"LAND and LABOR - GLOBAL" - Repub 28 May '05


The 1st Global Political/Social/Spiritual Movement
for All The People of Earth

I saw a need, so I invented a Movement....

“...The current western political system is democratic in name only, and is becoming less so by the day, having been commandeered by selfish, ruthless business economists with absolutely no real Social Good in mind.”

Across the world, subsuming man-made laws, is a fast-spreading, ungoverned mixture of opulence, social fatalism and liberationist anarchy. If this ignorance is left to run, the only result will be total chaos and the death.... of “Society”.
Godless selfishness has the people by the throat, and is spreading through society like a virulent cancer, stupefying people into celebrating ignorance, making “Reason” an aberration, and “Intelligence” the enemy.
People are becoming less tolerant, less considerate of their fellow human beings and ever-so-much-more brutish and egocentric. Man is only egocentric because he lacks Self Understanding, Self Knowledge, and becomes more so, the more he turns away from his..... Self.
The nature of the corrupt, anti-social economic system, now serves firstly to exacerbate mankind’s malfunctioning egoism, and secondly makes thoughtful people more determined to find the Truth.
Instead however, the average “man-in-the-street” is driven to be totally preoccupied with “fighting his neighbour in the marketplace” to afford artificially priced Mortgages (O.F.: “death-pledge”), rents, and taxes, hence robbing him of any chance to Truly Relax, to fall deeply silent in Mind and Heart, until Still, Clear, Empty, of the endless rubbish drummed into him by the mindless, Heartless, moral-less propaganda juggernaut of selfist, materialist, business, media and advertising.
Little wonder no-one “hears”, has no time to be interested in, what any Champions of Social Justice have to say!
The ruling plutocrats are “deaf” to this- “deaf” to the Truth. If the plans of the plutocrat’s keep going as they are, they’ll be safely roosted away in geographic/demographic- econographic safe-havens, protected by the rapidly expanding, armed, police and security forces, while social chaos, eventual urban warfare, will be the “norm” everywhere-else, for everyone-else.
Melbourne’s calm is now the exception, not the rule.
The increasingly dysfunctional egocentricity (rooted in ignore-ance of Truth) of unbridled, unethical, desperatist economic misguidance is corrupting the Hearts and minds of men, women and children, and educating all to hate the Good, in themself.
Education; to develop the faculties and powers of by teaching, instruction.
Educe: to draw forth or bring out; elicit; develop. (Latin: educere; lead forth, bring up)
Draw forth what? Clarity...., or chaos??? Good....., or evil?? Love....., or hate????
From within the Hearts of Children!!!
Look at the community!
Look at the chillingly cold generations of children being raised!
Look at the business world.... the social world..... the family’s world!
What’s it to be folks....... ignorance, hate, war......or

The One, True Economic Science
Democratic Economic Movement for One Society
will break the chains of belief in a ruined future, will refire Hope-big-H in the Hearts and Minds of all the People, and will offer The Knowledge to clean-up the mental, physical and economic environment for “The Demos”, for “The People”, for Every One, World-Wide.

is One Movement.

excludes nothing, includes
the Science of Self Understanding.

Teaches the Science of Social Economics.

offers Freedom, offers True, World Peace

May the Perfect Existence be Your Inspiration


Howard's Rural Tour and Kylie's Tits?

I've scribed pages of foolscap on this news issue already, but have given-up expecting to put it up on my blogsite or emailing to any list of recipients - library facilities and cafes are NOT the place to put political policies together, nor to follow the news and sling blogcomments around the planet.

But this morn' in Byron is thus-far calm........

Farmers are bleating about "Exceptional Circumstances" financial assistance from the government, saying the drought is sending them broke.

As they say on trash-TV: "Ah, excuse me?"

Let's get the fucking farming scenario right for once in 217 years!

Droughts, yes are as natural a phenomenon in Australia as Aborigine Peoples, floods, and spectacular thunderstorms. So, as it was uptil about the 1970s, the long-dry was accepted as part of the deal of being a farmer in Australia. One must take the bad with the good.

And clearly, for a significant sector of the Australian population, farmers have done every well from the Land their ancestors invaded, plundered and rape-pillaged-pissed-on-and-continue to persecute the original Owners of, if their flash 4X4s and fancy farming equipment, their kids dazzling cars, motorbikes and 'private-school' educations are anything to go by. And the trinkets and subdivided farmlands are as valid a means as any to judge the legitimacy of their attitude.

This latest drought, claimed by the bleeding as the worst in history -rah-rah-rah, seems to be getting the blame for breaking our exports/imports trade balance, and potentially destroying large sectors of the farming, and thus rural Communities.

Yet there is obviously deliberate ignorance, by the politicians, AND by the media - ABC I mean, to the fact that that the larger structure of our population distribution, accommodation, employment, consumption etc, is rotten to the core, in regard to maintaining a Balanced environment so-as to perpetuate the society, nation, Peoples and Planet, and farming.


White invaders to Australia have over the last 217 years or so, wiped-out over ninety-to-ninety-five-percent of the continent's rainforest.

Now go to the NASA weather satellite internet website http://www.ghcc.msfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/post-goes and
click-on the satellite images of South America and on the second one of the African plate. Select 30-frames of animation and watch the jungles (as much of them as remain) of those two continents PUMP rainclouds up into the atmosphere, each day. Being winter in the southern hemisphere, these are not as amazing as when viewed in summer or spring in the south.

I ask you to do this because it might make it a bit more plain to the Howardian academic fascists, that trees, just like the squillions YOUR dumb-arse predecessors and redneck contemporary peers are wiping off the bigplate we call Home, especially RAINFOREST trees, and shrubs, and vines, and snakes and wallabies and insects and flies and creepy-spiders etc-etc-etc., are the SOURCE of the precious fucking rainwater your grazier-pasturalist-broad-acres-of-vacant-brain LAND-RAPISTS so bleet about not having to feed the fucking Toyota.

It might bring it home to our generally pretty-well-off farmers that the accepted tradition of wiping out the lungs of the planet by clearing away the.... trees?, soas to make room for damaging bovines, and damaging broadacre farming methods, inefficient, shortsighted methods of extracting food from the Land, merely, in the Honest-end, for their own warped attitude to making a comfortable living, and to remain as relaxed as buggery because all the dramas created by their piss-poor farming techniques and social dementia are occuring way-over in where? Afghanistan, Palestine, Ethiopia, Iraq, etc.

FARMERS! It's YOUR farming practices which are making el Nino raise his ugly head again!

You have caused the drought, therefore really have no case for "Exceptional Circumstances" financial relief from any of our governments.

On the Honest contrary, something very few Australians are capable of facing, farmers who doggedly continue to follow these farming techniques now known to be so detrimental to the Land, to the Communities thereon and to the utterly fabricated "international balance-of-payments" shite, should be arrested and charged with some terrifying thing like Treason, or actively damaging the Australian Common Wealth.

But alas? What would the AWB or NFF or the P&G mob or the lusterless National party say?

And what about their sponsors, the big farming equipment manufacturers, the fertilizers corps, the seed-supplying corps, the fuel suppliers? How much of Australian terrain do foriegn interests own in these ways of farming production on excessive, unsustainable methods?

While Queensland's trees are being cleared by the footy-fields-per hour, and after letting previous generations of farmers get away with geocide, ecocide, while Aussie farmers moan about cane-toads, and rabbits, and lantana and every other introduced pest, (WHAT ABOUT ALL CLOVEN-HOOFED ANIMALS?), they must remember that their own same-same traditionalist farmers in the past have introduced as many of them, and therefore may well be culpable for the damages the various toxic introductions have incurred on our fragile Lands.

The same applies to those in the past who foolishly-nay-criminally cleared the land of it's precious resource - trees, and I put it that today, those who are still wiping trees out from the Land are criminals and needs-must be charged to prevent them doing any more damage.

For, amazing as it may seem, to Aussie farming CEOs and senior sychophants in farm industry management generally, TREES are not only Planet-Mother's LUNGS, regenerating OXYGEN for our Common Earth, but TREES are ALSO the Best, Most tried-and_true Provider of Life-sustaining WATER - H2O - AQUA - LOVELY WET-STUFF! Stuff you can drink even! FRESH! DESALINATED ALREADY ALREADY!


Wheat, cotton, sugarcane, most grains, sheep, cattle DON'T contribute positively to the NATURAL water-cycle anywhere in Australia, and I'd hazard-a-guess and say anywhere on the planet, when produced to the extent of today's callous profitakers, especially on the blundering, false, free-market excesses as those so fiercely clung-to by our mainstram morons, politicians Inc., bankers Inc., pasturalists and graziers Inc., and therefore the majority of the 120 thousand or less "farmers" in Australia at the moment.

(As pertinent as the other points herein, one MUST ask today, if there is some fundamental flaw in western or global farming techniques, policies, and accepted practices that such a small, even-'select' group of the population should be responsible for the supplies of food to the whole nation?)

So farmers must GO FULL-TILT at these upper-class arseholes to break the politico-economic cycle, if they Genuinely want to break the drought, and deserve to stay on the Land - where we all should be.

However, would the 'incumbent' farmers teach us to Nourish the Land back to Health, as-was before white-arse came, or would they teach us to further their own ignorant and selfish practices of destroying the Land?

'Upper-class arseholes' extend throughout each and every village/township today, by way of the big corporations 'hooking' otherwise Genuine, Good-Hearted and often quite contented Locals as say, the Village Garage (who might be quite Happy to survive at a less frenetic pace), who is/are pushed by this utter furphy of a 'competitive marketplace' to take-on promotional dealerships of push-marketed products - tractors, harvesting, spraying, planting, fertilizing equipment etc, etc, all billion-dollar industries, designed to STOP the farmer from having to Work!

The corporations 'offer' to do the work, and THEY get the farmer's wages!

Meanwhile, y' Bro' the Local Garage is BLACKMAILED by the product-floggers, by threat of losing everything in court, into being an arsehole too?



Now, on a slightly different subject, but the same...

Am I to be disillusioned by the ABC?

Have the Hallowed ABC dropped the Max-Ball, and gone over to the extreme right-wing of Howardian fascism?

I ask this because all through the "Drought Relief" media-political dialogue of the last fortnight, we've heard plenty about how one family here, and one family there are 'on the brink' and are about to walk off the farm - if we don't get more rain! -

BOLLOCKS to the christo-shrunk-headed reporters and program producers!

How gutless have you become, since the last federal election?!

I could ride-right-up your egoistic ace-holes on one media issue - "KYLIEEEEE"!?

So I will....., Right-here-right-NOW.........

Why have we NOT heard one mention, allusion or comment about the fact, (as best as my memory serves you!) that Kylie Minogue underwent silicone-or-such breast-enlargement treatment sometime in the last ten-to-fifteen years?

This silence absolutely REEKS of the upper-classes doing-us over again!

Who has paid you to be silent on the issue of the highly dubious, but by no-coincidence highly profitable practices of PLASTIC SURGERY?

The Royal College of Surgeons? The AMA? What's happened?

Has St. Vinnies Hospital offered Phillip Adams a free tit-and-face-lift?

DOCTOR Norman Swann? Where is your usually astute and right-on-the-money comment about this disgusting deceit upon the gullible rich-bitches who can't wait for bigger-knockers?

If I'm right, I'd say that this media-show (about Kylie's CANCER!) has been paid HEAPS to be kept well-clear of the fact that her placky-tits are possibly the very cause of her cancer, so-as to save the already suspect 'industry' of plastic/silicone etc implant surgeons from being taken out onto the hospital forecourt and shot.

Just like they should be, while they so selfishly perpetuate such dangerous myths, like "lemons being bad for you", like "hysterctomies and cesarians etc., are the best thing for a woman's well-being", like "pharmaceuticals are the best way into the future". etc., etc., et-fucking-cetera.

Don't sell Australia down the pill-pipe yet, Aunty! I ain't done yet, albeit that I often wish for it.....

Just an aside.........

Now, back to 'farming'.....

In all the rubbish from the media and the politicians about the drought, I've heard nothing at all about the MOST LOGICAL methods of farming, no matter where we sink a plough - Co-operative, Community Farms?!

However, shortsighted as most white people are, farmers or city-bound slave, can we not see the logic of "Economies-of-Scale" in regard to production, but also in regard to "ACCOMMODATION" of the myriad from town and country who WANT WORK, but cannot afford to live where the bloody work is - predominantly in the shitties-er-cities.

What's so damn wrong with having a bunch of well-housed, well-fed, well-employed Workers sharing the load, and the Land, and the Security, and the Community, and the Joy on one farm?

Jeeeezuz?! Umm, talking about Jeshua ben Joseph (J.C.), didn't he, or He, as you prefer, come from an ascetic tribe called the Essennes?

And were the Essennes NOT Communist, Communal, Collectivated, sharing the load, the joy the Ascent of their Holy Spirit(s) unto the Divine as One in an agrarian Lifestyle?

Sorry Packer, but they were, and that, THAT, is where Australians will find a Sound and Drought-proof farming population. Not in any bank-designed profit-ripping nuclear-family system as we now have every Canberran trumpet the invirtues of.

GET OFF THE FUCKING GRASS! Adams, Doogue, Swann, Covalle, Lane, rah-rah-RAAAAAHHH!

Do we have to burn down your kids private schools to make you get off your very comfortable and relaxed fat-cells?

I tell you, if the red-roofed Anglican Church in Nimbin goes up in flames soon, it will be THE sign to begin the meltdown of your poxy empires, PRODY OR MICK alike.

No wonder Mother Earth is going dry on us, we're sucking all the moisture from her soils because of all the exceedingly HOT AIR billowing out of the Ultimo-type cities.

Start "Talking True" Aunty.

I promise you, while these issues are avoided by YOU and you're partners-in-media-crime, the drought will persist, and get worse, and by next summer.......45 degrees C in the Hunter Valley? 50 degrees in Ivanhoe?

You fuckin bet ya'!

In November 2002, I put out a "Missive" titled "NATIONAL DROUGHT RELIEF PLAN, NOVEMBER 2002", which is somewhere on my blogsite maxnodifference.blogspot.com, but you'll have to search the archives to find it now.

In that Missive, Bulletin, I spelled-out, in REALPOLITIK lingo, the situation as it was then (Nov 2002), in regard to the state of Australia's agricultural industries. In REALPOLITIK I spelled-out the scenario for the future of farming in Australia.

I haven't read it for over a year now, but will stand-by it, as near-as The Plan Australia must have for the coming decades, if we are to avoid the dangers which Howard and his dicksucker Costello are just starting to panic about - NO farm skilled workers - no rural infrastructure (for falling populations) NO Community cohesion, or Strength, NOTHING - in short, if we keep ignoring these FACTS as I put out 31 months ago.

People gently agitate me to do what I'm telling others to do - and "get off my fat-cells", to make myself "Fit" to be heard on the political podium.

Clearly, the things I say have over the years, hit a nerve, had an effect, and doesn't Aunty know it.

Prior to December 2003, I wuz led-astray about who was persecuting me, into thinking all manner of shite, most of it coming from my so-called establishment maytes, about what's happening to my life.

Now, post-December 2003, knowing at last that my Brothers, the Hell's Angels were misled to do-me-down, and that now they know that I am for JUSTICE, for them as well as for the dumbfuck christians, things should be a bit different in places like the ABC, ALP, et al.

But with these last examples of erroneous-nay-deceitful reporting, about the drought, and about Kylie's tits being accepted hush-hush, I really don't give a shit about Australia, Australians, Human Beings, Children or persecuted Prophets.

Once more, I'm driven to the forests to Commune with something Better than WHITE Human Beings, and after a sweet interlude here-and-there with Nature, REMEMBER NATURE WHITEMAN? I'm impelled to SCREE-AM "JESUS! YOU FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Not that the bloody athiests are any less rotund around their rears