Westminster.

But as the jaks, the penis heads (English policemen's hats were why our family called the penis's knob the “bobby”! Ooow what an Irreverent Fella my Step-Dad is!), are right up the trouserlegs of the upclubsters who own the castles and the manors, I doubt that the snobclass will ever do the unthinkable and issue the Reforms we all need.

To those who received jail terms, I say, “Use the system to improve your minds Dudes! Get them to give you schooling in literature, maths, sciences, and of course, the standard tutoring in porridge on how to commit further bigger, more rewarding crimes!”

Force the govna to bring in Economic Science Tutors, and tutors of Raja Meditation, so you can equip your Righteous minds wiff THA FACTS on why you wuz so underpriv'leg'd in the 1st place, and wiff the Wisdom to cope wiff the shitholes they'll drop you in.

If you have trouble readin' an' writin', here's the best opportunity goin' to fix that, and once you got a handle on it, to give your Bro's and Gals the voice you all need, for while you're inside, but five-to-nine will be nothin' if'n y' use the time right!

You know it's all downhill outside, which is why you went sick last year, right? The authorities will be expecting you all to be revolving doorists now. But as you're all the full quid, don't waste it, and show the toffs how stupid they have been.

This way, you don't have to be crims to make the dosh to feed, clothe and house yourselves.   They'se payin' for it all!  So now, hard though the prisons will be, if you can appeal to the other inmates to leave you alone, and it makes sense to encourage them to educate themselves along the same lines you take, then in a lot of ways you'll be able to calm down, relax a bit, away from the bullshit pressures of street life (yeah! I know, it carries over into jail), and improve your intellectual focus.

So, when you have done your time, you'll shine.

Unnerneath it all, you know the system and the class structure is the crime, and that England is right at the centre of the world's most evil culture. So no-one can put you down, or try to discourage you.

A Wise fella from the USA wrote a couple of hundred years ago, that “...in a society as corrupt as ours, the only place for an Honest person, is in prison!”

That says YOU are the Righteous! And therefore, old chums, the snobs are the lowlifes!

Who, therefore is “GUILTY!”?

Stand Tall, Hoodies!

Probably wouldn't hurt to offer apologies to the shop-keeper who got bashed though, aye?

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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