The Military MUST CEASE being a Brutal Force

This blog goes out to Planet Earth’s global elite, but more urgently to the Global Military Commanders, no matter which “side” you’ve chosen to Serve.

No time to daly!

This Blog was first put to the internet on December 4th 2006, and is republished in consideration of the seriously deteriorating condition of Australian Society and the Planet's ecology. Also, it is republished for One suffering Australian Fella, David Hicks, classed as "NON-HUMAN" by Australia's government-nay-whole parliament, and is locked down in Guantanamo Bay detention centre, Cuba.
All Strength to Your Inner Light David. It's in there, aye? But I reckon you know already, Brother.
If I could I'd put-out a Call to a Brother of mine in California, one Sonny Barger, "Maximum Head" of the Hell's Angels, to BUST-YOU-OUT, or something.
It seems, the fascists of Washington have a great deal to learn about LAW, say what???

The “Military” exists FIRST AND FOREMOST, to Protect Peoples, and their Most Precious Resource: The Land. The Earth. The Planet.

THEREFORE, if “Military intelligence”, is, it will have discerned that “the current, socio-economic, pseudo-political system” is the most serious threat, to whomever they are enlisted/conscripted to defend.

“The current, socio-economic, pseudo-political system” being pretty-much the global drugs/weapons/pharmaceuticals/oil etc, etc mob of elite manipulators.
Mainstream media is very much their tool in mis-or-mal-informing the Masses.

Corrupt beliefs, definitely partially deluded ideologies, and the destruction of Reason in individuals thus, creating, on today’s rampant scale, throughout whole cultures, the destruction of Simple, Proper and Common Laws, Lore, now, across the Planet, leading Humanity to our current series of environmental, Social, and economic crisesesessss.
Hence, “irascible behaviour” throughout, and now it matters-not which “nation” or region.

The Australian Military Forces, fortunate in their western connections, wealth and geo-isolation, seem (without inquiry, but ever-an-ear) to have honed more than just the killer in their soldiers, sea and air Personnel.
We ALL, are much different People today, young and old, rich and poor, western or of other cultures, to what we were 15, 20 years ago. The myriad armed forces are the same. New “Talents” have been opened to those who learn, as oft’ through a “Military”-type discipline, to control their own mind.

However, as expected, a society as seriously undisciplined as the white west has become (since “The Fall”!), is bound to unleash lots-and-lots of abuse of our Finer, Higher Human Powers. Our Occult Powers. I suggest that this is because, on the swift spread of knowledge about how to defend ourselves from the newly identified raging storm of dark occultists, the “short-cut” of opening the third eye has been almost totally devoid of the vitally necessary Philosophy, thus a failing to Attain to the Wisdom the Soul or Person needs to Properly interpret any given situation. War included.
The Best Defender of their People and of the Planet, or the Best Military Person needs-must KNOW they can Perform in the hot-end-of-war, without any danger that the mind will process learnt and incoming information, knowledge, “Intelligence”, wrongly.
Thus they, to survive and succeed, need complete control of their own mind. This extends to control of beliefs also, for they can dramatically influence how we see the world, other People.
They would also Know, with some solemnity, that such a honed Human, for at least the duration of their service years (2-legs-2-arms-two-eyes!) MUST live to some similarly high, High Level of Discipline, 24/7.

This leads to the dangers, perhaps bigger than I see, of seeking after, and/or living a “lax” life, for it compromises self-control, and as the adage goes “Idle hands do the devil’s work”.
Yet what are our Military Forces defending???
Whence indeed, we have, misrunning the Earth generations-if-not-millennia of wealthy aristocratic, idle occultists, freed totally from Good Solid SOCIAL “GET YA’ HANDS DIRTY”, AGRARIAN-type Work, enough to - HARK!?!? - imagine all manner of superiority-trips – in the Judeo-Christian west and pan-global enclaves/diaspora at least ----

DELUSIONS ALL!! (I say I say).

These delusions are at the root of “military’s” (whichever today) perceptions of “an enemy”, and on the frontline…, “the enemy”.

With the approach taken by the elite to keep the armed service personnel thugs, fit mainly to kill “the enemy”, misperceptions are encouraged and strengthened by abusive occultists, as oft’ in places of military power, totally screwing a fighter’s intellect to not questioning the veracity of orders, military actions, etc.

Today, things are different.

The Armed Forces, each and every member, is at least conscious of these REALITIES.

Thanks at last to the media, most are also putting together, in their own minds, with THEIR OWN Intellects, that the same psychic oppression has been AND STILL IS behind most-all of the development, expansion and environmental destruction of our, “OUR?” Australian (western) colonizing cultures?

So the war is different, for indeed, the danger to Humanity in the coming decade is the war against “dangerous-to-the-Planet” beliefs.
Beliefs which threaten, in Reality, ANY Life-on-Earth.
It is mis-beliefs that keep a Person a thug, and ill, awry.

Australia has enabled most to read, and to figure-out important things for themselves. Perhaps this is, was, worldwide.
The media has reached everyone including frontline service personnel, and it is blasting us all with the environmental collapse, imminent, yet the governments ALL! - fail to face it?

“The Government” so-called, Australian federal/state/local, and globally is/are still splashing-around in fast-evaporating puddles of erroneous-therefore-toxic political beliefs – in economics, REAL ESTATE (or “Land Distribution”), security, agriculture, environment, etc., etc., consumer capitalism, unrestrained innovation! And-on and-on, most all based on “cover-up” corrupt socio-economic and international relations models, which are, bluntly, based on archaic economic power-slash-warring models. Models run mainly now from the drug-centres of Hong Kong, Switzerland, London Banking, Tel Aviv, Moscow, etc.

In brief, most “secret services” (MI-6, CIA, Mossad, FSB, CCIS, etc), and freedom fighter or misnomered terrorist organizations control the global and local (they must follow) drugs and general economic corruption, as their predecessor agents of today’s International Monetary Fund, The I.M.F., the “British East India Company” have done in Australia and throughout “The Empire” for centuries.

The current imminent environmental collapse is conclusive evidence of the serious flaws, delusions in the culture which has allowed western consumer capitalism to breed.

Perhaps most dangerously of all, western military forces are dragooned into defending, fighting and dying for “ponsy delusions”, as the raw basis of most all “enlightenment”, post-1500CE, unrestrained or laisse-fair consumer capitalism actually is.

With the isolation of the British Isles from warring Europe came refinement of Law.
However with that geo-isolation (“semi” really) whence Britain honed Potential of Divine Laws on Earth, the poms forgot (or was it their landless Jews?), how Properly to relate with other Humans. Thus, they desecrated whole, quite Spiritual Cultures, and regarded their Peoples as inferior. Even non-Human?! Ha! The “painted” enemy!
Perhaps this began at “The Fall”, where whitey’s Ancients lost their psychic, Spiritual Connection with the Astral Cosmos, the Greater Unity? “Da Flow of De Universe, Mon!”.
Thus they lost the Knowledge of the Ultimate Oneness of Human Kind, and as well the Oneness with the Whole of the Creation.

This is as much the root cause of all wars, but of “enemy” against “enemy”.

So while armies of any colour, engage in battle because of out-of-date (implying the possibility of being appropriate for the time, situation etc.,) ideologies, flawed thought and superstitious cultic beliefs, usually blown out of proportion, thus doomed to failure, by power, ignorance, confidence and the occult imagination, “enemies” will always be perceived and wars will not end.

So, if THE Military would be Honourable, from bottom-to-top, Collectively that-is-GLOBALLY, it would Recognise, that the war out there, is but a manifestation of the war going on within, between firstly One’s True Fella Spirit – we ALL Have It! – and whichever occultist has tricked our younger mind into believing, fighting, killing and dying for, THEIR ideologies, usually in fact inappropriate, dysfunctional cult desires/delusions.

In the west, however, the child’s connection INTO their True Fella Spirit has been burnt-out, covered-over by bad occultist spells, disguised as the “baptism” ceremony etc, plus by the ceaseless push-marketing in every aspect of daily life, ofd mammon, that which buries our True Spirit in material desire. Circumcision is another “ritual” to gain occult control of the victim’s body and mind.

A third basis of sustaining a Spiritual ignorance in the People, in the west (and they wish globally) and also maintenance of a brutal, even malicious culture, necessary for corruption to survive and of course prosper, is “alcohol”.
Being a part-time drunk me-self, I know the benefits of grog when ya’ need that UMPFH! that “Fire in the Belly”. But within an Attuned Warrior, That Fire is Ever-Ready, Within, so they need no alcohol. As well, the Attuned Warrior is fully aware of the negatives of grog, especially negatives which impair their functionality and “wit”, acuity. But, occasional “Ritual” benders are necessary also.

One may regard most effects on the Being, whether ill-health, depression, addiction, confusion, suicide, failure to appropriately and fully express one’s self, or propensity to OVER-express oneself (thus talk bullshit or hurt others), as inharmonious interactions with the subtle, Cosmic Realm – The Astral. Or “spells”.
This has been the “rock” Judeo-Christianity has deludedly based it’s Authority upon. Conversion-by-hypnosis. Indeed, these days, I fail to see ANY intellectual foundations for Christianity. But it must have been necessary, because it existed. Like ignorance.

For centuries, whole Communities, nations and cultures have been guided one-way or the other by occultists high-up enough (with “minions” all-the-way down the pyramid) to make and pervert State and Religious Laws. Those few who remain, some of today’s remaining Monarchs, some Sagasic National Leaders, have oft’ deftly maintained their Veracity, their Trueness, and perversion, corruption of State and Religious Laws are not part of their Agendum, even though today, thanks again to British Judeo-Christianity, State and Church, Monarchs and Leaders, survive only by compromising their Principles to a wider deeper corruption.

For-near-as-ever, worldwide, Wisdom Cultures survived for their Original and Descendant Law-or-Lore Makers and Keepers.
Sages and Oracles who Tuned-in to the Universal Reality saw how to Maintain Sanity and Balance in their People, for their Understanding their own Self and it’s Powers, and their position in the Universe.
Through these occult powers were divined the Good or ill of one “policy” or another, and so Divined the Spiritual Wisdom All Souls need for Inner Contentment, Spiritual Growth and the Leading of An Honourable Life.
This was something of an “Edenic” State rarely known in the post-Roman Catholic infiltrated west.

Good Government is Pure of the need to psychically or economically or in any way control the population, as Judeo-Christianity does, and corporate marketing, and most cults, religious, elite, clubs do, with abuse of the occult.
So too Good Religion. Ummm? Hello?
A long way from today’s unreality, say what?

Those Ancient Wisdom Cultures knew nothing of the sort of Cultural, Governmental corruptions we bear today, yet were very Wise to the dangers. Some, if not all, knew the science of atoms and of the even finer “Soup-of-Life”, and of the options achievable by experiment.
They did not need science to cure cancer, to pull a tooth or to design and fabricate exceptional architecture, nor technology to travel across Galaxies and Universes.
Personal and Social Balance was found and Sustained by Complete Knowledge – Spiritual and Economic.

That is Ours as One Human Race, to grasp today.

This is Basically the Ultimate Call for today’s Global Military Forces Personnel:
-To Embrace the untainted Spiritual Knowledge of Self – “All is One”, and,
-To Embrace the untainted Economic Knowledge of Land Law, expressed as LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE.

Affirmation of this being the Global Military’s “Mission” is found in the current results of bad laws, bad beliefs, bad spells – global social, legal, cultural and environmental collapse.

Armed with that Knowledge, Unconditional Education, Wisdom and Love replace corruption, guns and destruction.

This blog goes out to Planet Earth’s global elite, but more urgently to the Global Military Commanders, no matter which “side” you’ve chosen to Serve.

No time to daly!


When Jesus Left.......

Email I just sent to the HEMP Embassy

19th January 2007.

Sorry dudes, but this lil' bunny is off to CANBERRA to put an end once and for all, to the tyranny YOU prescribe to - voting for leaders -.

After eight years in Nimbin, Fighting the Good Fight (always FOR YOU!, so that YOU ALL can keep your homes and families, and as it turns-out your most lucrative black market), I've concluded you're all patsies and powerless or gutless ones at that, and that you are as good as in league with the I.M.F. in keeping the drugs laws corrupt. My most recent disagreement with the poofters at NIM FM adds weight to that assertion, I say, I say. The utterly abject "atmosphere" in the neighbouring HEMP Bar adds weight also.

You all bounce around with hoopla and verve, promising everyone else that you are going to WIN WIN WIN against the tyrants, with the result maybe, that you get a few photos of a second-rate mock-up big-jerkoff-er joint outside parliament house, with a few coppers thrown-in, in the local rag? WOW!

I've given myself enormously to this town Nimbin, saving y'all from several sentences in Hell, asking nothing in return, just a bit of "Respect". But what have I gotten? Not even affordable buds!?

So many fallacious accusations, allegations and bashings, insult after insult - enough.

If any of you had the Courage of your professed convictions, you would make sure you were in Canberra on Australia Day 26th January 2007, to take it to the top of this Nation's Authorities, and stay until the whole rotten system is Renewed, based on True Law, not on these current utter corruptions ex-Britain, ex-British East India Company - today's Masters of everything and everyone in Australia and the world - the International Monetary Fund - the I.M.F.

By-the-way… You have me to thank for last years Mardi Grass, 2006. It was because I controlled the coppers with my legal evidence, and with my persistence, all on legal foundations, that they allowed the event to pass.

It was I who forced the resignation of the second and third top CIA men last year, because of the same document I published regarding the global drugs blackmarket ETCETERA ETCETERA.

With those few examples of my successes, and the THREE HOLLYWOOD movies made about me under my belt, SOMEONE but obviously NOT IN NUMBUMS, NOT IN NIMBY-NIMBIN, recognizes Talent when they see it.

So why do I stay here?

Fuck your falsity, egomania, and self-deluding ideations, Nimbin.

You prove your worthlessness with every suckhole egomaniac who comes to town with money and is before you know it – A LOCAL!

If I leave Nimbin, and do not return, whether for incarceration or choosing another place to lie-down-and-die (the sole reason I came to Nimbin in 1998), there is an huge danger Nimbin will be shutdown.

At the very least, you will lose an huge amount of tourists, who, though you secreted it from me for years, and still utterly deny the truth, came and come here increasingly to see the one piece-of-shit Human Being (me) WHO CAN SAVE THE FUCKING WORLD.

But with the intellect of the average Australian, of the lesser average of New South Welsh as pathetic as it is, He, or the Great Lord, wants nothing but the destruction of all of you (us).

And you thought the planet is warming-up because of your exhausts?

Last time I was in Canberra, I threatened the British High Commission by standing out front on Commonwealth Avenue with three half-bricks in hand, ready and arched to lob over the high fence and onto the roof.

Naturally, I didn't need to. The High Commission came out and listened.

I did not hold back, in language or evidence, in allegation and accusation, in angry tones of disgust.

They listened. So did a small group of "Protective Services plain-clothed Officers", who agreed with all of my assertions etc., such as the whole of the A.C.T. is illegal, and therefore they should all be arrested. The Coppers said, "Yes".


I have enough evidence now to take it to the top, but not with violence or threats or subversion.

I'll take this opportunity to let Nimbin know, via your inimitable connections, that I am on my way to Canberra, and wherever else in order to get to the top of this pile of shit that we are all being smothered under.

I will be seeking-out the Australian Military High Command, hopefully they're at work in January, to discuss with them the "Call to Arrest the Decline", by Advocating that the military, of Australia AND of the United States of America, and of all Military Commands on Earth, arrest all parliaments, and all of the top one-hundred multinational corporations.

Arrest is the short version.

"Peaceable Apprehension" is the term I prefer, where the apprehended parties are asked to answer questions about the global drugs black market, and about several other anomolies in Humanity's existence.

But the main point I will be arguing, will be that "Society is not working" and therefore major changes, major reforms MUST be instituted forthwith, GLOBALLY, if Humanity is to get itself, or it's grandchildren through the next few centuries, and beyond.

I know very well the laxity here in Nimbin, the nihilism, the outright selfishness, the ............ ignorance of the Potential, of the True Possibilities for this Planet.

Good-on-yer NUMBUMS.....

I mayn't be back to Nimbin. Maybe they'll lock-me-away (YAY! screams the fascist HEMP Bar) as a terrorist. “Bewdy!” I reckon too, for I’d still be more effective inside than the whole of the supposed “Activists” Bar bunch of dicksuckers in the HEMP Bar. The I.M.F. Bar. One could readily wax lyrical about that acronym…

No matter. You and the rest of the fucking country have taken EVERYTHING from me thus far, so what-da-fuck? And why? Because the Christians told you I wuz their man............?

And you believed them, so left me to suffer. FUCK YOU.

Now, funnily enough, now that the coppers, the Military, every political party here, in the USA, in Britain and Europe, in the Middle East, Africa, South America and-on, and-on, want my leadership, that is... "Leadership", I'm so hateful of Humanity that I actually want you all to fucking die, and the last thing I want to do is LEAD a bunch of disrespectful, lying thieving turds like the Human's who pass through Nimbin.

I hope you all have a wonderful global meltdown.

And if you don't, which remains on the agenda, if the Great Lord so chooses to forgive you all for what Humanity has done to this His, Blessed Mother Earth, it will be in large part because of me, thank you very much.

You'll get your rain Australia, in oceans-full, the way I'm feeling.

Nimbin, you might have to have a longish holiday from all your twisted delusions.

It might teach you to Respect the Occult a lot more also......

Max Meredith

Hemp Embassy wrote:




We are soon resubmitting the HEMP Party for Federal Rego to run again in the election later this year. All Parties without an MP were deregistered recently under new Government rules! We need reliable members who aren't paranoid about responding to a phone call or mail from the Australian Electoral Commission wanting confirmation that you really are a member of the HEMP Party. We have thousands of members but need 500 who are contactable at their electoral address if the AEC survey selects them. HEMP Party members definately move house more than Liberal/National Party members!

New members can join (or moving members can rejoin) at the Nimbin HEMP Embassy or the forms are at www.hempembassy.net or click on Plantem. Or phone 02 66891842 and we'll post you.

Members need to be registered to vote in Australia and not members of any other political Party.

Michael Balderstone

HEMP Party President.


Assuming Authority. Part Four
The Only Honourable Military Person

By the evidence, today, the Only Honourable Military Person, is She/He who Stands and Fights Fearlessly for the Principle Human Justice of GLOBAL Economic and Land Reform, as Purely Divined in the Scientific Law of;


Assuming Authority. Part Three

Terminal for any Honourable Human Existence
by Max Nichols Meredith
15th January 2007

The dominant culture on Earth now in the early 21st century, appears ceaseless, overwhelming, deborched and deadly.

Terminal for any Honourable Human Existence.

It is clearly seen from the outside, from the margins, from the forests and deserts, in Australia especially, but as I said, dominant globally, that the "trend" or direction of this apparently insatiable culture, is reminiscent of the old Biblical story of the demise of the two cities of Sodom and Gomorah.

Indeed, more than enough evidence shows clearly that every nation on Earth now has a dominant "attitude" already forcing it's/their downward ideology upon Humanity near-as exactly the same as that which pervaded and destroyed, those two ancient cities.

Ideologies, utterly offensive to every Human's Highest or True Divine Spirit, and cannot be regarded as otherwise to the Supreme Spirit.

The Same Supreme, who, it was written, wiped Sodom and Gomorah from the face of HIS Earth.

What (region), of the Face of HIS Earth, is NOT so corrupted today. Therefore, who of the Human Family, is Worthy of not being wiped-off the Face of God's Earth?

I agree with the Supreme.........

Assuming Authority. Part Two

Mankind's BIGGEST Threat - "Global Media Incorporated"!

Voter opinion, voter beliefs have been far from "True and Correct" for about one hundred years, perhaps less globally.

Voter beliefs can only come from the information and knowledge accrued.

In local, parochial issues, the "medium" of passing-on "the goss" has near-as forever been person-to-person or person-to-group, through direct speech-to-ear.

In settled, stable Local Communities, Local Knowledge, passed-on-and-around, AND KEPT HIGH and as-Best-as-Ever-Present in all Hearts through Local Story-Tellings and Folk Songing, maintained "The Mean" and could be Trusted, for the Village Storytellers were Known to Speak True.

As Locals were effected by issues from beyond their Community and perhaps "Town Cryer"-type dissemination, the "media", or the need for it, as we know it was born.

As likely, from the start it was "mediated" or censured to suit the "Editor's" politic.

Today, the "crap-and-spin" of Rupert Murdoch's Rhodes-ian, Oxbridge, Brettonwoods media empire is the global seducer, through the ideologically agenda-soaked manipulation of information and knowledge, of more Human minds than any other "Estate" has ever been. (I rebeg the question: "What ARE the 1st, 2nd and 3rd "Estates" above the 4th Estate of "Media"?" Also: "What Authority have they, and why do they not act to curb the likes of Murdoch, as it seems someone has to Italy's Berlesconi and Thailand's recently militarily deposed leader, Thaksin Shinawatra?)

Crap-and-spin, crap-and-spin.

It is Easy Science to recognise and Correctly conclude that:

As Rupert Murdoch's all-pervasive media is so ready to pinpoint "criminal" and "enemy" INDIVIDUALS (Saddam Hussein?), will they start another war when the Finger of Justice points at the Ruler of the Fourth Estate, Rupert Murdoch, as Humanity's Most Dangerous "Enemy"?

Indeed, I, were I God, would counsel no argument to such charges.

Indeed, were the HARD TRUTH Spoken, Rupert Murdoch comes very close to being the Planet's Most Dangerous, and thus the Most Wanted TERRORIST.

I Implore the Appropriate Military Commands, Globally, to address the evidence explaining "WHAT is, Humanity's enemy?", in regard to the corruption of our People's Minds and Hearts by such insidious means, and by such empires.

For Justice,

Max Nichols Meredith

Assuming Authority. Part One

15th January 2007.

As Society today, planetwide, is falling further into corruption (of Basic True Principles) and collapse, does not the question of, "The Veracity of the concept of (all types of) 'Leaders'?" beg investigating?

For clearly Humanity is being "led" into The Pit of Hell, which is the "dark-side" of Judeo-Christianity - heirarchical, pyramidic, centralised totalitarianism.

It's close enough to correct, to say that such a road into The Pit began around the written mythological tale of the "Fall from The Garden of Eden", and was, I suggest, from the evidence, "cemented" into Humanity's "destiny" in the 4th century A.D., by the very corrupt Constantinian "Counsels of Nicea".

Christianity, is a rort, for it is in Fact, in Reality, "the Cult of Waiting for a Leader", waiting, that is, for some-OTHER-one, some other Human than our selfish-little-selves to do what we should be LIVING ourselves..., i.e., suffering WHATEVER, to maintain Personal and Communal INTEGRITY. by "Putting Truth First", in such as Political, or Economic Science, both Personal and Communal, and in such as the Science of Self Knowledge!

Christianity, as the Planet's most "first-world opulance cult", with Protestants, Catholics and Jews ceaselessly scrambling themselves and all around them, by perverting events and records of events so-as to be able to put-up for "public approval", amidst a ruthless, underhanded utterly corrupt electoral structure, a "squeaky-clean"-thus-most appealing candidate, is seen as the biggest deceit, when it comes to Any Genuine Democracy, and the apparent Self-Evident Truthes for which to Aim; "Equality, Fraternity, Liberty", of Persons and their Peoples.

(What DOES THAT SAY about the very Catholic France? Perhaps the Vische French, and today's rightwing political fascists like Le Penn are Correct?!)

In the mainstream "western" political system, by the end of any campaign to promote the "hero" or "leader", or by the time the candidate emerges as "A LEADER", they are totally "manipulated", and thus cannot do other than be or become a total "patsy".

An utter fraud on everyone who votes for them.

How many of these types have we seen rise to power on waves of popularity, only, some years down the track, to be written-down, as oft' by their own political associates, as out-of-favour to the politcal puppet-masters from afar?

Christianity, is "Patsyanity".

The Mission of the True Christian is to dismember the centralised organism of church, synagogue AND Mosque, wherever it corrupts The Human's Path to the Highest Spiritual Level, 'til so decentralised We all become Silently Sovereign and are no longer in need of leadership - Political or Spiritual.

Otherwise, ANY "Leadership" or "religion", is demonic.


The Option For Earth: Part One......

by Max Nichols Meredith
Nimbin, N.S.W. Australia.
11th January 2007.

Here I go again, say-what?
As a summation of my 51 years experience, political, economic and “Mystical” investigations-and-uncoverings, as well-as through or because of “my” tenacity (is it “mine”?) and Courage as a Warrior for Global Human Justice, I am persistently “occupied” with feelings, which seem repeatedly to assert that I am the True Global Commander – some kind of Occult Great Lord – who has been aligned, either by the desperate will of Humanity, or it’s Occult Masters, or “by the Gods” as-it-were, to Stand Forth and Take Control of the whole frigging Planet!?
Too much for any one Human to Assume, surely???
Questions of the Veracity of any-and-all “western” or perhaps “Judeo-Christian” models of “Leadership” must be brought under the microscope of Reasoned, Logic-based, Scientific Analysis and Investigation, before ANY assertions can be TRUTHFULLY made about how our political models are developing.
Democracy runs in total contradiction to the current dominant paradigms of “Leaders”, if the deep Truth of what Democracy actually is, is told.
It is a fact, I assert, that Humanity IS CAPABLE OF LIVING PEACEFULLY ON EARTH, even amidst the multidimensional existences we have, en-masse, come to Know about these last ten years.
With much hoopla about Visitors from afar, from the Plieades and Orion Constellations, Humanity is being terminally distracted from the True Work, the Only Truly Valuable and Rewarding Work to do at this stage in our Collective Progress from the first three Dimensions, unto the Stars.
It may be correct that we should not worry and merely “do as thou wilt” at no matter whose expense. I find it hard to take that seriously (?), which should make me laugh…..
People seem to be unaware of the immense power all the media have over our minds today, and still, too readily accept new theories, new revelations, new hypotheses, new stories from the heavens, etc. A cautious eye can I think detect flaws, which may expose gaping-holes in assertions in the limitless books and tales we read.
Most I meet who have read and come to believe such propaganda, are brought undone in their psychology and daily lives. This soon enough flows out to their families, their community etc, thus dramatically accelerating the degradation of Society, for they can no longer focus or concern themselves about the menial, trivial and perceived “boring” tasks. Tasks which do, as it happens help enormously to “Make the World Go Round”.
What’s more, ignorance of these minute-by-minute disciplines also accelerates the degradation of society through the excess of irresponsible, or “failing-Responsibility” behaviour.
This behaviour, or mis-behaviour is generally called “fun”.
“Fun” is great stuff, no doubt, and we should not be seeking to stop people having fun, but to some extent, “fun” is for Children, and, fun is for the “child” inside the adult, with whom we must be in Harmony occasionally, if not regularly.
But fun too oft’ implies irresponsibility, or a moment when we abrogate responsibility beyond the expected “DON’T KILL HIM, JAMIE!?”
A French ex-President said a few years ago “Fun is for fools!”.
Perhaps up at his social or political level(s), indeed there may be little or no time for “fun”, pure and simple?
Meantime, all the world is drowning for an imbalance between “fun” and “Responsibility”, with the least intelligent and most irresponsible politicians the Earth has seen, urging the masses to be evermore irascible by “competing” and “consuming” and treating everything as only of Value when it can be consumed or used by YOU.
Right now, after three pleasant weeks staying in a HOUSE with a T.V., my estimation of the present Local, National and Global psychological, social, political, Economic and Spiritual situation is:
Society is not working, though we in Australazyia still live in comparative opulence and appear to be living within the “bounds” of some benign “order” called government and law, etc., elsewhere it is a long-long-way beyond desperate in regard to the Substance necessary to maintain Good, Social Order.
There would be very few Social, or Economic Scientists, worth their B.Sc., today who would disagree with a statement like “there are Scientific Laws which determine that Human Beings can live in Peace and Harmony on Earth, all fed, all housed and clothed, all Loved AND, all Happy.”
Well…., there might be a few (million?) disagreements.
As to Humanity being given free and pure access to these Laws, and the Knowledge within and surrounding them, it is a different story…….. BUT IF THEY WERE, while at the same time had the “monkey” of a bank mortgage taken off their backs, Balance may be restored promptly globally, at least to the institutes of Good Governance, whence Peace-and-Harmony on Earth may be found through Balanced Economics, thus Balanced Families, Communities and individuals.
However, there are too many “individuals” determined to maintain the unbalanced planet scenario. As individuals they are utter delusions. As a throng, they are out-of-control.
Such a throng may just be a group of high-flying executives or upper management, or a street gang of young women, all of whom seem to assume, through this “ideate your own delusion” that they can take the Law into their own hands, to the point of believing they have the Power to transmute any situation to their desires.
All of these types of power-hungry groups being almost totally improperly educated on their place on Earth and in the Cosmos, left to follow delusional dreams, most all of which, before death, like the endless list of corporate executives and plans, end in disaster.
Money has a strange effect on some people, for with it comes a certain amount of “power” (I actually argue that the more power one seeks in monetary or material wealth, the LESS power one has, for they are seeking it from NOT themselves, from NOT their True Spiritual Power Centre), it also brings the power to dream-up whatever is affordable.
As Humanity witnesses today, about every ideation out of the modern, say, post “enlightenment” phase which centres around personal gratification and personal “empire-building”, have “come-a-cropper”, with the residual dross being toxic to plant, animal and Spiritual Life, as well as toxic to Our Blessed Mother Earth.
With all the dreaming-up of the last three or four hundred years, by those “Masters” of the Occult, Cecil Rhodes, Bulwer-Lytton, Blavatsky, Bailey, Crowley, Yeats, etcetera-and-on-infinitum, how many of their plans were dreamed-up, ideated in full awareness of the eventual growth of the current “REAL-AND-PRESENT DANGER” of global warming, and the impending global environmental fuck-up?
If they all were so Highly Advanced in these Mystical Issues, would they not have attained to the FACTS about how Humanity would be best to approach the future, and with any-such Divination, would they not have determined that the course they have set the world to follow, as they did, would result in global environmental meltdown, social destruction and expensive marijuana?
“Pooh on them!”, I say, I say.
What’s more, the current danger of global warming is NOT merely from our abuse of the atmosphere and “fossil-fuels” etcetera, but today, storm-surges, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, floods and prolonged droughts are made manifest because the descendants of those past “masters” of delusional thinking; the insatiable, the rich and idle, the rebellious, the anarchistic and most all children (inherently irresponsible) have found their own occult powers, and, as with 99.999999% of white people, are totally without ANY Active Intelligence, in respect of how to employ, control and respect the occult.
Or in respect of how to Live in Peace and Happiness on Earth.
Any Scientist would determine from these broadbrush evaluations of Planet Earth today, that some drastic measures have to be taken. If there is any point or Value in being serious, it surely is to be found in the Greatest Considerations about Good Governance on Earth.


……..to be continued

Topics addressed in future chapters:

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