THE Jesus Conspiracy (in brief)

120330 Truelaw Outlaw Junction Revisited UNTOLD Massacre and THE False Jesus Conspiracy Edition

Fell upon this self-scribed story as I was clearing out the in, out, sent and other mail boxes on my cell phone. It wasn't completed as this one is, and I don't recall if I had already sent it to anyone. I reckon I wrote it about 2 years ago now. The last few paragraphs I added early two mornings ago, lying in the bunk, and had more fuel than I knew when first written, so threw it in, then sent it to a few old email addresses, who are well familiar with my plight, and a few newer ones.

Heres the list of recipients of the recent send...

-g.robertson@doughtystreet.co.uk ex-pat Australian QC in London
These two, look like redirected addresses. One, if it went where I intended, was to the
-police at Nimbin NSW, and the other,
-Qld Community Services Housing and Homelessness Emergency office,
-a “social worker at Qld Centrelink,
-Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO)

But no surprise, yesserday I wuz accosted, in the nicest possible ways, by a couple of female Catholic, I guess, witches, and so last night, I slept maybe for 1 hour, probably less, after sunrise, and dreamed for most of the “down time”. Dreams, I've no doubt, “sponsored” by aforesaid witches.

So today started late, and I expect I will flag before I get anything constructive done.

My “divinations” last evening and this morning, when the occult was “hot” in my soul, told me that some of my worst enemies are located down in the Country which still belongs to the Gunai/Gurnai/Kurnai Aborigine Peoples, from whom I'm descended, in east Gippsland, Victoria.

Obviously, these enemies have connections with the Theosophical Society cult, and as likely with the families who massacred my Ancestors there in the 1890s, through in fact to the middle of the 20th century, and who now possess the land, and probably are still reaping the rewards from the theft of the written about 120 tonnes of gold from two mines there.

Behind all the “reconciliation” business in Astrayliar, where the white invaders' descendants are trying to do the right thing by the Bleck Fellas, there is still a war going on, although most Bleck Fellas, Men and Women, know better than to take-up-arms, so to speak, being the Wise People they are.

But from afar, in Brutain and Eurape, as well as here in Astrayliar, spoiled rotten stupidly wealthy descendants of the same dynasties who conquered Australia, cling dangerously to this country's soils, and do unbelievable things, through our politics, media, cattle industry, real estate, mining and other ventures, to undermine any Justice, either for the rightful owners, and for the majority of the white, working lower, middle and even middle-upper classes.

I suggest we who are sent to the mill, and take the bribes, being wages and salaries, bring our troubles upon ourselves, by accepting the status quo, stay working for the man, and tell ourselves that the politics of our times is acceptable, when any and every “clear-eyed” assessment proves unequivocally otherwise.

Just as well, I guess, it's all one HUGE illusion?

Nevertheless, not wanting at all to put myself centre stage in Australia's and the planet's worsening situation, the following does in fact go to the core of at least one of the very reasons the world is now so troubled – false gods.

Each day, I reassess my situation and plight, and each day, the same conclusion is found – I'm rooted.

That I'm at the centre of the world's biggest scam, is unfortunate, but Rebel or not, I like to do what I can to slow the slide.

So here's a re-publishing of an email I may have sent a few years ago, just to throw it once more, into the faces of those who think it's OK to ignore the underlying issues causing the shite of this age.

I think it's a common theme across religiious texts, that in the end, “the oppressed will be lifted up, and live their days out in Heaven!”

This begs of course, the question of what happens to those who rule by corruption, and those who simply, cowardly, take the bribes and turn their backs on the troubles and on the oppressed.......

As that Black Book says, “they have received their rewards”, and time will come, when they will be given the bill for the credit they have abused, always on the backs of the powerless and the good. And it will have much interest added, be sure of that, you who suffer injustice.

Those who fool themselves, with this chimera of “confidence” in on-the-ground market economics, will learn the hardest lessons when the big crash explodes, and takes them. No Heaven for them, especially if they delude themselves, their children, employees and apprentices (students, et al), that Heaven is here now, on Earth.

Woe to the cults who have gained wealth off the suffering of the True Fellas, and thus have spent trillions on keeping the deceit up to their flockers. No Heaven for them.

Nevertheless.... onto my True Fella Ancestors story, and it's result – me......

One thing I should note, of those who slaughtered my Great-Grand-Parents and their Gunai Nation, is that the fast-growing town of “Stringer's Creek” where there were gold nuggets as big as footballs lying in the creeks, and where the biggest gold mine was dug – “the Long Tunnel Mine” - was renamed “Walhalla”, which means, in Germanic, “The Halls of the Slain Immortals”.

Clearly, even the Sutherlands, the Willis's, and others who enacted the massacre and takeover of that Edenic part of the world, were in some part aware that those they slayed, were Gods.

Indeed, my research, determines without doubt, that all Aborigines of Australia, before the invasion from 1788-on, were Gods, were all Enlightened Peoples.

This explains to me at least, how they could live Contented and Happy, Disciplined and Wise, for eons, without anything near the materialistic accouterments, failings, crime, diseases, madness etc., we of the lost tribes of Brutain an Eurape, Israel and the like, seem to be unable to bear living without.

It would be a great boon for Humanity, were the elites of Brutain and Euarpe, the USA and other powerful nations of today, but perhaps the majority of Australians, to seek and learn from our very own Bleck Fellas.

Obviously, a MAJOR shift in our way of thinking would have to occur, let alone how and what we teach and learn in all levels of our schooling.

The end is nigh, as they've been saying for eons. When such terms were first coined, they had not the Sciences we enjoy. Yet we ignore it's evidence-based proofs at everyone's peril today.

This augers the peril no history knows, and while the masses cannot muster the courage to act righteously, it is a certainty.

Knowing where we come from, and maybe what we can pass on to the future, may make it better for the people to come.

But there's should be no doubt, that True Religion, of any color is a must, and while religion is untrue, and forces us to believe bullshit, such as what is written of in the following, believers are doomed.

So Mote It Be!

THE Jesus Conspiracy (in brief)

So, me mum is sprung in bed, by her Grandad, John Thomas Willis, as she's having extramarital sex with her old boyfriend, "Boxer" O'brien, conceiving me!

So, lusty-lass as she was, at 31 in July 1954, with a "mission" covertly programmed into her by St Joseph's convent, the cult who "stole" her at 9 y/o from her Gunai Aboriginal father, "Donald Sutherland Willis" (Sutherlands of "Dunrobin Castle" Scotland, pioneers in 1890s east Victoria, responsible for the UNTOLD mass murder of me Gunai Aborigine Ancestors north-east of Walhalla, & the kidnap of me Pop & his 2 siblings), she jumps out of bed, throws her naked whoppers at Grandpop, & causes him to die of a heart-attack!
She runs to the nuns for a few hail Marys, & they demand my Soul - blackmail - to save her from hanging by the neck until dead!
But, another secret, they REALLY want my Soul, to be their puppet in their, & the Sutherlands & the evil "Theosophical Society's" mission.
The mission to "build" the (false) messiah!

You've all heard about or read Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code"?
About Jesus Christ (Jesus ben Joseph) surviving the crucifixion & being secreted to Scotland with Mary Magdeline, to have kids & things?
"Rumor" has it, that the aforementioned "Sutherlands" are JC & Mary Magdeline's descendents, as "portrayed" in fictional format, by Dan Brown.

Maaaybe not?

But why Aborigine blood?

Aristocratic Britain & Europe were, as far back as the 18th century, becoming "inbred"!

Also, the Catholic & Sutherland & Jewish pioneers realised the Aborigine were "a fully realised race"!
A whole RACE, of Enlightened Human Beings!
"Better SHOOT 'EM!!"
Too much for whitey to handle!
But, as well as wiping them out for the GOLD (120 TONS from just TWO MINES, in Gippsland, Gunai Country in the 1890s!), & for the land, they wanted the Enlightened Spirit of these "Immortals" as well, to mix into their inbred blood-line of Jesus's!

All BAD WITCH DREAMING, by sick & dangerous Zionists of Rome Britain & Israel!

And ASIO & all Australian "authorities" (NOT!) & police know all about it, & about me living exiled & homeless for 17 years, because a global pedophile ring & any criminals (most ALL white people) are blackmailing the Zionist British establishment who're behind it all, so the myth goes unchecked, I stay FORCED out in the cold, hunted (STALKED) harassed, haunted & perved on by retarded wannabe Harry Potters, young & old, AND COPPERS ("is this the way to Maryborough?"), who DO NOTHING GOOD to get me out of the hole I'm slowly suffocating in!

Good on yer mum!
Good on yer brother Don!
Good on yer ASIO & coppers!
Good on yer Zion!

Om O'Hades

Hell's Gate Fabrications

NB: Take care in earthquake zones!


Viruses and the illuminati, et al.....

A few weeks ago was hit by a computer virus, which downed my computer and the Telstra dongal.

My techie lied about it, and others I sought advice from did also.

Kaspersky Security funny-haha didn't email back until well after I emailed them, and Google, aka the Illuminati, played "soft".

All, I presume, because I was scribing a piece going hard into why the army bastardises it's recruits, going to issues none of them want discussed on the 'net.  Also, it was a week or two before the Queensland election here, and I was as usual, writing pretty tough stuff about the two major political parties contesting the election.

But...., as well.., they reckon I'm the fucking messiah, so they are forcing me to open my witch's eye.

Something I refuse to do, and believe I cannot.  If it is opened, I fear, perhaps fear, that I'll not be on their side.

I bought another laptop, from a local retailer, but it like the "service" in most all computer centres in Oz, was shite, and the new computer is pretty much crap.  No doubt, they played with the hardware, and can monitor all my activities, on and offline.

But all hi-tech comms now are under the control of the dark bastards in high places. And, "all people, especially from the least ethical nation, Astrayliar, have their price", and are cowardly willing to be bribed.

Fuck 'em!

So..., I have lost interest in getting my stuff online, and don't really care about what happens here, or elsewhere.

Witchcraft is fucking my life, and will soon enough make mince meat of the planet.

Earthquakes, floods and other so-called "natural disasters" will overwhelm much of the settled world in the near future, leaving kids little more than one big round disaster zone.

Not dissimilar to those painted in the 1980s series of Hollywood movies starring Mel Gibson as "Mad Max".

Shit happens, aye?
Do I care?


Google!  You play a dangerous game considering you are located so close to the San Andreas fault line.

If this piece can be published, I may post a few other choice e-ssays to this blogger site.

I went and logged into WordPress blogging website 'tother day, because I think it has sincere and less fucked-up management and bloggers on it.

But losing all the records I have with this one, is disappointing, to say the least.

So.., if blogger can get off the power trip and leave me to do my Outlaw puppet thing, I'll keep using Blogger.com, as well as WordPress.


And fuck the Catholic women of Astrayliar. They all have deep and serious issues to resolve in their own egotripping minds, but the hexes of the catholic baptismal, and indoctrination at it's "private" schools, leaves them raging egoistic idiots, so little more than a curse on the Finer, more Ethical Peoples of the Earth.

Last weekend, 24th March, saw the men of Who'sland-Queensland vote a blow to the women's catholic cult, by trouncing the Catholic, offshore, IMF/ILO Illuminati ALP, as has been happening across Astrayliar.

Not that the replacement is any more Intelligent, any less under the sway of the same foreign powers, or anymore driven to make Australia it's own Sovereign Republic.

The new mobs, calling themselves the "Liberal/National Party" LNP, are but puppets of the extreme right wing Brutish overlords, who fund political propaganda from their global corporate bodies, via their control of the heroin and other "illegal" drugs networks.

As no-one can "group-up" enough to put an end, primarily to the evil drug laws, and thus, this sham called politics, we're all pretty much ruined.  Or, the next few decades will bring it all on, and aliens it's rumoured, will make us all either slaves or experiments in underground vats.

Sounds nasty aye, kids?



How To Reduce “Natural” Disaster “Weather Events”

120305 Truelaw Junction News-Bang How To Reduce “Natural” Disaster “Weather Events” Edition

No apologies for any less-than-accurate or unclear points herein.  It's a delicate subject and I've got no shortage of spooks climbing all over my aura, fiddling with my thoughts and emotions, etc.

For about 17 years I've been aware that the weather can be dramatically effected by abuse of Human occult power.

Over that time, I've also become aware that I am a puppet of the world's largest and debatably most sinister occult cult, the Theosophical Society, based in Exeter, south east England.

One of the innumerable anomalies that “steer” life in Australia, is that “witchcraft” is regarded as totally taboo.

This, the manipulation of the occult, 4th dimensional, “magical” subtle realms, sometimes referred-to as the “world of shadows”, is not something to be “played with” as if a toy there for our own personal, egoistic enjoyment.

And neither should it be employed, deployed, for any personal advantage, especially over others, where it is abused against other people, so you may gain from their being negatively influenced.

However, among the many effects magic can have, on any human target, for any supposed “good” or “evil”, or upon the world around us, the most dangerous effect is that it is extremely “entrancing”, and captures us so much that we find it almost impossible to not use, or, or to not abuse it.

As the word “entrance” indicates, magic gets into us, and, places our mind in a trance. We are hypnotised.

It may be very exciting, and may give such a thrill that we ever-after want more more more, and so return to that state, over and over.

Each time we do this, we are taken further into that “realm” of the 4th dimension, and sink deeper into it's lure, it's power over our human thinking and discerning faculties of mind. Soon enough, we become so lost in magic that we lose what it is to be human altogether, and can no longer think intelligently, thus, sever all access to that most valuable, and actually most prized stuff, we know as Wisdom.

For we, human beings, are supposed to be of the species “Man, the Wise”. And to access Wisdom, we must have an Intellect.

But using magic in the wrong way, such as for selfish gain, impedes our ability and access to our own higher mind, where the Intellect is.

(By “selfish” I mean when any gain is at the expense of another or other persons. There is, “unselfish selfishness” if-I-may, where we know the limits of seeking to “look after ourselves”, simply to acquire and secure the necessities for a relatively comfortable life. But plain “selfishness” as the word is commonly used, is against the common welfare of anybody, and, in-the-end, everybody else.

To add to this point, it's important to know that this selfishness, as is so common in the western world today as to be accepted as OK, and thus is where we appear to have society's permission to be inordinately “self-interested”, was almost unknown in other pre-western cultures, and was, pre-Roman colonialism, to put a time frame on it, simply not in the culture at all.

But this pre-Roman epoch, era, “phase” of ancient cultures and traditions, was before the True Fella cultural ball had been dropped, before the fabled “fall from the garden of Eden”, and was when the world was still pure, in cultural terms, and where and when the culture was, in fact, Spiritual Communism.

Not, anywhere near to the social systems we have seen and heard about and known, called “Communism”, such as those of the old Soviet empire around Russia, et al.)

However.., as said above, “...... using magic in the wrong way, such as for selfish gain, impedes our ability and access to our own higher mind, where the Intellect is.”

When this happens, we lose the critical, vitally important abilities of Reason (which is just another word for Intelligence), and with it, our ability, which is innate in a Balanced and clean mind, to know our limits.

This is Ethics, and Ethics is possibly the most important area of thought, or way of thinking, and thus of how to properly live in both the human society, and the natural world.

Ethics also is vital in the unnatural or manmade world, such as in artificial environments like deep in the heart of our large cities.

Indeed, for those environments being so fabricated, Ethics are all the more important, otherwise, without any ethical standards in the heart of our business centres, they would be but warzones of falsity and danger. ALAS!

But use of magic without the preliminary education, without the training of the thinking apparatus to awaken our Intellects, thus without the primarily important Knowledge and Understanding of Ethics, most often only brings trouble.

And, as “power” is part-and-parcel of using witchcraft, the hunger for each only increases both the danger and the damage done, because, as the adage states, “...power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely...”

So the more power we seek and obtain, soon enough, the more, indeed, the most damage is the result.

This, is purely because we have become captured by the lure of what we can do, get, achieve by using magic, and in the fascination, the addiction, we forget, until we totally lose all Intelligent, thus Wise thinking.

And, we fuck up bad!

But, in this chaotic day-and-age, which portends a seriously malignant future, a day-and-age where the awakening of our magic powers has raced around the western world, through societies and cultures, primarily western, Christian cultures, which have been mentally, intellectually hobbled for many centuries, by the false, deceitful religious cults of the world's richest oligarch elites, who have quite deliberately mis-informed the western, white masses about the subtle realms, and to climb ever-higher on the ladder of power over the masses, have replaced any true knowledge, such as that held to and revered by the ancient Witches, True Fellas, Shaman and Gadjiki Wise Folks of pre-Roman, pre-Christian cultures, True Witches who knew the subtlety and delicate Balance and Respect needed to keep the group, the clan, the township, the society, the culture and the natural environment motoring along peacefully and harmoniously in the physical and occult worlds, the newly awakened witches of the west have never known their own Intellect, so have no idea of self-restraint, of Wise living, nor any clue about the fundamentally important Ethics needed for a healthy and harmonious life and world around us.

Consequently, masses of us, from the most elite - monarchs, corporate heads, political and upper classes - all the way down the economic status ladder to the poorest, and to the least educated (not that “education” as we know it in the west is really of any relevance, for it being so awry, and off-the-mark of teaching children how to be mature and “Wise” adults) are losing themselves in magic, and are unable to Intelligently, thus Wisely, discern when and how to use it.

So we have a snowballing and most dangerously negative explosion of bad events occurring, triggered by an essentially stupid un-civilized people ripping around abusing their own innate powers.

The weather events of recent times but one, as many, of them.

So, is there anyone, or many, “wicked witch” or evil cult we can turn on and lay all the blame upon, for the now impossible to contain craziness rampaging around the planet?

I maintain, there is one cult upon which humanity must place our focus, if we are to slow at least, the insanity and abuse of witchcraft, and the terrible events that result.

The Theosophical Society.

But it's a pretty long story to explain my beliefs on this critical matter, and it goes to opening-up discussion and facts about what causes are behind many many issues and events, which, to some, will beggar belief, while others, knowing of the powers and possibilities of using witchcraft, will know exactly what I'm writing about, and, I, to some extent, presume they will agree with my views, postulations and ideas about how we might reduce the rampant desecration of the planet, our primary habitat, thus minimize the likelihood of the forecast apocalypse in the not so distant future.

First example: the 2005 (uncertain if it was that year?) “Boxing Day Tsunami”, off the Indonesian province of Aceh, which killed some 220,000 people around the rim of the Bay of Bengal, was not a natural disaster. The earthquake was caused by the cult deploying witchcraft upon the tectonic faultline.

Of the last few days, I have weighed the possibility that the earthquake and tsunami that occurred off Japan's coast last year, was also a deliberate event, caused by really really evil human beings. Indeed, if so, they were not, “human beings” but a fallen, sub-species of our kind.

I have little doubt that the earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand last year was the result of bad magic. News reports told of three or so Israeli tourists dying in that event. The earliest reports informed us that at least one of the Israelis was carrying three or four passports, with different identities for themselves. That alone pricked my ears, knowing as I have for a few years that the Jews are perhaps the most prolific users/abusers of what they know as “Kabbala” magic, or such, aside that is, from Britain's overseas secret spy agency MI6. But Israel's Mossat, like the American CIA, are both children of MI6, as are most of their ilk, so deployment of witchcraft is part-and-parcel of spying.

But I was further interested in later reports, with questions by the news anchor I was listening to about the matter of the Israelis carrying false passports, had the reporter in Christchurch reporting events, deny that the Israelis had more than their own passports with them?

Clearly the public was being misinformed, for untoward reasons, which to me, all things considered, has me conclude that the earthquake and the presence of the supposed tourists in Christchurch at the time, was not coincidental, but was indeed, very suspicious.

However, I am not cleverdick enough to throw more than idle conjecture as to what they intended, why they deployed the dark arts. Perhaps it was a bizarre suicide pact between them - to go out with a BANG!?

Another earthquake, in Haiti a few years ago, I was informed by email from an anonymous source, I think within the USA's secret intelligentsia (or was it from someone in their media? I might still have the email?) was caused by an “underground” branch of the CIA, messing with subsonic sound waves, if I remember correctly.

No doubt, there was immense amounts of witchcraft involved there also.

It's vital to note that the Freemasons of the USA have been a cult using witchcraft to their not-always completely sane and just advantage since their beginnings in Scotland in the 13th century or so.

But, I put it that they, way back then, were forced to resort to what is really every human's inherent right - but not without the full content of a Wise upbringing and Initiation - of self defence and defence of our soils with the occult shields as can be created with magic, because they were being invaded and constantly assaulted by the megalomaniacal expansionist Roman empire, who were carrying themselves around the planet in what I regard as a sick mission to own the whole world and were deploying witchcraft, on top of sheer numbers and brute strength, to kill-off the local Wise men and women, the Shaman, Wizards, and the like, and thus to shatter the local peoples' links and securities with, between and against the spirits and beings of the occult world(s), so-as to impose their already wayward and warped world-view and beliefs-systems.

Indeed, this was muchly what was behind the United States of America seeking and finding their Independence from the old world, Catholic and Christian view from Eurape and Britain, methinks, in 1776, and beyond.

Clearly, the USA was set up from it's early days of independence by the Freemasons, as can be attested to by scanning a street map of it's capital Washington, DC.

But, as I say above, as other wiser people have coined well before me, “..power corrupts.., and absolute power......” etc. So with the USA now being the most powerful nation on earth, we have to expect that with that status, comes absolute corruption, thus, abuse of every thing and power.

But, they have never been alone up there. As their separation from Britain and Eurape showed, there was and still is one almighty battle going on between them all. This war is as old as the USA itself.

But it gets more “interesting” at least, what with the rise and rise of the East, of China, and now even of India, and with the impending cultural and economic fall of the old old, very old world(s) of Britain, Eurape and the much younger USA.

Memory fails me on the matter of the economic and powerhouse rise of the Orient over the last 100 years or so. But somewhere I learned that China's rise, came from the British invasions in the 19th century. I think that one of the larger “missions” the British - and other western powers - took on, a few centuries before their incursions into China, was to bring the rest of the “undeveloped world” up to their own level.

Then, not far different to now, England, and Britain, was actually bought and thus owned, by a private corporation, the precursor to today's megalopic International Monetary Fund, the (really rather evil) British East India Company.

That they warred their way around the globe, from the 17th century on, mainly in their own interests, to conquer what Rome and the other enemy nations of Eurape had yet to reach, kind of kills-off any Noble intentions of bringing the planet up to what they perceived as the best culture.

No doubt they found and still do (listen to Britain's foreign secretary Hague!) justification (NOT!) in their violent actions by asserting that this was the only way to bring humanity together, in the “Machiavellian” model of maintaining (and increasing) power.

But lately I have found that most often, this is a flawed approach, and brings with it eventual failure, and the collapse of all culture, and any “civility”, as they purport they are the exclusive possessors of.

Just the same as the overuse of witchcraft.

And ALAS! This is exactly what the largest secret cult on earth, founded and based in Britain, the Theosophical Society, has been overusing and abusing on the rest of us for at least 120 years.

So, as they have been responsible for the most outrageous conspiracy since Rome adopted and utterly deformed Christianity in the 4th century AD, by trying to fool the world that Jesus Christ had returned to earth, and was about to destroy all the unfaithful, including therefore, everyone who could actually think for themselves, and as the rest of the world not caught up in their bribes and lies, of a bad bad bad really bad quite unspiritual religion - Christianity - the cults of which were using witchcraft like it was the last days (!) so sneakily that most all of their flocks knew not that they were victims of religious hypnotism, those who had their own basically criminal agendas, saw an opportunity to blackmail the establishment, the British, Eurapean and American powerhouses, to leave them alone, if they agreed to not expose the Jesus on the rebound conspiracy.

In short, the majority of the western world's people, have become disgusted with the so-called Christian establishment, and especially with their deceitful, enormously and abhorrent try to put one huge lie over us all, of Jesus returning, and so they are quite at ease about abusing witchcraft to bring down the massive weather events we have seen happening.

I can only assume that many of them are simply encrazed and anarchistic against the establishment, and want to send the evil insurance industry broke by flooding the fuck out of the world. Or by sending multiple tornadoes down. Or, even by causing earthquakes to wreck whole cities, and regions.

So, as the Theosophical Society was formed in the 19th century by the wealthiest British establishment nutters, Cecil Rhodes, and other spoiled fools, was the predecessor of today's MI5, MI6 and all the western world's secret spy networks and today assumes the lead in the world of the occult, such that they are in control of most of it on earth, aside from alleged aliens who seem to be more powerful again (but my inner jury is still out on whether the nasty aliens are but manifestations of the same powercrazy witchcraft cults?), and as the weather events will only increase and eventually snowball to destroy too much, because there are large numbers of outlaws with magic, who will do everything possible to wreck the system, be they Bikers, or simply just angry and drugged-up criminals with a grudge, or paedophiles who are holding the establishment to ransom, with threats of causing earthquakes or endless floods, were the not-so-spellbound and actually righteous authorities to round up the heads of the Theosophical Society, plus, their co-conspirators in the Freemasons and Catholics, put them in the dock of the world's first global “Inquisition into the veracity of religious beliefs and practices”, but with these acts, be made free to correct all the world's nations' constitutions so that Economic Honesty is enshrined, the vast majority of outlaws, of crims, of third worlders, and me, will stop using their occult powers to make it rain rain rain, or shake shake shake the earth beneath us.

But..., as it appears that a large number of megalomaniacs within the halls of power are women, Catholic women, so haven't got “the balls” to take on the demons, and remain hypnotically intent upon thrusting one patsy fake Jesus out in front, to wand away all the horrors from Hell, one patsy fake Jesus who has woken up too late to this awry Zionist scam, so is forced, due to Honour, and a firm uncloistered belief in every human's innate Superior abilities and Intellect, to both defend their own themselves, to ward-off evil spirits as might come from other planets, or from other scumsucking idiot witches, to find their own personal True Inner Peace - thus no further need for bullshit god-type religions - and to deduce with Reason, Ethics and Wisdom, the fundamental truths about religion, about the True Spirit of all beings, about our Democratic Egalitarian Equalities, and about the economic bottomline for a peaceful world - ummmm..., in case you missed it...


so will not be crucified without a DEFIANT FIGHT, so the Catholics can live-on, comfortable in their specious white, girlie, CATHOLIC SELF-INTEREST overconsumptive, unsustainable lifestyles, I guess we're all fucked?


If Britain's MI6 et al cannot find the Integrity and Courage to TALK TRUE, about their founding fuckheads sinister and disgustingly deluded plan to build a messiah and thereafter fool the world that they were right after all, and if Israel cannot TALK TRUE, about it's illegitimate existence in Palestine and terminally errant land distribution laws, and that they, Israel, will begin forthwith to institute THE LAND LAW according to their own Holy Book on the subject - Leviticus 25 particularly - then I suspect it's gonna keep raining, and pouring and flooding and perhaps even the paedophiles of Britain, Eurape, Astrayliar and Japan et al will rattle the foundations and walls of earthquake zones, making the future a bit shakey?

Don't dare to think what it all will do to real estate values.....!

(I do actually, and get a bit of a giggle out of it!)

Like I wrote above....


Armageddon here we come!!!

And furthermore......, if the rains flooding Astrayliar lately are being caused by Britain's greedy Theosophists, and MI6 agents based in the British High Commission in Canberra, to keep Australians, governments and citizens, afraid of them, and of Britain and Eurapes' determination to keep Australia all for them, go for it dicksuckers!

You are well out of order and out of control nowadays, and it seems that only Armageddon will stop your pathological greed and lust.

So mote it be!”

Probably better sooner than wait-wait-waiting for it.....?

If, however, any of you whitefaced Brits or Eurapenises are struck with a sliver of Reason, that-is Intelligent deduction, Honour, Integrity, or Wisdom, you might save a lot of shitful things from happening all over the place, by simply, graciously (I know - not your “thing”!) packing-down our troubles, “...in your old kit bags...” and FUCK OFF back to dear old Blighty, leaving us and our weather alone, so we can do what we can to return our peoples to some semblance of Being Human, as distinct to what you mentally retarded fucks have done to us over the last 224 years!

OH? You're not mentally retarded????

Whadda ya' need a fucking MESSIAH for, then!?!?!?!?!?

And..., PISS OFF ROME! You're a psychotic dribbling death cult.

Freemasons too! Go-on! Scurry away! Quick-quick!

But ach-eye! Oil allass loike the Grand Laddie, William Wallace!


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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Astrayliar - disgustingly politically retarded

120302 Truelaw Junction News-Chop Can't Think Of A Name For It Edition

For nothing better to do, and poverty enough to not buy grog, I'm sitting in Hell's Ute wiff me lappy on lap, squished 'tween me belly and steering wheel.

Scanning Go Ogle newspages, I be seeing stuff loike this'n,

which'n has'n me scribe these words to the online couriermail.com.au....:

Humph! Any comments against "How I luv ya'" Swannie's forthright, and Righteous attack on clearly selfish oligarchs, expose the commenters' political retardation.
Without a big change in attitudes in Oz, and globally, akin to mass rallies like the Global Occupy Movement, there's no hope for the vast majority, and inequity, leading to situations similar to today's Middle-East, will be common reportage in 20 years, maximum.

Zo zere!

Of course, this has me sound like I like Swannie!

Hmmm! If he keeps at the oligarchs with this sort of stuff, I guess I do/will/might/could/should evern?

But, having HPMH Julia supporting him, is a lift to her stasis-er-status, since being in the frontline of dumping Ruddie.

Ex-HPMH Ruddie, the Man who had the balls to take it upto not just our native traitor-oligarchs, but also to the offshore, that-is foreign elites who deem Australian soil and all the wealth beneath it theirs, and was severely scorched for being so Courageous.

Time will tell whether HPMH Julia and HILY (“....my dear ol'...”) Swannie are sincere, by their verbal verocity translating to MORE significant reforms to this flailing nation, with bottomline corrections to LAW, to making Environmental Law, interpreted in fundamentals like a National Land Tax, and, on not-totally dissimilar and not-totally irrelevant corrections to education, ongoing Priorities.

Regards that slop-of-a-subject - edumacation - Lateline on their ABC 'tother night, interviewed a clearly highly Intelligent Fin, from - Finland - the Finnish (I'm not finished yet!) Education minister, Hans Anfootsen or somethink, and Boy-O-Give Him A Gold Star (500cc Beeza!), because Finland leads the world in education standards and levels of success in their cannon-fodder-er students.

This knocked me off my rock - when asked something about how they, the Fins, deal with the inequities between private and public schools, he replied “Vell..., you see, ve haff no private schools in Finlandenenen!” (Actually, his Englishen vaz better than moinen!)


Surely to Buddha stix, ziss has to be how the Finz eradicate inequality???

zzzZZZZOOOO! As I wuz spraying aboff, time vill tell if HILY Swannie and HPMH Julia are ZERIOUS about sharing the cake more evenly between the filthy greedy smelly utterly corrupt oligarchs of Astrayliar, and the rest of them/us!

And ve shall know them by their ACTIONS, Australians!

How many tries have been made by the more Honorable and Intelligent of our passed REALPoliticians (I remain a voice for the Merits and Integrity of one ALP contender for PM, Master Markus Latham, who went without fear or favour, to the sad-sad-terribly-manipulated 2004 fed-election with unambiguous, True Fella Grunt to address this evil disparity between our upclub-upperclassholes-upemselves private schools' funding rort, and the under-funded government schools), to wipe our quadrangles clean of this delusional contra-spiritual cult filth, called variously “Catholic” “Anglican”, “Pedestrian”, and “Jewish” schools receiving too much government funding, I dare not estimate.

But, wiff HPMH and Treasure-er Swannie going the oligarchs, we might see the Great Oily Dome hisself refinding his Mojo, and, as the federal Education Minister, making a fresh show of Democratic Political Muscle, by revisiting the minefield of making the 2nd-oldest (after Moses' mobsters), most corrupt institutions of our western religious cults, fully-account for their own drugs-running and, essentially, pedophilia?


But..., here's me stepping stoned and passt-as-a-migget into that whorey ol' minefield again, not knowing which way is home, or who's mines I'm dancing on.


Whatever....? Good on yer HPMH and HILY!

Keep bouncing the poll-ball with this luvly stuff, and watch that English-born Friar Abbott choke on his priory's incense.

Before that item, I went to

off London's The Telegraph rag.

I didn't bother reading it, 'cause I wuz struck with the thinks...:

Oh Yeah? 600,000 Australian Aborigines, and about 40 zillion other Human Beings from elsewhere on The Great Mutha Eartha, outside of Brit-Eurape, that-is, have been thinking and saying and fighting the very same words to BRITAIN, for about the last 500 years! Including Human Beings from THE MIDDLE EAST, ZION!”

But, funnily enough, mister Brutish PM Cameron couldn't/wouldn't/didn't wanna hear us!

As the 1st paragraph in that item has it....:

"One day, no matter how long it takes, there will be a day of reckoning for this dreadful regime," Cameron said as he joined European Union leaders on the second day of a two-day summit.

Time will bring his words back to haunt him, aye!

And, on a more parochial WHO'SLAND-Queensland politfront...

drops out of the amil-nitrate filled smh.com.au ether...

'Mr Newman faced question after question this week about whether he had fully disclosed his personal financial interests. He insists he has.

There were dozens more on whether there was anything untoward about a series of donations a developer made to his mayoral re-election fund, just before the developer was given approval to build high-rise towers that exceeded height limits.

HAHAHOHOhehehe!” I warbble. As I scribed days ago, about newboy Newman's unconventional slide up the pass into WHO'SLAND politrix, “.....nothing has changed!” since the baddest ol' daze of Who'sland corruption, during and for about 120 years before the payola government of “Bjelke Joe”, and Newman was well-located as Brisbane Mayor prior to slipping up the candidate's pass to run for premier, seeing as Brissy was-is-and-forever-hereafter-shall-remain rooted in and by corruption of the land speculation escapade..., as the rest of the item's paragraph attests to...

And there were still more questions after the manager of that council fund, Greg Bowden, told The Australian many of its donors were developers and they expected "good governance" in return for their contributions.

Premier Anna Bligh seized on the comment, saying it was proof good governance would have to be bought under an LNP government.

"Mr Newman's right-hand man is telling Queenslanders if you want good governance from the LNP you have to pay for it. That's not how our democracy works," she told reporters in Cairns.'

Errr? YEAH!

Is it worth letting on to Catholic Anna, that she made a wee slip there, by suggesting “.... it was proof good governance would have to be bought under an LNP government.”?

Ummm...? Perhaps a bit pedantic..., but failing to discern between “good government” and any government in either Who'sland or Astrayliar, sort of puts her mobsters in the same basket, don't it?

Because....., from my research over the last 3 decades, it's clear that “good governance” really never grew legs to begin with, anywhere in Oz!

But, disgusted with all our politicians or not, it's pretty obvious that newboy Campbell“soupie” Newman, is a bit of a psychopath, and expects to march victorious into government on the same, insane and utterly corrupt ideologies and agenda as most all governments did from Rome's first expansionism until Henry George dropped in from the Economist's Heaven in the 19th century.

But, let's be honest (OH??? SHIT NO!!! NOT IN WHO'S LAND!!!), I reiterate..., all politicians are rotten with corruption, and most every western nations' parliaments would collapse without serious doses of illegal drugs and evil land speculation laws funding their BULLSHIT.

In the end, the so-called “left-of-centre” politrix of the ALP-kind, are but the flip-side of the same bent coin of this era of our fallen species.

Anna Bligh and her ALP mobsters might have more integrity (hard as it is to admit, but they do stand higher on the Intelligence scale, by a lo-ong shot), but neither them nor the illegal-heroin parties of the extreme right here, in Brit-Eurape, the USA or Columbia, et al, will rid the state/nation/planet of the weights around everyone's neck, from the way-out-of-control Zionist political, CRAPitalist, over-consumption, militarist psychosis.

Standing back from it all, as I've been forced to do for 3 decades, one can see clearly that all kiddies live in futile hope that tomorrow's world will be any better than now.

The upclub ponses on top in the Eurozone put-off Eurape's imminent implosion, and thus the following global apocalypse in vein.

At the moment here, HPMH, HILY, and Friar Abbott, et al can keep flogging our land and resources on-the-quiet, out-of-the-news, for perhaps five years, but eventually, (YEP! GUILTY! I've been doomsaying for years, that we'll be eating grass and dirt in but months, once the global economy, in conjunction with the environment goes-bang, and still, we eat well!), when the Eurozone can no longer sustain the media-distractions, we can not escape becoming a bit more than unsettled.

Upbeat announcements about our shiny employment statistics etc, cannot last, before some other land-and-population-stressed nation musters their machinery enough to threaten our shores with an economy, culture and resources-driven invasion. Same-same as Britain has been doing since 1788.


I DO live in hope!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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