Note to Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club

On behalf of all Global Advocates of LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE, a la Mr Henry George, once of 'Frisco (1839-1897), and on behalf of the children of all Real People, I thank Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club.
Live Long Sonny Barger, Brother!


Comments on "More Aust troops to Iraq"

450 more Ausrtralian troops for Iraq?

Broken promise number __?

Good on you John, but at least you didn't say "never-ever" in your earlier broken promise, of NOT committing more troops to the 'latest American Vietnam' in Iraq.

I'll tell you, I was against the first "Gulf war" in 1991, as I have been against the latest coalition invasion of Iraq.

My Reasons remain the same! "YOU COULD HAVE DONE IT BETTER!"

I firmly believe Saddam Hussein has been a 'patsy' for the western coalition for two, perhaps two-and-a-half, three decades.

Psychic manipulation has been the primary weapon of the CIA and MI-6 for at least the same period.

Truth be Known of course, the Judeo-Christian forces, religious and aristocrat, have been playing with 'everyone's' mind for centuries.

They are no less behind today's western religious distortions, such as the US and Australian Christian 'Fundamentalist's' fanaticisms. And I don't put it out of the realms of possibility that they have been doing the same with the Islamic Peoples for as long.

These manipulative demons, for many sick reasons, delight in war. Sitting far away and high above the 'frontlines' they take glee in setting-up, over years, decades, conflicts on all levels of society.

Good Intentioned Community meetings are about the most local public forums, fora, that the supercrats deploy subverters into.

Then there's so-called 'good charitable works' like buying influence (tax-deductable "donations"!) in local church-bodies and business groups (corporate executives-with-agenda live in the suburbs and neighbourhoods too!), turning locals, usually 'selecting' the 'fanatical' or egomaniac (powertrippers) turning them into power-hungry lobbyists employing 'charm' and blunt, oft' 'impressive' force in decision-making, policy-forming and orientation, to what add-upto anti-Communal, selfist economics.

Blindly, this type will go to the extent of disgracing themselves in that Community for the victory of fucking-over the Committee-members and all the placid, passive though political True Believers. Thus soon enough, the Community is aggressively divided? Look at the aggressor's eyes!

But the supercrats, over the last ten years, possibly for 50 and-as-likely-for hundreds of years have been hypnotizing Left Wing 'fanatics' also, the ones who fervently adhere to their pledged-to party or religious dogma, and work-on-making them MORE fanatical.

Principally I put it, because this really upsets and divides families, Communities, Nations.

Another shot:

Re: "Howard sends 450 more troops to protect Japanese personnel in Iraq?"

Translate as: Japan is the USA's largest Asian partner-in-global, financial, consumerist-crime, and a big established market for the expansion-dependent US 'capitalist' economy. Plus the USA is probably deeply dependent on Japanese imports. Not that America needs anymore debt, currently I think, at about 1.7 trillion US dollars!

Seems to me-me-me, a case of 'the hoods' of the planet; USA, Britain, Europe, Japan, Australia and other 'impelled' lessers, closing-ranks for their own upper-class defence against any Global, Popular Democratic Uprising.

On: "Train Iraqi troops to do WHAT, Howard?"

Set-up a defence-force to help the construction of an American-style society as materialistic, unethical, vicious, COMPETITIVE, generally deluded, degraded, insecure, unsustainability over-consumptive and polluting AS OURS?

You better take a "Veracity-Check" on the 'cause' your puppet-masters have you promolgate - 'dark energy materialism'.

Shoring-up your defences by colluding - cartel-like - with the planet's supercracy, by selling all Australia's public assets and Land to centralise all power in "Rome", 'foriegn interests' (or is that 'alien' interests, John?), so-as to further oppress us into economic squaller and disempowerment, on the Earthly or economic level, is to make an enemy of the People, once they wake-up to your agenda.

Once they "Wake-Up" to the Fundamental, Primary Importance of Community-controlled "Free Land", as the Just Option to the current basically unethical speculative, short-term system. A system where the free market merely allows the rich to over-power the marketplace, thus the consumer, thus their desires, thus their votes, thus the parliament.

It is time The People (Globally, Naturally) began inserting the word 'parliament' in place of 'government' when chiding 'our governments'. For the corruptions and rorts that the 'government' per se are blamed for, are part-and-parcel of the way the whole Australian political, religious, corporate systems operate.

On every 'side', above and below. "Talk about cartellian behaviour!"

Up that end, at that level of control of millions of People and dollars, both sides are only in there because they have been prepared to 'play' the 200-plus year-long cartellian, colonialist-now-corporate power-games.

The first casualty is any Fabian-type, Passifist-type, Christian-type, Taoist-type, Buddhist-type, Dreaming-type Principles on entering the 'ring' - 'the bullpit'.

Compromise is all.

Ethics really only gets a 'legal' definition, as much as Ethics are in there at all. Ethics but, is Law, but....., is much more again.

Clearly the upper-class 'economists' and political 'experts' on both sides, from trenchant Unionists (All Strength to Your Arms, Comrades!) to right-wing, redneck pentacostals, including the political 'frontmen' (men, most of 'em), are 'stuck-in-a-rutttt' made of old maybe ancient psycho-religious and cold corporate, Imperial connections,

'Old wheel tracks' if you like......., 'spells'-all.

Most-of, acting incessantly to maintain their lucrative-read-bent power-structures-and-therefore-lifestyles, in 'zombie-like' trances. But in the 'management class'......., 'energised' zombies.

Is this the secret image he and Bush have for the future Demos, The People of Iraq...., then Iran, Syria, North and South EVERYWHERE GOD-DAMMM-IT!?

Does Howard's snobby-brutes want to train the Iraqi troops to defend a nation of zombies, like those in Australia's case, who are zombies because they have to be zombies.

Why? After 20 to 25 years of zombifying pro-system 'private' indoctrination, peer-pressure and church/parental 'investment' in their playing the zombie game unquestionably, to reject the overwhelming social/corporate/upper-class paradigm means certain exile, rejection, excommunication from the school-tie network, that's why. Divorce, distrust and degradation into homelessness and/or 'feralism' are the only options the class structures will allow you.

And I can tell you, if you Stand True for any Truly Virtuous Principles, and threaten to be heard, they don't mind playing with your mind until you commit suicide.

Saves them heaps in no longer 'having-to' monitor you!

On-Balance, Mr John-fucking-Howard, the 'price of Democracy' as GW might put it, has been excessive since you blokes got the atomic bomb.

This indicates to me that the leaders in 'aggressor capability' the USA first-up, are in fact, at the forefront of the disruptions going-on wherever conflict can be perpetrated by your fucking-sneaky-finks in the CIA, MI-6, Mossad, etc, etc, north and south, east and west.

And for whatever reason, whether it be aliens hiding back-of-the-moon, or ancient Judaic magic, Howardian foriegn policy is so perverted, I suppose in concordance with their own domestic mammonic policies, that Iraq better be wary of any offers from any coalition governments to further corrupt their struggling Nation.



Points on the latest Middle-East Bush visit

The following three quoted paragraphs are from the article (my comments in 'Comic sans' font):
"The ME takes center stage in President Bushs speech "
at: http://www.aljazeera.com/me.asp?service_ID=7154

"The government of Saudi Arabia can demonstrate its leadership in the region by expanding the role of its people in determining their future," Bush said, urging for a greater move towards giving Saudis more political freedom."

READ: Not as clear as it could be George, but the message is there, aye? The "leadership in the region" bit has me...? No coincidence that Saudi Arabia and its Executive Branch: chief of state: King and Prime Minister FAHD bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud, is George's Mid-Eastern 'regal' partner-in-crime, in adopting the materialistic ways of the west, perhaps more than any other nation in the region - United Arab Emirates, Oman, and the other small "Gulf" nation of Yemen excepted. They're also actively working with the USA in global terrorism - bin Laden is near-as 'mates' with GW Bush. Bin Laden family is one of the wealthiest in Saudi, and in the region, and have unannounced or hidden territorial disputes with the Bush dynasty over...., oil.

"Saudi Arabia has the largest reserves of petroleum in the world (26% of the proved reserves)."

Oil to keep propping-up bin Laden's empires, terrorist and corporate, and the now expected opulant lifestyles of the enormously rich and powerful pro-el Saud dynastic tribal leadership(s).

So, who better to run the Middle-Eastern "Region", read "Territories of the USA"?

Also, the Saudi 'government' is basically antipathetic to the trumpeted Cause of the Bush Adminstration, in it's being rudely-'monarchical'. I know not the statistics on Saudi Arabia's poverty, homelessness etc., however,.......

......... dumping from a source unverified:
"The Middle East Review of International Affairs" (Meria) at: http://meria.idc.ac.il/journal/2003/issue3/jv7n3a2.html ;

"Beyond the poor financial management by the ruling elite, [this section examines] the major systemic problems of the Saudi economy, including its dependence on oil, its population explosion, and its massive unemployment", one might reasonably assume the Saudi tribal oligarchy is very comfortable with 'western' over-consumption, a la the extremely inequitable US-of-A.

"But he added that a future Palestinian state must be "contiguous," as "A state on scattered territories will not work."

A remark which many believe was aimed as a signal to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that he will have to be more forthcoming on giving up illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank when peace negotiations on a Palestinian state reach their final stage."

READ: We (the warlike US Admin) must keep the two most aggressive cultures, Judeo-(Christianity) and Islam, divided between-and-amongst themselves into economic exclusion zones we call 'soveriegn nations'.

"It is essential (in American market-philosophy) that these two parties are at constant loggerheads, at least while we (the US) concentrate on propagating and entrenching our very profitable US-style consumer-culture." A cult centred around the continuous increase in US power, fueled by any form of warlike activity.

I'm thinking that the US President's statement is in absolute (self-interested) opposition to the reforms I perceive as a Fundamental Panacea to the turmoil of the Middle-East; the interspersing of both Israeli and Palestinian-cum-Islamic Cultures and Villages throughout at-least-some-larger-part(s)-of the West Bank, based-rah-rah-rah, on Land Rent for Government Revenue, Naturally.

"A state on scattered territories will not work" aye George?

Sorry, but, if'n you expect the West Bank to become a patchwork of walled enclaves of seperated and aggressive Jew and Muslem, you're right, that's very possible, no-doubt-about-it.

But in line with the Highest Wisdom of your Christian God, and the Same-Same Allah, we are all here to live together, Equally. NOT in such large divisions as to HAVE TO purchase YOUR military's weapons of mass-extinction to bash 'the marketed' enemy with! To bash our "Neighbours" with?

Mr Bush has not the greatest appreciation of the Human Psyche, and it's motivations; Food and a Roof, Laughter and Love.

There might well be a Temple-load of Locals in Israel, Palestine and the Region generally who just want a nice-piece-of-dirt, at an affordable rate, so they can live an Ethical and Peaceful, Neighbourly Life. Most outside the 'circles of fanaticism' in the region, would be of that Ilk, I'd guess-a-hazard to say.

By this I suggest that Jew, Arab and Muslem, if NOT driven to despair by economic exclusivism, are most capable of living within each other's perview.

With the Good Work being done Globally by the Good Wizards of Psychic Therapy, in breaking the spells we've most-all had cast over our minds, much-of-them by fanatical, self-deceived Judeo-Christian, and Islamic religious 'leaders', many more than ever have a Clear Insight into their own Natures and Being, and thence are able to Understand the Laws of Land Rent, at last, better than ever.

This opens the doors to Tremendous Opportunites for the People right across the region, and of course, across the Planet, to overcome those age-old demons of hatred and antipathy to THAT 'enemy' Culture. "OUR culture of course, being the Bestest-Bestest-there-is! So there!"

Management of the Middle East is now more than ever in the hands of the People.

This, "Democracy", is such a huge proposition for these not-so horrible Cultures, Nations, Tribes of Persia, Arabia, Abraham Et Al, but must be faced by these same Middle-Eastern Powers, as the only way to Properly, Truthfully Address the Future, I reckon.

Huge, in the quite Distinct Possibility that these refreshing Land Law Proposals (Land Rent for Government Revenue), may well be the modern-day economic equivalent of "Edenic Principles"? "Pre-Fall", y'know? How an Advanced People in the Garden of Eden would Most Justly, thence-Peacefully Live.

It brings-up the HARD JUSTICE Issue of having Ideally, in the decades ahead and sooner the Better, to dismantle the current age-old Empires of the Region, to a Region managed in the Most Efficient Way Possible, by Local Councils under a Federal Umbrella.

In this the old structures need only to be decentralised to Local Authorities.

Much of the Traditions of a Monarchic Islamic State, seem to me to be not altogether down-on-the-People, so I'm sure they can retain much of their Culture by adopting the Land Laws of Leviticus 25 as well.

Chew-on-it, George!

George's concept of distinct borders is pretty-much of the old schools of imperious, superiority-complex-laden Judeo-Christianism, and fits very well the centralised notion which 'borders' creates -'National Leaders'.

This, as we are learning, is antipathetical to George Bush's supposed 'Christian mission' of Democracy, "...for the People, by the People"?

"....illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank......" they may be, but George, wadyawannado? Jam all the Jews into one little fortress? Ah! More weapons-and-oil-sales! Of course!

But didn't the 1947 invasion of Palestine amount also to "illegal settlements" George?

The following is from The Guardian UK site; http://www.guardian.co.uk/eu/story/0,7369,1419856,00.html)
(President rebuilds bridges with call to 'strong Europe'
stressing the same Bush comments:
'In a warning to Israel, Mr Bush won applause when he said: "Israel must freeze settlement activity ... and ensure that a new Palestinian state is truly viable, with contiguous territory on the West Bank. A state of scattered territories will not work.'

and from ("Drifting together" Tuesday February 22, 2005 The Guardian ) http://www.guardian.co.uk/eu/story/0,7369,1419704,00.html

Now he favours "a strong Europe", not for its own sake, which may be fair enough, but "because we need a strong partner in the hard work of advancing freedom in the world".


It was only to be expected that Mr Bush would appeal to emotions and shared values, but at times he stretched credibility. To say that "no power on earth will ever divide us", has the sort of mock-biblical resonance that often appears in his speeches but sounds hollow in the light of substantial differences about how to "advance freedom" and other big issues.

READ: Globally, the USA is running out of economic partners in the business of excessive plunder-and-consumption of the most powerful natural and refined resources; oil, uranium, weapons-of-mass-extinction, media and the banks (? yes, banks and media are resources to them), or, the Land.

The words "advance freedom" are code for "more markets for the most powerful (US) businesses to plunder", and "more 'openings' into Spiritual, non-materialistic cultures for the US to turn them into crass excessively materialistic, braindead cults" like theirs.

The most unsustainable 'braindead' culture on Earth....! EVER!?

America has proudly destroyed most of its arable land and depleted most of its resources, so, because they live five-times beyond their local limits, and proudly proclaim the All American Way as what we all must have, to live happily...., they must befriend big militarised organisations (and MARKETS!) like Europe, to support America's psychotic, materialistic desires, and the toxic industry-and-machinery for-to make it all wiffff!!

Why!? "Because America IS RIGHT!"

Who better, (suck-and-crawl) than our Fine Ancestors from same-same industrially dependent, culturally-corrupt Europe to lick?


Some things (above) for the Middle East as One People, not enclaves of terrorists, to Share-a-Smoke-over....................

Common Ground, Comrades.

.....may be continued


With Love from

Max No Money


West Bank Partnership

Here's an e-ssay I just sent to eleven Middle-Eastern 'contacts' in that regions government and media. The day was higher because of the news that Israel's Ariel Sharon was withdrawing all 8000 Jewish settlers from Gaza, and hundreds from the West Bank. The news prompted this, sent primarily to The Palestinian Authority, and the PLO.


From the hills of Australia, the latest moves by Sharon appear positive.

Allah! Allah! Allah Be Praised!

Palestine be Praised!

A New Day, perhaps!

Watching from afar, the matter of the West Bank strikes me as an Excellent Opportunity, to further the Cause of Global Human Justice enormously.

If ancient 'attachments' can be dispelled, room is there to intersperse Palestinian "Villages" and "Townships" between the established Israeli West Bank settlements.

However, in-counter to the apparently unstoppable western consumer-putsch, I call forward those who remember or recognise the All-Embracing Sustainability of the 'old' yes, Agrarian Culture, Way of Life.

For, after 34 or so years of observation and inquiry (I became a member of my first [Environmental] Conservation Society at 16 years of age... Thanks Mum!) I am firm in my belief that the Agrarian Culture, with all the Happy-Trappings of Seasonal Festivals etc., is the Best Way for Humanity as One Planet, to survive any-and-all of the 'situations' which are foreseen to come in the near future - environmental extremes, economic, military and social extremes, the last 3 being something akin to today's 'west', the USA especially. But clearly that same US culture is the worst offender in the environmental struggle also.

The larger part of the global chaos is from the west's 'global glutteny', where a minority of People consume a disproportionately large amount of the produce and resources, whence they must seek them from Foriegn Lands.

This is caused by overly high concentrations of People into cities, 'factory-mills' in-Truth, to support almost all the 'artificial' 'enhanced' material-and-resource producers and marketers therein ensconced. But today most are 'off-shore'. Nature, is their enemy.

Most Socialist societies are not, or are no longer 'expansionist' as the USA is. This is because they are more efficient on sharing resources, "Communally", if-I-may.

So, offering my humble opinion, any New State, and again I impress the importance to the World of your Proximity, would kindly say no to the dominant 'infrastructural' plans the US and after them Britain and Europe will undoubtedly 'offer' you.

Capitalist 'beads-and-trinkets', you-can-be-sure..........

It follows that I urge the Agrarian Culture in opposition therefore to the western cult - the golden calf tribe.

Along with this however, must come freedom for all, from other economic debilitations from 'outside', essentially the foriegn corporate/banking interests driving World Bank, IMF, "Group of Seven" etc., policies.

But I do not know the arable state of your territories, so tilling the desert may need some Serious Faith, for Self-Sustainability.

Obviously, national borders mean nothing Good for intra-regional Culture and Trade, so Expanded Regional Self-Sufficiency would seem the most Logical Call.

Regionally, much-needed Knowledge is landing with the 'western-incursion' to the Middle-East. Not that I have any reason to disparage your Old Ways.

"Democracy" is the word, much challenged from the quarters worried about how all Good Ideas are quickly claimed and used by the totalitarianists.

"Democracy however, is a Wonderful Ideal, but is vulnerable and dangerous IF THE PEOPLE ARE STUPID."

Stupid about their own Complete Self, about Community Politics and about the Importance of Community Politics being a Fundamental, Integral part of their lives.

More specifically the Politics of Humanity's Economic Relationship with the Land.

Allah Wills It, I believe.

Democracy however, founded on the Universal Principles of LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE, is the most efficient form of government, and releases - more than all other methods, the causes of stress which the western consumer system excites. I put-it that LR for GR allows Religion to Settle into it's Proper Place, as behind the People, there to keep the Focus On High, free of the added tax of dealing with a fundamentally and increasingly corrupt taxation system 'on the ground'.

This it does by more efficient use of the Land.

The Universal Principles of LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE, is in another way of saying, of the People saying "Don't sell (or steal) our Mother!"

This may be seen to be how your Fellow Country-Folk see things too?

Leviticus 25!

We all need security of tenure, Jew, Palestinian and Australian Wanderer-alike. Sharing the load, above creedal differences, stabilising the Local Economies by eliminating the emphasis on the occult real estate and Applying Land Rent for Revenue, enables the Local to "get on with Life" at the Local level - "Grow Your Own" as we say here.

Given the opportunity to Secure their immediate environment and economy (econimus: Greek, "management of the household" or such), on their own or shared piece-of-affordable-dirt, "arable" dirt of course, me-thinks would resolve many-if-not-most current and apparently ancient differences.

Naturally, in the name of Global Human Justice, the Jewish settlements can only but be equally included in such a "sprinkling" of Palestinian Villages across the West Bank.

I opine that the Jewish Settlers have much Spiritual Work to do in dispelling the toxic beliefs of the worrysome Talmudic Fundamentalists, perhaps of many centuries ago, but a test of today's Religious will be their reaction to a "Cross-Regional" Economic Reform along the lines of Leviticus 25; Borderless Land Rent.

Something has to "Shift" in the Middle-East. Perhaps Mr Sharon is "on-the-money" as we say.

For a Coalition of Middle-Eastern Nations, including the "New" State of Iraq, including the Jews, to help each other grow Positively via a Unified set of Reforms, would set-the-scene for a Middle East of once more, Gigantic Proportions in the re-flourishing of your whole regions Cultural Excellences-of-Old, of the past, but not yet extinct.

The Call is for All to hear, and says to the whole cynical world that Allah, YHVH, God has at last cast His Light upon our lost Souls once more, with the Simple, Pure, Perennial Wisdom of Land Rent for Government Revenue.

Comrades! Return to Your Roots!

Praise Palestine!

Praise "Educated Democracy"!

Praise Be!

PS: This same argument, as I've herein put, as regards the West Bank, should apply directly to the business of the "Wall" Israel is trying to construct.

Share The Land, Children.

It is after all, His, Our Common Father's.

E-ssay to the Australian Treasurer, Peter Costello

Hi Bloggetterrss!
Just emailed this off to Australia's Treasurer Peter Costello, about an overseas take-over bid from a rogue mob calling themselves "Xstrata" for WMC (Western Mining Corp).
This is my first email to the driberal party currently in government, and may be the last.


This is "different", my communicating with the perceived 'enemy'!

The "Other Side" (go-on, make a one-liner of it), are used to my rantings, so I give them heaps.

For you, I'll be brief.

"Xstrata" if-you-please......

First, Mr Costello...... please recognise it's not easy my e-ssaying your mob, for one expects that, to be read, high degrees of courtesy a la diplomacy are called-for, something I "saw-the-traps-of", decades ago.

But I'll try not to swear.....

"Xstrata"........... Is Mr Costello trying to end his life in ten years or so, when "The People" are more directly effected by the deeply flawed decisions he is now making, when in ten years, "The People" are to the point of chasing-after today's rotten politicians, with 'stringy', "dis-rope-utable" intentions?

In the Name of Yeshua ben Joseph, Peter (hmmm! first-name-basis, aye?), GET IT RIGHT!

It must be asked, because no media-hound is going to: "Who snapped you psychicly, and who is consequently paying you, to make such dangerous policy decisons?

Baptist, aye?

I can tell you the Methodists were 'snapping' kids all-over the place when I wuz-a-kid, in Melbourne. I'd even go so-far as to theorise that some cunning little baptiser saw a future for you and your brother, one little "goodie" (Tim)and one the-same-but-'naughty' ("Peter"?)

There is a limit to how much outright deception our government(s) can ply, manipulate the People with.

Observations over the last ten-to-twenty years of Canberra, show to me that the extremes of policy are being explored by the Liberal/National coalition, and of the last four or so years, rather more like 'policies-on-the-run', as if there is no long term plan for the Underpinning Element of all Societies - the Working, the Crims and the Forgotten, other than to treat them with callous disregard. Indeed, many believe some of you regard the Workers, the Crims and the Forgotten are not Human. More 'spells' amigoes.....

You, are NOT superior, and Truthful analysis will determine your beliefs are quite incorrect in regard to your egocentric roles of 'leadership'.

Judeo-Christian spells, all of them. Same as those soaked into the minds of such as the Xstrata board and share holders.

Don't make me "Deconstruct" you, your 'party's' and the current corporate carcinogenic ideology here....

Master Howard knows it's rotten-to-the-core, but at least he regards it all with some solemnity.........

Your job, Peter, is on-the-line, as-far-as-I-can-see.

"A.C.C.C.investigates 25 cases of corporate collusion"!

Who' you been lunching with, mayte?


Revoking, immediately, your agreement for Xstrata to take-over Western Mining, would be very Wise of you, Sir.

One final question:

How long can the Lib/Nat mob avoid being sent-up by the A.C.C.C., on charges of collusion, that-is 'cartellian behaviour' with your major corporate sponsors?

Get real, Peter, even though you prefer pharmaceuticals in public........

I'm gonna leave it to the Australian Labor Party to sort-you-out on "ECONOMIC RENT" for Government Revenue.

It's BIG Peter, and it's coming to a Council near you! Soon enough, one personable bloke will not control the Community Purse of any Nation.

What you gonna do for a job?

Ah! There's always the Baptist boys club, say-what?



Olympic Visionaries

I woke this morning to news of London's bid for the 2012 Olympics, and having been in Australia in 2000 when Sydney was 'hosting' them, am aware of the sadder side of such a function, in the ways it disrupts the host population etc.

The London news article had me throw-around the idea of "decentralising" the Olympics to country areas!?

Just an idea, but born also of the fact that the Olympic Games is really nothng more than yet another high density, big-spending 'travelocracy-fest', travelocrats made rich by the same consumer-and-warmongering-driven system financing the rotten multinational sponsors of the Olympic's; Coca-Cola, Adidas, Visa, Swatch, Kodak, just four 'known' names sponsoring 2008 Beijing, at least seven major Chinese corporations and many, many more from all over the world.

In the Telecommunications Category: Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE - COSMOTE - OTENET Consortium) 2004 Greece, had this said about them in http://www.athens2004.com/en/GrandSponsors

".........became Grand National Sponsor in November 2000, and is one of the leading groups of companies in Greece and one of the top ten telecommunications organisations in Europe. Its commitment in cash and services constitutes the biggest ever-national sponsorship in Olympic history in the category of Telecommunications. In addition the corporation has also pledged approximately another 102.7 million Euro in upgrades to its own infrastructure and services to meet the challenge of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games."

Obviously, there's a Euro-or-two-ow to be made in every department and infrastructure construction of such a sport-fest, even in hiding steroids from medical detection, etc-and-on.

What's important is to realise that these megalith-investors-NOT-sponsors only invest if they can be assured of a substantial return - profit, cold, calculated, tax-avoided profit.

I think Humanity is now aware enough of the typical global corporation 'attitude' to the rest of us, so why do we fool ourselves that they have ANY Social, global, Ethical Good in mind, when they put-in their 'bids' to make-themselves evermore world-known and dangerously rich, via the culture-fucked spectators?

Nevertheless, for all the Good which resides in the concept of the Olympics, of being ideally, another means by which Humanity can "Come Together", share our talents and real estate-er-hamburgers-er-cultures, I cannot shout "SHUT 'EM DOWN!", so an Alternative idea for the future, where we will all have-globally-to scale-down the whole concept of cities, to a safer, decentralised population.

Therefore, a Right-minded People ("dream-on, mmmax?") and Their Government would form policy for these kinds of events, especially ones on similar scales, which reflect Good Culture.

It therefore follows that the kind of event which attracts the capitalistic predators of 'cola-burger inc', seeders and shamelessly deceitful propagandists for BAD CULTURE, would have to 'scale-down' their enslaughts into the Communities, especially in infrastructure construction - a very environmentally-unsound carry-on - which may be better-controlled in the size and kind of Olympic's 'produce' available at decentralised occasions.

Such events, may even be able to be (con)structured to evolve into new rural villages or townships.

This brings-up further questions about WHERE the Olympics are held, and the veracity therein. Veracity in that huge wealth is channeled from the dumbnut sportourorrist spectators, as directly as is possible, into the centres of global economic power, ultimately the top corporations operating their wicked magic in the 'selected' cities.

A Letter of Guarantee of 1,700,000 Euros is required by interested
parties (corporations) wishing to participate in tendering for Olympic sqwillions.

Kinda puts the Local grocer and newsagents under-a-slab don'it?

'Slabs' kindly brought to you by 'haliburten' and 'boral cement' no doubt.



I'll wager my pot-of-chocolate that all the 'Olympic cities' of the last fifty years were chosen to further the economic interests of the multinational corporations now dominating the western-global expansionist market.

Of course, the western arms manufactures would be in there somewhere, selling their 'security products' - guns, capsicum, uniforms, haircuts and powertrips galore................

So, keep the bloody "Games", but spread them, the spectacular events, the Visitors, the infrastructure, the Cultural intermingling and "OH SHIT!?" the wealth? around to the people of the rural planet Earth, to the regional poor, cultural poor People, so everyone may have a chance to appreciate the Excellence of the Events in themself, but in the Excellence of the Sporting achievements.

I guess the best result Humanity can ask for, from the Olympics, is that the "Games" may Inspire those who are behind the barrier, economically-speaking, in the host nations, to Aspire for a physically better life.

But ironically, the garbage sold at those events - hotdogs, pies and burgers, 'the typical fare' at most western sports-events, act 'viciously' against the very thing the events are ideally supposed to promote - physical (thence mental) health and excellence! Perhaps the later Olympic Games sought 'healthier food', but I wouldn't recognise it as such.

It is coming a time when the People will assert their Rights in matters of consumer-ism, product design regulation and other smelly aspects of the monster-production-beomith known as western corporate production, service and trade juggernaut.

A Sound Democracy, with an Educated citizenry, would have it's elected Governors-Committee institute regulations to minimize the cultural, social and environment impacts of events which, as we now know well by now, are not designed at-all to really improve the area where the events are held.

What right have the multinational egomaniacs to march into 'selected' countries and carve them up, ply them with their toxic-produce, reap the profit and dissappear back into corporate anonymity?


Its a big shift, no doubt, which is why it's only hypothetical.

When the idea of decentralising the Olympics came to mind, so too did the old essay I wrote to the Australia-Talks-Back ABC Rad Nat program after they did one on "Visionaries". So I put my tuppence in.

Its relevent really only in one point, vision 3, but the remainder of the e-ssay has relevence too, so I left the whole letter as one.

Vision 3 is emboldened, in "Times New Roman" font.

So, give the Olympics to the People, not to the multitrashional enemies of a Peaceful Planet!

Hello Sandy, Thank-you again for the program, and your (and your team's) Intellect. Yay O, daily I remind my self that there is no progress without struggle! Four kilometres to a toilet, ten to fifteen kilometres to a computer, O Yay, life in the car challenges even the toughest of us. But the sunset from Mount Lofty is elevating to the Soul. "Positive, stay positive.... !"

Ah..., the Visionary? Good comment flowed on today's program and from callers.

But have we not heard it before....?
To what result?
Naturally Parliament is always tuned in and eager to adopt the Wisdoms therein put, which is why they cut funding (?)

So to whom do we appeal? Oh, I'II not be so cynical.

OK. Why does Australia lack people with Vision? "Mark Taylor for President!!! "

Pretty visionary. (Ooo-ow, aren 't I the cynic?)
Rather than delve into the obtuse for answers to the above, I'll just put those which are to me-me-me, the obvious.

Vision No 1. We have disintegrating rural lives, cultures and populations, because we have big cities. We have big cities because we have geographically large states, the governors of which, love that very influential (ie., very pocketable) power. Not to mention the adrenalin rush!

The answer: Decentralisation.

But that will not occur while we have the current three-tier system of government.

The Australian Labor Party, if it is serious about Good Government, should introduce a policy of decentralisation based on putting it's State's Parties out of existence, and of course the middle level of State Governmentarianism with it.

The Progressive Alternative to which we should aim, being local councils under the federal umbrella. The local councils being the collectors of all government revenue, which they distribute down or up to the appropriate authorities, be they private or public, local or federal. The salaries (and other exorbitant issues) of the Federal and State polies would then be decided upon by the local councillors, who could quite manageably then put such questions to their own local voters.
The hoped for effect of this system would be to re-engage the public in issues from local environmental to international trade-and- diplomatic relations.

Vision No 2. Lots and lots of lovely little cities, or, lots and lots of lovely large villages, sprinkled across the land with, the appropriate amount of farming and forestry, etc. to enable self-sufficiency, crop-and-husbandry rotation, and employment. An emphasis on more earthy (ie., "muddies maann!! yaye!) domestic and commercial construction, so requiring less unsound industry for the production of inbuilt-obsolescence sky-scrapers etcetera-Ugleee! etc.

Vision No 2.1. An inquisition into the Architectural profession, to purge it of artless witches! (Joke-joke-joke)(?)

This (Vision 2) would be wholistically conducive to an increase in immigration, and the flourishing of cultures, where here-and-there enclaves from all cultural backgrounds would blossom, making the Land vibrant and beautiful for locals, visitors and travellers from near-and-far.

And couldn't I go on!?

Vision No 3. Well, not quite fitting, but I thought I'd put in a HOY! for the Indigenies. An International Indigenies Olympic Games, based on their own (agreed upon) sports. Any natural stimulants are allowed, but they must be from their own Homelands, and picked fresh not more than one week before the Games. Again, the venues would be de-centralised across the Nations, perhaps with every seventh Olympics held at an Indigenies enclave in each new little city in Australia where an Indigenous nation from elsewhere in the world has settled. (Well, just an idea?)

Vision No 4. Touchy Vision this one. To enable Visions 1 and 2 to evolve, a publicly owned banking sector with fixed low interest rates of say 3% (?) (for the first twenty years) needs setting up. Answerable to a permanent federal banker's committee from the nationwide or Australasian region-wide body of new local banks. A national balance for such a localised bank organisation of X billion to fund land buy-ups for re-distribution to settlers.

Wholism, Wholism, Wholism. Groovy daddio. Smoke more Oxygen.


Eden Wise. (aka me)
Max No Difference


The Psychology of Desperation

Insecurity of tenure, fear of homelessness, leads to rootlessness for the body, separation from it's kin - the Earth.

Unless action is taken to find secure shelter, by working within the 'system', the system which depends on a majority being ever-insecure (of Tenure), one lives in a constant state of psychological trauma.

To take action thus, by gettin' a job, Humans must 'sell their Soul', in dropping any Basic, Homely Morals, wherever the work they apply for or grow into, involves or encourages BAD cultural or environmental practices.

And in the west, particularly Australia, by far the majority of work done across the continent, is quite unethical, in adding significantly to the global environmental, social and Spiritual degradation - pollutions of today, and terminally, for the future.

So this inner denial of some simple Mores, Mores which a Balanced Child might unconsciously recognise as Right, is but ONE imbalance that can later add to delusional beliefs about how we must act, as-in Morally, in life's 'transactions' with others, and with the environment.

However, taking what legitimate action one can , if-not-wholly moral, in-the-main, and rightly, as-in "We have a Right to earn our own keep!", so that through Work we may Prosper, does not ameliorate the conscience, but forces a stronger denial, soas to remain employed.

A majority cannot possibly Prosper, and cetainly not Morally, in the current socio-economic structural-strictures, when alll our western habits are put-under the spotlight of Environmental Law.

Clearly, some fundamental Peace is lacking inside the hearts of those who condone 'the system of insecurity', for them to disguard all Ethics, to live the western 'individualist' capitalist 'opulantist' consumer life.

Then there's the general facts that;

-80% of surveyed People admit to NOT liking their job;

-a majority accept that their governments lie to them, because to NOT ACCEPT it would open the Inner Moral Call to "Speak-Up!", thus risking a brutal landlordal, legal, real estate and banking network laying a baseball bat across their bows-or-brains, but aimed at the Upright Spine of the Warrior Within, WHICH WE ALL ARE!

So we buy a tv/dvd?

I am testimony to what happens to a bloke (who jus' wan's ta smoke-a-J and (get paid to) ride a bike around the hills) tinged with a strong Desire for Global Human Economic and Spiritual (Heavenly) Justice.

"FUCK 'EM!" echoes my retort...........

Nevertheless, it is made to appear almost impossible to work in a 100% or even 80% ethical job (let alone to "Live" an 80-to-100% Ethical Life)?

For years I observed my mates (when I had some) and their wives, get very edgy when such questions would arise, when deeper social questions got to share the air with joint-smoke and beer-farts.

I tended then, and now, to see this as a sign that they (and myself) were 'in denial' about ethical work issues, for it challenged their understandably blithe attitudes to the way they found, acquired, earnt their security, principally security of tenure. We were all earning, in our work-a-day trades, good incomes.

If-only-so they/we can invite friends or family over to sit-and-chat-and-eat-and-chat-drink-argue-smoke-laugh-and-live-a-stable-and-friendly-life.

But ultimately so we may all live Peacefully with "Man-and-the-Land". But we were then all in our twenties, wild and escapist from deep issues such as "How Humanity May Best Live".

This oft'-aggressive denial said to me that having to deny such truthes, is a display of INsecurity in their/our own lives.

That such denials exist and also, hidden uneasy feelings about the shite work we are given next-to-no realistic options but to do, expose that, with an 'ethically illegal' level and number of taxes and time-consuming 'qualifications' and 'standards' to meet, most People are denying that they are also, and because of it, unhappy at least, and significantly unhappy in-general, than they profess in shallow social-work environments and surveys.

Today, its as-likely a threat to job security to admit to being unhappy?

All things considered, in regard to "Ethical Employment", for most Australians being city-or-suburban dwellers, its a case of having to live with a tragic denial of the futility of wanting an Ethical Life, especially for the kids.

This too, sets-up I reckon, a deeper insecurity in the Soul, for having to deny our disgusting and disrespectful ways of living, for we deep-down live in fear of going to Hell, or Kharma, etc, later in this life, or in whatever we believe comes next.

Indeed, I'd put-it that most who say "there's nothing at-all-at-all after we die", still live in fear of the possibility that - THERE'S SOMETHING!

This too, I'm sure, creates further insecurities in People's minds.

So all these and more 'minor' tributaries to the stormy inner sea of Human desperation accumulate to making for one quite frantic-for-security population.

It might be right to say that People's preparedness to take an unethical job is the most tangible sign of the current dominant paradigm of "desperation".

How then, do we make the Common Workplace, it's environment and products Ethical, and Equitable enough to eradicate economic and educational poverty?


Insecurity of Tenure, ie., unsafe, unstable and UNAFFORDABLE Accommodation and Essential Provisions, (Alfa Romeo, wide-screen dvdtv, camera-phone?) like Food, a Roof, Laughter, Love, AND AN EDUCATION, creates exasperation, then desperation.

Desperation leads to having to ignore one's Ethical beliefs to survive, which soon enough, makes criminals of us all.

As the system stands, there will be ever-an-increase in Desperate People across the planet.

Logic, not even Reason, follows that the path that a majority would have the global population take, of desperation, can only end in the Masses, Rising-Up, as never before, to overthrow the deluded powers-that-be.

Whomever they may be?

Historical precedents do not exist for what Humanity has in it's Collective hands.


Chaotic, as the multinational dynastic hegemonic arseholes up-top want for us, or through Passive, if-not HARD Justice, by Popular Global Government, "by the People, for the People".

The Question is 'Can Humanity Itself Co-ordinate Globally, to Settle the Land Issue, once-and-for-All, and for at least "A Thousand Years of Peace on Earth?"

This time however, there exists strong and Stronger, 1) the News that there is a Peaceful Way, and 2) Today's excellent Global Communications Systems, make The Revolutionary Global Co-ordination, Possible.

Education on the Facts about "Humanity, Economics and The Land", or "The Inner and Outer Self" has been Ratified by Enough People Globally; Religious, Philosopher, Banker and LayFolk alike, and honed to Sublime Language by Dedicated Advocates of The Truth of LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE, to be ready to introduce, Popularise and Institute globally.

The Wisdom brought to us courtesy of Mr Henry George, about Land Rent, is Known as True in the larger majority of National parliaments today.

It is a "Justice-free" minority who resist Land Reform. The rest, the Majority, are increasingly in number, and are increasingly desperate.

It will not come too soon for myself, that the Masses Rise-Up, for the Common Good.

Better they do with Peaceful Street Protests, en Mass, than waiting until the troops are out, waiting until we-in-Australia have grown desperate enough to throw 'molotovs', or hand-held rockets....... at the armoured personel carriers, down our own Main Streets.

Until we are burying Australian Mothers and babies, slaughtered by their own countrymen.

I put it that such a bleak forecast, hypothetical as-it-is, has been entertained by a lot of Aussies, thinking Aussies, perhaps like the 'so-called' terrorists, the quite possibly Ethical Jack Roach and Mamdou Habib, but also by a lot of white, native, educated and evern Ethical Australians who can see a bad future if we don't Correct something.

Desperation is wrought from poverty and lack-of-Education.

All "Democratic" governments, want nothing more than being the most Popular leaders.

If Ariel Sharon can force his Land Reform Agenda through the Israeli Knesset, so-too can any Government on Earth.

Now they all, also know that western Communities, that-is "The People!", have arrested the corruption endemic throughout their once-'christian' policing forces, and that the People are learning-fast about Good Democratic Government, through Land Rent, as being the Eden we-all-yearn-for, "Heaven-on-Earth", if-I-like.

Hypothetical, Idealistic, Naive, Innocent, the Full-Ten-Percent, the Only Way.

We've done well, but it's not over yet.

I struggle sometimes, to remember that it is STILL a Beautiful World.

At least, the Possibility for Peace is STILL with us, to overcome the desperation, by it's antitheses, Hope and Justice.

I Hope the World's Governments and Justice Departments are Listening?

As far as I can see, there is not a moment to lose.

Please......, Begin.


Max No Difference

Remember! More of him awaits your astute mind at:






"White-collar" civil offences not crimes?

"The ACCC is also considering using criminal instead of civil law to prosecute businesses which defraud consumers." reads the ABC Online news article."

(Taken from:

http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200502/s1305026.htm )

Shit I hate it when I learn that such 'distinctions' in law exist.

And I get bloody angry when I discern from same article that 'white-collar' crime is currently viewed as coming under 'civil law' not criminal!

"He says the advantage of using criminal laws is they have two significant effects on businesses.

The first is they create a criminal record and that is not really helpful for the conduct of the business concerned, and secondly they do enable us to secure penalties, financial penalties, which are not available under the civil prosecution process," he told a Senate estimates committee in Canberra."

Innocence has it's advantages. I look at this legal malady-in-law and see only oooorr-wanna-smoke!

Suddenly, it's all clear! The cities are run by pussey morons of the white coller cult, descendants of......? Who cares? (We can see 'em coming nowdays.)

Surely the 'white collar', the actual shirt collar, is but a scaled-down version of the cleric's 'dog-collar' and robes?!!!!

No WONDER white-collar-crims have snuck-through the legal loop-holes, thus far-too-far!

I mean seriously, is this another 'facet' of the Ju-Christ cult conspiracies running amock around the only-planet-worth-plundering, OR WHAT!

Hmmmm? Smells more like being THE facet!?

Further, it becomes clear that whitey-dogs-er-collar criminals, meaning ANYONE who wears a shirt-and-tie-to-work, and an Honest analysis would determine that perhaps 90% of global western economies are structured to support their very-same dog-criminal system, (unsustainable, uneconomical, unreasonable, untenable, unwieldy, unwanted, and un-fuckin'-believable) have been and ARE the 'forward officers' of the now near-terminally-advanced western 'hali-donalds' (Haliburten and Mac-spues) corporate empires, out-recently-of-Ameeeee-riiii-ca.

But Britain's MI-6 was in about 2000, regarded world-wide as the filthiest spies on Earth, and Europe has it's cold hearts, Ja? Wea? So let's share the shite around a bit, aye?

I reckon that, is now obvious, but any reasoned in-lookie to global corporate behaviour (whom the western 'secret services' have been working for, for about fifty years), since the post-WW2 corruption of government, and therefore the spoiled kiddies who know little-else but to spend-spend-spend and giggle, when not in the corporate trance 'in-the-office-mill', seems to reveal the churches and jewish schools are deeply involved in maintaining the current structures. 'White-collar' intensive structures, and how better than to indoctrinate-'em from BIRTH!

At church! and-on-and-on, Jeesuz-ben-JO! how went is the global (Ju-Christo-centric) education READ-'INDOCTRINATION' system toward some 'white-skinned' THEREITISAGAIN?! white-collar game of corporate chess?

The rest of us aren't even the pawns, just micro-organisms stuck in a white or black sq-fuckin'-ware!

WHITE-COLLAR GAME OF CORPORATE CHESS? Haven't I heard that before.......? When I was mixing it with Christians........?

I mean....., Jeezzz "Qaint-arse (Qantas) profit soars 28%"?

Oorghspl? Good Aussie company that mate. NO government subsidisation! CARTELIAN BEHAVIOUR? NOT-ON, mayte.....?

Go The A.C.C.C.!!!

But you better not be TOO efficient, Comrades, the world hasn't got enough shovels for four-and-a-half billion adults and adolescents to dig the spuds and other tasty roots up with.

What? NOO 'supermarkets'! Noo petrol! Noo two-week plane-trips to Nimbin's real estate Heaven.............?


Fuckin' like to help them, but they seem to lust after wiping their kids out.

For this I find it hard to wanna........

Max No Difference


United Middle Eastern Nations

The "United Middle-Eastern Nations"

Half the trouble in the Middle-East, from east of Afghanistan to the Mediterranian Sea, is that in-the-main, one culture, the Caucasian (whitey) Judeo-Christian culture, a culture which, over the last sixteen hundred years at least, has come to dominate globally, thus to dominate the Middle-East, by forceful implementation of erroneous philosophies, perhaps since the "Fall", about Community-the-individual-and-the-Good-Governance-thereof.

The culture which has resulted, what we can call the "Judeo-Christian-west", places unsustainable demands, taxes on local, regional and national resources, environment and ultimately, Communities, essentially by taxing "production", or productivity and rewarding unethical means of income from speculation on Land. All this immoral system we now suffer under, has given 'licence' to act in corrupt ways, which generally translate into excessive consumption of the resources. And a loss of True Inner and thus Communal, Spirituality.

Opulant lifestyles, have become the expected 'norm' of western culture, so they are blithly, blindly accepted as good by us.

The 'pusches' out from a chaotic and crumbling Roman empire, then from a mesmerised Christian enclave of old England and Europe in the 12th century, have also rudely intruded upon numerous other cultures since. Oft' to their extinction...

The methods of the Christian evangelist-crusader-missionaries employed over the last millennium are today correctly seen as horrendously antithetical to "bringing God's Love and Peace", and have perhaps (the jury is still out...?) done more damage to the Mission of Yeshua ben Joseph (J.C.), and to the invaded, than Good.

Whether "Jesus" or the Christians have failed Humanity in their 'perceived' mission of 'telling the world' about the 'coming of the Messiah', whence World Peace will rain, we cannot say until She/He is Proven-to-have-come, and to have actually "SAVED THE WORLD".

The "World Peace" part has legs, but the 'saviour-dictator' business is the flawed part of the Ju-Christ reason-detre. As usual, they've focused on the person or the messenger, and NOT on the Sword of his Words. The MESSAGE! This I assert, was a deliberate corrupton of religion, so-as to keep the People's focus on "a" leader, thus eventually, a King, Queen or tyrant. This way power and control can be placed and better managed (by the corrupt aristocracy) in the hands of 'one' leader. Of course, no 'leaders' can survive without an entourage of 'advisors'. Today they're called 'spin-doctors'.

Part of the 'mission' somehow implanted in old Rome's and old Europe's aristo-religious psyche, entailed dominating 'heathens', no doubt for either protective, defensive or expansionist reasons. I'd guess that after trying political persuasion, this usually came down to having to use military might, and in Rome's case, probably often-enough because they had no choice. Expansionism, was as much a defensive manouvre also.

As to whether there are parallels between Rome's expansionism of around 2000 years ago, and its final fall, and today's Ju-Christ-American global march and hoped-for demise, is for you to decide.

Whatever means were necessary to expand, the deal usually entailed the conquered taking-on the Ju-Christ rule and culture.

If the crusaders were 'parroting' the same rubbish today's evangelists spruke of, "Only CHRISTIANS go to Heaven" then it's easy to see why so many cultures have said "Piss-off!".

In the Middle-East's case, this began with Comrade Mohommet in the early seventh century CE

However, as the Ju-Christian crusaders of the west were deceived by a deeply (Spiritually) corrupt cult, 2nd millennium Judeo-Christianity's 'golden calf tribe', they marched off to re-capture Jerusalem on flawed religious grounds. 800 years later most of the Middle-East has been sent into a spiral-dive and frenzy on "ECONOMIC grounds". This I maintain, is because of the slow 'inculturation' from outside, via the intruding western religious culture, of the materialistic culture, and is the cause of the religious turmoil as well. Religious division, at least. Whose "Holy Land"?

"What WOULD Abraham say?!"

What would the bloke who wrote Leviticus 25 say?

What do the CEOs of today's leading occult real estate agents say, about the occult real estate values falsely, mammonicly fabricated by private Land speculation around Jerusalem?

The Pope?

The Supreme Ayatollah?

Head Rabbi?

Dalai Lama?

A simplified interpretation by a dumb layman I'll accept..........

These "ECONOMIC grounds", as I say, are ridiculously rooted in what we may-as-well call 'religious real estate'.

But further complications arose when the west marched back in, in the first decades fof the 20th century, dividing Arab, Muslem, Kurdish and Persian Tribes, ancient Nations, into the west's version of economically 'suitable' zones, we now call Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan et al, for-to plunder their oil and sand...........(?) AND, just quietly, for-to stomp on Islam and the oft' Beautiful Ottoman, Arabic, Persian, and other middle-Eastern cultures.

Since then, the Ju-Christ cult has been able to so subvert the Traditional Middle-East, from a culture or from an intermingling-of-creeds-and-cultures, admittedly with their own customary, but more economic corruptions, and possible Human Rights Issues (as they existed destinct from the atrocities of the endemic western intra-national economic and thus criminal imbalances, which even to today, are disgustingly untenable), from a more Balanced Socio-economy, from a more Peaceful intermingling of religions and cults, to what we apparently have now - the toxic residue of yet another plunderous western, expansionist fuck-up, of rampant economic inequities and Human Rights obliterations throughout.

In hindsight, we can retrace the historical WRONG steps our Ju-Christ cult and it's entrancing culture of western materialist, over-consumption - mammon - have taken.

If we want it in accurate detail, for accurate interpretation and analysis, pertinent to today's global horror, we must study all Ju-Christ records since the "Fall".

But such a huge "deconstruction" would take decades, and would demand, I suggest, the student's dedication to establishing within themselves, broad and deep Understanding of a number of pre-western, pre-Ju-Christ creeds-thus-their-cultures, such as the Australian Aborigine, the Chinese or other Oriental Civilisations, North and South American Aborigines, Sub-continental Peoples and Philosophies of India, Tibet, etc. Essentially wherever Ju-Christ has not destroyed the Original Spirit, as expressed through the Community of the Creed and it's Culture.

Of current interest today, an Impartial Inquiry into, demanding Profound Respect for, the Cult Aspects of North Korea, could help the planet immensely.

But 'Impartial western opinions' is pretty-much an oxymoron.

However, in breaking-down the pluses-and-minuses of the western pusch in the Middle-East (and everywhere-else), as came to it via the Ju-Christ methods, we may correctly say it has been for "Man to Account his Earthly Wealth to YHVH-Allah-God".

The material world or 'life' had to be accounted for along with the Spiritual life one led, and, in the Tribal Councils and early forms of Social Governance, this was foreseen as having to cover a wider and wider area of the Lands and it's Peoples they came into contact with. This grew to-the-fore on realisation that the inevitable interactions of different tribes and cultures, meant the need would arise for a common system of exchange and accountability.

It (is) "The Economy" (Stupid!), was probably also recognised longtimeago, by ancient Judaism, as being the Foundation upon which a religiously tolerant society needs/must be based.

This can be "testified to", in a different sense, by reference to old Judaism's "Leviticus 25" of the Old Testament.

Religion fell into the background in the economic expansionism out of Europe, UK and the USA in the early 20th century, as subversive division for global economic advantage-thus-power by the (deluded Ju-Christ) west, brought wars and disruptions to the power structures, ancient as they were.

Then the 'false-Jews' descendents of the 'converted' Jews' long-ago of the Caucasis and thereabouts and not ancient Israel, empassioned by ancient indoctrinated and occult attachment to Jerusalem and the "old Israel", threw another spanner in the works, by invading Palestine in 1947 and 'reclaiming' the Holy Land as THEIRS!

This served in no small sum, to further unbalance the region economically, driving Palestinians native to the Land now claimed by non-descendants of Judea, Indigenous-to-what-is-now-Israel, into Landlessness and unavoidable poverty. The ramifications for the whole region are expressing themselves across it daily, with Iraq, Iran, and Palestine the worst effected.

To my mind, the whole invasion-and-establishment of what is now called "Israel", in the way it was planned and occured, was deeply flawed, and motivated more by religious fervour and unreasoned passion of the western Jewish, fanatical cults, than in any Well-Grounded Wisdom.

I don't mean Jews should not be allowed to live in and around Jerusalem.

But that, on-top-of the earlier-mentioned disruptive intrusions, the 1947 Jews plonking themselves in there, aggressively against the more Genuine descendants of the Abrahamic Faith, the Indigenous Palestinian Christian, Jew and Muslem, and forcing them off their Land, WAS NOT THE WAY to ingratiate their cult, their culture, and their Humanity with the Natives.

Another stuff-up of the fanatical Jews was failing to consider that the many, many Natives to the territory they would invade and claim, were NOT a small isolated mob, but had and have what has become the biggest Brotherhood on Earth - Islam. Then there's the Arabic connections, etc.

But, as I assert in another e-ssay found on www.maxnodifference.blogspot.com, the spells of "Armaggeddon" dogma - questionable prophecy in-the-least - and long-honed pseudo-philosophy underpinning the fallacy of Ju-Christianism, ancient dark 'spells' or 'psychoses', have both Jew and Christian-alike totally insanely believing that Humanity CANNOT be "Passified" or expunged of it's mental turmoil, made of economic and security deprivations, made of megalo-maniacal aristocratic occult-powers-that-be, but than by totalitarianist oppression, knowing that this will quickly lead to an absolute battle royale (in their dreams!) they call 'armaggeddon'. Good against evil. Of course, the Ju-Christ fanatics are the good guys - NOT!

It could be said that they are making or manufacturing 'armaggeddon' out of their corrupted interpretations of their own religion's Scripture, psychofanatically making-sure the whole world feels the might of their ultimate puppet-master 'Yehovah', because only HE is right-right-right-damit!!!!

There can be no doubt that the Talmudic Jews of Israel and the supportive diaspora have been deeply entranced by the ancient lineage of rabbinical occult powers which play with follower's minds, hearts and Souls. Now, like obedient moronic zombies, the followers, now rabbis themselves (hypnotised) employ 'magic' on their flockers, the flocker's kids, even on their dogs and cats. Occult powers from out-of ancient, 'FALLEN' Judea, infecting the whole existence of Judaism and Christianity through to today and, if left unaddressed and unarrested, occult psychoses which will destroy "The Temple of Jerusalem", once more. However, this time, the fucking rabbidiots have gone too-far with their Talmudic alchemistry, and have nuclear weapons enough to bring on the final (Mutually Assured Destruction) apocalypse, if they cannot get their M.A.D. way..............

The mental turmoil so common in the west, has it's genesis in the mistakes of the forefathers of the western Ju-Christ religious culture, no-doubt-about-it, in the 'golden calf tribe' ex-Israel, ex-wandering Jews, ex-Egypt.

Its probable that the Jewish invasion of Palestine in the second half of the 20th century has inspired more hatred of Judaism, or the later evolution of Tel Aviv and it's surrounding real estate - Israel, than ever existed on such a scale. The Nazism of the 1930-and-40s included.

Thus, after fifty years of economic oppression, today, Palestinian adolescents suicide-bomb the latest descendants of those 1947 Jewish crusaders, the false Jews who stole their Land.

One wonders how long before the Australian Aborigine might resort to similar methods of "Protest"?

Its probable that Jewish influence was behind the incursions from the western powers into the Middle-East in the early 1900s.

Further deconstruction might lay the charge that the long-psychotic Talmudic Jewish 'factions', cults, covens, sought to alchemicly derive "Gold" as-it-were from the dark powers of the oil and chemicals recources of the world. But I won't go there......... There's no doubt they're very 'into' energy.

So as I was saying...., Jews, descendant-and-convert, should be quite free to live in the Holy Land, if they so-desperately-must.

The major error in the latest Israel is the 'exclusiveness' of national borders in general. National borders which translate as 'colonialist economic exclusion zones', and in Israel's and the Middle-East's case, zones which (as likely designed by the Brits to) interrupt a long-established and deeply Traditional and relatively Sustainable way-of-living, through economic disruptions of the nature of insecure tenancy, through all levels of society.

These are at the root of todays scene-setter for the Abrahamic apocalypse. An idea which seems to have grown out of the initial delusional spells making-for the loss of Understanding of the Human mind and Soul, and loss of recognition the Primary Importance of Incorruptible Land Laws, an idea out-of delusional spells which wrongly determined that Man is inherently evil, thus can only bring about his own destruction, if not draconially kept under-the-thumb.

Nevertheless....... today Israel exists and so do the bucket-load of fuck-ups concomitant to such a level of Spiritual and economic ignorance.

In the Ideal Scenario, there should be no borders across the whole Middle-Eastern Region, other than whichever form of 'boundary', whether Tribal, bio-regional, or pragmatic and equitable socio-economy enables easier accountability, principally for Good Governance, but as importantly for "Balanced Trade" and Social-Cultural interaction.

It is a rude, if-not-the-rudest fallacy to say the People of the region are not One People today. Maybe not religiously, financially or culturally, but they ARE all dependent, one no more-or-less than another, on the Land beneath their feet for survival. To deprive ANYBODY their Fundamental Human Right of secure access to a piece of Land, shared or individually, is the crime-de-la-crime of Humanity today.

It must be admitted that the western incursion, as far back as the crusades, has set-the-scene for the whole planet to re-cognise the Oneness of Human Beings on Earth. The trick is for the west to recognise and absorb this also, so it might, of it's own volition, reduce it's erroneous lifestyles of over-consumption and blind-yet-willing opulance.

So, the Solution:

As Jews have been sprinkled across the "West Bank" in settlements, there is provided a 'setting' for a more Balanced distribution of the Lands of the Middle East, for in the West Bank, there is not the hardest national borders separating Jews from Arabs and Muslems.

LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE, applied to the West Bank, would include no exclusive economic racial or religious borders. Palestinians should be encouraged and financed by Israel, to begin their own Landed Settlements throughout the West Bank between the Jewish Settlements. Landed enough to be as self-sufficient as possible through a chiefly agrarian lifestyle.

But trade in goods and services between Jew and Palestinian must be based on a Regional Inter-Cultural Agreement, signed by all political players across the Middle-East, to try again, upon an Equitable Economic Program of Land Reform.

"Religious differences have had-their-day", the truth be known, especially in the Middle East of the 3rd Millennium.

For anyone to deny this, or to avoid addressing it, especially those in the regimes of the Middle-Eastern Nations, exposes them as traitors to their own People.

These typically dynastic clan-connections, many-if-not-most, of a fairly Sound level of refined Appreciation of what makes for Good Government, but in perhaps a different way to the accountant-crazy west, may even be able to trace their national history to records of the Levy on Land being the primary source of revenue for their nations.

After-all, IT IS WRITTEN in the old Leviticus 25.

Yes, times are different today, to Palestine of old. But the Principle is Perennial.

It can be implimented within national borders, but in places where national borders are more artificial divisions, and many in one region, they place untenable restraints on the whole of it, socially, environmentally and most importantly economically.

Whereas, if there is a Common Regional Agreement across all parties that Land Rent be the Principle income of all governments, all manner of what are UNNATURAL stresses are dispelled.

But it requires all parties, come to the discussion table free of bias and agenda, for the Benefits from any proposal for the Middle-East.

To this end, I humbly suggest the formation of a "Committee of The United Middle-Eastern Nations", to Collectively as Children of Abraham if-they-feel-Good for it, discuss these issues and the herein-put proposal.

Reason today determines that Socialist Democracy on Land Rent is the Best Method of Good Government.

.........may be continued


N. Korea- an Alert for the "Moral Majority"

Having brought-round the Christian, "Moral Majority" to understanding who should control the police forces - The People! - thus dispelling a few seriously WRONG spells about their 'perceived' enemy - Bikers - may I put it to them, that the Administrations they voted in, both in Australia and in the USA in 2004 elections, have also labelled DIFFERENT cultures like Islam, Persian, American-Indian, African and African-American, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, at one time or another, as 'evil' or as an enemy.

Today we Know most of these accusations and slights (and the resulting carnages) against whole Cultures, were out-of deeply religiously misguided Judeo-Christian colonialist beliefs and superiority complexes. Complexes rooted in deep-history, back-as-far-as-the "Fall from Eden", etc.

What we learn through the extremely dubious-nay-pernicious mainstream media, about North Korea cannot but be 'coloured'.

Should we dig further, we'll undoubtedly uncover 'parallels' in methods, language, media-mal-coverage and 'intelligence reports' employed to sway public support for slaughtering another Culture, DIFFERENT (Shit! Better kill it!) to ours, in the anals of Nazi-Germany, Mao's China, Czarist and Soviet Russia, even in revolutionary England, and everywhere in history where too much info can be worse than the facts. Especially when it gets in the way of the tyrannical 'establishment's' "Planus Globus".

On North Korea's announcement of leaving the six-nation talks about disarmament, and that they're furthering nuclear weapons:

My! My? Things are 'hotting-up' aren't they?

Now the Moral-Majority has legitimised tyranny in Washington, Canberra, and wherever else they can, are they still THAT FUCKING STUPID to allow the Bushie-brained US Administration, eagerly sycophanted by our very own Howard-side-show-er-kick, to oh-so-'confidently' fabricate another threat to Human existence by acting like brash, immature global 'bovver-boys'-on-a-spell-bound-mission, calling themselves the global policemen, with a war against a NON-EXPANSIONIST North Korea?

Rude, crude, and quite uncalled-for Mr GW Bush.

If, any 'crazy' Christian in the Administration IS Awake to the fraudulence of the weapons-lusting 'puppet-masters' within, and has something near to a True interpretation of the Holy Christian Bible, they would here, at perhaps a most critical point in "Global Familiarisation", heed the Bible's words about firstly, "Out of his mouth came a Sword" and such, for it refers to the Power of the Tongue, of Language, of Words, when Employed for the Wholly Impartial Truth.

One may also derive the meaning from this saying that Education, and I'd add "Political Education" and Yoga Education, is/are the means to the Higher Common Good, or End. Everyone is able to learn, with the will, and if the Facts are made available, the Thirst for Knowledge and the Hunger for Truth becomes a more and more popular pursuit across class and colour.

Secondly, the Bible gives Good Instruction on how to organise a Sound, Equitable, Just and Perennial Socio-Economic System, in "Leviticus 25", one of the "Pentatauch Five", Old Testament Books.

Thirdly, the Good People of Judaism and Christianity might be very surprised at what North Korea's attitude is to LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE! After all, it's close enough to true to say that North Korea's closest ally, China "RUNS ON IT!"

And at my last listen, China was running at a growth rate of around ten percent per-annum, with little or no signs of HAVING to apply the 'fiscal brakes' like our corruptocratic Ju-Christ manipulators so enjoy doing to the western suckers every now-and-then.

Obviously there is a meaning also to be derived from the "Swordus-Oralis" stuff about the perils and futility of using any weapons to slay or debilitate the physical being.

But, as any Warrior for Justice might do (She may well be ninety years old!), and not interfere while Humanity is so vain as to remain ego-centred, thus avoiding the Chief Issues of their Souls, when the Warrior DOES get-up, Her/His sword will be True, thus powerful enough to break the seed, the perversion of the most powerful minds. Words are enough.

And.........., "It's the Economy, Stupid!"


All North Korea wants is to Live According to their Ancient Traditions, in a NON-expansionist way.

The west's 'also'-gripe is that they have a non-Judeo-Christian approach to life-on-Malkearth, which includes an occult Tradition disimilar to theirs, I don'-know-but-suggest. This undoubtedly includes the west's vicious antipathy to non-consumerist cultures like North Korea..........., China, Africa, Aborigine Everywhere...........

So, you Good ol' Hometown Brothers-and-Sisters of Christ, spread across hovels and high-rise alike, you gonna let the governments you (think you) installed, fill you full of UNTRUTHS about the North Korean Culture, enough for them to have YOUR VOTE to blow 'em away too, like Bush and coven have so successfully done in Iraq?

All the way-up the tower of control, Christian.

Rein-'em-in, Cowboy!

And leave the East alone.


Max No Difference

Antibacco? Latch onto this paragraph!

In the Fight for Justice, if only for our "heart chakra", today's Socially-Conscious Media have a Duty to pursue the content in the first paragraph below, taken from


in the "Adelaide Advertiser" today, 11th Feb '05.

"Mr Welch told the court that whenever a public report was published on the health dangers of smoking, the industry would commission a conflicting study from a sympathetic scientist who would produce the outcome the tobacco companies required.

The US Justice Department asked Mr Welch to testify in its $280 billion suit against Philip Morris and the other US tobacco giants after he blew the whistle in late 2002 on the industry's destruction of key scientific documents indicating that smoking was harmful to health."

Mr Welch, is 'a former Tobacco Institute of Australia chief executive', according to the article, so we may assume he "has the guff" on the shadier side of the utterly sinister tobacco industry.

That he was a tobacco-industry CEO, and has turned "Whistleblower" (All Strength to his Arm!), says that we should listen to him, and in whatever way we can, use his testimony to bring these global tyrants down.

Years ago I heard a story about the allied soldiers on the frontlines of Europe during WW-one, who threatened to strike when (or if?) their cigarette rations were stopped.

On the other side of the same coin, I heard the authorities (war cabinet or such) recognised that tobacco closed-down the "heart chakra", making the soldier a 'colder', cooler head. I think this was also interpreted as tobacco shutting down one's compassion centre, the heart chakra, therefore making the soldier a 'better', less emotional killer.

One might therefore, be right to argue that we should be allowed tobacco, considering we are, that-is WE ARE in 'warring times', thus many of us needs-must restrain our emotional centre, chakra, by such yes-quite-unsavoury means, 'medicines'. Poisons in Fact, against all the trauma we more often 'witness'. But what isn't poisonous to some degree in this produce-to-pollute JuChrist culture?

Nevertheless, being a smoker of the evil weed, TOBACCO for a variety of excuses-er-reasons, I have first-hand experience of the poison tobacco is, every few hours! Hermm! Over about (?) forty years.

Do I need to read, in high-fallootin' scient-if-speek, one report which condemns the poxy shit, and/or another which condones it?

It's shittttt! Rubbish!, Poison, as I said, and the stress which comes from such enormous industrial juggernauts, right-down through the society, in whichever ways they can get-away with, ensures there's a stressed-out-enough percentage of the population who will revolt if the precious-pernicious-poison is taken from their grasp-er-gasp-er-grasp!

But, like-meself, many smokers need to be convinced that there IS something to live for, beyond their perceived two-to-twenty-years more of 'life', here on Malkuth-er-th, and thus a reason to give-up smoking tobacco.

Whatever the "fourth" or "fifth" estate means the media is, I take it to mean they have that, 'fourth' level of power, or influence, or, in roles of holding-up-or-together their Society, Community.

Clearly, the fourth, fifth, sixth, third, second and first "Estates" have failed miserably in those "expected" roles of Social Guidance, as one would expect the most powerful, or Higher Estates of Human Society would Responsibly Address.

Understanding the 'trances' the powerplayers of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th estates have had indoctrinated into their Souls, by the high priests of the golden-calf-tribes, ex-Israel-ex-Egypt (it wuz the Pharoah's fault!), it's easy to understand why 'futility' is rampant, almost generic across western, materialistic society.

Clearly, someone is failing in their Duties? ("Well son, let's start with Eve and Adam..............?")

Have they, the 'fascistocracy', forgotten, or been too busy, or have they NOT been told what their Roles are up on the top-o'-the-bucket, beyond being exquisitely ponsy, wasteful and extravertedly idiotic?

That lil' rave could apply to any global conglomerate we call 'industries', kud-n-it?

Perhaps we need not slam 'em (tobacco CEOs, et al) in solitary for life, or swing-'em-from-power-poles, and instead institute a bit of Justice, beit through calling the already Educated - the "barristocracy", "judiciary" et al to Apply It to Law - Truth - Justice, and the all-superlative-Way.........?

I hear the western police forces are a bit more People-sided lately?

All Strength to their Arms!

In past days, the rottenocracy had the police forces under their control.

Usually a fatalistic, unremediable, rotten-to-the-core slobiocracy, upholding such glorious things as child pornography, slavery, and much, much worse, beyond the extent of international warzones-and-slaughter.

The sickness of megalo-social-control has been rampant for centuries, and all methods, as we are finding out more and more, have been tried and tested on us.

Tobacco is just one means which passed the test of NOT having too-immediate-an-effect on the victim's health, while making society sicker, requiring more medical 'experts' equipment (machines-that-go-"ping!") a dangerous and sinister 'industry' in itself, keeping the People from Elevating their energy, their Chi, thus their Consciousness into the heart-realm and higher, etcetera and-on.

The days of these rotten sorts maintaining police-control of the masses may be over, as long as the Judiciary recognise that today the 'powers' that hitherto 'gave-curry' to dissenters against totalitariansism-by-addiction, the coppers, are stronger, in the Pursuit of Justice, thus are for Just Reason, Impartial, and perhaps even impervious to these powerful attempts to pervert the course of justice.

Media's influence on these matters may be contestible, for the premature intrusions into legal cases which do occur. But Facts, are Facts.

Bring-'em down, and I might give-up?

Yours for "Lung's Rights"!

Max No Difference
Nimbin HEMP Bar, Australia

For the deepest deconstruction of western, Judeo-Christian culture and politics, click-on, first, Max's NEW weblog address:

www.maxnodifference.blogspot.com (THIS site)


and/or for a pile o' poems, by Max No Difference



Max No Difference


Cannabis interview on JJJ Radio

ABC Radio "JJJ" had a segway on Cannabis and it's evil effects today, Wednesday 2nd Feb 05. Or so it sounded.

Micheal Balderstone, Elder Spokesman for the HEMP Embassy of Nimbin, was the only obvious Advocate or at least not down on Cannabis, of those 3 or 4 (?) interviewed.

While I/we at the Nimbin HEMP Bar listened quietly to all we'd tuned into, there was only one caller I heard who spoke without aggression to pot, saying that amphetamines and alcohol were the biggest problems in Society today. The Caller was a Copper. Sorry..., a policewoman.

All strength to your arm Sister.

This rises-in-keyboard, the issue of calling for the Coppers to speak Honestly about their dealings with this perceived problem of 'drugsssss', and what I-I-I, that is me-me-me to be clear..., regard as a non-issue for the Peaceful policing, or management of the Local Community.

Cannabis legalisation. Prohibition kills!

Once I called for the Cop-shops to manage the distribution of legalised heroin, thus creating a Real and Trusting relationship between the jacks and the broken, the Forgotten. But drawing the line between that and speed, or eckies or dmt-whooowh, calls for deeper Wisdom than I can attract at the moment.

Nevertheless, here's what I just emailed the JJJ feedback line:

Sounded terribly biased to me, your segway on Cannabis, with Michael Balderstone and others.

Perhaps I missed the intro calling for 'bad experiences' from listeners?

Some of the Greatest, Most Peaceful Cultures existed for centuries, if not Millennia with Cannabis as a Primary Herb.

'Bad experiences' can, too often be attributed often to an 'illprepared' mind, that is a mind corrupted by society, or school, to react violently or such against the effects, which are yes, sometimes physically and psychologically uncomfortable. But then again, Good things mostly come with a Struggle.

Cannabis allows one to lift the mind above 'personal' considerations, when the need arises, into a more Subtle, Deeper Relaxation.

Cannabis has a physical, and psycho-therapeutic effect, for those Seeking a Spiritual Peace, other than the temporal satisfaction found in the cruder materialistic way.

Cannabis has been smoked in the Highest Religious Circles, and popular Spiritual Gatherings (yes, I fire scorn on western Judeo-Christian-ISM, and it's alcohol-centred cult) for longer than western mal-medicine, several times over.

Face it, the anti-Cannabis drive is pharmaceutical totalitarianism.

Such 'experts' as interviewed with Michael Balderstone, afraid of admitting Cannabis may well be the Medicine Humanity needs to get through any future, Peacefully (AND, I Assert, Most Intelligently!), assert 'wisdom' on the causes of psychoses attributed to the Herb.

How often do they openly admit that these uses and abuses of all manner of 'drugs'-so-called, are a reaction to our terribly sick, BAD Judeo-Christian CULTURE?

I dread the perversion of any agenda which seeks to 'paint-down' Cannabis.

I'm a pensioner choosing Cannabis as a Medicine to handle the trauma of an horrendous life, but a life Dedicated to eradicating the root of your, and Societies psychoses.

It goes with a 'different' lifestyle, however. Not one as extremely different as mine (in-a-van), but Calls for a less ambigious lifestyle, Politally awake, Facing the Issues, stoned, Peacefully, and Thoughtfully.

Cannabis is a Wonder for it's Ability to ameliorate anger and, with Practice, of reigning in the too-often abberant mind, enables one to Contemplate all-manner, and All-Manner of "things", (more) impartially.

Makes for Democratic Socialism also, which makes the Brettonwood mob quite anxious, I reckon.

In these 'extreme times', of chaos, which cannot help but strike at and deeply trouble our Souls, we are Recognising the Truth, if-I-Will, in Turning back to Nature, as a Sound Means of Remediating against the Burdon of YOUR news-media barrages on the corrupted world of corporate wars, et al. Wars, which keep you in a job.

(But it appears that the Good Hearts are better IN the system also, otherwise we might have a real economic tradegy, so I salute those are doing good things, and apologise (shit, that's unusual?) if you feel I'm attacking the Quiet Acheivers in media, corporations and g-G-g-Government.

All Strength to Your Arms.)

Without addressing themselves as the root causes of the Global woe.

You must be forgiven if you accept the silver, for clearly, "....you know not what you do".

Beware of the subtle pressure from the 'pharma's' - farmers of our Souls.
bad 'talmudic' magic, all of it.


Max No Difference