Truelaw Outlaw Junction Queensland LNP Government Leading In Nation's Economic Decline Edition

120801 Truelaw Outlaw Junction Queensland LNP Government Leading In Nation's Economic Decline Edition

Government jobs are being cut to the shithouse across Queensland, pending similar employment cuts across all private sector workplaces, pending more than likely the worst social and economic depression yet seen.

Unions have failed us, and their most successful aspirants are as to blame as the lower tier players across states, councils, union branches and shopfloors.

The impending crunch will hit all of us below the $300,000 income bracket, and they too will be living much more frugally soon enough.

All of it will force all of us to try, unintelligent as most are, to reappraise our ways, our culture of spend and ignore our own psycho-pathologies.

Whatever choices we, together and alone make, there will always remain the undeniable need for a Collective, both for “security in numbers” against whatever foe presents, but so some semblance of structure, the foundation of survival, remains, to hold more than any one of us together, to survive.

A dated word for this is “Union”.

“Union”? What did this word mean?


Collective power against tyrannical elite forces.

Community Strength.

Bargaining power.

Secure employment.

Obviously, from announcements pouring from the newish LNP government, about having to send in the hatcheteers, cutting jobs, thus dispersing employees from industries, into struggle and as often penury, the above meanings of the word “union” no longer apply.

So, workers, not completely stupid, no longer apply to join their industries' unions.

Also, with perhaps the best, though most likely now totally undermined, totally idealistic example of the underlying meaning of that word, the ACTU (Australian Council of Trade Unions), is now little more than a collective of university-educated office-workers, having been called into becoming ACTU office-bearers, representing the poor bastards on the shop floors, and almost totally failing in that/those role/roles.

So the word “Union” here at least, in Astrayliar, is more popular with the right wing selfish parties and corporate players, as a joke and derisive slight against any collective of the people who DO do the hard yards and essentially keep the nation functioning.

Couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery!”

But oh shit they're good at promoting their upclubsters from (Bill Shorten type) obscurity into parliament, indeed, to government.

Madame PM herself coming from that same club of so-called left wingers' inward-looking Carlton offices.

Greg Combie. The Ferguson brothers. Simon Crean.

The list goes on.

Meanwhile, down on the shop floors - not-so-collective – workers and therefore their families deal with the prospects of unemployment and it's allied troubles – deprivation of all enjoyable pastimes, activities, consumables, financial planning for more kids, for housing improvements, etc etc etc.

Where the fuck have the Unions been?

Oh! Vying for a cushy portfolio in a government department.

Slying their way into overseas holidays WITH THE FAMILY, paid for by – the workers contributions.

Etc etc etc.

Now, on the surface, those named now ALP federal government ex-unionists, have my respect. They all show – on the surface – high potential and intelligence, and it may seem they do their new jobs pretty well.

And, so they fucking should! Choice salaries. Government car. Chauffeurs. Secretaries. Secretaries-secretaries. Advisors. Researchers. Henchmen-and-bitches. Barristers. Solicitors. Lobbyists. Overseas trips with every high-class restaurant meal, and vice-a-versa. Not to mention the threads.

And what do we, who PAY for all this get back?

More taxes. Less jobs. Higher housing costs. Higher food costs. Higher bank, utilities, mortgage, telco costs.

And....! the end of the world as we know it!!!



What does this word mean, now, in the 2nd decade of the new millennium?


Basically. Union means FAIL!

But oh shit, the top end union organisers are secure enough for the end of the world as we know it!

You can bet they have some sort of tangible plan sorted with nuclear-war-proof bunkers in some remote forest, and 60 years food-and-water supplies. Not to mention the “lace”!

Or is that the “laudanum”?

For over 10 years, since moving out of the fascist Kennett government Victoria in 1998, to northern NSW, I've noted the amazing projects ongoing across the Queensland border.

Ceaseless infrastructure projects, most striking, the freeway-tollways linking Brisbane with the border south, to Sinny.

Where are they getting the funds?” Has always been the loudest qvestion in my head, whenever I drove up here.

Private roads contractors excessing everywhere, all with a surplus of employees holding stop-slow signs, shovels, ditch-diggers, tractors, trucks, and over-the-top electronic gizmos, walkie-talkies, and flashing signs at even the smallest roadworks.

Impossible to sustain” has been my conclusion from the start. Unless there's a golden goose paying the states' governments and their infrastructure departments through their backdoors?

(Offshore tax-havens most likely abused by even our smiley governments. And then there's the doubtless HUGE hidden profits from illegal drugs, be-they Catholic, Country Women's Association, rural, locally grown marijuana, or same-same IMF right wing chums in power heroin imports????!@#$%^???? It's a long shore line around us, impossible to police, and more so when most of the coppers are paid to turn a blind eye! But the untaxed profits piling in, from selling ABORIGINE LAND to offshore speculators, and creaming the various duties from real estate ventures in unethical business must go a long way to have all governments afford the otherwise unaccountable expenditures on fancy infrastructure projects no doubt!)

But ALAS!? Now, Queensland leads the rest of our states with slash-and-burn policies axing jobsjobsjobs in every department. Policies which cannot but flow through to all private employment, from small, local business to corporations. And, if I looked, or took note, there would be an excess of examples of just that, from the top corps down.

Of the last year or so, I haven't traveled much away from the shithole I'm locked into, doing my ute hut. And as I'm anti-social in the extreme, with PTSDDDDDDDDDDD, don't even venture to the local town centre.

But I sense that were I to get away from this all of nothing, I'd see empty shops in every regional and suburban township, signing the depression we aren't supposed to admit is coming at the planet like a ginormous galactic Mack truck.

But oh shit you still see the cocksuckers – ex-private-school and public - festering around their NE-EW or souped-up cars, with the most modern hi-tech attachments and gadgets, diving their minds into cell-phones full of their sneaky pics, facebook, and games games games, in gutless and mutant bids to escape the OUT THERE reality of cultural, social and personal decline.


Nah! Things of the past, mayte!”

Of the past, when cooperation was known to work.

When people knew what Community was. When prices were fair and reasonable. When farmers were paid reasonable amounts for their work and investments. When infrastructure was done, not at a rapid rate, and shovel-leaning was not an unreasonable thing here-and-there, because the pressure to get the job done was not there, to suit the corporations' bottomline.

When we weren't so revved-up about getting more more MORE out of every fucking thing our eyes fell upon.

When the local council workers were not so entranced, not so speedy, not so ambitious, but were secure in the jobs they had to do, the income they received, enough to pay the fair and reasonable mortgage, or public housing rent, and the other out-goings, and were, in their own small worlds, comfortable, satisfied that they had enough to get by, and a bit more, for the occasional trip or adventure.

Who were quite expert at the specialist jobs they did. Where the roads (excluding NSW) were made with care and knowledge, and lasted more than a few months, a lot more.

Where the engineering projects were done with surety that they would work, and AND, last, on the knowledge that the humble blokes who put it all together knew well how it all went together, and could be accounted for.

Where the infrastructure was as much as the community actually needed, and wasn't fashioned by corporate supply lobbyists and salespersons, who made their bonuses by BULLSHITTING the gullible council administrators into believing that things would work better with fucking traffic lights, each intersection's system costing every aspect of smooth and efficient community, on every fucking corner.

Nah! “Unions?” Things of the past, mayte?

Oh well....!

If things keep declining the way the Who'sland LNP government is intent on cutting jobs and thus work and thus the larger macro-communal economy, we will all be thrown brutally back to the past.

But who's gonna remove the dis-powered traffic lights systems, and maintain the cheap-as freeway bitumen surfaces which will be unusable in but years, once the private contractor maintenance crews are no more?

No matter! No-one will be able to access fuels to power their front yard or garage rust buckets. Then, at least the roads will not drop potholes every few metres!

I don't at all shit on the LNP for these necessary reductions in employees and wages and other out-goings.

Not just the last ALP softcock, illegal marijuana blackmarket-funded government are to blame.

Queensland has been excessing for decades, if not for a couple of centuries on developers' unsustainable dreams.

As most of the Who'slanders are deeply into being idiots without any grains of Genuine, not programmed Intelligence, thus Wisdom, they on-mass refuse to reduce their excessive lifestyles, and pretend they are favourites with the callous-but-smiley overseas wealthy, who trip down under for their holidays, combining the trip with their tax-dodging research into Astrayliarn real estate, for when Eurape or Brutain, or any other 1st world upper class goes right under, economically, environmentally, culturally, and in general sustainability.

But Oh no! Queenslanders are tough! When the cliche's get going the going gets cliche'd!

No matter whether things are really heading south of the Antarctic?


Well..., if the ex-union bosses picked for the cherry-chairs of upclub political class snobbery find one day they are the chosen ones, FOR THE NOOSE FROM THE NEAREST LIGHT POLE, they should not be surprised. Should they?

But..., let's keep the rope coiled.

The unseen activities and actors behind all subversion of Good Government, rub themselves far higher-up than the ex-Union lads and lasses, and have captured powers unwarranted enough to frighten the collective out of all players.

Conspiracies, cabals, combinations, cults and other “C”-words have been in motion at least since 1808 here, and so the majority being duped, gullible and blind to the hidden powers, have unavoidably been roped-in to degrading all honorable behaviour.

So unionists, True Believers and others, cannot shoot their shit at the Who'sland LNP.

Cold, yes. Callous, not necessarily?

Pragmatic, and perhaps braver than the last flock of femme fatales, they are doing what has to be done.

However, methinks that some of today's Who'sland LNP are quite a bit smarter than their predecessors, and recognise that all things Collective are not all evil Stalinist plottings.

Newman, is ex-army. Today, I post FUCK THE ARMY! For their foul bastardising of recruits, and the inevitable aftermath that causes, society-wide.

But army, military, does hold together for one thing, and that's a recognition that working together, not for one's own income, but for the group, is massively more important for the organism's success, and for it's endurance.

So, any criticism of Unions from the right wingers of today's political melange, has credibility, methinks.

Indeed, were Unions not so subverted by the lesser of the political right, done so mainly, I presume, because the Unions of the last 50-plus years were previously subverted from the inside, by the heinous religious agendas of the Catholic church, and were today's Unions on-the-money of fighting for both Worker's Rights but for the larger, most important Collective Issue of the REALBig Picture of Proper Land Law, the likes of today's Who'sland LNP would, one, not have had to slash jobs as they are doing, but 2, would have Proper Respect for those who do the hard yards on the coal-face, and for their representatives up in the exclusivist cloisters of the ACTU, Lygon Street Carlton, Victoria.

Whether Victoria's LNP premier Bailleau could be of the same, more intelligent mind, I doubt he can ever rise above his land-grabbing dynastic lineage and connections.....?

Whatever..., as Who'sland shows, we are all on the slide into mass, global suicide, for our cultural delusions, and so the likes of dynastic leaders will be forced, like the workers to face their psycho-pathologies soon enough.

Maybe then, preferably before, the majority of us will realise the Worth of the Collective, and will call their/our Union bosses to get a clue, and bring us all back together to ensure the underlying fundamentals are owned by all of us, for the good of all. Not just for the Rhineharts, Forrests, Palmers and Murdochs, et al.

But, as I tend to insist, even at the cost of my own life, (Oh! GO THE MATYR!?#$%^!?) the unionists old, new, true and career-junky, will also have to jump above the Catholic crap of orchestrating Jesus' resumption of power.

One sad aspect of that, is that K. Rudd still secretly harbors that Christian desire. This alone, disqualifies him from climbing back in the PM's chair.

Also, the more grounded of the LNP, few though they are, in Union with their own passed lights, Hewson, and Fraser, now more a Socialist, have the task of putting some Intelligence into their federal branch.

Both for that, but perhaps more to put some Integrity and Dignity into the federal opposition parties, underpinned by Tony Abbott's antithesis, Honor, same-same as “Honesty” to get that idiot out of the game. Abbott and his folly-of-a-right wing mindset, are the Nemesis for all our political institutions.

Not that I see any career for Newman in Canberra – Wise People know their jobs, and their limits, and so, do not aspire, nor have ambition for things above their calling – but if his Who'sland government can reduce, recycle, refine and correct the centuries of misdeeds and misdirections Who'sland is now feeling the after-effects of, of terribly bad laws, and as it is so much a rural, agricultural area, it's disgusting agricultural fuck-ups, then the lot of Who'slanders will increase in intellect, enough at least to return to Properly-minded and law-aware Unions, such that LNP reps, and Unions will know they all have a fit and proper place in keeping the world stable and secure, and therefore will do the right things, in law and in workplaces, but mostly, on the land.

The future is shite. So any self-absorbed bullshit will not stand. But let each be their own master, in religion and in law, and we might dramatically reduce the horror coming at us all.


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

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